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Light unshaven is still in fashion.

Scientists have found another way that will help men increase their sexuality and win female hearts. Experts have found that women find unusually attractive those representatives of the strong half of humanity who prefer light unshaven to a smooth face.

If a smooth-shaven face and looks well-groomed, it, in turn, is younger than a man, so many women tend to perceive such men as not courageous enough.

At the same time, as a beard that has gained great popularity recently, on the contrary, it impresses women that this man either does not take enough care of himself or reminds them of men of a much older generation.

That is why a three-day stubble remains the ideal option that will give the male appearance a touch of the necessary brutality and aggressiveness, but at the same time it will not look messy and ridiculous.

Indeed, it is thanks to the stubble that the lower jaw seems much larger, and the strong-willed jaw, in turn, is associated in the weak half of humanity exclusively with primitive masculinity and physical strength.

During a sociological survey, women confirmed that men with slight unshavenness seemed to them the most powerful and attractive, and were the most preferred option not only for sex, but also for long-term relationships.

That is why the next time you think about shaving you today or tomorrow, remember this trick and use the example of many popular celebrities: let go of the three-day stubble, and complementing it with a charming smile, go conquer women's hearts.

Women do not like fresh stubble. A beard is treated quite favorably

Peter I with blood tried to instill in Russia the custom of shaving his beard. He would be very upset to learn that after 300 years the Russian peasant had not changed at all and would rather agree to give birth once rather than to shave every day ... We are talking about fashionable beard bearing trends with master hairdresser, owner of a beauty salon Timur Shahnazaryan.

"Joint venture": -What beards are they wearing now? What is fashionable today?

-Now men prefer light unshaven. A classic example - Vladimir Mashkov

"Joint venture": - Where did this trend come from?

“I suspect they're just too lazy to shave.” This is not a pleasant procedure. What is the point of torturing yourself every morning? In addition, shaving every 3-4 days is a good option for those with sensitive skin. After a few days, the bristles become softer, more tender, and shaving is much easier.

"Joint venture": - What needs to be done to constantly maintain a stylish unshaven?

- There are special machines on which you can set a certain length of bristles in millimeters. To make the bristles look neat and really stylish, and not like a drunk with a hangover, you need to trim it every other day.

"Joint venture": - Is it a youth fashion or rather a trend among the older generation?

- Unshaven is now worn by everyone, regardless of age. And among young people, Chin Curtain style beards are still fashionable, when the beard line goes along the lowest part of the chin, and everything is shaved from above. By the way, not many people know where the fashion for such beards came from. This is the invention of sailors. They wore turtlenecks with a throat to the chin, which rubbed their skin great. According to the charter, faces should have been shaved smoothly, so sailors thought of shaving their cheeks and chin from above, and leaving vegetation below the chin and neck to avoid skin irritation. And so, when they were so beautiful, they sailed to the port and, having changed clothes, went to the city, the locals were completely sure that the sailors were shaved according to the latest overseas fashion, and began to imitate them.

Young people also love extreme haircuts: they shave strips, patterns, it happens that they paint beards. For this, the same paint is used as for hair on the head. Also, young people are fashionable "Hispanic" and "blanche".

"Joint venture": -What is the difference between "Hispanic" and "Blanche"?

- "Hispanic" is when the mustache is separated from the thin beard, and in the "blange" they are connected. This fashion came from Spain. It was necessary to somehow ennoble the beard. It’s completely impossible to shave it off, because there, too, the beard has always been a symbol of courage. Therefore, they came up with such an option.

"Joint venture": - But the monks wear long beards. Is this some kind of sign, symbol?

- Not. Just for the monks, appearance is not important, they do not care about beauty and that their beard looks noble. Spiritual beauty is important to them, which in principle should excite all people. They think about the soul. But they monitor hygiene, trim the mustache so that they do not stick into the mouth and do not interfere during the sacrament.

"Joint venture": - How to care for a beard and mustache?

- The beard needs to be cut, washed and combed regularly. There are special beard combs, and before there were tweezers for curling a mustache. To date, they have become obsolete, but many barrels tighten their mustaches with their hands.

"Joint venture": - Does it make sense to shave in the salon or is there no difference between a home shave and a shaving by a master?

- They have not shaved in salons since 1991. This is considered unhygienic. Cases of AIDS infection through shaving at hairdressers were recorded, and after that a ban was issued. I don’t really believe that the infection really happened through shaving, most likely they got infected somewhere else, but they were written off to the hairdresser, but the fact remains. So there are no more barbers. They were replaced by a safety razor. By the way, do you know what barbers were originally doing? These were special people in the baths that came with scalpels and basins. If someone in the bathhouse became ill from the heat, the pressure rose, then the barber professionally bleed. And only after a while the scalpel began to be used to scrape vegetation from the face.

