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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The most persistent men's perfume: choose perfumes with a train

Refined perfume is an integral accessory of a successful, confident man. Men used incense oils in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. At all times, perfumes emphasized the consistency and status of men. Modern technologies make it possible to create persistent men's perfumes with a train that is felt even 7 hours after application. High-quality, persistent perfume creates the image of an attractive, self-confident, strong-willed person.


According to the content of volatile substances that determine resistance, aromas are divided into:

  • Colognes. Least persistent, with a volatile content of 5-8%. Weather out in 2-3 hours. Therefore recommended, an easy addition to the image for short life moments.
  • Toilet waters. The concentration of aromatic oils is 8-10%, average resistance. Suitable for flavoring clothes. Such a perfume is felt at close range.
  • Eau de parfum. Bright, resistant composition with a content of 12-20% volatile components. Perfume water has rich top notes, a confident composition in the heart and a persistent, long plume.
  • Perfume. Leaders of resistance, contain 20-30% of pure aromatic oils. These are the strongest and most stable flavors, but also the most expensive.

When using any perfume, it is important to remember that durability does not depend on the amount of liquid sprayed on the body or clothes. Abundantly applied perfumes will disappear after the same time, but before that they can cause irritation of the sense of smell or even an asthma attack.

The high cost of a bottle of incense liquid is also not an indicator of resistance. When choosing, it is better to pay attention to the composition, and not to the brand. Even eminent companies produce aromas with different concentrations of volatile oils and, accordingly, different durability. Often, Internet entrepreneurs offer original branded perfumes licensed by the manufacturer, but manufactured in China or Thailand. This is a hoax: not a single eminent company gives a license to manufacture its aromas in third-party factories.

Top 5 persistent men's fragrances

The choice of the perfect perfume is a very individual matter. After all, how the composition is revealed depends not only on the composition, but also on the person, the smell of his body. The composition is suitable for some, but for some it will be unacceptable. Therefore, rating perfect perfumes is pointless. But the five most persistent perfumes recognized by experts and real users can be distinguished.

Rating of the most persistent men's spirits

Persistent aromas are primarily rich and deep perfumes with a train that will last on the skin of a person throughout the day. Regardless of the quality and brand promotion, not every manufacturer known today can offer a man a truly persistent fragrance. Therefore, all well-known brands have been repeatedly tested by specialists, after which the top 5 included the best persistent perfumes for the strong half of society.

Chanel Allure Pour Homme

This fragrance was created specifically for self-sufficient, strong and sensual men. He debuted on the market for the first time back in 1999, and today it is the most beautiful looped toilet water, according to experts, a classic of elite men's perfumery. The manufacturer advises trying on this fragrance for men over 25 years old, as a multi-component composition with 25 accents and a brilliant pyramid of them will be appreciated by an experienced owner. The base of the aroma is woody-oriental motifs, refreshing citruses and powdery sweetness.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million

Immediately struck by the design of the package, resembling a bar of gold, hence the name - 1 million. The aroma is universal, with regard to age criteria, will last on the skin of a man up to 10 hours after application. The sweet aroma immediately merges with the skin, forming a single whole of its style and image. The composition contains citrus notes, aroma of roses, mint and enchanting spices. Woody notes, leather, ambergris, cinnamon are responsible for the depth of the perfume. Ideal persistent toilet water for romantic meetings and night walks.

Christian Dior Dior Homme

Lovers of this perfume immediately dubbed the perfect combination of woody and powdery accents. Thanks to this composition, a man will emphasize his intelligence, severity along with romanticism and sensuality. Here notes of cardamom, patchouli, lavender, ambergris can be traced, after which powdery chords of beans, iris and cocoa appear. Charismatic and at the same time soft train men’s duhip will suit a man of any type of temperament.

Carolina Herrera Chic For Men

Despite the restrained and modest bottle, inside it contains a whole range of emotions and feelings, and, according to experts, a real masterpiece. A true aroma of a winner and a leader on all fronts of life. Here you can see the smells of fresh citrus, tart bergamot, beckoning cinnamon and cardamom. The Spanish perfume will last on the wearer up to 9 hours, withstanding an unobtrusive seductive train. Ideal for the cold season, giving a man warmth and good mood.

Lacoste L.12.12. White

An invigorating, refreshing and invigorating fragrance for young, athletic men with a solid lifestyle. The aroma belongs to the group of wood-aromatic odors, due to which it is more often used in the summer. Cool chords are great in invigorating state and feelings.

