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Beard Laying: The Real Macho Rules

Many of the men dream of growing a beard, and only a few know for sure how to lay a beard, and also how to look after it daily. In this regard, men who have let go of their beards have an acute problem of care and styling. In addition to facial hair, you should pay attention to the condition of the skin, as a thick and long beard can itch and irritate the skin.

Lucky by nature, those men whose beard grows quickly and has an average degree of thickness of hairs. In this case, the hair easily takes the desired shape, do not puff and curl. If the hairs are too thin or hard on the contrary, it will not be possible to give the shape of a beard without special tools and manipulations. And the longer and thicker the beard, the more care it will require.

Beard styling: important nuances

A beard is an indicator of good genetics and the health of a man, his strength and masculinity. Despite the fact that many men prefer to grow a beard in order to save time on shaving, specialists are in a hurry to upset them. An overgrown beard requires no less, if not more, care and time. Regardless of the length, shape and type of the beard, it will need to be washed, combed with a special comb, as well as to trim and shave unnecessary areas in a timely manner.

Beard wash

Vegetation on the face has one weak side - it absorbs all extraneous odors, and also gets dirty during meals. Therefore, the main care for it involves washing after a day, depending on its density and length. For this, there are separate cosmetics for the beard, but you can use the usual shampoo and soap for hair on the head and body. It is better to wash the beard every other day, but at least 2 times a week.

A haircut

It is necessary to cut the beard as it grows and depending on the chosen shape. An ordinary trimmer can help in cutting and trimming a beard at home. Thanks to this device, you can trim the beard evenly, getting the desired length due to different trimmer tips. It is also possible to trim off unneeded areas with a trimmer, for example, on the neck to the level of the Adam's apple and on the cheeks where a beard is not provided.

Trimmers are sold freely in special salons and stores of professional cosmetics and tools for barbers and hairdressers. Today, experts have developed and produced even special trimmers and devices for shaving and haircuts specifically for beards, mustaches, temples and even hairs in the nose. And which trimmer is better to choose, the man will decide on his own, depending on the needs and goals.


After each beard washing procedure, facial hair must be combed in order to set the hair in the right direction and shape. Regardless of the structure of the hair, their length and the shape of the beard, experts insist on frequent combing, for this even special combs were created. The only exception may be the bristles of two to three weeks, which so far does not make sense to comb.

If a man has stiff, curly and unruly hair on his beard, combing procedures can be combined with the application of cosmetics for fixation, that is, wax, spray or gel. With the help of a comb, the makeup will be evenly distributed over the entire length of the beard, giving it right there the right shapes, lines and shapes.

Tips for bearded men

The most urgent question among bearded men is how to lay down and how to lay a beard so that it has a flexible, neat and fashionable appearance and shape. Sticking beard hairs are observed in almost all bearded men, so professionals in this area offer many tips and special tools for styling a beard and mustache. In addition to the choice of such tools, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the instructions on the methods of styling and fixing the mustache and beard.

How to make sure that the beard does not stick out?

For styling a beard, you need to use a comb for combing and special cosmetic products. Most often, experts recommend the following types of funds:

  • balm - this tool not only helps to smooth the beard, but also nourishes the hairs, moisturizes and protects the skin from irritation,
  • gel and mousse - soft means for fixing the beard with a subsequent natural appearance,
  • varnish, wax and spray - these products are used for tough and naughty hair, as they have an average and strong degree of fixation,
  • accessories - tools to give the beard the necessary forms and even in some way its decor.

True bearded men should not only use auxiliary cosmetic products, but also look after their beard hair in natural and healthy ways. This can be done using several methods:

  • masks from burdock and castor oil,
  • essential oil masks,
  • the use of natural cosmetics containing oils and herbal extracts.

