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What does a hipster beard look like and what are its features?

Currently, the hipster beard is one of the most popular "decorations" of the male face. But to whom does she go, and how to care for her? The material below covers everything you need to know about this trendy beard.

At some point in the early 2010s, more and more young guys began to appear with dense overgrown facial hair. Suddenly there was a fascination with the beard "lumberjack".

The “hairy” revolution was a response to the shaved meteorosexual style of men of the new millennium and the beginning of the triumphal procession of hipster beards around the world.

Of course, for the victory of this trend it did not take a lot of time, and with it the creation of a cult around a new beard status symbol. Specialized hairdressing salons for men - “barbershops” began to appear. Cosmetic product lines have also appeared to maintain well-groomed facial hair growth. And today hipster beard is by no means out of fashion.

What is a hipster beard

In fact, this is nothing more than a classic broad beard. However, as opposed to overgrown individuals in the hippie era, whose motto was “the game, the better”, hipster beard with neat clipping and stylish trim.

Certain contours on the cheeks and chin, a cleanly trimmed mustache, as well as a well-groomed appearance are the main prerequisites for every hipster beard. As an option or an individual addition, a twisted mustache or spectacular whiskers can take place.

Famous followers of the hipster beard cult

Where to begin? Take inspiration from, for example, the Hollywood League or sports idols and other celebrities who have been wearing hipster beards for at least some time. In our gallery, we limited ourselves to the most prominent owners of the fashion trend.

Singer and actor Jared Leto wear a hippie beard in a hippie version: with semi-long hair and a medium beard.
Tom Hardy in his image combines a well-groomed revitalization of facial hair with a man’s bun: this is what the British really want, you should not underestimate the convenience of this style in everyday life.
Jeff Bridges ("Big Lebowski") has long been wearing a hipster beard and gives evidence that gray hair suits him!
Hair is everywhere: Andrew Garfield is tired of scissors, but the beard has already taken shape.
For many years, Jim Carrey has been clean-shaven. In the last years of his acting career, he became a bearded man.
Actor Jason Momoa is generally hard to imagine without a hipster beard and long hair.
Can Brad Pitt be called the pioneer of a hipster beard? Back in 2002, he was spotted in a dubious headdress at a basketball game.

Who would suit a hipster beard

In principle, it is believed that a broad beard is suitable for any type of face. Whether with a round, angular or oval face, wearing a hipster beard will not spoil anyone.

  • Men with an elongated or oval face mostly benefit from this shape, as it gives the face fullness.
  • With a round face, a hipster beard can calmly be a little longer, as a result of which the "portrait" of a man is slightly extended.
  • Nevertheless, a prerequisite for a fashionable beard is uniform dense growth of facial hair.

Hipster Beard Care & Styling Tips

Among other things, it should be understood that the "growing up" of full facial hair will require a certain amount of time, patience and, last but not least, care for it. Of course, maintaining and maintaining a hipster beard style is absolutely essential.

Help at the start from a professional

When growing a beard at the initial stage, it is recommended to seek help from a professional, for example, a male hairdresser. He cuts his beard by determining the contours of his cheeks and chin, and also cuts his mustache to a suitable length. So to say lay the "foundation". After that, before taking any action again, you will need to provide the person with a two-week rest state for the growth phase of the bristles without shaving and alignment.

To avoid unpleasant itching during the beard growth phase, you can use a special oil that will keep your hair smooth and soothe your skin.

Correct Beard Alignment

When the beard has grown to its full splendor, it is necessary to maintain its shape. To do this, using a small thin comb, you need to comb the beard against the natural direction of hair growth. Immediately overgrown areas will become noticeable. They can be cut with scissors or with a trimmer. At the same time, observe the main rule: to trim the beard only in a dry state.

Hipster Beard Contouring

Proper shaving of the areas on the cheeks and neck is crucial in determining the contours of the beard. If you do this without much care, it will lose its symmetry and neat appearance. For shaving neck lines, it is recommended to use a trimmer, as it has a small cutting surface, which will allow more accurate output contours.

For those who have experience using a dangerous razor, this is the choice for the most thorough shaving of facial hair.

To help outlines there are so-called beard stencils.

