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How to do a mustache haircut?

For most men, shaving is the daily few minutes of using the machine in front of the bathroom mirror. There is nothing complicated - the main thing is to get a smooth face.

It's quite a matter when there is vegetation on it - a mustache and a beard, which need to be given a neat appearance, pacifying the bristles sticking out in all directions.

How to choose your own face shape?

Before you tackle a machine or trimmer, carefully examine your face in the mirror. What geometric shape can it be correlated with? Beard and mustache should be a harmonious complement to your image, emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws.

How to choose a fashionable version of the beard according to the shape of the face, read on.

For round

The round face is harmonized if it is visually lengthened and narrowed.

This can be done using a beard, whose shape tends to a triangle:

Avoid splendor - the bristles should be evenly and neatly trimmed. There should be no hairs on the cheeks and temples.

If you want to complement the beard with a mustache - give them such a shape so that the corners look down.

Attention! Avoid whiskers - they give the face an even more spherical shape and add age.

For oval

An oval face can be given masculinity and visually approximated to the shape of a rectangle with the help of an extension.

You can achieve this effect if you choose one of the following types of beards:

  • bristles "weekly unshaven"
  • classic length
  • round
  • wide whiskers

It is worth avoiding all those recommendations that are suitable for a round face. There are no strict recommendations regarding the shape of the mustache.

For triangular

Just like with an oval face, it’s enough to work on expanding, but this time the hair should have more volume.

To do this, fit:

  • goatee,
  • bilbo
  • Hollywood style
  • classic beard.

Try to camouflage one third of the face with bristles to give the image more harmony and make the face more brutal.

What tools are better to use?

Most men do not pay enough attention to choosing a shaving tool.

At best, it’s an electric shaver, but most admit that they use a disposable razor that is used many times until it becomes dull. Often this leads to sloppy hairs sticking out here and there and pimples on the face.

If shaving quality is no less important to you than speed of execution, then get ready to pay for good scissors or a trimmer.


Mustache and beard scissors are somewhat different from hairdressers. They are smaller in size, lighter in weight and more comfortable in the hand.

Their blades come in various shapes - convex or with beveled edges. They are designed to easily tear off stiff and short hair and give the facial hair a neat appearance.

Such a tool is worth from 3,500 to 15,000 rubles depending on the company, class and material.


A trimmer is often used to trim lengths. With a trimmer, even a novice will be able to care for his beard. It is enough just to understand the nozzles.

Such a device is worth from 2500 to 15000 rubles.

According to the assurances of barbers, the trimmer is more convenient and practical than electric shavers in that it is easier to manipulate if the shape of the beard is complex and requires detailed trimming.

Important! To make shaving as comfortable as possible, also purchase a magnifying cosmetic mirror and two combs - with frequent and rare teeth, to care for the mustache and hair on the cheeks, respectively.

What razors and devices are convenient to use for cutting a beard is described in the video:

Preparation of men's skin and bristles

To shave and cut your beard smoothly, you need to prepare your skin and hair. Just washing and applying shaving foam in most cases will not be enough.

Sometimes the bristles are so stiff that it is difficult to influence, and it can only be softened with multi-stage preparation, including washing, softening and steaming.

Washing and steaming

  1. Face wash. Wash your face in the usual way, but make the water hotter. Wet your face and neck area that you plan to shave with wet hands. You should be noticeably warm, and not a burning pain.
  2. Towel compress. Dampen a terry towel in hot water and wring it well. Put it on your face and sit like that for a few minutes. This procedure will reveal the scales of the hair, making them more supple and soft.
  3. Emollient shaving cream. Spread a special emollient over your face, paying particular attention to the chin and the area above the lip. It is believed that the toughest stubble grows there. Soak the product for a couple of minutes and rinse with water.


Shaving a beard while the hairs are wet is not worth it - the longer the hair remains wet, the faster they lose their natural protection, become disheveled and naughty.

A hair dryer is also not suitable for this purpose - hot air acts on the bristles and it will be shaggy, as in the photo.

Take a terry towel and pat your face thoroughly.

Important! Do not rub or stretch your skin and try not to shake your hair.


So, the main stages of preparation have been completed, you can start shaving and cutting. The step-by-step sequence of shaving a beard will be described below.