At the same time, the aroma is not sharp and airy lasts for 8 hours, giving the man and his environment citrus, woody and floral notes. There is a strong aroma of rosemary, herbal notes, alluring ylang-ylang and much more.

What is the special ingredient in these perfumes?

The rating of men's perfumes and all of the listed aromas are combined by the presence of pronounced accents - woody, citrus, spicy and floral notes. It is difficult to name a specific component responsible for the perfume's persistence, each manufacturer has its own secret additives. For the stability of the perfume corresponds to the level of concentration of the components of flavorings.

The most persistent option is perfume, in which the train lasts a long and long. But perfumes in hot weather can be intrusive and even asphyxiating. The perfume will be a little easier, its train will last about 6-7 hours. Tasty eau de toilette is used to flavor only the skin without an accompanying plume. And the cologne contains the least volatiles, and its smell is felt only a couple of hours.


The reviews of men confirm that all 5 of the proposed aromas are really persistent and high-quality products from trusted manufacturers. The first place has been deserved for many years by the Chanel Allure Pour Homme men's loop perfume, despite the fact that it appeared about 20 years ago. It is necessary to choose the best option, taking into account the time of year, the age of the man and his lifestyle. It is difficult to name one option which toilet water is the most persistent, since the concept of “best” is extensible and individual for each person.

What makes a fragrance lasting?

It is generally accepted that the stability of a perfume directly depends on its price - supposedly the more expensive, the longer it will last. This is not true. In fact, stamina is associated with the physical properties of the components that make up perfumes.

The first moment, the higher the concentration of these same components (aromatic substances) - the more persistent the aroma will be. So, persistent perfumes that last 6-8 hours or more contain 20-30% of perfume oils. Everything else: perfumed water (10-20%), toilet water (5-15%) or cologne (2-5%) will be less tenacious.

The second point, durability depends on the nature of the aroma. The most persistent perfume is oriental - it contains musk, ambergris, patchouli, cedar, spices, jasmine and other “heavy” components. But there are floral “centenarians” - for example, rose and lavender. In general, citrus compositions are characterized by normal resistance of about 4-6 hours, floral - 6-8 hours, but the eastern ones will last more than 8 hours.

By the way, there are no and cannot be any purchased “fixers” for perfume.

howexplainsperfume expert Lyubov Berlyanskaya, a volatile aroma can be "delayed" using persistent substances. Namely, ambergris, musk, resins and wood. However, the lightness of the composition will be lost, and it will completely change. The fact is that durability is more about what the perfumer wanted to tell us. There are quick, but brilliant fragrances, stories, and there are long fragrances, novels in several volumes.

Well, a little chemistry.

There are special tricks that perfumers use to make their perfumes more lasting. This, for example, microencapsulation - when a small amount of perfume is placed in microcapsules, ranging in size from a couple to several thousand micrometers. They can not be seen even in a good microscope. The shell of such capsules is a special polymer that, under the influence of light or body heat, gradually dissolves and releases perfume molecules. Sounds like a plot for a new installment of Star Wars. But no, this is not science fiction, but pure science. Such perfumes sound an order of magnitude longer, but the main thing is the plus or minus the same.

What is looping and what does it depend on?

Loops are aromatic molecules, as if suspended in the air. This is a kind of perfume trace that the owner of perfumes leaves. The presence of a loop depends on the properties of the molecules: some may “freeze”, but those that have high volatility may not.

As the leading perfumer of the American corporation International Flavors & Fragrance Pascal Goren explains, creating a train is a very complex chemistry involving a large number of molecules interacting with each other.

“If you have components that evaporate very quickly, such as lemon oil or bergamot, then you can leave them in the air for a longer time by adding ingredients with lower volatility,” he says.

Aromatic can also be aromatic, and citrus, and fruit aromas. It all depends on which “weighting agent” the perfumer adds to them. The type of skin also matters - on dry skin, the plume is less pronounced, but on mixed and oily skin, on the contrary, it is clearly visible. All because natural secretion (sweat and all that) makes aromas heavier.

Is it possible to determine the loop of perfume?

Quite. True, this takes time. If you are in no hurry with the purchase, then take the blot you like with you and put it closer to the heat. And then check how far the fragrance is heard. Another option is to spray some perfume in the room, and then go out and close the door. If, having returned after a couple of minutes, you will still feel the perfume - it means that it leaves a good train.