"Joint venture": - Why do many men have different hair structures on their heads and faces?

- With systematic shaving, the structure of the hair changes: the hair thickens, becomes tougher. For example, I shave completely: both the head and the face, so my hair structure has become the same everywhere - bristly. People who constantly shave their heads and wear short haircuts do not have a hair section.

"Joint venture": - Do women prefer smooth-shaven or bearded?

- They love both of them. Women do not like only fresh stubble when it is pricked. But, most likely, women love men for something completely different.

* In Russia, for a long time, a man’s beard performed the same function as in Europe a train for ladies: the longer the beard was, the more noble was its owner. In Russia, shaving the beard was perceived as a sin, and the priests refused to bless the beardless. And there was no greater insult than spitting in his beard.

* Peter 1 changed everything. On September 5, 1698 he established a tax on beards. Those who wanted could wear a beard, but for this right they had to pay in gold. The size of the tax depended on the estate belonging to the bearded man. So, courtiers, boyars, city noblemen and officials were charged 600 rubles a year (huge at that time money), merchants - 100 rubles a year, from village people - 60 rubles a year, from servants and coachmen - 30 rubles annually. Peasants outside the city were not touched, but each time they entered the city they had to pay 1 kopek “from the beard”.

* Alexander of Macedon ordered his soldiers to shave off the beard so that the enemy warrior could not grab it during the fight.

* Cuban rebels against the Batista regime, led by F. Castro, were known as "Barbudos" - bearded.

* In the Roman Empire, a shaved face was one of the signs of civilization and distinguished the Roman from the "wild" peoples.

* The island of Barbados literally means "bearded."

* The beard continues to grow a few days after death.

* Beard growth is uneven throughout the year. It is interesting that it occurs more intensely in the autumn and early winter, that is, exactly when the fur cover increases in fur animals in connection with the onset of cold weather.

* For bikers who wear long hair and thick beards, it is believed that if a fly crashes into a beard during a trip and gets confused there, this is a very good sign, luck will accompany it.

* Hockey players do not shave during the playoffs, releasing salable beards. This custom was introduced by the Islanders players in 1980. After that, they won four Stanley Cups in a row.

The most famous bearded men:

Vladimir Mashkov (standard of stylish unshaven)

Brad Pitt (recently wearing a goatee)

Karabas-Barabas, Old Man Hottabych and Bluebeard

Fashion for light unshaven in men

To understand how fashionable for unshaven is justified, just look at the photos in men's magazines and online publications, where most of the models and famous personalities are captured just with bristles on their faces. In this case, it is not a simple refusal to shave, but vegetation and proper care for it. To do this, you first need to define a clear line between the bristles and the beard.

Fashionable and stylish unshaven will look if appropriate accessories and the image of a man are selected for her. The founder of the stubble was England pop singer George Michael, who even released his next album with songs and showed off on it with a three-day unshaven. This was in the beginning of the 90s, after which special machines even began to be sold, which were shaved off the beard to the bristles marked "for two-day unshaven."

The benefits of bristles over beards

Bristles and a light beard are two concepts that subtly border on each other. Therefore, many men smoothly switch from unshaven to beard. But many still can not decide what looks more attractive and what is in fashion - a beard or male stubble. For this, experts in this field have identified a number of advantageous differences between the bristles in front of the beard, namely:

  • the bristles combine with all the looks and styles and don't look as exotic as a beard,
  • stubble looks perfect on brutal and pretty men,
  • stubble does not get dirty during meals, does not absorb odors from smoking, etc.,
  • thanks to a rare shave, a man avoids skin irritation and cuts,
  • the bristles are easier to let go
  • Such vegetation can be independently monitored without the help of specialists.

Well, of course, the bristles give much more masculinity and brutality, while not significantly changing the proportions of the face and appearance. And if not all women like the large and dense vegetation on the man’s face, then a little unshaven is perceived much more positively.

Different shapes of bristles

In fact, like a beard, a man’s light bristles can be of different types. It all depends on the area and shape of the arrangement of hairs on the face, density and its length, the presence of antennae and sideburns. In general, Berbers and stylists distinguish the following types of bristles:

  1. Anchor bristles - the shape of the bristles resembles the shape of a ship's anchor. A thin strip begins above the upper lip, divided perpendicular to the shaved line, then a short beard passes along the bottom of the chin.
  2. Balbo Bristle - the shape of the bristles resembles an anchor bristle, but only the vegetation covers the entire chin, and not just its bottom line.
  3. Bretta Bristle - A similar option with balbo bristles, only in this case the hairs are located throughout the chin and along the cheeks.
  4. Chinstrap Bristle - A full copy of the Bretta bristles, but in this case, thin whiskers are added along the temples.
  5. Bristle Burnsides - in this version, a thin antennae, a smoothly shaved chin in a man and the presence of sideburns are assumed.