Such additional care can also be attributed to the styling of the beard, as oils soften the structure of the hair, make them obedient and elastic, shiny and silky. In addition, essential oils help eliminate unpleasant odors. After the man has decided how to lay his beards, it is worth noting how to style:

  • squeeze a small amount of balm, gel or mousse onto your hand,
  • the product is applied to the beard hairs in a uniform layer,
  • then with the help of a comb and means the beard gives the desired shape,
  • if there is a surplus of cosmetics, you can walk on top with a towel.

It is necessary to lay the beard in such a way every day, and if it is an overly stiff and unruly beard, you can use a comb and fixators 2 times a day. If you need a stable styling of unruly hair for the whole day, in this case, wax or beard varnish will come to the rescue, which will give the beard an ideal contour that can withstand any weather conditions.

How to put on a mustache?

Laying a mustache also involves the use of cosmetics, a comb for combing and enthusiasm from the man himself. Many experts advise such a life hack - to use a brush from ordinary female mascara for combing and styling a mustache, which has the right size and round shape. Mustaches must first be washed, and to give the hair softness and silkiness, use balm.

Today, most manufacturers of men's cosmetics offer special tools for fixing the mustache, but wax is considered the most convenient and practical for the mustache. It keeps the desired shape of the mustache much longer, gives it a pleasant aroma, and even bad weather will not break the styling. Waxing is done according to the following scenario:

  • the mustache is thoroughly combed first
  • warm a little hard wax in your hands,
  • apply the product on the lower part of the mustache and on their tips,
  • Then, with your hands and a comb, they give the desired shape to the mustache.

To give a natural look, you need to use very little wax, and with the help of combing, excess funds are removed. In fact, the whole process of laying a mustache takes only a few minutes, and the resulting shape will last all day.

Recommendations of stylists

An attractive beard is a clean, evenly trimmed, laid and combed, silky and shiny beard. And so that the beard does not stick out, the mustache kept the desired shape, you can use a whole arsenal of cosmetics:

After each meal, a man needs to approach the mirror to assess the cleanliness and neatness of his beard. Any crumbs, food particles and other debris can be removed with a comb and comb. Every morning and evening, a man must ensure the cleanliness of not only the facial hair, but also the skin. Wash your face with soap and wash your beard with a special cleanser. Next, comb and lay.


It will take a man only 5-15 minutes to wash his face and wash his mustache and beard, comb, trim and lay in the desired shape, depending on the length and density of facial hair. Experts eased the fate of men by creating a huge range of cosmetics and tools for washing, cutting and styling beards and mustaches at home. Thanks to such means, the beard can be made soft and pliable for modeling. And with the help of combs, trimmers and a clipper, a man can always look perfect and presentable.

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Real machos have everything perfect: soul and body, and, of course, a beard. In order not to spend whole hours in front of the mirror, exhausting tubes of unnecessary means, arm yourself with the advice of our stylists - they know exactly how to beautifully lay down a beard with the speed of sound at home!

Beard drying

Drying the beard, like drying the hair, must take place according to certain rules:

  • discard the hairdryer if possible: the hair on the beard is drier and stiffer than on the head, so hot air will have a negative effect on them,
  • the best way to dry your beard is pat it dry with a bath towelwhich has the ability to absorb moisture well,
  • do not rub the beard with a towel from top to bottom or from side to side, make gentle movements in the direction of hair growth,
  • do not proceed to the next step until the beard will not dry completely,
  • if blow drying is still necessary, set the minimum speed and the lowest temperature.

Styling balm

An indispensable tool for styling a beard for every day. So that the balm is not noticeable, its amount should be very small. Do not worry, for the styling stability a lot is not necessary: ​​for example, for a beard less than five centimeters long, you will need no more than one pea of ​​balm.

Styling oil

Oil can soften the beard, make it more pliable for styling. This option is suitable for owners of a stiff and "wayward" beard.

Oil can be used as a finishing agent after styling with gel, balm or wax. In addition, it has a caring effect: moisturizes, strengthens and nourishes. For example, beard oil Beard and Skin, Redken Brews It consists of natural ingredients and is great for caring not only for the beard, but also for the skin of the face.

How to put a beard: necessary tools

What will be needed to create an amazing image? Recommended by stylists SalonSecret.

