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Throw a machine or learn how to shave with an electric razor

Regularly expose facial skin to razors is the lot of men. Many ways have been devised to facilitate this procedure. The most significant invention is an electric shaver. German-born American Jacob Schick invented it in 1928. The company of the same name founded by him began mass production of electric razors in 1931. Since that time, this device has firmly taken a place in the arsenal of men.

The process of operating an electric shaver has nuances and secrets. In the article, we will consider how to properly shave with an electric razor.

Shaving preparation

Men often suffer from skin irritation resulting from the use of electric shavers. Red spots cause burning, itching and look unpresentable. This happens due to improper skin preparation.

Experts recommend moisturizing the skin immediately before shaving. Before the invention of modern means of barber use a towel dampened with warm water. Progress has simplified the procedure. Today, men prefer to use special cosmetics to moisturize their skin. To achieve a better effect, wait a little after applying a moisturizer. The skin should dry. This improves the contact of the cutting edges of the blade with the skin and reduces discomfort.

Shaver Selection

You should always start with the main thing, namely with the choice of the type of device that will serve faithfully for a long time. Electric razors are divided into two classes, depending on the direction of movement of the knives in them. In rotary they rotate, in mesh - they make translational movements. In the end, everyone should first decide which electric razor is best for his skin type. And after that, find out how to shave with an electric razor.

Ideally, you can have “armed” both types - like mine. I specially bought two different ones with that “scope” in order to leave myself one. But as a result, both remained: it was a pity to part with good things, and could not choose the best. Now I actively use both depending on my needs and situation. But first things first.

Shaving Methods

Shaving is a purely individual process. Much depends on the density of the bristles, the thickness of the hair, the speed of their growth, the condition of the skin of the face and other factors. The traditional bristle removal sequence is adopted. We conditionally divide it into three stages.

  1. Elementary. At this stage, bristles are removed from the cheeks with smooth movements from the cheekbones to the chin.
  2. Average. Now shave the neck and chin.
  3. Finite. At the third stage, they pay attention to the mustache. Since the gel has already dried out, it is applied repeatedly. The speed of the razor is usually reduced. This is due to the fact that the mustache has a different hair structure. On this part of the face, hair grows stiff and thick.

The direction of movement of the electric shaver is not critical. When applying the grid model, they move from top to bottom. If the rotary version is used, then a circular path will be more effective. Repeating, we note that it all depends on the individual preferences of the person.

A general recommendation is the mandatory lack of great effort when using an electric shaver. Do not press hard. The design of the device does not allow perfect removal of the bristles. And getting irritation from the tight contact of the blades and the skin is quite real.

Dry Shave

Shaving on dry skin has one advantage - speed and economy. There is no need to use additional means, except for the machine or razor and water. This method is more suitable for men, as men's skin is more thick and dense. And also for those who use electric shavers.

Representatives of the female skin are more delicate and sensitive. They are not recommended to resort to this method.

Too often, such a method is not worth shaving, it is fraught with severe irritation or cuts. The fact is that with dry shaving, the hair remains stiff and poorly shaved, the quality of their removal is reduced, and an extra traumatic effect is created.

  • Rapidity,
  • Budget savings on the purchase of additional funds.

  • May cause severe skin irritation,
  • No smoothness after shaving,
  • Black stumps remain after hair removal,
  • The risk of ingrown hair and inflammation is increasing,
  • Traumatism.

With depilation in a dry way, you need to be more careful and resort to it only in extreme cases.

Dry shave

In traveling conditions, it is often not possible to use cosmetics. Then you have to shave “dry”. At such moments, it is necessary to more carefully press the razor blades to the face. This is especially true for electric shavers with a rotary mechanism.

Beauticians advise to use special disinfecting lotions after dry shaving. Their use will significantly accelerate the healing of damaged skin.

