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How to remove cones of hemorrhoids at home

Hemorrhoid cones often worry people with varicose veins of the anorectal region. External hemorrhoids differ in the near-canal arrangement of tricky formations, with internal hemorrhoids, the nodes are located inside the rectal organ. Nodes do not occur on their own, the formation of cones always has a reason. Patients often come to the proctologist asking how to cure external hemorrhoids, how to remove a lump that started to bother.

If external hemorrhoids are bothering, how do patients remove the bump. The first thing you need to know is that any disease must be treated in a timely manner so as not to aggravate the situation. Started hemorrhoids are difficult to treat, and most often require surgical care. For timely therapy, you need to seek the help of a proctologist.

What is the danger of hemorrhoids

Pelvic venous dysfunction is triggered by poor blood circulation due to viscous blood and thrombosis. In this case, the walls of the vessels are stretched, deformed, nodes are formed. Hemorrhoidal cones do not give a free exit of compressed feces. Hemorrhoids are exacerbated by constipation, so with a stiff stool, the mucous tissues of the rectum are injured, if the nodes are large, feces cannot freely come out. Tight stool damages not only the colon, but also the hemorrhoid cones with the anus. Anal fissures appear, and through injuries in the nodes, infection can enter the bloodstream.

Large hemorrhoids located inside the intestines narrow the intestinal lumen. Emptying becomes unbearably painful, most often without an enema, the patient simply can not go big. When hemorrhoids become severe, the nodes fall out of the intestine, sometimes even without stress. Initially, the bumps are repaired independently, without timely therapy, over time, the bumps already stop being repaired, which threatens the patient with an infringement of the node by the sphincter.

Fallen nodes are injured when sitting, walking, begin to bleed, crack.

Without adequate therapy, a complication may occur in the form of:

As can be seen from the list of serious hemorrhoidal consequences, at the last stage of the disease, it is necessary to remove the cones of internal hemorrhoids, sometimes proctologists suggest a long-term complex therapy.

Drug treatment

How to remove a formed bump with hemorrhoids medication? Pathology is better treatable at the beginning of its development. Treatment should be comprehensive with the use of external and internal agents. First of all, it is necessary to improve plasma circulation by unloading and strengthening the vascular walls. In addition to improving the efficiency of blood vessels, lymph outflow is enhanced, swelling is eliminated. During treatment, it is necessary to prevent tears and blood loss. To maximize the effectiveness of therapy, treatment should be prescribed and monitored by the attending proctologist.

How to reduce the resulting hemorrhoids tells the doctor after a thorough examination, tests, visual and instrumental examination. Therapy is selected based on the patient's condition, each specific case is individual.


How to remove a bump with external hemorrhoids? External hemorrhoidal inflammation is eliminated with the use of oral medications in the form of tablets or capsules. Such funds are usually taken in conjunction with local exposure. The treatment regimen is selected by the proctologist.

Of the contraindications noted:

  • severe pathologies of the kidneys and liver,
  • diabetes.


An effective venotonic agent for strengthening vessels with the prevention of further development of cones of hemorrhoids. Detralex contains gisperidin with diosmin aimed at strengthening the vascular walls, improving circulation, relieving severity and soreness. The preparation is effective in the treatment of initial hemorrhoids, helps to stop the formation of large nodes.

Auxiliary treatments for hemorrhoids

They cause slight bleeding of internal hemorrhoids to harden and shrink and cause the formation of scar tissue. The pain is often frequent, but less than with an elastic bandaging and bleeding sometimes occurs. While coagulation has several side effects, piles come back more often than when treating the symptoms of chrome bands.


The drug is based on flavonoids, helps to reduce the formed nodes, protects the cones from injuries and damage. Tablets are prescribed for three meals a day before meals. The best efficacy of the drug was observed in combination with ascorbic acid.

How to remove external hemorrhoids with ointments? The most popular form of antihemorrhoidal medicine is ointment. After applying the local remedy, the nodes are covered with a protective film, irritation and inflammation disappear, small cracks with bleeding wounds quickly heal. Ointment formulations cool the inflamed nodes. The funds can not be applied to a moist, festering or massive bleeding skin.

Surgical treatment of hemorrhoids

It should be emphasized that this hemorrhoidal removal is not a permanent treatment, because they are not aimed at eliminating the underlying causes of hemorrhoids. If you have tried the vast majority of non-surgical piles to get rid of hemorrhoids, naturally without much success, your doctor may recommend surgical treatment for hemorrhoids. Non-surgical agents are preferred because there is less pain and fewer complications than with surgical treatment of piles.

Varicose veins of the rectum - hemorrhoids

Stages of the development of pathology

Surgical absorption of hemorrhoids is medically known as hemorrhoidectomy or stitched hemorrhoidectomy. These procedures are for patients with more advanced diseases of hemorrhoidal symptoms. Hemorrhoidectomy: internal or external hemorrhoids are excised. This is usually the most effective and complete way to treat hemorrhoids. However, postoperative excruciating pain is a major problem for most people. Complications, such as emptying the bladder and urinary tract infections, are often associated with this procedure, as well as healing, leaks, sitting, walking and sleeping problems.

If hemorrhoids are not treated, serious complications may appear quite soon. Nodes can be infringed, which leads to necrosis (tissue death), and subsequently to infection of tissues and blood and the formation of pus. A vein breakthrough provokes the development of bleeding and the further development of anemia. To prevent this from happening, it is important to know how to quickly remove hemorrhoids. Today, there are quite a few recipes that help to cope with the problem yourself.

Heparin Ointment

Recommended to reduce inflammation, reduce bumps, reduce fever with pain and itching. The effect of the composition is noted immediately after use. There is heparin in the composition to improve lymphatic drainage and blood thinning. Heparin ointment is also used as an anesthetic. The course of therapy is 1.5-2 weeks, the medication is prescribed for use in compresses and rubbing into damaged tissue.

About how to properly treat hemorrhoids at home

Strong painkillers are usually required. Helping in a warm bath also helps. Hemorrhoidal stitching: this strategy of getting rid of piles works by cutting off the blood flow to the disturbing hemorrhoidal tissue.This procedure is less painful than a hemorrhoidectomy, and the patient also recovers much faster. However, stitching of hemorrhoids is associated with a greater risk of recurrence and prolapse of the rectum, when part of the rectum protrudes from the anus.

Treatment of hemorrhoid cones with natural folk remedies

Before attempting any of these painful procedures, keep in mind the postoperative problems you may encounter. Since the anus ring area never heals well and can cause weakened problems with sealing, which leads to leaks, which causes contamination of underwear, sheets, stools and so on.

There are 4 stages of hemorrhoids


How to quickly remove the formed hemorrhoids at home? For these purposes, patients often use rectal suppositories. It is better to pick up funds with the attending proctologist. Suppositories are considered a highly effective dosage form to reduce and eliminate cones of hemorrhoids. Means not only reduce the size of the nodes, but also prevent bleeding, relieve swelling, burning with itching.

How to fix

In addition to knowing how to quickly cure a disease, you need to know the rules. After all, improper treatment can lead to serious health problems. There are the following recommendations on how to remove hemorrhoids with the help of finger positioning:

It is worth giving him a serious thought! At least you would know that at first you tried the painless natural path, instead of kicking and cursing yourself later, when excruciating postoperative pain begins. Nothing is more important to you than your health. For them, your health is less important than your money. Think about it, you really think that pharmaceutical companies want to completely cure you.


Venotonic, analgesic suppositories to strengthen blood vessels, anesthesia, improve lymph outflow, relieve swelling, inflammation. The composition of the drug contains a tribenzoid, which is aimed at strengthening the venous wall, reducing hemorrhoid cones. Proctoglivenol has lidocaine, which acts as an anesthetic. Candles are prescribed for painful, aggravated hemorrhoids. 1-3 suppositories are allowed per day. The tool is recommended in complex therapy with the additional use of Proctoglivenol ointment.

Hepatrombin G

An effective anticoagulant that restores blood and blood vessels. Normalizes platelets, reduces viscosity, establishes outflow. Of the active components in the composition contains heparin to reduce the size of hemorrhoidal nodes, eliminate swelling and inflammation. The drug is prescribed to relieve soreness with exacerbated hemorrhoids. Proctologists prescribe hepatrombin g suppositories in complex therapy along with other local and oral drugs.

Folk recipes

How to remove inflamed hemorrhoids at home? For therapeutic purposes, baths with cool, hot and warm medicinal compositions are used. For goods, wormwood, chamomile, calendula, yarrow, and eucalyptus are used. After taking a cool sitting bath in an herbal infusion, patients noted a significant improvement. The edema disappears, the cones freely set in place. After reposition of the node, the anorectal region should be lubricated with a bactericidal composition.

The initial stage of hemorrhoids with small nodes is treated with herbs with a venotonic effect (horse chestnut seeds). To relieve inflammation and eliminate bleeding, compresses are prepared from raw grated potato gruel. The vegetable is rubbed on a grater, squeezed out a little, the gruel is wrapped in gauze and applied to the anorectal region. You can do 4-6 times of such compresses per day. Small injuries can be cured at home using honey, propolis, and wax candles.

What to do if conservative measures do not help

How to remove greatly enlarged hemorrhoids without conservative treatment? For these purposes, doctors recommend minimally invasive therapy. To do this, tug, latex ligation or lump resection is prescribed. Minimally invasive treatment is due to the overlap of the nutrition of the large cone, so that it becomes smaller, and then completely dies.

If the patient has too large nodes, which are often inflamed, surgical excision is recommended to avoid thrombosis. For this, a scalpel, laser beam, or ultrasound equipment is used. After operations, the wounds are sutured, a course of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed.

Preventive actions

How to remove an enlarged hemorrhoids at home? Nodes are best eliminated under the supervision and with the recommendations of a proctologist. At home, you can only alleviate the condition, relieve soreness, discomfort and inflammation. To select effective therapy for eliminating the hemorrhoidal cone, a specialized approach with a comprehensive treatment regimen is required.

The selection of therapy is carried out individually. Medicines are selected taking into account the size of the nodes, the patient's condition, the severity of the pathology and the characteristics of the body.

Causes of hemorrhoids

From birth, everyone has perianal cavernous caverns; the main function of the formations is to regulate the inflow and outflow of blood in order to help the anal sphincter to keep feces and gases in the rectum.

Over time, negative factors change the operation of caverns, contributing to the formation of hemorrhoidal nodes. Can provoke the appearance of hemorrhoids:

  • excessive physical effort causing an increase in intra-abdominal pressure, blood flow to the pelvic organs,
  • sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, provoking stagnation and inflammation of caverns,
  • constipation or persistent diarrhea, irritating or traumatizing the rectal mucosa with dense feces,
  • unbalanced diet with a predominance of acute, fatty, fried, salty, negatively affecting the functioning of the intestinal mucosa,
  • pregnancy in 80% of cases becomes a provoking factor of hemorrhoids due to the constant pressure of the growing fetus on the vessels of the pelvis and the limited mobility of expectant mothers (the situation is aggravated by child labor).