If you need to quickly put your beard and there is no time to dry it naturally, choose a hair dryer with an ionization function to protect your hair from the negative effects of hot air.

Tip: set minimum temperature and minimum speed for safe styling.

How to style beard hair at home: step by step instructions

  1. Wash your beard using an individually selected product.
  2. Dry the beard with a bath towel (remember that you do not need to rub the beard - we act gently and in the direction of hair growth).
  3. Apply a couple drops of emollient beard oil, evenly distribute it over the entire length.
  4. Comb the beard with a wooden or ceramic comb with frequent tines.
  5. If necessary, trim the beard with a trimmer to adjust the shape.
  6. Apply styling product: gel, balm or wax.
  7. Make the beard shape with a comb, combing the beard over the hair growth and against their growth alternately.
  8. Finish styling by combing the beard in the direction of hair growth, rounding the movement to the ends.
  9. If necessary, apply a little more emollient oil.
  10. If some hair is knocked out of the hair styling, use beard scissors.


It is necessary to wash the beard with the face every day so that the hair on the face does not look like shaggy tow. It is recommended to arrange a bath day for the beard in three or four days and wash it with special shampoos so that the hair acquires a healthy shine, softness and becomes obedient. Never use regular soap, it will make your hair stiff and dull. Do not use a hair dryer to dry your hair, try to do with an ordinary towel.

To eliminate the unpleasant odor of food or cigarette smoke, you can use aromatic oil between the wash. It not only fills the hair with a pleasant aroma, but also invigorates.

Means for washing

Do not use regular hair shampoo. To wash beards, special shampoos have been invented for a long time, which will not allow hair to become stiff like scrapers for dishes. These detergents have a more delicate composition and light texture, which will allow you to carefully clean the oxen from dirt and grease while not leaving soapy residue on it.

Another necessary tool is air conditioning. After using the shampoo, apply it on a damp beard to nourish each hair and make it stronger. You can use a regular hair conditioner, but still it is recommended to purchase special care for men in a specialized store. Air conditioning is not necessary to use daily. It is enough to carry out such a procedure once a week to saturate the hair with moisture.

Special beard combs

This accessory is matched to the length of the beard and its shape. However, any comb should be made of durable, preferably natural materials, so that courtship does not cause trouble. All combs should have antistatic properties. The following types of combs are available:

  • beard brush . This accessory has an oval, round or rectangular shape. Pile must be natural (horse hair or boar bristles). The base in most cases is made of wood or plastic. Such a brush is simply necessary to care for a full Russian beard or other thick form. It will allow you to evenly distribute a little over the hair or a special lotion,
  • sparse comb . The crest size may vary. If a man combs his beard only in the morning and before going to bed, then he can be big. But if the shape of the beard suggests that it is combed correctly several times a day, then you can buy a compact model that fits easily in the pocket of a jacket or briefcase,
  • styling comb . To give the beard a perfect look, not only styling products are used, but also special combs with rounded and concave ribs. Simply put it with the necessary side to the cheek and remove excess hair,
  • haircut comb . Do not be surprised that this process requires the use of a special comb. They are not intended for combing, namely for trimming the shape. Typically, a haircut comb is made of ebonite, which eliminates the occurrence of static electricity and is resistant to the sharpest steel sheets. Wooden and metal combs in this case are not the best option.

Styling comb
Haircut comb

Styling products

  • . This tool is slightly denser than oil and has a small part of wax in its composition, which allows you to gently shape your hair without weighing it down. Choose products based on natural ingredients. For a small beard, a small pea balm is enough, which is actively rubbed in the palms and applied to the hair. To evenly distribute the product, it is recommended to comb the vegetation well in different directions,
  • . This styling product works well with naughty hair that does not give in to balm.But the main thing here is not to overdo it with the quantity, otherwise the effect will be the opposite,
  • . Special oils must be used by everyone, but for men with soft hair it will be enough to style their beard. Oils saturated with vitamins and natural extracts not only strengthen the hair, but also wish them to be more obedient.

