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A complete guide on jeans styles that will help you choose a model for any look

For many people, jeans are quite comfortable clothes. But, to find a suitable model, you have to work hard, as models of men's jeans today shine with their diversity. It happens that you need to go around a lot of boutiques to make a purchase. This prepares that there are different types of men's jeans.

A careful choice is the key to success. Otherwise, you can not emphasize the dignity of your figure, but rather spoil it. But in order for the length to be suitable and the width, you should know what styles of men's jeans exist.

Styles of men's jeans (photo)

There are three main characteristics by which the product is cut - it is cut (leg), rise and fit. What are they?

  • Cut (leg) - this part determines what jeans will be: straight, flared or skinny,
  • Rise - this is the type of fit or in another way the height of the waist. It can be ordinary, high and low,
  • Fit - indicates but how narrow or wide the products will be, as well as how they will sit on a particular figure. This part, which is from the waist to the knee.

Landing (Rise)

  • High landing (high-wasted). Jeans with a belt line at or near the navel. Such trousers do not have to be tight - so-called “mother's jeans” are now in fashion. They were popular in the 80–90s, and in the 2010s, fashionistas all over the world fell in love with them again. As a rule, they are worn with a tucked-in shirt or crop tops. Similar models well stretch the figure, and loose-fitting jeans help hide a small tummy.
  • At the waist (original). This landing is not much different from overpriced - the upper line of the belt here runs at the navel. You can and should wear them with the same things that high-wasted jeans: in autumn and early spring, they will be perfectly complemented by tucked-in flannel shirts, pullovers and sweaters, in summer - crop tops, light blouses and classic white shirts.
  • Normal landing (regular or medium). A classic fit jeans, with the upper edge slightly below the belly button. Properly selected, they are ideal for any type of figure, and you can wear them with anything, be it a classic jacket, bomber jacket or top.
  • Low Pants with a low rise will look good only on girls who do not have problems in the abdomen. In the early 2000s, they were worn with cropped tops that opened up most of the abdomen, but today this combination is considered almost a sign of bad taste: modern fashion allows you to show just a few centimeters of the body, and the press in this case should be perfect. In addition, in the late 2010s, these jeans are often worn with oversize shirts tucked in and jeans.
  • Very low (ultra-low). Jeans with ultra-low fit, the popularity of which is much less today than at the beginning of the decade, is recommended to be worn only by slender girls with a flat stomach, because the upper line of the belt for such trousers runs just above the pubic bone. You can wear them with the same top that is suitable for jeans with a low rise.

Jeans as an integral part of men's wardrobe

Since the beginning of the “jeans revolution” in the 60s of the last century to the present day, denim pants are rightly in high demand. The younger generation no longer knows that jeans were once a terrible shortage and were considered a status thing. To become the proud owner of “13 ounces of denim”, you had to “get it”, pretty much overpaying.

Today, jeans are the most affordable and affordable type of clothing. They are worn by everyone - men, women, children. Cool businessmen and doctors, and students, and hard workers flaunt in them.

Jeans are the most convenient type of clothing for all occasions. Their dense, not elongated bubbles on the knees, wear-resistant denim fabric makes it possible to comfortably wear this wardrobe item in all areas of life. Such pants are good in a feast, and in the world, and in good people - on fishing, on a picnic, at work, in the office, on a date, in a cafe, at a school desk.

Thus, jeans are an integral part - Must have of any men's wardrobe, its basic element. You need to have at least two pairs of such trousers - denser for the cold season and thinner for heat. And in the wardrobe of the “true dandies” there are probably much more copies of jeans trousers of various styles, shapes and colors. Moreover, manufacturers offer a huge number of their types.

How not to “get lost” among this variety and choose what you need? We will take a short excursion to understand this issue.

Direct or classic

To get jeans into the classic category, it is important to understand how this garment should look. There are several important signs that define the classics - this is a straight fit, slightly narrowed to the bottom, a width such that it does not fit the hips, the length slightly covers the top of the sneakers or shoes. The color is blue or dark blue. Thick denim not stretch. Usually five pockets. Of course, the liberty of modern designers allows us to depart from the accepted rules and includes black jeans or light shades with the addition of elastin in the list.

