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How do overheating and hypothermia affect potency in men?

Problems with an erection in men can happen at any age (it can be 18-20 years old, 25 years old or 36 years old) and the reasons are often life circumstances (for example, unrequited love in the past and, as a result, psychological problems), health problems, malnutrition.

Every time a man has problems - an erection disappears during sex, he panics. However, experts argue that in this case, do not despair. After all, today there are a lot of folk and professional methods (they have already talked about this - increasing potency). However, before starting treatment, it is important to establish the reason - why it disappeared or weakened.

It is worth noting that poor erection - this is when it seems that you want a girl (woman), but in fact we see that the penis is bad or the time required for sexual intercourse, he simply can not stand it. "The problem is on the face" - as they say.

Reasons for weakening - why the penis falls

Among the key reasons leading to the loss of the “riser” among the stronger sex are:

  1. physiological. This category includes various diseases, including heart and vascular diseases, diabetes, disorders of the endocrine glands, and a decrease in testosterone levels in the body. Here you can also identify immediate injuries of the genital organs. Determine the exact reason why a weak erection will help the doctor.
  2. psychological. The reasons for the decrease in sexual desire may be stress, constant nervous tension or incompatibility of sexual partners.
  3. external causes. This category includes frequent smoking, alcohol abuse, drug use.
  4. the problem is in the girl. The female part of the population, as always, is fine, but they are people too, and here there may be 1000 nuances:
    • - the unexpected appearance of extraneous odors that were not expected by a man and the brain switches to them and this can ruin all the romance.
    • - she behaved not as usual, but more coldly or vulgarly, notoriously
    • - I didn’t adapt to my partner and it turned out one way, and the other - “my song”. An erection disappears during intercourse for a reason - the couple should work as one harmonious mechanism, unfortunately, women often turn on their character where it is not needed.

But it happens in different ways. sometimes there are problems from the male side, and this must be precisely realized and understood, and responsibility must be taken into their own hands.
Do I need to see a doctor and which doctor should I go to at all, but do you really have health problems, with nutrition? Ask yourself these questions first, because you are the one who knows himself better. And only then can doctors be connected, but if you know that something is wrong, then you should not hesitate.

The simplest methods to enhance erection

Men who experience inconvenience due to a weakened potency should first abandon bad habits. Among the simplest ways to improve an erection, one can also note a contrast shower and walking barefoot. It is worth knowing that while walking barefoot a large number of biologically active points are automatically stimulated, including those that are responsible for erectile function. As for the contrast shower, it is best to take it before bedtime. In this case, do not abuse too cold temperatures. After taking a contrast shower, gently rub the whole body with a towel. This will greatly improve blood circulation.

Useful infusions

To improve an erection, many men use various infusions and herbal decoctions. To prepare an effective herbal decoction, you need to take:

  • ginseng root (100 grams),
  • bee honey (50 grams),
  • dry cinnamon (10 grams).

Initially, you need to pour ginseng root with boiling water (half a liter) and leave this broth for 2 days. After this, the infusion should be carefully boiled over low heat (about 4 hours). During cooking, add honey and then cinnamon to the broth. After this, the broth needs to be insisted for 3 more days. After the flask is ready, it is taken twice a day for 200 grams.

Another effective way to enhance potency is the infusions of thyme. Cooking it is quite simple. To do this, take the dried herb thyme (100 grams), pour a glass of boiling water, and then insist until cool. Take this infusion twice a day after meals.

A decoction of dioecious nettle will also help improve potency. To prepare it, you need to grind fresh (50 grams) or dried (100 grams) nettle leaves and pour a glass of boiling water. In the infusion add 1 tsp. honey. You need to drink this infusion 1 hour before the planned sexual act. Men who encounter this problem should know that alternative methods of treatment can only be preventive or additional therapy.

At the first sign of a weak erection, it is best to start using the Happy man instrument.

