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Fashion hairstyles of the 90s: men's and women's hairstyles, photo images, special features

Volume for loose hair, bangs with a roller, chemistry for medium length, high tails with bright accessories, headbands and headbands - greetings from the 90s. By the end of the 20th century, the idea of ​​beauty finally turned upside down. Women looked so ridiculous that now it is remembered only with a smile. Although at that time, women's hairstyles of the 90s with a gangster character, as in the photo of stars in glossy magazines, every fashionista sought to repeat. All the characteristic features of the styling of the last decade of the last century, their modern interpretations, we will consider further.

Historical aspects

In the early 90's, the world felt political instability. There are many major military conflicts and small riots. The most striking examples are the war in Afghanistan, Somalia, the partition of Bosnia and Serbia, and riots in the United States and Russia. Calm reigned only in old Europe.

The political situation of the 90s influenced the continuation of self-assertion, the strengthening of freedom-loving moods. During this period, many informal subcultures are formed. The appearance of the crowd is awkwardly bright. Everyone seeks to stand out, "show teeth." Men are eager to emphasize power, women focus on sexuality.

Fashion trends

In the 90s, the rapid development of the sphere shaping the image and style was noticeable. Many young fashion designers appeared who created completely different collections. Consumers were invited to choose a wardrobe based on their preferences. The manifestation of individuality was brought to the fore.

The attention of designers of the period of the 90s was no longer directed to things, but to the opportunity to emphasize the virtues of a female figure. Slimness came into fashion. Women began to strive to resemble tall and slender models that showed clothes. Interest in fashion models fueled a fascination with glossy magazines. The fashionable tabloid press received mass development precisely in the period of the 90th.

World trends vary geographically. European fashion is more restrained and elegant. Dominance belongs to the sporting style. Items from jeans, trousers, shirt dresses are present in many collections.

In Russia, street fashion has won the interest of the masses. Things did not pretend to be elegant, but they were comfortable, they were distinguished by their catchiness. Significantly obsessed with brands. Stylish called a girl who has a mandatory set of fashionable things:

  • jeans, skirts, shorts, shirts, windcheaters made of similar fabric,
  • T-shirts with prints
  • wide pants,
  • leggings or tights of bright colors,
  • voluminous sweaters for men
  • sneakers,
  • sport costume Adidas",
  • high platform or wedge shoes.

Clothing and shoes were bought separately. Things did not claim to match each other. A single ensemble often looked ridiculous. The presence of bright colors in clothes was considered indispensable.

A gloomy look often diluted makeup. Colored mascara and eyeliner, bright shadows and lipstick are in fashion. Towards the end of the century, trends have changed. Smoky Eyes has gained popularity. Makeup acquired contour, smokiness. Bright colors have lost relevance.

Large bracelets and earrings made of metal or plastic were used as accessories for clothes. Beads in the form of chains of large rings are gaining popularity. An obligatory attribute is a leatherette belt or a thick cord. Large baggy bags are becoming a trend.

Characteristic hairstyles

Finding a hairstyle in the early 90's is easy. In fashion bouffant hair. Magnificence was created on the hair of a small length. More common hair to the shoulders. Short haircuts in the 90s were used less often. Particular attention was paid to the bangs. The element was made voluminous, placed in the form of a "house", combed on one side or back. The structure was abundantly varnished.

Another trend in hairstyles: chemistry. Long-term curls were made on hair of different lengths. The most popular version was that of Veronica Castro, the leading woman in the series “The Rich Cry,” as well.

In the early 90's fashion for blondes. Girls try to achieve perfect whiteness of their hair, but more often they get a burnt “washcloth” with a yellowish tint. Towards the end of the century, the boom of complete clarification has passed. The naturalness of hair color has returned to fashion, a more gentle technique has appeared: highlighting.

High tail is recognized as a youth trend. Hair was collected on the crown or side. The tail was fixed with large elastic bands of bright colors. Sometimes the tail was even fixed with a scarf, it turned out the real "Leaning Tower of Pisa". The tail was collected from the full mass of hair or placed against a background of loose hair.

Particularly creative girls of the 90s did several small ponytails or bundles in the form of horns throughout the head. The result was a mischievous hairstyle, perfect for a disco.

Loose hair was also held in high esteem. Smooth strands were not left. Corrugation was considered popular. The use of a specialized device was often replaced with pigtails at night. A special “squeak” was the coloring of strands in bright colors.

A universal option was the hairpin of the “sophist twist”. The device allowed you to make tails and bunches of different formats. The hairpin was used to perform children's and adult hairstyles.

