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Pillow for snoring: which one to choose

Snoring is not only unpleasant for others, but also dangerous for a person suffering from rohnopathy. It complicates the ventilation of the lungs, lowers the level of oxygen in the blood, and makes it difficult to fully rest and restore strength.

Usually a person suffering from snoring uses a variety of medicines and devices that can restore him to normal sleep. One of their effective and affordable options is a special pillow, which can be purchased in the orthopedic salon or ordered in the online store.

Pillows for snoring: when are they effective?

One of the causes of rhinopathy is an incorrect position of the head during sleep. Many people prefer to rest lying on their backs, while the respiratory throat narrows.

The patient suffers from a lack of oxygen and is forced to breathe with his mouth open. As a result, a person constantly wakes up, rest becomes intermittent.

Improve the situation will help a special pillow anti-snoring. You can use the orthopedic roller with a recess in the center and a raised edge.

This form is convenient for sleeping on your side, preventing snoring. Special rollers for sleeping are especially necessary for people suffering from:

  • overweight
  • colds that make breathing difficult,
  • congenital or acquired deformities of the ENT organs.

Ideal Sleeping Requirements

What should be the pillow for snoring? When choosing a pillow for snoring, you should pay attention to the main characteristics of the products.

    Hardness level. Most manufacturers recommend an average option. Such pillows are quite elastic and provide the correct position of the head.

For very overweight people, a stiff pillow may be more convenient, with light snoring or its prevention, a soft accessory is suitable. It is worth considering that with intensive operation, the pillow becomes flatter, but its elasticity decreases.

Filler. The best option is hypoallergenic synthetic microfibers that provide the desired level of elasticity and are safe for health. Among the successful options can be noted natural latex, technogel, memory foam.

Cheaper pillows are made of foam. They can be very convenient, but such products need to be changed after a year of active use. Inexpensive pillows are not suitable for allergy sufferers, as the smallest particles of foam can irritate the airways. Size and shape. Pillows of medium size with a height of up to 15 cm are suitable for men. It is worthwhile to try flatter products up to 12 cm in height.

The best pillows have side rollers of various heights. If desired, they can be deployed with the desired side, adjusting the angle of the head.

How to choose the right pillow, how to use and care for it, see the following video:

What does the market offer?

In orthopedic salons and in online stores you can find a variety of sleep aids to get rid of snoring. They are distinguished by size, shape, degree of elasticity, filler and, of course, price.

    Pillow Anti-snoring. The most popular accessory for people suffering from rohnopathy. Under this name, a variety of modifications are produced. One popular option is Amoro Anti-Snore. The product with a microfiber filler has a rectangular shape with a small recess in the center.

The cotton pillowcase has excellent hygroscopic properties and allows you to wash the pillow in the car. Accessory domestic production is quite affordable. In the online store it can be purchased for 800-900 rubles.

Sona Pillow. Orthopedic pillow for snoring with elastic synthetic filler. The rigidity is average, the height varies from 9 to 14 cm. The elongated product has a convenient recess for the head and is ideal for sleeping on one side.

It is convenient to take on the road or use for daily rest at home. The pillow is supplemented with a polyester pillowcase, a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. The price in the orthopedic salon or pharmacy is from 1600 rubles.

Aqua Prim. Convenient extended roller of average rigidity. In the center is a longitudinal recess, the side parts are raised. Rollers have different heights, which allows you to choose a comfortable position for any patient.

As a filler, a hypoallergenic orma-gel with a memory effect is used. The product is convenient for people who are allergic to traditional fillers. A cover is attached to the pillow against snoring. Price from 6000 rubles, Service life up to 10 years is guaranteed.

Snore Activated Nudging Pillow. Smart snoring pillow with integrated control system. A special microphone detects the level of snoring and activates the swelling cavity inside the pillow.

It increases in size, forcing the sleeping person to change his posture and stopping snoring. The device requires recharging through the included adapter.

The dimensions of the pillow are average, a polyester pillowcase is attached to it. Purchased upon reservation, price from 150 dollars.

ZEEQ. Another modification of the smart pillow. The medium-hard product has an anatomically verified shape and is easily adapted to a specific user.

The product is equipped with an acoustic system that transmits soothing music that helps to sleep, as well as a built-in alarm clock that can be programmed for the right time. To prevent snoring, there is a special vibrating device that activates when a certain noise level is exceeded.

Under the influence of vibration, a person instinctively changes his posture without interrupting sleep. One of the most expensive options pre-order price reaches $ 180.

The benefits of the ZEEQ pillow are described in this video:

How to supplement treatment?

A package of measures will help get rid of snoring at home or at least reduce its intensity. The patient should reduce weight with a balanced low-calorie diet and increase motor activity. It is useful to master a set of special exercises for snoring and respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova, training tissues of the nasopharynx.

The daily mini-complex will make them more elastic, and at the same time strengthen their immunity and improve the supply of blood with oxygen. Contrasting water treatments, active walks in the fresh air, team sports or daily jogging are useful for improving sleep quality.

Many patients are helped by special devices: bracelets with microcurrents, medical clips, special dressings or mouth guards that fix the jaw in a certain position. Gadgets are worn before bedtime and prevent attacks of snoring.

Even special silicone nipples, reminiscent of a baby's dummy, as well as patches and strips from snoring are produced. CPAP sleep device has proven its effectiveness. To understand what exactly is suitable for a particular patient, it is worth trying several accessories for the treatment of rohnopathy and choosing the right one.

Medical pillows are not able to completely eliminate snoring, but in their power to improve the patient's quality of sleep. Products can also be used for prevention; an experienced orthopedist will help you choose the right model.

Does it really help?

Inconvenient bed and improper posture during sleep are common causes of persistent snoring. And often people do not even suspect this, as well as the fact that we have become adherents of this or that type of pillows and bedding since childhood.

