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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Braun BT 5050

For some, facial hair is an accessory, while someone, on the contrary, curses their hair every morning and is forced to include the extra 10-20 minutes of shaving in morning fees.

Even if you decide not to shave the stubble, but grow it into a beautiful thick beard, then you need to know that the hair must be constantly and carefully looked after and it is important that it is timely to cut.

Previously, men tidied their faces with scissors. Not everyone did it beautifully, but there was no alternative.

Now you can beautifully arrange your hair at any hairdresser at the master. But not everyone, unfortunately, can afford a regular visit to this institution. Someone doesn’t have enough time for him, while someone doesn’t have enough money.

In addition, you cannot be sure that they will not hurt or harm your health there due to poorly sterilized instruments. In order not to risk your health, not to spend honestly earned money and time, it is recommended to buy your own trimmer for cutting beards and mustaches.

This little thing does not take up much space and can give your beard any shape you want, as well as cut off unwanted hairs. A haircut with such a device will pass quickly and painlessly, but, unfortunately, can not do without accidental cuts and irritation.

Today, there are many companies involved in the production of this device. We will consider a specific company and a specific instance, namely the BRAUN BT 5050.


This Braun BT 5050 trimmer is designed for cutting beards and mustaches. It has a discreet, but quite stylish design.

The kit comes with two beard tips with a range of 1 to 10 mm and 10 to 20 mm.

Also included is a charger with a sufficiently long wire for convenient charging and a travel case.


The braun nc 5050 hair clipper has surprisingly good equipment. The first thing you need to pay attention to is Slide & Style system, which allows you to give your ideal beard shape a simple glide even with the comb extended, as well as the ability to diversify hairstyles with a beard.

The second is self-sharpening blades that will work perfectly even after several years of use. Third, there are two easily configurable Click & Lock ridges with 25 precision settings. With them you are ensured an even, reliable and good result.

Also, the trimmer has dual battery for stable and continuous operation. When the trimmer is fully charged, it lasts for 50 minutes, provided that charging takes only an hour. Another advantage of this device is that it is completely washable, that is, to clean it, just rinse it with water.

Technical specifications:

  • Designed for cutting a mustache and beard,
  • Minimum haircut length - 1 mmmaximum - 20 mm
  • In the kit there are 2 nozzles: for short and long hair,
  • The total number of hair length settings is 25,
  • Is present nozzle change and adjustment
  • Wet scrubbing function
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Function autonomous food. Operating time - 50 minutes,
  • Charging time - 60 minutes
  • Five-minute quick charge function for one work session,

The kit includes a trimmer itself, a charger, oil, nozzles, a case for storage and transportation, a brush for cleaning.

The positive and negative sides of the goods

This device has its pros and cons.

TO pluses can include:

  • Availability several nozzles,
  • Moisture-proof housing
  • After use, you can wash it under water,
  • Blades won't rust and not get dull
  • Wide range of haircuts,
  • Easy change of nozzles,
  • One-piece housing
  • Long working capacity and express charging,
  • LED lights,


  • No shaving tips
  • Lack of display,
  • No charge indicator
  • Price.

Price range

Prices for this trimmer range from 3,100 to 4,899 rubles.

For example, in Moscow You can buy it for:

  • 3299 rubles ("Media Markt"),
  • 3399 rubles (“DNS”),
  • 3899 rubles ("220 Volts")
  • 3759 rubles ("PLANETASHOP")

IN Saint Petersburg it can be purchased for:

  • 3650 rubles ("DNS"),
  • 3899 rubles ("220 Volts")
  • 3850 rubles ("Yulmart24")

In other regions, prices practically do not differ from the central regions. In Vladivostok - 4450 rubles. IN Kazan - 3299 rubles. IN Nizhny Novgorod - 3199 rubles. Petropavlovsk - Kamchatsky - 4050 rubles. (Prices were taken from the DNS home appliance store)

It will be useful to every man who values ​​his time and, most importantly, values ​​his appearance and tries to always look well-groomed.

Thus, if you care about your appearance, then you can safely buy a trimmer from Braun. With years of use, he is unlikely to ever be able to let you down.

Reviews of Braun BT 5050

Does not fulfill its mission at all.

A comment:
Shearing only at 0. The length does not take almost at all. There was an ancient Philips trimmer before that - sheared it clearly in one pass. Brown, however, can be crawled to a blue color - an efficiency of 3%. Awful appliance. RELEASED MONEY. DO NOT BUY. I think the whole line is like that.

power and compactness

A comment:
shaves well and does not irritate the face

The package bundle, design, fits comfortably in the hand, a pleasant rubberized material, compact, easy to clean, and a wide range of lengths for nozzles.

Badly cuts hair longer than 5 mm. I had to crawl a lot of times in the same place to cut all my hair. Often the hair is simply smooth, but not cut.

A comment:
If I had a normal haircut, it would be a great option, but I do not recommend it.

Design, easy to clean.

Inconvenient, it is necessary to go through several times to be sure to cut in difficult places.
Quality at zero. I will not touch Braun products anymore.

A comment:
I could use it three times. On the fourth blade parted, the machine stopped cutting and began to pluck. It is impossible to use. Money is thrown to the wind.

After half a year, the machine was covered. The warranty department said: the device is technically sound. But he does not take the length !! Now it is not clear what to do with it at all.

after half a year I stopped taking the length

Compact, lies well in the hand, works quietly.
Handbag included.
Can be used while charging

Doesn't cut at all

Convenient bag and excess equipment. It works quietly and does not vibrate. It cuts well under 0 (1mm). Portability. The charge lasts for a month in my case. when cutting to 0 it does not gnaw the skin and does not bite.
easy to clean. comfortable in the hand.

With nozzles to cut for the passage will not work. it is necessary against hair growth and must do several passes. This is not upset. all the same it turns out not long and beautifully.
It takes a long time to charge if this is a flaw for someone. this did not upset me. threw it at night and voila.