What effect can be after using the device:

Just keep it a secret from women, then it will be even more interesting and she is excited and glad you are on horseback!

Which underwear is best suited to prevent overheating?

Doctors consider the well-known “family” cowards to be the best underwear. These loose and easy-to-blow clothes are able to provide the penis and scrotum with an optimal microclimate. In order to prevent overheating, even nursing boys should be protected from being around the clock in diapers. Adult teenagers and men should not harm themselves by the constant wearing of synthetic swimming trunks. Moreover, modern materials for underwear to the necessary degree provide both good ventilation and absorption of excess moisture. The beauty of clothing is important, but should be in second place after comfort, convenience and health.

That is, when choosing men's underwear, one should first of all think about protection from overheating, good ventilation and protection from the cold, and only then pay attention to color, patterns and inscriptions. Considering that the testes begin to produce viable sperm with great difficulty at temperatures reaching thirty-seven to eight degrees, it should be considered proven that overheating is more dangerous for a man than cooling. Nature took care of this by placing the scrotum outside the body so that it was well purged. Pressed to the body with tight swimming trunks and jeans, it ceases to function in the optimal temperature regime.

The material for modern underwear absorbs single drops of urine and skin secretions, so the new fabrics are made of pure cotton, although a slight addition of flax, wool, polyester is allowed, which makes it possible for an individual choice in accordance with the climate, skin properties and other personal characteristics.

How does hypothermia affect the prostate?

In turn, hypothermia negatively affects the most vulnerable and delicate organ - the prostate. Hypothermia provokes inflammation of the prostate and, accordingly, counteracts the production of testosterone - the male hormone responsible for potency.

Chronic prostatitis can lead to prostate adenoma, and this is a more serious pathology.

Another unpleasant consequence of hypothermia is thrombosis of the reproductive system. This is fraught with the loss of libido - sexual desire, without which sexual intercourse becomes impossible.

Can cold and heat positively affect potency?

However, in optimal proportions, both cold and heat can be a factor initiating potency. In particular, here we can say about the bath and water procedures using nettle broom. It should be stroking and light strokes to process the heels and lumbar spine, periodically warming the broom with hot air. Often it’s not worth taking a steam bath for a long time, and visiting a steam room once a week is the best solution. You can temporarily suspend such procedures, noticing improvements in the sexual sphere.


Rumors are true - excess alcohol can cause erection problems. According to Everyday Health, alcohol is a depressant. That is, it weakens the ability to think, speak and move effectively, and at the same time - it reduces mood and reduces sexual desire, directly affecting erectile function. Studies show that a long history of alcohol abuse can lead to long-term erectile dysfunction (this is what causes 70% of men).


Studies have confirmed that condoms can prevent some men from retaining an erection. In particular, SexualHealth.com cites data from a 2006 study that showed that over a three-month period, approximately 37% of participants in the experiment experienced an episode of erectile dysfunction while putting on a condom or during sex with a condom. However, unprotected sex is not the best way to solve the problem. Using a condom of the right size or finding the right brand will be the most appropriate tactic.

Gum disease

What do gums and penis have in common? At first glance, nothing. But according to a study published in the journal Sexual Medicine, chronic periodontal inflammation can lead to an increased risk of erectile dysfunction. The fact is that gum disease is a negative indicator of overall health, and is directly related to the risk of heart disease - another risk factor in case of problems with an erection.


Smoking has a negative effect on almost all health indicators, including sexual health. Since an erection is caused by an increase in blood flow to a man’s penis, a decrease in blood flow can lead to problems with an erection, Healthline reports. A 2005 study showed that smoking is the main cause of erection problems in young men. Fortunately, it is reversible: in 2011, a study of erectile dysfunction among smokers showed that quitting a bad habit led to increased sexual effectiveness in 75% of cases.