Yes, yes, it is the parents who form our habit of a certain environment and attributes that contribute to rapid falling asleep. This turns into a kind of ritual that sends a signal to the brain that everything is as it should be, the body is safe and can relax. Someone can fall asleep only in complete darkness, children falling asleep under a fairy tale often leave the TV on, etc.

As adults, we subconsciously continue to follow childhood habits. We also choose pillows, blankets, the size and shape of the bed, focusing on those with whom we were once comfortable, not taking into account age and other changes. And an incorrect body position during sleep, in which a person is continuously kept for several hours, can provoke not only snoring, but also cardiovascular diseases or muscle cramps.

The airways are cavities lined with mucous membranes, through which air moves during inspiration and expiration. But snoring occurs when they are partially or completely blocked, which often happens when the head is tilted back or if the pillow is too high and the head tilted forward compresses the trachea.

A too soft pillow, in which the head literally falls down, and also too hard, which does not allow the neck muscles to relax, cannot serve as good support.

Perfect pillow: what is it like

What should be the pillow that provides a comfortable rest and complete relaxation of the upper body throughout the night?

  1. Hypoallergenic so that it cannot provoke swelling of the mucous membranes of the nose and larynx.
  2. Elastic, able to acquire the desired shape under body pressure.
  3. Uniform in consistency - if there are lumps of material or bald spots in the pillow, discomfort is constantly felt in this place.
  4. Easy to clean or wash - even sebaceous discharge, dust and microparticles of exfoliated skin get on the pillow even through the pillowcase.
  5. Large enough - it should completely fit the head, neck and upper shoulders.

The question of the ideal filler is still open. Someone prefers feather or down pillows, considering only their natural and "friendly" person. In fact, it is these pillows that need to be changed at least once every few months - they are difficult to carefully process, and the fluff and feathers absorb and well retain odors and skin secretions.

For a long time, silicone pillows were the most popular, but they quickly “deflate”, and after a month the volume of filler is reduced by about half.

Now, silicone has been replaced by holofiber - a more resilient and dense synthetic material that does not absorb odors at all and is not interesting for putrefactive bacteria that actively propagate in natural fillers

Types of pillows "Anti-snoring"

The snoring pillow should have all the qualities listed above, plus it is ideal to maintain an optimal head position throughout the night, regardless of the sleeping position. To create such pillows, the most modern technologies are used and high-quality environmentally friendly materials are selected, so the price for them is significantly higher than for ordinary ones, but they also serve much longer.

Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Orthopedic. An orthopedic pillow for snoring should ideally be made individually, with the exact height of the pillow itself and the cushion supporting the neck. But there are also ready-made models that can be ordered on the Internet or bought in medical equipment stores. They do not miss much under pressure from the head, ensuring proper posture throughout the night.
  • Anatomical Softer than orthopedic, anatomical pillows are largely similar to them. They also have a neck roll that helps maintain a correct inclination of the head, a notch in the central part, and some have fixation rolls on the sides that prevent sleep on the stomach (this is especially important for hypertensive patients and people with cardiovascular diseases).
  • Inflatable. For permanent use is not recommended. It is rather a hiking option, which will provide a comfortable body position in moving vehicles. It is a horseshoe-shaped roller located around the neck. It supports the head well, preventing it from tipping back.
  • Watery. Water pads appeared almost simultaneously with water mattresses. They have excellent elasticity and take on the shape of a head, providing maximum relaxation of the neck. But the minus of such a pillow is that its temperature is equal to room temperature, and some feel cold, and models with a temperature controller are expensive.
  • Buckwheat. A great alternative for those who prefer exclusively natural materials. It uses buckwheat husk as a filler, which has the shape of a hollow pyramid, which ensures good elasticity and breathability of the pillow. Lumps and “skating” do not form in it, the filler fits in the shape of the head and allows all muscles to relax. An additional bonus is micromassage, which provides hair growth, improved complexion, and the prevention of early wrinkles.
  • Latex. Latex is a very resilient and elastic hypoallergenic synthetic material that is able to take on the shape of the body and quickly returns to its original state when pressure ceases. Latex pillow is small in size, lightweight, well cleansed. It is convenient not only for home use, but also in transport.
  • Electronic, or as it is also called a “smart” pillow, is equipped with a built-in microphone and an analyzer capable of recognizing snoring. In addition to high-quality filler, this pillow inside has a small cavity, which, when snoring, is filled with air, raising the head of a sleeping person. He stops snoring or wakes up.

However, whatever pillow you choose against snoring, it will not solve the problem if the causes are pathological changes that occur in the body or the anatomical features of the structure of the respiratory tract.

Therefore, even if on a pillow of excellent quality you still continue to snore, you should seek medical help and at least find out the real reasons for night snoring.


Most people begin to snore at an older age and this is due to the loss of firmness and elasticity of the soft palatine tissues, which, when the larynx muscles are relaxed, begin to sag, blocking the access of air. To cope with this problem, modern means of snoring help to restore partially or fully the structure of tissues.

An excellent natural remedy is the snorex snore spray, which is sprayed in the throat before bedtime. It contains propolis extract and essential oils of calendula and sage. Propolis, being a strong natural antibiotic, helps fight, among other things, with chronic respiratory diseases or residual foci of infection after acute respiratory infections. Sage has an astringent effect and “tightens” the palatine tissue, and calendula is an excellent antiseptic that freshens the breath and creates unfavorable conditions for the propagation of pathogenic microbes.

The best results in the fight against snoring are given by comprehensive measures when several means are simultaneously used to eliminate external and internal negative factors.

There are up to a dozen sprays on the market like Snorex, so everyone can choose a drug that is suitable for the price and composition. But when buying, you must carefully study the instructions, be sure to pay attention to possible contraindications for use.

