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How to choose the size of shorts on Aliexpress - table

Men's shorts are an indispensable part of the summer wardrobe. They are elongated or short, made of linen, knitwear or synthetics, can emphasize and complement the fashionable image. But in order to really create a unique style with the help of shorts, a man needs to accurately determine his size. How to find out the size of men's shorts, you need to know each representative of the stronger sex.

The size of men's shorts can be determined using certain sizes and a special table that will help everyone find out what exactly he needs. But when choosing a size, do not forget that the item of clothing should be stylish.

How to determine your size?

To determine the size of men's shorts, you need to know the size of the hips and waist. The volume of the hips is measured horizontally at the most convex points of the buttocks. To measure the waistline, you need to find its narrowest place and use a measuring tape to determine the size. These parameters will help to find the desired value.

To choose the right size, you need to remember that the finished product should not be too tight, you should pay attention to the features of the shorts model.


Before moving on to choosing shorts of a specific size, you need to study their varieties. Modern men can choose for themselves shorts of the following styles:

In terms of species, men have plenty to choose from, the main thing is to correctly determine their style and size.

Size chart

The right size table can help a man choose summer shorts:

Russian sizeItalianUSAInternationalWaist circumference

Thanks to this table, each man will be able to accurately determine the size of his shorts.

Size depending on style and material

It turns out the style of the garment and the material from which it was made, affect what size shorts should be chosen. Yes, a dimensional grid is standard, but a man must understand that when buying shorts from material that sits after washing, you need to take the product a little more. If we are talking about a synthetic or knitted thing, then do not take the product a size larger or smaller. Only natural fabrics have the property of decreasing in size, and this is what is worth remembering.

Shorts Tips

Knowing the size of men's shorts, you can go to the store and look for exactly your option. In order for the choice of a man to be completely successful, he should better follow these tips:

  • for hot weather, do not choose denim shorts,
  • Cropped shorts will suit low men
  • tall or full men will go elongated shorts,
  • don’t choose too bright options that are striking,
  • shorts should not be below the knee,
  • choosing this item of wardrobe, you need to consider with what things they will wear it.

Following these tips, you can choose really good men's shorts.

What conclusion should be made

Not a single summer can do without high-quality and stylish shorts. To choose them correctly, a man must know his size. To determine this indicator will help a special table, which is very convenient to use.

Having chosen the right size, the man must precisely determine the style in order to create a truly relevant image. The choice of shorts should be taken responsibly and then with a sense of style a man will be fine.

What parameters to measure for the selection of the size of shorts?

The sizes of shorts on Aliexpress are represented by familiar lettering: S, M, L, etc.

When you are faced with such sizes when choosing shorts, you should not rush to buy goods of the size that you usually wear. Indeed, often the same type of product from different sellers may have a different dimensional grid.

If you are thinking about how to choose the right size for shorts on Aliexpress, first make a few measurements. Here are the parameters you need to know in order to choose a product according to the figure:

  1. Waist,
  2. hips
  3. leg volume in those places where the trouser leg of the product begins and ends,
  4. short length.

It is better to entrust another person to take measurements of your volumes - then they will be correct and will make the right choice of product. To take measurements, you need to stand up straight. The hips are measured by the protruding points of the buttocks - it is better to take several measurements, taking a little higher and a little lower, and then choose the maximum measurement. Waist should be measured at the narrowest part. Hands should be located along the body.

After taking measurements, you need to refer to the table of sizes of shorts on Aliexpress, which can be represented directly in the product card. In addition, each product almost always has a detailed description, which indicates the correspondence of the sizes in centimeters to the indicated letter designations.

How to choose the size of women's shorts?

After you went to the section with women's shorts, you can filter the search for products by size. Having chosen a model of shorts, you will see what sizes are available.

Now it remains only to decide which one to choose. To do this, you must first take the necessary measurements and read the information on the product card. Typically, the female model range is presented in sizes from S to XL. These sizes correspond to such measurements of the waist and hips:

  • S: hips from 88 to 93cm, waist from 64 to 69cm,
  • M: hips from 93 to 95cm, waist from 69 to 74cm,
  • L: hips from 96 to 99cm, waist from 74 to 77cm,
  • XL: hips from 100 to 104cm, waist from 78 to 83cm.

Also, a table with international, American and Russian sizes will help you choose the sizes of women's shorts on Aliexpress.

Some bona fide merchants provide information on the small size or large size of the product. Or that the product may differ by several centimeters due to measurement errors of body volumes. This should be read carefully on the product page.

How to determine the size of men's or women's shorts

One of the most important components of clothing selection is sizing. The shorts size chart will help with this task. Manufacturers on the packaging or label indicate special dimensional nets, which are divided into the following types:

  • Russian
  • American
  • European
  • international.