A hemorrhoid cone can come out with alcohol abuse, constant smoking, excessive enthusiasm for coffee, energy, stimulating the blood filling of caverns.


In order not to have to deal with the advanced stage of the disease, enlarged, bleeding cones, prolapse, you should pay attention to the first signs of hemorrhoids in a timely manner. If you pass a proctologist examination in a timely manner, and undergo treatment, then the disease will not take a severe stage, which means that you can avoid surgery.

Inner and outer cones of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can occur in various forms, be acute or chronic, external, internal and combined (depending on the location of the nodes). With internal hemorrhoids, the cones are located directly in the area of ​​the rectal mucosa. At the initial stages, the disease is difficult to determine, since it is almost asymptomatic. The internal cones of hemorrhoids are formed as a result of stagnant phenomena that arise as a result of the influx of venous blood into the vascular plexuses of the rectum. As a result of overfilling with blood, they expand, the vascular walls lose their elasticity and the veins begin to protrude inside the rectum.

The appearance of external cones of hemorrhoids in most cases indicates an advanced stage of the disease, when the internal nodes begin to fall out of the anus. But it also happens that the nodes of hemorrhoids immediately form around the sphincter.They are formed as a result of protrusion of the dilated veins that are in the subcutaneous layer around the anus.

The external cones of hemorrhoids are treated with ointments or creams much more convenient than internal formations. During remission, they are almost invisible and do not cause concern, but during exacerbation they hurt, increase in size and become inflamed. In addition, there is a risk of thrombosis (infringement) of the external nodes, which will require hospitalization of the patient.

Causes of the disease

Hemorrhoids are a very common disease, almost every second inhabitant of megacities is faced with the manifestations of this unpleasant ailment. A large role in its development is played by the lifestyle of a modern person. We move very little and eat a lot. And we do not eat the healthiest food, preferring canned foods, street fast food or high-calorie flour and confectionery products to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Office workers are forced to sit at the computer monitor all day, the average statistical city dweller does not return on foot, but in his own car or public transport. And even to the door of the apartment does not go up the stairs, but takes off to his floor by elevator. Hypodynamia, low motor activity - one of the most important causes of hemorrhoids.

But there is a flip side to the coin. Often, hemorrhoids affect individuals whose professional activities are associated with hours of standing on their feet or heavy physical labor. At risk are sellers, hairdressers, movers, athletes involved in power sports.

In addition, the main provoking factors contributing to the appearance of hemorrhoidal nodes include:

  • hereditary predisposition
  • congenital weakness of venous vessels,
  • improper nutrition with a predominance of fatty, spicy, salty foods, canned, flour products, smoked meats,
  • unhealthy lifestyle, bad habits (alcohol abuse, smoking).

For women, a significant risk factor is the period of pregnancy and childbirth, when the load on the pelvic organs and veins increases and congestion develops that contribute to the formation of hemorrhoids.

Symptoms and signs - photo

At the beginning of the disease, manifestations of trouble are subtle. The patient may notice a feeling of heaviness and a feeling of a foreign body in the anus. Often there are digestive disorders, regular constipation, burning and itching in the anus. If you do not see a doctor at this stage, the disease progresses and the following, more pronounced signs appear in the future:

  • constant discomfort, itching and irritation in the anal area,
  • pain during bowel movements,
  • the appearance of bloody secretions in the feces,
  • frequent constipation
  • severe inflammation, swelling and pain during exacerbation of hemorrhoids.

The main danger of advanced hemorrhoids is thrombosis of nodes. This condition is accompanied by unbearable, sharp pain. A person can’t sit, moves with difficulty. A blood clot formed in a node bursts inside and causes such excruciating pains that a person is ready for anything if only to get rid of it.

The node itself swells, becomes tense and acquires a bluish tint. Against the background of inflammation, in the area of ​​the rectum soft tissue edema and hyperemia develop, and body temperature rises. If you do not provide medical assistance on time, the inflammatory process can spread to the subcutaneous tissue, and this threatens the development of purulent paraproctitis. With thrombosis, an urgent surgical operation is necessary to remove the impaired node. Therefore, to the question: " what to do if a cone of hemorrhoids has come out? ”, There is only one answer - urgently need to consult a proctologist and immediately begin treatment.

What to do and how to treat cones of hemorrhoids - ointments and other medicines

In the treatment of hemorrhoids, three main directions are used:

  • combination drug therapy,
  • minimally invasive techniques,
  • surgery.

Conservative treatment of hemorrhoids is aimed at eliminating the main symptoms of the disease and translating it into a state of remission. The treatment regimen includes not only the use of medications, but also the adjustment of lifestyle. By this is meant an increase in motor activity, rejection of bad habits, adherence to a certain diet, exercise in physiotherapy.

A good and effective remedy for cones of hemorrhoids should be selected by the attending physician taking into account the severity of the disease, possible contraindications and individual characteristics of the patient. Of local funds, ointments, gels, creams are widely used, the action of which is aimed at removing the inflammatory process, itching, irritation and swelling. They quickly cope with the symptoms of external hemorrhoids. Local drugs with painkillers are used when a bump of hemorrhoids hurts. They eliminate discomfort and facilitate the patient's condition.

For the treatment of internal hemorrhoids, it is more convenient to use rectal suppositories with analgesic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. The best therapeutic effect is provided by medications that help resorption of blood clots, reduce hemorrhoids and regenerate damaged tissues. If a cone of hemorrhoids crawls out, then gels or ointments with anesthetic effect will help get rid of itching, pain and discomfort. These are drugs such as:

If the disease progresses and blood appears in the feces, suppositories with adrenaline are prescribed or it is recommended to use sponges from a berylast.

The following agents are prescribed for the treatment of hemorrhoids:

  • Relief Advanceointment for cones of hemorrhoids, which includes an extract from the shark’s liver. It has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, decongestant and antipruritic effect, stops bleeding and promotes the healing of injuries.
  • Hepatrombin G (ointment) - a combination agent based on heparin, allantoin and dexpanthenol. The complex action of the components helps the resorption of blood clots, reduce the inflammatory process, improve blood circulation and tissue regeneration.
  • Heparin ointment - contains heparin and anestezin. It has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, helps to eliminate puffiness and reduce the size of hemorrhoids.

Among the popular local preparations can also be called ointments and creams Aurobin, Posterisan, Proctosedil, Levomekol, Bezornil.

The course of the disease with the internal form of hemorrhoids helps to ease rectal suppositories. We list the most popular drugs:

In addition to ointments and suppositories, oral agents, that is, medicines in the form of tablets or capsules, have proven themselves well. Among them are drugs such as:

Their action is aimed at maintaining the tone of the venous vessels, eliminating congestion, improving blood microcirculation, preventing blood clots. To achieve a stable therapeutic effect, such drugs must be taken for a long time, for 3-4 months. There are a lot of medications available to combat hemorrhoids, a proctologist will help you choose the right remedy after a thorough examination, taking into account the patient's condition and the severity of the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Effective treatments for hemorrhoid cones

The treatment of hemorrhoidal cones in the anus cannot be neglected, because the disease in the initial stages may not cause much concern to the patient, but over time the symptoms will intensify until they turn a person's life into torment. How to treat hemorrhoids depends on the stage of the disease. A timely visit to a proctologist ensures that the disease can be cured forever without the help of a surgeon.

Conservative treatment of hemorrhoid cones

Naturally, conservative treatment will not completely relieve the patient of such a problem as hemorrhoidal cones and nodes, only surgery can remove them. But when using topical agents, the hemorrhoid cones can dissolve, that is, they will not disappear, but will become much smaller, only skin sacs without signs of inflammation will remain. The methods of treating the external and internal plexuses will be slightly different, for example, in the first case, baths and ointments are well suited, and in the second - microclysters and suppositories.

It is not easy for men and women to decide on the choice of medicines, as the pharmacies have a huge assortment. Of course, it is better if the proctologist prescribes the drugs, given the symptoms and complaints of the patient. Consider several drugs that are a kind of first aid, because they cope with the main signs of inflammation of the hemorrhoid cones:

  • Bleeding begins to bother the patient, even in the early stages of the disease. An old hemorrhoid cone can bleed heavily. Hemostatic ointments and suppositories will cope with this problem. For example, suppositories with adrenaline work well, but they have serious contraindications. The following medicines have also proven themselves well: Hepatrombin G, Relief, Proctosan. They are good in complex action, relieve many of the symptoms of external and internal hemorrhoids.
  • Inflammation of the hemorrhoidal bump in the anus is usually accompanied by severe pain, especially if it often crawls out and bleeds. You can reduce pain by ointments and suppositories containing painkillers, for example, lidocaine, anestezin and others.
  • Thrombosis is considered dangerous, if blood clots form in the hemorrhoid cones, it is better to be treated in a hospital. However, with uncomplicated thrombosis, the following drugs can dissolve a blood clot: heparin ointment, Ultroproct, Hepatrombin G. They soften and dry the nodes, as it were, and prevent further thrombosis.
  • To cure hemorrhoids, you must first get rid of inflammation. External and internal injured cones are an excellent medium for various bacteria. To exclude inflammation, you can use drugs such as Diclofenac, Levomekol, candles with propolis.

If necessary, the proctologist complements the therapy with phlebotropic and laxative drugs. If severe inflammation appears, then antibiotics may be prescribed. In order for the treatment of hemorrhoid cones to be successful, and they resolve, you need to try to avoid one common mistake. Many patients forget about treatment as soon as they feel better, but the course of therapy should not be interrupted, since relapse can repeat very quickly.

Minimally invasive procedures

If conservative treatment does not give the desired result, proctologists recommend getting rid of hemorrhoids using modern minimally invasive techniques. These are safe and gentle procedures that are done without the use of general anesthesia. Intervention is performed on an outpatient basis, after which the patient can immediately go home. A huge advantage of such methods is a short rehabilitation period and a minimal risk of complications and relapses.

  • Ligation nodes. The essence of this method is the use of a latex ring, which the surgeon imposes on the hemorrhoid. As a result, his blood supply stops, the node dies and is painlessly rejected during bowel movements. In this way, you can get rid of both internal and external cones of hemorrhoids.
  • Cryodestruction . Removal of nodes is carried out as a result of cold exposure. During the procedure, a cone of hemorrhoids is simply frozen with liquid nitrogen. As a result, the node is destroyed, dies and is rejected by the body.

Sclerotherapy. In this case, the injection method is used.Using a syringe, a special sclerosing drug is injected into the tissue of the node, under the action of which the vessels through which the hemorrhoids cone is fed with blood are destroyed, connective tissue is formed in their place. As a result, education remains without nutrition and eventually disappears.

  • Laser coagulation . During the procedure, special equipment is used that generates radiation of a certain power. The surgeon can set the necessary parameters and provide accurate depth of exposure and focusing of the laser beam. The hemorrhoid is burned out with the simultaneous coagulation of blood vessels, which avoids bleeding and infection of the wound surface. The rehabilitation period is very short and goes without complications.