The template is placed on the cheeks and neck, then the skin is shaved over the stencil.

Hipster Beard: Keeping Fit

In order to make the beard look more compact and there are no protruding hairs, the use of special wax is recommended. To do this, grind the product in your hands in an amount from a pea, then transfer it to the beard, giving it the desired shape. With the help of wax, you can also control the mustache.

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History of occurrence

Hipsters appeared in New York around the 50s.. Those people who had their opinions and were not like others belonged to this trend. These people are called the engines of modern art, because they rejected generally accepted interests and the mainstream. Representatives of this group wore beards.

Nowadays, this movement has completely changed its idea and lost all values. Now the mainstream is the essence of modern hipsters. However, the image of these people has not changed. Hipsters always wore and still wear a beard with a mustache, as well as glasses. The hipster beard looks stylish and well-groomed.

Beard and mustache - an integral part of the appearance of a hipster

Only bearded hipsters exist - this is their main feature.

Beard shows that these people want to be different from society and makes them more confident.

How to do?

If you have never made yourself such a beard, then it is better to seek the help of a specialist. After that, you will need to purchase a trimmer to regularly trim the beard and give it the desired shape.

If you want to make this beard yourself, then watch online videos on how to do it right. When you get used to watching your beard, you can forget about the salons. A hipster bearded man can follow and adjust his beard.

Lambersexual - lumberjack style

The main attribute of Lambersexual is, of course, a large well-groomed beard, and since real lumberjacks are strong men, the style of a lumberjack implies a large man involved in sports. Lambersexuals are not whimsical at first glance, they wear simple t-shirts and jeans, prefer plaid shirts, but they look rudely simple.

And of course, one of the main attributes of a modern bearded man is tattoos, now they are available to everyone, and therefore have gained immense popularity. If a couple of years ago, a beard was associated with hipsters and youth, then Lambersexuals are more likely older men who can afford to go to work with a beard.

Care Features

To beard and mustache looked at 100, you need to properly care for them. First, be sure to buy a comb and use it several times a day. Correct the beard in time so that it does not lose its appearance. This can be done with sharp scissors, a razor and trimmer. It’s better to buy a cordless trimmer with different attachments.

Secondly, wash your beard every other day with shampoo. You can’t wash your beard with detergents every day. At the same time, wash yourself with clean water every day to wash off the sebaceous glands.

Thirdly, do not blow dry your beard, let it dry naturally. A hairdryer damages the skin of the face and hair. If you take good care of your beard, it will emphasize your style and subculture.

From hipster to lamberx, one step

Style and appearance: Lambersexuals borrowed a lot from hipsters: a hairstyle, some features of the casual style, even a beard - and that was first with hipsters. But, nevertheless, the main features of the lambersexual are evident: good physical shape, comfortable clothes and shoes, a love of outdoor recreation and home cooking, as well as masculinity and self-confidence.

Lambersexuals adhere to a deliberately careless, rude retro style: t-shirts, flannel shirts, knitted sweaters, vests and hats with fur. An important attribute of Lambersexual is a thick, broad beard, a fluffy mustache and elongated hair. At the same time, clothes and hair should always be clean and well-groomed, which requires quite a lot of time, attention and cost.

Lambersexuality is a manifestation of a society’s request for a return to masculinity, evidence of fatigue from the standards of male effeminacy imposed on it.

Philosophy: It is important to remember that a lambersexual is not only an outward style. This is, first of all, a way of life and a way of thinking. It’s strange if you look like a real lumberjack, but you’re not able to fix the door from the closet or hammer a nail into the wall. Lambersexual is a real man with healthy interests and appropriate appearance. He clearly knows what he needs and how to achieve this.

How is a bearded man different from a bearded hipster?

If you saw a bearded man on the street - this does not mean that he is hipster. People who belong to this current have a number of features.

  1. clothing. Hipsters wear low-cut t-shirts, backpacks, leather jackets, glasses, fitted jeans, and leather shoes.
  2. Jewelry. On clothes they hang rings, chains, necklaces and bracelets.
  3. Interests. They are interested in art, music, social networks. Hipsters eat only organic food.
  4. Beard. You can only meet a hipster with a beard. His image is distinguished by the presence of a mustache, a long and thick beard. The mustache must be thick, a man chooses their shape himself.

