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How to accelerate beard growth at home

So the time came when smooth-shaven men and light bristles were replaced by thick beard fashion. And all would be fine, but growing facial hair is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Therefore, many men are thinking about how to carry out beard extensions at home and additionally thicken their vegetation.

Naturally, genetic data plays a big role, but patience and the implementation of certain recommendations are also important points that will help make the beard thicker and grow it faster. If these methods do not help, you can seek help from a surgeon. We will talk about all known methods and their effect in this article.

How to grow a beard at home

In order for facial hair not to grow bushy and become thicker, first of all, you need:

  • reconsider your lifestyle
  • saturate the body with vitamins with a balanced diet,
  • to refuse from bad habits.

If each of these points is performed, but there is no effect, it is recommended to visit an endocrinologist. The specialist will check the level of hormones and if all the indicators are normal then you already need to take everything into your own hands.

Nowadays, in pharmacies you can buy a huge number of sprays, ointments and lotions, which allow you to activate hair growth and make the hair thicker even at home without the recommendation of doctors.

Everything is very simple. Penetrating into the epidermis minoxidil activates the hair follicles and they get used to it. When the product ceases to be applied to the hairline, growth stops, and in addition, the hair itself becomes dull, falls out and splits. Therefore, when choosing beard thickeners, be careful not to use anything horrible.

Hair Growth Tips

Sometimes, in order to improve the condition of facial hair and activate their growth, very simple manipulations are enough. The effect does not appear as quickly as from pharmacy drugs, but the effect will be long-lasting and harmless to the hair follicles.

Get castor or burdock oil and rub into the roots of the scalp. This procedure is recommended for courses twice a day with a session of half an hour. Before applying, it is advisable to warm the oil to activate all the necessary components in its composition.

Make masks once or twice a week that contain mustard or hot red pepper. Such procedures warm the hair follicles, excite them and thereby activate their work and, accordingly, hair growth.

It helps to intensify the work of sleeping hair mask bulbs with colorless henna. To do this, buy dry powder of this herb, which is diluted in warm water until a thick slurry is formed. The mask is applied to problem areas and aged for about 15-20 minutes, then thoroughly washed off. Henna not only strengthens the hair, but also activates their growth.

There are many ways to improve the density of the beard and accelerate hair growth, but you should not use everything thoughtlessly, choose the methods that are most suitable for yourself and use them regularly. Only in this case will it be possible to achieve the desired effect.

Irresistible factor

Genetic predisposition. The sad picture is that some males simply do not have hair follicles. This feature can be inherited from father to son and nothing can be done about it.

If you don’t have a thick beard, there is no hair on your cheeks, hair is thin and sparse,
-There is a remedy that lasts for 2 weeks! This is a unique product consisting exclusively of natural ingredients. The result is a thick and beautiful beard!

Surgical beard extension

There are times when genetics or diseases work against men. In such cases, both the mustache, the whiskers, and the beard do not grow at all or sprout in places, which looks rather unaesthetic. When all home methods have been tried to activate the growth of the beard and if it does not grow at all then you can seek the help of surgeons.

In our time, modern technology, there are many ways. You can thicken problematic ones with the help of hair transplantation into problem areas. Today, such a procedure is carried out almost painlessly, and a modern machine for growing beards will allow you to do everything quickly and efficiently. After 4 hours, each man can become the owner of a full bushy beard. At the same time, the care for new facial hair remains the same. She can be shaved, sheared, and care is simply necessary even more actively than before.

In the end, I want to add the following. Today, as it turned out, the question of how to grow a beard is no longer relevant. There are many drugs for local use, folk remedies, in extreme cases, you can use the help of surgeons. Now the main thing for a man is to choose the best method to solve his problem and live happily with a lush, thick beard!

Factors Affected

Puberty. Before the appearance of serious vegetation, a young man has a kind of fluff. You will only be able to accelerate growth when a secondary sexual sign occurs, so you need to be patient and just wait.

Loss of essential vitamins and minerals. Deficiency of nutrients leads to the fact that the stubble grows poorly or is completely absent.

Hormonal disorders in the body. A decrease in testosterone in the body leads to thinning vegetation.

Improper care and shaving. If the follicle is damaged systematically by the wrong shaving technique, then over time the hair will thin and stop growing. Poor skin care or its absence causes blockage of the sebaceous glands, their inflammation and suppuration.

Bad habits. These include: alcohol abuse, tobacco, unbalanced nutrition - all this directly affects the metabolic processes in the body, violating them you violate the full supply of bristles.

Other factors: late puberty, overweight, constant stress, etc.

Start living the right way.

  • Adjust the nutrition process. You should refuse very fatty, salty and spicy foods, exclude fast food,
  • Eliminate bad habits: alcohol (especially beer) by its nature neutralizes the hormone testosterone, turns it into estrogen (the sex hormone inherent in the female sex). Smoking clogs the entire body, disrupts natural processes,
  • Normalize sleep: a full sleep is considered to be 7-8 hours. Lack of sleep adversely affects the entire body, leading to lethargy, apathy, depression, improper production of hormones.
  • Change your sedentary lifestyle to an active one. Even if your work profile involves hourly sitting in the office, unload yourself with active work. This trend will help avoid excess weight - the enemy of testosterone.

First Steps to a Thick Beard

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From smoothness to two weeks, a man should be prepared for the fact that the beard will be very strong and annoyingly scratched. Her appearance - shaggy and heterogeneous - can be pretty annoying. During shaving, each hair is sharpened, having reached a certain length, it begins to dig into the skin and causes discomfort in the form of itching. Such a difficult period you just need to endure.At this stage, you can use a moisturizer such as special beard oil. Care products with alcohol in the composition will dry the skin and cause even more discomfort.

Now you should not still use shampoo. Hair not long enough. You need to wash your beard with some natural soap that does not contain irritating components.

After the “itchy” phase of the ford, it will look sloppy for some time to come. But it can be ennobled - using a trimmer to make a trim on the neck, then trim the upper contour of the cheeks, as well as the line above the upper lip.

Increase Blood Testosterone

  • Go in for sports. An increase in testosterone during heavy sports, i.e. by force. It will benefit not only a visit to the fitness room, but also outdoor activities, hiking, a visit to the pool.
  • Watch your body weight, normalize your sex life. - Believe in success: a series of victories strengthens determination, increases testosterone.
  • Undergo hormone therapy, recommendations for it can be obtained only from a specialist.

How to accelerate beard growth at home

To speed up the appearance of hair, procedures for external stimulation will help:

  1. Hair Growth Medicines
  2. Oils
  3. Folk remedies,
  4. The use of tar soap. Tar well accelerates the growth of hairs. It is recommended (except for those with a dry type of face) during the evening procedures to lather the desired area and hold for about 10 minutes, then rinse.

It is important to monitor the diet or even go on a certain diet. It is also important to carry out competent skin care and hairline care.

Hair Growth Products

The pharmaceutical industry today offers a wide range of drugs that accelerate growth, be careful not to fall into the trap of pharmacists. Often these drugs are very expensive, but in fact they are no different from each other.

The main active ingredient of the drug, minoxidil, is an effective component that acts on blood vessels and normalizes blood flow to the follicle, this process causes the emergence of new bristles and the strengthening of old ones.

So, to speed up the appearance of hair use the following medicines: Alerana, Shevelux, Generolon, Professional Hair System, Regein, Minoxidil Kirkland, Revasii, Cosilon others.

How to use drugs?

Often, medications need to be applied twice a day, applying them to cleansed skin. For more information, see the instructions for use.

Vitamin Complexes: Pantovigar, Perfect, Alphabet, Revalid, Aevit. The result from the use of minoxidil is not immediately obvious, the course of treatment can reach up to one year.