It should be borne in mind that modern minimally invasive techniques cannot be used for complications such as thrombosis and paraproctitis. If their use is impossible, you have to resort to a radical surgical operation - hemorrhoidectomy.

The classic operation is used at the last stage of hemorrhoids or with the development of complications such as bleeding from the rectum and thrombosis. Intervention is carried out in a hospital under general anesthesia. The operation is traumatic, the recovery period after it is painful and long. Moreover, the likelihood of complications is very high. Therefore, at present, they rarely resort to the classic hemorrhoidectomy operation, trying to replace it with less traumatic types of surgical intervention.

Longo surgery . This is an innovative method of treating cones of hemorrhoids, in which the normal anatomical structure of the anus is preserved, the walls of the intestine are not injured or damaged. The operation lasts 40-60 minutes and is performed under general anesthesia. The patient is released home after two days. The recovery period is fast and the risk of complications is minimal.

Folk remedies and recipes

After consulting with a doctor, you can supplement the comprehensive treatment of hemorrhoids with proven folk remedies. Adherents of traditional medicine know a lot of proven remedies based on natural ingredients, from which lotions, ointments, suppositories are made to treat hemorrhoids. Both internal and external hemorrhoids can be treated with steam baths with infusions of medicinal herbs, apply compresses or homemade ointments based on propolis, honey.

Flaxseed poultices . This plant quickly relieves pain. A broth is prepared for the procedure by pouring 50 g of crushed plant material into 500 ml of water and evaporating this mixture in a water bath for 10 minutes. The finished broth is cooled, filtered and used for poultices. To do this, it is enough to moisten a gauze napkin in the broth and attach it to the inflamed hemorrhoids.

Seated baths . Water procedures are useful for exacerbations of hemorrhoids. With their help they stop bleeding, relieve pain and inflammation. In hot water, you can add decoctions of calendula, chestnut, sage, nettle, dandelion.

Internal hemorrhoids are recommended to be treated with steam baths using onions and milk. First 2 heads of onions are boiled in 500 ml of milk over low heat for 20 minutes. Hot broth is poured into a suitable dish, which can be closed with a lid with a hole in the middle. Be sure to check that the steam does not burn the skin and is not too hot. This is important, otherwise you can get a very painful burn. Then they squat over the hole so that evaporation falls on the affected area. The procedure is completed after the water has cooled and the steam will no longer come out.

Candles from vegetables . Hemorrhoids cones can be treated with candles cut from raw vegetables (carrots, potatoes). Such suppositories relieve internal inflammation and have an antipruritic effect.A cut out candle is used at night, in the morning it will come out on its own when the bowel is empty. To facilitate the introduction of such a candle, it is pre-lubricated with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil. After several procedures, the inflamed nodes will decrease in size, pain and burning will disappear.

Leeches with hemorrhoids . One of the popular alternative treatments for hemorrhoids is the use of medical leeches. They secrete active substances that stop inflammatory processes, prevent bleeding and relieve pain. They are placed on the coccyx or sacrum. Leeches are on the body for 15 to 20 minutes, after which they fall off themselves.

Propolis . Enemas with propolis help relieve pain with hemorrhoids. It must first be dissolved in water (1 teaspoon of propolis extract is added to 200 ml of warm water). Another popular option is ice candles. For this, an aqueous solution of propolis is frozen in an appropriate form. The procedure is best done in the evening (before bedtime). Such candles should be inserted into the anus for 3-4 minutes. Before introducing the candle for a few seconds you need to lower it into hot water.

Watch the video: How to properly treat hemorrhoids

Treatment Reviews

Recently, I got a cone of hemorrhoids. It was very painful and unpleasant, even could not sit for a long time. At home I tried to cope with the problem myself, using folk remedies, but there was no particular relief. I had to go to an appointment with a proctologist. He prescribe to me painkillers and Proctosedil ointment. These funds helped to relieve the exacerbation. Already on the third day of treatment I felt noticeable relief.

I treat hemorrhoids with hepatrombin or methyluracil suppositories. They help me well. If I feel that the cones of hemorrhoids are inflamed and increased in size, I start using candles, and soon the disease recedes.

Last month, he was treated for hemorrhoids. The doctor prescribed Relief Advance suppositories, ointments with analgesic effect, prescribed Phlebodia tablets. Pills act from the inside, strengthening blood vessels and improving blood circulation, and suppositories and ointment relieve painful symptoms. True, the drugs for hemorrhoids in tablets are quite expensive, they need to be taken for a long time, but I hope for a positive result.

Lifestyle changes and home remedies for getting rid of hemorrhoids, as well as its prevention

Many sufferers often relieve mild pain, swelling and inflammation of the hemorrhoids with natural home remedies for hemorrhoids. Some of the best and easiest ways to get rid of hemorrhoids at home, as well as how to prevent the formation of piles in the first place, is to keep your chairs soft so that during the passage of the intestine there is no intense or fresh bleeding.

  • Wash hands thoroughly before performing the procedure. You can use sterile gloves.
  • Get on all fours and gently push the buttocks.
  • Pre-lubricate the anus with heparin ointment.

Gemnova ointment for hemorrhoids

  • Press on the inflamed knot with a finger and carefully insert it into the rectum. It is important not just to push the assembly in, but to introduce it slowly with your finger.
  • After that, you need to stretch your finger, strain the anus.
  • After the reduction procedure, lie down in a calm state for half an hour.

So that in the future, the nodes do not fall out again, it is necessary to avoid physical exertion, lifting weights and increasing internal abdominal pressure while visiting the toilet.

How to get rid of hemorrhoids naturally and quickly, as well as during and after pregnancy?

Here are some of the natural ways that many people have found helpful in treating hemorrhoids at home quickly. Eat a high fiber diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables to prevent constipation.

  • Drinking daily from 8 to 10 glasses of water - helps soften the stool.
  • Lose weight if you are on the hard side.
  • Get a good night's sleep.
  • Do not strain.
  • Hold a stop position, and do not sit with each bowel movement.
  • Use an ice pack to reduce swelling and soothe pain.
  • Do not sit or stand for long periods.
  • Keep your anal area clean - daily and clean your anal area without soap.
  • Soap irritates the skin, as well as perfumed and alcoholic wipes.
Getting rid of hemorrhoids quickly, being swollen, sore and painful quickly and naturally can really improve your quality of life.

Direction of the hemorrhoids

How to treat at home

Today, you can find many ways how to treat a hemorrhoids bump using folk remedies. You can use raw potatoes for this. Grate fresh potatoes and apply to the affected area. You can treat internal hemorrhoids, the bump of which is located inside the rectum. To do this, a candle cut from a tuber is introduced inside.

How to remove cones from hemorrhoids

Did you know that getting hemorrhoids was not your mistake. You and most of us suffering have been deceived by food and pharmaceutical companies. All of the above procedures can only offer you temporary relief until you deviate from the path of health, and your hemorrhoid symptoms do not appear again. Continued use has side effects, such as thinning of your already sensitive skin, which can make the problem harder and even more painful.

Hemorrhoids are a warning sign of the internal imbalance of your system. If you continue to treat only the symptoms of hemorrhoids, you will have to do this for the rest of your life, often experiencing embarrassment. Public places have thin walls and even controlled muffled cries of pain during the torturous bowel movement can be a herd, and one day it will become a herd of a stranger or work colleagues. Another concern is the smell, fecal leaks, bleeding, an explosion of hemorrhoids, soiled linen, soiled sheets and the discomfort of sitting, walking and even sleeping.

Treatment at home can be carried out using candied honey, which is inserted into the anus. Previously, you can lubricate the affected area with sea buckthorn oil.

Cones can be treated using the following methods:

  • grate carrots and beets, put on cheesecloth and do a compress before bedtime,
  • soak gauze swab cocoa. Apply until the inflamed vein breaks and subsequently heals,
  • brew a spoon of chamomile pharmacy in a glass of water and rinse the anus with a decoction,
  • inject propolis and aloe based candles every day before bed for 10 days.

Candles based on propolis for hemorrhoids

But how to remove cones from hemorrhoids and relieve strong pain during infringement? To do this, you must carefully enter the site inside, and then insert or apply ice to the affected area. Cold provokes vasoconstriction and a decrease in swelling.

This is how you want to live with only half the quality of your life. You cannot take risks tomorrow, as many have learned that it will never occur, or if you survive, your symptoms may worsen and you may need a painful operation. To get complete permanent relief of hemorrhoids, you must quickly treat the causes. Only diet and topical procedures will not cure your hemorrhoids. Taking drugs to treat hemorrhoids can leave you with many other complications that you have never had.

Therapy of internal hemorrhoids

Figuring out how to get rid of hemorrhoids is fraught with embarrassment. Holly Haden and Jessica Wright, both cured former chronic hemorrhoid patients, understand this too well. You can read their stories when you check them out.Many sufferers experience cures in just 48 hours after many years of silent suffering.

If you can not only with cold compresses, but also with the help of vegetable oils and aloe juice, with which you need to lubricate the anus for a week.

For treatment, you can use other methods of dealing with the problem. Hirudotherapy is considered quite effective.

How to reduce an inflamed node with medical leeches:

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Hemorrhoids-clusters of swollen veins in the anus and rectum are a common condition. More than half of all Americans develop hemorrhoids at the age of 50, and men and women are at equal risk. In fact, the condition is so ubiquitous that those suffering from hemorrhoids have their own holy patron; it is believed that hemorrhoids occur due to increased pressure on the veins in the anus or rectum, for example, straining the movement of the intestine. Hemorrhoids can usually be managed with lifestyle and self-care measures, but surgical removal is required in some cases.

  • Wash the back hole thoroughly. This should be done without soap with perfumes, since leeches do not like smells.
  • Overlay several individuals on one node.
  • After the leech is pumped, it will fall off by itself. After that, the knot will dry and shrink.

Symptoms when hemorrhoids crawled out

Cones of the formed hemorrhoids can be localized inside the rectum or outside the anus, undergo several stages of development. Distinguish latent formation of nodes, which is almost asymptomatic, but on this stage of the disease, you can pay attention to the symptoms - a feeling of discomfort in the anus, a feeling of incomplete bowel movement, the presence of a foreign body in the rectum, periodic itching, burning, traces of blood on toilet paper.

  1. The first stage is characterized by palpation of the nodes during rectal examination of the patient, a slight correction without pain,
  2. A feature of the second stage is the spontaneous prolapse of hemorrhoidal nodes at the time of defecation with self-reduction into place after bowel movement,
  3. At the third stage, the slightest effort (sneezing, for example) is enough for the knot to fall outside the anus, he himself is no longer able to return to his place, the patient helps him with his hands,
  4. At the fourth stage, the nodes fall in clusters from the rectum, are not corrected, bleed, and are threatened with serious complications (thrombosis, pinching, necrosis, sepsis), require immediate medical attention.

External hemorrhoid cones are easy to see immediately, rectal ones require additional examination. The key to successful therapy is a timely visit to a proctologist.

