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Male slacks: what is it and what do they wear with?

Being invented in the distant 40s, men's slacks trousers are rightly related to retro things. At one time they were invented and sewn by Edmond Hagger, whose invention can rightfully be recognized as an excellent move by a brilliant marketer. Jeans at that time had not yet entered the category of casual wear, having conquered the fashion industry all over the world, and were still considered working clothes, but men needed comfortable and pleasant straight, slightly narrowed pants, which Edmond Hagger gave us. Today, slacks are one of the most popular elements of men's wardrobe. And we will be convinced of this, as a simple truth. Which pants to choose: men's chinos or slacks?

In the photo are men's slacks pants

Find the differences: slacks, jeans and chinos

Jeans, along with slacks, are shocking today with their versatility: aged or worn are suitable for everyday walks, and black and rooted can be worn even at an evening event. However, not everything is so simple, and we have to figure out what are the differences between slacks and the same jeans and chinos.

What do men's slacks pants look like?

Universality. Let's start with this most interesting feature. Despite the fact that each of the three models in its own way and to some extent has universality, it is nevertheless necessary to feel the edges and have some ideas about the aesthetics of wearing these trousers. Jeans and chinos are nevertheless inherently designed for everyday wear and are perfect for casual style. Slacks are more strict and interesting, and also have certain requirements for accessories and shoes.

Material. Chinos are made from lighter materials, unlike the same slacks, which, like jeans, are preferably made from heavier materials.

The form. Of all three models, only slacks can be worn in the office, where the wardrobe strictly limits the dress code, while jeans and chinos will have to be left for less formal occasions. Slacks themselves, as well as chinos, can easily become an excellent replacement for casual jeans.

Variations In this same jeans and chinos are in no way inferior to slacks. All three models are produced in completely different colors and absolutely all sizes, sew from any materials, which allows them to be worn all year round, and also have variations for any type of male figure.

Today, slacks have become some symbol of male freedom in the business space and are completely rooted in the vast modern fashion industry.

Advantages of the Slacks

To make even more sure that today slacks are one of the integral elements of a man’s wardrobe, the advantages that we brought to you will help:

Manifold. Slacks trousers have a huge variety of models, so men of absolute any age and equipment, with completely different types of figures and preferences, lifestyle and morals will be able to choose slacks of different colors, types and sewing for all occasions.

Fashion slacks pants

Year-round. We have already said that slacks are sewn from completely different materials that make these trousers absolutely universal. So, for example, light cotton or mixed gabardine will allow you to wear them in hot summer weather, and the coat will not freeze in winter.

Availability. And in this paragraph we are not only talking about financial affordability, but again we are mentioning model availability. One cannot fail to mention one of the main advantages of slacks - the presence of large sizes that will sit perfectly on large men and on owners of an apple-like figure. As for financial affordability, these trousers can be purchased both in expensive boutiques of the best fashion houses and bought in ordinary stores at the most affordable prices from affordable brands.

Strength. Since the slacks are universal, it turns out that you can wear them at least every day. This is where another important advantage of these trousers appears. It is very easy to clean slacks, and the fabric does not fade or stretch for a long time.

Combinations and multifunctionality. Slacks belong to those things that each time sit and look different, these are the pants with which it is interesting to experiment and try new combinations. Slacks allow their owner, only by changing some elements of clothing and accessories, to create countless images.

Trousers slacks: combinations and combinations

Trousers slacks - this is one of those types of clothing that allows absolutely any experimentation, they appear at fashion shows in combination with completely different elements of the wardrobe and are combined with all kinds of accessories, and designers never get tired of working with them. These trousers are able to show men's confidence and swagger, diluting a strict black business style, giving style and sophistication in combination with oxfords or loafers and, for example, a scarf. Black shoes and a jacket in combination with slacks will only brighten up a respectable man, and plain shirts tucked in black or colored trousers are ideal for lovers of the classic style.

How to wear men's slacks

With slacks, there is only one limiting rule: remember the type of your figure and constitution, also never forget the colors that suit you, and exclude those that do not suit you. Otherwise, slacks are the basic element for any experiment!

Quality: what to look for?

Everyone is familiar with the situation when, having bought a new thing, we can’t get enough of it, but after several weeks of wearing, we will be disappointed in the form of, for example, stretched and frayed knees, and after the first streak there will generally be one large gray cloth of fabric. What you need to pay attention to when buying slacks in order to always be sure of their quality and durability.

Men's slacks pants

Cut. The silhouette of trousers exactly repeats the lines of your body.

The composition of the material. Do not ignore the label on the pants when buying them - be sure to read the composition of the material. And remember that high-quality pants should not contain a high percentage of synthetics.