Correctly selected high-quality pillow-anti-snoring allows you to completely abandon the use of intraoral and intranasal products (mouth guards, nasal clothespins and clips).It is ineffective only when only a long-term drug solution or surgical intervention can solve the problem.

She is not able to eliminate:

  • curvature of the nasal septum,
  • strong proliferation of adenoids,
  • pathologically enlarged tonsils,
  • neoplasms in the mouth or nose.

However, even in that case, it will significantly improve the quality of sleep by relieving muscle tension from the neck and upper body. Therefore, we believe that the acquisition of such a pillow is worth considering not only to snorers, but to everyone who cares about their health.

What is an orthopedic pillow

Bedding looks like an ordinary pillow. It can have various fillers. Its main function is the elimination of a specific sound, which for various reasons can be made by a person in a dream. The orthopedic pillow for snoring has some features:

  1. In its manufacture, special fillers are used: latex, polyester, foam rubber. They allow you to keep your neck and head in a comfortable position.
  2. The product can be of various shapes and sizes, which are selected in accordance with the individual preferences of the person and his height.
  3. Sometimes a special irritant is built into the structure, which reacts to snoring and gives a signal to the sleeping person in the form of a shock or vibration.

The pillow does not need to be whipped or adjusted, it does not require special care. It is advised to clean it from dust and ventilate, and with regular use it is necessary to change the filler once a year.

How does she work

An orthopedic pillow for snoring will not be able to cure a serious pathology, but it can completely save a person and others from an unpleasant sound. It allows you to find a position of the body in which a specific vibration becomes less pronounced. The pillow against snoring also performs a number of other functions:

  • improves blood circulation of the brain by relieving muscle stress,
  • contributes to a long and comfortable sleep, which restores the body, prevents the development of diseases,
  • keeps the tongue from sinking
  • supports the neck and head area,
  • gives the correct position to the spine, allows the muscles of the chest to relax, evens out breathing.

When a head is placed on a pillow, it takes its shape and returns to its original state after the person rises. This thing can be used by both adults and children. The main thing is to choose the right product.

How to choose a pillow for snoring

The price of the pillow is not so small, so you need to take responsibility for the purchase. It is advised to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Material and filler must be of high quality. It is recommended to buy a product from natural latex, visco-elastic foam or buckwheat husk.
  2. You should make sure that you are not allergic to the material.
  3. It is necessary to choose the right thickness of the product so as not to aggravate the problem. The height of the product should be equal to the amount of clearance between the neck and bed.
  4. The standard dimensions of bedding are considered to be 40 by 60 cm. Larger products are suitable for large people.

Choosing a pillow against snoring should be according to personal preference. Low items with a recess in the center are purchased by people who like to sleep on their backs or stomach. For those resting on their sides, a solid roller is suitable.

Today, the textile market has many types of pillows for snoring. Popular manufacturers include the following companies:

  • Orthovitex,
  • Sona Pillow,
  • Fabe antisnoring
  • Trives.

The price of pillows varies depending on the characteristics and material of the product, the manufacturer. On average, bedding costs from 2 to 7 thousand rubles. You can buy a pillow through online resources, in medical equipment stores and orthopedic products, or in a pharmacy.

Reviews of doctors and patients

Many customers choose Orthovitex products. This is a pillow for snoring, reviews of which are controversial. It has a special relief and several chambers with a terylene mesh. Some patients consider the construction a real find and talk about its real effect.

Many patients choose products from memorial form. It is a hypoallergenic material that has a memory effect. In most cases, the product helps get rid of snoring. And for those to whom the pillow did not help, it’s just nice to sleep on it. Some customers report a positive effect after several days of using the product.

Doctors do not recommend using a pillow with irritant. It does not allow the central nervous system to rest completely, and then chronic fatigue syndrome, nervousness or psychosis can develop. Also, people with osteochondrosis of the cervical spine are not advised to purchase a similar product. With this disease, pain and impaired blood supply in the brain are possible. Contraindications also include injuries and fractures of the neck.

Experts advise not to turn a blind eye to the problem, because snoring can cause a stroke, the occurrence of serious diseases of the nervous system, heart and blood vessels. The feedback from practitioners is positive. A major role is played by the prevention of snoring in maintaining human health. It is advised to normalize your own weight, try not to sleep on your back, observe hygiene rules and be sure to pay attention to the pillow on which a person sleeps.

In order not to harm your body and get the desired effect, you need to seriously approach the choice of bedding from snoring. Before use, you need to read the instructions and find out about all contraindications. It’s best not to look for simple solutions, but to eliminate the cause of the unpleasant sound. Therefore, it is worth getting the advice of a specialist who fully examines the state of the respiratory system.

Why does snoring appear

The causes of snoring are many: from commonplace (overweight, adenoids, enlarged tonsils, smoking, alcohol abuse, menopause) to very serious (curvature of the nasal septum, disturbances in the structure of the bones of the facial part of the skull, consequences of injuries). Age, with its inherent problem of reducing the elasticity of tissues (including palate, tonsils, nasopharynx), makes its own adjustments.

Partial narrowing of the airways can be caused by other factors, in particular:

  • curvature of the cervical spine,
  • “Lowering” of the lower jaw and malocclusion,
  • buildup of adenoids and exacerbation of sinusitis,
  • swelling of the mucosa as a result of colds and allergic reactions,
  • sleep in supine position
  • pathology of the upper respiratory tract.

Important! As mentioned above, snoring can signal the development of a serious illness - sleep apnea. The danger of the disease in temporary respiratory arrest in a dream (up to 400 times in especially advanced cases). This is fraught with increased pressure and, as a result, heart attack, stroke, the development of arrhythmia and even cardiac arrest. The disease makes itself felt even in the daytime. A regularly sleeping person can fall asleep at work, on the road or at the wheel.

