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How to cut a boy? Cool haircuts for boys in the photo

Whatever century we live in, and children's hairstyles for boys will always be interesting to young and modern mothers who want to see their little son not only healthy and well-groomed, but also a stylish kid.

You must admit that a beautiful haircut for a boy is a great opportunity to teach your baby to take care of himself from a very young age. Moreover, the fashion for children's hairstyles for boys offers us a fairly diverse and bold haircut solutions for boys.

Naturally, there are boyish hairstyles that are easy to care for, and there are no less original and slightly unusual haircuts for teenage boys, requiring daily styling and constant care for trimmed hair.

Let us take a look and analyze the most fashionable hairstyles for boys 2019-2020, and you will try to choose the most stylish haircut for your young son.

First of all, let's try to separate the most beautiful and fashionable children's haircuts for boys by age categories and highlight interesting and original examples of hairstyles for boys among them. We will begin, of course, from the smallest fidgets.

How to cut a boy. Diverse haircuts for boys 1-3, 4-7, 8-11, 12-15 years old

Before you pick up haircuts for boys 2020, you should definitely find out the tastes of your child, if he has already developed any views on this issue.

If you choose haircuts for boys for a baby who does not yet understand the features of hairstyles, make sure that haircuts for boys, which you prefer, are as comfortable, light as possible, and suit the child by type of appearance.

Offer the baby beautiful haircuts for boys in several ways. For an older guy, you can provide the opportunity to choose haircuts for boys yourself, showing, for example, successful haircut trends from our collection.

Hairstyles for boys 2020 is also a very successful way to keep hair in order, because it is no secret that future men do not always care about what is happening on their head at one time or another.

For children who do not think about the issue of haircuts for boys, and accordingly, what they look like at this moment, it is better to prefer the shortest haircuts for boys.

But guys for whom haircuts for boys are already important are part of the look they care about, as is often the case in adolescence, they will appreciate haircuts for boys with asymmetry, medium length, with creative torn locks, original bangs, and light tatteredness.

Children's haircuts for boys 2020 can be divided into classic versions and creative, fashionable, original.

Modern guys are very active, restless, so most of them will be able to interest fashion haircuts for boys 2020 in original and individual interpretations.

Classic haircuts for boys look very simple, but you don’t need to completely abandon them, since for many guys, classic haircuts will be very suitable in terms of face type and style, which so far has not been individually formed, but rather proposed to the child by the parents.

The advantages of a haircut for boys will make it possible to level certain appearance features, which, like in adult hairstyles, can work wonders on the way to the perfect look.

Choose creative haircuts for boys 2020 that will add volume, where it is needed, or vice versa, remove it - if necessary.

So asymmetrical haircuts for boys with elongated, oblique bangs can, so to speak, “make” the desired shape of the face, hiding small imperfections, for example, a large forehead, protruding ears, too round cheeks, etc.

Modeling haircuts for boys of different ages are not only asymmetry, but also gavrosh, page, graduated caret hairstyle, half box, etc.

Let's outline a few basic haircut trends for boys 2020.

Haircuts for boys 2020-2021: trends, current trends, original solutions

Fashionable mothers know that haircuts for boys 2020-2021 today have a wide selection of all kinds of trending examples that will please the baby with any type, hair color, head shape, style of clothing.

Trends of haircuts for boys gravitate towards slight negligence, repeating the beauty trend of adult fashion.

Haircuts for boys successfully mimic adult hairstyles, making boys very stylish, and teenage haircuts for boys can hide even the naive age, bringing the look of a teenager closer to the look of an adult guy.

Haircuts for boys 2020-2021 will be able to most successfully emphasize the unusual individuality and charisma of their owners, expressing the special inner beauty of the child.

We tried to collect fashion haircuts for boys 2-6 years old, examples of haircuts for children 7-11 years old, stylish haircuts for a boy 12-15 years old, etc.

Agree, these categories are very arbitrary, because fashionable haircuts for boys, as a rule, are selected on an individual basis, trying to please the guy as much as possible.