Stitches. And finally, the seams, due to the fragility and unevenness of which, we often have to say goodbye to a thing that has served us very little. Pay attention to defects and your pants will last forever.

Be careful when buying trousers, choose the model that suits you and the color and slacks will become your favorite element of the wardrobe. Lovers of military style can use cargo pants, men's trousers with large side pockets.

What do male slacks look like?

Slacks pants are an improved version of pants from the past, modern models of which have several different purposes. Slacks can be presented in a sports style, or in a sophisticated and elegant version. They can often be confused with chinos. These pants are used for a harmonious everyday style, but fashionable and original. The first models that appeared in the 40s were sewn from gabardine material.

To understand what these pants are, you can literally translate their name. Slacks translated from English mean "lethargic, lazy, inactive." Indeed, the pants are so comfortable and simple in style that they are often perceived as a sports option for everyday wear. In fact, this is a laid-back version of classic strict trousers, which rejects conservatism with its kind of negligence.

Slacks in the 90s and a modern option

As mentioned earlier, in the last century, the original slacks models assumed a direct semi-official style, which was only slightly different from the strict classics. Slacks of the 90s were made mainly of dense gabardine fabric, near the waist they were supposed to have special folds that perfectly concealed the extra volume in the waist in men of full build.

Today, such pants have undergone modifications due to fashion trends, as a result of which designers and fashion designers make slacks in a narrower style. In the area of ​​the hips, trousers also assume a loose fit, but lower to the ankles, they gradually reduce their width. A new fashion trend is to tuck cuffs from the bottom of pants, which visually makes a man taller.

Who is it for?

Pants are a universal men's wardrobe item that is most often used in everyday wear. And if there are narrowly targeted models of pants that are only intended for men of a certain age, type of appearance, figure, then slacks are suitable for absolutely everyone. Ethnic and religious views, a dress code at work and even a lifestyle will not prevent a man from choosing this type of trousers.

Today, being the owner of slacks is not just the result of men's practicality and a love of comfort, it is also a tribute to modern fashion trends. Men only need to choose the right pants size, length and width, color scheme, pay attention to how the pants sit on it. It is important to correctly combine such pants with other items of clothing, creating a harmonious ensemble.

What to wear?

Today, stylists pay a lot of attention to this model of trousers, since slacks are a popular and fashionable men's thing. With pants, you can safely create everyday looks, combine them with a strict style for a working and formal setting, complement them with bright outfits for celebrations. Particular attention should be paid to accessories that harmoniously dilute the image - suspenders, belts.

For a classic strict style, slacks in a discreet palette can be combined with plain or colored shirts, but they must be tucked in. As for shoes, for a sophisticated, stylish look, slacks can be worn with loafers or oxfords, for a classic and austere style - with a jacket and black shoes. Wide, narrowed or monochrome slacks should not be worn in a working environment, otherwise you can experiment with different options for images.

Selection tips

Slacks are practical and durable pants that do not lose their pristine shape and attractiveness for a long time. But only on condition that a man finds a quality branded product from suppliers. Cheap pants at the first wash will lose their size and shape, and also deteriorate in color. Therefore, when choosing trousers, stylists advise paying attention to the following parameters:

  • pants material - trousers should to a greater extent be made of natural dense fabrics, for example a low percentage of synthetics,
  • cut - ideally, slacks should repeat the silhouette of a man’s body,
  • seams - they must be direct, accurate, durable, otherwise defects are inevitable.

Good slacks will last a man more than one year, even if they are worn daily, so you should not save on buying high-quality pants from reliable manufacturers. It is only important to choose a style, color scheme, so that the pants are harmoniously combined with many other wardrobe items.


Modern slacks are office, comfortable, stylish and slightly sloppy trousers for all occasions of a man’s life. In the spring, stylists advise combining them with fashionable and textured sweaters and jumpers, as well as informal models of jackets. In summer, slacks are often worn with T-shirts, vests, stylish shirts, and in winter with warm sweatshirts, vests and blazers. According to stylists, slacks are a must-have for a modern mod.

Trousers-slacks: fashionable styles

Slacks saw the light in the 40s. last century. They became an alternative to strict men's trousers, although they had much in common with them. The first slacks had no shooters. They were sewn from gabardine, worn tucked up and combined with everyday clothes.

Today, slacks are firmly rooted in a casual wardrobe. They displace jeans that have become boring in recent years, and embrace the office, everyday and even sporty style.

Checkered slacks can become part of a retro look. Young men willingly wear comfortable trousers to the office, and fans of comfortable bows put on loose pants in the hip area for significant events: graduation parties, anniversaries, weddings.

It is important to choose the right pants for the figure and not to be mistaken with the style of the event.