External hemorrhoids: treatment

The main cause of hemorrhoids is dysfunction of the large veins located in the rectal area. With the external form, the vessel located directly under the skin, next to the anus, suffers.

In the initial phase, the disease is almost asymptomatic, there is pain during bowel movements, mild itching, general weakness. With the development of the disease, the veins are deformed, large bumps appear, which are noticeable on palpation and protruding from the anus at any voltage.

The pain intensifies, bleeding occurs, cracks appear on the anus. With the development of the disease, the symptoms become more pronounced, frequent inflammation begins, accompanied by severe pain and fever. Necrosis, anemia, and other serious complications are possible.

The choice of treatment for hemorrhoids depends on the stage of the disease. Therapy is prescribed by the doctor, he takes into account all the symptoms that have manifested, the general condition of the patient, the presence of other chronic diseases.

How to remove hemorrhoids in the initial stage of the disease? At the initial stages, the patient needs venotonics and anticoagulants that strengthen the venous walls, normalize blood flow and prevent blood clots from forming.

Particularly effective drugs are special pills for external hemorrhoids and capsules. When large nodes appear, it is recommended to combine them with gels, creams and ointments applied externally.

With bouts of pain, anesthetics are prescribed in the form of tablets, injections, soothing gels. They relieve itching and burning, relax, remove the hypertonicity of the intestinal walls.

Complex agents with antibiotics in the form of rectal suppositories, ointments, tablets help to remove inflammation. For constipation, mild laxatives are prescribed. Rectal suppositories that are not addictive and do not contribute to dysbiosis are especially useful.

The doctor selects drugs for hemorrhoids, which combine well with each other, without changing the actions of each other. Strong medicines are combined with supportive and restorative.

The course of treatment with one medicine for external hemorrhoids lasts up to 2 weeks, then the drug is changed. Very effective means in different forms containing the same active substance.

However, it is not recommended to abuse antibiotics and anesthetics, over time, the body can get used to them, medications will not give the desired effect. Now that you’ve learned a little more about external hemorrhoidal nodes, treatment is the next topic that we will cover in this article.

Information about other types of hemorrhoids and their manifestations can be found here.


The algorithm for diagnosing hemorrhoids is simple, consists in sequential examination of the patient’s anorectal zone in simple, although sometimes not very pleasant ways. Despite the intimacy and certain discomfort of the examination, one should approach it seriously, otherwise serious complications may develop, with an under-examination, an erroneous diagnosis, exacerbation of somatic concomitant diseases.

The examination is carried out by a proctologist, usually on a gynecological chair or in a knee-elbow pose on the couch. The sequence of manipulations is as follows:

  • medical history, physical examination,
  • OAC, OAM, biochemistry - screening of the patient’s general state of health,
  • external examination of the anorectal zone,
  • test bar probe of the anus to the stored anal reflex,
  • identification of anorectal cracks,
  • finger examination
  • anoscopy, which allows you to examine up to 12 cm of the rectum,
  • sigmoidoscopy visualizes a rectum at a height of up to 25 cm,
  • colonoscopy or irrigoscopy is carried out only according to indications,
  • FGDS - with suspected involvement in the pathological process of the upper digestive system,
  • Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity.

In 30%, a complete clinical and laboratory examination allows us to identify not only diseases of the rectum, anus, but also to diagnose the source of latent bleeding, benign, malignant neoplasms.

Cone prevention

Internal hemorrhoids are located in the lower part of the rectum and cannot be seen outside the rectum. External hemorrhoids are visible under the skin around the anus. A number of factors increase the risk of hemorrhoids or may worsen them. For example, they are more likely to meet with age, reaching maximum age. Hemorrhoids are also associated with obesity, pregnancy and childbirth, liver disease, enlargement of the prostate gland, chronic cough and diarrhea - all of which can increase pressure on the veins in the anus and rectum.

Medicines for the treatment of the external form of the disease

How to treat external hemorrhoids in men? It is better to treat external hemorrhoids with complex means that solve several problems at once.

Below is a list of the best remedies for external hemorrhoids:

    Diclofenac. Tablets with analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory effect. Suitable for the treatment of different stages of hemorrhoids, contain the same active substance, have a minimum of contraindications.

Like other oral medications, not recommended for chronic renal failure and autoimmune diseases. The course of treatment lasts 7-10 days, tablets can be supplemented with candles and ointment with the same name. Chloramphenicol. This is an effective remedy for external hemorrhoids, an antibiotic necessary for inflammation of external nodes and deep anal fissures.

Up to 2 g of the drug are taken per day, breaking the dose into 3 servings. The course should not exceed 5-7 days, including severe contraindications for diabetes, fungal and viral infections, and individual intolerance to antibiotics. Detralex How to reduce hemorrhoids? Use Detlarex - this is one of the most popular drugs for the treatment of any form of hemorrhoids.

The tablets contain diosmin and hesperidin, quickly relieve pain, swelling, inflammation, itching and other symptoms of the disease. Improve blood flow and prevent thrombosis. Treatment lasts up to 2 weeks, 2-3 tablets per meal are enough per day. Ultraproct. Potent suppositories suitable for the treatment of any form of hemorrhoids. Soothe, anesthetize, reduce protruding nodes, relieve inflammation and swelling.

Suppositories contain an anesthetic and a complex of anti-inflammatory substances. 1 candle is used per day, preferably before bedtime, the course lasts no more than a week. You will find more information about these and some other antihemorrhoidal suppositories in this article. Candles with glycerin. An easy-to-use drug with a minimum of contraindications. Contain purified glycerin, softening feces and contributing to normal bowel movements.

Not addictive, do not affect the bacterial flora of the intestine. Apply as necessary in courses of 5-7 days, 1-2 candles are administered per day. Olestesin. Candles with natural sea buckthorn oil. They affect the condition of the skin and mucous membranes, remove swelling, stop bleeding, and have a disinfecting and mild analgesic effect.

Good effect on internal injuries, anal fissures, painful protruding nodes. Suppositories are inserted 1-2 times a day, they are especially effective at bedtime.

The course lasts up to 3 weeks, there are practically no contraindications. Anestezol. Analgesic candles with benzocaine and menthol. Suitable for relieving bleeding, rapid pain relief, have anti-inflammatory properties.

Contraindicated in severe forms of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and anorectal region. Up to 3 suppositories are used per day, treatment is possible for 2 weeks, then a break is needed. Heparin ointment. An affordable drug suitable for the treatment of the initial stage of external hemorrhoids. Prevents overgrowth of nodes, reduces local edema and bleeding.

Contains heparin, not recommended for chronic blood diseases. Ointment is used for 1-2 weeks, rubbing into the anus 1-2 times a day. Hepatrombin G. Ointment with venotonic, antitumor, wound healing effect. Contains heparin and prednisone, used for rubbing into the anus and preparing mini compresses.

The course lasts up to 2 weeks, the drug is applied 2-3 times a day. Contraindicated in hemophilia and fungal skin lesions. Troxevasin. Venotonic, decongestant, analgesic gel based on troxerutin.

It is very easily absorbed, quickly removes the main symptoms. The drug is rubbed into the skin in the anus and applied to inflamed nodes.The course of treatment is up to 14 days.

As you can see, there is no such thing as "the best remedy for external hemorrhoids," it all depends on the particular case and the prescription of the attending physician. Now that you know about medications that can be used to get rid of external hemorrhoids, treatment with natural remedies is the next most important topic, which will be discussed in the section below.

Treatment features

There are several ways to treat the formed or only forming hemorrhoids, but the main one is pathogenetic therapy, which is designed to eliminate problems in the digestive system, dyspepsia, and constipation. This includes diet therapy, enzyme preparations, systemic, external agents for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

  • In the early stages of the pathological process, tonus-boosting can be used as drug monotherapy (with treatment resistance, combined),
  • Starting from the second stage, symptomatic treatment is used: painkiller, anti-inflammatory,
  • At the risk of complications, antithrombotic treatment is prescribed: systemic anticoagulants, ointments.

You can cure cones of hemorrhoids with the help of special physical exercises that strengthen the muscles of the rectum, anus, anorectal zone: swimming, walking, running, skiing, yoga.

Diet therapy

The basis for the treatment of emerging, exacerbated or constantly progressing hemorrhoid cones is diet. You need to adjust your diet so that bowel movements are regular, soft. For this, the daily menu includes foods containing fiber, bulk dietary fiber: wheat bran (2 tablespoons / day), dairy products, carrots, figs, flaxseeds, prunes, seaweed, beets.

With the development of hemorrhoids, cones are excluded from consumption: fried, smoked, spicy, salty and fatty dishes, fatty meats, fish, poultry, white bread, butter baked goods, sweets, pasta, hard cheese, white cabbage, radish, radish, sorrel, grapes - everything that provokes flatulence, constipation, the formation of fecal stones.

The principles of nutrition are simple:

  • fractional food intake (5-6 times / day), in small portions, only in a warm form,
  • fasting is strictly forbidden,
  • correctly calculated drinking balance (40 ml of pure water per kilogram of weight),
  • quitting alcohol, smoking,
  • use of vegetable and fruit juices as an additive to water.

For the convenience of patients, drugs have been developed that can replace natural products by the mechanism of action, maintain the normal intestinal microflora: lactulose, Agiolax or Fiberlax.

Systemic drugs

Today, in proctology, there are many methods for how to remove the bump formed during hemorrhoids using drugs. One principle - treatment should be comprehensive, using external, internal means.

The purpose of systemic drugs is to improve microcirculation, relieve, strengthen vascular walls. The treatment regimen is strictly individual, but there are no fundamental differences in the treatment of cones of hemorrhoids in men and women. Tablets of different groups are used. Tablets are shown to be most effective in the early stages of hemorrhoidal disease.


To disinfect, relieve swelling and inflammation, warm or cool baths with chamomile infusion are used. Cold water is indicated for acute pain, this procedure lasts no more than 5 minutes.

A warm bath is longer, it takes 15-20 minutes. Pour a handful of dried chamomile flowers with a liter of boiling water and insist under the lid for 30-40 minutes.

Strain and dilute with warm or cold water in a 1: 1 ratio. The same bath can be prepared from wormwood, calendula, sage, yarrow, nettle or a mixture of these herbs. The procedure is best done before bedtime, the course lasts 7-10 days.

With edema, bleeding, protruding nodes, a bath with a natural venotonic will help - horse chestnut seeds. Mix them with chopped oak bark in equal proportions, pour a handful of raw materials with a liter of boiling water and heat in a water bath for 5 minutes.

Let the mixture brew for about half an hour and strain through a double layer of gauze. Pour the infusion into warm water and do baths daily, 5 evenings in a row. After the procedure, the skin should be dried with a towel and lubricated with a moisturizing gel.