Stylists offer fashion haircuts for boys 2020-2021, about which in more detail more ...

Funny and cute haircuts for boys 2020 with curly hair

If your child has curly or curly hair, there are several haircut options for boys.

The first is to make ultra short haircuts for boys, which in the bud will hide the waviness of the strands.

The second is to make haircuts for boys using the gavrosh technique, which look very harmonious on curly and curly locks of short and medium length.

Ultra fashion haircuts for boys: Canada is an undeniable trend 2020-2021

At the moment, at the peak of popularity, the Canadian and its variation are quiff. Moreover, both a shortened and elongated example enjoys great demand among younger schoolchildren and older guys.

Which haircuts for boys using the Canadian technique you choose depends on how well a guy can care for his hair, but remember it is better to abandon this idea if the boy has an oval and elongated face shape.

The principle of this haircut for boys is that they leave long strands on top and remove the entire length from below.

Canada is an ideal platform for creating many hairstyles, because you can style your hair in many ways.

In addition, fashionable haircuts 2020-2021 Canadian are suitable for children of different ages, with straight and curly hair.

Thanks to the unique technique, the Canadian haircut looks very neat, fashionable and will create a unique style for the boy.

A short overview of haircuts for the youngest boys

For many boys, a first haircut is a mandatory standard procedure. In a year, many mothers cut their baby's hair as short as possible, mistakenly hoping that after cutting, the hair will become stronger and thicker. But this is not so at all.

It is not necessary to wait a year to cut the hair of the child, and it is not necessary to make the shortest possible haircut for the boy.

There are very original and decent haircut options for the boy 2019-2020 from classic to model.

We advise you to pay attention to haircuts for boys with elongated bangs or classic children's hairstyles "under the pot" or "Garson" and the same "Caesar".

If your baby inherited curly hair, it is better to choose a medium-length haircut for him, such as a square for a boy, such a haircut with curls looks cute and playful.

It is also worth trying fashionable haircuts for boys in the style of pompadour in 2019-2020. Indeed, many boys are delighted with the hairstyles that their adult idols wear and many want to imitate them, and a hairstyle is another way to inherit their heroes.

In addition, it has now become very fashionable to use adult male haircuts on the smallest boys. Shortened eyelids and a nape, even parting, hair combed back - all these hairstyles for boys look stylish and cute, making a little dude from a child.

It’s also very cool when dad and son choose the same hairstyles for themselves and watch and care for her together.

Neat haircuts for boys 2020 on straight and thin hair

If your little son has thin straight hair with a straight texture, you undoubtedly have several haircut options for boys 2020.

This is the havrosh hairstyle with the multilayer thinning of strands, which will add such necessary volume to the hair.

Shorter haircuts for boys with thin and straight strands will also be appropriate if they suit the guy by the type of face. Suitable and guide haircuts for boys with a short crown.

An example of a good haircut for boys for this hair texture is a page, a Canadian, and graduated asymmetry.

Original and unusual haircuts for boys 2020-2021: patterns, drawings, stripes ... whole pictures

The first option, of course, is mega popular, but haircuts for boys 2020-2021 with shaved patterns and patterns hold the leading position for many years in a row.

Just such creative haircuts for boys make a child incredibly stylish, and his image is memorable.

If you are not averse to creativity and experimentation, in our huge selection, we presented unique haircuts for boys with shaved parts and patterns that you should definitely offer your little son.

Note that haircuts for boys with shaved details will be less impressionable on light strands, the expressiveness of the picture is lost. But even the smallest details are visible on dark hair.

Short and medium haircuts for boys 2020-2021

For comfort and practicality in the daily active life of a child, it is worth taking into account short haircuts for boys 2020-2021.

Stylists advise haircuts for boys of short length to be made the smallest, because at the very young age there is no way to maintain a beautiful hairstyle in a fidget.