For the warm season, men's clothing designers have prepared cotton and linen slacks in light colors. Summer pants must be comfortable and breathable. They have an informal design and are in harmony with everyday things and shoes. Men willingly wear them with light plaid shirts, t-shirts with a polo closure, and shoes choose a colorful and truly summer: slip-ons, sneakers, shoes with perforation.


Slacks with insulation do not occur. Yes, and lose their charm pants that are tucked up. But this does not exclude the appearance of slacks in the winter wardrobe. Men traveling in cash willingly put on comfortable woolly slacks and denim pants. They are not afraid of the wind, and low temperatures will not cause much discomfort. And in such trousers it is convenient to move around the city on foot or by car.

The warmed slacks completely correspond to street fashion. They can be worn with parkas, down jackets, raincoats and coats. For the cold season, stylists recommend pants of practical and non-marking colors.

Classic with arrows

Office workers like slacks with arrows more like suit pants or full-fledged twos. If the observance of a strict dress code is not mandatory, then comfortable pants with a slightly loose cut will come in handy. An inexperienced eye does not even distinguish real classic trousers from informal slacks. Combining pants with business clothes, you can achieve the desired effect. The male bow will turn out to be moderately strict, but comfortable and relaxed.

A man does not have to constantly worry about how a suit sits on him, and exhale each time, drawing in his stomach to sit in an office chair. This is the advantage of male slacks. They are designed primarily for convenience. At the same time they look strictly, concisely, and moderately brutal.

In a sporty style

Sports design pants have a slightly looser cut, side pockets and moderate elasticity. With traditional slacks, they are united only by lapels, and the presence of codpiece - sports pants usually do not. If cuffs appear instead of lapels, then these are more likely joggers, although mixing styles does not allow us to accurately identify items of men's wardrobe.

Color options

Slacks are traditionally represented by a practical palette. Men can put on blue, gray, black, brown trousers. For the summer, nude pants and white slacks are suitable. Denim pants do not lose popularity. The soft, but rather dense denim fabric of the characteristic blue-blue palette makes conservative slacks an element of street bow.


Classic black trousers will help out in the office, while walking, on a date - but anywhere, because there are no competitors in black. It is in harmony with plain and patterned clothes, light and rich things. For moderately strict business wardrobe black slacks will be the best solution.

Military style has penetrated all spheres of life. Camouflage patterns are dazzling from all sides, but plain khaki trousers look much more modest and delicate. They also suggest the style of military, but are very convenient to combine.


For the warmer months, beige slacks are indispensable. They are not as easily soiled as white or dairy, and go well with everyday clothes. For off-season, choose dark beige trousers with a transition to brown or terracotta.

How to wear men's slacks

Since slacks are well combined with things of a business and everyday style, it’s worthwhile to compose several successful bows at once, which can always be used as needed. So, with what to wear slacks for work:

  • plain shirt + triangular sweater,
  • a vertical striped shirt in combination with a fitted jacket or shortened blazer,
  • plaid shirt + contrast belt.

For everyday wardrobe, you can choose t-shirts, long sleeves, sweaters and cardigans. Men wear slacks with denim shirts and jackets that they put on over white T-shirts and leave them unfastened. In the youth image, layering is welcome.

You can combine informal slacks with sports things: bomber jackets, sweatshirts. Khaki pants with a military touch combined with a hoodie complemented by a kangaroo pocket look good.

Shoes & Accessories

When choosing a shoe pair, they are guided by the purpose of the image. Derby shoes, loafers are suitable for office bow. But wearing Oxford pants with informal pants is undesirable. Comfortable casual shoes are recommended for everyday wear: sneakers, slip-on shoes, moccasins.

Slacks harmonize well with lace-up shoes. These can be timberland boots or sneakers or converse. Fans of the military style in clothing can complement the bow with black berets on a grooved sole.

The completion of the everyday look can be a man’s shoulder bag, cap or baseball cap, voluminous wristwatch with a wide bracelet. In the off-season, young men complement the bow with beanie caps and voluminous sports bags.

Do not do without stylish sunglasses. Aviators are recommended for military outfits, and round glasses with mirrored glasses for every day look.

What kind of pants?

Trousers slacks are an improved model of trousers of the past. The modern style differs from its predecessors in the absence of a sports component and a more sophisticated, elegant cut. In some ways, they are similar to chinos, but differ in a denser fit and fit along the entire length.

Men's slacks are an everyday fashion option. Which does not stop them, however, from creating fashionable office bows. This is, without exaggeration, the most trendy and popular type of men's pants this season. And all because of the excellent fit in the figure and the lack of baggy inherent in traditional styles. In images, they are the main detail, so they combine with almost everything. They put on shirts with jackets, long sleeves, t-shirts, polos.