What is snoring?

Whatever the reason, the essence of ronopathy (the scientific name for snoring) comes down to the fact that during sleep, a stream of air passing through the narrowed airways provokes a "beating" of soft tissues against each other, which causes vibration. When a person is awake, the muscles are in good shape and nothing of the kind happens. However, during sleep, muscle tone weakens, as a result of which the tongue and other soft tissues partially block the free passage of air through the throat.

Reference! Most often, ronchopathy is a problem for men. Of the total number having this manifestation - 70% of men and 30% of women.

The fight against ronopathy

There are several options for dealing with the disease. Of the cardinal, necessary in some cases - surgical intervention and correction of soft tissues. In other cases, a strengthening massage of the cervical spine, treatment with the help of certain medications and special gymnastics are prescribed. Some people try to deal with snoring using devices that are placed in the nose or mouth (these measures are not treatments).

A special pillow against snoring can be part of a comprehensive treatment. As practice shows, a correctly selected product gives excellent results (especially if its use is combined with other auxiliary means).

Organization of a bed for a healthy sleep

For snoring sufferers, proper bed preparation is a prerequisite for alleviating this syndrome. In order not to provoke the progression of pathology, you should adhere to some rules:

    It's important to know! All of the above tips are suitable not only for people who already suffer from snoring, but will also become a kind of preventive measure for the development of the disease.


Do not use an orthopedic pillow for osteochondrosis. In this case, the mobility of the vertebrae of the neck is impaired due to partial ossification of the intervertebral discs. The use of a pillow will cause forced deformity of the spine, compression of nerves and blood vessels, which will lead to impaired blood supply to the brain and pain in the neck.

Pillow for snoring

This accessory causes numerous disputes among patients and doctors. Some people think that pillows for snoring are a waste of money; others claim that they got rid of pathology with their help. To make your own opinion, you should familiarize yourself with the structure and functions of the varieties of the product, as well as read the reviews of people who already use them.

The form

To effectively cope with the task, the pillows are given a certain shape that helps to ensure the desired tilt of the head (slightly forward so that the mouth does not open) in the supine position.


We are talking about snoring sensitive pillow models. As soon as the product detects the occurrence of vibration (snoring), it begins to resort to active actions - shocks and reciprocal vibration. As a result, over time, the body at a subconscious level remembers which poses should be avoided in order to minimize the manifestations of ronopathy. The disadvantage of such pillows is the need to replace power supplies, as well as significant weight.

Important! It is worth mentioning that the use of a pillow is effective only in case of positional snoring (when taking a certain posture in a dream). If we are talking about more serious problems, we cannot do without special treatment (and sometimes surgical intervention).


As fillers for orthopedic pillows for snoring are used:

  • natural and artificial latex
  • siliconized polyester fiber
  • memory foam of a certain hardness

Overview of pillow types for snoring

Today you can choose one of the models of pillows against snoring.

  • With special firmware-recess for the head in the center of the pillow.
  • With a notch under the shoulder.
  • With an elevation in the center, which makes sleeping on the stomach and back uncomfortable.
  • Ergonomic wave-shaped (made from natural latex).
  • Star shaped.
  • Travel pillow (inflatable or filled). It has the form of a bagel, horseshoe, or collar. Prevents the tipping of the head and its "roll" to the side.

Reference! Some manufacturers claim that water products and pillows with natural fillers (buckwheat husks, cherry pits) also partially solve the problem of snoring.

To find the best option, first consult with your doctor!

Description of different types

A special pillow against snoring is an accessory for sleeping, designed taking into account the anatomical features. The product allows you to achieve a head position in which there is no narrowing of the airways, and the patient does not suffer from snoring. Currently available pillows of the following types:

  1. Orthopedic. They are quite hard to the touch, can be made individually, and they can also be bought at medical equipment stores or the Internet. The products have special rollers under the neck, due to their slight flexibility they help maintain the correct position of the head during sleep and thereby prevent the occurrence of snoring.
  2. Anatomical They resemble orthopedic in shape, but softer to the touch. Pillows are made in such a way that it is difficult for the patient to roll over on his side or on his stomach in a dream, since the models are equipped with rollers not only under the neck, but also on the sides.
  3. Latex. Due to the fact that this material has good elasticity and quickly takes its original shape, such products support the head and neck during sleep, are not crumpled. Accessories are hypoallergenic; dust mites do not start in them. Pillows can be used not only at home, but also when traveling.
  4. Filled with water. Due to their design and elasticity, they support the head well during sleep. The disadvantages include the temperature of the product - it will always be equal to room temperature. There are models with heating, but the price is high.
  5. Filled with husk, buckwheat. Such products are easy to care for, take the desired shape during sleep and subsequently do not change it. They are hypoallergenic, but for some patients they are too harsh.
  6. Inflatable. Campaign option, as they tend to significantly deflate over time.
  7. The so-called “smart” models. They have a special design, which consists of hollow and filled chambers. A computer and microphone are installed inside the product. When a person begins an attack of ronchopathy, a special device picks up outgoing sounds and sends a signal to the control unit. He inflates the hollow parts of the pillow, his head rises, and the snoring stops.

Browse Popular Models

If you are finely tuned to buy a pillow for snoring, here's a brief overview of the most popular models.

"Anti-snoring". The general name of the pillow variations from different manufacturers. As fillers, polyester silicone microfibre and viscoelastic memory foam are most often used. The shape is rectangular, with a recess under the head or shoulder. Hardness is below average.

Ascona. In the assortment of the famous brand there are three models of transformable sleep bases with wireless controls designed to effectively deal with snoring. In tandem with an ergonomically shaped pillow, the bases showed good results.