Depending on the type of hair, short haircuts for boys 2020-2021 at one age or another are realized by such fashionable trends as a cute hedgehog, a naughty beaver, and a neat half-box. Complement short haircuts with parting or bangs of different shapes and lengths.

Often, mothers surround the baby so much with care that even the most creative and complex idea of ​​how to cut the boy’s hair does not frighten the guardian of the family hearth.

Such mothers are ready to prefer medium haircuts using the technique of a hat, gavrosh, Caesar.

But for the most daring, hairdressers will offer haircuts with contrasting length transitions, original solutions with shaved parts, which looks unsurpassed and unique on the hair of a child.

Stylish haircuts for teens 2020-2021: confidence, a sense of style, an individual approach to choosing hairstyles

Someone, and fashionable haircuts for teens are most relevant. Realizing this fact, the masters offered the guys beautiful and stylish haircuts for teenagers in a wide range of techniques and variations.

Just at this age, haircuts for teenagers acquire the status of not just haircuts, but hairstyles, because boys are ready to stand at the mirror for a long time, laying haircuts for teens, making them as successful, stylish and super effective as possible.

Trendy haircuts for teens 2020-2021 can be ultra short. It is these hairstyles that will be chosen by active guys involved in sports, spending a lot of time in training.

But guys with original thinking and a sense of style, and to be honest, with a pretty appearance will prefer haircuts for boys 2020-2021 with graduation, torn and asymmetric texture, multi-level bangs and experiments with shaved details.

A few words about the styling ...

It would seem that haircuts for boys do not require special styling, but today, when guys choose not only ultra short hair length, but are also ready to experiment with medium and long hair, styling is very important and necessary.

Fashion dictates its own hair styling rules, highlighting styling such as a light mess, classic brevity, light chic, neatly laid out and calm hairstyles of medium hair, emphasizing the natural beauty of the strands.

Styling is welcome in reasonable doses. With the permission of the parents, many boys are ready to try hair coloring, which is very bold and extraordinary in adolescence.

If you have a small, growing man at home, try to understand him by choosing for him both the most suitable style of clothing and the most successful hairstyle. I wish you success in this!

What will be the wedding dress 2019-2020: photos, ideas, fashion trends

A beautiful and well-groomed appearance is the key to success and self-confidence for each of us.

Modern haircuts and beautiful well-groomed hair are an important attribute of the appearance not only for lovely ladies, but also for young people.

Original haircuts for boys, which are successfully selected, can radically change the appearance and create an attractive image for a young man.

For guys and their parents who pay special attention to appearance and are sensitive to the details of their own image, we offer an interesting selection - original short haircuts for boys 2020-2021.

Modern haircuts for boys allow you to achieve an unusual and original style, giving the appearance of novelty and lightness.

Actual haircuts for boys with short hair will not go unnoticed both among peers, and will please their parents and young people themselves.

Stylish haircuts for boys should be selected, taking into account the appearance of young people, the type and color of hair, as well as the desired style and image that you really want to achieve as a result of a haircut.

What original haircuts for boys are relevant in 2020-2021 for short hair, so that the young guy looks stylish and modern?

In our fashion selection you can find photos of original children's and teenage haircuts for boys, which will help to choose really stylish children's and teenage haircuts for boys.

Stylish trench coats. A collection of trench coats in designer interpretations

Modern children are very different from those carefree and unpretentious kids that we were.

This can be seen not only in the behavior and high degree of intellectual development of our children, but also in how our children at a very young age begin to pay attention to how they look, whether they are beautifully dressed, and what hairstyle they have.

It is generally accepted that questions about their appearance concern girls more than boys, because since childhood they have been growing up as little princesses, in whom the qualities of extraordinary and inimitable beauties are embedded in the subconscious.

But in fact, modern boys also very often think about their appearance. Future men, from the very youngest years, pay special attention to such a question as fashionable haircuts for boys.