Please note that the steps may vary, depending on the shape and length of the facial hair:

  1. Shaving whiskers, cheeks and neck. Depending on the length of the vegetation, you can use a trimmer or scissors. Trim slowly and measuredly, measuring and comparing the length on each side.
  2. Mustache haircut. If you wear a mustache, comb it and trim it with scissors.
  3. Chin treatment. Then build on your type of person and the desired result. Use a trimmer or scissors. Give the beard a shape, and then remove the excess hairs on the neck and cheeks. Shedding beards should be clearly outlined along the line of the lower jaw.

Watch a video in which the barber tells how to trim a beard:


In order to achieve a smooth result, in advance prepare the necessary tools:

  • Scissors.
  • A new razor or a dangerous razor (if you have experience with it).
  • Shaving brush and wet shaving foam.

If the hair is strong branch, remove the excess volume with scissors. Then thoroughly smear your face with foam and proceed directly to shaving, using a machine or blade.

Important! To avoid ingrownness and irritation, move the razor directly along the hairline, but not against it.

What are the mustache clipping tools?

Before determining the method of how to cut a mustache at home, in order to maintain their shape and a neat appearance, a man needs to stock up on all the necessary tools and devices for work.

The barbel must have the following tools in its arsenal:

  • a mirror that can be locked in position
  • comb comb with frequent and rare teeth,
  • small scissors with sharp blades,
  • trimmer with nozzles.

How to shave a picture?

If you want to get a clear hermetic pattern on your face, but do not have such experience, go to the men's hairdresser and ask the barber to choose the right style for you, and at the same time show how to shave the hairs so that the beard looks neat.

How to trim your hair to get the desired shape or pattern:

  1. Using a nozzle clipper, trim the beard to the desired length.
  2. Apply gel or foam to make the shaving machine easier to slip.
  3. Next, using a cosmetic pencil, mark the main leading lines.
  4. Choose extra hairs on the cheeks and neck.
  5. Give your beard a form with a trimmer and scissors.
  6. Last of all, take care of the mustache and give them the desired shape.

Wash your face with cool water and apply after shave.

If the hairs are constantly curled or puffed - get a special wax for styling facial hair. It is easy to use - just rub a little funds in the palms and with your fingertips direct the bristles in the right direction.

If you want to give the image a little extravagance - take a little more wax and give the tips of the mustache a fancy shape, twisting them up or down. This technique was often used by the famous surrealist Salvador Dali.

Attention! Rinse the razor as often as possible. Clogged blades will lead to hair pulling and skin injuries.

Which tool to choose?

In fact, a man should not choose the tools to properly trim his mustache, not by blind choice or by his own preferences.

Experts give tips on how to choose the right working tool for trimming and cutting a mustache, namely:

  • for stiff hair, a mustache should be cut with a machine with blades that are adjustable in length,
  • the trimmer or clipper can be from the mains or battery, you need to choose according to the circumstances,
  • if you select a trimmer, you can choose one with which there are nozzles for removing hair in hard to reach places (nose, ears, eyebrows, etc.),
  • you need to choose a trimmer or machine according to the degree of comfort and ease of use, since the tool will be used often.

For long mustaches, you can do just using scissors and a comb, which in tandem will allow you to perfectly trim their length and density. But the trimmer is still considered the most ideal tool for grooming, since it is compact and allows you to perfectly cut the vegetation of small size and area.

Basic rules for self-mustache

To learn how to cut your mustache and adjust its shape as you grow, it will be enough for a man to visit a barbershop and remember what manipulations the specialist will perform. Further, in the store of professional tools for hairdressers and barbers, it will be possible to purchase all the necessary tools for further home modeling of mustaches.

Mustache haircut should consist of several stages:

  1. Training. To cut or trim the mustache, you first need to carry out all the necessary hygiene procedures.
  2. Tool cleaningto be involved in the haircut. The scissors, scallop and trimmer must be clean, the blades can be disinfected with a solution with an antiseptic.
  3. Combing a mustache with a comb.
  4. A haircut using a comb and scissors or a machine or trimmer with nozzles.
  5. Mustache styling using cosmetics.

For many men, the tradition of cutting their mustache and modeling with scissors alone remained relevant even with all sorts of new products and electrical appliances. But not everyone has the skills for perfect cutting with scissors, so they prefer to use machines with nozzles that guarantee uniform cutting of the extra length of the mustache.

How to cut a mustache with scissors?

