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7 most famous - bearded - show business

Beard today is one of the most popular trends among men. Especially in fashion, a well-groomed beard trimmed in Barbeshop. Such facial hair makes the stronger sex more beautiful and brutal. Women are delighted with such craziness.

The popularity of the beard directly hardens. Therefore, non-standard celebrities usually use this. The world has gone crazy and this is no accident. Let's look at those whose beard stands out from the crowd for those with a red beard.

Damiel Lewis

This actor does not always wear a beard. He is already sexy due to his red hair color. And then there is a beard sometimes appears, so fans simply do not give him a pass. It is worth saying that the actors facial hair does not interfere with being cute and attractive.

Rupert Grint

Roni from Gary Potter is like the sun. He is so red that true connoisseurs of redhead can envy his hair color. So natural that it blinds. But the actor does not like beards too much, but rather a slight unshaven. And this, one might say, takes away from him for several years.

Eric Stolz

This red-haired actor does not use his red-haired and does not grow a beard. He still has not resorted to the bearded camp, but for now. So soon you need to wait for another bearded man - sexual, brutal, charismatic.

Mikhail Galustyan

Russian actor, KVN star and the show “Our Russia” Mikhail Galustyan does not appear in public without thick stubble. The beard has become an integral part of many of his images, including Sashka Borodach - a guard who constantly gets into the police department. The comedian can make an exception only for some roles.

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Conchita Wurst

The singer from Austria, Tom Neuvirt, who became famous under the pseudonym Conchita Wurst, the beard brought victory at Eurovision 2014. With such an unusual appearance, the singer fights against xenophobia and promotes tolerance. Few saw Neuwirth outside the image, but such photos can still be found on the Web.

Serge tankian

The beard of Serge Tankian, an American singer of Armenian descent, is truly stylish and recognizable. The unusual vocals and the non-standard appearance of the vocalist brought popularity to the System Of A Down group, and Tankyan - worldwide recognition.


The beard is part of the style of the Russian rapper Timati. The musician is sure that this element of the image attracts women and even wrote a song about it. The artist appeared in public with different hairstyles and even bald, but always with a beard.

Watch the video: The economics of beard popularity in the US (February 2020).

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