Who is suitable for

For the hairstyles of the 90s, the glory of tasteless styling was firmly entrenched. There are practically no people wishing to come back in those days. Clothes and hairstyles of the late XX century are occasionally used for theme parties.

It is difficult to choose a hairstyle option in the manner of the 1990s with minimal damage to the appearance. Bouffant suits ladies with a round face, but it is better to refuse a characteristic voluminous bang. A high or side tail is ideal for girls with a triangular type of face. It is better for the owners of the square oval to stay on their loose hair with a corrugation.

Attention! Hairstyles of the 90s look ridiculous with modern clothes. Bright tights, a denim skirt, a wide swamp color sweater and sneakers will help set the mood in retro style.

General recommendations

All hairstyles of the 90s are elementary simple. To make styling in a characteristic retro manner is really independent. And for work you need a minimum of tools. Most girls of the 90s created using cheap tools at hand.

It’s not at all necessary for a one-night theme evening to spoil the hair with a simple clarifier, do chemistry, cut bangs. It is possible to imitate the style of the 90s with the help of a comb, a curling iron with a corrugation nozzle or braiding, performing the usual high tail.

Modern variations

Modern fashionistas rarely agree to perm, as in the 90s. Permanent curls are often made on long hair, which was considered a rarity for the end of the 20th century. In the present, curls are made larger. You can curl with curlers or improvised means.

The high tail, greetings from the 90s, remains popular now. Modern women of fashion do not tie a tall "palm". The tail is fastened with elastic bands to the color of the hair, often the place of fixation is hidden by a strand of hair. Sometimes there are also lateral tails of a neater species than in the 90s.

Really meet and crimping strands. Modern girls rarely process all the hair. More often corrugated strand becomes the decor of a common hairstyle. The element is placed on the background of a smooth canvas of hair. Although more often the corrugating technique is used to create a basal volume.

Star examples

The most striking example of the appearance characteristic of the 90s was Madonna. Hairstyle, makeup, clothing stars fully reflect the existing fashion trends.

By the end of the decade, youth fashion was being asked Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna.

Madonna and Britney Spears

Neat, feminine image with tight curls showed Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts. The option in the classical style showed Princess Diana.

Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker

Hairstyles in the manner of the 90s - an incredible mixture of simplicity and glamor. The desire for self-expression, attracting attention pushed for the creation of ridiculous images that now seem ridiculous. For many, the period was a turning point, which left a bright mark in the heart.

Features of the hairstyles of the nineties

The nineties of the last century were marked for our country by a cardinal breaking of all social foundations, the collapse of the country and the all-pervading spirit of freedom and permissiveness, up to anarchism. Of course, fashion could not get past these trends. The rebellious spirit of the time was reflected in the appearance of the inhabitants of the dying power, in particular, in hairstyles, which, along with clothes, became more and more impudent and shocking.

Hairstyles of the 90s (photo below) are an unimaginable mixture of different styles and, in a sense, are guilty of a lack of taste. But when you consider that the primary task of most fashionistas and women of fashion of that time was to stand out from the crowd, not to be, like everyone else, they coped well with their role.

The main distinguishing feature of the hairstyles of this time was bouffant. This is an essential attribute. Combed hair of any length, at the roots or along the entire length. Lush styling, which took tons of varnish, was in fashion. Lush hairstyles, unusual coloring options, vibrant elastic bands, various hairpins and headbands - all these are indispensable attributes of the nineties hairstyle.


The most magnificent hairstyle of the 90s was obtained on the basis of perm. And if earlier it was done mainly on short hair, then in the nineties, chemistry began to spoil medium and even long curls.

Such a hairstyle relied lush bangs, combed on the forehead. The bouffant on perms made the hair even more voluminous.

The most advanced fashionistas could afford a corrugation hairstyle. Such a styling was far from at all. True, few could boast the presence of a curling iron. But nothing prevented the persistent girls from braiding a hundred small braids at night to look like Carmen Electra in the morning. Well, or almost the same.

Types of bangs

A special role in the hairstyle of the 90s was assigned to the bangs. The most fashionable and "cool" was considered the so-called "windproof" bangs. To "put" it took a lot of time and effort, and, of course, varnish.

The bangs were combed, then a flat vertical comb was formed from it, which was filled with a huge amount of varnish. Instead of varnish, you could use sugar syrup or just soap for styling.

A variation on the same theme was a bang-comb, divided into two parts. The upper part was placed with a visor, and the lower covered the forehead.