Smart and attentive parents know that a child needs to be accustomed to beauty and grooming from an early age. Therefore, to choose beautiful and fashionable haircuts for boys aged 2 to 5 years, fashionable haircuts for boys 6-11 years old - this is as important a task as to come up with what kind of haircut to do for a boy in his teens.

Ask why? Everything is very simple! Fashionable haircuts for boys are not just beautiful children's hairstyles for boys, which allow the child to look well-groomed.

Today, children's haircuts for boys are, first of all, a manifestation of your child’s personality, this is his desire and his choice of what he wants to be and how he wants to look, how he wants to be perceived by others.

You must admit that all this is important for the formation of a full-fledged, self-sufficient and happy personality of your heir.

The News In Time team decided to figure out what haircuts for boys would be interesting for the younger generation, and what trendy haircuts for boys 2020-2021 should pay attention to parents who have a small leader and a lucky future in the house.

Children's and teenage haircuts for boys 2020-2021: photos

Today, stylists present us with unusual short haircuts for boys in different variations. But the main trend for creating an original haircut is a combination of different hair lengths - it's shaved whiskey and long bangs.

Such children's and teenage haircuts for boys will certainly appeal to boys who want to not only look beautiful, but also be in the spotlight.

You can easily experiment and select haircuts for boys in this way, and create original and unique children's and teenage hairstyles for boys.

Actual modern haircut for boys for today is a half box. The combination of shaved temples, a long crown and bangs, complemented by a side parting, looks very impressive.

Such haircuts for boys are suitable for both straight hair and wavy hair, which should not be straightened at all. A half-box with slightly wavy hair looks very natural and natural.

Fashionable haircuts for boys 2020-2021 are also represented by haircut haircut, in which individual strands are left long not only at the crown, but also at the temples.

This haircut for a boy looks perfect when long strands are laid to one side and slightly forward.

Also popular haircuts for boys 2020-2021 are different variations of the mohawk, where it is allowed to experiment with length and even hair color.

If your little boy is brave and wants to stand out among his peers in a fashionable style, then such a haircut for boys should certainly appeal to him.

Another type of children's haircuts for boys is the “hat”. Haircuts for boys in this style are often used for curly and naughty hair, but you can also make such a haircut on straight hair.

The most unusual and original children's and teenage haircuts for boys are haircuts with drawings and different figures that look special and will certainly attract the attention and interest of others. Here you can give free rein to imagination and create real masterpieces.

Teenage and children's haircuts for boys 2020-2021 can be very different: you can highlight individual strands, making them longer or shortening it on the contrary, creating a “mess” on the head with styling tools, parting and laying hair on its side.

There are many variations of a modern haircut for boys, and here it is important not to be afraid to experiment to find the perfect haircut for a young man.

Choosing short topical haircuts for boys in 2020-2021, the most important thing is that the hairstyle itself be comfortable and like the young man, and also does not require a long time for her styling.

For example, if the baby has curly naughty hair, then do not worry. The best way out is a classic haircut with free and natural curls.

The most fashionable haircuts for boys 2020-2021: a short review on how to cut a boy

Firstly, immediately we want to focus on a very important point: no matter how fashionable haircuts for boys 2020-2021, it is beautifully possible to cut a boy in different ways.

And not always children's haircuts for boys should be a reflection of fashion trends, the main thing is that your chosen baby haircuts for boys will suit your boyfriend.

Secondly, you should be interested in not so fashionable haircuts for boys 2020-2021, as beautiful children's haircuts that attracted the attention of your child.

Therefore, you need to choose a haircut for a boy taking into account his tastes, only slightly adjusting, if necessary, his ideas in the direction of the best.

Fashionable haircuts for boys 2020-2021 can be different in length and technique used, because the time has passed when all children were cut equally. Therefore, experiments here are very appropriate.

Haircuts for children are really represented in very large numbers, which in some way complicates the choice of haircuts for the boy, introducing the confused parents by surprise. How to choose one haircut, if there are so many.