Advantages and disadvantages of the rotor system:

  • The floating head perfectly follows the contours of the face.
  • It copes with stiff bristles.
  • Shaving takes less time.
  • The procedure is very comfortable.
  • The hair shaves perfectly - you can repeat this procedure not so often. For example, once every 2-3 days.
  • May cause irritation with more sensitive skin.

Gels or creams are usually used before and after shaving.

The pros and cons of the mesh type

Depending on the situation and preferences, wet and dry shaving is possible.

  • Soft and gentle shave without skin irritation.
  • It takes much more time (compared to a rotary razor).
  • It has attachments designed for haircuts (a useful bonus, I tell you!).
  • Ideal for short and hard hair.
  • Still, shaving is not so clean. Therefore, if necessary, you have to repeat the procedure much more often.

No additional skin care products are needed during or after shaving.

Features of dry and wet shaving

The type of shaving depends on whether a special grease is used. Wet shaving is characterized by the following positive features:

  • The blades glide smoothly and painlessly.
  • Less time is spent on achieving a smooth skin effect.
  • The skin is not damaged.

Dry shaving is less demanding on its conditions. You can resort to it in any room. No water, gels or foam are needed. With a shortage of free time or an active lifestyle, this method of shaving is the most convenient and popular.

Comfortable and high-quality shaving: three main stages

Ensuring the comfort and best performance of the shaving process can bring compliance to three simple steps:

  • First of all, it is necessary to moisturize the skin of the face, as a result of which the bristles will take a more harmonious and orderly shape. Subsequent shaving will be many times faster and easier.
  • Remove the bristles. The dry method does not provide for the use of gel and foam, and when wet it, on the contrary, is needed. For sensitive and allergy-prone skin, gel is best used. Shaved hair is removed, the skin is rinsed with cool water.
  • After that, a special cream is applied to the disturbed skin to soothe it and maintain its health. An electric shaver lotion is also recommended.

As a result, your skin will experience a minimum of shocks.

How to shave with an electric razor

Dry and wet shaving with an electric razor differs from shaving with a machine, which does not imply frequent and quick sweeping movements. Quite the contrary - this is an unhurried procedure. The electric razor should be pressed tightly, but not too tightly to the face. Otherwise, skin damage may occur.

How to shave with a rotary electric razor? Movements should be smooth and unhurried. Pressing heavily does not make sense, you just need to roll the heads and monitor the degree of contact with the skin. To achieve the effect of the smoothest shave, the cheeks are inflated, and the chin is protruded. To prevent skin irritation during and after shaving, the use of special foam, gels, and creams is recommended.

How to shave with an electric razor if it is a mesh type? It will not be circular, but translational movement up and down. The direction of its movement should be against hair growth with a slight tension on the skin. In my experience, if you shave dry with a razor in the morning before washing, you can do without the use of gels. And after moisturizing your skin, wash your face. After washing, the razor will not slip on the skin of the face and then only the foam can correct the situation. If the electric shaver allows wet shaving, then it is washed with water. Then you should unfasten the head and wash the rest.


To make shaving comfortable and as effective as possible, you need to properly prepare for it. First, steam the face and neck. This is necessary in order to soften and raise the bristles. There are two options: take a shower or do it with a towel dampened with hot water at a comfortable temperature (you need to steam out, not burn!). If you decide to use a towel, then note that the usual terry is not suitable for these purposes. Wafer towels are best used - their structure allows you to absorb more moisture and helps keep you warm longer. Do not forget about the neck - there is also a bristle that needs to be shaved. Keep a hot towel at least two minutes.

Use the brush

Also, as a preparation for shaving, you can massage the face and neck using a brush. Due to the influx of blood, the skin will become more elastic, which will have a beneficial effect on the further shaving procedure. You can combine such a massage with a small amount of foam, which will act as a pre-shave - it will help soften the bristles, and further steaming with a towel. In this case, put a hot towel on your face without washing off the foam.

