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How to determine your level of testosterone and adjust it

Testosterone is the most important hormone in the life of any man. It’s exactly Vel that forms all male factors: hair growth on the body, rudeness of the voice, growth of muscle mass and bone strength, in addition, he is responsible for the mood and mental state of the man!

Reading articles about this hormone, we involuntarily have symptoms that indirectly signal a low level of male hormone in the body. To know your level exactly, you need to see a doctor and take tests, but you, like most men, are unlikely to go to the doctor, so you can find out the approximate level of testosterone at home. Of course, these factors will not be able to accurately say about the level of your hormone, but you can understand the approximate picture. So read the text to the end and test yourself on these factors!

1) Overweight
The higher the amount of fat in your body, the lower the level of Testosterone! So go to the mirror and look at yourself! This is due to the fact that Fat produces aromatase enzymes that convert testosterone to estrogen (female hormone). So if you want to have testosterone at a good level, urgently get in shape!

2) Testicle size
The testicles are the male organ. which produces 96% of all testosterone. So the larger their size, the higher the level and amount of testosterone produced!

3) Quality and frequency of erection
If you have cases of erectile dysfunction and no morning erection, then your hormone level is below normal. If you don’t have an erection at all in the morning, then your nitric oxide level is also below normal, and it’s in conjunction with testosterone that is responsible for your erection

4) sports
If you regularly exercise in the gym and do basic exercises or do martial arts, then your testosterone is likely to be within normal limits. If you make a tendency to endurance, for example, run marathons, then it is unlikely that you have a high T-level! so if you want to increase them even more, then lift more heavy weights and participate in competitions!

5) strong sweat odor
if your sweat has a strong odor, then your testosterone level is likely to be in normal values. During puberty, sweat begins to be produced through the apocrylal glands and it has a strong odor. that’s why children don’t smell so much when they sweat!

6) Age
The higher the age, the lower your T-level, so inherent in nature, therefore, a man at the age of 50 will not be able to perform feats with a girlfriend, such as a 20-year-old guy can! But the main reasons for the decline are not in the nature of men. and in the lifestyle that an adult man leads is usually a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle! So at the age of playing sports is very useful and I recommend doing weightlifting, and there is gravity and competitive spirit and mobility!

7) Diet
if you maintain a balance of proteins and fats and eat mostly healthy and organic writing, then most likely your T-level is normal. If you want to restore testosterone in the body, give up sugar and trans fats and eat foods rich in zinc, vitamin D. After all, you are what you eat!

So do sports, eat healthy, write and lose extra pounds!

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Why Know Your Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is involved in many body processes: it regulates sexual behavior in both sexes, stimulates muscle building, maintains bone density, and affects fat metabolism.

Hormonal imbalances can cause many problems, including overweight, decreased sex drive, and even memory impairment. Recognizing the signs of low testosterone, you can take measures to normalize it and solve your health problems.

Symptoms of abnormal testosterone levels in the blood

The body reacts both to a hormone deficiency, and also to its excess. The symptoms are naturally different.

Decreased testosterone levels in men can be determined by external signs:

  • in boys with a lack of hormone, the genitals are underdeveloped,
  • in adolescents, the figure develops according to the female type: breasts can grow, excessive thinness, a thin voice are noted,
  • in mature men, there is a decrease in sex drive, inhibition of spermatogenesis, rapid hair loss, the occurrence of osteoporosis, muscle weakness.

If the level of male hormone is reduced in a woman, then it occurs:

  • sudden weight loss
  • no sex drive,
  • irritability in behavior, drowsiness.

If the level of testosterone exceeds the permissible norm, the following symptoms may indicate this:

  • increased aggressiveness
  • hair loss on the head,
  • increased hair growth on the body and face,
  • frequent insomnia
  • increased irritability.

Athletes often use steroid hormone-containing drugs. This is done in order to increase muscle mass. For this, special courses have been developed, a diet is observed and an increased physical load on the body is given. If an ordinary guy wants to give himself more male power, then there will be no positive effect from taking the drug.

Uncontrolled use of hormone-containing drugs can lead to the fact that the natural process of hormone production will be disrupted, and after the end of taking steroids, the body will not be able to synthesize testosterone on its own.

To compensate for this, athletes undergo post-cycle rehabilitation therapy, using drugs that stimulate the natural synthesis of the hormone.

Many men, having become familiar with the symptoms of a lack or excess of the hormone, want to know how to check their testosterone levels. The most proven and accurate way to find out if hormone production in the body is normal is to take a blood test. This procedure is carried out in laboratory conditions, it requires blood from a vein. To obtain reliable results, you need to properly prepare:

  • one week before the estimated date of blood donation, any drugs, especially hormonal ones, should be canceled
  • limit physical activity,
  • stop eating in 12 hours,
  • during the week, before surrendering, do not drink alcoholic beverages,
  • Do not smoke at least 4 hours before delivery
  • Do not take an analysis if there is a viral or bacterial infection in the body - the result may be unreliable.

Determining the level of testosterone is best done in dynamics, that is, donate blood several times in a row, with an interval of 3-4 weeks.

General inspection

In case of malfunctions in the balance of hormones, the body itself begins to give signals that should be paid attention to. So, how to check testosterone levels at home for symptoms:

  1. Anomaly in the development of the genital organs is noticeable even in boys, and this is the main indicator of a lack of hormones.
  2. Violation of the distribution of fat reserves in the body - the formation of a figure of a female type with deposits on the hips, abdomen, chest. There is such a thing - the check is over, it's time to the endocrinologist.
  3. In adolescence, late development of secondary sexual characteristics may be observed, excessive thinness - you should also check testosterone with a specialist.
  4. Breaking the voice to a higher timbre, enlarging the mammary glands, and the reverse development (atrophy) of the genitals - these signs literally signal that it is time to check the testosterone level in men in the laboratory.
  5. A decrease in the number of erections in the morning, a dysfunction, a decrease in sex drive can be an age sign, but sometimes they are a symptom of a strong decrease in androgen concentration.

Symptoms such as fever, high sweating, hot flashes, dry skin, hair loss in the "male" areas of the body will help determine hormonal failure. If a man has become overly depressive, his mood often changes, he sleeps poorly, gains weight and at the same time loses muscle mass, you should know how to check testosterone at home.

Important! The easiest folk way to test for testosterone in men is to measure your waist. Indications of more than 107-120 cm - an occasion for a more thorough study of the problem.

Self-analysis and diagnostics at home

And if you don’t feel like going to the doctor or don’t have money for laboratory analysis, then how do you know the level of testosterone at home? Reliably - no way, you can only make a list of questions and honestly answer them. If more than three points coincide, you should immediately contact a specialist. Failure to produce hormones in the body can be caused by severe and even cancer diseases.

Here is a list of questions:

  • The degree of fatigue, is there a lack of energy, is working capacity reduced?
  • Is there a decrease in potency and sexual desire?
  • Do depression often occur?
  • Are muscles toned?
  • Does irritability often occur?
  • Are bones strong, can fractures often occur, even from minor bruises?
  • Did drowsiness appear? For example, do you really want to sleep after dinner?
  • Is there excess weight, especially in the abdomen and thighs?
  • How much hair is left on the head?
  • How old are you? If the fifth ten has already been exchanged, then the secretion of sex hormones begins to decrease in the body.