Before using any styling products, make sure that your hair is clean, otherwise the effect may be completely opposite. The hair on the beard sticks together and instead of a neat styling you get the effect of dirty greasy hair.

Beard and mustache is more difficult to care for?

It all depends on the shape of the beard, mustache and hair structure. It is important to know how to monitor the facial hair and how to put it so that it looks appropriate. We can only say that caring for a mustache is more painstaking. They must be trimmed daily so that they do not puff and style using wax. It is not necessary to cut and style the beard daily. It is enough to wash and comb it.

Professionals say that facial care is the number 1 task of every self-respecting bearded man. You need to purchase a trimmer that will help you quickly and efficiently update the form. The advice of professionals convinces men to regularly comb their beard and purchase a suitable comb for this procedure. Long vegetation needs to be trimmed weekly using sharp scissors and a haircut technique with hair down. This rule will allow you to maintain a neat shape and remove the thinned, split ends.

When at the initial stage of beard regrowth, severe itching is felt on the skin of the face, it is recommended to use special oil. The main thing to note is that it does not include alcohol, which will dry irritated skin even more.

Each man for himself must choose a styling tool and understand how and how to lay a beard. Here, experts recommend selecting a tool by the method of samples.

Facial hair care is not an easy task, requiring certain skills and free time. However, modern men know how to put their beard in order. In recent years, numerous care and styling products have been created that make this process easier, and brutal beards well-groomed and neat.

Recently, many men began to grow a beard and mustache. However, not many people know how to care for them so that they always look beautiful and tidy. Therefore, we decided to talk about how and mustache at home, so that each man could show his personality.

If you decide to let go of the beard, keep an eye on her. Do not let the facial hair stick out in different directions, because it is not beautiful. As soon as your beard has grown, go to the hairdresser and ask the master to give it a shape (it will be quite difficult to do it yourself for the first time). After that, it will be easy for you to keep fit at home with the help of improvised means. Take care of your beard - love yourself.

Buy a beard and mustache trimmer. This easy-to-use tool will help you always maintain the perfect form of facial hair. The trimmer should be carried out on the beard trim, but its length should be adjusted using a conventional hair clipper, using special nozzles.

If your beard has reached a length of more than 1 cm, then use standard scissors and a comb to cut it. If you yourself cannot control such tools, then it is best to contact the master or your household for help.

In that case, if it is uneven, then it should be trimmed much more often to hide these shortcomings. Caring for a beard and mustache is pretty easy!

The beard constantly needs water treatments. It must be washed with shampoos every day. If after washing the beard you need to immediately go outside, then before that, be sure to dry it with a hairdryer.

This should be done for one simple reason - the beard, these are the same hairs, when washed, the flakes open. If you go outside after washing, then under the influence of cold or direct sunlight, they will be damaged, which will lead to brittleness and dryness of the hairs.

If you have gray hairs on your beard, do not neglect professional paints. They will not only hide such a flaw, but also give the vegetation a more saturated color, which will certainly cause admiration among others.

Do not forget that the mustache also needs care. They should also be washed and cut. For this, you can also use a clipper with a special nozzle and scissors.

If you want your beard to look beautiful, elastic and shiny, just looking after it is not enough. It is required to eat right. Vitamins and minerals that enter the body along with food are quickly absorbed and immediately begin to work on it.

Their deficiency can lead not only to a deterioration in the appearance of hairs on the face, but also to their slow growth. Sometimes it makes sense to drink a course of multivitamins for men. But they should be prescribed only by a doctor.

Experts say that for a good appearance and state of health, a man must have the following products in his daily diet:

  • meat,
  • fish,
  • seafood,
  • nuts
  • sunflower seeds
  • greens,
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • cereals,
  • bean
  • dairy and dairy products.

All this in a complex has a positive effect on the growth of the beard and its appearance. And if a man will always monitor his diet, the need for taking pharmacy multivitamins will not arise.