To cut a mustache with scissors, you must have the appropriate skills, as incorrect movements and trembling hands can lead to uneven hair cutting. To facilitate the process and prevent such risks, hairdressers advise using a scallop with scissors in tandem. Shears are cut with a scissors according to the following scheme:

  • Mustaches should be wetted or washed in warm water with a special tool for mustaches and beards, which will make the hairs soft and docile.
  • Next, the mustache should be blotted with a towel to remove excess moisture and combed with a comb with small teeth. The hairs need to be combed so that they descend to the upper lip.
  • Now with the help of sharp small scissors it is necessary to cut off the extra length of the mustache along the line of the upper lip. You need to move the scissors gradually parallel to the upper lip, holding your hand in a steady state. You need to cut according to the shape of the mouth so that the lower shape of the mustache matches the corners of the mouth.
  • If the mustache is too voluminous, you can cut the hair not only along the upper lip, but the entire upper layer of your mustache, reducing the number of hairs. In this man, a scallop will help, who need to comb the mustache and raise up the unnecessary length of hairs.
  • At the end of the mustache, you need to comb again and visually evaluate how evenly they were trimmed. It is necessary to take into account the fact that after drying, their length will slightly decrease.

If necessary, a man can remove excess vegetation around his mustache with a razor and shaving aid to emphasize their shape. As the mustache grows, this procedure must be repeated so that the mustache has a neat and tidy shape and appearance.

The technique of cutting a mustache with a machine

The procedure for cutting the mustache with a trimmer (clipper) is somewhat different from scissors cutting the mustache. Hairdressers and barbers tell how to cut a mustache with a trimmer, for this it is necessary to perform the following manipulations:

  • With the help of a comb, you must lay your mustache in a solid straight line.
  • The trimmer must be held upright to determine the outline of the mustache.
  • Now the trimmer is taken with the marking side in relation to itself and make the frame.
  • The trimmer is turned with the marking side away from itself and framed by a line of mustaches along the lips, so that the mustache has a clear outline, and there is no excess bristle around them.
  • The trimmer should be placed with the blades to itself, completing the modeling of the shape of the mustache.

At the end of the work, you need to remove the trimmed hairs from the face, and then fix the new shape of the mustache with the help of styling - varnish or wax. After work, the tool must be cleaned with a brush or rinsed with an antiseptic solution.

Mustache Care

Caring for a mustache requires only a minimum of procedures - hygienic procedures to keep the vegetation clean and fresh, combing and styling the mustache with wax or varnish, periodically trimming their length. If protruding hairs are visible over the upper lip during hair growth, they can be cut with sharp scissors. Further, as the mustache grows, the man needs to determine an acceptable method for cutting them and model the shape of the mustache on his own at home.

How to store cutting tools?

Keep tools for cutting and shaving mustache men need to be in good condition and clean. This will allow the trimmer and scissor blades to avoid dulling and rust. The bathroom is completely unsuitable for such purposes, experts advise keeping the tools in a dry, ventilated room.

After each use, the scissors are rinsed with water and blotted with a special cloth. The trimmer is cleaned of hairs and periodically lubricated with oil or wax, as a rule, brushes for cleaning blades and means for lubricating them are included with the device for cutting. If not, the man will definitely need to buy such components.


You can beautifully trim your mustache at home with both scissors and an electric machine. It is only necessary to clearly follow the instructions and be extremely careful so as not to cut off the excess. When working with the trimmer, you must prevent water from entering the appliance, as this can lead to electric shock. Mustache haircuts will need to be performed 2-3 times a week, depending on the speed of hair growth. Since mustache hairs are much thicker than other hairs, you can use conditioner to soften them before cutting.

How to trim

There are a number of rules on how to cut a mustache at home:

  • the mustache should have sufficient density and length, it is impossible to give the cherished form only to the piercing bristles. Be patient and let go for a couple of weeks, picking up stubble in the cheeks and cheekbones area,
  • choose a mustache model according to the shape of the face, taking into account the lifestyle and individual characteristics,
  • carry out haircuts with sharp scissors or an electric machine using a flat comb with frequent teeth,
  • the hair must be clean and dry (hair saturated with moisture, evens out and seems longer than in a dry state)
  • Before cutting, it is forbidden to use balms and conditioners - they make the hair too soft, this is fraught with an uneven cut,
  • carry out haircuts, milling and contouring forms in bright light.