Anatomic 001 from TM Orthovitex. NANOFIBRILS polyester fiber is used as filler. The main features are a special recess under the head, a relief of six chambers, and structural stability. Hardness is medium. Dimensions - 70 cm by 50 cm.

Snore Activated Nudging Pillow - the so-called "smart" pillow. Polyurethane is used as a filler. It has a rectangular shape with dimensions of 55 cm by 36 cm. The principle of operation is based on catching the vibrating decibels built into the pillow microphone, as a result of which it begins to inflate, which causes the sleeping person to change the pose.

Reference! According to reviews, the pillow for snoring, although it is not able to cure ronchopathy, largely solves the problem and increases the level of comfort during sleep.

How can I add a pillow

In itself, a pillow for snoring will help unless in the case of the so-called positional ronchopathy. In more complex cases, a set of tools, concomitant treatment, or even surgery is required.

  1. If we are talking about overweight, you should start with weight loss (under the supervision of a dietitian).
  2. If the reduced tone of the soft mucous tissues of the nasopharynx, you can familiarize yourself with a set of special exercises for the respiratory system that strengthen the muscles of the throat.
  3. Particularly valuable can be contrasting water treatments or walks in the fresh air before bedtime.
  4. Gargling with saline is another way to keep the soft tissue of the throat in good shape.
  5. You can use special devices against snoring. This can be a nose clip, mouthpiece for the jaw, an electric bracelet or a special bandage. All these devices and gadgets are worn before bedtime and are designed to prevent the occurrence of snoring. Before purchasing, it is better to consult a doctor!

Types of Rollers

Snoring causes a lot of discomfort not only to the culprit, but also to his close people. However, today there are many ways to eliminate this condition, and one of them is a pillow for snoring. This modern development is able to improve the quality of night rest and provide peace of mind to family members of the patient.

Some defects of the nasopharynx are removed surgically. But not every person is shown a similar procedure. Moreover, not all people need surgical intervention to eliminate snoring. This also applies to the use of drugs, especially if a pregnant woman suffers from pathology.

However, time does not stand still and pharmaceutical companies have created a simple and inexpensive way to solve the problem. This is an orthopedic pillow for snoring. When a person sleeps on such a product, the neck and head take a straight anatomical position, while the vertebra is elongated, and the chest and shoulders are fully extended.

This position prevents the tongue from sinking, due to which the airways do not narrow and the flow of oxygen evenly enters the body.

In addition, the pillow against snoring has a number of advantages:

  • lying on a roller, a person gets rid of narrowing of the airways. This is due to the full straightening of the neck,
  • blood circulation in the brain and heart muscle is normalized,
  • muscle relaxation in the shoulder girdle comes,
  • the load on the vertebra and cervical zone is reduced, which is very important, since the vertebral arteries leading to the brain are located here.

Important: The respiratory tract of a person is lined with a mucous cavity, due to which oxygen freely moves to inhale and exhale. But if snoring appears, this is the first signal that the mucous membrane is partially or completely blocked.

If we compare the usual pillow and orthopedic roller, then the advantages are clearly in favor of the second. Such a sleeping accessory not only helps to eliminate snoring, but also prevents the appearance of osteochondrosis, and also relieves headaches.

What is the difference between an anti-snoring pillow and a regular sleeping attribute? The roller eliminating the “night trill” has a number of specific features:

  • special fillers. For the manufacture of such sleeping items, polyester, foam, latex and technogel are used. the task of these fillers is to properly support the head and neck throughout the night,
  • the shape of the roller. The thickness of the sleep accessory is uneven in certain areas. Pillows are made specifically in such a way as to exactly repeat the bend of the head, cervical area and vertebra,
  • variations of models. Today, developers of items for sleeping offer several types of pillows for people who often change their resting position at night and for those who like to sleep on their backs.

In addition, a person suffering from snoring can acquire a smart cushion. Such models are capable of responding to snoring by certain actions. For example, if a person begins to snore, a vibration or shock comes from the pillow. The only drawback of such samples is that they are heavy and need regular replacement of the power source.

Why does snoring occur? The main reason for this condition is the incorrect position of the body when a person is sleeping. This is especially true for the neck and head.

In addition, bedding has a great influence, for example, an excessively hard bed attribute provokes a head tilting, which will negatively affect night rest.

Important: Before you purchase products that improve sleep, you must consult a doctor to identify the causes of snoring.

To improve the position of sleep allows the pillow from snoring. A similar attribute can be purchased at any pharmacy site where orthopedic products are presented. A quality roller with a hollow in the center will become indispensable for people suffering from the following defects:

  • with overweight,
  • during a cold, due to which swelling of the mucous membrane appears and makes breathing difficult,
  • if the patient has a deformation of the respiratory system.

At the same time, it is worth highlighting that the orthopedic roller does not cure the cause of the occurrence of snoring, this sleeping item has a supporting effect on the patient. But in order to completely get rid of this condition, you should consult a doctor.

Before you buy an orthopedic attribute for sleep, pay attention to the following requirements:

  • in a quality pillow, the pillowcase is made of hypoallergenic material. Due to what, the appearance of allergic edema of the larynx and nasopharynx is blocked,
  • the seams on the roller should not protrude, so as not to harm the skin during sleep,
  • the product must be resilient and allow the body to acquire the desired shape so that it does not have to tilt its head. By the way, when making such a purchase, give preference to the bedroom attribute of medium elasticity, provided that the snoring is not strong,
  • if you have a high degree of obesity, choose an anatomic anti-snoring pillow, with increased rigidity,
  • Do not buy foam rubber rollers. Such products are considered to be short-lived and, as a rule, after a year they become unusable,
  • pay attention to the material and internal filler. They must be washable without losing their original shape,
  • high-quality pillows have special holes that allow the product to dry faster if a person suffers from excessive sweating. Choosing this sleeping attribute will be the best option,
  • the best size for use is sleeping accessories the size of which the head, neck and shoulders are placed on the roller.