In fact, a positive answer to any of these questions is already a bell signaling that it is necessary to reconsider the way of life, nutrition, and abandon bad habits.

Signs of deficiency

At home, the exact level of testosterone in the blood cannot be determined. For this, there are special methods of laboratory diagnostics. For this, you’ll have to take tests. However, there are a number of signs by which a man may suspect a deficiency of this hormone.

Testosterone rate

To determine the testosterone concentration by external signs, the following methods are used:

  • Physical examination,
  • Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction.

With a reduced hormonal level in a man, a number of specific signs are found. Therefore, thanks to a simple examination, it will be possible to determine whether everything is in order with the main male sex hormone. Normally, the male representative:

  • Hair grows on the face, pubis, armpits,
  • Low timbre
  • Decreased level of subcutaneous tissue in the abdomen,
  • Muscular development
  • Lack of hyperhidrosis - excessive sweating,
  • Healthy looking skin.

How to check for external signs of a lack or excess of testosterone?

The production of a sufficient level of androgen by the body gives a man specific external qualities that are radically different from women. Usually increased hairiness (especially in the chest, face and groin) is one of the primary signs of masculinity. Exactly because of this reason strong sex in eastern countries is considered the most sexual, just thanks to the active production of male hormone.

Normal or elevated testosterone:

  • developed skeletal muscles
  • broad shoulders
  • pronounced Adam's apple,
  • narrow hips
  • low timbre of voice.

With low androgen levels, rapid weight gain occurs, while with a high concentration of the hormone, a man preserves the athletic structure of the body. Such men do not get fat even with only domestic loads, and they may not need to go to the gym at all.

Increases in female hormones lead to the opposite effect - the appearance of the so-called beer belly, which increases while maintaining physical activity. With a hormone deficiency, bone strength also decreases, so the presence of bone disease is evidence of androgenetic insufficiency.

In young men, it manifests itself as excessive thinness, resembling dystrophy. Lack of hormone leads equally to the malfunctioning of the skin, which dry faster and are subject to the formation of wrinkles.

Androgen, although it affects the increase in the amount of vegetation on the body, however, it negatively affects the growth of hair in the scalp. For this reason, men without hair are considered the best lovers, but subject to the presence of hair in other parts of the body. With a pathological excess of hormones, hirsutism is observed in atypical areas of the body, including the back.

Test questionnaire

This is another option for testing testosterone at home. It is necessary to truthfully and carefully answer all questions and write them down on a piece of paper:

  1. How much has decreased sex drive? If 1-2 times it can still be attributed to fatigue, then a constant lack of strength and desire is an alarming sign.
  2. Is there a lack of energy? Androgens are a kind of energy fuel for the body, and if there is little testosterone, unexplained fatigue sets in, performance is lost, and the will to achieve results.
  3. Has overall endurance decreased? Here we must answer the maximum truth - if the feeling of fatigue more often comes, there is no longer the previous desire to take a walk, to do physical homework even without apparent reason - this is not laziness, but a cause for concern.
  4. Has growth decreased or not? Testosterone normally maintains bone and muscle density at the same level. Failure leads to fragility of the skeleton, a decrease in muscle mass, and even growth may decrease. The phenomenon sometimes has age-related causes, but you should still know how to test testosterone so you don’t worry in vain.
  5. How much is the feeling of satisfaction with life. A normally healthy man knows that life is a mass of impressions, emotions, and even with negative moments, you can always add a lot of pleasant colors to life. But when testosterone is lowered, everything around becomes “gray” and the beloved wife, work, hobbies and other ceases to please.
  6. Have stresses become lingering, depression more often, and irritations occur for any reason? It's time to check androgens for blood concentration, the level will be clearly abnormal. Moreover, in this case, testosterone can be increased, which also causes depression with unmotivated irritability and aggression.
  7. How old is the erection? Are there signs of lethargy, a general downward trend? Erectile function directly depends on the amount of androgen, a lack provokes malfunctions in the genital area.
  8. Has the volume of physical activity decreased, the intensity of playing sports decreased? With such changes in the blood, male hormone will definitely not be enough - a biological factor.
  9. Sleepy after eating, especially after lunch? Coffee stopped invigorating, energy also does not have the desired effect? Perhaps this is the easiest option, how to check the level of testosterone at home, and if you add weight gain to the symptoms, this is a clear sign of a strong balance failure in the direction of lowering androgens.
  10. Dramatically decreased performance? If the answer is “yes” to this item, then look at others — three more positive answers, especially about a decrease in libido and sexual ability, indicate a strong decrease in the concentration of the hormone in the blood.

That's the whole task for those who want to know how to measure testosterone levels at home. Positive answers are a sign that you need to look for the cause of the hormone failure. And it is better not to hesitate with this, so as not to earn impotence, genital atrophy, diseases of the urinary system and prolonged depression. And in order to find out the parameters of fluctuation of the indicator, you need to do a blood test.

Reasons for lower testosterone levels

A decrease in hormonal concentration indicates regular changes in the male body. Moreover, most often the decrease in testosterone production is due to the development of serious ailments that require urgent treatment. The main causes of low testosterone levels include the following:

  1. Male menopause (andropause). After 45 years, a man is diagnosed with a decrease in hormone levels, which provokes serious changes in the body and sometimes requires hormone therapy.
  2. Wrong nutritional diet. In order to avoid a decrease in testosterone, it is necessary to eat a balanced diet and avoid excessive consumption of sugar and caffeinated products, preservatives, fast food, limit the intake of salt and alcohol.
  3. Obesity. Subcutaneous fat leads to a decrease in testosterone levels, however, the concentration of estrogen - female sex hormones increases, which adversely affects health and appearance.
  4. The presence of addictions - alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction.
  5. Lack of exercise. A sedentary lifestyle inhibits active hormonal synthesis.
  6. Increased psychological stress. Constant stressful situations, inferior sleep are fraught with a decrease in testosterone production.
  7. Uncontrolled intake of potent medicines - antiulcer, painkillers, diuretics, antidepressants, tranquilizers, glucocorticosteroids, anabolic steroids (potency enhancers).
  8. Genital injury.
  9. The consequences of diseases.
  10. Genetic factor.


Symptoms may be of an external or internal nature.

  1. Reducing the number of erections in the morning. Normally, a healthy man should have at least three morning erections per week.
  2. Heat, sweating, irritability, especially during andropause (male menopause).
  3. Decreased muscle mass.
  4. Decreased physical activity.
  5. Decreased sexual desire, the development of erectile dysfunction.
  6. Hair loss.
  7. Weight loss.
  8. Signs of gynecomastia (breast enlargement).
  9. Dry skin, wrinkles.

Androgen level: factors of the finger and trochanteric indices

Comparison of the length of the ring and index fingers helps to find out about the hormonal development of a man before birth. The natural concentration of hormones that is observed during the period of intrauterine development leads to the fact that in men these fingers are equal, or there is an altered ratio - the ring finger is longer than the index finger. In people with a short ring finger, congenital anomalies are more common, ranging from the retention of the testicles not in the scrotum (cryptorchidism) to their small size or absence.