The functioning of the penis is more dependent on the brain, so too much stress can interfere with a man's ability to receive and maintain an erection. According to Healthline, even if a man really wants to have sex, severe stress will make this impossible. This also includes all sorts of emotional disorders. Lack of affection for a partner or suspicion of cheating can make it difficult to get an erection, reports The Huffington Post. But a frank conversation about relationships can solve the problem.


A 2005 article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that about 4% of male cyclists who spend at least 3 hours a week riding a saddle experience mild to severe erectile dysfunction. While only 1% of runners face the same problem. Why it happens? When you sit in a bicycle seat, you transfer body weight to nerves and arteries that carry blood to the penis. So over time, blood vessels can be damaged, which will lead to a decrease in blood flow to the penis and the risk of developing erectile dysfunction.


According to the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, 61% of men with severe depression have sexual problems. Experts note that depression has a biochemical component, namely chemicals that help brain cells communicate, including in order to stimulate blood flow to the penis. In turn, the inability to engage and enjoy sex can exacerbate the symptoms of depression - but this does not end the vicious circle. The fact is that antidepressants (namely, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) directly affect libido, reducing sexual desire and sexual activity.


It is well known that psychological factors can play an important role in sexual life. But here is new information on the topic: if your partner spends a lot of time with her male friends, this can lead to problems with an erection. The American Journal of Sociology cites data from a study in which more than 3,000 men aged 57 to 85 took part. The study found that men whose partner communicates too closely with male friends are 92% more likely to have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. Scientists suggest that this may be due to the social perception of masculinity.

Why the crash happens

According to doctors, the problem lies primarily in psychology. There are many examples when young people, once having failed during sex, are afraid to be in the same situation again.

Especially if this happened during the first attempt to have sexual intercourse.

In fact, the reasons may be different: medication or neurological. Let's look at each case, why an erection disappears, in more detail.

Drug factor. There are many drugs that can negatively affect the function of the penis, affect the quality of an erection. It can be all sorts of hormonal drugs. If they are taken for a long time, they simply block the production of genital substances in the male body.

Taking such medications may be warranted by serious illnesses such as prostate cancer. In such a situation, the priority is to solve the issue of simplifying or continuing the life of the patient. Fortunately, after stopping the use of these antiandrogenic medicines, an improvement in erection and restoration of male strength are observed.

There is another type of substance that has a negative effect on the cerebral cortex and provokes the appearance of erectile dysfunction. These include alcohol, drugs. They inhibit the body as a whole, deplete it and inhibit reproductive function. In this case, the problem with an erection can be eliminated only after a complete rejection of the above factors.

If we consider a separate drug that clearly negatively affects an erection, then a vivid example is diphenhydramine. This is an antihistamine medication that can lead to a lack of erection if taken more than 10 days.

Neurological factor. The reason that you have a sluggish erection can be the following diseases:

  • multiple sclerosis
  • pelvic injuries
  • bruises of the brain and spinal cord
  • epilepsy
  • Parkinson's disease

First of all, it is necessary to cure these serious diseases, and then solve the problem with erectile dysfunction.

Such a phenomenon as an unstable erection can occur against the background of disagreements with a partner about sexual addictions. Venues for intercourse also play an important role. It may not take place, due to the inability to relax, that is, the man feels awkward (in the elevator, office or car).

Improper nutrition. An incorrect, unbalanced diet will undoubtedly lead to a deterioration of the penis. Too fatty, high-calorie foods raise blood cholesterol, which upsets the body's metabolism.

Observing the correct daily routine and diet, you can strengthen the erection, restore former masculine strength.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

The following symptoms may be obvious symptoms of this ailment:

  • inability to achieve an erection
  • inability to maintain an erection

The male penis is ready for intercourse when its cavernous bodies are completely filled with blood. This occurs during penile stimulation or due to erotic fantasies. The signal along the nerve cords is fed into the brain and vasodilation occurs. Thanks to this, the male genital organ hardens and becomes several times larger.