A comment:
I read the reviews. I hope this is a reliable stray. Philips fell apart in a couple of years. turned out to be brittle, although shearing was not bad.
Brown is not the first razor of this company. one razor mesh is with a folding trimmer. I have been using it since 2000. super reliable device. not lubricated and sharpened even once.
They write that long beards are badly cut. may be. up to 4mm is normal, albeit in a few passes. It turns out worthy. zero and long protruding hairs rule normally.
In general, the average. neither bad nor outstanding. I will hopefully serve as the first Brown (forever)

gave the order quickly, without hitches

A comment:
Thank you player.ru for the goods!

From the beginning of 2018 to this day, it has only smeared the blades. I shave my bristles once every two days without a nozzle, chest and belly, cut my hair and cut my son’s hair.
In short, I use it constantly. Almost no complaints. I definitely recommend it. The best of what I had

When I shave my cheeks without a nozzle, it can let my hair through. But it is almost imperceptible if you do not know.

Great design, nice to hold in hand, build quality

With nozzles almost shears, when charging peeps.

A comment:
Very small teeth of knives, not bad shears only at 0 without nozzles. With nozzles up to 5mm, a lot of hair passes, they simply bend under the knives. More than 5mm almost does not cut. Beautiful machine, but not functional, yet not with the most affordable price tag.

Specifications Braun BT5050

Common parameters

Model: Braun BT5050,

Main color: black,

Case material: plastic.

Main characteristics

Minimum haircut length: 1 mm,

Maximum cutting length: 20 mm,

Number of nozzles included: 2,

Number of length settings: 25,

Length adjustment method: changing nozzles and adjusting,

Blade Material: Stainless Steel,

Self-sharpening knives: no.

Features, Indication

Wet cleaning: yes,

There is a work indicator,

Charge indicator: yes.

Power supply

Type of batteries: own battery,

Charging time: 60 min,

Battery Life: 50 min.

Overall dimensions, weight


Packaging Braun BT5050 is made in the format of a small (220 x 155 x 55 mm) cardboard box in black.

On the front side there is a cutout, thanks to which you can evaluate the appearance and size of the device inside. Nearby are icons describing the main advantages of the model.

On the sides are data on the manufacturer, importer, place of assembly, warranty period, service life, etc.

On the reverse side you can see a photo and a description of all the components in different languages, including Russian.

At the bottom of the package are the phones of support services from different countries, there is no Russian among them.

Packaging Braun BT5050 is made in the traditional style of the company. Here you can find detailed photos of the device, as well as data that will help evaluate the model without opening the box.

All components are hidden in a long rectangular box, and the trimmer is placed in a plastic blister. This measure is quite enough to protect the device from minor scuffs during transportation.

What is the difference between a trimmer and a machine

The purpose of the trimmer is different from the standard clipper. The smallest nozzles in the set for cutting hair can not be compared with the capabilities of the constituent elements of the trimmer. Due to the minimal size of the shearing components and the varied, safe shape of the rounded head, the face trimmer is more functional than the shaving machine. It is designed to correct haircuts - shaving places:

  • behind the ears
  • on the chin
  • at the base of the neck
  • along the mustache line above the upper and under the lower lip,
  • line alignment at temples and whiskers.

Until recently, men in daily care were limited to shaving and a neat haircut. At home, tweezers were borrowed from female sets, with which hair from the nose and ears was pulled out quite painfully. There was no question of eyebrow correction. Today, special devices have been invented with which you can maintain a neat appearance at home.

Only ten minutes spent with the best mustache and beard trimmer in front of the bathroom mirror and you will look like a barber after professional service. Despite the fact that the hair clipper and shaving machine, which has proven itself in caring for a short haircut, has a sufficient number of nozzles, it is not worth equating the degree of refinement and accuracy of work with the new analogue.

The mustache trimmer performs the main function of supporting the decorative form of the hairstyle and maintaining the silhouette. The ability to pinpoint bristly villi allows for a well-defined mustache line, a beard pattern under the lower lip, and side whiskers using a functional shaving machine.

With age, long hard hairs appear in the nostrils and auricles. These are not small villi that perform the function of protecting against dust and block the path of infection in the nose. Due to changes in the hormonal background, hard hairs grow especially fast, look aggressive and messy (“antennas”). Using one of the nozzles of hair and shaving trimmers, they are easily removed.

In men, hair growth is observed in the area between the eyebrows. If the hair is not black, then this place does not cause a particular problem. If they are black, the impression of fused eyebrows is created. In order to maintain the face area in order, to look not only fashionable, but also neat, you need to monitor the area between the eyebrows with the help of another nozzle of a professional trimmer for mustache and beard.

  1. Structurally, the shaving machine differs from the smaller device not only in overall dimensions, weight, but also in the location of the blades: the distance of the trimmer, respectively, is 0.5 mm, for the razor - 1 mm. If on the head the length of the haircut 1-2 mm looks normal, then on the face - this is called groomed stubble.
  2. An effective styler not only gently removes the bristles, but also works delicately and almost painlessly. Due to the close distance of the shaving blades, the hair is cut off without stretching the skin. As a result, cutting a beard and mustache, removing the villi from the interbrow space with a trimmer is safer, since it does not leave microcracks and does not create irritation.
  3. The trimmer head has a smooth surface, the blades are hidden, since its purpose is to work on the nasal mucosa and inside the auricle. The nozzle gently grabs the hairs and pulls them sharply. Everything happens very quickly, before a person reacts by sneezing and outflow of mucus from the nose.


Appearance Braun BT5050 has a classic trimmer shape: smooth lines, gradually expanding towards the blade. The case is made of black plastic. Overall dimensions of the device: 39 x 44 x 165 mm, weight: 154 g.

A light indicator is installed in the lower part of the front side, under it is the Braun brand logo.

On the sides you can see special grooves for installing complete nozzles. The name of the model is also on the right side.

On the back there is a power button with a contrasting rim of blue. A little higher you can see the icon, which indicates that the device can be cleaned under running water.

A glossy plastic insert is installed at the very top, on which data about the type of device, assembly place and battery class are applied.

Below is a two-wire non-polarized connector for connecting the charger.

On top is a knife block, which consists of two parts - the upper knife (23 mm wide), driven by a pulse, and the lower (32 mm wide), stationary.

The case of the Braun BT5050 is made of quality materials, there are no complaints about the assembly and appearance.