To choose the classic models of men's jeans, what you should pay attention to:

  1. Landing. The product belt may be located at the waist itself or slightly lower. But, designers also offer non-standard options - this is a high waist. Most often, these models are older men. It looks vintage, but you can hide a small tummy behind them.
  2. Length. This criterion is very important for both short and tall men. If in the case of the first there is an opportunity to adjust the length in the studio, filing the extra centimeters. That, in another case, this method will not work. Therefore, it is very important to be careful about the length parameter.
  3. Color. The importance here is expressed not only in taste, but also in relevance. For example, dark shades: black, blue is a more suitable office option, and it is unlikely that anyone will put light brown on work. Light colors: beige or white will look ridiculous in winter.
  4. Material. Classic men's jeans are made of heavy denim, which does not stretch, does not wrinkle. If the model is chosen correctly, then you can safely replace them with costume trousers, putting on with a shirt and a jacket. Such a duet will be relevant in everyday life, for a holiday or a date.

This is a jeans model that expands from the middle of the thigh or the bottom of the knee. In this case, the landing is completely different. Inserts, prints or drawings are not welcome on such products. The best option is a plain color model in classic colors. To decorate the product a little, it is recommended to choose a beautiful belt.

Flare is back in fashion, and jeans of such models are presented in various denim brands. Effective flared jeans are produced by the famous brand Lee and Wrangler.

But, they are not suitable for everyone. They are suitable for slim, tall men. Even if there are some imperfections in the figure, you can also put them on, hide your belly behind the high waist of the product, and a flare that starts from the hip will save wide hips.

Similar styles are not recommended for men of small stature, especially if they have a pronounced belly. In this case, the legs will look even shorter, and the stomach is larger.

Types of jeans for men

When choosing denim pants, the buyer usually focuses on their taste preferences, figure features and their own sense of style. Consider the basic, most relevant styles of jeans trousers.

Flush. Boot cut - a little forgotten since hippie style again at the peak of popularity. Jeans of this shape are a model in which the leg extends from the knee to the ankle.

Interesting fact! The first to wear a flare were American sailors.

This model can be found in the latest collections of Wrangler, Lee and other famous brands. Landing flared pants can be any - high, medium, low. Stylists advise choosing models of classic colors, without an abundance of decor.

Such a silhouette will allow “camouflage” wide hips. The length to the middle of the heel and a light accordion at the bottom will visually lengthen the leg and hide a pair of foot sizes if it is too big for you. It is not recommended to wear such jeans to men of short stature with short legs.

The most successful accessory for flare will be a wide belt with a large buckle.

Cargo. Cargo - in the translation “cargo”, which used to be specialized clothing for movers and military men, took to the streets and became a popular casual style of men's jeans.

Their distinguishing feature is the presence of large pockets, backpacks on the sides or on the front of the legs, in which all the "little things" necessary for a man are placed. Cargo have some "baggy". This silhouette is popular among teenagers, party-goers and informal lovers.

Modern designers have diversified the "military" trousers. There are narrowed, wide models with large pockets on the hips, with a lowered waist, with cuffs, insulated options, various colors, including camouflage.

Jeans in this style, in addition to a brutal militarized outfit, will suit casual looks, business style (if the company does not have a very strict dress code), and sports.

Due to the variety of models, cargo jeans are a universal model, regardless of age, type of figure and style. The main thing is to correctly choose the style and size.

Relaxedfit - Convenient and practical style, providing complete comfort while wearing, not restricting movements. The model has a completely straight cut leg, which allows you to hide some excess volume of the hips and buttocks. They look very harmonious on the representatives of the stronger sex of large build. Suitable for people with other body types.

Ideal for tourism, travel, travel and other outdoor activities.