So, the lack of an erection in men is caused by the following symptoms:

  • long normal erection is achieved
  • decreased sexual desire
  • lack of orgasm
  • not hard enough penis during coitus

How do baths and saunas affect potency?

Treatment in the bath is effective for the treatment of impotence resulting from frequent hypothermia of the body.

In earlier times, the bath was even used as a kind of contraceptive, since sperm died with significant overheating. However, if such a task is not worth it, you should immediately exit the steam room to proceed to cold water procedures. Such a contrast will reduce the risk of sexual dysfunctions due to overheating, and ensure their prevention. The fact is that contrasting water procedures increase the tone of small vessels, which positively affects erection. Additional healing of the whole organism is also a positive factor for improving potency.

In any case, do not discard the opportunity to consult with a good specialist, especially if there have been cases of prolonged hypothermia or overheating, and you are the ones who explain some sexual unconvincing that has visited you recently.

Video about what affects the potency of the Health program

How to solve an erection problem

Most often, young people have problems with erection due to psychological disorders. In such a situation, experts recommend giving up alcohol, playing sports, and leading a healthy lifestyle.

To improve an erection, it is necessary to draw up an acceptable daily routine, eat healthy food. You can use linseed oil as additives - which will significantly increase testosterone levels.

It is also recommended to regularly have sexual intercourse, because the male penis is a muscle, it requires constant training. The consequence of abstinence from sex may be a short erection or its absence.

Psychology-enhanced potency

Even in the animal world, there are factors (depression, stress) that affect their reproductive function and sexual ability. A person experiences the same difficulties for similar reasons. In this case, he tries to find answers to the question, what improves an erection, restores his masculine essence?

One solution to this problem is training the nervous system.

With the help of some exercises, fortitude is strengthened. Due to this, the restoration of the functions of the penis occurs if the problem lies in the psycho-emotional state of the person. For this, yoga classes, meditation are perfect.

Even running jogging will help to solve the problem, they will improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Indispensable for improving an erection is also having sex in the morning with your beloved woman.

Folk help

Traditional medicine is famous for its means to enhance and restore male power. Often, various aphrodisiacs are used for this. The roots of plants and herbs do an excellent job of their task, they improve the endocrine system.

Herbal tea well cleans the walls of blood vessels from the formed plaque of cholesterol. A sufficient amount of blood rushes to the pelvic organs and makes an erection lasting and stable.

All nutrients are found in seeds that turn into cold pressed oil. Vitamin E is saturated with such oils as: pumpkin, linseed, hemp. In addition, they contain omega acids, which will come to the rescue if men have problems with erection and testosterone production.

Here is one of the recipes that can be prepared at home from onion seeds, nettles, carrots and chernushki:

Take the seeds in equal proportions, grind in a mortar and pour them with any oil with a temperature of at least 40 ° C 2 cm above the ground seeds. Put the medicine in a dark place for a month, take 1 tsp. in a day.

Preparations for the restoration of sexual function

If you have a decrease in erection, you should consult a specialist and get treatment recommendations. In pharmacies, there is a huge selection of special drugs that restore male strength. Most likely, Viagra will be prescribed to you - this medicine occupies a leading position among the means of such action.

It significantly improves the blood circulation in the penis, due to which there is a complete blood supply to its cavernous bodies. This drug can be used for complex or for symptomatic treatment of the disease. Sildenafil (the international name of Viagra) is taken half an hour before sexual intercourse, its duration is up to 4 hours.


If you wondered: how to increase an erection, do not rush to engage in self-medication. Having noticed the symptoms described in this material, go for a consultation with a specialist (urologist or andrologist).

Your doctor will give you a series of tests to determine the reasons why this problem has occurred. Do not be surprised if you are referred to a psychologist, because the reasons may lie in your head.

Erectile dysfunction can develop on the background of emotional trauma received when trying to commit the first sexual intercourse.

To maintain good men's health, you need to exercise regularly, eat healthy foods and not give in to stress factors. Remember that only you are responsible for the state of your health!

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