Trochanter index - another criterion for determining hormonal levelsdepending on the ratio of leg length and overall height. Counting technology: in the vertical position, the duration of the limbs is measured up to the greater trochanter located in the femur. A man’s height is divided by this parameter.

Type of sexual constitution and final index:

  1. weak. The resulting value is less than 1.92.
  2. Strong The index is equal to or higher than 1.99.
  3. Medium. Variations range from 1.92 to 1.98.

These physical features indicate baseline testosterone levels., however, under the influence of external or internal factors, libido both increase and decrease. Drugs suppress hormone particularly quickly.

Blood analysis

This is a laboratory test prescribed by a specialist. But any man himself can check the indicator of the concentration of the hormone in the blood, however, for decoding it is still better to contact a professional urologist. In addition, there will be no guesswork on the indicators, a specialist will help identify the cause of the disease, advise therapy and prescribe the necessary medications.

Important! With slight deviations from the norm, enough lifestyle changes, nutrition and normalization of sleep, so that testosterone again begins to be produced in sufficient quantities. In case of serious problems, hormone replacement therapy or surgery is performed (if the reason for the decrease in the level is the appearance of abnormally developed organs or neoplasms).

  1. A blood test for testosterone. It is given on an empty stomach until 11 in the morning. Lead time is 1-2 days, the price is from $ 10.
  2. An analysis for free testosterone is necessary when additional information is required for diagnosis. Deadline for up to 8 days, price from $ 20.
  3. The level of dihydrotestosterone (active metabolite) is recommended for genital malformations. May be an additional study in case of difficulty in diagnosing. Deadline for up to 8 days, price from $ 15.
  4. Testosterone hormone-binding globulin is also an additional informative study that reveals various diseases against the background of androgen deficiency. The lead time is 1-2 days, the price is from $ 20.

To know what testosterone is for men, how to check hormone levels at home is necessary for every patient who wants to stay healthy longer and please women. Hormonal deficiency leads not only to impaired physical condition, but also severe emotional upheaval. But even if the man himself confirmed the guesses, a failure was detected in the laboratory - this is not a reason for panic. Everything is treated, you just need to consult a doctor in time and not let the disease go by its own accord - without changes in a man’s life, the level of hormones will not exactly rise to the desired indicator.

Excess weight

Testosterone is associated with Testosterone concentrations in diabetic and nondiabetic obese men. with an increased amount of fat in the body of a man.

A decrease in testosterone increases the activity of Effect of testosterone on abdominal adipose tissue in men. lipoprotein lipase enzyme, which determines the concentration of lipids in the blood and their transport to visceral fat - reserves around the internal organs.

In women, both increased and decreased levels of testosterone with low estradiol (female sex hormone) can The impact of testosterone imbalance on depression and women’s health. cause obesity.

Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency

At home, it is impossible to accurately check the level of testosterone. To clarify, you must pass a hormogram in the laboratory - venous blood is taken. However, there are a number of signs by which a man may suspect a hormonal deficiency.

If a man has the following symptoms, it is urgent to take measures - first of all, check the state of health through analysis of the concentration of hormones in the blood:

  • Weakening or reduction of erectile function in the morning - normally a healthy person should have at least three erections per week,
  • Hot flashes, excessive sweating, weakness, irritability,
  • Muscle loss
  • Low physical activity
  • Problems with libido, impotence,
  • Baldness - pathological hair loss,
  • Quick weight loss
  • True gynecomastia - an increase in the mammary glands of a benign nature,
  • Dry skin, wrinkles.

Reasons for shortage

Testosterone production is influenced by many factors:

  • violation of the regime and diet,
  • bad habits (alcohol, smoking),
  • age-related changes (male menopause),
  • lack of physical activity and sports,
  • not regular sex life
  • stress, mental and physical stress,
  • uncontrolled intake of certain drugs, for example, tranquilizers or diuretics,
  • some acute or chronic diseases.


If you are in a bad mood all the time, there is no strength and energy, it is possible that the matter is low testosterone.

Scientists have discovered Low Free Testosterone Concentration as a Potentially Treatable Cause of Depressive Symptoms in Older Men.that in men in depression testosterone levels are reduced. Although it is still unknown what the root cause is, hormone replacement therapy is quite effective. Testosterone and depression: systematic review and meta-analysis. for the treatment of depression, especially in the elderly.

In women, a decrease in the amount of testosterone also leads Testosterone therapy in women: a review. lack of energy, depression The impact of testosterone imbalance on depression and women’s health. , constant tiredness and bad mood.

Effect on well-being

Testosterone deficiency negatively affects both physical and mental health. Against the background of hormonal deficiency, metabolic syndrome, which is characterized by an increase in blood cholesterol, a decrease in sugar, obesity, and an increase in blood pressure, often develops.

The risk of metabolic syndrome is at risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and atherosclerosis.

Moreover, testosterone deficiency entails the development of the following diseases:

  • erectile disfunction,
  • depression,
  • hypertonic disease.

These pathologies adversely affect the well-being and mental state of a man.

Reliability of diagnosis at home

The assessment of hormone deficiency or overabundance at home is superficial, since the exact concentration of androgen can only be determined by laboratory tests. Permissible concentration varies from 12–29 nmol / l, and it’s impossible to find out the exact number using improvised methods.

In the near future it is planned to release devices to determine the level of testosterone at home (like glucometers). Developments are being actively conducted in Novosibirsk and ways to implement such a device that helps to conduct an express test both in the doctor’s office and at home are being discussed.

Orientation by external signs and behavior allows only to assess the presence or absence of a problem.

Sign number 1

If with an average height of a man, the waist circumference is less than 94, but more than 120 cm, you should check the level of testosterone - this indicates a low content of the hormone in the blood. It is also advised to pay special attention to weight - an intensive decrease or increase in body weight indicates pathologies.

Muscle loss

If you can’t lift weights in the gym that you easily worked with some time ago, but you didn’t stop training and ate well, it’s probably the amount of testosterone.

Loss of muscle mass is directly related. Relationship between low free testosterone levels and loss of muscle mass. with reduced testosterone levels.

An increase in the amount of testosterone leads to increased synthesis of muscle cells. For example, additional administration of 3 mg of testosterone per 1 kg of weight once a week for 12 weeks increases the Effect of testosterone on muscle mass and muscle protein synthesis. muscle mass synthesis by 27%.

Test to determine the level in the body

Currently, there are many questionnaires to find out the lack of testosterone in the male body. The most popular of these is ADAM (Androgen Deficiency in Aging Males questionnaire).

Using it is simple and very convenient. The ADAM questionnaire for 5-10 minutes will allow you to suspect androgen deficiency, even at home. A man will be required to answer only 10 short questions.

What tests for its determination are carried out in the laboratory?

Doubts can be removed only after passing tests for a hormone, the delivery of which can be directed by a urologist, andrologist or endocrinologist.