Oils have long established themselves as an effective product to accelerate the appearance of hair, in addition, they are natural, which means that the negative risk of use is reduced.

In the hit parade of oils, burdock takes first place. To accelerate growth Burr oil advised to use in tandem with red pepper. Pepper provokes blood flow, and oil perfectly nourishes, accelerates and awakens sleeping hair follicles. The effect of use can be felt after three, four weeks of use.

Castor oil also contributes to better beard growth, the use of oil has a therapeutic effect not only on the hairline, but also on the epidermis.

Eucalyptus oil, as described above, oils, a real storehouse of useful trace elements. It has a beneficial effect on the processes of skin regeneration, its exfoliation, rush of blood to the hair follicles, helps to accelerate their appearance. But eucalyptus cannot be used concentrated.

Folk remedies for beard growth

Hair masks and compresses well accelerate the density of the bristles.

An example of a reinforcing compress:

  • steam pre-cleansed skin
  • you select, heat the oil to 35 degrees,
  • blot a napkin in oil and attach to the desired area,
  • wrap with cling film or bandage,
  • hold the compress for 2 hours, rinse off the remaining oil.

Masks from burdock and castor oils with red pepper are very effective. The application principle is similar to the method described above, the exposure time is a maximum of 30 minutes. In case of intolerance to the burning effect, wash off earlier.

Mask of aloe juice + garlic juice + honey + chicken yolk, the ratio of 1 tbsp: 1 tsp: 1 tbsp: 1 pc. All components are mixed and applied for forty minutes, then washed off.

Diet recommendations

Products that increase the growth of bristles:

  • Meat products and nuts.
  • Protein and iron are vital for the proper development of the whole organism.
  • Hair stems are made up of protein, and hemoglobin is the supply of oxygen to the bulbs.
  • Sea fish - a supplier of Omega-3, phosphorus, zinc, B12 - these vitamins are needed to maintain the health of the bristles.
  • Sour-milk products, vegetables (in particular carrots and cabbage), greens - strengthen hair.
  • Eggs - contribute to improving the texture of the hairline.

The above products are best consumed cooked in a gentle manner, i.e. steamed or boiled.


Diet refers to internal stimulants of copious vegetation. If at a young age a man is obsessed with the idea of ​​gorgeous vegetation, then from the age of 15 you can start a certain diet.

Proper nutritional culture and fluid absorption help speed growth. It is recommended to drink from 1.5 to 2 liters of pure water, so the skin will receive the necessary hydration, and the follicles will be saturated with oxygen.

Food should be saturated with vitamins: A, E, C, B, F, K. What foods are they in? Nutrition aimed at accelerated growth should include the following products: meat, nuts, various cereals, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, herbs, eggs, yeast, rye bread.

Proper care

To increase the chances of gorgeous facial hair, proper care is necessary. What does it include? Regular shaving, use a razor with a sharp blade so as not to damage the hair follicles so you achieve uniform growth. As soon as the bristles begin to germinate, comb it with a comb, do a light massage.

Do masks or compresses 2-3 times a week.

Use cosmetics for skin care: lotions, creams, shampoos, conditioners, waxes for styling.

A gorgeous beard is a reality, to achieve success you need to make a lot of effort, but is it not a men's destiny?

If you don’t have a thick beard, there is no hair on your cheeks, hair is thin and sparse,
-There is a remedy that lasts for 2 weeks! This is a unique product consisting exclusively of natural ingredients. The result is a thick and beautiful beard!


Why to begin not fast - need to be warned right away! - and not an easy process regrowth facial hair? It is assumed that you have already firmly decided to take this step, and there is no need to explain why this is necessary at all. Therefore, it goes straight to the point.

Shape selection

It makes sense to turn to a professional barber - he will choose the type of beard, pots and mustache that are best suited to the shape of your skull and style. You can also download a special program from the Internet that allows you to "try on" different types of beards on your face online. You need to focus, as mentioned above, on the shape of the face and cheekbones and your image.

  1. An elongated, thin face - a lush beard will help smooth out angular features, almost any shape will do, ph only it is better to refuse a too long, wedge-shaped beard.
  2. Square cheekbones - and in this case, on the contrary, you need to strive for a wedge-shaped beard, then visually the face will look more proportional.
  3. Round face - a beard with a square or triangular edge is recommended. Rounded edges are contraindicated.

Or use our beard selection service.

Tip: Please note that in some companies dense facial hair is not welcome. Therefore, once again weigh that the priority is a beard like a lumberjack or a career and a good salary.

Rules for care during growing

Take care of the beard from the first weeks. It’s too early to trim and shampoo it. But the skin will itch when the hairs reach a length of 1.5-2 cm. You can relieve itching with moisturizing oils and lotions. Alcohol-containing products must be completely discarded. It also does not hurt to remove scarves and sweaters with a collar, additionally rubbing the skin.

Correct and crop

For these purposes, a special machine or trimmer is purchased. You will also need scissors, a comb with frequent teeth and, possibly, a dangerous razor. And also the skills of wielding with all these tools. You still have to learn, since you need to take care of the beard regularly. But at first you can turn to specialists and take master classes from them.

What is important to do: trim the hairs on the sides, creating the desired shape, and free the neck in the Adam's apple and below. The emphasis is on creating volume in the chin area. Hair under the lower lip, growing untidy shred, you must immediately take control and regularly cut.

Features and indications of the procedure

According to reports of the Society for Hair Reconstructive Surgery, about 70 thousand men performed a transplant over the course of a year. The transplantation process itself is not complicated, but it requires certain knowledge in the field of facial anatomy and physiological characteristics of the body.

First, a man is examined, take tests and conduct a series of studies to make sure there are no contraindications. The operation is performed if the hair is partially or completely absent on the lower part of the face, under the lip and at the location of the whiskers.

Transplanted bulbs take root well, thanks to which a man gets the opportunity to grow a beard and mustache of the necessary thickness and length throughout his life.

There are such indications for performing a surgical procedure:

  1. Lack of hair at the beard growth site.
  2. The presence of scars on the face, due to which the hair follicles are damaged.
  3. Injuries to the skin and defects in appearance.

If there are listed indications, the doctor will examine the patient, select the transplant option and set the date for the operation.

Transplant methods

Hair transplantation on a beard can be carried out in different ways, which can only be determined by a plastic surgeon.

This is a method of transplantation of follicular units, which is also called a patchwork version of transplantation. At the same time, a strip of skin up to 25 cm long is cut out in a certain part of the nape of the skin. A suture is placed at this place, which may subsequently leave a scar. The resulting material is cut into grafts, which the doctor moves to areas that need additional vegetation. But scars will remain throughout the area where the hairs are located.

In addition, during the procedure, difficulties arise with the control of the angle of inclination, due to which the beard will look unnatural. The disadvantages of the method also include pain on the back of the head, which will bother the patient in the rehabilitation period.

The advantage of the procedure can be considered:

  • the price. On average, an operation will cost up to 115 thousand rubles,
  • low chance of damage to the bulbs,
  • 100% survival of grafts.

But this method has more negative aspects.

Beard growth using a seamless transplant method has become a new stage in transplantation. With this option, you do not need to cut out areas of the skin, so scars do not remain. To extract follicular units, they use mechanical systems and even robotic equipment. In the place of the fence there are round tracks no more than 5 mm in size. These sites heal within a month.

Through the use of this technique:

  1. Scars do not remain at the site of the follicle collection, and the skin at the transplant site is slightly damaged.
  2. In the postoperative period, there will be practically no discomfort.
  3. If there are not enough follicular associations from the head, they can use other donor zones.
  4. Hair can be taken from the legs, chest, inguinal zone.
  5. Several follicles are present in the extracted follicular pools.