  1. Before scissors cut their mustaches, wash them with standard means: shampoo, liquid or solid soap, and partially dry them with a towel: they should remain slightly moist. Carefully walk along the entire length with a small comb or special comb.
  2. Define the visual middle of the element: for a person without distortion, you can focus on the nasolabial gutter - it will be the central vertical relative to which the symmetry of future whiskers is built.
  3. Use sharp scissors to move from the central vertical to the lateral vertices, maintaining an even lower parallel with respect to the natural bend of the upper lip: with small cuts, treat both sides alternately, it is important to move along the border of the mouth, leaving a small margin of length - dried hair will “bounce” and take a natural bend, rising above upper lip border.
  4. When both sides are symmetrically processed, inspect the mustache from different angles: some of the knocked out hairs can be invisible in the face, and the profile half-turn will allow them to notice and smooth the composition.
  5. The next stage is work with density. If the trimmer is not available, use the following algorithm: carefully comb the mustache with a comb in the direction of growth, with the same comb, raise the upper layer of hairs by three quarters and fix your hand. Cut off the part of the stubble that remains above the teeth, scissors and comb again in the direction of growth. Repeat with the opposite side.
  6. Thin out again if necessary and trim the new length.

Typewriter and trimmer

The main advice of barbers on how to cut a mustache with a machine is also a distinctive feature of the method - treatment is carried out on clean and absolutely dry hair.

Pre-treatment allows the use of additional cosmetics: emollient balms or moisturizing conditioners.

  1. Lay the hair in the mustache zone in one direction across the entire width - strictly vertically. Keep the trimmer perpendicular to the floor: this position of the tool is optimal for contouring and designating the desired shape.
  2. First draw the outer border: the framing is carried out in the position “marking side to face” with strict observance of the vertical orientation of the tool in space. Move along the upper line of vegetation with short steps. This will reduce the risk of an unwanted bristle cut.
  3. The second stage is modeling the lower boundary. Turn the trimmer to the “marking side from the face” position and make shaving movements along the upper bend of the lip. Move from the central vertical to the ends of the mustache, observing the given length and symmetry.
  4. Contouring ends with an electric razor without nozzles: with it, walk along the entire border of the mustache - so the framing of the elements will get a finished and well-groomed appearance.

Regardless of the choice of the main cutting tool, have a sharp machine in the arsenal. A razor needs to go through all the “bare” areas: cheeks, cheekbones, chin or tanks, if there are no elements of the image.

With the machine, you can neatly divide the area between the lip and the mustache or beard.

How to trim

A number of rules on how to trim a mustache boil down to a simple set of measures: hygiene, timely correction, and the use of special cosmetics.

Length trimming and correction of external borders is performed every 3-4 days depending on the individual growth rate of the bristles, thinning is done at least once a week.


For trimming and modeling, a standard set of tools is used:

  • small comb or specialized brush for mustache and beard,
  • trimmer and / or scissors,
  • sharp razor.

If the procedure takes place at home, prepare a workspace: bright lighting, a large mirror in which the body is visible at least to the collarbone - these mirror sizes allow you to evaluate the sagittal symmetry and harmonious dimensions of the mustache relative to the whole face.

If a specialist barber selected and designed it, it will be much easier to trim and maintain density, the main thing is to carry out the care in a timely manner.

After Shave

You can find a wide variety of men's after shave care products on the cosmetic market. They are divided both by type of skin (for sensitive, dry, normal) and by the form of release - lotions, gels, creams, emulsions, etc.

Consider the most popular and common:

  1. Lotion. Its main purpose is the antiseptic treatment of micro-wounds and cracks, to prevent irritation and rashes. Lotions are well suited for oily and combination skin, as they have a mild drying effect. But owners of dry and sensitive will have to choose another tool, or pick up a lotion, which will contain no more than 30% alcohol.
  2. Cream or balm. This remedy restores the hydro balance and saturates the skin with the missing nutrients, softening and removing peeling. The cream accelerates tissue regeneration after traumatic shaving.

According to market research, men, when buying shaving products, are guided by three criteria:

  • Packing color - preference is given to dark blue, black, red and green colors.
  • Form - the bottle should be as convenient as possible - preferably with a dispenser.
  • The aroma is in the priority notes of peppermint, sea freshness and citrus.

However, you should not limit yourself to this list only.

When choosing a product, pay attention not only to the packaging and its ergonomics, but also to the composition of the product.

It is good if it contains such components as panthenol, vitamins A and E and aloe extract. The latter is especially beneficial for the condition of the skin, which is exposed to shaving daily.

Can I use female shaving products:

  • The fact is that it is much easier to find a gentle and mild composition among women's cosmetic products than among men's.
  • Nothing terrible will happen if you use female shaving foam even on an ongoing basis.
  • The only negative - such products have a very soft and sweet smell.