  • Blood serum. The analysis differs in the degree of decoding: the first (short) analysis determines the amount of total testosterone, while the expanded one also helps to find out the concentration of free testosterone, as well as dehydrotestosterone. The last two elements allow you to measure the degree of decrease in hormonal levels. Blood is taken from a vein.
  • Saliva. From a polypropylene straw, physiological fluid is collected in a test tube. In laboratory conditions, the determination of hormone concentrations in saliva is performed. The results are identical to the analyzes obtained by the method of blood donation (determined in the range from 200 to 500 pmol / l).
  • Sperm. Although this analysis does not determine the numerical indicators of the hormone content, it accurately diagnoses the total sperm count (at least 20 million in 1 ml). From the total mass, the number of active germ cells is being detected (the norm is over 50%). The absence of living germ cells - infertility - indicates a strong decrease in hormonal levels. Attention should be paid to the amount of ejaculate: results in the range of 2 to 8 ml are considered normal.

Sign number 2

If pathological hair loss is noticeable, not only on the head, but also on the chest, arms, legs, it is necessary to urgently see a doctor - the condition is fraught with complications.

It is also impossible not to take into account other signs:

  • Excessive fatigue after a busy day,
  • Reduced endurance and endurance,
  • The appearance of irritability and aggression from scratch,
  • Decreased concentration and alertness,
  • Insomnia,
  • Causeless waking up at night
  • Discomfort during urination.

Unwillingness to achieve your goal after failure

If after failure you give up, perhaps it’s not at all a matter of character.

Testosterone change after losing predicts the decision to compete again depends on the level of testosterone. a man’s desire to compete after losing and achieve his goals after failures. Since it is very important for success in any business, testosterone levels can be a decisive factor in achieving success.

Questions to the questionnaire

Read each question carefully and write “yes” or “no” opposite each of them.

  1. Do you feel a lack of vitality?
  2. Has your weight and muscle mass decreased recently?
  3. Do you observe a decrease in interest in sexual relations?
  4. Do you have a weakening of erectile function, a decrease in morning erections?
  5. Do you feel tired and drowsy after dinner?
  6. Have you noticed a deterioration in overall performance recently?
  7. Are there often mood swings, irritability, a state of despondency?
  8. Is there a decrease in the ability to enjoy life?
  9. Do you observe a lack of activity, strength, stamina?
  10. Is there a decrease in the ability to engage in sports and physical education?


A natural decrease in hormone levels in men is observed after 30 years., during this period you need to be as attentive to your health as possible. If there are signs of deficiency or excessive production, which can be easily determined by emotional and external indicators, then it is necessary to pass the appropriate tests in order to normalize the hormonal background together with the doctor. With the significant development of medicine, this goal is achieved without much difficulty.

Decoding test and medical analysis

The result of a blood test to measure the amount of testosterone is intended for the attending physician, because only he can determine the degree of deviation, find out the reasons for the decrease or increase in hormone production and prescribe adequate treatment.

But, having received the result of the study, you can independently determine whether the hormone level is normal. In decoding to the result, the permissible norms are usually indicated - the upper and lower boundaries.

If the obtained indicator is within these limits, then this means that everything is in order in the body.

If less than the lower limit - there is a lack of testosterone, if more than the upper - an excess.

Table of normal plasma testosterone levels in men:

IndicatorNormal values
Testosterone free4.5 - 42 pg / ml
Testosterone bioavailable3.5 - 12 nmol / L
Testosterone total12 - 33 nmol / l

It should be noted that the upper limit of normal values ​​is usually observed in men at the age of 20, and after 30 the level of biologically active hormone decreases and 5–7 nmol / L is considered a good indicator. After 50 years, for men, the lower limit will be a good indicator.

Well-being at a low concentration of testosterone

Testosterone deficiency negatively affects the physical and mental condition of men. Against the background of hormonal deficiency, a symptom complex develops, manifested by a metabolic disorder:

  • High cholesterol
  • Lower sugar
  • The appearance of excess weight,
  • Increased blood pressure - hypertension.

In addition, a decrease in testosterone content is fraught with the following pathologies that adversely affect the well-being and psychological state of the male:

  • Sexual dysfunction - erectile dysfunction,
  • Depression,
  • Hypertension.

Memory impairment

Testosterone deficiency can negatively affect memory in both men and women.

In a large scientific review of On the effects of testosterone on brain behavioral functions. In 2015, scientists concluded that testosterone definitely affects memory, but the specific effect depends on gender, age, the presence of diseases and hormonal levels.

For example, testosterone injections help Effects of testosterone administration on selective aspects of object-location memory in healthy young women. improve spatial memory in healthy young women, but in combination with estrogen worsen Effects of testosterone and estrogen replacement on memory function. verbal memory in women with menopause.

At the same time, testosterone improves Testosterone improves spatial memory in men with Alzheimer disease and mild cognitive impairment. spatial and verbal memory in patients with Alzheimer's disease.

If you do not remember words well or cannot find a place in any way, although you have been there several times, it may be hormones.

The key to the test

If there are at least four positive answers, it is recommended to consult a specialist for a more detailed diagnosis.

Please also note that the test does not give a 100% guarantee. The result can help to suspect a problem and serve as a reason to contact a specialist.

Methods for normalizing hormone levels

Several factors of everyday life affect testosterone in men:

  • frequent stresses
  • sedentary lifestyle,
  • improper nutrition - the use of convenience foods, fast-food foods, carbonated drinks, flour products, sweets,
  • genital injuries
  • chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, hypertension,
  • excessive exercise
  • alcohol consumption,
  • sleep less than 8 hours
  • smoking.

If you change your lifestyle and diet, then you can prevent androgen deficiency, and in some cases restore normal levels of hormones without resorting to synthetic drugs.

The peculiarity of the body is that it is possible to stimulate the production of testosterone with ordinary food products. To do this, the menu should contain dishes from:

  • buckwheat
  • oatmeal
  • seafood, especially oysters and shrimp,
  • avocado,
  • vegetable, and especially sesame oil
  • meat (it is better to use low-fat varieties).

In addition, it is useful to eat:

  • dried apricots
  • wild berries (blueberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries),
  • figs.

Pharmaceutical methods

There are many synthetic drugs that are aimed at filling the lack of hormone:

  • nebido
  • androgel
  • Sustanon
  • testosterone propionate,
  • testosterone enanthate,
  • omnadren.

In bodybuilding, drugs, biologically active additives are used that are designed to stimulate the production of testosterone in the blood:

  • Tribuius terrestris,
  • Tribulustan
  • Weider Testo X-plode,
  • Nolvadex.

Often an excess of other hormones leads to a decrease in testosterone production:

Therefore, you should first normalize the level of these hormones, and the synthesis of androgens will recover on their own.

Increased TSH levels: causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

An increased level of TSH indicates the occurrence of disorders in the thyroid gland or pituitary system. The symptom appears in women and men due to changes in the level of hormones T3 and T4.

A high level of TSH (thyrotropin) determines the course of the following pathologies:

  • Primary (thyroid problems).
  • Secondary (malfunctioning of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland).
  • Problem Source
  • Identify the ailment
  • Hormone blood test

Problem Source

In the first case, the causes of overestimated TSH are thyroid pathology:

  1. after surgery or transfer of autoimmune hypothyroidism,
  2. the development of thyroiditis after 1-3 months after childbirth,
  3. taking a separate group of medicines (amiodarone, eglonil, cerucal, estrogen),
  4. treatment with iodine 131 (radiodiodotherapy),
  5. adrenal insufficiency,
  6. increased prolactin levels.