The disadvantages of the operation include such moments:

  1. This transplant operation takes much longer than the rest.
  2. Recovery may take about 6 months.
  3. The average price of surgery is 200 thousand rubles.

The procedure requires great accuracy and accuracy of the doctor. This technique is quite suitable for transplanting hair onto a beard, but it is important to follow the direction of hair growth, otherwise they will look unnatural, which will worsen the aesthetic result.

To perform this operation, the follicles are removed manually. At the same time, they use a special needle, which allows you to transplant hair without cuts and tissue injuries. Thanks to this, the rehabilitation period takes only a few days. During this operation, it is possible to increase the growth of the beard to any desired density.

Since all manipulations are carried out manually, this requires considerable experience of the surgeon. The procedure takes 2-3 hours, but when you need to completely restore the beard and mustache, it will last from 5 to 8 hours. Healing passes without problems within 5 days.

The advantages of the technique are as follows:

  1. Healing lasts up to two weeks.
  2. An implanted beard looks natural.
  3. Any part of the body can be used to extract follicular associations.
  4. There are no scars or adverse reactions.

The procedure has no drawbacks, except that the cost of the service, which reaches 400 thousand rubles.

Carrying out

Perform beard extensions in several stages:

  1. First, the man is prepared for the intervention. Before surgery, he must exclude alcohol and smoking, refuse to use drugs that affect blood coagulation.
  2. Perform an operation, which, depending on the area of ​​influence, can take from 1 to 8 hours.
  3. They undergo a rehabilitation period during which damaged tissues are completely restored.

If you follow the doctor’s recommendations exactly, then hair transplantation on the face will take place without any complications. The healing speed and the health of the man depend on the professionalism of the surgeon and the correctness of the execution of all stages.

Necessary analyzes and activities

Before transplantation, appropriate preparation is needed. To obtain a detailed picture of the patient’s state of health, tests are prescribed. Typically, preparation consists of:

  • general and biochemical blood tests,
  • urinalysis
  • coagulograms
  • studies for the presence of human immunodeficiency virus in the body and determination of the Rh factor.

You will also need to consult an endocrinologist who will check whether there are hormonal disorders in the body.

For each patient, a different method of obtaining donor material and implantation technology can be used. Only thanks to many years of experience and practice, the surgeon is able to choose the only true and suitable methods of treatment, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body.


The operation itself begins with the introduction of painkillers, which are pre-selected. Most often, anesthesia is administered intravenously. For a hair transplant, material is taken from the back of the head to the face. After surgery, hair can grow to a length sufficient for hair and beard.

During surgery, small parts of the skin of the donor containing several hair follicles are transplanted into the desired areas of the face. This is a rather difficult process, since a small amount of skin cells is taken at a time.The scope of work depends on the frequency of installation of the hair follicles. For several hours, the surgeon must use all his experience, attention and follow the sequence of actions to ensure a natural appearance.

The procedure for implanting hair follicles is performed taking into account the following points:

  1. The follicles are set to a certain depth so that the hairs grow uniformly over the entire surface.
  2. The hair follicles are set at a certain angle so that hair growth is as close to natural as possible.
  3. Constantly monitor the vision of the doctor performing the surgery so that this type of exposure is as effective as possible.

To get the desired result, you must follow all the recommendations of a specialist. It is important to choose the right doctor, take into account his experience, knowledge of the anatomy of the face and the ability to correctly perform transplantation.

Ideal for beard growth

Most beard owners make the neckline too high. Meanwhile, the line should go where the neck connects to the head. A rounded curve should be formed from one ear to the other.

If hair growth is not so large as to cut, it is recommended to use a trimmer. In order not to remove more than necessary, and also not to open the lip contour, you need to insert a comb in the tool and thus control the cutting angle. Then it will not work to cut anything superfluous, it remains only to trim the ends a little.

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Cheeks deserve special attention. Those who are looking for an answer to the question of how to grow a beard at home quickly should not rush. It is necessary to try to follow its natural line of growth, should cut off those few extra hairs that are outside this border. If the cheeks are overgrown strongly, do not trim the skin with a trimmer below the lower part of the nose. It is necessary to strive to ensure that the line is parallel to the one located behind the growth of the mustache. Thus, the overall picture will look harmonious.

Somewhere in 2 months it will be possible to observe that the beard began to live its own life. The hairiness, which once looked even and had a neat appearance, becomes wavy, curled and gives the image some wildness. It turns out that this is normal, so you need to perceive it as a natural beard.

Beard Care Features

If a man wears a beard for 3 months or longer, then you need to regularly wash it with gentle shampoo or special soap. It is necessary to massage the skin under it using various oils. This will help her look more magnificent. Blow a hairdryer from under the neck up. But if a man is the owner of a dry type of skin, then it is better to do with one towel.

When the beard reaches the desired length, it can be given a certain shape. Different styles are suitable for each type of face. You can visually adjust the shape of the face, hide flaws or emphasize the merits. If the face is round, then a narrowed beard is ideal. She will give the face an elongated look. If the shape of the face is square, it is recommended to leave a large density on the chin and make the hairs shorter on the sides. If it is difficult to determine the type of beard, then you can always consult a specialist. He will advise which form is best for a particular person.

How to grow a beard at home? Simulation tools also help. Special wax for beards and mustaches should be used on wet hair, and then dry them with a hairdryer. This tool will help to give the desired shape to the beard and fix its shape for the whole day.

Combing beard

How to grow a beard at home quickly? Always use a comb in your care. It is recommended to choose an accessory made of wood or vegetable cellulose.In this case, after the procedure, the beard will fit snugly to the face.

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A natural comb evenly distributes wax for modeling and oil. You should regularly comb your beard. This will help set the right direction for its growth. The oil will give the hair softness, make it pleasant to the touch, give a natural shine and a pleasant smell. The skin will be saturated with the necessary substances and will not peel off. Beard hair will remain strong.

Growth factors

Those who are wondering how to grow a beard at home know that genetics is the main factor determining hairiness. It is she who largely determines the potential of the beard. Stress and malnutrition also affect growth rates and healthy appearance.

It is advisable to take special nutritional supplements. They will help compensate for any deficiencies in the daily diet. You can choose multi-vitamins, biotin and fish oil. Magnesium, zinc, and B vitamins will also be an excellent supplement.

Increasing testosterone levels will also help accelerate beard growth. For this, it is necessary to include red meat in the diet, avoid soy products and pump muscles. Meals should include spinach, various nuts, avocados, olives, broccoli and olive oil.

What is a beard and mustache transplant?

A beard transplant involves the transfer of follicles from one area of ​​the human body to the facial zone. Its implementation is characterized by a minimum number of side effects, transplanted follicles begin active work, thereby activating the functioning of existing ones. This creates an overall beneficial effect.

This intervention in no way adversely affects the health or life of the patient. Moreover, the performed manipulations contribute to an increase in male self-esteem, because now, he can boast of rich and thick bristles.

Transplantation is possible even for patients who have:

  • mechanical damage to the skin,
  • scar tissue
  • places of burns
  • the complete absence or unsatisfactory operation of their own bulbs.

The procedure is extremely popular among men from the age of twenty. It has several advantages:

  • security,
  • efficiency,
  • low injuries
  • minimum recovery period
  • affordable cost.

The most effective beard growth tool

The use of minoxidil-based products is the best way to fight for good hair growth. The substance is a powerful vasodilator. It stimulates the metabolism in the skin, normalizes the nutrition of hair follicles.