Beard trimmer

Like the trimmer itself, this nozzle is made of matte black plastic.

On the front side of the device there is a round regulator, with which you can adjust the length of the haircut from 1 to 10 mm in increments of 0.5 mm.

A switch is provided just above, which locks the length adjuster in the lower position.

On the sides there are small blue buttons, holding them down, you can easily remove the nozzle from the trimmer.

This is what a beard attachment mounted on a trimmer looks like.

Hair nozzle

The nozzle design is also made of black plastic. In the center you can see the length adjustment button.

A scale is applied on the left side, with which you can determine the required length of the comb.

On the sides are small blue buttons, when pressed, the comb is easily removed from the trimmer.

The nozzle is adjustable from 10 to 20 mm in 2 mm increments.

This is how the hair nozzle mounted on the trimmer looks.

Storage case

This case is made of synthetic waterproof material.The front side is marked with the Braun logo. A screed is provided on top.

The dimensions of the case are 200 x 130 mm, which allows you to put the device in it in a complete set.

What types of beards and mustaches are suitable

Fashionable beard haircuts require a special approach. To make it look neater, you need to qualitatively remove the bristles along the contour of the hairstyle, increasing the contrast of light skin color and dense vegetation. In places where it is necessary to remove hairs, the skin is very delicate - this is the area above the upper or lower lip, neck. Gently pulling the skin at the last stage of creating a beautiful well-groomed image, professional barbers use a sharp dangerous blade. At home, you can limit yourself to a reusable razor. Machines for a model haircut beard and mustache are used for various types of stylish men's hairstyles.

  1. Hollywood beard and french fork.
  2. Duck tail and old dutchman.
  3. Dali, Fu Manchu or Emperor Napoleon III.
  4. Balbo and van Dyke.
  5. Bicycle handlebar and goatee.
  6. Klington, Sparrow, Anchor.
  7. Goatee, box or screen.
  8. Zappa or islet.

The names of hairstyles are consonant with famous historical figures: emperors, film actors, writers, artists, travelers, directors, as well as their characters. The trimmer for men is used to correct the mustache and sideburn:

  • wide tanks
  • sail,
  • fused tanks
  • Franz Joseph
  • Winfield
  • mustache - policeman, pencil, bicycle wheel, super Mario.

Before choosing and buying a beard trimmer, make sure that there are accessories in the sales kit with which you can take care of the haircut and make exactly the form that suits your face. Modern devices are quite functional and mobile, they work not from the network, but from the battery, which holds the charge for three hours.

Criterias of choice

A huge variety of models makes it difficult for modern users to choose. Shaving accessories are produced by manufacturers in China, the USA and European countries. On which model to choose, so as not to lose in work efficiency, shaving quality and duration of use. Shaver for beard must meet the requirements of safety and reliability. To evaluate the device in detail, you need to understand its technical component.


The beard and mustache trimmer in our ranking of the best models has compact overall dimensions. The power adapter is designed for continuous operation of the machine for 60 minutes, provided that it is well charged from the mains. If the face razor is not used, then the styler is ready for use after a 12-hour recharge. The design of the electronic accessory is thought out so that the power supply is inside the case. Its weight does not make the device any heavier.


The first thing that I want to mention when talking about use is the size of the device. Thanks to the well-thought-out form, the trimmer fits comfortably in both the female hand and the male. Also convenient use contributes to the low weight and the convenient location of the power button.

To check the quality of the trimmer, we will cut the hair under the 7 mm nozzle. Since the minimum height of the hair comb is 10 mm, it was decided to use a beard nozzle. I will say in advance that due to the closed design, the haircut will take longer than on the second nozzle, since her comb is open and does not clog the blades with hair.

In conjunction with the nozzle, the trimmer cannot remove hair the first time, so you have to go through the same area repeatedly. At the same time, due to the closed design of the comb, the nozzle clogs with cut hair faster. As a result, I still managed to cut the hair of the desired length, but for this I had to make a lot of effort and time.

The situation is completely different if you use the Braun BT5050 without nozzles. Blades cut the hairline the first time. If you shave your hair, the shaving process will take only a few minutes. A platform is installed under the fixed blade, the thickness of which is 0.5 mm, the thickness of the lower knife is also equal to 0.5 mm. In total, we get a height to the cutting part of 1 mm, therefore, it cannot be said that the trimmer cuts the hair “to zero”.

Trimmer blades are sharpened so that they remain sharp for a long time. Thanks to this, plucking and pulling out of individual hairs is minimized.

Braun BT5050 works quietly, vibration is almost not felt.

One drawback that was noticed during testing is the following: when using the trimmer for more than 10 minutes, the cutting block is very hot, which makes it very unpleasant to touch the skin with blades.

A specialized nozzle is just perfect for shaping a mustache and beard. With its help, an even shape is created in a short period of time.

Regular cleaning of the device will extend its service life and will achieve maximum efficiency during its operation.

After use, open the trimmer by pressing the cutting unit from the front. It opens at about 45 °. Then you can remove the accumulated hair.

In addition to dry cleaning, this model can be washed under running water. But it is worth remembering that after washing, the device should be allowed to dry with the open compartment of the cutting unit, and then lubricate the eccentric mechanism and blades with the oil that comes with the kit.

Although both cleanings are effective, individual hairs still stick to the inside of the compartment — they can be removed with tweezers or a cotton swab.


The machine for removing hairs from the nostrils of the nose and auricles, cutting a beard and mustache remains operational for an hour of continuous operation thanks to a lithium-ion battery. The device is equipped with a “finger-type” battery, so that it can later be replaced when it fails. A neat cover reliably covers the place in the housing where the battery is installed.

Offline work

The Braun BT5050 uses a dual Ni-MH battery, and unfortunately, it is impossible to call it innovative. This type of battery has a memory effect, so it is recommended to discharge it completely before the next charge.

Unfortunately, the model is not equipped with a charge level indicator, so you should always monitor the battery life. If the trimmer is still exhausted, you can connect it to the network and continue using it.

The length of the network wire is 175 cm, which is enough for a comfortable haircut from the network.

The power supply output produces 600 mA with a voltage of 5.9 V.