The purpose of the appointment of venotonics is the balance of blood inflow and outflow in the cavernous bodies of the rectum by increasing the tone of the capillaries. Most popular:

  • Detralex (domestic analogue of Venarus). Preparations based on the bioflavonoids of diosmin and hesperidin demonstrate the ability to relieve pain, inflammation, pasture of anorectal tissues, improve vascular permeability, and restore the structure of blood vessels.
  • Phlebodia 600 - a medicine from the diosmin group with a pronounced tonic and anti-inflammatory effect,
  • Vazoket - a drug with anti-inflammatory properties, relieves stagnation of the anorectal region, improving microcirculation, reduces vascular permeability.

Suspension of development and prevention of new hemorrhoid cones

The most common symptom of internal hemorrhoids is bleeding during bowel movement. Such bleeding ranges from severity from blood on toilet paper or outside stools to blood in the toilet. Since the membranes inside the rectum do not have painkillers, internal hemorrhoids usually do not cause pain or discomfort.

So that the mucous membrane is not overdried, you can lubricate the anus with any vegetable oil. This will avoid the formation of cracks and will contribute to the healing of wounds that have already appeared.

How to remove cones if

Hemorrhoids bring a lot of discomfort to the patient, causing pain, itching and burning in the anus. You can stop the disease through therapy or surgery. Hemorrhoids in the absence of treatment can be a dangerous disease, so with the first symptoms you need to see a doctor to find the right way to get rid of the disease.

However, you may experience a feeling of fullness in the rectum after bowel movement. Internal hemorrhoids can also prolapse, which means that the hemorrhoids extend beyond the anus. Prolapse can occur after tension during bowel movement.


Among the drugs with the properties of angioprotectors, which restore the vascular wall, regional blood flow, microcirculation, stimulate the regeneration of the damaged mucosa, the following are most effective in treating cones with hemorrhoids:

  • Troxevasin is a drug from the rutin group with the properties of an antioxidant, venoprotector, is able to stop inflammation, pain, restores the elasticity of the vascular wall, and improves microcirculation of the anorectal region. Troxerutin, Ascorutin, Venoruton act in a similar way.
  • Vasonite is an angioprotector from the pentoxifylline group: it regenerates hemorrhoids, expands the capillaries, improves nutrition and oxygen supply of tissues, and corrects blood viscosity,
  • Normoven is a natural multivitamin angioprotector with the properties of an antioxidant, vascular wall corrector, blood viscosity, and regenerant.


Hemostatics - a group of antihemorrhoidal tablets that can stop the twisting of nodes of varying severity, prevent the development of anemia. It:

  • Dicinon is an etamsylate-based drug that shows the ability to correct blood coagulation with bleeding hemorrhoids, normalize the microcirculation of the anorectal zone and the permeability of the vascular wall,
  • Litovit B - a dietary supplement based on zeolites, has hemostatic, astringent, antiseptic, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, normalizes digestion, microflora rectum, restores the structure of veins,
  • Proctonis is a natural hemostatic with an anti-inflammatory, regenerative effect, relieves spasms of the anus, resists secondary infection, normalizes the digestive system.

In addition, NSAIDs (Nimesil, Ibuprofen, Voltaren), laxatives (Senade, Guttalax, Dufalac) and other symptomatic drugs are used as systemic therapy associated with hemorrhoid cones. Among the contraindications pay attention to severe impaired renal and hepatic function, diabetes mellitus, individual intolerance to the components.


How to treat hemorrhoids that bleed? Soothing bleeding, inflamed nodes will help lotions with a decoction of yarrow.

1 tbsp. a spoonful of dried grass pour a glass of boiling water and heat in a water bath for 5 minutes. Remove the broth from the heat and insist under the lid for 60 minutes.

Strain it through cheesecloth. Dampen a soft cotton cloth in the liquid and attach it to the anus. After 10 minutes, moisten the cloth again.

Repeat lotions for an hour, then allow the skin to dry and lubricate it with a bactericidal cream or gel. Yarrow can also be used for microclysters affecting nodes located inside the anus.

But what about the external cones of hemorrhoids than to treat? On inflamed bumps and deep anal fissures, compresses with sea buckthorn oil work well.

A cotton swab or a bandage folded several times is impregnated with natural oil and tightly applied at the protruding nodes. Applications can be made 2 times a day for 10-14 days.

Conservative treatment of hemorrhoids

Unlike internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids often cause irritation and pain, usually lasting no more than 10 days. Acute pain and inflammation can occur when a blood clot in the external hemorrhoids forms a solid lump near the anus. Mucus arising from external hemorrhoids can cause mild itching.

List of effective ointments and suppositories

In the complex treatment of hemorrhoidal disease, ointments and suppositories in the treatment of hemorrhoidal cones are designed to relieve local manifestations of inflammation, stop itching, burning, pain, bleeding. In this case, external agents act by contact, therefore, achieve a quick effect. An indispensable condition for the use of external funds should be a clean surface for applying drugs, you can not lubricate the hemorrhoid cone if it gets wet, festering, bleeds heavily.

The following suppositories are considered the most effective:

  • Relief line (Relief, Relief Advance, Relif Ultra, Relif Pro) - drugs based on shark liver oil or cocoa butter act as hemostatic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, tonic capillary walls, astringents, regenerating agents,
  • Procto-Glivenol - venotonic for analgesia, improve lymph outflow, relieve inflammation, bleeding, relieve swelling,
  • Hepatrombin and Hepatrombin G - drugs that restore blood and blood vessels, normalizing platelet synthesis, reducing blood viscosity, balancing its outflow from caverns,
  • Ultraproct quickly removes inflammation due to the presence of hormones in two forms, relieves pastiness, pain, allergic reactions,
  • Proctosan is an anesthetic from the NSAID group with regenerant properties due to astringents,
  • Natalside is a hemostatic with a painkiller.

The following liniments, ointments, creams, gels are most in demand in the treatment of hemorrhoid cones:

  • Heparin ointment - an anticoagulant with antipyretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory properties, which improves lymph flow from the anorectal zone, reducing the volume of nodes,
  • Bezornil - a painkiller antiseptic,
  • Posterisan Forte - an immunomodulator with regenerant properties, suppresses inflammation, stops the progression of pathology,
  • Aurobin is a hormonal ointment with a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, it stimulates the regeneration of damaged hemorrhoids, prevents allergies,
  • Relief in the form of an ointment - accelerates regeneration, stops bleeding from nodes, increases local immunity.

Broth recipe

Reduce the external cones, prevent inflammation and bleeding will help the decoction of the highlander snake. 1 tbsp. pour a spoonful of crushed raw materials 400 ml. boiling water and leave for 12 hours under a lid or in a thermos.

Then the infusion is filtered and divided into 3 parts. They need to be drunk before meals during the day. The treatment lasts 1 week, after a break it can be repeated.

What are hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoidal cones are cavernous formations that occur when nodes located in the anus become inflamed and enlarge. They can be internal or external. The first type is localized on the walls of the rectum. With heavy loads or bowel movements, the internal bumps may go out and be accompanied by a slight bleeding. External inflamed hemorrhoids fall out of the anus, are more prone to thrombosis.

Operational methods

Minimally invasive techniques or radical surgery are used in two cases: with the ineffectiveness of conservative therapy in the early stages of hemorrhoidal disease or with advanced hemorrhoids.

Minimally invasive techniques allow removal of hemorrhoids without general anesthesia, do not require long-term rehabilitation, are well tolerated by patients, since they are practically painless, do not cause serious complications, but do not guarantee against relapse.

The classical removal of hemorrhoids is a traumatic operation that is performed under general anesthesia, requires long-term rehabilitation, but practically does not give relapses. The essence of any surgical intervention is the complete excision of the hemorrhoidal cone or blocking the nutrition of the cavity, followed by the death of the nodes, removal of the residues out naturally.

Operations are of several types:

  • latex ligation - ligation of the base of the node with latex rings in order to remove it from normal blood flow,
  • sclerotherapy - the introduction of sclerosant gluing the walls of arteries into the vessels feeding the cone, followed by desolation due to blockage of nutrition,
  • infrared coagulation - cauterization of blood vessels with coagulation of proteins of the vascular wall, stopping bleeding, blocking nutrition,
  • laser cauterization - an analog of infrared using a beam of light from a laser,
  • deserterization - sequential ligation of all vessels supplying the cavity, the method is reliable, practically does not relapse, but requires expensive equipment, highly qualified surgeon,
  • hemorrhoidectomy - a classic excision of nodes according to Milligan-Morgan or Longo, without relapse, but with a long recovery period (up to 1.5 months).


Today, decoctions of herbs can be purchased at any pharmacy. Inexpensive and effective, they solve two problems: stop the negative symptoms of hemorrhoids, normalize hemorrhoidal caverns. A feature is the use of the same herbs for external (baths, lotions, microclysters) and internal treatment. The most popular: bird, pepper or snake mountaineer, dogwood, chamomile, aloe, burdock, mullein, yarrow, eucalyptus.

Decoctions are prepared in one way: raw materials are brewed with boiling water, insisted filtered and consumed as intended. Here are some examples:

  • With a decoction of mullein, a cone of hemorrhoids with pain, constipation, bleeding is treated. Preparing the infusion is simple, but safety precautions should be observed, as grass seeds are toxic.Take 1 large spoonful of dried flowers and pour a glass of boiling water. Withstand a couple of hours. Drink in parts, and when used for a sitz bath, you need the whole solution at once.
  • Stem bleeding yarrow. You need 2 tablespoons of grass and a liter of water. The solution is boiled for 10 minutes, cooled, filtered. For oral administration, drink up to 400 ml daily, use a glass for the bath - on a basin of cool water, the duration of sitting with the anus completely covered with water is no more than 20 minutes.
  • A root is used in the burdock. A decoction of it relieves inflammation and pain in the anorectal region, promotes the healing of cracks in the anus. The root is washed, cleaned, ground, boiled in a liter of water until brown. Cool, filter, drink half a glass twice / day. A glass is added to water for compresses, baths, poultices.

How to treat

At the initial stages of the development of hemorrhoids, experts prescribe conservative treatment. For this purpose, various medications are used: gels, ointments, suppositories. In the framework of complex therapy, the use of tablets is indicated, which strengthen the vascular walls, help improve blood circulation, and prevent the formation of stagnant processes in the anus. Such drugs are used throughout the treatment period of hemorrhoid cones.

As a supportive therapy, folk medicine can be used: baths, candles and lotions. Hemorrhoids cones can occur with bowel movements and other provoking factors. First aid to the patient is to straighten the node that falls out. Otherwise, there is a pinched hemorrhoid cones, accompanied by soreness. The disease requires immediate medical attention. The treatment of hemorrhoids is carried out by a proctologist. When complications occur, surgical intervention is required.