A properly selected and well-groomed beard can transform any man, giving the face masculinity, brutality, and sometimes age.

You can take care of facial hair both at the men's hairdresser and at home, if you have all the necessary tools and care products.

How to Wear a Beard for Chubby Men

Dear chubby friends, a big tip to you: avoid a whisker, put a beard and mustache (there should be no lush beard on your cheeks). Your goal should be to lengthen the shape of the head, where your savior will be a long or triangular shape of the hair. Also, you can safely resort to such solutions:

  • goatee,
  • goatee,
  • duck tail,
  • island,
  • anchor.

Mustache haircut machine

Trimming a mustache with a mechanical machine is an old method used by men 30-40 years ago. Today, manufacturers offer more advanced and better-tuned machines that can easily cope with a mustache, beard, sideburns and bristles. After choosing the length, the extra millimeters are removed to make a cut, they remove the nozzle, and the mechanical device quickly aligns the contour. A neat haircut with the help of a machine is possible today even if certain conditions are met:

  1. Provide good lighting.
  2. Place a mirror opposite another mirror to see your face well from different angles.
  3. Keep your head strictly upright to ensure that the position of the cutting tool, the direction of the strands and the mustache are trimmed as evenly as possible.

How to make a beautiful beard for triangular face owners

For visual expansion of the lower part, men with this type of face are best suited for such haircut options:

  • balbo
  • Hollywood, "zakos" under Ryan Gosling,
  • full classic
  • Spanish beard.

Your goal is to hide one third of the face (count from the chin) with vegetation, so that the image turns out to be harmonious and complete.

Inventory "bearded man" or how to cut a beard

A big mistake for many men is to save on beard shaving tools: using a disposable razor more than once, for example. From my own experience I can say that it’s better to spend some money and walk with neatly cut hair than to save money and wander around with nothing. After all, you do not save on parts for a car? For cutting a beard, I advise you to purchase these shaving products and other items:

  1. Scissors for cutting a mustache and beard. Such beard scissors are usually smaller than usual. The tool has a convenient shape - trimming the beard with such scissors is much easier.
  2. Trimmer or electric machine for mustache and beard. Often used to equation the length of a beard. Putting the nozzle on the machine and adjusting it in one direction or another (depending on the type of trimmer) you control the length of your beard.
  3. A comb for mustache (with small teeth) and for hair on the cheeks (with wide teeth), since you must be able to comb it properly.
  4. A dangerous razor, as in the movie Sweeney Todd the Demon Hairdresser.
  5. A large mirror or a more convenient cosmetic mirror with magnification.
  6. Towel.

The inventory is ready, go to the preparation of the face before the haircut? Now let's figure out how to form a beard.

Preparing face and hair for haircuts

It is customary to think that cutting a beard and mustache in men is accompanied by woodland, an ax in his hands and a serious expression on his face, as in the photo in the advertisement. Alas, everything is not so prosaic. I will tell you honestly that your facial hair looks neat and you feel good, you need to carry out a number of procedures - preparation before shaving, so to speak.

With trimmer

Tips for choosing a mustache care tool:

  • stiff hair will be much easier to cut with hairdressing scissors or a trimmer with different nozzles,
  • the trimmer must have access to charge from the battery and the normal network,
  • the device is equipped with additional nozzles for removing hair in other hard-to-reach places.

Creating a spectacular haircut mustache is not the first time. But the vegetation on the face, as well as on other parts of the body, grows very quickly, so any young person after several times using the trimmer will be skilled and will do even styling. The power tool greatly facilitates the actions to care for the appearance. The hair on the mustache and beard of men is always stiff and naughty, so in the arsenal of tools you need to have a trimmer with several nozzles.

How to trim your mustache with a trimmer:

  • at the preparation stage, you need to steam the face. The most suitable time after an invigorating morning shower or in a bath,
  • for 20 minutes apply a softening oily cream to the hair. Absorbing into the bristles and skin, it makes them soft, and thanks to oiling, individually protruding hairs will be easier and more painless to pull out with tweezers,
  • wash your hair with shampoo, dry it and carefully comb it,
  • according to the selected length, a nozzle with blades is selected,
  • cut, gently holding the tool to the edge of hair growth,
  • styling is secured by means of reliable styling.

The trimmer works very quickly, so you need to be prepared to trim your mustache without touching the surface of the skin. The design of the nozzles will not allow a cut, but the speed of the device may come as a surprise and the antennae above the upper lip will not be trimmed as smoothly as we would like.