  1. Loose(Baggy)fit. The style imitates the cut of baggy work pants of the early twentieth century. Free and relaxed, will help to hide both excessive thinness and some roundness of the figure. This model has become popular among young people and is very popular with rappers.
  2. Slimfit. The model is created as if "to the peak" of the previous one. Slim and tight-fitting slim form emphasize the merits of a taut, slim figure. Holders of a tight figure with heavy hips of jeans-pipes should be avoided. This modern and popular model is suitable for both men and women.
  3. Jogger. The model is a kind of symbiosis of jeans and sweatpants. Dense on the hips, loose in the knees and tapering at the ankles, the bottom can be collected on an elastic band, backstage or cuffs. Initially, these were the favorite pants of rappers and basketball players, but today they have firmly entered the daily lives of people who lead an active lifestyle.
  4. Skinny - Skinny. The most tight-fitting figure along the entire length of the pants, which is called the "second skin". As they say, trousers "with a twist, for everybody." Definitely suitable for slim and thin people. They are popular among young people. Ideal for unisex style.

All styles of men's jeans

Trousers made of thick fabric firmly took a leading position in the wardrobe of fashionistas and women of fashion. Once they were the uniform of farmers, and now they are worn by everyone - from the director to the schoolboy.

A wide choice often leads to difficulties in buying, so before shopping it is important to decide in advance what is best suited for style and figure. A careful approach will save time.

Jeans in the aggregate are divided intothree types, according to the main parameters:

  1. Cut (leg)cut from knee to foot. Part may be narrowed, straight or flared.
  2. Risdepth of fit or waist height. Separate low, normal or high landing.
  3. Fitlanding on the hips. This characteristic indicates the part from the knee to the waist. It depends on how narrowly or widely the thing is sewn, and how exactly it will lie on the figure.


Cargo pants - this is a functional model designed for convenience, has additional pockets to carry more items with you. This allows you not to bring a backpack or bag. It is practical, but not for a modern resident of a big city.

They are practical in other cases. If there are pockets, they should be used. But, it is important to avoid large cargoes, with the presence of many pockets in which you will look like a resident of the 90s. Experts also recommend avoiding trendy models (skinny cargo) that are not fashionable. They should not hang like an accordion on shoes due to their long length. You can find cargo with a decent cut, it should be worn with puffy vests, flannel shirts, large knit sweaters. The main thing is not to overdo it.

What clothes to combine with

It is important to remember that jeans are beautiful, first of all, because they are simple. This element of the wardrobe is combined with everything: from a T-shirt or T-shirt to a grandmother's sweater. Blue color is universal, it does not stand out against the background of other colors, but at the same time carries its own stylistic load.

Guys always have a win-win option - jeans and a shirt. Blue pants in combination with a white shirt look very sexy, girls of all ages always like it. In addition, it looks quite conservative and is suitable even for a gala event without a strict dress code.

Men's youth jeans are eccentric: more details, interesting additions in the form of snakes on the trouser-leg itself, wear and tear. Young people also have problems with choosing a beautiful image that would look concise. It should be composed depending on the upcoming event, its prestige, level.

What to wear?

  1. Sweaters are especially gray. Especially a bit oversized. Now all this looks very good. And the problem of selecting cool and complex combinations of clothes simply disappears, because minimalism is in fashion,
  2. Jacket - any bomber jacket or jacket will be a great addition to your outfit. Do not forget: it is very important to maintain a balance in clothes. If you have wide pants, it is better to wear a more tight-fitting shirt. If you have skinny or jeggings on you, then it’s better to balance the top with voluminous jackets, cardigans, large sweaters,
  3. Denim jackets - perhaps this item of clothing has earned its place on this list. Now more than ever, the blue palette is considered original. A full jeans look is also a good choice. And a jeans will help you with this,
  4. Jacket. T-shirt. A sweater - all this needs to be worn together and at once, because the trend of the season is layering in clothes,
  5. Raincoat - many men often underestimate such a wardrobe element as a raincoat. However, it can be a great accessory and complement to almost any look. To spoil the outfit by adding to it a classic black or beige cloak, is an impossible task,
  6. Blue and bright blue denim colors are considered very fashionable now. They are eye-catching and seem very attractive.