All dimensional tables are based on two main indicators:

  • Waist circumference. Measurement of the value is carried out with a centimeter tape in the narrowest place. Size is determined by half waist circumference, taking into account the free fit.
  • Hip girth. The parameter must be measured horizontally by the protruding parts of the body.

Important! For a more accurate result, measurements should be taken on top of linen, a thin dress or suit without large layers of fabric. At the same time, it is important that a person maintains a relaxed position of the body, does not strain and does not change posture.

The following parameters are measured as additional indicators:

Sizes of men's shorts table

Waist circumference, cmHips, cmRUSInternationalUSAEU

When determining the size of men's shorts, you must take into account the following indicators:

  • body type,
  • type of figure
  • height,
  • proportionality of forms.

It is equally important to know about the difference in men's sizes in dimensional grids of various types. If a man wears, for example, 50 size, then in the international grid of sizes he will be marked with the letter L. Depending on the country of manufacture, he will need a product with the following sizes:

  • shorts made in the USA - 40 size,
  • English models - 38,
  • shorts from Germany, France, other EU countries - 44,

Important! An exception among European - products from Italy. Their size differs from the Russian one by 2 units. Those. the fiftieth size in the Russian dimensional grid will correspond to 48 Italian.

Asian shorts are generally pretty miniature. And Turkish, on the contrary, go size in size with the Russian size table.

The most difficult thing is to calculate the size of men's shorts for non-standard figures - too heavy and too thin. For full men, the waist circumference may be greater than the hip circumference. In this case, it is necessary to select a model that will not press or compress the body, focusing primarily on a parameter with a large value.

Recommendations for selection:

  1. men's shorts should not fit the male figure, the best option is a light fit, if the shorts are large, then no belt will correct the situation for the better, there should be a middle ground in everything,
  2. the product should not constrain movement and create discomfort when walking or squatting,
  3. shorts should ideally "fit" and emphasize all its advantages,
  4. the correct length of the shorts is a guarantee of comfort; it should not be 5 cm above or below the knee.

Much of the choice depends on the physique, growth and proportionality of the forms of men:

  • Corpulent representatives of the stronger sex will fit the length of the product 2-3 cm above the knee. Tight, too short shorts or wide ones in the “hoodie” style are contraindicated.
  • Thin men should pay attention to shorts with a knee length or 1 cm higher. Models with a tight-fitting style will also look good on them, but free cut will be inappropriate.
  • Men of high stature or those with disproportionately long legs are advised to focus on styles just above the knee. Shorts with a lapel will look very original on them.
  • For low and medium - shortened products or medium-length models are suitable. Ideally, if they are decorated with a vertical print, which will visually make a man taller. The same rule applies to men with disproportionately short legs.

Also, shorts should be bought in accordance with the age and purpose for which they are purchased. So, beach or safari-style models with large front, rear or side pockets are not suitable for everyday use. And too bright colors and catchy prints will look inappropriate on older men.


The size grid (table) of men's shorts, as a rule, is based on two sizes, body parameters - this is the waist and hips.

Before proceeding with the selection, it is necessary to make accurate measurements using a new centimeter tape. You can not measure the body in clothes. The maximum that can be worn at this moment is underpants or swimming trunks.

The data obtained must be recorded, and used to determine the size of men's jeans shorts or from any other fabric.

Size chart

There are several types of dimensional tables for male models of shorts:

  • Russian
  • European
  • American
  • international.

In order to facilitate the choice, many manufacturers place on the product packaging comparative versions of such nets, where the sizes of all types are indicated. They look like this:

Waist / Hips (cm)Russian sizeAmericanEuropeanInternational

Features of the choice of men's shorts

The most difficult thing is to find out the sizes of men's shorts for non-standard figures - too heavy and too thin. In obese men, waist circumference is sometimes much greater than hip circumference. For such a figure, men's shorts of large size are needed, and when choosing, you need to start from a larger parameter and be sure to try on your favorite model.

The belt should not press and squeeze into the body - such shorts will cause discomfort and can harm health.

Thin men often look at miniature female models - 26, 27, 28 sizes or 32, not realizing that they are tailored to a completely different type and are completely inapplicable to them.

Attempts to reduce the size of shorts with a belt or other tricks also will not give the desired result - large models will never "sit" perfectly.

Many manufacturers, for example, Asian ones, have miniature models of men's shorts - small size. You just need to find your brand, carefully familiarize yourself with the principles of standardization of their products, compare them with your parameters.

How to determine the size of men's shorts

The size of the shorts is determined by two measures: the size of the hips and waist. The thigh volume is found at a horizontal level along the most convex points of the hips and buttocks. And we measure the waist line at the narrowest point of the body.