Gentlemen Only Casual Chic, Givenchy

Givenchy has released the casual version of the acclaimed Gentlemen Only - Casual Chic, which conquered not only men but also women: why not be really thrilled when a real gentleman is nearby. A fresh woody spicy composition with notes of cardamom, ginger and juniper combines energy and strong character.

What to give for New Year 2020 to relatives and friends

The price is about 5500 rubles.

Which flavors are the most plume?

Of course, we are not talking about some kind of research where “British scientists” on the poor mice for 10 years tested the entire world perfume and compiled a rating of the very best. Not. It is rather a review of the composition of popular fragrances, taking into account our experience, expert ratings and reviews of ordinary noses. Something like this :)

From flower (there are not many of them) - BLACK ORCHID by TOM FORD . Tom Ford himself said that he dreamed of creating a fragrance of a flower that does not exist in nature. The result was “Black Orchid”, which has a languid and rich chocolate-wood train with notes of patchouli, vetiver and sandalwood. The main thing is not to overdo it and apply just a couple of drops so that the perfume does not begin to “choke”.

Well, let's go through the classics. If you want a flower-fruit plume, then, of course, - J`ADORE by CHRISTIAN DIOR . Violet, orchid, lily of the valley and vanilla are a very fresh trail, causing associations with an early summer morning somewhere outside the city. An echo of Jadore is felt on the skin even after a day.

Oriental floral AOUD AMBER ROSE by MONTALE due to its chilly citrus plume it is good both in autumn and in summer heat. Juicy, rich and persistent. Notes of sexuality give saffron, musk and oud.

“Lie down on the earth and smell its smell, looking towards the sky” - exactly so TERRE by HERMES was described by its author, perfumer Jean Ellen. If you could leave one fragrance in the collection, then definitely leave Terre. Persistent, balanced and versatile perfume, which is suitable for both leisure and business meetings and dates. Loops with a combination of citruses, black pepper and vetiver.

If we talk about oriental flavors - definitely imperishable from YVES SAINT LAURENT, BLACK OPIUM . For lovers of sweets - a very delicious train of vanilla, coffee, almonds and patchouli.

Extraordinarily resilient and stub MON GUERLAIN from the brand of the same name - soft, lavender-vanilla. It is sweet, but not sugary, but elegant, and a little bit bitter.

And finally L`INTERDIT by GIVENCHY - The very spirits that Hubert Givenchy created specifically for Audrey Hepburn. According to legend, preparing to release the fragrance on a wide sale, Hubert asked the actress for permission, to which she jokingly answered: L`iterdit! (Prohibit!). So the name of the legendary perfume was born. In the L`iterdit train, patchouli and pear with notes of jasmine sound. Elegant perfume, loving, like Audrey, minimalism, but at the same time - impudent.

Say thanks and put a thumbs up 👍👍👍 Vilena Vvedenskayaan experienced nose and an avid perfume maniac who prepared this article. We hope it came out useful!

Terre d’Hermes, Hermes

Does your man have a bright personality? Then give him the unusual and memorable fragrance Terre d’Hermes, which is based on the harmony of notes of air and earth, traveling through different elements. The combination of citruses, wood and musk will impress neither you nor him. And the deep philosophy of this woody perfume will add mystery to your relationship.

The price is about 6100 rubles.

Allure Homme Sport, Chanel

Agree, in some men there is some inexplicable charm that makes them insanely attractive. It’s not easy to please such a man, so we recommend putting on a proven classic for years, such as Chanel’s Allure Homme Sport. The perfume is revealed in four faces: fresh (citrus notes), sensual (tonka bean, white musk, ambergris), wood (cedar, vetiver) and spicy (black pepper).

The price is about 4,500 rubles.

Nature Guaiac Wood and Juniper, Yves Rocher

Perfumer Sonia Constant was looking for the perfect balance of ingredients, which she embodied in the new fragrance from Yves Rocher. The secret of balance in the combination of smoky-woody essence of guaiac wood with fresh and piquant juniper berries - one sets off the other. The result was a persistent and courageous aroma that fans of the classics would definitely like.

The price is about 2200 rubles.

Amen Kryptomint, Mugler

MUGLER’s new limited edition Amen Kryptomint fragrance unfolds in three facets: icy, vibrating and woody. The freshness of mint is combined with woody notes and the aroma of geranium. A luxurious plume of aroma with notes of vanilla, patchouli and cedar will not only conquer you, but also give confidence to your man.

The price is about 6400 rubles.