And do not forget that the classics are always in fashion. Among jeans, classic is the same denim. It is simple, very concise, well emphasizes the image, does not create disharmony.

If you want to accent the image, add a belt. This accessory will fit well into any look, emphasize the torso and hips. You can play with contrasts: a red belt will make the image vivid, blue will add elegance, brown looks solid, and white is very elegant.

Men's Jeans Tips

The conditions that must be followed when choosing any trousers from indigo are durability, strength, quality and a good fit.The price plays an important role - nobody wants to overpay.

Famous trademarks use a huge variety of patterns when manufacturing products and make models for any shapes, including non-standard and flawed ones. For cheap jeans, the cut is usually monotonous, mostly straight.

When buying men's denim pants, pay attention to the following points:

  • fold the jeans at the seams - if they are puffing or skewed, do not hesitate: before you is a fake, besides of poor quality,
  • working with complex patterns requires complex and expensive equipment, which affects the price, so there are no high-quality jeans "for a penny",
  • the quality of the fabric - denim is distinguished by a special diagonal weaving, roughness and is a heavy material, therefore trousers from this fabric have a fairly large weight (on average 800 g),
  • synthetic materials are added to modern fabrics for tailoring jeans, on average no more than 5%, which make the fabric more durable, wear-resistant and allow trousers to better fit the figure,

Advice! Lycra absorbs moisture well. If you buy a product with the addition of lycra, be sure to pay attention to the expiration date ... Yes, it is. If the pants were released a few years ago, during this time, lycra could lose its properties.

  • An important indicator of the quality of jeans are perfect stitches, without threads sticking out in different directions, which should be made with a five-thread overlock seam-pigtail.
  • pay attention to accessories - lightning, buttons, bolts and rivets should only be metal, which serves as another confirmation of the quality factor,
  • it’s unlikely that you can buy high-quality jeans on the market, it’s better to do it in specialized stores, albeit more expensive, but remember that the avaricious pays twice
  • do not buy jeans “by eye”, be sure to try on the chosen model, preferably with a belt, under shoes and with a jacket,

Advice! If it is not possible to try on jeans, in extreme cases you can use this method: bend your arm at the elbow, tightly clench your fist and "insert" it into the fastened belt. If the pants are tight, this is the right size. Work out at home on your favorite jeans.

  • when choosing a size, it’s best to buy jeans that fasten with some effort, but don’t require a belly retraction, squat in them, make sure that the trousers do not pinch, cut or squeeze certain places to pain,
  • the chosen model should ideally suit you in length, not gather at the bottom in ugly folds and not sweep the asphalt, but should not be too short - leave bare ankles to youths,
  • As a basic version of the wardrobe, choose navy or black straight-cut jeans, unlined and without too much fitting.

Each man chooses for himself what jeans to wear, what color and style, and a universal "cheat sheet" does not exist for this. We hope that a review of the types of denim trousers and tips given in the article will help to make a choice.

Relaxed fit

Men's jeans in a loose style and relaxed silhouette. Because of this, they got their name. If the size is consistent and matched without error, there will be no tight fit in the hips.

Some manufacturers specifically leave a small allowance to give the product maximum naturalness. When choosing jeans for yourself, it is important to consider this fact. Fans of such models will find them in blue, black, as well as gray and white colors. Acceptable in this case, the use of decorative elements. Scuffs, chains, patches and holes look beautiful.

Rules for selection depending on the figure

No matter how cool the jeans are, if they do not fit your figure, then they do not give their owners the necessary comfort and joy from the purchase. How jeans should sit on a man - we’ll find out now.