A full charge of the trimmer lasts 8 hours, which provides about 50 minutes of battery life.

Also, the device has a quick charge function. The manufacturer claims that a five-minute charge is enough for one haircut. The battery life is 5 minutes. If you shave with a trimmer without nozzles or slightly trim the beard, then this seems to be true. But if you cut the hair under the nozzle 5 minutes is not enough under any circumstances.


The razor is equipped with high-quality stainless steel blades. Manufacturers produce trimmers in the assembly with several nozzles for high-quality care of the eyebrows, the area inside the auricles, nose and beard. The blades remain sharp for 12 months. Intensive operation of the device of inexpensive models after the specified period requires the purchase of new blades.

When choosing, give preference to the best beard and mustache trimmers from the rating, in which knives with a titanium coating are installed. Perhaps the electronic accessory will seem expensive, but in the future you will not spend 40-30% on replacing the blades of the total cost of the device. There are models in which the ability to adjust the length of the blades is provided. Sharp knives are coated with a special anti-corrosion coating, so they are allowed to rinse with water.


The completeness of the machine for a neatly trimmed beard and shaping the mustache suggests the presence of different nozzles. The most popular of them have different purposes and perform a certain function.

  1. When designing a beard and shearing a long bristle, aligning and removing separately sticking out “antennas”, the widest nozzle of the chosen accessory model is used. It allows you to clean the extra length with an even layer, capturing a fairly wide surface. After its work, insignificant parts of the chin, face, neck remain with which other replaceable elements need to be worked.
  2. Shaver for beard has a nozzle with less capture of the working area. The width of the cutting head of the second nozzle, designed for cutting hair, is less than the previous one, so it is used to adjust the shape of the beard, the cutting line in the area behind the ears, at the base of the neck.
  3. For high-quality care of other areas of the face where excess vegetation inside the nose periodically appears, “antennas” protruding from the ears use safety razors. The round head of the trimmer is conveniently used to remove villi on the nasal mucosa, inside the auricle along with the nozzles for cutting and trimming the beard. The principle of operation of this element is based on the rapid capture of hairs by a rotating mesh inside a cylinder head. That part of the nose hairs that got into the electronic device - the trimmer, is cut off with sharp blades in the same way as the beard bristles.
  4. The beard shaving and mustache contouring machine is equipped with a special nozzle for pulling eyebrows. Outwardly, it looks like a brush for combing, so with movements that simulate styling, you can cut the protruding hairs with a razor with one blade, directing the accessory along the growth of the eyebrows. Pay attention that the element is equipped with a backlight for precision movements.

Additional options

The set of razors with a trimmer for cutting a mustache and beard provides additional options and elements:

  • a brush for washing the device under running water,
  • wire for connecting to the network,
  • the styler is controlled by a button on the side of the case. The light indicator indicates the readiness of the device for operation in the "On" mode,
  • laser illumination guarantees accurate cutting results,
  • Each kit contains oil to lubricate the cutting elements.

Top 10 Beard & Mustache Trimmers

Machines for cutting hair and shaping a beautiful beard are produced by different companies: Remington, Philips, Braun and Panasonic. To determine the choice of a suitable model, you need to study in detail the features of the device of a professional series of trimmers for a mustache and beard. What parameters are worth paying attention to:

  • completeness of assembly and overall dimensions,
  • the material of manufacture of the cutting elements, their quantity,
  • battery powered or mains principle,
  • ease of cleaning, washing interchangeable nozzles,
  • the ability to adjust the length of the blades,
  • level of vibration and noise during switching on.
The rating of the best trimmers for eyebrows, mustaches and beards, not only by technical specifications, but also by customer reviews on Chinese, Russian sites is as follows (you can vote for 3 models):

A little about the company

Braun has been around the world since 1921 and will soon celebrate its centenary. Initially, she was engaged in the resale of equipment, then she began to produce coffee machines. After the production covered all areas of technological progress. Braun differs from other companies in its approach to business. All products are functional, concise, conservative and at the same time convenient to use.

The motto of the company is design and simplicity. The company wants to deliver aesthetic pleasure, as well as simplify the work, leaving time for more pleasant things.


Universal kit for styling. You get full facial hair care. In addition to the beard, you can control the length of the hair on the head. The device has 10 functions at once. Included are two comb nozzles that help set 13 settings for the haircut.

Marina (ozon.ru): “I bought it for my husband for the New Year. All liked it. Lightweight and manoeuvrable. ”


An advanced formula provides shaving 4 times more accurately. The scale has 39 marks with a pitch of 0.5 mm.

The characteristics include the presence of a battery, charging time - 8 hours. It works up to 1 hour when fully charged.

The kit comes with a razor from Gillette.

Irina (everydayme.ru): “I gave it to my father. He will like it, although it is difficult to please a person. Dad loved to take care of himself. I'm happy".


The trimmer is presented in black with yellow accents.

Has a high-precision scale, automatically adjusts the voltage. Included are comb nozzles that provide the exact length, as well as the ability to create a clear contour for your look.

It is possible to build 20 settings, the length of which will vary from 1 to 10 mm.

The ridges are quite narrow, but always remain sharp.

The design is ergonomic and very comfortable.

Cyril (mvideo): “I unsubscribe after a long use of this trimmer. I liked the fact that it is easy to clean from a hair blade. Easy to operate. "


New advanced model of 2018.

Not only an effective trimmer, but also a hair clipper on the head. It has a sharp blade, the service life of which is unlimited. You can clean the device under running water. A unique feature is the memory feature, which captures the latest settings and adjusts to them even after removing the nozzle.

Two blades are included, which allow for about 16 settings for the length. Adjustable length from 3 mm to 35.

It can work in wired and wireless mode.

The device is equipped with LED indicators.

Alexey (ozon.ru): “It has been working for half a year. There are no complaints. ”


Ideal beard and haircut trimmer. There is a memory system. Trimmer and hair clipper providing constant power.

There are 16 length settings. Very sharp blades, but as safe as possible.

The device has a built-in LCD indicator that helps you adjust the charge level.

The device is powered by mains and battery. Autonomous work - up to 1 hour.