Acute stresses, increased stress, lack of sleep and advanced age have a great influence.

The causes of functional disorders of the hypothalamus (secondary series) lie in the pituitary adenoma, the pituitary insensitivity to thyroid hormones and the lack of perception of triiodothyronine.

In women, the consequences of hormonal disorders are more acute - statistics determine the ratio of 10 women to one man.

Among the main diseases, autoimmune thyroiditis leads in the course of which thyroid-stimulating hormone indices and the level of antibodies to TPO (AT to TPO) are higher than normal.

Malfunctions in the pituitary and hypothalamus are found in equal proportions in both sexes.

Congenital signs of testosterone deficiency

If during intrauterine development the boy had an androgen deficiency, this is manifested by the peculiar structure of the genitals and other body parameters. Testosterone deficiency in newborn male babies is manifested in the ratio of the length of the index and ring fingers (1: 1.1).

To determine the hormonal level in adolescence, the ratio of height and length of legs is taken into account - the relationship of the trochanter index with the sexual constitution. First you need to measure the height of the teenager, and then - the length of the legs in a standing position - from the bottom up to the thigh. Divide the number of "growth" by the "length of the legs" - normally the number 1.99 is obtained.

Identify the ailment

What should I do if, as a result of laboratory tests, a thyroid-stimulating hormone level is slightly higher than normal? The severity of the pathology and the degree of thyroid hormone deficiency should be determined.

With a slight overestimation of indicators, signs may not be. When a strong TSH is elevated, this indicates a high deficiency of T3 and T4.

According to severity, primary hypothyroidism is classified based on the following symptoms:

  • Subclinical - increased TSH values ​​at T4 are normal.
  • Manifest - TSH is greatly increased, and T4 is below normal.
  • Complicated - the formation of cretinism, heart failure, secondary pituitary adenoma.

In the first case, it is very difficult to identify the symptoms. Manifest hypothyroidism is the main cause of a number of changes:

  • By external signs (the formation of edema, weight gain, the appearance of dryness and pallor of the skin, brittle nails and hair).
  • According to mental and emotional indicators (feeling of depression and the appearance of depression, irritation).
  • By cardiovascular manifestations (slow pulse, low or high blood pressure).
  • The digestive system (poor appetite, constipation).

With an increased amount of thyroid-stimulating hormone in the blood, a feeling of exhaustion, weakness and drowsiness appears. It can also cause anemia.

How to check the level of testosterone in men in the blood

The question of how to check the level of testosterone in men today is of interest not only to athletes seeking to build muscle.

Members of the stronger sex may suspect a shortage or excess of this hormone in themselves, by conducting a simple test at home for several minutes.

To confirm or refute the diagnosis, laboratory methods for determining testosterone in the blood will be needed.

The main male sex hormone is produced in the testicles, partly in the adrenal glands. The team for its production is served from the hypothalamus and pituitary gland of the brain.

Testosterone provides not only the development of sexual characteristics in the male type and sexual activity of the stronger sex.It is not for nothing that they call him the king of hormones; with blood he spreads throughout the body and is responsible for many endocrine processes.

Lack of androgens brings with it a whole host of problems: from cardiovascular disease to adenoma or prostate cancer.

With age, testosterone levels in men decrease for physiological reasons. After 35 years, its activity in the blood drops by 1-1.5% annually.

The following factors can accelerate this process:

  • malnutrition
  • beer abuse
  • obesity,
  • diabetes,
  • high blood pressure,
  • the use of synthetic steroids.

Every man should know how to check this indicator in order to avoid an early deficiency of androgens, not associated with the physiological extinction of the genital glands. With reliable accuracy, this can be done in the laboratory, having passed a drop of blood for analysis.

A man needs a hormone check for early diagnosis of androgen deficiency. It affects not only the general state of human health, but also leads to a number of pathologies of a physical and mental nature.

Other diagnostic methods

To date, the most reliable method is laboratory diagnosis.

    blood testosterone testosterone - The most common and often prescribed analysis. For rent on an empty stomach.

The lab lead time is approximately 1-2 business days. The average price is 500-600 rubles. Free testosterone (free testosterone) - is carried out in the event that the first analysis is not enough for a correct diagnosis, for example, with overestimated levels of SHBG, which happens in patients with hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

The duration of the free testosterone analysis is 6-8 days. The price is 1200-1400 rubles. Dihydrotestosterone (dihydrotestosterone) - An active metabolite that determines male sexual characteristics. It can be an independent or additional diagnostic method.

The average execution time for such an analysis is 6-8 business days. The price is 1400-1600 rubles. Sex hormone binding globulin - An additional diagnostic method that allows you to suspect various diseases against the background of androgen deficiency (hypothyroidism, acromegaly, cirrhosis, etc.)

Duration 1-2 business days. The average price for analysis is from 400 to 700 rubles.

Reasons for lowering and increasing testosterone

A change in the level of the main androgen in one direction or another negatively affects the condition of the man's body.

Low testosterone, in addition to physiological aging, is caused by the following reasons:

  1. Pituitary or hypothalamic tumor.
  2. Head injuries - concussion and bruises of the brain.
  3. Testicular pathology - congenital anomalies or acquired diseases of an inflammatory nature, surgical interventions, injuries, radiation exposure.
  4. Some genetic diseases are Klinefelter's syndrome, Down's disease.
  5. Obesity - a waist circumference of more than 102 cm in men is considered critical. Fat helps to increase the amount of aromatase, this enzyme converts testosterone to estradiol (female hormone). The higher the degree of obesity, the less androgen in a man.
  6. Diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome.
  7. Improper nutrition - there are products that can lower the level of male hormone (beer, fast food, confectionery, sweeteners).
  8. Alcohol and smoking abuse, drug addiction.
  9. Low physical activity, lack of exercise.
  10. The intense rhythm of life, constant stress.
  11. Side effects of certain drugs - antidepressants, antihypertensives, diuretics. Especially with long courses in high doses or uncontrolled use.

Excessive testosterone production can be triggered by the following factors:

  • excessive physical activity, intense sports,
  • brain tumors
  • the use of hormonal drugs for muscle growth,
  • androblastoma (androsteroma) - a hormonal tumor of the adrenal gland can manifest early puberty, mental retardation and underdevelopment of the testicles,
  • the resistance (immunity) of the body to androgens, due to genetic causes or endocrine diseases,
  • hereditary feature.

Excess and lack of testosterone often cause a number of serious pathologies. You can suspect a hormonal imbalance with careful attention to your health.

Skin problems

Increased levels of male sex hormones in women increase Profiling and Hormonal Therapy for Acne in Women. sebum production and provokes acne.

In addition, increased testosterone can cause follicular hyperkeratosis, or "goose bumps." This is a disease in which exfoliation of the skin is violated, its upper layer coarsens and turns red.

At the same time, acne is associated with a high level of androgens not only in women but also in men. Raised serum androgens and increased responsiveness to luteinizing hormone in men with acne vulgaris. .

External signs

When assessing them, the age of the person must be taken into account. With early hypogonadism (lack of function of the genital glands), the symptoms of androgen deficiency are detected in boys due to underdevelopment of the genital organs.