So that you do not lose, and choose beautiful haircuts for boys 2020-2021 that will look beautiful on your heir’s head, we recommend that you exclude those haircuts for boys 2020-2021 that will not suit him according to his individual external characteristics, such as type faces, head shape.

It is also worth abandoning some hairstyles that will contradict the character of the child, his manner of behavior and temperament, well, and will not suit the child in terms of the structure of the hair strands, their color and subtlety.

If we talk about what fashionable haircut options for boys 2020-2021 will be popular in the near future, then you should definitely name a number of popular haircuts, the relevance of which is not subject to time and fashion.

We have introduced how beautiful not only beautiful examples of haircuts for boys are, but also convenient haircuts, which, thanks to their practicality, have been holding the first place in the list of “Most Beautiful Haircuts for Young Men” for years.

Today we will not tell you how children's haircuts are performed for boys 2020-2021, for this we advise you to go to the pros of your business, which will perfectly make your idea a reality.

We will announce a small rating compiled by us, “The most fashionable haircuts for boys of different age categories 2020-2021,” which will undoubtedly be useful to those who have not yet decided how to cut their baby.


The first in this list of haircuts for boys 2020-2021 ”will be such options as the classic short haircut under the loud name“ Caesar ”, the well-known and very popular haircuts for boys“ Boxing ”,“ Gavrosh ”,“ Poluboks ”and the hairstyle“ Hedgehog ” or, as it is also called "Bebric."

All these haircuts for little men are not only beautiful, but also very convenient and practical for every day.

Further, our small rating “Fashionable haircuts for boys 2020-2021” will continue with no less interesting options. This is a very famous and popular haircut “Hat”, “Bob”, casual, trendy for both girls and boys “Bob Kare” and short haircuts for boys with a stencil pattern, which simply amaze you with an abundance of options and ideas.

Our small rating “Fashionable haircuts for boys 2020-2021” could not help but get a children's haircut for a boy of small and teenage age “Iroquois”, which is just the age of 9-14 guys very often choose, wanting, thus, to express their inner mood and a certain inconsistency to the rules and order.

It’s not scary, the main thing is that all such manifestations should end with the choice of “Iroquois”. Therefore, we even recommend that you allow your child to get a haircut like that, even if you don’t really like this haircut.

The following children's fashion haircuts 2020-2021 really look very creative on the heads of teenagers. These are fashionable haircuts for guys with asymmetries of the front and back of the hairstyle.

Just be careful: asymmetric haircuts for boys require special care, so you must be sure that your son can cope with the fact that he constantly looks for the haircut for boys with asymmetries.

Another haircut for medium hair, which will continue our top "Fashionable haircuts for boys 2020-2021" will be a "haircut under the pot." Familiar haircut? Undoubtedly! But stylists advise choosing a “Under the Pot” haircut only when the baby has thick and straight hair, otherwise it is better to consider other beautiful haircuts for boys.

All of these children's haircuts have a lot of variations with which you can experiment in different versions of hairstyles due to one or another styling method.

At the age of 9-11 years, as well as adolescence, the boy can be very sensitive to how he looks.

If you see your own baby near the mirror, we advise you to observe the actions of the child. Noticing that he is not succeeding or annoying, be sure to offer your help so that the child feels your support and care.

Together, choosing haircuts and hairstyles is much more interesting. Do not deny yourself this lesson, because you can not only help your child choose a beautiful haircut, but also increase his self-esteem, focusing on the fact that he is going to have this or that haircut.

In order not to be verbose, the News In Time team decided to collect photos of fashionable haircuts for boys 2020-2021.

Among such a variety of ideas and options, you are sure to find a haircut suitable for your child.

Fashion ideas: photo haircuts for boys 2020-2021


2. Fade

The very word “fade” - fading - hints that the essence of this haircut is in a very smooth transition: the hair is cut shorter from top to bottom, and the very bottom is completely shaved smoothly. This form can only be done with the help of a professional barber machine. At the same time, the hair on the parietal zone can be both quite long (high fade) or medium (mid fade), and very short (low fade).