To begin with, men, like women, have four types of figures:

  • “Trapezoid” - in men who are inherent in this type of figure, wide shoulders and relatively narrow hips. This type of figure is considered quite attractive, is included in the standards of male beauty, so if you are a happy owner of such a figure, then you only need to emphasize the shoulders as little as possible. Make a light accent using a jacket or jacket. In general, you need to repeat the contours of the body. It is worth emphasizing the torso and hips. Use denim denim jeans, fitted shirts and trousers with a clear waistline,
  • “Triangle” - for men with this type of figure, the opposite is true: they have narrow shoulders, but rather wide hips.

It is important for men in a similar way to emphasize their merits, to show that they have voluminous biceps and developed back muscles. Therefore, the upper body needs volume. Light color and additional details in the form of pockets on shirts, horizontal details (shoulder straps, substrates) will help here. The cell also creates extra volume. Do not forget about layering. This is another little secret. The minimum number of parts on the hips. Let it be the jeans of the classic cut of dark denim.

  • “Rectangle” - this type of figure is often called the “golden mean”. Shoulders, waist and hips are roughly similar. It is important to emphasize elegance and sophistication.

There are many fashionable ways to expand the upper body, using dense tissue and multi-layered, relaxed. Use jackets with fur - they significantly increase the shoulders. The next task is to identify the waist lines, the elimination of large hips. These are all kinds of elongated jackets, jackets, tight-fitting shirts, t-shirts.

  • “Oval” - not everyone has an ideal figure, but we can visually make it just like that. Men of this type have a tummy and sides, and their legs are often short.

It is worth focusing on the upper part of your body. These can be jeans with a medium height fit, presumably wide, not overloading the hips and waist.

The next step will be a visual reduction in the volume of the waist and hips. It is advisable to use dark shades. Trousers of strict cut, without unnecessary details.

Jeans should be of high quality, preferably made of natural materials (linen, also cotton). This is a guarantee of a good appearance of a man. The quality of the product itself seriously affects the overall appearance.

Additional characteristics:

Straight - The trouser leg is the same across the entire width, most often with straight models, but not necessarily, it can be Relaxed, the main thing is the same width at the top and bottom.

Bootcut - flare from the knee. Width is dictated by a specific model.

Flare - flare from the hip. Width depends on the specific model.

Carrot - narrow bottom, wide top. A type of cut characteristic of youth subcultures.

Antifit - very wide, baggy jeans. Have you seen rappers? Well, that’s it.

And nothing complicated)

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Skinny fit

Skinny men's jeans that are suitable for very slim and thin young people. This is a popular youth model. It extremely tightly fits the leg along the entire length, so it is not recommended for owners of full legs.

Skinny appeared thanks to the imitation of the idols of Iggy Pop and the Rolling Stones. Fans tried to put on the same tight worn jeans with lots of rivets.

Loose (baggy) fit

Most often, such a free style is in demand among young people who are representatives of informal movements. Not the most practical option for everyday wear. Such jeans are found among hip-hop party-goers or on fashion shootings. For a full description of clothing, words are suitable: baggy, careless or spacious.

In almost their collections, Boxfresh, Carhartt, Addict and others have a similar type of jeans. Clothing can have not only a loose fit, but also a large margin in the belt. When choosing, you should pay attention to this. Active sports youth often use such models and combine them with T-shirts, sports jackets.

Landing Depth: Low to High Rise

Regular rise sit just below waist level. Such models are found most often, they are also the most universal.

Low riseon the one hand, they don’t press on the stomach, but on the other ... In general, you should not sit in them.

High rise - high landing. The model can visually lengthen the legs, sometimes found with an additional button. It can be worn without a belt, but it is rather exotic.

Slim fit

Suitable for proportional build. This option is moderately spacious and at the same time adjacent jeans. Looks great when outerwear is tucked into jeans. They make up a kit with cropped t-shirts and shirts. Suitable for almost all types of shoes.

Slim fit

This type of product has a narrow cut, but are not considered too tight-fitting. Differs in a tight fit on the hips. Only purchased jeans can press for the first time and will not be too comfortable to wear. But, after several hours, they will sit on the figure and will not be a source of discomfort.