As you can see, hipsters not only wear a beard, they have their own clothing style and innovative thinking. If you just talk to such a person, you will understand which social group he belongs to.

1. Art

It was badly damaged by the hipster subculture. It is currently impossible to love and appreciate non-classical art. If you are a fan of Aivazovsky and Bryullov, everything is the way, but God forbid you to understand the works of Zdzislaw Beksinsky, Frida Kahlo, Juan Miro, Picasso or Rene Magritte - you immediately get the status of a pose, although the conversation didn’t go further than “I love Magritte”. And some guys develop the theme and consider you a fan of another art group, who considers it good form to beat their eggs to the pavement.

2. Cult literary classics

It's one thing if you like high-quality fiction: hipsters mistakenly think that there are blasters and shmaster, and while they are inactive reading it, and if they are reading it, they call it a social satire, ignoring frankly fantastic roots. Do you like Hesse and his "Bead Game" or "American Psycho" - almost everyone will think that you are putting your own worth or are snobbish. Worst of all, if you like Fight Club, it’s almost a bad taste - both in the near-hipster party, and in real boys from the nearest area.

3. Arthouse and films “not for everyone”

No one cares that you looked at Jarmusch on VHS many years ago. Now it’s fashionable, it’s not for everyone, so you can’t look calmly. Dudes, who once enjoyed a good movie, because of the active raging of hipsters and especially hipsters, can not even watch Woody Allen or Tarkovsky calmly. And all because of a strange feeling of awkwardness. Many dudes do not even begin their acquaintance with the world of big cinema, because nothing spoils the impression of any thing so well as its faithful followers.

4. Vegetarianism is great

When the hipsters together gave up eating meat, the attitude towards vegetarians (initially they were considered just strange guys) changed to “Are you still a vegetarian and you have a lot to eat?” I knew! ”And no one will believe that you refuse meat for health or for moral reasons, even if it is absolutely true. Everyone will roll their eyes, sigh and think that you are hipster. And thanks again to the hipsters from the vegetarians and cyclists of our editorial office!

5. Coffee houses

Do you like coffee and sit in a quiet place? The number of youth in characteristic attire will prevent you from enjoying the smell of roasted coffee beans coming from a hot drink in a French press. Damn it, now you can’t take non-standard brewed coffee without the skeptical grimace of a comrade who ordered himself Americano. If you have a favorite place that serves excellent coffee and pastries, be sure that after a while it will be bursting with hipsters and okolochipsters of all ages discussing unknown music and modern books by fashionable Latin American writers - followers of Castaneda.

6. Anticafe

A great idea to pay for a place where you can work in peace and quiet is faced with modern fashionable youth. You come there to play the console or board games with your comrades, but you encounter the darkness of 80s-style young men and women with glasses and bright red lipstick who gathered to watch some kind of smart movie with the following discussion, during whom everyone is trying to show himself to be a true intellectual.

7. Beards

When hipsters did not grow beards, everything was fine, but when they decided that they should be more like hipsters and began to grow facial vegetation, ordinary guys with dense dignity were somehow embarrassed. And all because there are too many bearded now, it’s enough just to look at the streets of the city. At first it was fun, funny and unusual, but then it decently got a sore mouth because of those who grow a beard to be in trend. Now some dudes are going to shave their beards because they don’t want to be with the hipsters who depreciate them! Thanks to the censuring bikes and selfies.

9. Shaving with a razor

It’s hard to explain that you shave with a dangerous razor because it shaves very cleanly or because you collect antiques. The concept of “vintage” at the same time makes some theme very fashionable, but devalues ​​it in the eyes of a more calm and unfashionable audience. When this thing is acquired by the last hipster, decent people start spitting from it, even if they perfectly understand that this is a good thing.

10. Good beer

Craft beer, imported beer, porters, ales, lagers and stouts instead of the usual still-born beer from the nearest bottling place.Be prepared that after ordering something similar in a bar next to you, a dude materializes, who will introduce himself as a film critic and try to discuss with you the best directors of Tibet.