3. Pompadour

A characteristic feature of a dapper-haired haircut under Elvis Presley is a lush “scooped” styling and smooth texture. To create such an image, you need to comb the elongated fringe back. Due to this, the volume of hair is achieved. However, such a haircut is quite difficult to maintain and requires constant styling using wax, gel or varnish.

Hairstyles for boys 3-5 years old

And so, we begin the review of haircuts for the youngest boys. Masters offer us shortened whiskey and a nape, combed back hair, oblique or even parting, because these hairstyles look very stylish and fashionable and also like many adult idols.

A half-box haircut that suits both straight hair and wavy hair. Whiskey is shaved briefly, while the crown and bangs remain long.

A box haircut differs from a half-box in that the hair is cut shorter, and the border of the border extends above the nape, the crown and bangs are also cut short. These two haircuts are the easiest and most comfortable for babies.

Haircuts for boys: photo

We offer you a photo selection of the best haircut ideas for boys, get inspired, choose and save what you like so as not to lose.

Haircuts for boys 6-14 years old

In our selection, you can find stylish photos of haircuts for boys 6-14 years old. There are many variations of haircuts: you can select individual strands, make different partings and lay your hair on your side, make a shaved pattern or pattern. But, first of all, the haircut should be comfortable and like the one who wears it.

Before going to the hairdresser, find several haircut options for yourself and always consider the structure of the hair, since not all haircuts are considered universal.

There are haircuts that are easy to care for, and there are original and unusual haircuts for teenage boys requiring daily styling and care for a new hairstyle.

Teenage boys are already choosing more mature haircuts. They just begin the difficult stage of growing up, which is characterized by an attempt to stand out among the crowd of peers, and the search for the original style and personality begins. Most often, teens choose modern interpretations of classic men's haircuts:

  • Canadian haircut
  • Haircut “underker” or “british”
  • Boxing or semi-boxing haircut
  • Gavrosh haircut

We hope our review will help you find exactly the haircut that you were looking for.

Creative haircuts for boys

Every year, children's creative haircuts for boys are replenished with new ideas and ideas from stylists and masters. They are intended not only for adult men or adolescents at a young age, even boys of preschool age wear haircuts, initially accustoming themselves to style and fashionable images. Psychologists say that children are imitators of everything that adults have, therefore their desire to wear fashionable and creative models of haircuts and hairstyles is logical.


Such a haircut in the first place should fully comply with the general appearance and image of the boy, his age and type of temperament. If we are talking about a fidget and a small rebel, a small mohawk can only emphasize his personality. Medium-length hair is left along the center of the head, and is cut short on the sides of the temples and to the back of the head. After that, the mohawk must be laid up with varnish or gel, creating a shocking look. In everyday life, an alternative to mohawk can be a grunge haircut or scallop.

Soccer player haircut

Hairstyles for boys soccer players are in greatest demand, since most schoolchildren and teenagers are fond of this sport, as well as imitate famous football players. The idols of millions of boys are Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who prefer the classic haircut options. Ronaldo wears a Preppy haircut, which boys now often prefer. In addition, the footballer’s haircut can be boxing or half-boxing, as well-known athletes often prefer them.


This haircut is no less relevant than the above options, as it emphasizes the male principle, strength and courage in the boy. This haircut was once worn by the general himself, it involves the presence of a short bang, a clear fringing of a triangular shape, a haircut in the temples, slightly elongated hair in the crown and a smooth shortening of the length of the hair to the back of the head and temples. Strict, brutal and seasoned short haircut Caesar is suitable for boys with a core and a strong character.

Patterned on shaved temples and nape

Thanks to experienced craftsmen, today the list of creative haircuts for boys has replenished with the idea of ​​a curly haircut. Initially, the hairdresser creates a classic version of the haircut with the volume of hair on the crown, short temples and the back of the head. But the addition and a distinctive feature of haircuts in the style of hair tattoo are clipped drawings and images on the temples and the back of the head with a typewriter and a special nozzle. This image is suitable for courageous and not shy boys to show themselves.