Champs de Provence, Eight & Bob

Perfumers have a special gift - they can capture unique places not only in memory, but also perpetuate them in aromas. Eight & Bob brand founder Albert Fouquet often visited his friends' villa in Provence. This region of France is famous for its aromas, because 1600 species of herbs and flowers bloom here every year! The memories of this place inspired Albert, and he transferred the freshness of the abundantly flowering herbs of Provence to the perfumery composition. This fragrance is designed for both men and women: notes of jasmine, orange blossom, rose, bergamot, orange and musk will send you on a bright trip to one of the most beautiful regions of France!

The price is about 10,000 rubles.

Lui, Guerlain

Meet the September novelty: Guerlain's exclusive Lui fragrance. This is another perfume that is suitable not only for him, but also for you! The concept of the fragrance is inspired by the blurring of the boundaries between femininity and masculinity, the desire for complete freedom. The versatility of the aroma is demonstrated by benzoin - this resin has both a floral, spicy and woody smell. The composition is made up of pear, cloves, vanilla and musk, which in their own way will be revealed on each person.

The price is about 11,000 rubles.

L’Homme Ultime by Yves Saint Laurent

What does it mean to be a man nowadays? Representatives of the Yves Saint Laurent brand are sure that the modern man has evolved: his charisma has remained the same, but has acquired a certain mystery, his dual nature combines freedom and self-control, he is a born leader and a source of inspiration. L’Homme Ultime is the perfect perfume for such a man. Cheeky and free, it combines attractive woody notes and grapefruit, and in the heart of the fragrance is a courageous rose. Want to emphasize the authority of your loved one? Give him L’Homme Ultime!

The price is about 6500 rubles.

Sauvage Very Cool Spray, Dior

After the tremendous success of the fragrance, Sauvage Dior introduces a new product - Sauvage Very Cool Spray. The composition carries freshness, carelessness and a spirit of freedom. Does your man travel frequently and constantly move? Then this expressive aroma with notes of bergamot, grapefruit and lavender is perfect for him. An unbreakable bottle allows you to carry the fragrance with you and apply it at any time of the day under any circumstances.

The price is about 6100 rubles.

L’Homme Cologne Cedrat, L’OCCITANE

A fresh and invigorating aroma that combines peel of peppermint, peppermint leaves, ginger, exotic spices, cedar and marine shades. All together it forms a mature and courageous chord, which is fraught with a certain secret. Present this perfume to a man who is drawn to the unknown - he will definitely want to solve the mystery of Aquatic Zedrat.

The price is about 4400 rubles.

Obsessed, Calvin Klein

Remember the cult fragrance CK - Obsession? The perfume advertising company was attended by Kate Moss and photographer Mario Sorrenti, who were a couple at the time of shooting, and their love was reflected in the pictures. It was these photos that inspired the brand to create the new Obsessed composition, which reinterprets the classics. At the heart of the concept is the idea of ​​the smell of another person on the skin, which evokes memories of past love. In Obsessed for Men, a note of black vanilla is woven into a note of a dark wood, emphasizing the opposition of tenderness and strength. I want to listen to this fragrance just in order to feel this story, agree?

The price is about 5200 rubles.

Prepared by Ales Yatskevich

Factors Affecting Persistence

In order not to make a mistake with the choice and buy a fragrance that will shimmer over all faces for a long time and sound clear to others, you need to know a few things. One of them is that the composition consists of 3 notes:

  • the first (head, top) - it is the lightest and evaporates after 15 minutes,
  • the second (heart, median, middle) opens in 2-10 minutes. and holds on for the rest of the time
  • the third is the train that is felt at the end.

This feature must be taken into account, because at the beginning the smell can be completely different than in an hour. Therefore, before choosing a very persistent male or female perfume, when testing it is necessary to apply a drop (preferably on a scarf or piece of cloth) and wait a while (preferably a day) until the bouquet opens and it becomes clear whether it is stable enough.

Of great importance is the environment: wind, rain, heat or cold. In summer, volatile properties increase, in winter, on the contrary, even light fleurs will be stronger. Fragrances can weaken or mix with sweat, changing their properties.

Individual skin features are also of great importance. Trying various perfumes on the body, you can determine which type is better perceived on a particular person. One and the same view on different people will play and hold in different ways.

And, of course, the composition determines sustainability: citrus and flowers are the most easily weathered, wood is in second place in retention, eastern incense is most strongly held.

Perfumery Concentration

What are the most persistent women's and men's perfumes? Those in which the highest saturation with essential oils. A concentrate often contains more than a dozen components that combine symmetrically, transforming into a completely new sound. The esters of the composition differ in evaporation rate and therefore are built by perfumers in an olfactory pyramid. When applied, these notes are revealed gradually.