Taking the last measurement for men can be of some difficulty, since not every male figure has a well-defined waistline. In this case, you can take the shorts that you have and which you "just" and measure the waist line on them.

When choosing shorts, it is important for men to remember that in the belt they should be a little loose, and should not restrict movements when you sit down.

In addition, it is important to choose the right model of shorts. For example, it is better for men of tall stature to purchase elongated options, but representatives of the stronger sex of medium or short stature will look much better in shortened shorts. If you have extra pounds, then your short model should be elongated, a couple of centimeters above the knee.

How to choose men's shorts on Aliexpress?

If you went to the Chinese Internet site and thought about how to find out the size of shorts on Aliexpress for men, then everything is exactly the same as with shorts for ladies. First you need to measure the waist, hips and length of the product. Some sellers even indicate on the product card the weight for which men's shorts are calculated.

Then the measurement results can be converted to letter sizes. For men's shorts it will be:

  1. S: hips from 95 to 100cm, waist from 69 to 73cm,
  2. M: hips from 100 to 105cm, waist from 74 to 77cm,
  3. L: hips from 105 to 110cm, waist from 77 to 80cm,
  4. XL: hips from 110 to 115cm, waist from 81 to 84cm,
  5. XXL: hips from 115 to 120cm, waist from 84 to 88cm,
  6. XXXL: hips from 125 to 130cm, waist from 88 to 92cm.

Sometimes the sizes of the shorts are indicated in inches, and not in centimeters. Therefore, in order to choose the optimal size of the product, you need to translate the measurements into this value.

For men's shorts, the size chart indicating the international, American and Russian sizes looks like this:

Here's how to determine the size of shorts on Aliexpress for men and women. Having indicated the correct size when placing an order, you will ensure yourself a successful purchase and good mood.
How to choose clothing size on Aliexpress

International sizes of men's shorts

There are several dimensional rulers, each of which has its own parameters. In order to correctly choose men's shorts not only of Russian production, you need to learn how to determine the size in international units, taking into account individual needs. Before determining your size in the international system, it is worth determining it in the Russian system (table).

Women's shorts sizes table

Waist circumference, cmHips, cmRUSInternational

Female models of shorts are radically different from male models in a fit, special cut. Accordingly, their dimensional grid is different. Women's shorts should:

  1. Emphasize seductive forms
  2. make legs visually longer and slimmer,
  3. hide figure flaws
  4. provide walking comfort and maximum freedom of movement.

To cope with the solution of all these problems can only those models that are ideally selected in accordance with the size, type of figure, height and physique of the fair sex.

When taking measurements, one must take into account the level of landing in the waist zone:

  • at low - 3 cm are added to the waist volume,
  • at high - 1.5-2 cm,
  • for standard, the exact value is used.

And to determine the exact size of women's shorts, it is necessary to specify another indicator in addition to the circumference of the hips and waist - the volume of the leg in the groin area. This is one of the most important parameters responsible for the quality of landing.

Women's shorts matching table

But in order to determine the size indicated on the label or packaging, you must have an idea about the different types of female dimensional nets. For example, if a woman has a waist circumference of 76 cm and a hip circumference of 96 cm, then by Russian standards the size of her things will correspond to 46, and the international one will be denoted by the letter M. Absolutely different values ​​will be according to the American and European size tables:

  • for women's shorts from the USA, even sizes are used, where zero is 38 Russian, and 18 - 56, i.e. for size 46 fit 8 size,
  • European shorts in this case, you need to choose 38 sizes.

Important! An error is allowed within one and a half centimeters on both sides when taking measurements from the waist and hips. The height of the product is measured from the estimated line of the belt to the desired value, for example, to the knee or above the knee, while the deviation can be up to 5 cm.

When choosing, the type of female figure is important:

  1. "Pear". Girls with this type of figure should not wear shortened models, as well as shorts with voluminous decor. You should opt for elongated shorts with a light fit and a loose top made of thin, dyed one tone (without print) fabrics.
  2. "Apple". In this case, you need to focus on products with high waist, which visually cover the problem areas and emphasize the dignity of the figure.
  3. "Rectangle". Women with this type of figure should pay attention to short, extended to the bottom, shorts with massive decorative elements and a bright color palette.
  4. Inverted Triangle. In this situation, you need to opt for wide models, for example, “Bermuda shorts” with a tight top.
  5. "Hourglass". If a girl has this type of figure, then she is lucky. She can experiment with products of any styles and colors.

The summer season is the right time to create fashionable bows based on women's and men's shorts. But it should be remembered that even a beautiful model should ideally fit in size and fit the type of figure. Therefore, you need to clearly understand the varieties of dimensional nets in order to choose the perfect shorts from a Russian or foreign manufacturer.

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