When planning to buy such a sleep accessory, take note of the above tips. And remember, the main aspect of the acquisition of this device is still quality, not price.

The main causes of snoring

Snoring occurs as a result of vibration from the interaction during breathing of excessively relaxed muscles of the tongue, soft palate and pharynx.

The most common causes of snoring are:

  • sleep on the back - sunken tongue presses on the airways and can even completely block thembut when a person turns on his side (or gets a good pillow) and the snoring disappears,
  • colds accompanied by nasal congestion, or periods of exacerbation of chronic respiratory diseases (sinusitis, some types of allergies, etc.),
  • deviated septum due to trauma,
  • a small gap between the palatine tongue and the walls of the pharynx,
  • obesity - excess fatty tissue is deposited in the tissues of the pharynx, which leads to its narrowing,
  • a long palatine tongue (simple operation helps eliminate snoring),
  • malocclusion (the lower jaw "went" back),
  • excessive alcohol consumption - excessive muscle relaxation,
  • smokers diseases
  • pathology of the tongue, jaw, nasal passages.

In addition to the discomfort that severe snoring causes others, he may be the beginning of a serious illness - sleep apnea associated with holding your breath. Apnea, in turn, leads to the development of stroke, cardiac ischemia, heart attack, hypertension. Holding the breath is also dangerous, because during sleep a person is not able to control breathing, which can lead to death.

Pillow height

A tall person with proportionally wide shoulders will have a pillow with a height of 12-15 cm, for people with medium and small stature - less than 12 cm.

The choice of configuration is affected by the posture during sleep. If a person sleeps on his side, a cushion-roller will suit him, if on his back there is a recess for the head in the central part or an ordinary rectangular pillow.

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Degree of rigidity

It is best to choose a pillow with medium hardness filler. If a person suffers moderate snoring, you can get a softer pillow, if strong - a harder one. Intensive use of the pillow causes its rapid flattening and a decrease in the elasticity of the filler. Pillows having side rollers are more comfortable than products without them.

Functions and principle of operation

The main purpose of such products is to support the head and neck of a person during sleep in a fixed position. Due to this, the airways open as much as possible, the air reaches the lungs more easily, a kind of “sticking” of the mucous membranes does not occur. This leads to a better saturation of the body with oxygen, which ultimately has a positive effect not only on the process of getting rid of snoring, but also on the general well-being of the patient: increased performance, people feel more relaxed, memory problems go away, pains in the neck and migraines go away.

All this is possible when the accessory is correctly selected. Otherwise, he will not only not get rid of problems, but will also provoke the appearance of new pathologies.

The difference between a "smart" pillow from the usual

When it comes to choosing a pillow for a snoring person, the question often arises: whether to buy a regular product or to prefer an accessory equipped with a special microphone and computer.

During sleep on a regular pillow, the placement of the head is determined by the shape of the accessory, and the rollers under the neck and sides in the orthopedic or anatomical version help maintain the neck in position. Despite this, the patient may continue to snore at night.

Some patients complain that due to constant inflation, they cannot sleep normally and often wake up at night, and the position of the head under the influence of built-in mechanisms changes so that in the morning the patient feels discomfort instead of relief.

Pillow Sona Pillow

It has the unique property of remembering the bends of the neck and the bulge of the head, you can sleep on it in any position and at any angle. The pillow has an elongated shape, it is comfortable to sleep on its side. The stiffness of the pillow is medium, the height is from 9 to 14 cm, it provides a person with natural thermoregulation and is made of natural materials.

Description of the best models

Modern manufacturers offer a huge number of pillow models in which it is easy to get confused. According to consumers, you can define a list of accessories that best meet the needs of people suffering from snoring. Below is a brief description of the most popular products:

  1. "Good night". This is a kind of “smart” product that clearly responds to snoring and carefully inflates certain pillow valves, discreetly and gradually changing the position of the patient’s head during sleep. Consumers note the effectiveness, softness and quietness of this accessory.
  2. Ascona. Such pillows have an anatomical shape and combined types of fillers when both husk and synthetics are used in the same product. Thanks to the rollers on the sides, they help to give the head a proper position during sleep, not only on the back, but also on the side.
  3. Healthy Sleep by Faberlic. In this embodiment, husk filler is used, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also hypoallergenic. The accessory is able to maintain the correct placement of the head and neck in a dream. Users note an improvement in well-being, an increase in working capacity and a surge of strength after the operation of this model.

It is impossible to unequivocally answer which of the pillows is better. This will depend on the severity of the pathology and the individual characteristics of the snoring person.

Reviews on the use of orthopedic pillows for snoring

Maria: “My husband complained that I periodically began to appear loud snoring at night. In order not to bring the situation to the occurrence of full-fledged snoring, I decided to buy a pillow "Healthy Sleep". I am very pleased! She began to get enough sleep, the feeling of being broken in the morning disappeared, periodically occurring headaches disappeared. The snuffling stopped completely, the pillow helped to cope with them. "

Ivan: “I snored for a long time, my wife constantly complained and did not let me sleep at night. When the situation escalated to the limit, it was decided to buy a Goodnight pillow. This is a real miracle! There was no snoring. When I sleep, I don’t feel any changes in her shape, the wife says that with the onset of snoring the pillow gently turns its head and the sounds stop. I advise her to everyone. ”

Natalya: “Dad suffered from snoring for a long time. I bought him "Ascona", he is very pleased. The snoring has practically stopped, the person feels much more cheerful, his memory has improved, his blood pressure has returned to normal, and migraines have ceased to torment him. Now all the male snorers in our family sleep on such pillows, and the problem is solved! ”