At first glance, it seems that caring for a beard and mustache is complicated. However, this is completely wrong. In order for your facial hair to always look perfect, you need to spend only 10-15 minutes a day for it.

Mustache Care Video

Tens of millions of women all over the world consider bearded men more courageous / attractive / sexy (how to care for a beard can be found below).

In short, representatives of the opposite sex, deserving more female attention than carefully shaving men.

How to care for a beard: basic principles

Men who want to let go of their beards should understand that facial hair can emphasize virtues to hide some imperfections (warts) of the “stronger sex” or “emphasize” a person’s facial flaws.

At this time, a beard is very popular among men - "two-week unshaven." To look after such a beard at home is nothing easier. To do this, you must have a standard hair clipper with a set of nozzles. Once a week, set the nozzle of the right size (0 or 1), spend it on all the "vegetation" - and the beard is ready to captivate the female gender.

Hygienic manipulations with a “two-week unshaven” beard are performed every day during morning and evening water procedures.

The most attention is required by men with beards with large vegetation: Russian (full), skipper (without a mustache), Suvorov, Garibaldi, etc. But for all types of beards, there are general principles that must be strictly followed:

After eating, it is necessary to inspect the face - whether there were any crumbs on the beard. After eating fatty foods, wash the hair around the mouth with soap / shampoo,

Once a day, monitor the appearance of the beard and, if necessary, trim / trim the hair on the face,

If necessary, apply cosmetics for the beard (gels, shampoos, varnishes), which will give the beard the size and shape the man needs.

How to care for a beard at home: beginner mistakes

The main mistake of a man who decided to grow facial hair is the wrong choice of beard type. Rarely, when a man grows a beard "just like that, there is nothing to do." As a rule, the “stronger sex" grows his beard in order to attract the attention of a particular woman, attract the attention of the team, express / emphasize his personality, become more courageous / sexual. Or, as stylists are now expressing themselves, to take the form of a “brutal alpha male.”

Having chosen the wrong type of beard, a man can take on not a courageous, but a stupid look, over which women / friends will “giggle”, make fun of. Which man might like this state of affairs?

Therefore, a man can’t just “have a beard”, it is necessary to approach the choice of the type and shape / length of the beard very carefully, being interested in the opinions of relatives and close friends.

Suppose a man chose the right beard type. The next basic mistake of the stronger sex with facial hair is not regular care of the beard. Hair sticking out in different directions on the mustache and beard, obvious stubble on the face in places where it should not be 100% will cause negative emotions in the female / acquaintances, such as uncleaned shoes or wrinkled trousers / suit on the man.

Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the beard at home regularly, using modern cosmetic preparations: hairspray, shampoos, soaps, waxes, balms for the right hair type.

How to care for a beard: haircut options (photo)

For many centuries of the existence of mankind, men have not been afraid to experiment with their appearance in general, and with facial hair, in particular. Please check out only the most common types of beards worn by men all over the planet. Some names "cut the ear," but goatee all adult life wore F.E. Dzerzhinsky did not “complex” (as historians say) about this.

Modern men are in a better position than their ancestors - the cosmetics industry fully satisfies all the needs for hygiene products for caring for a beard at home. And our ancestors looked after facial hair using primitive hygiene products: rainwater, which after the procedure makes the hair “silky” without any shampoos / balms and other modern products. Whoever has the opportunity, wash your head and beard in rainwater with the help of the simplest soap and compare the result with the procedure carried out using cosmetics from leading manufacturers.

How to care for a beard at home: tips from professionals

It is necessary to wash with products that will not cause irritation of the skin of the face, to form dandruff in the hair on the face. Start washing the beard with those shampoos and balms that you use for hair on the head,

Comb. “Two-week shaving” does not have to be combed, and the rest of the beards require constant combing. If you do not perform this procedure regularly, it will be unpleasant for a man to look at himself in the mirror, not to mention the people around him,

Swift. If the hair on the beard is not regularly trimmed, the man will gradually take a "bum" look. Although, men - large originals can present such an appearance as "a new trend in style", developed personally "on the basis of innovative world technologies of leading design houses." They will also find adherents in their “homeless” form, which is based on human laziness and disregard for those around them.