Quality foam is the key to a comfortable shave

Warm, elastic with small pores - this should be the ideal shaving foam. And you can get one only by knocking it yourself out of soap or shaving cream. Why is a ready-made foam or gel not suitable for a comfortable shave? Firstly, they are obtained chemically and contain isobutane, which dries the skin and leads to irritation (and we strive to make shaving as comfortable and enjoyable as possible). Secondly, these products are cold, and we need heat and moisture to soften and raise the hairs, it is not for nothing that we steamed our face before it. So, back to our perfect foam. You can make good foam either in a special shaving bowl or on your face with a brush. Proper foam will soften the bristles and allow the blade to slide better without damaging the epidermis. Whatever method you choose, remember - in no case do not touch the skin with a blade if there is no foam on the face or neck.

Useful Tips

  • use pre-shave before steaming - this will help to soften the hair and protect the skin, especially if you have stiff bristles. Pre-shaves can be in the form of a lotion, cream or oil - consider this if you use a brush made from natural pile (oil will ruin it). Apply pre-shave while taking a shower or before wrapping your face and neck with a warm towel.
  • if you have very delicate and sensitive skin, try to do without steaming, and shave with cool water. Wash your face with cold water, apply foam, shave and wash your face again with cold water. But keep in mind that bristles will be less malleable even when combined with good foam.
  • thoroughly rinse the machine before each approach from the remnants of the bristles and microparticles of the epidermis - this will help reduce the risk of irritation after shaving.
  • do not push the machine - a good machine will shave the bristles under its own weight. Excessive pressure on the razor will lead to a problem with ingrown hairs and inflammation.
  • shave over hair growth. Carefully examine the face and neck to determine the direction of growth of the bristles - it may be different in different areas, take this into account when shaving. If the result of such shaving does not seem very clean to you, make the machine wiring perpendicular to the direction of hair growth.

So, the bristle removal procedures are completed, it remains to apply the aftershave in order to soothe the epidermis. If you have sensitive skin, it is better to abandon alcohol-containing lotions and use after shave balms or a lotion with a low alcohol content. Do not forget that the best cosmetics are the ones that are right for you, just like the way to prepare for shaving. Do not be afraid to experiment and try new things - only in this way you will find the best option for yourself!

Razor selection

You probably already know that for different types of facial hair removal different shaving systems are used.

So, in most cases, electric shavers are used for dry shaving, and razors for wet shaving. Each shaving device has its own characteristics.

For dry

A dry razor is an electric device. In contact with skin the knives of this device do not touch the epidermis, thus not causing redness and irritation.

This, by the way, is one of the arguments of opponents of the wet procedure for hair removal with razors, which are in direct contact with the skin and cause unpleasant sensations, especially in people whose skin is very sensitive.

For those who prefer dry hair removal, many global brands invent new shaving devices from year to year. But one fact remains constant - this is a type of razor system. They are distinguished by two:

Rotary devices act rotor principlewhere the round knives are mounted on the head. Such devices have been known to men since the days of the USSR, but modern global manufacturers of electric razors have long taken care of a number of improvements, so comparing modern electric razors with those that were 40 years ago is simply silly.

Soviet rotary razors often left stubble unshaved, which caused a lot of indignation in the face of men. But today there are already wet rotary electric shavers, which we will discuss in the next section.

Mesh razor by the principle of operation it reminds a clipper. In this shaving system basis are vibrating blades that are protected by a mesh. The hairs penetrate through this mesh and fall under the blade, but the skin remains intact, and, accordingly, there can be no talk of any redness and irritation.

It is up to you to decide which razor system to purchase - rotary or mesh. But the mesh electric shaver has one huge plus for those who love model shaving: some models of mesh devices are produced immediately with a trimmerwhich is very convenient.

In addition to all of the above, the choice of the buyer also affects the number and mobility of shaving heads. Not only the quality of shaving, but also the price of electric shavers depends on this.

  • the grid device may have one to four heads, depending on how much you are willing to pay for it.
  • rotary razors may have two or three heads.