Concentration on packaging is usually denoted by Eau de with the addition of one of the subspecies of the product (Parfum, Toilette, Cologne).

Types of perfume by degree of concentration

Depending on the quality of the incoming extracts, perfumes are classified into categories:

  1. "Lux". Includes only natural ingredients.
  2. "A". It is possible to find up to 10% of synthetic or synthesized products.
  3. "IN". Completely from semi-synthetic or artificial raw materials, which are used to recreate official copies of elite perfumes.
  4. "FROM". Cheap synthetic extracts are used.

The more natural the composition, the longer the aromas on the skin sound and at the same time have the greatest plume.

By appointment, perfume products are divided into:

  • daytime - neutral, can hold on for a long time and leave a mark in the air,
  • everyday - should not resonate with the environment, therefore, most often does not boast of resistance and is considered contact,
  • evening - differs in that saturated shades prevail in it, which are revealed in a rich and varied bouquet, and therefore such types of perfume are always looped.

It is also customary to divide the products according to the seasons:

  1. Fresh, persistent scents for the summer are mostly light, refreshing. Sound only in the immediate vicinity.
  2. Autumn - deep tart with oriental notes.
  3. Winter - warm sweet smells with a bit of bitterness.
  4. Spring - like summer species, do not have saturation and are rarely long-playing.

Those who do not mind spending all day in a cloudy veil and keep the attention of others around them should choose them.

They include a combination of several components: water, alcohol, essential oils, extracts. They are characterized by special resistance, as the saturation of aromatic components is in the range of 15-30%, and this is a high indicator among other varieties of products.

Usually produced in the form of small vials without a spray bottle. They are applied directly, and due to the slowed volatility of the components, they last up to 10 hours.

Perfume Water (EDP)

There is a clear separation, which is the most persistent perfume for women and men, since it all depends on who they are intended for.

The male version may contain 15-30% of essential oils dissolved in 80-90% alcohol. This gives him greater stability and looping in comparison with the analogue for girls.

For ladies, the concentration is 11-20%, which will keep the aroma no more than 4-6 hours.

Eau de Toilette (EDT)

The proportion of aromatic substances in the product for the stronger sex is 11-30%, sometimes they remain throughout the day. Therefore, it can also be called the most persistent perfume with a train.

But the option for women is similar along, it needs to be changed depending on the time of day, event (walk, go to work, dinner in a restaurant, a party in a club, etc.). Therefore, it contains aromatic oils in a concentration of 7-10%, diluted in 80-85% alcohol solution. It has neither a lasting effect, nor a special loop, and one girl can use up to three products of different brands per day.

How and where to apply

If a pre-washed body with base oil applied to the right places is baked even with inexpensive persistent eau de toilette, you can ensure the fragrance is stable for a longer time.

When using, to smell longer, apply it to any two parts of the body:

  • elbow bends
  • pulsating vein on the wrist
  • neck
  • clavicle hollow,
  • behind the ears
  • under the knees.

But the train will ensure application to the hair, clothes or fur, as they easily “absorb” and subsequently exude fleur.

The distance between the atomizer and the body should be within 15-30 cm, and even better if you scatter a couple of zilch into the air and stand under the resulting cloud. Such a ritual is associated with a high alcohol content in the composition, which, with an excess, interrupts perfume and spoils the skin, hair and tissue.

Another factor is the environment. At low temperatures, ethers evaporate more slowly, which means that in winter perfumes become more stable. The opposite effect can be observed with a long stay near a working electrical equipment.

Popular sustainable aromatic products

Which men's and women's fragrances of perfumes or eau de toilette are the best and most persistent (according to the ratings and reviews of women and men), it is definitely impossible to say. Nevertheless, based on the opinions of numerous customers of the AromaCode online store, the most popular brands were selected:

1. Anais Anais by Cacharel.

Embodies fresh youth and sparkle of temperament. It will become a decoration in the image of girls of any type (regardless of age and external data). A common fleur will give the wearer confidence, add coquetry and charm in any situation.

2. Vendetta by Valentino.

Refined, elegant and temperamental. Express luxury and impeccable sense of beauty. Conservatism and folly, elegance and passion, traditional classics and uncontrollable rebellious spirit combined in their honey-floral tones.

3. L’Air Du Temps by Nina Ricci.

The central fleur of spicy cloves and gardenia is decorated with rose and jasmine, as well as sandalwood and iris. He is sensual and seductive. Combining with the natural smell of the skin, he creates a unique train that gives charm and fragile elegance to his mistress.