Do not be afraid to experiment (in moderation) with cosmetics: try to use cosmetics that have not been used before,

Having let go of the beard, the man is obliged to look in the mirror more often and watch the beard. The male version of combing the hair on the head: “with a hand held from right to left” with a beard will not work. If a man, of course, does not want to look messy (such a trend).

The main thing when wearing a beard is that its owner should like it. Even if his beard does not like others.

Fashion for a beard is cyclical, as, indeed, the whole fashion in principle. The facial hair was either considered an element of a respectable citizen or a sign of a rebel. But at all times she was considered the standard of masculinity (all because women, no matter how hard they try, cannot grow a beard).

Today, rather, an element of culture, a tribute to fashion and, to some extent, an innocent click on the nose of feminists. But for whatever reason you decide to acquire it (tell your psychoanalyst!), A beard requires careful and constant care. Otherwise, there is a great risk that you will be mistaken for the lost character of the movie "The Hobbit"

To get facial hair is only the first step on the long and noble path of a bearded man.

Why is a beard sticking out?

Within two weeks after cutting the hair, the beard may grow bristled, and because of this, the face will look swollen. The only thing you can do in this situation is to wait.

As it grows, the beard will straighten under its own weight. This way to straighten a beard is the most reliable and free. In addition, in order to straighten the beard, do not wash it every day. This is due to the fact that from daily washing the hair becomes stiffer. They wash off the natural protective layer of oils, which are responsible for the obedience of the hair.

It is best to wash the striking on the face every other day. With this treatment, natural oils will accumulate in the hair, which will make them more flexible.

How to straighten a naughty beard with a comb?

In order for the hair to grow correctly, you need to comb it regularly.

You need to comb the hair exclusively in the right direction for about 15-20 minutes daily. Carrying out such a procedure for a week will help to make facial hair more even.

You can also comb it incorrectly. However, when using this method, the hair must first be wetted. Wet hair against growth is combed. After drying, the grind must be combed in the right direction and smoothed with wet hands. After this procedure, the facial hair will be much more magnificent, but even out.

Choose a form

When growing a beard, you need to figure out which beard is right for your face type. In addition to the fact that behind the dense vegetation you can hide some imperfections in appearance, it is able to emphasize what you did not want at all: thin lips, a weak chin, a flabby neck or baldness.

  • If you have a triangular face, you must visually increase the lower part and give the chin massiveness. This can be done with a square, slightly rounded beard or a horseshoe-shaped beard.
  • Holders of a round face should focus on a beard from temple to temple and small mustache. But whiskers are strictly prohibited.
  • If you have an elongated face, wear a rounded beard or whiskers. Absolutely forget about goatee!
  • Too massive chin can balance skipper beard.
  • Owners of an oval face can experiment indefinitely.

If all the above reads inspired you with metaphysical (or even the most ordinary) longing, turn to the hairdresser for help.

Hair straightening with a hairdryer

In order for the hair on the beard to be even, you can use a hairdryer. First of all, before you start styling your beard, you need to wash it with an air conditioner. This measure will help to make the hair smoother.

Washed hair should be dried with a towel and combed in the right direction. After this, you need to dry the facial hair with a hairdryer. For naughty hair, you can additionally use styling mousse.

It is worth noting that this method should not be used by men with sensitive skin.This is due to the fact that hot air can provoke irritation and peeling of the skin.

Curling the beard

This alignment method is mainly used in salons. This feature is due to the fact that it needs a special ironing machine of a small size. The alignment procedure is quite simple.

The specialist previously washes the beard and combes it. After that, the hair is dried with a hairdryer and combed again in the right direction. The master divides the vegetation on the face into several layers with the help of a comb and, in turn, levels them with an iron. This method allows you to quickly align the facial hair.