In addition, these heads can be movable, which will greatly affect the comfort of the hair removal procedure. And, as you know, the more heads and the better mobility, the more expensive the shaving device.

The choice is yours, and the quality of your shaving will depend only on how much you are willing to pay for your electric shaver.

Also, different models of shaving devices differ in power methods. Some receive electricity from the battery, while others from the network. In addition, today there are electric shavers that are equipped with an LCD.

Of course, such a device will cost you a decent amount of money, but with the help of the LCD display you can always know about the condition of your razor: battery level, sharpness of the blades, level of filling with hairs (signal for cleaning), etc.

Prices for electric shavers range from 500 to 17 thousand rubles. It all depends on which of the above parameters is endowed with an electric shaver. And every man chooses this device depending on his needs.

See the video for a comparison of rotary and mesh electric shavers

For wet

Wet shave Is the process of hair removal through their previous moisturizing with various shaving products (foams, gels, creams, etc.). This type of shaving has been used by people for a long time, since this does not require various electrical devices (apart from the last decade, when we came up with an electric razor for wet hair removal).

For wet shaving, there are a large number of different machines, both for single use and for reusable. There are machines with built-in 2, 3, 4 or more blades. Again, the price depends on the quality and comfort of the machine.

Wet shaving has its advantages. Ordinary disposable machines are not afraid of moisture, and you can remove hair from your face right in the shower. In addition, according to many experts, wet hair removal machines do better and do not leave behind unshaved places.

Since progress does not stand still, today is already known electric shaver with foam (conditioner-humidifier, which is refilled into the cartridge of the device and supplied from the inside of the electric shaver) for shaving. Philips produces such devices and they are not yet popular. Cost from 5000 rubles.

Many world famous brands make waterproof electric shavers, which can be used even in the shower (but not desirable, since there is a risk of moisture ingress due to depressurization of the device over time).

Experience the wet shave with an electric shaver, see the video

Such devices are equipped with a special section for supplying an air conditioner-humidifier, which in texture resembles shaving gel. You can buy such humidifiers for electric shavers in any specialized store. All such razors are equipped with a special cartridge filling system. Well, if your electric shaver has an LCD display, then you can control the level of the air conditioner.

But such expensive devices are not always an alternative to our usual machines.

The classic wet shave has long been used by many men, and they don’t even want to think about electric shavers with a built-in section for the humidifier.

But just for this case, there are devices that do not have an LCD display, a cartridge for the air conditioner, a laser trimmer, etc.

On the shelves you can find classic rotary devices that can be used for wet shaving. The thing is that they are waterproof and can be used after applying the gel or foam to the face.

As you can see, technological progress allows us to use an electric razor not only for dry shaving, but also for wet shaving. The choice is yours.

Without water

The process of hair removal without water involves use of electric shavers. Whether it is rotary or mesh - there is no big difference. The most important thing - prepare for the hair removal process. Then you can start the shaving process itself, adhering to our recommendations:

  1. Time. Experts say the best time to shave will be morningwhen the skin of the face after a night's rest comes in tone. If you really want to shave in the evening, then first you need to wipe the skin with a disinfectant, and then with hot water to open the pores.
  2. Skin preparation. Before starting the hair removal procedure, you need wipe the skin with a special tool, which will remove all dead cells from it, and also cleanse all secretions. If your skin is sensitive, you need to moisturize it with a special cream or gel and wait until it completely dries.
  3. The shaving process. When the skin becomes completely dry, you can begin the long-awaited process of working with an electric razor. It is necessary to drive on the skin of the face smoothly, without sharp movements, along the direction of the growing hairs. Driving many times in the same place should not be, this can cause unwanted redness of the skin.
  4. Skin care. At the end of the hair removal process, you need refresh skin with cold waterthen apply aftershave. Pick the lotion for your skin type: dry, sensitive, etc.
  5. Razor care. Always remember clean the shaver from hair, so you will extend its service life.