Oleg (I take.ru): “It cuts exactly, the batteries last for a long time, it is easy to clean”.

How to choose a beard and mustache trimmer

First of all, it is worth clearly indicating what to look for when choosing a trimmer for a beard and mustache. Experts strongly recommend that you consider the following characteristics:

  1. Blades. As a rule, they are made of ordinary or stainless steel. The main feature of the trimmer blades is this: they cannot be sharpened on their own. With the cheapest models, they become worthless after a year, and the cost of one sharpened part is about 40% of the total device. The most durable and reliable are self-sharpening titanium knives, so it’s worth spending money on them.
  2. Blade cleaning technology. It is vacuum, wet and dry. The first is recognized as the best, as it is innovative and high-quality.
  3. Work zone. The narrower its width, the easier it will be to make curvatures, corners and zigzag lines on the beard. But to achieve a good result, a narrow cutting head requires dexterity.
  4. Nozzles. It is important to consider the stiffness of the bristles and the style of the beard and mustache, since interchangeable nozzles of trimmers come in different widths and shapes. If you want to experiment with facial hair, you can purchase a special set of nozzles for this, but its price exceeds the cost of the trimmer.
  5. Recharging. There are devices that can be charged from a wall outlet or powered by batteries. The second option is much better if the haircut procedure takes a lot of time, because it is unlikely that anyone would want to put off the trimmer for charging without ending the session.
  6. Height adjustment. This feature is available for all trimmers. Expensive models are equipped with 20 or more levels that regulate the length of hairs in the range of 0.5-13 mm. Cheaper devices have fewer levels, and therefore less height.
  7. Offline work. Most of the models are able to work up to an hour without recharging, and the charging time in this case reaches about 4 hours. But there are more expensive models that charge quickly and work offline for up to 3 hours.

These selection criteria are designed for both cheap and expensive trimmers for beard and mustache. There are advantages in both options, so do not convince yourself that the high cost speaks of higher quality and only such devices can be used.


The trimmer is made in a unique blue shade, incredibly attractive and concise.

Allows cleaning under running water. The blade is sharp and safe. Over 20 length settings. The charge is carried out in 1 hour, and hair cutting can be carried out within 5-10 minutes.

It works on a dual battery, so you don’t have to worry that the device will suddenly stop working at the most crucial moment.

There is an automatic voltage setting, regardless of which country you use the device in. The kit comes with a special oil for lubrication and a cleaning brush.

Victor, (market.yandex.ru): “I have been using it with pleasure for 2 months already! And the price is acceptable for him! There are no nozzles to be changed. Charging fast. ”

Best inexpensive beard and mustache trimmers

Like all cheap devices, trimmers from a low price category are unlikely to surprise professional barbers, although they will be quite suitable for beginners. Such devices are equipped with a minimum number of nozzles, which is enough to handle a not too long beard and mustache. The list of leaders for this parameter includes the three best models, each of which is of good quality and copes with the tasks assigned.


It has a rich configuration.

An excellent beard styler that allows you to create the desired image in the range from 0.5 mm to 21 mm with thirteen length settings. Four crests are included in the kit, which allow you to create accurate and accurate lines. Hair cutting is done when setting the desired length.

Provides a clean shave on the neck, cheeks and face.

Metal blades are very sharp, have an unlimited service life. Allow to achieve a good result.

A unique motor allows you to ensure a constantly set speed.

The battery is rated for up to 100 minutes.

Michael (I take.ru): “There is an LED indicator. As a gift to him you can get a razor Gillette fusion. "


The model helps to achieve high-precision shaving. Ideal for creating short beards, as it has well sharpened sharp blades. The kit comes with a charger, as well as two comb nozzles. The kit also comes with a razor from Gillett.

There is a unique system that helps shape a beard with a simple glide, even when the comb is extended. Waterproof. Has an LED indicator.

There is a double battery that provides powerful, and most importantly, efficient and uninterrupted operation.

The length scale is calculated from 1 mm to 20 mm. There is a retractable narrow trimmer that helps men create sharper lines.

The crest is also quite narrow, so it allows you to create sharper outlines.

There is a wireless function. Charging time - 60 minutes, battery life - 50 minutes.

Vladimir (eldorado.ru): "It’s very convenient to use, beautiful, a bunch of shaving settings, you can easily adjust for yourself."


It has a high-precision school, which is divided into 40 marks, various in length. There is a beard styling function that allows you to choose the optimal length in the range from 0.5 mm to 22 mm. In addition, the selection of length is carried out on four ridges.

The kit has a special nozzle that can be used for small or narrow areas. Provides the function of a clean shave of both the neck and nose, ears, beard.

Helps to create clear contours and get precise styling.

A special lithium-ion battery allows you to work 120% longer than other devices of the company.

This appliance can be washed under running water.

When you buy as a gift, you get a Gillette fusion razor, which has unique flexball technology.

Matvey (citilink.ru): “Excessive equipment. During long work the blade gets very hot. ”


All-metal blades, trimmer is completely waterproof. It has a 2 year warranty. Sold in two versions: in gray and black.

A charge indicator light is specially built into the case. There is a specially built-in memory of the last shave.

It is powered by a battery or a special wire. You will need 1 hour to charge, and the battery will last approximately 100 minutes. There is an automatic voltage setting.

There are two nozzles. Length varies from 1 to 39 installations. Pitch from 0.5 mm to 20.

The kit includes a very convenient portable travel case, brush and oil, a razor from Gillette.

Denis (ozon.ru): “Often it scratches the skin, leaves cuts, but if you get used to it, then it’s a normal device.”


Has the function of precision shaving. The scale is divided into 40 marks from 1 to 20 mm.

Provides maximum accuracy with simple operation. You can create clear contours with little or no effort. There are two removable comb nozzles

There is a function of long-term performance, which means that after eight hours of charging, the trimmer will work exactly 60 minutes. The device is fully washable under running water.

Comes with a Gillette Fusion razor with flexball technology and trimmer accessories.

Dmitry (technopoint.ru): “Flexible adjustment of the shaving length, accuracy as that of a surgeon, lightweight, a razor as a present, autonomous, long battery life.”