With the help of a beard trimmer, you can neatly maintain the shape of the mustache that a man made in a barbershop. The main types of whiskers that are created using an electrical appliance:

    With the ends twisted up - English, in the style of Salvador Dali, Imperial, handbar or El Bandito.

A variety of shapes and directions will allow for a particular person to choose the correct contour of the mustache. If the face is square in shape, the mustache must visually divide it into two parts, and a smooth haircut of long curls, dropping around the corners of the mouth, make the lower part oblong. As a result, the face looks harmonious and attractive. For a round and oval shape, different mustaches are suitable, but for triangular faces you need to choose thicker and wider, grown together with a beard. Among barbers, there is an opinion that mustaches should be selected in accordance with the natural shape of the eyebrows and protrusion of the jaw. For home design, correlation with the contour of the face and the density and color of the hair will be quite enough.

Scissor shape

The most affordable and budgetary tool is the scissors that everyone has. With their help, you can take care of a long mustache, keeping fit.

  1. The mustache is combed in the direction from top to bottom, from the nose to the upper lip.
  2. The grown hairs are cut with scissors, sequentially passing along the edge of the lip from each corner of the mouth to the center and vice versa.
  3. Hair should be dry.
  4. To make the haircut even, you need to leave a comb in your mustache. A comb located vertically will allow you to gently trim the bristles protruding beyond the line of whiskers. Combs parallel to the teeth will not allow you to cut more than planned. Scissors guide along the comb and carefully align the shape of the mustache.
  5. Mustache haircut is a responsible event. If a mistake is made, then the mustache will have to completely shave off or change shape, the pack will not grow new.
  6. Before the haircut, they carry out the necessary toilet procedures - steaming, using soap or shampoo to wash, as well as a cream to soften the structure of the hair.
  7. After you trim with scissors and align the shape, comb down vertically and horizontally to check if individual hairs protrude beyond the accepted shape of the mustache.

To care for the mustache, it is recommended to use shampoo and conditioner for washing. To keep the long mustache in shape, you need to fix the styling with wax:

  • rub a small amount of fixer in the palms,
  • wax warms up and easily envelops hair,
  • fingers give the hair the right direction,
  • styling or curls hold firmly all day.

The budget way of haircuts at home will save a fashionable image that emphasizes brutality and masculinity. By recognition of the opposite sex, the face of a guy with a mustache that gently borders the upper part of his mouth looks sensual and sexy. Modern fashion trends and trends make it possible for young people and older men to try to grow mustaches of various shapes, sideburns, beards, and through interesting experiments to find the best combination and solution.

Trim the mustache with a trimmer

Mustaches can be cut in different ways, giving them any shape. There are many different images, each of which a man can try on his own face.To keep the selected shape perfect, it is supported by cutting every four days.

Each style requires a different shaving technique, the process will be easier when the face is pre-cleaned using special tools. They will soften the rigid structure, make it obedient to the hair, which will facilitate the whole procedure.

A man can realize any form of haircut on his face. The most common are:

  • long: have thin tips, create them with the help of thinning scissors. Look best on a round face
  • short, sometimes called English: this option is very elegant, it will perfectly complement the elongated, thin face shape,
  • curly: suggest the complete removal of vegetation, leaving only a contour. The style is quite strict, perfect for any type.

To make the haircut easy, it’s important to have some tool on hand:

  • scissors, and not ordinary, stationery, but specialized, hairdressers. They differ in special sharpening, as well as the material of manufacture. Such a tool equals a beard, a mustache, they allow you to perfectly outline the face, removing naughty hairs. High-quality scissors have a high cost, but the resulting comfort from a haircut is worth the cost,
  • a trimmer, an excellent device that facilitates the process of creating a mustache at home, by lay people. It easily smooths the shape, helps in creating new contours. There are trimmers used to cut hair on the head or face, they can have different widths of the shaving edges, differ in the nozzles included in the kit,
  • a special comb that is useful not only for cutting, but also for daily care of facial hair. It should have the shape of a scallop, the number of teeth is selected according to the density of hairs. The higher it is, the greater should be the gap between the teeth,
  • mirror: these accessories will need two, one with ordinary glass, and the second with a magnifying glass.