Teenagers will have a thin voice, excessive thinness, there are no secondary sexual characteristics (armpit, pubic hair), in the future the figure is formed according to the female type. Mature men have a decrease in erectile function, there are no spontaneous morning erections.

Externally, the posture changes, fractures often occur due to osteoporosis. An excess of androgens results in impaired urination due to prostatic hyperplasia. Hormones have an effect on the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, since testosterone increases cholesterol and contributes to the development of atherosclerosis.

The skin becomes oily, acne appears on the face, swelling under the eyes, on the legs. In advanced situations, testicular atrophy occurs.

Aggressiveness and recklessness

Testosterone provides confidence and motivation, but when there is too much of it, positive qualities are replaced by negative ones.

Testosterone activates Testosterone and Aggressive Behavior in Man. subcortical areas of the brain responsible for aggressive behavior, while cortisol and serotonin act as antagonists and reduce the effect of testosterone. Prisoners and criminals who have committed violent acts usually have higher testosterone levels, which is why they are prone to aggression.

But even if it concerns a completely civilized and adequate person, increased testosterone makes risk taking Testosterone makes men less likely to question their impulses. and make decisions rashly, relying on the first thing that comes to mind.

Menstrual irregularities

In women, high testosterone levels often manifest themselves. Menstrual cycle irregularities are associated with testosterone levels in healthy premenopausal women. in the form of failures in the menstrual cycle. This dependence is observed regardless of the presence or absence of diseases.

So, indirect signs may indicate an increased or decreased level of testosterone, however, you can precisely find out by making an analysis.

What testosterone test to take

There are two types of testosterone tests. This is due to the fact that testosterone in the human body can be in a free or bound state. Free testosterone is bioactive and acts on receptors, and the globulin or albumin bound to special proteins remains in reserve.

The connection of testosterone with globulin is very strong. Globulin is produced in the liver and binds most of the testosterone in our body. But albumin does not hold testosterone so tightly, this connection is also called conditionally free.

When laboratory tests are performed, the total amount of testosterone in the body (free and bound) is determined.

There are also tests for the level of free testosterone, but since it is very small (about 1-2%), it is quite difficult to accurately calculate its amount. Therefore, to begin, go through the analysis on the overall level of testosterone. If it is really lowered or increased, the doctor may prescribe a test for the level of free.

How to pass a testosterone test

You can go to a public or private clinic and donate blood from a vein to determine testosterone levels. To ensure your results are accurate, follow a few rules:

  • If you are taking hormonal drugs, consult with your doctor about the possibility of their temporary withdrawal within 48 hours to complete the analysis.
  • 12 hours before the analysis, it is recommended to refrain from smoking, alcohol, fatty foods and physical activity.
  • If you cannot quit smoking for 12 hours, do not smoke for at least 30 minutes before donating blood.
  • Women donate blood for testosterone on days 2–5 of their period.
  • Take tests in the morning on an empty stomach, before 11 o’clock.

Indirect signs of androgen deficiency

Also, the content of testosterone in the body of a man can be judged by indirect signs. If the male is proactive, responsible, determined and self-confident, a high level of organic compound is assumed. Depressive moods, frequent mood swings indicate low testosterone content.

The primary male sex hormone affects cognition. If the hormonal level in the man is normal, the following abilities are noticeable:

  • Analytical thinking,
  • Concentration of attention,
  • Successful assimilation of material
  • Orientation in space.

Normalizing hormone levels

It is important for every man to be able to recognize the deviation of testosterone from the norm at home, because a deficiency or an excess of the hormone negatively affects mental and physical health.

With increased testosterone, the doctor usually prescribes replacement therapy right away. It will be possible to raise the lowered level, observing the following recommendations:

  1. Proper diet and diet
  2. Full sleep
  3. The use of folk remedies,
  4. Active sports
  5. Use of stimulant therapy.

General testosterone in men

Age yearsTestosterone Level, ng / dl
147–1 200
15–16100–1 200
17–18300–1 200
From 19 years240–950

According to a study by Testosterone and when should low levels be treated in older men. In more than 3,000 men aged 40 to 79 years, changes in testosterone levels become noticeable when hormone levels drop below 320 ng / dl.

Free testosterone in men

Age yearsThe amount of testosterone, ng / dl

Free testosterone in women

Age yearsThe amount of testosterone ng / dl
15–20 (19)0,04–1,09 (0,04–1,08)

What to do with test results

If your testosterone is below the norm for your age group, you should go to the doctor. Perhaps he will prescribe hormone therapy. If the level of testosterone fits into the norm, but the libido and figure leave much to be desired, you can independently increase the level of testosterone by following simple rules.

Skeletal Muscle Development

Muscle tissue weakness and a decrease in strength and endurance are characteristic of a lack of androgens. An increase in testosterone levels leads to the rapid development of muscles in young men.

Mature men look effeminate if their body is immune to the hormone for various reasons. In other cases, weight gain is due to an increase in muscle mass.

Body fat

Not quite a healthy lifestyle accelerates the onset of androgen deficiency. Men are often overweight with the deposition of fat in the female type (on the hips, abdomen and chest). A characteristic symptom is gynecomastia (an increase in the mammary glands due to adipose tissue). High testosterone levels are characterized by thinness.

Determination of testosterone in saliva

This non-invasive method is popular because of the ease of collecting material for research. The concentration of the hormone in saliva is directly dependent on the level of the free fraction of testosterone in the blood serum.

A portion of saliva is collected in a special container, which indicates the time of sampling and the name of the patient.

The indications for this testosterone test are genetic diseases, adrenal tumors, and other situations indicated by your doctor.

Preparation for blood or saliva tests

Blood sampling is performed strictly on an empty stomach in the morning. This is due to the circadian rhythm of hormones. The highest value of testosterone in the blood is observed only in the morning. Do not eat, because whey overloaded with fats and glucose can give false results.

In addition, the analysis will be optimal under the following conditions:

  • limit your physical activity on the eve,
  • avoid stress and psychological stress,
  • quit smoking on the day of the study,
  • stop drinking alcohol per day,
  • diuretics are canceled in a few days, you must inform your doctor about taking other drugs,
  • Before giving saliva for analysis, rinse your mouth with boiled water, do not brush your teeth an hour before this time.

Tests cannot be taken during an acute illness with fever.

Deciphering the results

The analysis data can be evaluated by a urologist or endocrinologist. The doctor should compare the value of total testosterone with SHBG.

If the latter is high, then it absorbs a large amount of total testosterone, while the free hormone will be lowered.

It happens the other way around, the total fraction is low, and the SHBG is even smaller, then the free fraction will be at an altitude, which indicates the presence of a normal hormonal level.

What is considered the norm

There are age differences in the content of hormones in the blood. The norm of testosterone in men averages from 12 to 32 nmol / L. The upper limit is usually observed in guys under 30 years old. After 40 years, a figure close to the lower border is considered good. To make a diagnosis, the clinic takes into account the patient's complaints in conjunction with the results of the examination.

Testosterone Prevention

In diseases of the reproductive system, treatment is carried out according to the prescription of a specialist in accordance with the established diagnosis.