Aloe Compress

Aloe juice is very popular: it heals, relieves inflammation, stops bleeding, prevents the attachment of a secondary infection with external use. The sheets of a three-year-old plant are effective, they are mashed, spread the resulting slurry on a napkin and applied to the inflamed nodes as a compress. Freshly squeezed juice of the plant is used, lubricating hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids ointment

A high degree of effectiveness is shown by ointments against hemorrhoids. In modern medicine, the following anti-cone remedies are used:

  • Relief Advance - one of the components of the cream composition for controlling bumps in hemorrhoids is an extract obtained from shark liver. The ointment has an anti-inflammatory effect, reduces swelling and itching. An important property of the drug is the ability to prevent bleeding, to heal wounds.
  • Heparin ointment - acts as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent. The drug does not allow hemorrhoids to grow, reduces their size, reduces swelling.
  • Levomekol - the use of ointment should begin with an exacerbation of the disease. Among its components are chloramphenicol and methyluracil, which determine the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing effects of the drug. The beneficial effect of the drug on the membranes of the rectum and anus is to prevent secondary infection through microcracks. Since the medication belongs to antibiotics, the course of treatment for hemorrhoidal cones is no more than 2 weeks, you should consult your doctor before using it.

Home ointment

To restore tissue, you can use homemade regenerating ointment with propolis. 1 tbsp. add a spoonful of finely grated propolis to melted fat (2 tbsp. tablespoons) and heat in a water bath until completely melted.

Mix the ointment well and transfer it to a jar with a lid. Lubricate the anus 1-2 times a day for 2 weeks.

Now you know the most effective remedies for getting rid of hemorrhoids. How to treat advanced forms of the disease is a question that will be described below.

Home candles

Suppositories are cut from potato tubers, beets, prepared from propolis, honey, decoctions of chamomile, wormwood, oak bark, which are frozen. An inside-out aloe leaf is used, which is introduced into the anus overnight.

Rectal suppositories stop bleeding from the anus, relieve pain, inflammation, itching, and pastiness. Internal hemorrhoids are stopped by suppositories from dried linden or buckwheat honey.

Homemade ointments

Ointments at home are prepared on the basis of beeswax, pork fat, vegetable oil, medicinal decoctions of herbs. Here are some examples:

  • You can stop the inflammation of hemorrhoids using a liniment based on 100 g of olive oil, 25 g of honey, the same amount of beeswax, two packets of streptocide. After mixing the ingredients, they are heated in a water bath, cooled and applied to the affected area.
  • Pure honey on its own relieves itching, burning, discomfort in the anus, with the addition of sea buckthorn, the regenerating properties of the composition are enhanced.
  • To relieve pain, regenerate mucous membranes, use ointment from propolis: 15 g of product per 100 g of olive oil. The mixture is heated in a water bath until a uniform consistency, insist for about two hours, lubricate the inflamed areas up to 8 times / day.

A proven way to quickly and easily remove an inflamed hemorrhoid cone at home - tampons with propolis, which are soaked with a composition of propolis, honey, vegetable oil, wax, are inserted into the anus before bedtime.

Hemorrhoidal nodes in pregnant women

In 80% of cases, pregnancy provokes hemorrhoids, but most drugs are not suitable for future and nursing mothers. Therefore, it is important to normalize the mood, not to worry, to adjust the diet, the frequency of bowel movements and only with the permission of the doctor to use external means that are not dangerous for the mother and the fetus: Troxevasin, Bezornil, Fleming, Ichthyol, Levomekol, Sea buckthorn oil.

What to do to prevent hemorrhoid cones from getting out?

Conservative therapy can not completely and permanently cure a patient of cones, the operation can cope with this task. But there is one significant minus, if a person does not exclude harmful factors that led to the development of this disease, then it can repeatedly make itself felt unpleasant symptoms. For the prevention and treatment of hemorrhoid cones, the following tips should be observed:

  • Diet. The patient needs to monitor his digestion, constipation and diarrhea should be avoided. To do this, plant food is introduced into the diet, and products that cause intestinal irritation are excluded. Alcohol, spicy, overly salty, pickled, smoked and spicy foods is banned.
  • Gymnastics. To strengthen the muscles of the pelvis, you need to do exercises. But not all sports are allowed. To avoid creeping out hemorrhoid cones, you can not do weightlifting, horse riding and cycling. If the patient is aged, then exercise can be replaced by walking in the fresh air.
  • Hygiene. If there are external hemorrhoidal cones, it is better not to use toilet paper, especially with a rigid structure, it is recommended to wash with cool water. It is also forbidden to sit on the toilet for a long time, this habit can aggravate the course of the disease and provoke an exacerbation.

Treatment of hemorrhoid cones with alternative methods

­Like conservative therapy, folk recipes help to cope with the symptoms of the disease, but the effect of them may not be so pronounced.Hemorrhoid cones were considered a common problem at all times, so there are many alternative methods that can alleviate the condition of the patient. A much greater effect can be achieved if the following recipes are used as part of complex therapy:

  • How to treat hemorrhoid cones so that they dissolve? You can try an effective procedure with onion peel. To do this, about three handfuls need to be poured with boiling water and wait until the infusion becomes warm. And then prepare a bath from it, you need to sit in it until the water has completely cooled. Some 10 procedures will relieve unpleasant sensations.
  • Natural candles. They can be made from cucumber, carrots and potatoes. They should be small in diameter, vegetables are moistened with saliva and carefully inserted into a sore spot. If there are external nodes, these vegetables are crushed and applied to the hemorrhoid cones.
  • Chamomile. This plant is often used in the treatment of hemorrhoids, because it has excellent wound healing properties, relieves swelling and inflammation, and also protects the wound surface from germs. From the infusion you can make sitz baths, they should be warm, not hot. Ice candles from this infusion can relieve pain and bleed.

How to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of hemorrhoids is now clear. But we must remember that there are cases when treatment at home is no longer valid and hospitalization is needed, and any delay can result in life-threatening complications. For example, profuse bleeding, which opens almost daily, an inflammatory process affecting the surrounding tissues, a got out cone that cannot be repaired - all these conditions are a serious reason for going to the hospital, you can’t hesitate, conservative treatment is unlikely to work.

Surgical intervention

At the last stage of hemorrhoids, doctors recommend surgery. The classic operation for hemorrhoids is done under the influence of general anesthesia. Such a procedure is very traumatic, a long recovery period and a high probability of complications can become a problem for the patient. Today, this method of getting rid of hemorrhoids is giving way to the Longo method. Intervention does not lead to deformation of the anus and damage to the intestines. Patient recovery is quick and the risk of complications is virtually eliminated.

What do hemorrhoid cones look like?

As for the external plexuses, at the beginning of the disease they are usually small and smooth to the touch, have the color of a healthy skin. Over time, the situation is aggravated due to the accumulation of blood, they stretch, increase in size and become purple.

Only the proctologist can examine the inner lump using a special device. At an early stage of the disease, there will be only minor changes in the intestinal mucosa. A large blue spot can be seen, which will eventually turn into a hemorrhoid plexus. In the presence of an internal cone, inflammatory processes in the anus can occur.

Hemorrhoidal nodes or the so-called cones are venous plexuses that gradually increase and each time cause more and more discomfort to the patient. If the nodes began to fall out, then it is necessary to be treated, possibly even surgically. Without treatment, the internal and external bumps can become inflamed; in some cases, thrombosis occurs, which is characterized by acute pain.

A hemorrhoidal cone got out, what should I do?

Hemorrhoidal cones can come out during bowel movements, when the patient is strongly pushing due to constipation or after lifting weights, if the disease is not severely started, then the nodes, as a rule, are independently retracted. But in the third stage of the disease they have to be corrected.If the hemorrhoidal cone falls out often, then you need to undergo treatment, most likely, only the operation will help. But in any case, the patient should be able to independently adjust the plexus. This procedure is carried out as follows:

  • If a big bump of hemorrhoids has fallen, then you need to try to straighten it right away. Since this procedure is very painful, you need to use painkillers. For these purposes, ointments with the effect of anesthesia may be suitable or regular ice may be used.
  • You can not adjust the internal hemorrhoid plexuses without medical gloves, otherwise you can bring an infection, then purulent inflammation will significantly worsen the patient’s condition and it is unlikely to get along without medical help.
  • For the correct positioning of the got out cones, you need to bend down and sit down a bit, and then gently push the knot into the rectum with your finger. The finger needs to be removed only after the bump is set. Once the procedure is completed, you need to tightly squeeze the buttocks and tighten the muscles in the rectal region, but this should be done gradually. To facilitate the direction of the fallen node can be using Vaseline.
  • After the procedure, it is necessary to lie down for about 30 minutes so that the node does not fall out again. If they often began to fall out, this suggests that the disease is severely neglected and only surgery can cope with this problem.

The main causes of hemorrhoid cones

The appearance of external and external hemorrhoid cones is caused by factors that worsen the outflow of blood from the rectal region and increase blood pressure in this region. So that the disease does not progress further, it is first necessary to eliminate the causes of its occurrence, and which ones we will consider below:

  • Improper nutrition. A hemorrhoid cone can come out due to food, which increases blood flow to the pelvic area. This includes all spicy, spicy and pickled products, as well as alcoholic beverages. In addition, constipation is another reason, it occurs if a person does not consume enough fiber and does not move much.
  • Weight lifting. To exclude the appearance of large hemorrhoidal cones, you need to abandon the lifting of weights. This is especially true for people who have already had cases of prolapse of the plexus. When a person lifts something heavy, the intra-abdominal pressure increases greatly, because of this the venous walls expand, and the disease progresses rapidly.
  • Lack of exercise. Office workers with extensive experience very often suffer from hemorrhoidal nodes. Due to long sitting, blood stagnation occurs not only in the pelvis, but also in the legs, veins are stretched, therefore hemorrhoids and varicose veins appear on the legs.

Prevention of hemorrhoids

To avoid an unpleasant diagnosis, you need to follow simple rules for the prevention of hemorrhoids:

  • try to bring more movement to your lifestyle, do simple physical exercises, walk in the fresh air,
  • exclude alcohol, flour, spicy and salty foods from the daily diet,
  • try to prevent constipation,
  • after the bowel movement, cleanse the skin with cold water.

Why did the bump appear after hemorrhoid surgery?

Hemorrhoid cones, both external and internal, can come out again after surgery, if the patient has not changed his lifestyle and has not ruled out factors that can lead to the re-emergence of the disease. In case of relapse, you need to see a doctor while the nodes are still small, in this case conservative therapy can help. If you start the disease, you will have to rest on the table of the surgeon.

Complications after surgery for hemorrhoids do not occur often. But unfortunately, even after successful surgical treatment, no doctor can guarantee that the disease will not return in a few years, or maybe even earlier.Relapses are especially common in people with poor heredity who have weak veins since birth.

Solid cyanotic-crimson external bumps can talk about thrombosis, this is when a blood clot forms in the hemorrhoid. In this case, the symptomatology of the disease usually worsens, severe pain appears, which intensifies with bowel movement. In this case, you can not hesitate, you need to contact a proctologist.

Sometimes it happens that the thrombosed bumps burst on their own, at first the patient feels relief, as the pain sensations pass, but there is severe bleeding that scares the person, as it can be difficult to stop. With a large loss of blood, anemia medications can be prescribed to the patient.