This is the only non-hormonal component that is really capable of resuming the growth of new healthy hair.

How to grow a beard at home with mnoxidil? Lotions based on this substance have a light molecular formula, which ensures the best penetration of the active ingredients into the scalp. As additional ingredients, manufacturers choose valuable plant extracts that help better nutrition, strengthen and grow new hair.

Minoxidil men are often used for poor beard growth caused by hormonal disorders, stress, medication, chronic and infectious diseases.

The first results can be seen after a few months of using the drug twice a day. However, even after getting what you want, you need to use a tool to prevent hair loss.

Among the manufacturers of minoxidil lotions, the following should be highlighted:

  • Minoxidil Kirkland ("Minoxidil Kirkland").
  • Minoxidil Rogaine ("Minoxidil Regein / Rogain").
  • Minoxidil Iisolutions ("Minoxidil Solutions").
  • Dualgen & Lipogaine ("Dualgen & Lipogen").
  • Revivogen ("Revivogen").
  • Spectral DNC ("Spectral DNS").

Each of these products can provide accelerated beard growth.

Lotion application

Lotion can only be used externally. Before application, shake the bottle with the product. Distribute it to the problem areas on the beard 2 times a day. The spray should be located at a distance of 1 cm from the skin. After the procedure, the beard should not be washed for 3 hours.

When the desired result is achieved, the number of applications can be reduced to once. Minoxidil will accelerate the metabolism of the hair follicle. The growth phase will be increased.

During the use of minoxidil, not only accelerated beard growth can be observed, but also side effects. We are talking about redness and peeling of the skin, itching is also possible.


Before performing surgery on a beard, the patient is checked for contraindications that prohibit the implementation of such interventions. The procedure is undesirable to carry out:

  1. If the blood coagulation process is disturbed.
  2. If an infection has entered the body or an inflammatory process develops in the form of a cold, ARVI, ARI.
  3. In case of serious malfunctions in blood formation.
  4. If pathological neoplasms of a malignant nature are present in the body.
  5. With an allergic reaction to the used painkillers.
  6. If the age is under 25 years.
  7. If healthy donor hair follicles are missing.
  8. With hormonal imbalances and autoimmune diseases like diabetes, systemic lupus erythematosus.

If during the examination one or several contraindications are revealed, hair extension is recommended after treatment of existing diseases.

Vitamins for Beard Growth

Today you can purchase special vitamin complexes that help stimulate facial hair growth. In order to become the owner of a beautiful beard as soon as possible, it is recommended to take the following vitamins:

  • Retinol Acetate (Vitamin A). The substance promotes hair growth. It can be taken in the form of tablets in courses or included in your daily diet such foods as carrots, seaweed, cheese, butter.
  • Ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Helps strengthen the immune system, provides nutrition to the skin from the inside. It is sold in every pharmacy, it is found in abundance in oranges, kiwi, blackcurrant, cabbage, pepper.
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E). Improves subcutaneous blood circulation. With its use, you can awaken the sleeping hair follicles. This vitamin for beard growth is found in such affordable foods as oatmeal, prunes, nuts.
  • Biotin (Vitamin B7). One of the most important substances that affect hair growth. You can buy it at the pharmacy. How to increase beard hair growth by changing nutrition? Replenish biotin deficiency in the body by consuming legumes, nuts, and eggs in sufficient quantities.
  • Folic Acid (Vitamin B9). Promotes the full development of beard hairs.

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You can buy such funds for the growth of a beard in a pharmacy.

Castor and burdock oils

You can use not only vitamins and minoxidil for beard growth. Castor and burdock oil have proven themselves excellently. These products have always been famous for their firming effect on the bulbs and have been effectively used to stimulate hair growth in women. But they can also be used by men who dream of growing a beard faster.

How to grow a beard at home with oils? It is necessary to combine both means in equal parts and heat in a water bath to a comfortable temperature. Moisten a piece of gauze in the oil mixture and apply to pre-steamed face skin. Cover the cheesecloth with foil and cover with a warm towel.You need to keep such a compress for as long as possible, but at least one hour. Wash off the mask with warm water and soap.

According to numerous reviews, a mixture of castor and burdock oils is the most effective folk remedy for the growth of a beard.


Despite the small area of ​​surgical intervention, after surgery, the patient must strictly follow the doctor's recommendations to avoid complications. In the rehabilitation period it is important:

  1. Disinfect the area of ​​exposure to the skin regularly.
  2. Avoid excessive physical exertion.
  3. Protect yourself from overload of a psycho-emotional nature.
  4. Do not drink alcohol or smoke until the tissue has completely healed.
  5. Do not take a steam bath or go to saunas.
  6. Refuse from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, refrain from visiting the solarium.
  7. Regularly visit a doctor who will examine the site of exposure, identify existing abnormalities and correct them in a timely manner.
  8. During the first week after surgery, it is not allowed to touch the face with your hands.
  9. To maintain the perfect beard shape, from the second week, when the implanted hairs begin to grow actively, use a trimmer.

If you ignore the recommendations, then there will be complications:

  1. Swelling of the tissues will persist for a long time.
  2. The face will be painful and sensitivity will increase.
  3. The infectious process will join.
  4. Hematomas will appear that will heal for a long time.

So that the beard after the transplantation looks natural, and there are no conditions hazardous to health, you should immediately consult a doctor if any complications appear. The specialist will examine the person and the sites from which the material was taken and prescribe treatment.

Most men know why a beard transplant is needed. After all, this is a sign of masculinity and maturity. A man with a beard is no longer a boy, but a husband. Therefore, many decide to transplant with insufficient facial hair.

Most of the reviews about this procedure are positive: the recovery period is fast, the likelihood of complications is negligible, and a new, well-growing mustache and beard for the better change their appearance, increase their self-esteem.

Plastic surgeons claim that almost all patients tolerate this operation well, health consequences that are rare, provided that the recommendations are followed in the rehabilitation period, are rare.

The average price for a hair transplant is from 80 to 140 rubles per hair. Therefore, in the end, you can get a check with an impressive amount. Especially if the scope of work is large and follicle transplantation is required in the complete absence of facial hair.

For the procedure to be carried out efficiently, you need to contact plastic surgery clinics specializing in hair follicle transplantation.

Hair transplantation is a great way to get a perfect beard. The procedure is not accompanied by adverse reactions, and the body recovers quickly after it. The main thing is to choose the right doctor. It will help determine the method of transplantation and provide optimal conditions for the operation.

"Alerana" for hair growth

VERTEX JSC, a popular manufacturer of medical cosmetics among hair maniacs, produces the Alerana beard product. The preparation in its composition contains a complex of active elements that awaken sleeping follicles.

A cosmetic product formula contains the following components:

  • minoxidil
  • burdock extract
  • tea tree oil,
  • extract from the leaves of nettle dioecious.

Depending on the form of release of the drug, the combination of natural substances in the composition may vary. The most common options are:

  • Spray "Alerana" is used twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. According to the instructions, 7-8 clicks are enough. If the man’s face is smooth, the product is left for one hour, if there is bristle, then the exposure time will be two hours.Then the drug must be washed off so that there is no sticky film on the face.
  • The preparation for the growth of a beard in the form of serum and ointment is rubbed with neat massaging movements until completely absorbed. Discomfort in the form of tightness is possible.
  • Future bearded men should use the lotion twice a day. The penetration time of the active components is 30 minutes. Unpleasant sensations after applying the product, as a rule, do not occur.
  • Alerana tablets for beard growth are taken after consultation with a doctor. They contain 18 elements and a specially developed vitamin-mineral complex. They favorably affect the hair follicles, do not violate the natural processes in the human body.