In the classic version, the slacks have a straight cut, folds from the belt and a flap on each leg. Also popular skinny shortened models.


Trousers slacks - this is a retro fashion, which received a new improved incarnation, simple and comfortable to wear. Their advantages are:

  • style - a standard cut suits men with different physiques and lifestyles,
  • materials - they use all kinds of fabric in tailoring, which differs from typical classic trousers. The collections are replenished with winter options from warm woolen fabrics and summer ones from light cotton, linen,
  • accessibility - they are available almost like men's jeans, designers and stores responded en masse to the need of the male half of the population for trending things, and it’s very easy to find such ones,
  • durability - the purchase will last more than one season. Quality materials do not lose shape and color even after numerous washes,
  • functionality - they are suitable for any occasion, from the most ordinary to the need to look like a needle.

Fashionable styles

  1. Summer - stylish slacks from cotton and linen fabrics in a light palette. The model for hot weather should be comfortable and breathable. You can safely put them on under fashionable men's sneakers. They have spectacular combinations with a checkered shirt, t-shirt, polo shirt, slip-on sneakers, and shoes.
  2. Winter - go without fleece and lining, just sewn from warm wool or half-woolen fabrics. Eliminate discomfort in strong winds and low temperatures. An ideal and universal option for both pedestrians and motorists.
  3. Classic with arrows - an excellent office option that fully replaces boring men's trousers. The necessary effect can be achieved by putting them under business clothes, such as a jacket. Such a combination will create a strict look, but with the present comfort and relaxation.
  4. Sports - style with a free cut, side pockets and moderate elasticity. With the traditional model of slacks, they are similar to the lapels below.

With such, do not bother with how to choose the perfect ones for the figure: it is enough to simply choose the right size and the right ones in length. They should be clearly ankle-deep or slightly higher.

Features and benefits of the model

Such pants can be attributed to retro things. They were invented in the forties of the last century. The distinctive features of the product include convenience and simplicity. These comfortable pants had a straight or slightly narrower fit.

Trousers slacks are characterized by amazing practicality and free style. Despite belonging to everyday style, laconic models may well decorate a business ensemble.

Attention! In most cases, slacks are made of wool, cotton and gabardine. You can often find modern mixed materials. Today, designers also offer fairly light products for the summer.

Today in designer collections there are many options for such trousers. Initially, they were made from fairly dense materials.

Slacks have many benefits.:

  • Variety of products. Thanks to this, men with different body types and lifestyles can afford such clothes.
  • Variety of materials. A variety of fabrics are used for sewing slacks, which makes such trousers surprisingly versatile. For the winter, warm wool products are a great solution, while in the summer you can wear lightweight cotton models.
  • Availability. These pants can be purchased at any store. They are presented in different variations and are suitable for all men.

  • Strength. The materials from which slacks are made do not stretch for a long time and do not lose their color.
  • Multifunctionality. Slacks are a great option for creating a wide variety of bows. Depending on the additions, you can get many images with the participation of such trousers.

Trousers slacks: popular styles

Trousers slacks have an amazing variety of models. This allows each man to choose the best option.

Classic, arrow models

Such products are much like classic pants. The only difference is a more loose style. Initially, slacks were not part of the office style. However, current trends fully allow this option.

Arrow models can be considered an integral part of a business bow. They make the image more elegant and stylish, and also give the man a certain severity. It is these products that fit perfectly into office compositions.

With pockets

In classic products there are quite roomy pockets on the sides. They also have two sewn pockets on the back. However, there are other options in which the front pockets perform a decorative function.

Such products do not differ much from traditional models. The only difference is the functionality of the trousers. Models supplemented with pockets are considered more convenient.


This is another great option for the office. Today, there are quite a few variations of the gray shade, which allows you to choose the most optimal options.


The light colors of these trousers are perfect for warm weather. They can be safely combined with warm colors. A darker color organically fits into business bows.


Light colors of this color are ideal for creating summer compositions. Dark blue slacks look more strict and practical. Because they can be worn throughout the year.

Selection rules

To always look attractive, when choosing such trousers, you need to consider their quality. To purchase the optimal product, you need to focus on such features:

  • fabric structure - high-quality trousers should not contain a large amount of synthetics,
  • cut - he must repeat the lines of the body,
  • seams appearance - Unstable or curved seams indicate a low quality product.


Summer models of bright shades go well with the original t-shirt. Also, a polo shirt will be a great solution in this case. In the evening, you can put on a light jumper on your shoulders.

If you want to get a more rigorous and concise composition, it is worth choosing dark-colored slacks from dense material. They can be supplemented with a long sleeve shirt. An excellent solution would be a jacket of loose fit. To create an everyday composition, a sweater with a triangular neckline is suitable.

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