How to grow and care?

Growing bristles is much easier and faster than a beard, especially if a man has a sufficient level of testosterone in his body. In this case, the bristles will appear within 1-2 days after refusing to shave. If the hair grows unevenly and slowly, you can resort to special cosmetics to stimulate hair growth or take a course of vitamins.

Essential oils, sea salt and fatty oils can accelerate hair growth. But such procedures are best carried out in a salon where specialists will make skin peeling, masks and other procedures that awaken the "sleeping" hair follicles. The grown hairs need to be trimmed and cut daily, 6 mm hairs will be enough for dark-haired men, and for light shades the length of the bristles can be arbitrary.

Bristles - a symbol of male sexuality

Constant polls have confirmed the fact that men with bristles and beards in the eyes of women look more serious, courageous and stronger. But smooth-shaven men are perceived as young and inexperienced. Surveys also showed that far more women prefer men with light unshaven than those who have a long, thick beard.

Using computer simulations of different face shapes of men and different facial hair types, studies have shown that stubble is perceived as a symbol of man’s sexuality, charm and masculinity. The opposite sex appealed to faces with sharp features and details than rounded shapes of faces. Thus, the justification of the bristle fashion was once again confirmed.


While the beard will need to be released for several weeks, suffering from itching and skin irritation, bristles can be obtained after a few days. It is simpler to model, and if the shaving is incorrect, the situation can be corrected in a few days, when a new bristle grows. Light unshaven will pour into any image of a man, be it a classic, sport or casual. Caring for such facial hair is also many times easier than caring for a beard.

Do only what is easiest for you, but do it with all your might

The aim of the study was to find a connection between the vegetation on the face of a man and his sexuality for a woman. The influence on the following parameters was determined: attractiveness, masculinity, desire to dominate.

Several averaged male faces were modeled by a computer method, each of which was presented in the following variants: smooth-shaven face, with light bristles, with noticeable bristles, with a small beard and with a full beard.

What is sexier - beard or stubble?
According to the results, men with a beard seemed more courageous, “brutal”, more suitable for a serious relationship. Men without any facial hair seemed young and significantly less courageous.

The greatest level of preference was given to men’s faces with light bristles - women felt that it was the most attractive, and its owner was ideal for both short-term and serious relationships.

Perception Studies
A few years ago, German conducted an even larger study of perception of appearance. More than 500 respondents gave characteristics to 50 male models simulated on a computer.

It was proposed to rate on a scale from 1 to 7 the following parameters of a man, based on a photograph: reliability, honesty, attractiveness, intelligence, professionalism, friendliness. Then the average result was revealed.

Which men are sexier?

The above are two computer-simulated faces recognized as the most and least sexual (left and right, respectively). More sexual features include dark skin color, a triangular face, and less fat.

In addition, fuller and more symmetrical lips, the absence of wrinkles between the nose and corners of the mouth, dark eyebrows and eyelashes, high cheekbones, a protruding chin, as well as a pronounced contour of the lower jaw were recognized as attractive.

The relationship between the perception of man and his appearance
Men whose faces were considered attractive and sexy received a higher rating in other respects: they were considered more self-confident, as well as successful, sociable, friendly and intelligent.

Actually, this conclusion is obvious: it is really believed that a successful person should look fit and sexy, there should not be wrinkles on his face, like signs of anxiety and sadness, and he should always smile joyfully and friendly.

The sexiest type of figure
The third study, consisting of a survey of more than 2,000 girls, was also designed to identify the most attractive features of a man. In addition to the above characteristics, there was an assessment of physical fitness and physique.

The vast majority - 82% of girls - recognized a fit and athletic figure as the most attractive, 8% replied that they like pumped up bodybuilders, and 5% each preferred slender and “homely soft” men.

Is there an ideal of attraction?
The most interesting conclusion of the study is that no more than 9% of those who considered an "improved" face on a computer to be attractive recognized an attractive person as an original person.

We are so used to the perfect picture on the TV screen and in the advertisement that we forget that there are differences between reality and computer graphics. The way stars look in a movie, and what they look like in life are two fundamentally different things.

Bristles and light unshaven give a man traits of sexuality and masculinity. Persons with sharp details are considered more attractive, less rounded faces. The vast majority of girls do not consider sexually pumped jocks.
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