Beautiful haircuts for boys 2020 with a round and oval face shape

The cute round and oval face of the baby always causes amazement, especially when it is ennobled by beautiful large eyes and a sweet smile.

To make haircuts for boys to such a handsome man is as easy as it gets, because here an ideal solution would be a neat, concise, and at the same time very fashionable half-box, which will look very cool and organic.

Teenagers may prefer haircuts for boys not only short but also medium length, for example, a double square, a hairstyle with torn locks, and shaved drawings.

But for kids with thin hair, it is more appropriate to choose short haircuts for boys, which will make it easier to care for children's hair.


The Canadian is more a classic than a creative haircut for a boy, which means short whiskey and a nape, a long bang and a crown. In this case, the bangs acts as a tool for correcting the shape of the face and various variations of hairstyle styling. But the standard Canadian model accepts combing the bangs back and with a slight slope to the side.Ideally, the Canadian will be worn by a boy with voluminous curly or curly hair.

Fashion haircuts for boys 2020. Innovations

From year to year, something like that still appears in the arsenal of hairdressers in order to diversify haircuts for boys with new solutions.

Our collection contains the most relevant short and medium haircuts for boys 2020, which will undoubtedly encourage you to choose the perfect option for transforming children's appearance.

As stylists say, today, little fashionistas choose haircuts for boys not so much in terms of technical features as in their worldview and lifestyle, which is just formed in childhood.

So, for example, many guys will appreciate cool single-level haircuts for boys with shaved temples in a sports style, which will be very convenient in everyday life, for sports, to school.

The trend of the season is stylish haircuts for boys with parting and with different hair levels, which can also be supplemented by shaving a pattern representing geometric, abstract, thematic images on the hair.

If you supplement the short options with a medium-long trend bangs, which are oblique, asymmetrical, in a torn version, you can, together with the baby, simulate spectacular stackings of the locks every day, creating new cool images every day.

You can style haircuts for boys in the form of a hedgehog, outrageous asymmetry, an extraordinary mohawk.

Haircuts for boys 2020, depending on their purpose, can have clear contours, or a blurry structure.


Anderkat haircut is more than shocking and creative, a cross between a mohawk and a classic Canadian. Anderkat's peculiarity lies in the abrupt transition of short temples and the nape into long hair on the crown and bangs. Moreover, you can comb your hair only to the side and back, forming an asymmetry. This kind of hairstyle suits holders of straight hair, it ideally corrects any imperfections in the shape of the face and combines with all styles of clothing.

A few more haircut trends for boys 2020

The following cool hairdressing trends will take their place among the haircut options for boys 2020, which will be in the near future, namely:

Classic haircuts for boys, which are refreshed by multilevel locks, can be very interesting and unusual to style, using the technique of light mess.

Many teenagers are ready to appreciate unusual haircuts for boys in the style of an elongated bean with elongation in the front and shorter strands at the back.

Undoubtedly, teenage haircuts for boys 2020 should be designated as

undercard - with shaved temples and a nape and elongation at the crown and bangs,

grunge, Canadian with an extension of the locks - that will be just universal finds bringing a young guy closer to the images of a confident and purposeful man who knows a lot about fashion.

Undoubtedly, the best way to recommend a haircut for a boy is with photo tips with ready-made options. We will show them right now ...

Bunch top knot

If a child likes long hair and wants to stand out from the crowd with a creative haircut, stylists recommend trying on a bunch of top knot to the image. Externally, the haircut almost coincides with the Anderkat haircut, but the hair is released longer. Further, the hairstyle requires the collection of the length of the hair on the top of the head in a bun using elastic. The technique of binding hair to a bundle came from China, but in this case, the hair is collected with a simple rubber band. The shaved nape and whiskey create a vivid contrast with a bunch of long hair on the crown.