Ideal Product Tips

Pillow from snoring, according to experts, is a good solution to the problem, but it is worth trying it in practice to make your own verdict. So that the purchase does not bring disappointment, you should adhere to some rules when choosing the appropriate attribute for sleep:

  1. First you need to decide on the type and material of the product. After that, you can search for information about the available models.
  2. When there is an idea of ​​what kind of pillow is needed, you should read the relevant reviews and reviews on the Internet.
  3. Even if the choice is made finally, do not rush to purchase. You should first test the model you like, or at least see it live. When making online purchases, this is not possible.
  4. You should buy the product in a specialized, officially registered store in order to protect yourself from fakes.
  5. Of no small importance is what the accessory is made of. Preference should be given to pillows made of hypoallergenic materials that are easy to clean, and the pillowcase can be removed and washed. To the touch, they must be resilient and hold their shape well.
  6. The optimal size is when the head, neck and shoulders are placed on the product.

The choice and purchase of such an accessory should not be done spontaneously, since such a pillow can not only not bring benefits, but also worsen the patient's condition, causing migraines and fatigue.

Orthopedic pillows designed to combat snoring will be good helpers for patients who are diagnosed with the initial stage of ronchopathy and have no pathology of the respiratory tract, ENT disease. Do not save on the price of the product. Otherwise, the pillow will not have the desired effect, and the patient will have to resort to more effective measures.

Does the anti-snoring pillow help with snoring?

Surgery or taking medications can help solve snoring problems, but not always. For example, a pregnant woman cannot take medicine during a cold, but her strong snoring harms an unborn baby. Some pathologies cannot be eliminated surgically, in addition, many people try to avoid such operations. What to do?

In most cases, an orthopedic pillow for snoring helps to solve the problem. During sleep, a person occupies a comfortable position: the head lies straight, the spinal column is correctly extended, the shoulders and chest are straightened. The tongue does not sink, so nothing prevents the air from leaving the respiratory tract.

Pillow anti-snoring helps:

  • reduce the load on the spine,
  • relax cervical muscles,
  • improve blood flow to the brain,
  • saturate the skin with oxygen.

A good pillow will help to get rid of not only snoring, but will also help prevent the development of diseases such as osteochondrosis, relieve morning headaches and sore muscles - the characteristic signs of an uncomfortable posture during sleep, and possibly help improve complexion, because you will sleep well .


Before buying an orthopedic pillow, make sure that it contains hypoallergenic and well-ventilated fillers. Among the most popular fillings - natural latex and its artificial counterpart - foam rubber, as well as polyester, memory foam, technogel.


Perfect the outlines of the pillow are selected taking into account the pose in which the person is sleeping. If on your side, the “hard roller” pillow is suitable for you against snoring (photo). For those who sleep on their backs, pillows are available with a recess in the center where the head fits. You can choose a good option from Sissel pillows.

Progressive anti-snoring products

Snoring is such a common problem that inventors all over the world create unique devices over and over again. One can argue about the convenience of many of them, but they help fight snoring quite effectively.

Pushing pillow anti-snoring

Japanese scientists have created a pillow that can change height. A microphone is built into it, which makes the base react to heard vibrations. If the snoring intensifies, the pillow is filled with air and “grows” by 7-8 centimeters. A person sleeping peacefully either wakes up or changes his posture - snoring stops.

Two kilogram model weighs, so taking it with you on a business trip will not be easy. Other disadvantages include electric cables that encircle the product and high cost.

White bears for sound sleep

Good Sleep model - these are two charming teddy bears. The little bear is worn as a bracelet on the wrist - he is responsible for controlling snoring.

The second beast is bigger. He is a pillow that when characteristic sounds appear, it gently strokes a person’s cheek, forcing to change a pose. You will definitely have to get used to such a pillow, so as not to flinch every time the shaggy paw begins to stroke your face.

Reviews of orthopedic pillows for snoring

Strange, my husband chose a Trives orthopedic pillow. Tighter than mine, then male. The picture shows a young man, which means, exactly, a man. And women say strange logic. In general, the pillow is good. Height - 13 cm. Round roller. But due to the lack of a notch under the neck, the husband, after a couple of nights, began asking to exchange pillows with him. Whatever you do for your beloved, therefore, of course, I gave him my pillow, and I tried a new one. I liked her stiffness, and the absence of a notch under the neck does not cause much inconvenience. There is lightning, but only one pillowcase, but it favorably affects the price (just a thousand rubles with a “tail”). I still returned the pillow to my husband to get used to it, but he sleeps on the low part, and the high roller is at the top. I do not insist, because for me the main thing is that I stopped snoring.

Most orthopedic pillows are not designed for people to like to sleep with their hands under their heads. But I found an option that seemed successful to me. My husband snored terribly, and this made me urgently seek a way out. A pillow costs a little more than one and a half thousand rubles, and for an ordinary pillow it seems a little expensive, but I was ready for a lot to sleep peacefully at night. Ordered on the Internet. The night passed - snoring, the second - snoring, the week - snoring. Sleeping, he says, is comfortable, but the snoring is still here! I drove him to the doctor, and he said that it would not hurt to lose 10 kilograms, then, you see, and the snoring will go away. In general, the pillow turned out to be just a quality pillow on which it is comfortable to sleep on its side, but it did not relieve snoring in any way.

Similar pillows are produced by many manufacturers, but I bought from us in Belarus much cheaper than Russian companies suggested. Firstly, an amazing aroma comes from the pillow - it’s very pleasant to sleep on it. Secondly, absolutely natural. My husband was snoring, and I was skeptical of the manufacturer's assurances that the pillow would relieve snoring. I decided that another publicity stunt. But how surprised she was when after a couple of nights the power of snoring subsided. No, the husband is still snoring, but not so loud. But before I could not even fall asleep next to him. Similar pillows, by the way, are offered by Faberlik. Some manufacturers, if I’m not mistaken, add fragrances inside - lavender, hops, lemon balm. The pillow has no cushions or recesses, but it is so comfortable that sleeping is a pleasure. The only thing is that one must be prepared for the specific rustling that comes from the buckwheat filler.