The most convenient form is a spray. It is recommended to use it for men, if after 30 years a beard does not grow. When used, the product does not come into contact with the skin of the hands. However, you need to be careful so that when applied, the liquid does not get into the eyes.

The result of using the drug to grow a beard men notice after 2-4 weeks. The duration of the course depends on the specific case. The drug perfectly strengthens hairs, stops hair loss and stimulates the appearance of new vegetation. This tool for growing beards in a pharmacy is not difficult to purchase.

The main role in the growth process is played by the molecules of minoxidil. For beard growth, this substance is indispensable. It will improve blood circulation in the epidermis, provide nutrition to the follicles and enhance hair growth. The remaining ingredients help strengthen the result, gradually turning a soft fluff into a powerful beard.

The concept

A beard and mustache transplant is very popular, the transplantation process is relatively simple, but it requires a good knowledge of the facial anatomy and physiology of the male body from a plastic surgeon. An operation is prescribed after an external visual examination of a man’s face, a series of studies and analysis.

This operation is performed with a complete or partial absence of hair in the region of the lower face of the man, under the lip and in the area of ​​the location of the whiskers.


The following conditions should be considered an indication for a hair transplant in the area of ​​a mustache and beard:

  • absence (full or partial) of hair at the location of the beard and mustache,
  • scar tissue on the face, on which hairs grow poorly and rarely due to damage to the hair follicles,
  • with trauma to the skin of the face and defects in appearance.

In the presence of these indications, the doctor conducts a health examination, identifies existing diseases that may become a contraindication to this type of surgical intervention.

Possibility of combining with other types of plastic impact

When carrying out a mustache and beard transplant, face contour correction and filler installation in the desired area can also be performed, however, such a combination requires special doctor literacy. And the duration of exposure with a recovery period of damaged tissue increases.

The procedure for hair transplantation with the full non-surgical HFE method is shown in the video below:

Possibility of complications

If the doctor's recommendations are not followed, the following complications are likely to occur:

To prevent the occurrence of rice for health, if the listed complications appear, immediately consult a doctor who will prescribe the necessary treatment.

Reviews about this procedure

Most of the men who decided to undergo hair transplantation in the beard and mustache region respond positively to this type of surgical intervention: a quick rehabilitation period, the minimum number of possible complications and the appearance of a well-growing mustache and beard allow for a better change in the man’s appearance, increase his self-esteem . And although the transplant process is quite lengthy, the reviews are mostly positive.

Surgeons also talk about the good tolerance of this operation, rarely occurring side effects after it.

Average prices and where to do

On average, the cost of a hair transplant operation for a mustache and beard is from 80 to 140 rubles per hair, which in total gives an impressive total amount (if a large amount of work is done or if it is necessary to correct the situation when there is no hair on the man’s face).

This operation is performed in most clinics specializing in plastic surgery and transplantation of hair follicles. This type of surgical intervention can be performed in medical clinics in such large cities as St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod.

This video shows the transplant procedure in great detail:

We focus on the edges

You can start this process starting from 2-3 months of growing a beard, when the hairs are already long enough, they can be washed, combed and laid. It is believed that this time was enough to master the skills of using a trimmer, training on yourself, friends, brothers, and indoor dogs. If this does not happen, it is better to turn to the barber. Otherwise, there is a high risk of spoiling everything that grew so hard.

Recommendation: the most modern trimmer models are equipped with a laser and backlight. Thanks to such chips, it is possible to correct the beard without problems even in a poorly lit place, and the risk of cutting the excess is reduced to zero - just focus on the laser mark.

Frequent Beard Questions

The transplantation process invariably raises a lot of questions in men. For example, can you shave it, or just cut it with a trimmer, scissors? Will whiskers be formed by transplantation or is this type of impact suitable only for transplantation of bristles? Is it possible to carry out manipulations after a burn of the skin?

The surgeon can answer all these questions during a preliminary consultation with the patient.

Shade the lines

If your facial hair is not very dense by nature, then you can leave the lines on your cheeks natural, no matter how. And make sure that individual hairs do not creep out over the designated limits. If the bristles grow densely and abundantly, then the area of ​​the cheeks must be freed. Otherwise, you will soon look like a participant in the Arab liberation movement - do not be surprised if they start asking you for documents in the subway and inviting them to search the back room. Long hairs are cleaned with a machine or trimmer, the remains are shaved with a razor.

Reasons why a beard does not grow

Sometimes it happens that you are doing everything right, but still your beard does not grow - at least the way you wanted. Bristle breaks through the islands, grows unevenly, only on one side. Or it even crawls out and forms bald spots. What to do in this case? True, find out why this happens. There may be several reasons.

Health problems

All chronic diseases, metabolic disorders affect hair growth in general, not only on the face, but also on the head and body. Therefore, first of all, make an appointment with a doctor and take tests. In any case, this will only be beneficial, because it is about your health. You need to visit a therapist and a dermatologist, you may need to consult other specialized specialists.


The question, of course, refers more generally to the state of the body, but if you are very confused with the question, then you should pay attention to stress.

From him - all the problems in life, an indisputable fact. If you are constantly in a state of stress, process and lack of sleep, you have problems in your personal life, do not be surprised that the beard does not want to grow. Therefore, in order to achieve the desired result, get rid of stress and negativity is a prerequisite.

How to do it? There are several ways:

  • take a vacation, rest and sleep,
  • buy mild sedative pills
  • engage in meditation.

What else can be done: quit smoking cigarettes and pay attention to diets. Neither starvation, nor overeating fatty and acute do not contribute to the growth of stubble on the face. What must be in the diet is meat and fish, dairy products, nuts and greens. It is important to play sports: during physical activity, metabolism is accelerated and the hormone testosterone responsible for hair growth is released.


Everything is more complicated here, because you won’t be especially able to deal with genes. If none of your relatives has ever had thick hair on their heads and bodies, then you most likely will not appear on their own. Need help - first use vitamin supplements and folk remedies. If you want a quick result, Minoxidil will help (I made a description of it below in the article). And if it doesn’t help, consult a doctor. The most radical way to solve the problem is to transplant hair follicles. But it is probably easier to give up the desired image of Hemingway and be content with smoothly shaven cheeks.

What to do if the beard does not grow

You passed the tests, and found out that everything is fine with health (although such a result is rare these days, there will certainly be a couple of not-so-terrible, but neglected, sores). found out that with genetics, too, everything is in order by interviewing relatives. It's time to move on to action: you need to help the beard grow faster and denser. How to achieve this at home?


Minoxidil is a proven tool for growing beards and mustaches. This drug can be bought in pharmacies in various forms:

  • tablets and capsules for internal use,
  • foams and sprays for daily rubbing,
  • shampoos and beard washing gels.

Using this tool is very simple. Tablets just take 1-2 pieces every day. Oils, sprays and shampoos are also used every day, according to the instructions. It is not worth exceeding the dosage and frequency of use - it will not be faster, but allergies and irritation can be earned. Consulting a doctor does not hurt.

Minoxidil! this is MOST EFFECTIVE means. I use it myself.
And ordering a remedy is better here than running around pharmacies. I arrived in Vladivostok in 3 days. In Moscow or Novosibirsk, they will probably be delivered in a day.
Quality is on top. This store is not big, it deals only with Minoxidil, so the price is “tasty” and frequent discounts skip. In general, I recommend.

Vitamin therapy

Those trace elements that you get from food are clearly not enough, so you should look for a suitable vitamin complex. Necessary substances to you:

  • biotin or vitamin H,
  • fish oil or vitamins E and D,
  • B vitamins,
  • magnesium and calcium.