4. Lacoste L.12.12. Blanc.

This is a wood-citrus symbol of the excellent taste and elegance of a modern man, preserving his own style in everyday life. Like a classic white polo, it reflects all aspects of an ideal masculine style.

5. Carolina Herrera Chic For Men.

Sensual and stylish, evokes violent emotions in ladies. He knows how to fascinate, draws into the world of the elite. In a favorable light, he will emphasize becoming, forming an aura of success and strength. The freshness of the cocktail of spicy oriental ingredients has settled in the upper notes. Black pepper oil, softened with fragrant cinnamon and melon, occupied the heart. Gentle nutty chords of tonka bean in a loop flirt with ambergris and musk, immersing in an atmosphere of passion.

The most persistent fragrance for women

We present a list of perfumes that won the hearts of beautiful customers:

1. DKNY Be Delicious Donna Karan for women.

For a long time, they keep an unobtrusive shade of fresh apples, cucumber and greens. According to the results of the survey, most men thought it was a sweet aroma that could belong to a fragile, soft and economical girl. These are precisely the qualities that the respondents dream of seeing in their chosen one.

2. Chanel Chance.

The bottle contains the purity of youth and vigor. This flower-fruit youth is assertive and impudent, endows with a thirst to live and create your own world around you, to love and believe in miracles.

3. Prada Candy L’Eau.

That's what persistent perfumes are called! Hearty chords of Siamese benzoin, seasoned with oriental notes of musk, merge with the base note of caramel. Such a bold aroma is best suited for the cold seasons, and will also feel comfortable during walks on cool evenings. Awakens exciting thoughts in men, gives a chance to leave a lasting impression.

4. Pretty Nina by Nina Ricci.

Carefree, calm perfumes with an indescribable train of early garden flowers and apple cider envelop the figure of its owner. The royal combination of jasmine and raspberry symbiosis is a dizzying and attractive mix, which is difficult to pass by and not be noticed.

5. Eau de Parfum Roberto Cavalli.

A sample of maturity and femininity, which interweaved the rarest notes of Madagascar pink pepper and tonka bean. A bright vanilla string shades the resulting mixture. It will look good on business women and strong-willed women who know exactly what awaits them tomorrow. And it seems completely inappropriate on a quiet modest romantic nature.

6. Dior Hypnotic Poison.

The train is heavy, winter, vanilla-almond, which does not prevent him from driving people crazy. He emphasizes the mysterious luxury of the inner world, which attracts smart and strong-willed men.

Options for men

The answer to the question, which is the most persistent men's perfume in the international rating, as well as for women's options, is rather complicated. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the products below. They collected the most sympathetic responses:

1. Christian Dior Homme.

Designed for a confident gentleman, in which romance, masculinity, and aristocracy are proportionally intertwined. The style of the bouquet with hints of skin and cocoa adheres to modern fashion trends, while at the same time observing the traditional character. The strict and laconic rectangular bottle from transparent glass emphasizes manliness of aroma.

2. Chanel Allure Pour Homme.

A game of classic contrasts. Versatile aspects - green freshness, hot pepper, woody strength and sensual intonation of incense - are replaced without colliding. With such a bouquet of charm there is no need to scream in order to be heard.

3. Versace Pour Homme.

The embodiment of absolute freedom and independence - qualities that adorn and emphasize the dignity of a real man. It is citrus, strict, strong, very elegant and infinitely charming.

4. Guerlain L’Homme Ideal.

It conveys the perfect image in which well-chosen components reveal the masculine character of the owner. The main note of the composition is an unforgettable amaretto accord, created on the basis of tonka bean, natural almond and vanilla.

5. Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Marine.

Carries into an irresistible world, which seduces with cool sensuality and reveals the secrets of intimacy and intimacy. A cheerful, energizing fragrance for full strength and outstanding men. It blooms with notes of citrus and white cedar. A characteristic watery shade brings a cloud of impetuosity, romance and freshness to the image. Belongs to the group of aromatic.

6. Paco Rabanne 1 Million.

Best-seller. It is famous for its rich and original combination of rarely used components together. Elite synthetic and natural extracts have a special effect on perception. He surrounds with audacity and sexuality, carries a feeling of self-confidence.

Which lasting perfumes are the best - everyone will decide for himself. Choose, try, do not be afraid to experiment. Patience will be rewarded with perfectly matched perfumes that will sit like second clothes.

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