Ascona Company

This is a domestic manufacturer that manufactures high-quality bedding designed for any height. The range includes pillows with natural and synthetic filler. In addition, the company offers anatomical products with cervical ridges, which block the process of deformation of the cervical vertebrae during sleep.


A well-known Swiss manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of anti-snoring products. Rollers for a full sleep are filled with smart medi foam, which is able to remember the slightest bend of the cervical zone and head. Pillowcases are made of soft velor.

It is a domestic manufacturer of products intended for sleeping mainly on the back. All products are designed in such a way as to help relax the neck and head. To fill the pillows used buckwheat husk.

Occurrence of snoring

The mechanism for the development of snoring is that the direct air flow during inhalation or exhalation is twisted due to obstacles in its path and, as a result, turbulence appears. All this leads to the formation of sound. Or snoring may occur due to fluctuations in the walls of the upper respiratory tract.

As a result of a decrease in muscle tone, the following anatomical formations can acquire mobility:

Snoring can also occur due to a decrease in the airway clearance. This phenomenon is called obstruction. In this regard, it is worth noting that snoring refers to obstructive sleep apnea syndrome.

Snoring can be caused by the anatomical features of the soft palate

The narrowing of the lumen can be caused by changes in its walls or by external factors. These include:

  1. Lowering of the lower jaw.
  2. Overweight.
  3. Curvature of the cervical spine and, accordingly, of the larynx.
  4. Adenoid growths.
  5. Mucosal edema caused by various diseases.

The reasons may be different, but in any case, measures must be taken to combat snoring. There are many ways that will save a person from snoring. These include operations to correct the soft tissues of the upper respiratory tract, taking special medications, breathing exercises, and using intraoral devices.

Common causes of snoring are enlarged adenoids

A person can choose any of them, it all depends on the cause of this symptom, financial capabilities and the possibility of use.

Intraoral devices are not suitable for many people, since it is difficult for them to fall asleep with a foreign object in their mouth.

Medicines are also not always possible to use, because for each drug there are certain contraindications and a number of side effects.

Special orthopedic pillows against snoring are one of the best options for eliminating the curvature of the cervical spine. The use of orthopedic pillows against night snoring shows good results in the fight against it, especially in combination with a firming neck massage.

The pillow for snoring has a number of specific features:

  1. Special fillers. When orthopedic pillows of this type are made, special fillers are used that are able to maintain the head and neck in the required position throughout sleep. These include polyester, foam, foam, latex, technogels. For the manufacture of pillows for snoring special fillers are used
  2. The shape of the pillow. The thickness of these pillows against snoring is uneven in different areas in order to most accurately repeat the bending of the cervical spine and the contours of the head. There are variations of pillows for those who like to sleep on their backs (they are a dense cushion that fits under the neck) and for those who often change their posture during sleep (these orthopedic pillows have a more complex shape in order to have an effect with different positions of the head and neck )
  3. Some models of such pillows react to the appearance of snoring, as a result of which a separate action appears on their part. The irritant may come in the form of a jolt, vibration, or other method. The disadvantage of such models is their great weight and the need for regular replacement of the power source.

When buying an orthopedic pillow for snoring, you must be very careful that the purchase is not in vain, because its cost is not so small. Attention should be paid to the materials from which the anti-snoring pillow is made.

Before purchasing a pillow, you should ask about the quality of the filler

Some unscrupulous manufacturers are trying to save on fillers, using cheap materials.

At the very least, this can lead to the fact that the pillow from snoring will not have the desired effect or, on the whole, will not last very long.

The filler may crumple over time and it will become unfit for sleep.

In some cases, allergic reactions may occur. Most often, they appear in the form of dermatitis in areas of the skin that are in contact with the pillow, that is, on the face.

It is impossible to exclude such contact, because sweat and the sebaceous secretion of the hair follicles are released during sleep.

An important point is the correct selection of the size of the pillow from night snoring. You should not buy it blindly, because the actual form of the pillow from snoring may differ from the one stated in the catalog or on the website.

It is important to choose the right size of the orthopedic pillow

Incorrect cushion thickness can have the opposite effect. Small or large thickness can lead to increased curvature of the neck and respiratory tract, resulting in increased intensity of snoring.

It is not recommended to use orthopedic pillows, which create an irritant when snoring occurs. The disadvantage of this method is that regularly received stimuli do not allow the central nervous system to turn off completely. And if the brain works, then all the other organs and systems work.

In humans, even with normal duration of sleep, chronic fatigue syndrome will gradually develop, since there will be no phase of deep sleep, in which all body systems work in slow mode. It can also lead to disorders such as neurosis or psychosis.

Night snoring causes chronic fatigue syndrome

The most important is osteochondrosis of the cervical vertebrae. With this pathology, there is no mobility of the vertebrae, which is caused by ossification of the intervertebral discs. Forced bending of the spine will lead to constriction of blood vessels and nerves. This can lead to pain and impaired blood supply to the brain.

The use of orthopedic pillows for snoring in the presence of neck injuries in the past is not recommended. As a result of the healing of the injury, the neck is in a forced position. Therefore, attempts to level it will cause pain and can have unpleasant consequences.

Orthopedic pillows are an effective tool to combat snoring if it has arisen as a result of neck curvature. But you need to seriously approach the choice of such a pillow in order not to harm your body and achieve the desired result.

And after the purchase you need to carefully read the instructions for use.

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