11. Talking about something at all

Be careful, because in connection with the events in the Crimea, your position may not be correctly assessed. It seems that he could have previously discussed politics, intellectual topics with the dude, but now he dismisses them because he does not want to be known as a snob and a hipster. It’s good that at least computer games and the Game of Thrones can be discussed, although they will soon get there.

12. TV shows

Today they like Breaking Bad, and tomorrow is a mediocre boring thing. After the interest in serial films became fashionable, he immediately became a delight for the hipster party. Every hipster must watch a series, and therefore such an innocent habit begins to be condemned by society. And if you think so, both those who blame hipsters and the hipsters themselves are equally good.

Who is a hipster?

The term "hipster" originated in the 30s in the United States. The era of jazz was outside, and the white population of America imitated the unusual style of African-American jazz musicians. It is believed that they got their name from the combination "to be hip", which translates approximately as "to be in the subject." From here, by the way, the term “hippie” went on. Today, hipsters are young people who have an aesthetic perception of life, are apolitical. They prefer skateboards and bicycles, indie music, organic food, vinyl records, photography and art in general. They wear deep-necked T-shirts, cardigans, tortoise-framed glasses, backpacks, Vans sneakers and All Stars "converse". Tattoos clog themselves and almost never leave the house without rings, bracelets, necklaces. But the most important thing in the appearance of a hipster is a beard, mustache and a fashionable Undercut style stitch with shaved temples and lush hair on the crown of the head. A hipster beard is an art. She is long, thick, trimmed and laid. Mustache can be of various shapes, but more and more often can be found with the ends twisted upward.

Who is a lambersexual?

Lambersexuals are so similar to hipsters, but still very different from them. They also wear lush beards, like to grow a mustache and regularly visit their barber to make a fashionable haircut. However, their main difference is their internal qualities. Lambersexuals are real “men” in good physical shape, comfortable clothes and shoes, courageous, self-confident. In their clothes, they prefer a rude retro style, mainly consisting of t-shirts, thick flannel shirts, and rude knitted sweaters. A kind of woodcutter, in a stone jungle that can easily fix a crane, cabinet door, hammer a nail into the wall. In fact, this is an ordinary man, with healthy interests in cinema, music, sports. Only with a bright, memorable and requiring a lot of care appearance.

Hipster or lambersexual - it doesn’t matter. When you are going on a date or an important meeting, remember the main thing: "they are greeted by clothes, but escorted by the mind." Therefore, in order to have a neat hairdo, even beard or a smoothly shaven face, visit Barbershop in time and you will be happy!


In public places there are often people who stand out from the crowd in appearance, behavior, speech. These include hipsters who do not follow the gray mass, they have their own vision and representation of the structure of the world. Creativity and energy predict to be like no one else, to create your own style.


Hipsters as a subculture appeared in the late 40s - early 50s in the United States.

The generation of young people broken by World War II strove to live in the present without remembering the dark past.

An ironic attitude to life was formed under the influence of jazz music and allowed to forget the war. The desire to dress stylishly, look spectacular and stand out was also dictated by jazz and the socio-economic situation in the country.

Hence the name of this trend - hipster, hipster, "to be hip" - "to be on the wave, to be in the subject."

A bohemian lifestyle required education. Young people read a lot, versed in fashion trends, cinema, painting, poetry, politics. Physical hand work was not recognized. The creative realization of personality stood in the first place.

Lambers in Russia

The chain of men's hairdressing salons “CHOP-CHOP” and caffeine “Starbucks”, which have spread their networks almost everywhere where there is a demand for urban culture for intellectuals, can rightfully be considered the forge of hipsters, lamberts and other urban fashionistas. You can meet domestic lambers at local pubs, art cafes, coworking and gatherings of the city intelligentsia in the form of workshops, festivals, meetings, forums and so on.


Every hipster wants to leave a mark on people's memory, be sought after and arouse admiration. Their goal is to realize creativity, to show individuality.