Best Model: MGK 7021

Universal set for styling for 7000 rubles.

For this amount, you can count on full-fledged hair care both on the body and on the face. The device has 10 functions. In addition, you can cut your hair, leaving the desired length. The trimmer is absolutely safe for processing the whole body, including the chest. You can take care of hair in your ears and nose with it.

The device has heavy-duty metal blades that have an unlimited service life and do not need sharpening.

There are 13 length settings, an interval from 0.5 to 21 mm, 4 ridges in the kit. The motor provides a constant speed for cutting hair, even with their considerable density.

The lithium-ion battery allows you to work up to 150% more than a number of other devices. There is an LED indicator.

Automatic tuning adjusts the amount of voltage consumed. There is an automatic safety mode that allows the device not to turn on at the moment when it is connected to the electric network while charging.

The minus of the device is one - a high price, but which is fully justified.

Braun representatives offer you an ergonomic design that not only looks stylish, but also fits comfortably in your hand.

In addition, you get a Gillette Fusion razor, which has a floating head, perfectly copes with excess vegetation on the face and body.

  1. Andrey (ozon.ru): “I bought it and did not regret it. It copes with the task of five plus. "
  2. Kirill (technopoint.ru): “Received as a gift. At first I thought it was just an expensive and stupid little thing. In fact, it works perfectly. Creates accurate and clear outlines. I keep my beard in shape on my own. ”
  3. Oleg (eldorado.ru): “With this device, I began to enjoy personal care. Thanks for the razor gift. It is always needed in case you need to fix the circuit quickly. ”

Braun is famous for its incredible product quality, and their trimmers have gained immense popularity. No matter what budget you have, in any case you will get a good device. The difference is only in the configuration and in the number of settings. If you are not going to create complex images, budget models, the cost of which does not exceed 4000 rubles, will be quite enough for you.

How to choose

There are many cars, there are certain ratings, a huge number of reviews are collected on the Internet.

How to choose a beard shaving machine? Before you buy a tool you need to answer a few questions for yourself: for what purposes is it needed? What individual needs should she meet?

  1. Lightweight and compact. If the razor is heavy, does not fit in the hand, the shaving process is doomed to constant distraction and discomfort.
  2. Prefer models with self-sharpening blades, this will save you money and valuable time.
  3. Pay attention to the offline mode, choose a razor suitable for your rhythm of life.
  4. Hair cut line. Nozzles are included with the machine.
  5. Additional features will facilitate the process of caring for the whole head. For example, there are options that perfectly support the beauty of the beard, while they can take care of the mustache, ears, nose.

Philips QC5115

Philips QC5115 silent, high-quality, lightweight, convenient to use. Features of this model: shears in the range from 0 to 21 mm. The product has good prices, a description of the machine and its functions.


Summing up, I want to say that the Braun BT5050 - despite minor flaws - is quite coping with the task. Its main advantages should be considered ease of use, the ability to work on battery power and cleaning under running water.


- Using a trimmer both from the battery and from the network,

- storage case,

- Ability to clean under running water.


- After use, the blades become very hot for 10 minutes,

- There is no nozzle for cutting hair up to 10 mm,

- Outdated type of battery,

- Lack of battery status indicator.

That's all for me, make reasonable purchases and enjoy new acquisitions.

I express special gratitude to the administration of the Club of Experts for the opportunity to post this review.

Braun BT 3020

Model Braun BT 3020 is a modern version that helps to trim, shave, give the desired contour. It has super-sharp blades that cut hair of any thickness, without discomfort. The trimmer works for 40 minutes, while charging the battery for 10 hours.

The kit includes:

  1. trimmer,
  2. Charger,
  3. cleaning brush
  4. 1 comb nozzle

for a small beard: 1 - 10 mm,

Good for:

  • light bristles
  • short and medium length beards

  1. lightweight and compact
  2. simple length adjustment
  3. affordable price.

  1. unreliable charge rate,
  2. short period of work
  3. battery.

The average prices in Russia are in the range from 1598 p. up to 2588 p.

Braun BT 3020 is a good option for men who are just starting to grow a beard, with this trimmer you can start your personal experiments in fringing, then in modeling medium length.

Philips OneBlade QP2530

The Philips OneBlade QP2530 is a one-stop care assistant. The versatility of the device comes down to several functions: shaving, trimming, making contours. OneBlade can be used for both dry shaving and foam shaving. It is waterproof, rinses hair well after shaving. It works for 60 minutes, charges 4 hours.

The kit includes:

  1. shaving heads QP210 / 50, QP220 / 50,
  2. OneBlade pen
  3. protective cap
  4. 4 comb nozzles
  5. Charger.

Nozzles: 4 with a range: 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm.

This model is well suited for the care of bristles of any length.

  1. comfortable shaving, without irritation,
  2. easy to use
  3. reliable battery
  4. waterproof.

  1. there is no shaving function at zero,
  2. the blades need to be changed after 4 months,
  3. high price of replacement parts.

Average prices in Russia are in the range of 2280 p. up to 3290 p.

Philips OneBlade QP2530 is a quality device that is suitable for men who prefer the effect of light unshaven.

Philips top 3 best beard razors: Philips RQ 1175, Philips AT 750, Philips AT 890.

Panasonic ER-GB40

Panasonic ER-GB40 is a universal device with two cutting functions: dry, wet. Blades are made of strong steel, blade width 27 mm. The device is equipped with a disk switch of length from 1 to 10 mm. After cutting, the hair is washed off well with running water. Works - 50 minutes, charges 8 hours.

The kit includes:

  • trimmer,
  • 1 nozzle
  • interchangeable blade WER9606P,
  • stand,
  • brush, oil.

Nozzles: one, with 20 settings of length.

  • Do not pull hair during shaving
  • convenient charge - a glass,
  • waterproof.

  • small range of length adjustment.
  • It does not charge during operation.

The average prices in Russia are in the range of 2048 p. up to 4600 p.

Panasonic ER-GB40, according to customer reviews, is a very good option, it continues to work even after several severe drops, the battery undergoes wear first, it happens after about 3 years, but this can be fixed by replacing it with a new one. Together with this device they get Panasonic ergn30 - an excellent trimmer for cutting in hard-to-reach places (ears, nose).