You can buy all the drugs separately and drink a handful of capsules and tablets. But it’s easier and more convenient to choose one complex supplement. Here I wrote in detail about vitamins.

Why it is not recommended to save on transplant

Hair transplantation on the face is a procedure on the implementation of which it is forbidden to save. The cost of such an impact will be quite impressive. This is due to a number of features.

To implant hairs, the doctor uses a special implant, which allows you to quickly transport grafts. The channels where the implantation will be carried out create simultaneously with the replanting of the bulb.

To date, the method when the doctor first creates a canal, then, with tweezers, puts a graft there, is considered obsolete. Modern clinics refuse to use it. The fact is that such a technique provokes serious damage to the skin, which increases the duration of the rehabilitation process.

Should I rush to a beard transplant or can I wait

The formation of a beard in men ends with the complete termination of puberty, by about 26 years.

If a young man is older than this age, he does not need to expect that the situation will change and, the desired stubble, will begin its active growth. Right now the optimal time for building is coming.

Young tissues are characterized by the rapid development of regenerative processes, so the operation will be transferred by a person as easily as possible.

There are age and physiological boundaries, after overcoming which, the surgeon will not undertake manipulations.

The criteria for selecting the number of grafts to be transplanted is to determine the degree of baldness. It is identified on the Norwood scale. There are a number of photographs that demonstrate this scale, determine the degree of vegetation loss.

In addition, other indicators are taken into account:

  • the density of vegetation in those places where the hairs do not fall out,
  • rod thickness
  • shade of hair.

The average number of grafts corresponds to degrees on the Norwood scale:

  • third: 1500-3000,
  • fourth: 1800-4000,
  • fifth: 3500-5500,
  • sixth: 4500-9000,
  • seventh: 6000-10000.

As a rule, surgical interventions using more than 3000 grafts are carried out not in one but in two stages. Moreover, the second procedure is allowed to be carried out not earlier than, a year later, after the implementation of the first.

Beard transplant: how much is the operation, photo

Today, a hair transplant on a beard is considered a fairly common procedure. The whole blame for the new fashion trends, where the beard is positioned as a symbol of masculinity.

It is because of these trends that the number of operations performed is constantly increasing.

However, there are men for whom a beard transplant is the only way to mask skin flaws that have arisen due to injuries, surgical interventions or diseases.

The result after a beard transplant. Photos before and after surgery.


In 1822, German medical students and Professor Unger successfully removed hair from one point on the scalp and transplanted it to another place. From that moment, people began to realize that it was possible to restore the hairline on any part of the human body.

Only in the 1930s did we begin to see the basics of modern medicine, which could already fight baldness, in Japan, thanks to the work of Dr. Okuda.

This dermatologist has created a method for transplanting round sections of skin with hair follicles to eliminate cosmetic defects for burn victims. Another Japanese dermatologist, Dr. Tamura reduced the size of the grafts to one to three hairs for better results.

These techniques were lost during World War II, but they were soon rediscovered and used in the West.

In 1952, Dr. Norman Orentreich in New York reopened hair transplantation and coined the term donor dominance in medicine. Many scientists did not support his initiative and only after 7 years he was able to publish a scientific work on this topic.

Since 1984, doctors began using mini-grafts for transplantation. This technique was based on the discoveries and mistakes of predecessors. At the same time 1-2 hairs were transplanted.


You can transplant facial hair using several methods. All methods will use donor hair. Often hair is used from the back of the head, it takes root better and can grow to the required length in the future, the length of the growing hairs will be about 4 cm. Hair transplantation from the head to the beard is a fairly common procedure.

Let's look at existing transplant methods. However, remember that the method appropriate for you should be determined solely by the specialist.

Consider the first FUT method. It can be deciphered as transplantation of follicular units, and this method is also called patchwork.

The whole process of the method is that there is a hair transplant from the back of the head to the beard.

The advantages of this approach:

  • Price policy.On average, the cost of the operation will be 10,000-105,000 rubles.
  • A small risk of damage to the hair follicles.
  • Guaranteed graft survival

  • Scarring may occur in the area of ​​grafting.
  • During rehabilitation, a man feels pain in the neck. The sensations, though not strong, however, they still cause discomfort.

For the beard area, several options are known, of which the FUE method is called the most popular. With this method:

  • Small areas of skin with hair follicles are used from the back of the head.
  • Then they are moved to certain areas of the face that are previously marked.

About 1,000 to 3,000 hair follicles will be used throughout the procedure. The whole process is quite laborious, requires attention, and the surgeon must have good experience in conducting such an operation. In time, the whole process takes several hours. The cost will vary from the implantable number of hairs.

It is also believed that the procedure will be more successful using the HFE method. This method has the same steps as FUE, all steps are carried out using special needles.

The whole process is that donor hairs are implanted in certain areas with the help of skin punctures. All transplanted hairs are set at a certain angle for growth in the desired direction.

Such a procedure is much more expensive than FUE. However, this method has the following advantages:

  • Rehabilitation will be approximately 14 days. Other rehabilitation methods will take a little longer.
  • Follicles take root better.
  • A very small injury will be inflicted on the skin of the donor part of the head.

Also from this procedure there will be almost no traces. Hair will grow in the desired direction. Such an intervention can be performed on an outpatient basis, while at the same time, the cost can be reduced. It’s not necessary to prepare for this process for a long time, it only takes a day.

Preparation consists of carrying out the necessary laboratory tests, and the procedure itself will be done the next day. Such a procedure is done in a day. A specialist will examine the patient and outline the outline of the future beard, and also say how much the entire procedure will cost.

Possible complications

If a man does not adhere to the recommendations of his doctor and does not care for his beard, then side complications may occur. These complications include:

  • Swelling in the field of transplantation.
  • Painful sensations and sensitivity of facial tissues.
  • Risk of infection.
  • The long healing process of hematomas.

To avoid the occurrence of the above complications, you should adhere to the recommendations of a specialist, take care of the beard. It is also very important if you have any suspicions of any complications, then immediately contact a specialist to prescribe treatment. Of course, only a specialist can prescribe treatment, it is categorically not recommended to be treated independently.

Folk remedy for beard growth at home

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the topic: "folk remedy for the growth of a beard at home", including the latest trends.

The beard has always been considered a symbol of masculinity. In many national cultures, men are required to wear it. In addition, it has recently become fashionable to be bearded. But what if the stubble on the face does not grow? Is it possible to somehow accelerate the growth of a beard?

What is the reason for the poor growth of the beard

Bristles on the face may grow slightly for the following reasons:

  • Lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. If a man is deficient in them, then you can’t even dream of a beautiful beard.
  • Unbalanced diet. If the diet has a lot of fatty, fried, fast food, then metabolism worsens. Accordingly, hair follicles get poor nutrition, and the stubble grows slowly.
  • Age. As a rule, facial hair in a strong half appears after hormonal changes at a young age. They are a secondary sexual attribute. During this period, many hair follicles have not yet woken up, so instead of a beard, a rare fluff or separate bristles covers the cheeks and lips.
  • Genetics and heredity. Sometimes it happens that a man’s face does not have hair follicles at all (Nature ordered it that way). In this case, the beard should be forgotten. And as a rule, if the father could not boast of a magnificent beard, then the son is unlikely to be like a Caucasian resident.
  • Hormonal disbalance. When the male hormone testosterone level decreases in the male body, the facial hair will be rather scarce.
  • Delayed puberty. If after 25 years the man does not grow a beard, you should seek advice and get the help of a specialist.
  • Poor skin care. Dead skin cells can clog sebaceous, sweat glands, which leads to inflammation and death of hair follicles.
  • Wrong shaving. If the shaving technique is violated, the hair follicles are damaged, and as a result, the growth of the bristles is slowed down or completely stopped.
  • Fatigue and stress. These causes have a detrimental effect on the entire body, including the growth of the beard.
  • Excess weight. Scientists drew attention to a certain relationship between fullness and weak facial hair.
  • Bad habits. Alcohol and tobacco negatively affect the metabolism in the body, so beard growth is significantly impaired.