This desire is reinforced by some features in the image and behavior:

  1. Appearance is thought out to the smallest detail. Thick facial hair and fashionable hairstyle. The clothes are comfortable and stylish. The overall composition looks like a whole. The basic elements are t-shirts with large cuts, skinny jeans, jackets. Each hipster has a collection of hats and glasses in a thick frame. Shoes made from natural materials, comfortable and breathable completes the look.
  2. The representative of the current will not go out without many decorations. These are bracelets made of leather and metals, rings and rings, chains, chokers, pendants, scarves. Tattoos are an additional element of the image that shows the inner world.
  3. Following fashion requires flagship gadgets.
  4. Hipsters are educated and well-read. Higher education, and not just one, a large number of books read, makes them interlocutors capable of supporting any conversation.
  5. They choose creative professions.
  6. Organic food is preferred over clothing.


Among hipsters, there are many representatives of theater, cinema, radio, the media, people of creative professions. Through their work, they make you think and rethink the goals and priorities of life.

In the CIS countries, the hipster movement is only gaining momentum. It was not as popular as in Europe and the USA, due to differences in political development.

Why beard matters

A beard is an integral part of a hipster. A subject of pride and part of the face for the maintenance and maintenance of form, the length and quality of which is given a lot of time and money. Why beard matters:

  • a way to stand out from the crowd and emphasize male gender,
  • indicates the status and personality of the owner,
  • gives brutality and enhances self-esteem.

Beard can be of various shapes and textures. There are options for short lengths with straight hair to long hair with curls.

But still distinguish common features:

  1. The density of vegetation.
  2. Clear framing and appearance. Long hairs allow you to set the desired vector and draw a beard in the style inherent in the owner.
  3. The presence of a mustache, the length of which extends below the line of the mouth, and the ends are often twisted. Textured and stylish should stand out against the general background of facial hair.
  4. Well maintained appearance.

Instruction manual

To grow a beard like a hipster, you need to be patient. The process is long and may take 2-3 months.

To do this, perform a series of actions:

  1. Eliminate or compensate for skin problems: dryness, peeling, wounds, acne.
  2. Shave off any existing bristles or trim the length with a trimmer. This will allow the hair to grow evenly.
  3. To eliminate itching, use moisturizers. This stimulates growth and allows hair follicles to receive enough moisture.
  4. Bristles will cover your face for 6 weeks. Further vegetation will grow in length. But at this point, begin to shape the boundaries of the future beard. With subsequent growth, areas without hair should be maintained in the same state, carefully removing the ones that appeared.
  5. Do not shave your mustache. They are given a form at the stage of cutting a beard. The longer the mustache grows, the more elegant the image of a man will turn out.
  6. Start cutting your beard after reaching the required length. If a man does not have enough experience, it is wiser to visit the master barber. Later, haircuts can already be done independently.
  7. Select the type of beard and length, taking into account the oval of the face. Too long will give the impression of untidiness.
  8. Mustache is an important element in the image of a hipster. Optimum chin length. The most popular shape with upward curved ends. This look gives the man playfulness and mystery.

The goal of the hipster beard is to make the face symmetrical and give it a touch of mystery.

Its feature is a certain unfinished view. The effect is achieved by creating an additional volume and a small amount of longer hair in the center. This is due to the ideology of hipsters.

Life is constantly changing, it is in motion, as is the flow of thoughts and actions. So is a beard, an inconclusive variation of an image that may undergo deformations in the future.

Hipster facial facial care procedures are a ritual. A high-quality, thick, silky beard is an object of art and a distinctive element of the image of a man.

  1. For daily use, scallops or brushes made of natural fibers with frequent teeth. Comb your hair only in the direction of growth several times a day.
  2. For washing, it is better to use special shampoo and conditioner. The optimally selected composition of the components removes dirt, cleanses the hair and does not irritate the delicate skin of the face.
  3. Use beard shampoo no more than 2 times a week. Frequent washing stimulates the production of subcutaneous fat, which makes the hair look unpleasant. After using shampoo on your beard, apply conditioner that nourishes the hair and prevents the formation of lumps from the hair.
  4. Dry facial hair only in a natural way.
  5. Apply a nourishing oil to the slightly dried beard with massage movements, which stimulates the growth of hairs, saturates the follicles with the necessary substances.
  6. Comb the hair is already dry. Apply wax to your desired shape. It not only maintains volume, but also creates a gloss effect.

Watch the video: What is the difference between a hipster beard and a beard? (February 2020).

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