They are suitable for slender fit guys. In plump men, this model will only emphasize all the shortcomings. They should be worn with tight-fitting clothes: fitted jackets, tight-fitting shirts. Classic shoes or sneakers retro classic or loafers.

Regular (Classic) Fit

Perhaps the most common form, produced by almost all brands of fashionable clothes. Classics: straight trousers of a free cut, slightly narrowing downwards. They can be worn by people of any age. The lineup provides for various sizes, as they suit full and thin men.

To summarize

  • The classic version - jeans of a standard cut (regular straight) - will suit almost anyone and go well with different shoes and clothes.
  • The best option for owners of a good figure is a bit cramped in a straight or slightly narrower cut (slim straight). They perfectly emphasize the advantages of the figure and are suitable for those who want to adhere to the classic style in jeans.
  • The most convenient option is a slightly loose straight cut (relaxed straight) for normal and long legs or a flared (relaxed boot cut) for normal and short legs.
  • Men with a problem figure (overweight, crooked legs), if tired of the classic, can try baggy jeans (loose). But you need to consider that the rest of the image will have to be thought through to the smallest detail so as not to look ridiculous. And, of course, such a style is far from appropriate everywhere. It’s still not worth going to the theater and for an interview.
  • Holders of skinny straight legs can try skinny skinny jeans. Frankly, skinny legs will not be brutal in any case. But you should not be afraid to look feminine: femininity starts much higher than calves.
  • Not for men at all - jegins. These are not jeans, but leggings that mask under them. In other words, for girls.
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When choosing jeans, there are two things to keep in mind: the dress code, if accepted in your environment, and your own convenience. What is more important for you - choose for yourself. What you definitely shouldn't care about is fashion. If you are not working in this industry, it should worry you the least.


Always in fashion sports style. If you want to feel comfortable, then you should buy joggers. They do not constrain the body, give it the opportunity to breathe. Both young men and older men wear them. Of course, they should not be worn for special occasions or for work in the office. Previously, the name "joggers-yuriks" applied only to athletes, but now they are worn by almost everyone, regardless of age or lifestyle.

The advantage of the product is convenience. On the ankles, as well as the waist, there are cuffs (elastic). They help keep your pants from slipping while playing sports or walking. Correctly selected color can visually lengthen, make slimmer than its owner.

Relaxed fit

They are distinguished by special practicality and convenience, they do not fit to the body and look very organically on men of large physique. Although the model is suitable for almost any physique. Perfect for long trips and trips.


This is one of the extreme varieties of jeans, an exclusive slim fit option. They fit the leg along the entire length, they are worn not only by girls, but also by boys. They fit perfectly with sneakers. There are similar models in many famous collections of different brands.

Loose fit

The freest and baggy kind of trousers. They provide complete freedom of movement, and their tissue has little contact with the skin. So, they hide excessive thinness, and at the same time help to hide the fullness. The style is suitable for sports, combined with fashionable sneakers, they are often chosen by young men.

Relaxed andLoose - never put on work with strict dress code requirements. An informal style and a free cut are appropriate for playing sports and meeting with friends, but not at business negotiations.

Tapered cut

The lower part is extremely narrowed, so these jeans are suitable exclusively for owners of smooth legs. Men with a sporty physique will look advantageous, while other types of figures look ridiculous. The remaining parts of the kit are selected based on the proportions of the body.

Boot cut

Implies wide cut from the knee. This is the return from the last century of the old faithful flare. In men's fashion, it is not particularly in demand, but designers do not forget about it and in some lines there are very original models.

Flared jeans entered everyday life with the light hand of sailors. In them, sailors, when approaching the coast, sewn pieces of lead along the very bottom, so the legs were beautifully inflated in the wind. The main thing was not to catch the eye of the captain, because this is a punishable damage to the form.

Low rise

The belt is on the bones of the hips, so it is not very popular. This option is suitable for young people who regularly visit the gym.

Style, physique and your own preferences will help you navigate and make the right choice so that the clothes emphasize the advantages of the male figure.

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