Using a special tool

Manufacturers of cosmetics have developed a fairly large number of hair straighteners. In order for the hair to be smooth, you can use special conditioners and leveling shampoos.

The use of these tools allows you to even out facial hair without much effort at home.

Maintain the look

Between a man who has grown a beard and a man who does not have enough time to shave, there is a glaring abyss. requires regular care or, if it makes it easier for you, maintenance. Which one, depends on its type. But in any case, you will need to maintain a neat and clear upper border and shave your neck.

Beard Care

You can refine the facial hair by using a special conditioner several times a week. Regular use of such a product will improve hair controllability.

Additionally, special oils can be used to care for facial hair. The use of oils allows you to make your hair softer, and as a result docile. This measure most effectively allows you to straighten facial hair.

In some cases, giving a beard a good shape helps to wash it with soap. Hair will become more fluffy, and uncontrolled areas will get a little curly. But when using this method, the main thing is not to overdo it. You should not wash the facial hair with soap very often, as this will lead to its stiffness.

How to help a beard grow?

In order to activate facial hair growth, it is worth using special masks. The following substances most effectively help activate hair growth:

  • Burr oil.
    This tool strengthens hair roots and stimulates the growth of bristles.
  • Hop.
    This plant makes hair denser and denser. Its regular use will allow you to get rid of bald patches and activate the hair follicles.
  • Vitamin E.
    The vitamin will add shine to the hair and saturate the hair follicle with useful trace elements.
  • Vitamin A.
    The use of this vitamin can accelerate hair growth and prevent hair loss.
  • Juniper.
    Means based on this plant moisturize the skin of the face and avoid peeling of the skin during the growth of facial vegetation.
  • Cinnamon Oil
    Cinnamon oil allows you to get rid of split ends and avoid dry hair overgrown.
  • Chamomile.
    This plant softens the hair and further soothes the skin.
  • Air.
    Means based on this plant give strength to the hair and retain its deep color.

There are many different ways to straighten a beard. In order to achieve the maximum visible effect, it is necessary to choose the most optimal leveling method and regularly care for the hair. Comprehensive care will help give her a well-groomed look.


So that the beard does not look like the fur of a dead animal, in view of mysterious circumstances that appears on your face, you need to wash it regularly. You can do this with the usual shampoo with which you wash your hair. Avoid soaps; it’s easy for them to dry their skin.


In addition to keeping the skin clean, it still needs to be moisturized. Not only does dry skin lead to itching, it can also begin to peel off, which will look very unappetizing. How to moisturize? An ordinary moisturizer. (Your girlfriend definitely has one. If you, of course, have a girlfriend.)

Pick up the tools

Of course, you can try to adjust the length of the beard only with a comb and scissors, but most likely you can’t do without a trimmer. They, moreover, are much more convenient to operate. Without small sharp scissors, which you will get rid of the most rebellious hairs, also can not do. And tweezers will help get rid of ingrown hair.

Eat a healthy diet

In general, if you want to have a beautiful broad beard, like that of Fidel Castro or at least Che Guevara, you need to eat right, limit yourself in alcohol and take vitamin complexes and omega-3 acids.

Decided to grow a beard and mustache? Before doing this, read the rules for caring for them. You don’t even suspect how much time you have to spend on it!

Below we presented a simple and understandable care instructions for everyone, thanks to which you will look courageous and at the same time well-groomed.

Tool selection. You can trim facial hair with the following tools: scissors or trimmers. We recommend not using ordinary scissors, but special ones - you can buy them in stores with professional products for hairdressers. If you opted for a trimmer, choose a cordless battery model, you can take it anywhere.

Comb. It turns out that it is needed not only for hair on the head, but also on the face. The best option is small teeth, since large teeth can not cope with the task and poorly comb through the beard.

Mirror. A wall mirror is also needed, because in the small you won’t see whether you are cutting evenly. Do not forget to carry a small mirror with you if you go somewhere, suddenly a crumb gets stuck in a beard.

Do not cut your wet beard and mustache. The thing is that wet hair is longer, and when it dries, the result may be completely different from what you imagined.