To replenish the hormone in the blood, there are many synthetic products. The course of the use of drugs and selection tips are given by the doctor individually for the patient. Hormone replacement therapy is not prescribed in all cases, only for certain pathologies, so you can not self-medicate.

How to determine the level of testosterone in men?

The health of every person, and especially men, is affected by one very important hormone. It is called testosterone and the appearance of a man depends on it. The hormone can also be found in the female body, but only in small quantities. Interestingly, how to determine the level of testosterone in men? Can this be done at all?

The production of this hormone occurs in the genitals of men and women. At different times of the day, testosterone levels are different: in the morning it reaches its highest value, a peak. Therefore, in these hours, men have a morning erection. In the evening, testosterone levels are minimal.

The importance of testosterone for the human body

This substance has a direct effect on the onset of puberty in boys. When the level of testosterone rises, we can talk about the beginning of the transformation of the boy into a man. In adulthood, the hormone provides us with the existence of sex drive. Testosterone contributes to such changes in the body:

  • the appearance of a low voice instead of a high one,
  • facial and body hair growth,
  • muscle development
  • start production of seminal fluid.

The hormone performs various functions in the body:

  • necessary for the existence of sexual desire,
  • acts as an antidepressant,
  • needed to build muscle tissue and burn fat.

Up to 30-35 years, testosterone levels remain the highest for every man, but after this age begins to fall by about 1% per year. The level of this substance is measured in units from 12 to 33 and it is by the age of 30 that it is the highest.Moreover, each of us has a different level: some have a maximum, others have a minimum.

What determines the level of testosterone in men?

Various factors influence testosterone production:

  • psychological condition,
  • bad habits,
  • food quality
  • physical exercise,
  • health status.

If a person is overloaded, is in a bad mood, eats poor-quality food, is sick, then the level of testosterone will be low. In this case, full sex is impossible, in bed a person will encounter problems of weak attraction and erection. A decrease in testosterone can lead to cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and erectile dysfunction.

According to doctors, men should focus on testosterone levels ranging from 12 to 33 units throughout their lives. Hormone control is necessary in order to prevent possible diseases or to clarify the existing diagnosis. Infertility, impaired potency, osteoporosis - these problems can occur due to low levels of the hormone.

How to know the level of testosterone in the blood?

And dangerous is not only a decrease in the amount of testosterone in the body, its high level can also be the cause of diseases: tumors in the testes and adrenal glands. Determining your testosterone level is very simple, for this it is enough to do a blood test. It will show not only the values ​​for testosterone, but also for the rest of the hormones and substances in the body.

However, testosterone levels fluctuate for even one day, not like days. Therefore, it is advisable to take the analysis in several clinics several times, then you can get the average value of the results. The analysis is taken in the morning, it is not recommended to eat (8 hours before the analysis), smoke (4 hours), load the body with heavy physical activity (24 hours). The price for this procedure is from 200 to 500 hryvnia, the lead time is up to 7 days.

The normal level of testosterone in the blood in men should be from 3 to 11 nanograms per milliliter of blood, the normal level of testosterone in women should be from 0.07 to 0.6 ng / ml. and in children from 0.02 to 0.2 ng. / ml. This is a medical option for determining the level of a substance in the blood. In addition to it, there is also a simpler one - determination by the external signs of a person.

Appearance - an indicator of human sexuality

Pay attention to the legs and torso. If your legs are shorter than your body, this is a sign of high testosterone levels. This value is also indicated by stiff thick thick hair of dark color and wide bones. Waist less than 94 cm. Is a sign of high, from 94 to 102 cm. - Medium, more than 102 cm. - Low levels of the hormone.

Insomnia, depression, fatigue, irritability indicate testosterone deficiency. Doctors are starting to sound the alarm, because low levels of the main sex hormone are increasingly found in men under 30 years old. Over the past half century, its level, on average, fell by one and a half percent.

Therefore, for each man it will be extremely important to carefully monitor his urogenital system. After all, it performs its no less important function than the cardiovascular system, for example. And not even the delivery of sexual pleasure can be attributed to such a function.

A high level of testosterone enables a man to become a happy father, to continue his family. This is why it is important to monitor sexual health. To ensure a stable erection for sex, Cialis will help, you can buy pills on our website.

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The effect of the hormone on the body

Testosterone is found in the blood of every person, regardless of gender. In boys, under his influence, a transformation into a man occurs:

  • The genitals increase to adult sizes,
  • Hair grows on the face and body,
  • A gruff voice
  • The bones get a higher density than girls,
  • The percentage of muscle tissue increases
  • Appears libido, the ability to erection and ejaculation.

Under the influence of testosterone, the young man acquires not only characteristic physical signs, but also personal ones - the ability to high concentration, the willingness to take a leadership position. In adult men, a normal hormone level is necessary for:

  • the formation of high-quality sperm that can fertilize an egg,
  • maintaining bone calcium
  • fat breakdown
  • muscle development
  • the work of the heart, blood vessels,
  • stable state of the nervous system.

If the balance of sex hormones is disturbed, then this leads to pathologies not only in the sexual sphere, but also affects the whole body.

The effects of low and high testosterone

Each man has a normal testosterone level, if at the same time he has no health problems, then there is nothing to worry about. However, in medicine there are certain, standard for each age group, indicators of the hormone. And if the analysis shows a strong deviation from these figures, difficulties may arise.

There is an opinion that the higher the amount of androgen, the better. This supposedly gives the man incredible sexual potential. In fact, elevated testosterone levels result in:

  1. abnormalities in the liver,
  2. the appearance of acne and seborrhea,
  3. chronic weakness
  4. excessive sweating
  5. enlarged prostate gland and cancer risk,
  6. unstable emotional state, up to attempts of suicide,
  7. baldness
  8. headaches
  9. high blood pressure with a risk of developing hypertension,
  10. overweight during normal diet.

Often men whose sex hormone levels are too high experience apathy, which can literally turn into unreasonable rage and aggression literally in a second.

They fall asleep heavily in the evening, and during the day they are tormented by drowsiness. Lost body tone, physical strength, immunity falls.

Sexual lust takes on an obsessive nature, and sexual intercourse often ends with premature ejaculation.

No less problems are caused by a low level of testosterone, it causes:

  1. decreased libido
  2. difficulties with erection, loss of brightness of sensations from contact,
  3. muscle weakness
  4. loss of vitality,
  5. breast growth
  6. obesity,
  7. hair loss on the body, face, head,
  8. memory impairment, concentration of attention,
  9. chronic fatigue
  10. discomfort during urination.

In both cases, the level of testosterone in men, which went beyond the norm, can significantly spoil life and undermine health. Therefore, if you suspect a hormonal imbalance, you need to contact a urologist who will prescribe corrective treatment.

How to determine the level of testosterone in men by external signs?

  • Of course, such an independent examination cannot be considered absolutely reliable, but if you notice signs indicating an imbalance of sex hormones, you need to sound the alarm even before it leads to more serious pathologies.
  • The fact that the level of testosterone in men has decreased is indicated by:
  • difficulty sleeping,
  • weight gain, provided that the nutrition and loads remain the same,
  • fatigue that does not pass after rest,
  • lack of desire for sex, loss of interest in erotic fantasies, masturbation,
  • habitual actions become too heavy
  • it's hard to focus on business
  • more than usual, the hair on the head falls out, the bristles on the face become thinner and lighter.