Follow these recommendations and your shaving process will be as comfortable and effective as possible. And try not to actively massage your face with a razor, as the hero of the film “The Irony of Fate, or with Light Steam” did. Smooth movements are the key to success.

With water

Wet shaving implies use of various humidifiers: foams, gels, creams, etc. The process of hair removal using a conventional machine can be divided into the following stages:

  1. Softening the hair and skin of the face. For 30 seconds, a terry towel moistened with warm water should be applied to the face.
  2. Next you can proceed to shaving foam or shaving gel. To do this, use a special brush, with which the foam is evenly distributed in circular movements throughout the bristles.
  3. At this stage, you can pick up the machine and proceed directly to the process of hair removal. Razor movements need to be made from top to down in the direction of hair growth. First shave the cheek area, and then all hard-to-reach spots.
  4. If in some areas the hair does not want to be removed, then try driving with a razor from different angles (it is possible against hair growth).
  5. Pressing hard on the machine is not recommended, since there is a risk of cuts to the skin. If during shaving there are places with hairs, but there is no foam on them, then you can re-apply foam for greater efficiency. And remember that during shaving you need to regularly flush the machine in hot water, as foam and cut hairs gather on it.
  6. Now need wash with cold water and see if you managed to shave all the hairs. If not, re-apply the foam to the places where the hair remains, and repeat the procedure. Carefully inspect your face and check if you cut your skin. If cut, then treat the wound with a hemostatic alum pencil.
  7. At this stage, you should wash your face again with cool water, and then wipe it with a towel. Next - apply aftershave and smile.

Of course, the process of hair removal with a conventional machine does not require a lot of money for the purchase of an electric shaver, which attracts most men. But the best way to wet shave is to use a special waterproof electric shaver.

The process of shaving is similar to the one described by us above. The only difference is the application of moisturizers to the skin of the face.

In addition, as we have said, there are electric shavers with built-in cartridges, which immediately in the process of shaving apply conditioner moisturizers to the skin. When working with such electric shavers, you don’t need much: wash yourself before and after the procedure, and the process of hair removal will be pleasant and comfortable.

You just need to smoothly drive the electric razor through the bristles (preferably after the growth of hair), and the conditioner will automatically moisturize your skin.

The best razor for wet shaving can be considered just such a device that gives maximum comfort and result, but at the same time costs a lot of money.

The most famous wet shavers: “Philips HS8460,” “Remington R6130,” “Panasonic ES8901.” The first two models are rotary devices with integrated cartridges.

The latest model is a mesh waterproof electric shaver that does not have built-in cartridges. But it can be shaved in the shower after self-applying foam on the skin of the face.

Wet Shaving Products

Fans of the wet hair removal method are used to apply on the skin of the face 3 types of humidifiers: foam, cream or gel. Let's look at the principle of action of all these tools.

Facial hair removal foam is one of the most popular products. She easy to apply on the skin, gives sufficient slip razors softens hairs and reduces the risk of irritationredness and cuts. Foam is best suited for people with sparse and soft bristles.

Today on the market there are many varieties of this tool.

Some of the most popular brands are Nivea, Gillitte, Arko, L’Oreal, Avene, etc. In addition, the price policy for foams is rather mediocre, so you won’t spend a lot of money on it.

Shaving cream, in fact, is a regular soap with the addition of various oils, extracts and extracts. Apply it to the skin with a brush. When applied, it becomes a little bulkier and completely covers the dense hairline.

Some men argue that shaving cream is no longer so relevant and few people use it, but consumers still remain. One of the disadvantages of this tool is that the glide is not so smooth.as when using foam.

Cream prices are about the same as foam. The most popular brand, according to user reviews, is considered to be a cream from the Italian company Proraso. But Nivea, Gillitte, Arko, etc., remain no less popular manufacturers of creams.

Perhaps, the most expensive, but also the most effective and economical shaving product. The gel differs from its counterparts in that it has a jelly-like consistency and a more natural and effective composition.