Another option for styling in a hairstyle from the 90s is bangs with a roller. To form it, wet hair was wound on a round comb and dried in this form. It happened that locks tightly stuck in such a comb, but this did not stop the bold fashionistas.

Ability to stand out

Hairstyles in the style of the 90s were created in order to stand out, catch the eye, emphasize the bright personality and non-triviality of the person. To this end, even the simplest and most common styling was transformed using a variety of tricks.

It would seem that the traditional horse tail can add to the look of the unusual? It turns out that if you wrap it with a wide elastic band or a scarf to raise it as high as possible, decorate it with a bright bow or an unusual hairpin, the image immediately acquires the features of recklessness, audacity and freedom. They reinforced this impression by coloring the locks in a wide variety of colors, using special mascara, colored crayons, and sometimes even plain green for these purposes.

Another sign of the times was the massive enthusiasm for headbands. It began in the late eighties, at the peak of popularity with aerobics classes. Later, the bandages were replaced with bright ribbons or scarves of unimaginable colors. Corduroy rims looked much more modest, but served, in fact, the same goal - to remove hair from the forehead.

Classic in the nineties

Not all hairstyles of the 90s were so radical. The classic bob haircuts, bob and cascade remained popular. They were mainly preferred by business women and simply stylish women who were not inclined to extreme and teenage shocking. Based on these hairstyles, lush styling was also performed.

At that time, long hair also remained fashionable. They could be laid in the form of magnificent curls or assembled into a neat hairstyle. In the early nineties, the highly advertised “sophist twist” gum became very popular, with the help of which it was very easy and quick to collect long hair into a beautiful bun, make a French shell, roller or “Flamenco”.

Several thin strands released from under the “twister” and framing the face were considered a special chic. With the help of such styling it was possible to create a more delicate and feminine image, suitable for strict, solemn events. The rush fashion for this accessory has passed, however, it is still found in the arsenal of fashionistas who today want to reproduce romantic hairstyles in the style of the 90s.

Damn good

Another variety of hairstyles of that time was the image, conventionally called the "little demon." Its feature is a lot of small tails or pigtails located throughout the head randomly or in a certain sequence.

With the help of many small elastic bands, designs were created in the form of scallops, horns or tails sticking out gaily in all directions. The arbitrary shape of the hairstyle did not limit the flight of imagination and gave huge scope for self-expression.

Of course, such a hairstyle was super popular at first among young girls, and a little later the guys picked it up. What else, apart from such a "creative mess", distinguished men's hairstyles of the 90s?

Men's haircuts for medium hair

At that time, men were quite popular haircuts for medium-length hair. Looked very impressive on such strands of hairstyles in retro style. This was considered a special chic. As in the case of women's hairstyles, such haircuts required the creation of volume.

As it turned out, perm was not the only way to make hair lush. Even smooth hair can be added with proper styling. It was in the nineties that many men learned to lay locks on their own and properly care for them. The decoration of the hairstyles in retro style was long bangs, laid to one side or a special, "ragged" haircut technique.

Short haircuts

The most popular men's hairstyles of the 90s for short hair are Caesar, as well as a hedgehog and a hat.

Hedgehog - haircut for young men. It can be done on straight and curly hair. It features short lateral strands and longer upper ones. Externally, the hairstyle looks like protruding needles of a hedgehog. If the hair is tough, additional styling is not required. Soft strands are shorter and laid with a gel. Hair could be combed in a mess, emphasizing the individuality of the image.

A cap is a hairstyle consisting of a short-cut lower part and long strands on top. She looked best on thick hair and also made it possible to make various styling options based on it.

The Caesar haircut is distinguished by a very short nape, elongated top and short bangs. Performed in the style of graduation, but without clear transition lines. In general, the fashion for shaved nape came to us from the nineties. At that time, super-short haircuts were preferred by “business” people.A “zero” haircut, boxing or semi-boxing should indicate the “steepness” of the owner.

Even then, in the nineties, it was fashionable for men to shave various drawings and inscriptions on their heads. Another fashionable technique was bleaching hair or dyeing one or more strands in unusual colors.

Another popular male trend of that time was haircuts with voluminous bangs and shaved temples. The haircut looked very stylish, so many men preferred it, despite the need for styling.

Men's haircuts for long hair

As noted above, perm was used to add volume to hair not only by women. Magnificence and volume were also welcomed in men's hairstyles of the 90s. A sufficient number of men preferred to wear long hair. If they were straight and did not have enough volume, they were given splendor with the help of chemistry. The elongated curls looked quite romantic on men's heads.