If an external cone of hemorrhoids has come out, then you need to immediately undergo a course of treatment, it will help to suspend the disease. Only a proctologist will be able to choose the necessary medicines that will relieve the symptoms of the disease. Even neglected cases of the disease, when the cones constantly fall out and then they are treated, but only with the help of surgery. But after it, the patient will be able to forget for a long time about the constant discomfort that the disease caused. You can return to a normal lifestyle, but it will only be necessary to slightly adjust it to prevent possible relapses.

Effective absorbable ointment for cones of hemorrhoids

Ointment is a convenient dosage form with which you can remove the bump from hemorrhoids. There is a large selection of similar remedies that effectively cope with the symptoms of this delicate problem. It is better if the drugs are prescribed by a proctologist based on patient complaints. For example, if a patient is tormented by bleeding, then he will be prescribed a medicine with a hemostatic effect.

There are multicomponent ointments, they have a complex effect, that is, they relieve several symptoms at once. They are best used with external hemorrhoid cones. If the nodes are internal, then it is better to use candles. Ointments are often prescribed for children and pregnant women, because such a dosage form has only a local effect.

With thrombosis, medications are prescribed that, when applied to a sore spot, contribute to the resorption of the thrombus. It is impossible to completely get rid of cones with the help of conservative therapy. But you can reduce them and remove the signs of inflammation.

What is the best smear cones from hemorrhoids?

The choice of the drug should be carried out by a proctologist, because the patient may experience individual intolerance to the components of the drug. In this case, the doctor will be able to pick up another analogue. Due to the large selection of drugs, it is difficult to make a choice on your own that would be suitable in all respects and relieve it of the main symptoms of the disease. Consider the most popular means for treating hemorrhoid cones:

  • Ultraproct. If there is inflammation and itching of the hemorrhoid cones, then this remedy can be used. In addition, it has a wound healing and analgesic effect. Apply it on a clean, dry surface with a thin layer.
  • Hepatrombin G ointment is good to use if there is uncomplicated thrombosis of the hemorrhoid. The components contribute to the resorption of the blood clot, reduce swelling and pain, which with this diagnosis is pronounced.
  • Heparin ointment is also effective for thrombosis, does not contain hormones, is an affordable and proven tool.
  • Troxevasin gel should be prescribed by a proctologist as part of complex therapy. Since hemorrhoidal cones are dilated veins, this medicine directly affects the problem, the components of this remedy increase the tone of the veins and prevent their expansion.
  • Vishnevsky ointment is another affordable and well-known tool that can be used to smear hemorrhoids with inflammation.It is superimposed on the cleaned surface with a thin layer, the rules of application must be clarified by the proctologist. This tool can even be used by pregnant women.

Ointments for the treatment of hemorrhoid cones are used very often, but they should not be the only treatment. It is not enough just to smear the nodes with any means and hope that the disease goes away. To treat this ailment, an integrated approach is needed, which includes not only drugs, but also the exclusion from your lifestyle of factors that contribute to the formation of hemorrhoidal plexuses.

Treatment of hemorrhoid cones with folk remedies at home

Folk remedies are used in the treatment of many diseases, hemorrhoids are no exception, they can well complement conservative therapy. If the patient first fell a lump, then this is an occasion to contact a proctologist. It is necessary to start therapy immediately, folk remedies will also help ease the condition, but first, the doctor must show the person how to adjust the hemorrhoidal cone on their own. The disease at an early stage is well treated with folk remedies; many people like them because of their accessibility and the fact that all procedures can be carried out at home.

Garlic from cones of hemorrhoids

This plant has been used for the treatment of hemorrhoid cones for a long time and is considered a natural antibiotic, so it can easily stop inflammation, and if used correctly, it helps to reduce pain. With this useful ingredient, you can prepare an ointment that is suitable for treating external cones. You need to take honey (1 tsp), milk (150 ml) and garlic (200 g). All ingredients are mixed and put on a slow fire, the mass should thicken, after which it is insisted for two hours and used as compresses on a sore spot.

It will not be possible to completely remove the lump of hemorrhoids at home, but you can reduce the signs of the disease, the nodes will become much smaller, and the inflammation will pass. Consider another folk recipe, this time a candle. Butter with garlic is necessarily taken in equal proportions. The oil can be melted in a water bath, so it will be much easier to mix all the ingredients. From the resulting mass, you need to make suppositories and put them in the refrigerator. Just a few treatments will help reduce the painful symptoms of the disease.

How to cure hemorrhoid cones with honey?

Alternative treatment of inflamed hemorrhoidal nodes with honey has been practiced for a long time. This sweet product effectively fights inflammation, swelling and itching, prevents the penetration of microbes into the wounds and accelerates their healing. The ease of use and the effectiveness of honey therapy allows you to get rid of the symptoms of the disease.

You can simply lubricate the nodular plexuses with honey, but it is better to make candles from this product, especially they will be useful in the presence of internal cones. For the preparation of a folk recipe, young honey will not work, because it must already be candied. From it, suppositories are formed and frozen in the freezer. As soon as the symptoms of hemorrhoids began to bother again, the candle is inserted into the anus. Treatment is carried out until the symptoms disappear completely.

Alternative treatment of hemorrhoid cones with potatoes

Potato-based folk remedies are affordable, effective and easy to use, everyone can cook them at home. Raw potatoes have all the necessary properties that reduce the manifestations of the disease after the first use. If you need to remove the external hemorrhoid cones, compresses are made with potatoes, for this you need to carefully grate it, wrap in gauze and apply to the rectal area.

If the hemorrhoidal cones are inside, then they can be cured with the help of candles made from this vegetable.They are made very easily, potatoes are cut in the form of suppositories and inserted into the anus, but not deep so that the vegetable candle can be pulled out.

You can try to treat hemorrhoid cones at home with several folk remedies and choose your own recipe, which best eliminates the symptoms of the disease. But alternative treatment should not replace a trip to a proctologist, because the disease can be triggered and as a result, the hemorrhoid cones will increase in size, they will often fall out and bleed. Only surgery can cure missed cases, therefore it is better not to bring the disease to such a state and consult a doctor on time. Folk remedies are not prohibited, they are an addition to conservative therapy, which only enhances the therapeutic effect.

Overview of the most popular and effective ointments for the treatment of hemorrhoidal disease

Hemorrhoids - a disease that is caused by a modification of blood vessels in the rectum with prolapse of nodes that can fall out, causing pain, burning, itching, and blood secretion. Hemorrhoid cones are sometimes thrombosed, which can lead to tissue necrotization. If this disease is not treated, then it can develop from the initial stage to the last within 3 years, and sometimes faster.

Operating principle

Hemorrhoids are most successfully treated in the first and second stages. Means for getting rid of the disease in pharmacies are selling a large amount. Before buying an ointment for hemorrhoids, you need to consult a proctologist, find out the stage of your disease and its features. Ointments practically do not cause side effects, are well absorbed and convenient to use. Apply them two or three times a day. If it is necessary to maintain the ointment inside the rectum, it is necessary to use a rectal tip, a swab soaked in ointment or a piece of gauze.

Especially active ointments work at night, as well as after each act of bowel movements and hygiene procedures. External nodes need to be smeared with a medicinal composition or impregnated with a soft napkin and applied to the nodes.

Ointments for the treatment of hemorrhoids can vary in price and manufacturer. So foreign drugs can cost several times more expensive than domestic counterparts, but they deserve positive reviews from the people who use them. Ointments well complement the main types of treatment for hemorrhoids, increasing their effectiveness. Depending on the composition, they have venotonic, wound healing, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal properties.

The main advantage can be considered the ease of use of the ointment. Use them for external and internal hemorrhoids. The active substance penetrates deep inside, calming and healing the foci of the hemorrhoid. The disadvantages include greasy traces soiling clothes. Also, a slight drawback is the need for the integrated use of ointments with other antihemorrhoids.

Vishnevsky ointment

A good and proven remedy for the treatment of hemorrhoids. It has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. Eliminates irritation, swelling, softens thrombosed nodes. It can be used for processing both external and internal nodes.

In order for Vishnevsky ointment to have a greater effect, for three days before this, lotions should be done on hemorrhoids with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Apply Vishnevsky ointment and during pregnancy.

If you read the reviews about her, then basically people do not like her bad smell. Vishnevsky ointment is not intended for the treatment of hemorrhoids, but has a good effect on this disease. It excellently removes inflammation in the anus, it can smear nodes during pregnancy and lactation.


It has a wide spectrum of action.The composition contains chloramphenicol and methyluracil: they have an antibacterial, hypertonic, wound healing effect on the body and affected areas of the mucosa. It regenerates tissues and, being a local antibiotic, prevents the development of infection and relieves inflammation.

Fleming Ointment

Homeopathic preparation of local action, multicomponent. It helps with the uncomplicated form of external hemorrhoids. Apply the ointment with a cotton swab for a week three times a day. The second course should be agreed with the doctor. It is used to treat hemorrhoids in elderly patients, in pregnant and lactating women.

Heparoid Lechiva

It has proven itself quite well in the treatment of hemorrhoids, including those complicated by trophic ulcers and thrombosis of hemorrhoids. The active substance is heparinoid. The ointment is used only externally, apply it a millimeter thick on the lesions and the surrounding tissue. The plastered place is covered with polyethylene and fixed with a plaster. You can cover with a napkin on top. Apply no more than three times a day. In the presence of a trophic ulcer, the ointment is rubbed only into the surrounding tissue.


It is simply necessary during the period of exacerbation of hemorrhoids, it has a very strong effect. Proctosan in its composition has a potent antiseptic lidocaine, which acts almost instantly, relieving pain, discomfort, burning and itching. Also included is bufexamak. This substance has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. The effectiveness of the drug is enhanced due to the presence of titanium dioxide and bismuth subgalate.

After applying the ointment, a special protective film forms on the affected surface, which dries it and prevents bacteria from entering it. Bleeding becomes smaller, wounds are healed, and damaged areas heal intensively. The effect of the ointment remains for a long time, allowing you to complete bowel movement with minimal discomfort.

Proctosan is one of the most effective drugs intended for the treatment of any stages and forms of hemorrhoids. It is an effective pain reliever. Due to the presence of bismuth ointment reduces bleeding, tissue regeneration is faster. In addition, the affected area ceases to get wet and quickly heals.


An ointment prepared on the basis of recipes of Chinese medicine. It combines substances such as lanolin, calamine, pearls, amber, musk, petroleum jelly, which ensures maximum effectiveness in the treatment of hemorrhoids. It has an astringent, decongestant, anesthetic, hemostatic effect. It is able to eliminate burning and itching in the rectum, has a regenerative effect. It is excellent for eliminating symptoms and treating external and internal hemorrhoids in the second stage.

Relief Advance

The most popular product, the active components of which are shark liver oil and benzocaine. It has a wound healing, hemostatic, anti-inflammatory effect. Benzocaine blocks nerve impulses and removes pain without the use of anesthetics. Relief is used to treat internal and external hemorrhoids at all stages. Effective in the postoperative period, in the presence of cracks and erosion, itching and burning.