It is applied to the skin of the face with a special brush. With a brush, you need to thoroughly smear the gel until it turns into a soapy and slightly voluminous consistency.

Many dermatologists recommend using gels as a means of shaving. They possess tonic, cleansing and softening effects. In addition, the gel provides a perfect glide razor, so it is perfect for owners of hard bristles.

User reviews and the opinions of dermatologists agree that it is best to use shaving gels from such brands: Lumene, Nuxe, Payot, Clarins, etc.

Of course, if your budget is small, then you can use the products of the same brands Arko, Nivea, Gillette, but they have in their composition for a long time already familiar extracts of aloe or menthol, which will not surprise anyone.

Wet or dry: advantages and disadvantages

TO wet type benefits hair removal can include:

  • lack of pain with the right shaving technique,
  • regarding inexpensive method (including the purchase of razors and products - foam, gel, cream),
  • effective, safe and fast, you can carry out the procedures daily and not spend much time,
  • soft hair occurs during hair removal exfoliation dead part of the epidermis.

This method of hair removal has its own limitations:

  • necessary shave often to maintain smooth skin
  • in people with hard hair increased risk of ingrown, to reduce the risk of ingrowth, you need to use special moisturizers for the skin of the face,
  • using inexpensive shaving products irritation and redness may occur skin integument.

As we have said, dry shaving is much different from wet shaving. It also has its advantages and disadvantages. The benefits of dry shaving are:

  • simplicity of procedure (you just need to make smooth movements with an electric razor),
  • efficiency (when using premium electric shavers that have an LCD display, comfort is close to maximum),
  • the ability to remove hair in any place convenient for yousince you don’t need water and foam or gel to do this,
  • after shave with electric shaver no skin irritation (Sensitive skin owners are advised to use special after shave products).

TO disadvantages this method can include:

  • the purity of the result is inferior wet hair removal
  • process slowdown due to lack of electricity or low battery of the electric shaver,
  • high prices electric shavers
  • dry shaving and hard hair are incompatible things (hair can grow in).

As you can see, each of the methods of hair removal has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the choice is yours. Decide on your type of hair and skin and decide for yourself once and for all which shave to use - dry or wet.

What does dry shaving mean?

Dry shaving implies that the process occurs without the use of water, but this does not mean that the skin does not need preliminary preparation. In order to effectively and efficiently shave on dry, you must first cleanse the skin on the face and steam it. In this case, shaving will not be accompanied by unpleasant sensations, followed by irritation.

If the skin on the face is prone to oily, it is advisable to degrease it with lotion or cologne before shaving. When it is completely dry, you can start cutting off facial hair with a machine or with an electric shaver.

What is the difference from wet?

The difference is that the dry method does not involve the use of foam or gel. Wet shaving requires a constant rinse of the razor during operation, while dry shaving can be shaved quickly over the sink. However, with improper preparation and selection of a razor, inflammation can form on the skin, and hairs cannot be completely removed. It is because of this that most men prefer the wet method, which is considered less traumatic.

Wet shave

This method is used by the vast majority of men. Before shaving, a special gel or foam is applied to the face. You can also use regular soap.

There are countless such products on sale. It is recommended to carefully study their composition and properties before use. At the slightest doubt, it is better to choose cosmetics with a different composition suitable for you.

Using an electric shaver

This type of razor works well on a completely dry surface. When it is prepared, you can start shaving on dry skin. To begin with, it is worth using a pair of scissors to shorten too long hairs. If the bristles have not reached 3 cm, then this item can be omitted.

Electric shavers need to work slowly in straight lines. When using a rotary electric shaver, the movements should be circular and smooth.

For the cleanest work, stretch the skin with two fingers. On a flat surface, the razor moves more easily and removes hair evenly, which guarantees a clean and tidy result.