A beautiful beard gives a man a brutal look and self-confidence

Basic Beard Care

If a man decided to have an appearance, like that of Sultan Suleiman, he must adhere to certain rules, otherwise a miserable, rare beard can grow up instead of a magnificent beard.

So, it is not recommended to do the following:

  • use bad razors (blunt blades, uncomfortable configuration, etc.) that leave cuts and irritations on the skin,
  • abuse alcohol and tobacco,
  • do not get enough sleep,
  • eat junk food
  • overeating, at the risk of gaining excess weight.

At the same time, concrete steps can be taken for more intense beard growth.

  • Great attention needs to be paid to proper balanced nutrition. Thanks to this, the body will be saturated with all the useful components necessary for the accelerated growth of bristles.
  • In early spring, it is recommended to use vitamin complexes, since during this period the body experiences a deficiency of many vitamins.
  • An active lifestyle promotes good blood circulation and, accordingly, strengthens and awakens the hair follicles.
  • A healthy and full sleep will help increase facial hair.
  • Massage of the scalp causes a rush of blood, and along with blood flow to the hair follicles receives the necessary nutrition.
  • It is recommended to use ready-made products and folk methods for accelerated beard growth.
  • If all the preceding paragraphs did not affect the situation in any way, it is necessary to get advice from a qualified specialist. Hormone treatment may be required.

Meat and poultry

As you know, hair rods are made up of protein. Meat and poultry are its suppliers to the body. In addition, these products are rich in iron, which increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

Hemoglobin, in turn, supplies all organs and hair follicles with oxygen. Consequently, vegetation is increasing. Therefore, for good beard growth, these products must be consumed at least three times a week.

Experts recommend boiling or steaming meat.

In order for hair follicles to maintain their health, they must be provided with omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids. These components are rich in marine fish. It also has protein, phosphorus, zinc and vitamin B12.Fish can be eaten at least every day in boiled, fried and baked form.

Dairy products

Cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, etc. contain a lot of protein (casein) and vitamins (especially group B), which are necessary to strengthen hair follicles and intensive growth of bristles.

They have protein, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, vitamins A, B and D, necessary for the beard to be thick and silky.

Cereals and bran

These products are saturated with vegetable protein, zinc, selenium, potassium, magnesium, iron and B vitamins. To preserve all useful components, it is recommended to soak cereals in water, stand for 8 hours and eat raw. Bran can be chopped in a coffee grinder and added daily to soups and salads for 1-2 tbsp. l


In the top of vegetables for effective growth of the beard, carrot and cabbage should be noted, since carrots contain a large amount of vitamin A, which strengthens the roots of hairs, and in cabbage - vitamins U, C and E, which are necessary to maintain the health of hair follicles. Also useful for a beard are pumpkin, tomatoes, spinach.

What vitamins are recommended to be taken

With insufficient intake of vitamins, the beard grows poorly. Therefore, sometimes it is still necessary to additionally use pharmacy products that stimulate the growth of bristles.

The most necessary vitamins in this case are A, groups B, C, D and E:

  • vitamins A and D help strengthen and improve the structure of hairs,
  • B1 and B12 make the beard strong and shiny,
  • B6, B5 and B3 - accelerate and stimulate its growth,
  • B9 strengthens the hair follicle, prevents the loss of bristles,
  • Vitamin E nourishes the roots of the hairs and has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, gives shine to the beard,
  • Vitamin C stimulates microcirculation, promotes the absorption of iron and prevents the destruction of hair follicles.

Among ready-made vitamin complexes, Pantovigar can be used to improve beard growth. It consists of: vitamin B1, para-aminobenzoic acid, medical yeast, keratin, cystine, calcium D pantothenate, or vitamin B5.


Another common drug is Perfectil. It should be taken one capsule per day during or after meals, with 250 ml of water. The treatment lasts 30 days. If necessary, the course can be repeated only after three months.

Perfectil multivitamin complex helps to grow a beautiful beard


The alphabet can also help grow a thick beard. It contains vitamins of groups B, A, E, C, D, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, selenium and many other components (13 vitamins and 10 minerals in total).

Vitamins should be consumed three times a day with meals, washed down with water. A feature of the Alphabet is that each tablet has its own color: white is taken in the morning, blue - at lunch, and pink - at bedtime. The course lasts 1 month. It can be repeated if necessary after 2-3 months.

The different color of the tablets will not let you get confused in the sequence of taking vitamins


A rather effective drug that enhances beard growth and improves its structure is Revalid. Take one tablet three times a day with or before meals. The course of treatment is 2-3 months. A second course can be prescribed only after consultation with a specialist. Usually the result is observed after the first weeks of taking the drug.

By taking Revalid vitamins, you can get good results and accelerate beard growth.

Ready-made tools to enhance growth

Drugs designed to improve hair growth, including beards, have the active substance minoxidil. It acts on the vessels, expanding them, and enhances blood microcirculation. All this contributes to the development of hair follicles. Not only new hairs appear, but also fluffy hair becomes stiff and long.

The top popular drugs include:

  • Alerana spray (available in pharmacies),
  • Regein (order from foreign sites),
  • Minoxidil Kirkland (order from foreign sites),
  • Generolone (available in pharmacies).

Preparations are applied to clean, dry skin twice a day (morning and evening), 1 ml or 7 spray sprays. After application, the product should be evenly distributed over the skin and allowed to dry.

The result from the use of drugs based on minoxidil manifests itself within 1 year.

Burdock or castor oil compress

Excellent results can be obtained by making compresses. The greenhouse effect of the compress enhances the action of beneficial components and helps them penetrate deeper into the skin.

The procedure is recommended to be done in the following sequence:

  • cleanse the skin with lotion,
  • steam the face (steam temperature should be 40-50 ° C),
  • warm the oil to 35 ° C,
  • soak a soft cotton towel with oil and put it on your cheeks and chin,
  • cover with cling film and fix with a bandage (you can use an elastic bandage),
  • after 1.5–2 hours, remove the compress and rinse off the remaining oil with warm water and a cleanser.

The greenhouse effect helps to better affect hair follicles.

This procedure is recommended to be repeated 2-3 times a week for a month. For compress, you can use castor or burdock oil separately or their mixture in equal proportions.

Hot pepper mask

You can enhance the effect of burdock or castor oil with the help of hot pepper, which speeds up blood circulation, which improves the growth of the bristles and strengthens their roots. After applying such a tool, the beard grows much faster and becomes much thicker.

Red pepper provides blood flow and stimulates hair follicles

To prepare the mask should take 2 tbsp. l burdock or castor oil and 0.5 tsp. hot ground pepper. You can use ready-made burdock oil with red pepper.

  1. Pre-clean the face with lotion and steam.
  2. Heat the oil to 35 ° C and mix with pepper.
  3. The resulting slurry is applied to the growth sites of the bristles.
  4. Cover the mask with polyethylene and a towel.
  5. After 20-30 minutes, rinse the composition with a warm soapy solution and moisturize the skin with cream.

Attention! After applying the mask, discomfort may appear. If burning is manifested strongly, it is better to wash off immediately.

The mask should be repeated 1-2 times a week for a month.