Many representatives of radical youth preferred punk hairstyles. Elongated hair was combed on the forehead, smoothly turning into bangs. Such a hairstyle looked especially impressive on wavy strands.

And, of course, the most effective way to express yourself is Iroquois. Now you won’t surprise anyone especially, and in the nineties she made a lasting impression, causing indignation among the older generation and envy of peers. A special effect was produced by coloring the crest in acid colors.

The fashion of the nineties reflected the features of that time. Some techniques, trends have survived today. Many people try to repeat the special charm of the nineties today. This retro direction allows you to express individuality, unusualness and special style.

Men's hairstyle 90s: fashion trends

At the time, fashion stars were inspired by pop stars. Many imitated their image, because it was unique: the more famous and brighter the image of a singer or actor, the more often they became like him. Men's hairstyles of the 90s were diverse.

Retro haircuts were very popular, especially for those who had long bangs. Of course, not every guy could wear such a hairstyle. But, who had a desire to experiment on appearance, allowed themselves such liberties. Then many learned that perming in men is not the only way to change the shape of their hair.

Retro style looked beautiful on medium hair. A laid bang on one side, a haircut-fragment, as well as straight hair - all this required special care and styling. At that time, the main goal was to stand out from the others, so that your appearance would cause shock among the older generation and envy among peers.

Types of haircuts in the style of the 90s

Not only girls had a desire to stand out among others, men also wanted to look their best. Hairstyles of the 90s are a mixture of various styles. We suggest considering hairstyles that once occupied a place of honor in the history of fashion.

A hedgehog is a men's hairstyle of the 90s, which was preferred more by young people who were not afraid to express themselves. This style gives confidence and masculinity. The haircut itself is not complicated and convenient. Using cosmetics, you can quickly turn naughty hair into a stylish styling. It represents sticking hair that really looks like hedgehog needles.

It was done on hard hair, having a length of not more than 4 cm. If the hair was soft, then I had to use a lot of fixation agents to make a “hedgehog”.

For the first time, this hairstyle appeared among athletes who studied at Yale University. She attracted the attention of spectators, as well as officials who were at the competitions. After that, it became very common among other inhabitants.


Short hair is a standard men's hairstyle in the 90s. But, the representatives of the stronger sex then looked after themselves and haircuts for medium hair gained great popularity. The girls liked it, the more they do not require special care.

Hairstyle “Hat” was a short-cut lower part of the hair, and the top had longer strands. The result was a pretty beautiful haircut, similar in form to its name.

The preference for such a hairstyle was thick hair. The form held for a long period, and there were no problems with styling. The secret of its prevalence was the fact that it was suitable for almost everyone, without exception. They looked very attractive men with any face shape. It was preferably worn by young people.

Extra Long Curls

It happened that men with straight hair were envious of women who had curly hair. How to get out of this situation? At one time, perm or bio-curling came into fashion. Guys who had hair without volume made an effort to do this procedure. In this case, straight thin hair turned into elongated curls.

After that, the resulting curls were processed with special tools that helped shape the hairstyle. Cosmetic substances were selected depending on the type of curl made.

Men's haircuts of the 90s could look different. The trend then was punk hairstyles. She looked very stylish on elongated wavy hair, which fell on her forehead to the eyebrow line, and then gradually turned into a bang.


At that time in Russia, hairstyle fashion was copied from pop stars. They tried to imitate their style and appearance - the more unusual and defiant the image of the singer or actor was, the more people wanted to copy it. In the 90s there were a huge number of different men's haircuts.

Among the owners of long bangs, retro-haircuts were very popular. Although not everyone could afford to resort to such decisions. This was done only by those who were not afraid of experiments with appearance. At that time, in addition to perming hair, men tried other ways to change the shape of hair.

The "old" style is well suited to medium length hair.

Stacked to the side of the bangs, even or ragged haircut require special attention and careful care. The main task was to stand out in his company. Appearance was to cause envy among peers and often a shock from the older generation.

In the 90s, not only girls but also boys wanted to stand out from the crowd. Everyone wanted to look better than their peers. Hairstyles of past years were a mixture of different styles. Consider some haircuts that previously occupied first places in the history of fashion:

  • "Hat"
  • elongated curls,
  • "Hedgehog",
  • "Caesar",
  • shaved whiskey and voluminous bangs.

We will analyze in more detail each of these hairstyles.