This ointment contains hydrocortisone acetate, which is an anti-inflammatory substance, and framycetin sulfate, an antibiotic. And also sodium heparin - an antithrombotic substance, esculoside to protect capillaries, antipruritic and analgesic substances benzocaine and butamben. Proctosedil makes vessels and veins flexible and elastic, prevents bleeding, reduces the possibility of thrombosis and spasm of the anal sphincter. It is necessary to smear it no more than a week in order to prevent the appearance of side effects.


The composition contains triclosan, lidocaine, dexpanthenol, capronate prednidozole. These components in combination restore the epithelium and mucosa. The ointment has anti-allergic properties, relieves inflammation, tissues are regenerated. Aurbin is very effective in acute inflammation of the hemorrhoid cones, with protrusion of the veins of the anorectal region. The ointment contains a complex of vitamins that have a beneficial effect on the healing process of the skin in the anal area, hemorrhoids are reduced in size.


Homeopathic remedy, which is made on the basis of petroleum jelly and horse chestnut (tincture). It has a venotonic, analgesic effect, reduces the permeability and fragility of capillaries, leading them to tone. Ointment stops the accumulation of fluid, has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is recommended to use it in the presence of hemorrhoids of the first two stages and a number of other proctological diseases with the presence of hematomas, thrombophlebitis.

How to get rid of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids - a scourge of our time, affecting almost every third.

Hemorrhoids are a very complex and unpleasant disease. One of the signs of disease progression is the appearance of painful nodes in the anus. This indicates the development of external hemorrhoids.

They resemble clusters of grapes and often cause a lot of discomfort. Only a proctologist can reliably tell how to remove hemorrhoidal nodes. Indeed, the type of therapy depends on the characteristics of your body and the mass of factors.

In the early stages of the development of the disease, conservative treatment methods that can be used at home are used. But with the appearance of complications, the need for hospitalization and surgical intervention is not excluded.

Causes and symptoms of pathology

There are many factors that cause bumps to form. The main ones include: cracks in the anus, problems with bowel movements, frequent constipation.

Initially, cones develop inside the intestines. The appearance of bleeding may indicate this. During bowel movements, in the presence of hemorrhoids, severe pain occurs. If you do not engage in treatment, hemorrhoidal nodes fall out, which significantly interferes with movement, creates discomfort during sitting.

The bumps that have fallen are hard to miss. They are presented in the form of small sacs that are filled with blood. The nodes are clearly visible and easily felt by the touch of the fingers. In addition, they cause a feeling of the presence of a foreign body in the rectum.

Disease treatment

Once the symptoms of hemorrhoidal nodes are detected, it is worth starting treatment. For the treatment, ointments, suppositories and a Chinese hemorrhoid patch are used, which can be made independently. For example, raw potato suppositories.

Sometimes the patient is prescribed funds for oral administration. These are drugs to normalize pressure in the veins and strengthen the vascular walls. For example, Troxevasin, Phlebodia-600, etc.

At the beginning of the development of the disease, it is possible to treat hemorrhoidal nodes at home, using compresses, baths, ointments from herbs and components. Herbs such as calendula and chamomile are great for this.

If the cones fall out, it is necessary to straighten them, otherwise there will be pinching and necrosis of the node. If the first has already happened, you need to attach ice to the anus. The bump will decrease and the pain will subside a little.

Phlebodia is just one of the venotonic drugs, which is useful for hemorrhoids.

The danger of thrombosis

The main complication of the disease is considered thrombosis of the external hemorrhoid. There are 3 stages of pathology:

  • Small nodes, moderate pain, there is a feeling of mild itching, burning, discomfort.With the use of strong drinks, spicy and oily, as well as with a long stay in a sitting position, the symptoms of hemorrhoidal thrombosis become more pronounced.
  • The anus has significant edema, the pain intensifies during rectal examination with the fingers. In this case, the appearance of a strong spasm of the sphincter is likely.
  • Swelling of the entire circumference of the anus is observed. During the examination, you can notice that the hemorrhoid cones have a crimson and cyanotic shade, they protrude noticeably from the anus. Removing hemorrhoids that are large or pinched is not possible. If you do not take action and ignore the treatment, bleeding may begin.

At stages 1 and 2, it is still possible to independently return the nodes to the rectum, but at 3 - you can not do without the help of a proctologist.

Direction of cones at home

In the early stages of the development of an ailment, nodes that fall out as a result of physical exertion or during bowel movements have the ability to retract independently.

In order to be able to help yourself in a situation when the reverse absorption of the cones does not occur, you need to know how to remove the hemorrhoids inward. And also - what should be done in this case so as not to aggravate an already difficult situation.

The whole procedure for the adjustment of nodes consists of several stages:

  • The fallen cone must be repaired as soon as possible after falling out to avoid pinching and dying of tissues. To anesthetize the area in which the nodes are located, you can use Troxevasin, ice or any ointment from hemorrhoidal nodes that has the effect of anesthesia.
  • Sterile medical gloves should be worn on the hands.
  • It is necessary to lean on the elbow and knee joints, legs apart. Gently push the buttock with your hand, which is located opposite the fallen node. Using the middle finger of the other hand, slowly, gently push the bump into the anus. In this case, the finger should be introduced into the intestine along with the node. You can remove it only when the lump is completely in the anus. After that, you need to squeeze the buttocks and slowly bring the sphincter muscles into tension.
  • To prevent the cone from falling out again, it is recommended to lie down.

In order for the internal hemorrhoidal nodes to become fixed, it is necessary to sit for a long time, it is forbidden even to lift heavy objects. In the case when the bumps after the reduction still fall out, you need to seek help from a doctor, as this may indicate the last stage of the development of the disease.

If for a long time the cone has been infringed, penicillin must be injected to reposition it. This will help to avoid necrosis and the development of paraproctitis.

Treatment with folk remedies

At the initial stages of the development of the disease, while the hemorrhoids are corrected independently or manually, but their repeated loss does not occur, you can use home methods. So, for the treatment of the disease, you can use homemade suppositories from hemorrhoids:

  • Honey candles. It is necessary to use not a liquid, but a candied beekeeping product, since it is easy to mold a candle from it. Insert in the evening into the rectum. Honey candles help relieve inflammation.
  • Ice candles. Cold helps to reduce the size of hemorrhoidal nodes. In the little finger of a rubber glove you need to pour water and freeze it. After the liquid hardens, the suppository must be introduced into the intestine. In the manufacture of such candles from the infusion of medicinal herbs, for example, from chamomile, the inflammation of the hemorrhoids is removed.

In addition to suppositories, infusions and compresses are used. The most popular of them are:

  • Highlander. The infusion of this herb is used to stop bleeding, relieve inflammation from the cones.
  • Tops of carrots. With severe pain and inflammation of the cones, carrot tops will help. It is necessary to take 40 g of grass and pour 1 liter of boiling water.The prepared tea is consumed 2 weeks 3 r per day.

Boiled beets are one of the most useful products for hemorrhoids, as it helps to establish regular soft stools.

In order for therapy with folk methods to have a positive effect, you should listen to the recommendations of professionals. So, in order not to start the development of the disease, at its first symptoms, it is recommended to use suppositories for hemorrhoids. When the disease is at stages 3 or 4, baths with herbs such as calendula, chamomile and sage.

To get rid of the pain syndrome, you need to grate finely carrots and beets. Shuffle them and wrap them in a bandage. Apply a bandage to the bumps to reduce pain.

Effective are ointments consisting of such active components:

  • Onion juice.
  • Propolis.
  • Birch tar.
  • Honey.

Hemorrhoidal nodes are lubricated with such ointments. This significantly reduces itching, soothes pain, reduces bumps in size.

One of the common ways to remove external hemorrhoids at home is through enemas made from wormwood infusion and beetroot juice. In 1 day you need to brew 1 tbsp. teaspoon of grass in 1 liter of hot water. The infusion should cool to 37 degrees. After that, you need to strain it and enter an enema. Pain passes pretty quickly.

On day 2, you need to squeeze the juice from red beets and enter it as an enema. If you use these enemas one by one, they will quickly help to remove the cones of hemorrhoids.

Prevention of exacerbations

To prevent the formation of hemorrhoidal nodes, you need to follow some rules:

  • Firstly, you need to create a permanent normal chair. To achieve this, you need to drink plenty of fluids, namely raw water, eat food with a laxative effect. For breakfast, you can cook beets, and at night drink kefir.
  • Various spicy, salty foods, alcohol are contraindicated.
  • After cleansing the rectum, it is advisable to use only soft paper, as well as wash yourself.
  • In the period of exacerbation of the disease, it is important to take baths from cold water every day with decoctions of a string or chamomile.

Many are interested, but is it possible to quickly remove hemorrhoids? No, the fight against this ailment is very long and difficult. You need to pay attention to your health in order to identify the disease as early as possible. This will allow you to apply all kinds of treatment methods and speed up the healing process.

Treatment at home is best done after consultation with a doctor, as if you have the wrong approach to the chosen method of therapy, you can do much harm to yourself.

Treatment options for advanced forms

In the absence of timely treatment, the external nodes grow and cause more and more concern. At the third stage of the disease, hemorrhoids fall out even with a slight exertion: coughing, sneezing, laughing or lifting weights.

The bumps protrude outside during bowel movements, and the weakened muscles can no longer hold them, the nodes must be tucked in manually. Friction on linen and skin causes constant irritation, small painful wounds that fester and poorly heal.

At the last, fourth stage of hemorrhoids, too large nodes are no longer repaired, necrosis and purulent fistulas occur, deep cracks do not heal, causing extensive inflammation.

In the third stage of hemorrhoids are shown minimally invasive interventions, allowing to get rid of large nodes with gentle non-surgical methods. The doctor bandages the overgrown nodes, blocking the access of blood to them. Having lost nutrition, the cones dry out and die, being excreted from the body in a natural way.

Ligation with latex rings, to which large nodes are limited, acts similarly. This method is considered the most modern and effective, practically giving no complications.

It perfectly acts on the external form of hemorrhoids.However, ligation and dressing is not recommended for risk of thrombosis. In this case, the doctor recommends an operation to remove the nodes with a laser or a scalpel.

The resection is performed under anesthesia in a hospital setting, after which the patient is prescribed a course of antibiotics. A timely operation completely eliminates the risk of complications and relapses.

What to do if therapy does not help? Sometimes patients complain that the treatment prescribed by a specialist does not bring results.

Short-term relief after a while is replaced by exacerbations and formations of new painful nodes. To normalize the patient's condition, it is necessary to reconsider his lifestyle.

Patients diagnosed with external hemorrhoids require a diet. It should not be short-term, it will be necessary to eat properly and balanced throughout life.

Nicotine, tobacco tar and a combustion product, as well as alcohol, have a detrimental effect on the condition of the veins. Men who completely gave up smoking and any alcoholic beverages significantly increase their chances of recovery.

If these conditions are met and the doctor's recommendations are followed, he will be able to completely get rid of hemorrhoids and return to normal life.

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