Before you begin to influence the vegetation with a trimmer, it is important to carry out preparatory procedures:

  1. Wash the beard using a special shampoo and using a softening conditioner.
  2. To process vegetation with oil-fluid for softening hairs.
  3. Be sure to carefully comb the vegetation so that the hairs lie as evenly as possible. This will avoid possible errors.
  4. Dry hairs with a hairdryer, or wait for their natural drying. Wet hair does not cut, they will lie differently than dry. This will worsen the expected result.

Comb the mustache in different directions

How to trim a mustache using a trimmer? First comb the hair. Draw a comb on both sides of the labial groove: this will separate the hairs from each other, stimulates the activity of the bulbs.

It is better to use a tool equipped with thin teeth. Combing dry vegetation, wet seems longer, which will affect the result of cutting.

Set the nozzle to a high position

Before you cut your mustache, put the trimmer in position. For alignment, without loss of length, choose a three or four. If the length is large, you can lower the nozzle, repeat the procedure.

When a decision is made to remove part of the length, lower the nozzle smoothly, in one division (if the device allows, then half). This will be safer, avoiding unnecessary shortening of the length.

It is easier for beginners to work with electric trimmers designed specifically for working with a beard.

Trim the mustache with a trimmer

Next, turn on the trimmer and trim the mustache with even, smooth strokes. Begin from the level of the upper lip. To get rid of thick hair, or if you want to make the mustache thinner, the trimmer is carried out from the bottom to the nose line.

When the goal is shortening, the trimmer is moved from top to bottom. To facilitate access to the affected area, it is necessary to tightly tighten the lips.

Line the rest of the facial hair

When a man grows not only a mustache, but a beard, one must not forget about the need to level it.

  1. Trim the areas where there is vegetation.
  2. Put the nozzle in a high position.
  3. Lower nozzle if necessary.

At the discretion of the man, his mustache and beard are sheared, both at one and at different levels.

Comb the mustache from the nose down

To give accuracy to the appearance, shaping the individual elements using scissors. First you need to comb the hairs located above the lip. It is important to ensure that they look down, this will help suggest an acceptable level of shearing.

To get an accurate sense of length, combing the hairs requires a dry comb.

Do not remove the comb and cut the hair below the lip

Now you need to determine the length by matching the cloves and scissors. Cutting requires everything that goes beyond a predetermined level.

The hair is cut off with the lower blade, acting carefully so as not to get hurt. You should not rush, only one mistake made can completely spoil the appearance and make it completely remove the vegetation, and then grow it again.

Shear from the middle to the sides

How to trim your mustache? For uniform subsequent hair growth, it is important to move sequentially from one part to another. You can’t try to cut everything at once.

You need to start with the labial groove, then move to the edges, cutting off the hair according to one level. You need to check it twice, before you act with scissors.

To give a special shape, the median line is made slightly higher than at the edges.

Check your work

At the end of the work, it is important to carefully examine the result. If somewhere the hair is out of the right place, it must be carefully trimmed with scissors. If you doubt your abilities, you can remove a lonely sticking hair with the help of tweezers.

Turn your head right, left, inspect the result from each angle. Despite the fact that one hair does not play a role, it can spoil the overall picture.

Cut your mustache every 1-2 weeks

You need to repeat the trimming procedure after such a time interval that the hairs need to grow back. For each person, he is purely individual. The average period will be two weeks, the procedure will have to be performed twice a month. When the hair is thick, disobedient, it will have to be leveled weekly.

Mustache haircut should be a good habit, it is important to choose the style and length that will fully match the look.

Use shampoo and conditioner

Care for hair growing on the face is also required, like the one that is carried out for the hair covering the head. In order for the beard to be obedient, thick, silky, shiny, regular grooming procedures are performed.

Measures for the care of a mustache, beard:

  • shampooing,
  • use of air conditioning
  • the use of masks, lotions, face creams, the application of cosmetic oils (burdock, castor, almond, coconut).

Mustaches do not require frequent washing, like a head; it is enough to clean them from three to five times a week.

Buy an Exfoliating Facial Scrub

To make your skin look healthy, radiant, you can not neglect exfoliating scrubs. The use of peelings cleanses the surface of the epidermis of keratinized particles, makes room for the growth of new hairs, stimulates the work of follicles.

In addition, this effect will help prevent peeling of the skin, which is especially noticeable with dark hair. Apply scrub in the morning, or before bedtime, about three times a week.

Use a little wax for easy styling.

To give the hair a special style, you can treat them with cosmetic wax. Pea funds are applied on the palms, rubbed between them. Then distributed over the surface of the haircut, giving the desired shape with your hands. The wax will dry quickly, the shape will fix.