Remington BHT2000

Remington BHT2000 - has blades that are made of stainless steel. The blades are self-sharpening, have a titanium coating. It works - 40 minutes, the device charges for 14 hours. The largest length step that the device can overcome is 12 mm, the minimum is 3 mm, additional settings for the length of the haircut: 5.7.8 mm.

The device kit includes:

  • 2 mesh shaver,
  • knives
  • wheel for adjusting hair length with 5 positions,
  • length indicator
  • charge indicator
  • charging adapter
  • comb nozzle
  • switch.

Nozzles: comb with 3-12 mm, 1 shaving nozzle.

  • wear resistant blades,
  • the opportunity to shave in the shower.

  • small battery life
  • takes a long time to charge.

Average prices in Russia range from 1999 r. up to 3900 p.

Remington BHT2000 is a good model for home use, with beautiful durable blades.

BaByliss E875E

BaByliss E875E - works without recharging 45 minutes, charging - 90 minutes. The device works independently and from the network, has a slight vibration. It has only one nozzle, with a graduated range. A feature of the model is a rotating head and the presence of a system for quick recharging, designed for 3 minutes.

The device kit includes:

Nozzles: 1, length settings - 15, range 0.4 - 5 mm.

This model is perfect for smooth shaving, care for the mustache, bristles, beard up to 5 mm.

  • quick charge system
  • short charging time

  • Do not wet and rinse with water,
  • no service.

Average prices in Russia range from 2000 r. up to 2890 p.

According to customer reviews, the BaByliss E875E has a very short life, after 1 year it breaks.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

Gillette Fusion ProGl />

Water resistant, allows you to use it during water procedures, runs on batteries. Requires proper blade care.

The kit includes:

Nozzles: three ridges 2.4.6 mm., 4 levels of cutting length.

Suitable for smooth shaving, creating contours, for the care of medium-sized bristles and beards, modeling of mustaches.

  • razor stand availability,
  • design design
  • affordable price.

  • fragile design of cutting heads,
  • lack of charge from the network,
  • life time.

Average prices in Russia are in the range of 1460 rubles. up to 1890 p.

Judging by customer reviews, the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler is a good model that will last up to half a year without problems. Users note the excellent quality of smooth shaving, the relatively low price of the product, hair cutting leaves much to be desired.

Moser 1040-0460 Classic A

The width of stainless blades is 30 mm. There is one special nozzle, with the function of integrating length, is adjusted using the length adjuster. The device maintains a working rhythm for up to 80 minutes, charges for 2 hours, has a quiet mode of operation.

The kit includes:

Nozzles: one, integrated, length: 0.40, 2, 4, 7, 10, 13, 17, 21 mm.

Suitable for care of a mustache, beard of different lengths, not suitable for smooth shaving.

  • high-quality branded goods,
  • long charge.

  • short power cord
  • plastic knife holder,
  • price.

Average prices in Russia are in the range of 3388 p. up to 7421 p.

Moser 1040-0460 Classic A - a quality device from the already established brand. Based on customer reviews, it can be noted that the sore spot in this device, the plastic knife holder, becomes ineffective when handled ineptly.

Oster 59-84

Oster 59-84 - a machine designed for edging, mainly used by professionals.It is networked, with a removable knife made of alloy steel. Shearing length: 1.5 - 3 mm. It runs silently.

The kit includes:

Nozzles: two - 1.5 mm, 3 mm.

Suitable for edging in the ears, neck, beard, mustache.

  • no wet cleaning possible
  • no haircut features
  • price.

Average prices in Russia from 5578 p. up to 7421 p.

Oster 59-84 is actively used in hairdressing salons, barbershops, but you can buy it for home use, for example, for children's haircuts or for modeling the fringes of whiskers, mustaches, beards. Satisfaction from using the device is guaranteed.

BaByliss E835E

BaByliss E835E - a device with multi functions for cutting, shaving hair. This model works from a network and from the accumulator. The blades are sharpened by an electrochemical method. You can use the device in the shower, as the model is waterproof. Works - 40 minutes, charges - 16 hours.

The kit includes:

  • razor head
  • 2 nozzle flanges,
  • additional trimmer (ears, nose),
  • narrow trimmer
  • a razor brush
  • Charger,
  • stand for charging.

  • 7 mm
  • 18 mm
  • for hard to reach places (nose, ears),
  • 2-14 mm, 3-15 mm for cutting hair and beard,
  • 0.5-3 mm for bristle care.

Suitable for care of a beard of different lengths, for the formation of whiskers, for trimming mustaches, cutting hair in the nose, ears, head.

  • many nozzles, functions,
  • water resistant.

The average prices in Russia are in the range of 2490 p. up to 4790 p.

BaByliss E835E, according to customer reviews, has been around for a long time, the device’s problem is the unreliable fixation of height, sometimes the teeth of the nozzles break. When used correctly, the device will last a long time.

Kelli KL-7000

Kelli KL-7000 - designed for cutting hair, removing hair from hard to reach places. It works for 45 minutes, wet cleaning is provided. Achieved a length of 3 -12 mm.

The kit includes:

  • razor trimmer
  • nozzles
  • stand,
  • comb,
  • brush,
  • oil,
  • power adapter.

  • for beard and mustache (4 positions),
  • for cutting hair
  • trimmer (nose, ears, eyebrows),
  • universal
  • full size
  • for a razor.

Suitable for cutting beards and hair, for removing hair in the ears, nose.

Average prices in Russia range from 881 r. up to 1760 p.

Kelli KL-7000 pleases consumers with affordable price and good quality, the device is easy to use and very practical.


The machine is an important tool in hairdressing salons, barbershops, and even at home, if you have chic hair and a burning desire to look after it yourself.

The choice of tool should be approached responsibly so as not to regret the wasted money. Before you start using the tool, you need to study the instructions well, since often improper use causes breakdowns and dissatisfaction with quality.

Spend more time getting information and then by all means get the desired tool.

If you don’t have a thick beard, there is no hair on your cheeks, hair is thin and sparse,
-There is a remedy that lasts for 2 weeks! This is a unique product consisting exclusively of natural ingredients. The result is a thick and beautiful beard!