For a uniform haircut, start cutting the hair near the ear on one side and trim to the chin, then repeat the same on the other side.

Purity. Caring for a beard and mustache at home involves not only combing and cutting, but also maintaining cleanliness. Just like your hair on your head, you should wash your beard with a mustache regularly, choose a mild shampoo. After washing, we recommend using conditioner, do not forget to thoroughly rinse the vegetation afterwards, otherwise peeling will appear on the skin.

Forget the hair dryer. Just get your hair wet and wipe it with a dry towel, it should absorb moisture. A hair dryer will only dry your skin, so you should not experiment with it.

Comb more often, otherwise the hair in the beard will become tangled and will stick out terribly in different directions.

Razor. Excess hairs that do not enter the beard and mustache can be carefully removed with a razor. But it is not recommended to handle the entire beard with it.

Contours. In order for the mustache and beard to be well-groomed, you need to take care of its contours - remove excess hair and remove excess length with scissors. Shave your lower neck thoroughly.

Mustache. To trim them, first comb them down, then use a trimmer or scissors. Start in the middle and trim one half first, then the second. In no case do not remove the upper part of the mustache, otherwise you will look comical.

Quality trimmer . Do not try to save on a trimmer, a high-quality device is equipped with several removable nozzles. Try them all and choose whichever you like best. To the trimmer is an instruction in which the characteristics of each nozzle will be indicated.

Forget about the soap. Alas, many men use ordinary soap to wash their mustaches, but you don’t want them to smell like your armpits? Refuse to use soap and give preference to high-quality shampoo.

Eat carefully if you don’t want the whole dinner to remain in your beard. Eat in small pieces, wipe your face after each meal.

Sleep. One study showed that if a man does not sleep well and does not get enough sleep, his vegetation slows down growth. But you need a thick and beautiful beard, right?

Now you know how to properly care for your beard and mustache, it will soon become a habit and you won’t have to spend a lot of time on the procedures.

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Growing Beard Care

Beard hair requires constant care: when washing, rinse your hair with water each time. Wash your beard with shampoo and conditioner a couple of times a week. It is also necessary daily to comb the hair in the right direction with a special comb (a comb with rare cloves is ideal). You can not ignore the skin under the hair - it needs constant hydration.

If you smoke, you should think about additional aromatization of the hair, as they absorb strong odors. In this case, you can use aromatic oils. Just approach the choice of smell as seriously as possible - it will constantly haunt you right under your nose (oils of chamomile, orange, pink and tea tree have proven themselves well). But, as you know, smoking adversely affects the growth of the beard, so it is better to abandon it altogether.

Beard hair styling

If your beard has successfully passed the stage of light bristles, it's time to do styling. If the hairs are still quite short, you can use a regular gel. The main thing is not to overdo it with the quantity - otherwise instead of a well-groomed beard you will get the effect of wooden hair. For longer vegetation, you can get a special wax or lipstick for styling - the gel in this case will not work, it will make the beard incredibly stiff. Waxing does not give a strong hold - styling looks pretty natural. In addition, if you wish, you can change the color of the beard.

It is enough to visit the nearest barbershop, in which they will advise you on the right shade and treat your hair with special paint. In some cases, this option can really dramatically change the look of your beard, making it stylish and attractive.

Watch the beard

The presence of facial hair suggests constant monitoring. There is nothing more disgusting than a disheveled beard with leftovers or traces of drinks or sauces. Therefore, carefully check the cleanliness of vegetation after meals. During the day, periodically comb the beard so that it does not stick out in different directions. If you dye your facial hair, in no case do not allow the appearance of overgrown bristles - this looks very messy. Do not forget to maintain the shape of your beard - approximately once a month, update the haircut at home or at the master.

As you can see, a beautiful beard is not so difficult! A little patience and care will allow you to become the owner of gorgeous facial hair. Show your individuality wisely - let increased attention to you be caused by the attractive style of your beard and be only positive.

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