Garlic + Aloe = Thick Stubble

Aloe and garlic mask will not only accelerate the growth of the beard, but also strengthen the roots of the hairs. To prepare the product, you need to take:

  • garlic juice - 1 tsp.,
  • juice of three year old aloe - 1 tbsp. l.,
  • honey - 1 tbsp. l.,
  • chicken yolk - 1 pc.

Mix all components with each other and apply to the beard growth area. Leave the mixture for 30-40 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

The use of tar soap

Many people are surprised to learn that with the help of tar soap you can grow a beautiful beard. However, there is nothing to be surprised, because tar is a powerful stimulator of stubble growth.

It is recommended to lather face skin daily at bedtime in places of beard growth for 10 minutes. Soap has a drying effect, so men with dry skin should not use it.

What if the beard grows rare and thin?

It is fashionable to be a bearded man - women pay attention to such men more often, the image turns out to be brutal and stylish. But not every guy of nature was awarded with dense facial hair: a rare beard with bald spots can become an obstacle to a stylish look.

Growing facial hair is a long process that requires patience from a man. The biological factors also determine whether the guy can get a thick beard or whether he will have to abandon this undertaking.

According to the research of D. Morris and R. Richards, an average of 1380 hair follicles per cm2 is located on a man’s face.

  1. 500 roots are located in the area above the upper lip.
  2. 500 follicles are located in the chin area.
  3. 880 hair roots are localized on the cheeks.

These data are an average guideline for men. It is impossible to calculate the individual number of hair follicles.

An approximate knowledge of how long the hairs are in the stage of telogenesis (are inactive) allows us to estimate how long it will take to grow the bristles. The average is from 6 to 10 weeks.

The bristles look quite thick with the number of active hair follicles from 900 to 1380.

Each person’s hair growth is laid at the genetic level, so it’s difficult to influence them. Medicine knows one effective way to speed up the process and increase the thickness of the hairline - taking hormonal drugs.

Possible reasons

In addition to genetic conditioning, liquid beard may also be a consequence of other factors.

  1. Mental illness.

Chronic stress affects the functioning of the thyroid gland, which is why the main male hormone - testosterone - begins to be released slowly. This leads to impaired growth of the bristles - hair becomes rare.

Insomnia is another negative factor, due to which the beard begins to fall out, and bald spots appear in place of the hairs. Often the way out will be the normalization of the mental state and daily regimen.

High-quality wholesome food is the key to human health. In order for the hairs to be thick and thick, men should limit themselves to eating fatty, fried, sweet and starchy foods. It is necessary to include vegetables and fruits, baked meat, fatty fish varieties rich in fiber and porridge minerals in the diet.

Vitaminosis is not excluded. Only a doctor can prescribe the necessary vitamin complex, it is not recommended to take anything without consultation. Hypervitaminosis also negatively affects the body.

Alcohol and nicotine are real killers of health. To give up these habits is not only for the sake of a rich beard, but also your own life.

The hormonal background of a man affects the growth and density of the hairline: if it is normal, then the stubble grows at the required pace. To verify the normal state of your health, you need to contact an endocrinologist - a lack of testosterone leads to more serious problems, so the doctor will prescribe a full hormonal therapy.

The peak of lush vegetation occurs in the period from 18 to 40 years, depending on the individual characteristics of the body. Over time, the growth of hairs slows down, their hair loss intensifies - it will be difficult to grow a thick beard at the age of 50-60.

Obesity is a sure sign that the body systems are not working properly. Excess weight also leads to a deterioration in the quality of facial hair - it is necessary to adjust nutrition and exercise.

  1. Individual features of the hairline.

The bristles in the structure of each man are different, as is the hair on the head. If the hairs are naturally hard, thick, grow quickly without the use of additional funds, then growing a beard will be a matter of several months.

In some men, facial hair is brittle: due to the uneven length, it seems that the base is much thicker than the tips. This problem can be solved by specialized care.

If everything is in order with health, and the stubble still leaves much to be desired, you can achieve a thick beard with the help of cosmetics, folk or aesthetic medicine.

Volume increase

There are several ways to make your beard thicker. A man can try to regularly use masks based on natural ingredients - this is a safe way that positively affects the structure of hair.

For those who would like to solve the problem once and for all, there is a surgical way - hair transplantation on the face. A more gentle cosmetic solution involves the use of camouflage products to help mask bald spots.

The medicine

Growing a thick beard is easier for men who, by nature, have pretty good data. In the case when there are problems with vegetation at the genetic level, it is worth trying hair transplantation on the face.

This branch of aesthetic medicine allows you to get a dense hairline in places where there are no follicles. There are non-surgical techniques aimed at implanting the bulbs in the necessary places without the need to make incisions. For this, the implant is simply placed at the required angle.

Hair transplantation using modern techniques involves single root implantation. This greatly increases the chances that the beard will become thick and neat.

During transplantation, there remains a risk that not all hairs will take root. The percentage is small, so bald patches in men do not occur.


Camouflage beards - a trick of men whom nature has not awarded luxurious vegetation. Such a peculiar coloring allows you to mask bald spots, gray hair, even out the color and make the bristles visually thicker. Using funds is simple - you can handle it at home.

Thickener for beard can be of several types:

The effect and persistence depends on the type of product. After camouflage in the cabin, the color lasts for several months. Using a gel or spray at home gives an even shade to all vegetation until the next beard wash.

Camouflage copes well with bald patches - due to the uniform distribution of the coloring pigment, an impression of a thick beard is created.

In this case, you will have to carefully monitor the color saturation - as soon as it starts to wash off, all the flaws will again become apparent.

Toppik beard thickener is one of the most popular camouflage products at home.

The palette contains natural shades, which allows you to create a natural look in just a few minutes. It is available in powder form, which greatly simplifies the process of use. It must be applied to the problem area, and then comb the hairs a little.

This camouflage looks natural - due to the natural shades in the palette, it does not stand out from the rest of the vegetation. The powder does not crumble on clothes during the day and does not become dimmer.

Of the minuses - the effect lasts only until the first beard wash. But with a fairly economical consumption, one jar is enough for several months of use.

Toppik is not a medicine, it is not aimed at eliminating the causes of a rare beard, it does not condense the structure of hairs and does not stimulate their growth. Its effect is only in the cosmetic effect and masking bald spots.

Price - from 1200 rubles.

Zatmenie22 (otzovik.com): “The effect is amazing! There are always many colors and shades of powder that can be matched to a specific hair color. I recommend taking the powder a little darker than the natural color of the hair, so that the effect is more noticeable. "

Gel thickeners are also convenient to use. It is enough to distribute them evenly over the beard to give it a uniform shade and hide bald spots.

Style tricks

If the above methods did not help, you can resort to another trick. Vegetation can be shaped to hide sparse stubble.

You will have to forget about the options for a full beard - even if you dare to grow such a rich vegetation, it will look ridiculous.

There are design options that will hide the lack of hair.

  1. Island. If you want to be a bearded man, but genetics does not allow, you can grow a thin strip of vegetation under the lower lip. This form has remained in trend for several years.
  2. Three day stubble. She gives the image of brutality and sexuality, women lose their heads from such guys.
  3. Goatee.It covers only the chin, usually in this area in men, hair grows better than on the cheeks.
  4. Anchor. A thick mustache connects with a beard, forming the shape of a ship's attribute. Whiskey and cheeks are shaved smoothly.
  5. Goatee. The classic shape that covers the chin area and the area above the upper lip. It has a slightly rounded shape.

You can fix the rare beard problem with folk remedies or with the help of aesthetic medicine. Special cosmetics will help mask bald spots, but will not accelerate the growth of hairs, will not make them denser and denser. Liquid stubble is not a reason to give up the opportunity to become a bearded man: there are forms that can help hide a flaw.

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