1. Philips BT1216 Series 1000

The best beard trimmer from low-cost models is quite compact and stylish. It is convenient to hold in your hand due to the non-slip body. The power button is located on the top in the center, so you can press it with any finger, but it’s very difficult to touch it by accident.

The trimmer is designed to clean up the mustache and beard. It makes it possible to change the length of the hairs from 1 to 7 millimeters - for this, 5 modes are provided. The model operates offline for no more than an hour.
The cost of the device on average is 1700 rubles.


  • compactness
  • self-sharpening blades
  • the presence of several interchangeable nozzles,
  • wireless work
  • quick charge.


  • inconvenient case included
  • noticeable vibration during operation.

1. MOSER 1030-0460

In the ranking of the best trimmers for beard and mustache in terms of cost and quality, this model from Moser deserves to take first place, because it has good functionality and its appearance. The device looks attractive. At the top there is only a slider for turning it on or off and an operation indicator.

The indicator shows only the operating status of the trimmer, and not the process of charging it.

The device is able to reduce hair within 0.6-24 mm. It is powered by a battery and does not require recharging for 50 minutes of continuous operation.

You can buy the device for 2800 rubles. average.


  • convenience and simplicity,
  • removable nozzles and knives,
  • compact sizes
  • simplicity in leaving.


  • lack of a power key lock,
  • weak battery.

2. Philips OneBlade Pro QP6520

An innovative-looking professional beard and long mustache trimmer is equipped with an on and off button, as well as a length adjuster. Additionally, a display is displayed on the trimmer housing, which displays the charge level.

The trimmer provides wet cleaning and allows you to process the length of the hair from 0.4 to 10 millimeters. At the same time, length settings are quite enough here - 14 levels. From one recharge the device continuously works for an hour and a half.
Such a beard clipper is sold at a price of about 5 thousand rubles.


  • double-sided blade
  • excellent autonomy
  • wet and dry shave,
  • compact canvas
  • security,
  • interchangeable nozzles included.


3. Braun BT 5070

The trimmer with a “swollen” body stands out from its competitors due to its stylish design. All that is present on its top panel is the charge indicator, power key and length adjuster.

The device is designed exclusively for mustaches and beards. It has the function of wet cleaning and cuts in a wide range of hair lengths - from 1 to 20 mm, and there are as many as 25 modes for this. The trimmer is powered only by the battery, and it works offline for about 50 minutes maximum.

You can buy a trimmer for a beard and mustache at an average cost of 4 thousand rubles.


  • second retractable blade
  • function of fast 5-minute charging for one session,
  • shortens dense hairs the first time,
  • excellent equipment
  • not afraid of water.


  • lack of a stand for charging,
  • does not shave at zero.

4. Philips BT5200 Series 5000

A good beard and mustache trimmer has a noble appearance. It is made in black and red colors. There is nothing superfluous on the case - just the on and off key, as well as a wheel-length adjuster.

Together with the device, several stainless steel blades are supplied. The Philips beard trimmer itself has the function of wet cleaning. The number of length settings reaches 17, with a minimum hair length of 0.4 mm and a maximum of 10 mm. A haircut time without a network connection is exactly 60 minutes.
The price tag of the device is quite attractive - 3500 rubles.


  • sturdy construction
  • water resistant
  • good battery
  • excellent fixation of the length of the hair.


  • a bit big in size.

5. Remington MB4130

One of the best Remington beard trimmers has a slightly curved body, making it comfortable in the hand. It has a rubberized part of the body on which the power button and length adjuster are located.

The model involves the use of titanium blades. It performs wet cleaning efficiently. The minimum length of the haircut is 0.4 mm, the maximum is 18 mm, and the number of levels at the regulator reaches 13. In addition, the trimmer works autonomously for no more than 50 minutes.

You can buy the device for only 2500 rubles.


  • lightweight and compact design
  • the blade has a titanium coating and does not require lubrication,
  • click when rotating the adjusting wheel,
  • the ability to work both from the network and from the battery.


  • doesn’t shave “to zero”,
  • weak battery.

Best premium beard and mustache trimmers

More expensive and, therefore, functional devices are equipped with several nozzles, due to which they can be safely used to cut a mustache, beard and even a head. To date, taking into account consumer reviews, it has been possible to identify two undoubted leaders with whom self-care will not be a problem.

1. BaByliss E886E

A stylish device often receives feedback about its appearance. On it, in addition to the power button and length adjuster, there is a charging indicator and a display. At the same time, it is not necessary to change the height of the haircut with the wheel, but with two keys - “+” and “-”.

The trimmer works with stainless steel blades, performs the function of wet cleaning and has 48 length modes. The minimum hair length is 0.4 mm, and the maximum is 10 mm. Battery life does not exceed one hour.
The price tag of such a machine is corresponding - 7 thousand rubles. average.


  • fast charge function (5 minutes),
  • large display
  • high-quality assembly
  • powerful battery.


  • “Abstruse” instructions included
  • It works badly without nozzles.

2. Panasonic ER-SB60

The universal beard and mustache trimmer looks really brutal. It is equipped with a display, a length adjuster and a convenient on / off button. All these elements are compact, arranged in one row and do not interfere during operation.

The device has a wet cleaning function and its own battery from the manufacturer. This trimmer cuts hairs from 0.5 to 10 mm and has 19 length settings. They can work autonomously for an hour or endlessly by connecting to an outlet.
The average cost of a beard machine reaches 11500 rubles.


  • charge indicator
  • convenient stand included
  • high-quality display
  • There is a nozzle for detailed alignment.


Which beard trimmer is better to buy

The list of the best beard trimmers for men reviews includes exclusively high-quality and durable devices. They meet the requirements of consumers, but choosing a specific model for yourself is worth considering the price and purpose of use. Inexpensive devices are perfect for beginners to use at home, travel lovers should think about more expensive and functional options, and cars from the premium segment will be ideal for professional barbers and ordinary men who carefully monitor all the vegetation on their heads and faces.

Watch the video: Braun Beard Trimmer, BT5050, Unboxing & Review (February 2020).

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