Shaved whiskey and voluminous bangs

At that time, the hairdresser could not boast of a large selection of cosmetics and many tools in order to achieve heights in this art. But, despite this, the style of the 90s contains many different options that did not require much time and effort to make styling, and the effect remained positive for a long time.

Hairstyles with shaved temples and voluminous bangs look stylish, neat and are very popular. The execution technique does not have big difficulties. The haircut does not contain sharp lines, transitions are smooth. Although this hairstyle had to be styled, and not everyone could afford to do it every day, but those who like to experiment and attract the views of the weaker sex performed this procedure very carefully.


Caesar - this trend is already more than 30 years old. Then all kinds of stripes were popular, the color of the strands that set the youth rhythm. Discoloration was first made by the famous rapper Eminem, who set the stage for such a style. A vivid example of this is the Caesar hairstyle.

It is designed for those who want to look stylish, but, unfortunately, is not suitable for everyone. Its feature is a short bang, not more than 0.9 cm. It will be suitable for men with an oval face, slightly elongated. If the hair structure is curly, then it is better to refuse such a haircut. It consists in a short nape with an elongated top and bangs. Graduation does not have pronounced lines.

Elongated curls

It happened that young men with straight hair looked enviously at women's curls and wanted to have the same. What to do in a similar situation? In those years, chemical and bio-curling became fashionable. Guys, whose hair was not volume, spent a lot of effort for this procedure. As a result, thin straight hair became elongated curls.

After the described procedure, the hair was treated with various preparations, thereby giving the hairstyle a finished look. Chemicals were selected for a specific curl.

On the Today, the technique for performing this procedure has not changed. The only difference is that today there is a huge amount of all kinds of chemicals for every taste and budget.

This hairstyle was worn by young men who were not afraid to declare themselves. This appearance gave masculinity and self-confidence. The haircut itself was very simple and convenient. Using a small amount of chemicals, you can turn naughty hair into a stylish hairstyle.

In appearance, the haircut is a hair sticking up, resembling the needles of a hedgehog. A similar solution is well suited for short, stiff hair up to 4 cm long. If the hair is soft, you will need to use various means to fix the curls.

A haircut was first seen among athletes studying at Yale University. This hairstyle attracted the attention of not only fans, but also government employees watching the competition. In the future, this trend was picked up by ordinary inhabitants.

How to make styling for men in retro style?

Retro style is popular. Hairstyles of this format are combined with a business suit and are created in such a way that an elongated curl in the forehead has a light wave.

To make it necessary, follow some basic rules:

  1. A hairstyle is created for cleanly washed hair that remains a little damp.
  2. Hair is dried in such a way that the air from the hair dryer stacks the locks in the direction that is necessary.
  3. Distribute the air evenly, and do not keep the hair dryer close to the curls, so as not to burn them.
  4. Choose the right styling product, as the final result depends on it.

Short conclusion

Fashion is back, and today you can see men with hairstyles worn by our grandfathers. But, choosing a suitable haircut for yourself, it is important to pay attention to how much it will be combined with the shape of the face, the style of your preferred clothes.

In addition, in order for the hairstyle to please the owner, as well as to delight those around him, you need to properly care for and maintain in good condition. This is the guarantee of male attractiveness and grooming.

Shaved whiskey and voluminous bangs

In those years, hairdressers did not have all the necessary tools and chemicals to achieve heights in their field. But, in spite of everything, the style of the 90s has incorporated many different options, the implementation of which does not require much effort and time, and the styling made in this way lasts a very long time.

Shaved whiskeys with voluminous bangs were very popular because of the neat appearance and style. Technically, this is a simple haircut. It does not contain sharp lines, and all transitions are smooth. But even such a simple hairstyle had to be styled. Every day, not everyone could afford to spend time on this, but not lovers of experiments with appearance and attention from the weaker sex. These young men laid with great care

Execution technique

The style of the 90s is very popular. He looks good on the background of business suits. To depict a similar “composition” on the hair, it is necessary:

  • the hair is done on well-washed, clean hair, slightly moistened,
  • drying occurs by directing the hair dryer in the direction necessary for styling,
  • during drying, the air from the hair dryer should flow evenly on the hair and not overheat it,
  • the most important moment in the implementation of any hairstyle is the correctly selected styling products, since the desired result depends on it.

Wax is applied only to the ends of the hair and they can also be given the necessary shape in a bang.

Varnish must be applied at the end of the procedure (goes well with modeling tool). The secret of success of any hairstyle lies in healthy hair, which requires constant and proper care.

You can learn about a simple way to choose a men's hairstyle from the video.

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