The visual signals of high testosterone will be:

  • acne and dandruff (because of this they bother teenagers)
  • profuse sweating,
  • outbursts of aggression “out of the blue”, which are replaced by indifference,
  • depression, suicidal thoughts,
  • loss of taste for life, indifference to your favorite work, hobby, loved ones,
  • the hair on the head is thinning, and on the body they are growing stronger,
  • urinating becomes uncomfortable
  • libido increases dramatically.

In order to verify your assumptions, you need to pass an analysis to the level of testosterone. Only with its help it is possible to reliably establish the level of the hormone and take adequate measures.

How to determine the level of testosterone?

This will require a referral from a physician or urologist, although many paid laboratories are ready to do the analysis at the request of the patient.

Blood from a vein is given up on an empty stomach, it is impossible to drink and eat 8 hours before an analysis. You should refrain from smoking at the same time. For a day, you should avoid physical exertion, fatty foods and alcohol.

Delivery time is from 9 to 11 am. At this time, male testosterone levels are at their peak.

Today, in no country is there a generally accepted standard for conducting such an analysis, therefore, to obtain an objective picture, it is recommended to go through the procedure two to three times in different laboratories with a short time interval. The data can distort:

  1. taking hormone-containing drugs (including sports nutrition and supplements). They must be stopped taking 14 days before the analysis.
  2. Ultrasound, X-ray, fluorography, physiotherapeutic procedures, if they were performed less than a day before blood sampling.

For the study, the health worker “pumps out” 5-10 ml of blood from the patient and the very next day the man can take the result of the analysis with which he will go to the urologist.

Blood Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is present in the blood in three conditions:

  1. globulin-related (about 44%)
  2. associated with albumin (about 54%),
  3. free (not more than 3%).

Free testosterone cannot be identified as an independent unit; its value, as calculated in the equation, knowing all other indicators.

There are situations when the testosterone indicator is not large, but the amount of globulin with albumin is also not large and the output is a pretty decent figure for free hormone.

And maybe vice versa, there is a lot of testosterone, but there are a lot of binding proteins to it, so almost nothing remains in the “free swimming”. To understand these subtleties, and the doctor will help.

The following indicators are accepted as the norm for today:

The following indicators are accepted as the norm for today:

AgeFree testosterone
12-19 years old0.18 - 23.08 pg / ml
19 - 55 years old1.00 - 28.28 pg / ml
55+ years0.70 - 21.45 pg / ml

As can be seen from the table, the range of indicators is quite large within each age group. The level of testosterone is individual for each man, the main thing is that he does not go beyond the boundaries of standard values.

* Questionnaire does not replace specialist consultation

What affects testosterone and how to treat it?

Androgen level is very sensitive to lifestyle, can break the fragile balance:

  • stress
  • long abstinence from sex (masturbation does not help in this matter),
  • infectious and chronic diseases
  • alcohol and cigarette abuse,
  • sedentary work, sedentary lifestyle,
  • unbalanced nutrition
  • heart and vascular diseases,
  • medications and nutrition for athletes.

First of all, treatment begins with the fact that the patient is strongly recommended to abandon addictions, follow a therapeutic diet, move more, review the diet, and rest. Also, the doctor can choose instead of pills that affect the level of androgen, similar in action, but safe for the level of the hormone, drugs.

Sometimes such measures are enough to bring the hormonal balance back to normal. If these measures do not help, you can be assigned to take drugs that suppress or enhance the production of testosterone.

The normal level of testosterone in men allows them to lead a sexually active life for a long time, without experiencing problems with erection and libido. The general tone of the body also remains high.All this in a complex increases self-esteem, positively affects the state of mind and allows you to enjoy every day of your life.

How to check the level of testosterone in men at home by external signs?

Among the main prerequisites for reducing the level of male hormone, modern doctors call the following:

  1. Sedentary lifestyle.
  2. Improper nutrition. It should be noted that “wrong” in terms of testosterone level is considered not only fast food, sugary drinks, convenience foods and chips, but also a vegetarian diet, as this substance is synthesized in the body exclusively from animal fats, and their lack leads to lower male hormone levels.
  3. The presence of certain chronic diseases in representatives of the stronger sex, such as diabetes mellitus, bronchial asthma, obesity, atherosclerosis, liver disease, hypertension, alcohol and drug addiction, also has a decrease in hormone.
  4. Genital injuries.
  5. Excessive exercise.
  6. Psychological trauma, stress, chronic fatigue.
  • How old is the man. Testosterone levels begin to decline from the age of 30.
  • The presence of habits harmful to health. These include smoking, drinking, and being overweight.
  • Unbalanced diet.
  • Weakened immunity.
  • The presence of persistent diseases.
  • Negative emotional state.
  • The presence of injuries.
  • Excessive physical exertion and physical or emotional stress.

How to test laboratory levels of testosterone in men?

How to determine the level of testosterone in a healthy man without the help of a doctor? First, examine his appearance and analyze the character, mental abilities of a man. Such signs will indicate an insufficient level of the hormone:

    1. Decreased libido, lack of erotic interest in women (and men, if we are talking about the stronger sex with a non-traditional orientation).
    2. Erectile disfunction. An insufficient amount of testosterone leads to the fact that the erection of a man either weakens or disappears altogether. The first signs of erectile dysfunction should be a signal for the stronger sex that it is urgent time to see a doctor.
    3. A sign of low testosterone can be obesity, which occurs in the female type. In men, adipose tissue begins to form in the thighs, chest, and abdomen.
    4. A decrease in muscle tone is another sign that the amount of testosterone in the blood is less than normal. If the hormone is not enough, neither gyms nor nutritional supplements help: instead of muscle, fat tissue continues to grow.
    5. The skin becomes dry, flabby, resembling a sheet of parchment.
    6. Bones lose density, become porous, and break easily.
    7. Hair gradually disappears from the body.
    8. Sleep is disturbed, appetite changes, constant physical fatigue, dissatisfaction with life are observed.
    9. Men who lack this hormone begin to complain of weakening memory, mental and physical fatigue. If untreated, their cognitive abilities also degrade.
    10. A very striking external sign of low testosterone is depression and bitterness. Lack of hormone leads to the fact that the man is in a constantly depressed state, he is angry, irritable, often makes scandals.

Doctors warn: if a man noticed at the same time three of the signs listed above, then he is obliged to consult a doctor as soon as possible. Not enough hormone can lead to more serious illnesses.

It is a mistake to think that low testosterone is only a problem for the elderly. Doctors have convincingly proved that today this problem excites even those who are barely 25 years old.

From a physiological point of view, the level of testosterone in the blood is responsible for the anabolic and virilizing effects. A sufficient amount of this hormone promotes muscle growth (anabolic effect) and genital organs (virilizing effect).

Signs of increased testosterone can be very large genitalia in men.

If we consider the psychological aspects of the action of the hormone of masculinity, we can see a pattern: increased testosterone makes a man more aggressive, impulsive and loving.

How in practice can be determined by external signs, does a man have enough testosterone? Make it easy.

Watch the video: Treating Low Testosterone in Men (February 2020).

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