Wax is used in limited quantities, otherwise the vegetation will have a greasy, untidy appearance.

General recommendations

To make the haircut process go without unpleasant surprises, pay attention to the recommendations:

  • keep your head symmetrical so that the mustache does not turn out to be uneven,
  • work in bright light so that all the hairs are visible,
  • when there are no hairdressing scissors at hand, use a manicure version of the tool. They are short and sharp enough
  • the trimmer and scissors should be handled with extreme care to avoid accidental injury to the delicate skin of the lips,
  • when there is no certainty in the correctness of the chosen style, it is better to carry out the procedure with the master in the salon.

How to wash facial hair and how to steam facial skin before shaving

Facial hair is distinguished by its delicate structure, and to be more precise the roots, respectively, pouring shampoo into them is not an option. An exception may be shampoo in small quantities, and provided that the composition of this consists mainly of natural ingredients. If the procedure takes place at home, then I advise you to wash your beard and steam your face in the shower, at home.


We need this part in order to straighten hair and get rid of unnecessary curls. You need to comb in the direction of hair growth: comb along the jaw. Start combing from the ears and further to the chin. To make a mustache obedient, you need to comb them on the same principle.

More to the point: how to trim a beard?

Finally, we come to the final stage, where we will analyze several methods of cutting, which will be applied depending on the length and density of your beard.

Step by step, consider the universal design of a beard at home:

  • Sweeping cheeks and neck. Here I use a trimmer and its longest nozzle. I shave my cheeks and neck with smooth measured movements.
  • How to cut a mustache. Scissors will help you with this: at your discretion, align the contours of the mustache, according to the chosen style.
  • The bottom of the face. You will also cut the chin, starting from your own choice. The only thing I can tell you is to use scissors, so you can give shape.
  • Final actions (fringing) - it remains only to trim the remaining hair on the neck and trim the hard-to-reach areas of the hair, where a trimmer without a nozzle will help you. The beard line should run along the jaw line.

As you have already seen for yourself, making a beard beautiful and tidy is not so difficult.

How to shave a beard? How to shave a beard so that stubble remains? Dry shave.

In addition to scissors and a trimmer, you don’t need anything else. You will use scissors so as not to hammer the trimmer. The beard shaving technique adhere to universal. After you shave your beard, you will still have a slight stubble, remove the nozzle and walk again. At the end of the procedure, apply a moisturizer that is appropriate for your face type.

After completing the haircut, you can use basic methods of caring for facial hair: rinse it again, apply oil or apply hair with a special wax.

As you already managed to make sure, cutting a beard at home is quite a worthy occupation, since cutting hair is a kind of art and we are all artists to some extent.

Recently, men's fashion has undergone dramatic changes. Famous actors, athletes and other media personalities, whose face constantly flashes on the tabloids, were the first to try to grow a beard, mustache, change haircuts and looks. Young people, like girls, began to pay more attention to their appearance, a desire appeared to change something and the desire to look better.

Endless beard and mustache experiments require specific care, haircuts, and shaving skills. Not all guys know:

  • how to care for a growing mustache and beard,
  • what forms are at the peak of popularity now,
  • how to style each mustache so that it stays curled throughout the day,
  • which combs to use for styling,
  • how to cut and shave your mustache,
  • which tools are most effective for facial hair care,
  • how to choose the shape of a mustache and beard, mustache and whiskers, mustache and hairstyle,
  • what cosmetics to use for care,
  • What are the most affordable options for cutting and styling a mustache.

A mustache haircut allows you to give a unique and inimitable form that supports the overall image of a man. Professionals insist that the mustache option should match the costume, hairstyle, beard and whiskers. Independent choice will not always be as accurate and correct as the work performed by an experienced specialist. Before you grow and cut your beard and mustache, you need to look at numerous photos from the Internet and determine which of the three possible forms will suit the desired image more than others:

  • swirling upwards (mustache of a clerk, Englishman or waiter),
  • swirling down (Chinese Kung Fu warrior style),
  • trimmed parallel to horizontal lines.

Short mustaches, like bristles, do not interfere with food, do not require attention after water procedures. But long ones - every morning you need to comb, style and fasten with cosmetic wax. During meals, you must ensure that the mustache does not fall into the mouth. After the meal, you need to wipe your lips with a napkin and check how well your mustache, oiled with wax. To be attractive to the female sex and to stand out from other peers or colleagues, it is worth making considerable efforts, but the result will not be long in coming.

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