Trendy children's hairstyles for school boys

The same can be said about children's haircuts for boys 6-9 years old. In most variants, fashionable hairstyles for school-age boys are similar to haircuts of adult men.

At this age, boys can afford to experiment and try even the most unusual haircuts for boys 2019-2020. Basically it will be haircuts such as Canada and pompadour.

Of course, if your boy spends more time doing active exercises, for example, often goes in for sports, then it’s better to choose which of the classic short haircuts for a boy like boxing and semi-boxing. A similar haircut can also be made more original and even unique if you shave a pattern and even a pattern on your head.

Unusual haircuts for boys with a shaving pattern are combined not only with ultra short haircuts such as "boxing" and "semi-boxing". You can safely combine a haircut with a shaved pattern with a hairstyle such as “underker” or choose a bolder option with a mohawk.

In the new season, any restrictions on the length of hair are removed, so the boys are allowed to wear both a short box and a long square. The main trend is clear lines that divide the top and bottom of the haircut.

As for long hair, they can not be cut off in 2019-2020, because haircuts for boys for medium hair remain fashionable, mainly these will be cascading haircuts for boys with long bangs, asymmetry and highlighted strands.

Retro style

A retro hairstyle is another variation of the previously mentioned Undercut haircut, when hair is shaved briefly on the temples and the back of the head, and the crown area remains of medium length and volume. But in a retro style, such a haircut will be if the crown is combed strictly on one side so that there is no parting at all. In the bangs, the hair needs to be thrown back a little, and then redirect the hair to the side.

Actual haircuts for boys among teenagers today

So we went to the older boys. Stylish teenage haircuts for guys 2019-2020 is probably the largest number of options for a fashionable haircut for boys, starting at 12 years old. Because teenagers are almost adult men who want to look more courageous and therefore choose adult male haircuts.

This is the age at which you can afford an original hairstyle that could not be done in early childhood, and which would be inappropriate at the age of an older man. For example, a hairstyle for a boy in the style of Bieber, or bold haircuts with a mohawk.

At the age of 12-15, boys themselves are already able to choose a style that will be present not only in haircuts and clothes, but also in behavior. Stylish young guys already want to please girls and already understand something in fashion.

For romance guys, the perfect haircut would be a pompadour and anderkat hairstyle with combed hair back. For active boys athletes, such short haircuts for boys as a hedgehog, Canadian and tennis are undoubtedly suitable.

Children's creative hairstyles: photos

Any creative haircut for a boy must be approved by himself, since not every child will decide on such a bold image. Therefore, parents can see the options for the original haircuts in the photo to narrow the range of haircuts for their child.


Creative haircuts are intended for creative, versatile and bold personalities, which is characteristic of boys in school and adolescence. When choosing a hairstyle, it is necessary to take into account the shape of the face so that the selected haircut corrects its flaws and emphasizes the advantages. Also, the haircut should fully correspond to the boy’s age, his temperament and lifestyle, the dress code of the school institution and the general style of the child.

The most popular haircut options for boys 2019-2020

I would like to highlight several options for a modern haircut for boys, which will be suitable for both a two-year-old boy and boys of a more mature age.

Probably everyone is familiar with a haircut in the style of a samurai with a bun on the top. This hairstyle has become very popular among boys of different age types. Unusual hairstyle for a boy with a ponytail looks most advantageous on dark straight hair.

Hairstyles for boys with side parting are very beautiful and neat, from which not only mothers, but also young girls are delighted, are also universal for boys of any age category.

The haircut mentioned above can be given to a boy with a shaven figure and pattern that can be done at any age and with any type of hair.

In principle, on a short hair, you can shave any pattern, starting from clear lines, ornaments, ending with a complex pattern or characters that, for example, are associated with your favorite characters.

How to choose a haircut for a boy that matches the style of your heir, we hope that our photo selection of the best ideas for children's hairstyles for boys 2019-2020 will help you.

Get inspired, save, consult with your baby and sign up to the master, who will help create an amazing image for your son.

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