It is recommended to start with a sensitive area of ​​the neck.At the initial stage, the electric shaver has not yet warmed up and is not clogged, which allows you to cut your hair more comfortably and gently, avoiding injury.

The optimal time of day for shaving

Young men sometimes ask elders such a question. There is no definite answer. Everyone chooses the time for this, based on their own preferences and capabilities. The only recommendation is that shaving is best when the skin is not dry. This usually happens after taking a hot bath or shower. Not for nothing that from time immemorial hairdressers worked in bathhouses.

Another nuance is basic security. If the body is rested, then the shaving person will make fewer mistakes. At a minimum, this will prevent accidental cuts.

Therefore, many prefer to shave during morning hygiene procedures. But there are many men performing this operation at other times of the day.

Shaving with a machine tool

It is important that the machine is new and the blades sharp. In this case, there will be no need to put pressure on the skin and injure it. After the razor is selected, it is advisable to use a tool to create a layer between the skin and the blade. For this purpose, a lotion, conditioner and even coconut or olive oil will work (depending on what is at hand).

The machine is driven in the direction of hair growth. You should be aware that choosing a dry method is necessary to minimize the risk of injury, so it is not recommended to shave hair against their growth. Otherwise, you, of course, will achieve a smoother effect, but you will not be able to avoid wounds and the appearance of redness.

After the process is complete, do not wipe your face with a towel, just apply a moisturizer or a drop of coconut oil that will soothe irritated skin.

Shaving products

We are no longer surprised at the abundance of facial skin care products after and during shaving. After shaving, it is recommended to wash with plain water. Then apply a disinfectant to your face. Many men prefer cologne or eau de toilette for this.

After some time, it is advisable to use a moisturizer. And again, the choice is purely individual - it all depends on the preferences of each person.

How to care for your skin?

Regardless of the method chosen, the skin on the face, after such a traumatic procedure, needs care and protection. Oil-based lotion or aftershave must be purchased in advance. After application, the product will close the pores and soothe irritated skin, it must be suitable for the type of skin. Avoid excessively oily after shave creams that can clog pores and cause inflammation of the hair sac. In addition to being outwardly ugly, such inflammation is painful and does not go away for a long time.

The use of a moisturizing after shave balm is not necessary, but if a man’s skin is dry and thin it is better not to neglect this skin care product. It will help restore water balance, as well as eliminate drying out and peeling.

Which method is better: dry or wet?

Both wet and dry shaves have advantages and disadvantages. But still, the wet method is more gentle. The moistened surface of the face allows the razor to glide easier, leaving behind an exceptionally smooth skin without irritation.

If the active life of a man is associated with constant business trips and moving, then it is not always possible to find a bathroom. In this case, the optimal solution is dry shaving.

I want to say that the skin on the face of each person is different, so you need to approach the choice of shaving method individually. For example, sensitive and delicate skin, even with a strong desire, is not recommended to be injured in a dry way, otherwise it will turn red and irritation will not take long. You must remember that you should not spare the time to shave, so that in the end it looks good and does not become covered with red spots.

Rotary Electric Shavers

Rotary electric shavers have become very popular. This is due to the fact that, when used correctly, an almost perfect result is obtained that does not differ from that achieved by a manual machine. The rotor mechanism is designed so that the combination of different paths of rotation of the blades completely removes the bristles.

Active contact with the skin of the face is recommended to be neutralized using cosmetics that soften the skin.

Closer to the details

Everything is very individual. A wide selection of models of electric razors and a variety of techniques for their use is the best confirmation of this. For a beginner, this is an art that from the first steps has not yet succumbed to anyone. So what are the nuances? The length of the shaved hair, its stiffness, and density of growth require varied approaches to shaving. Various stress resistance of individual sections of the skin can be felt.

It would seem a trifle ...

Remember that the well-being of the skin is not a constant value. It can change even from how you slept, not to mention more: nutrition, stress, season, etc. In general, this is the first - if not the most important thing. That is, we closely monitor her reactions, and learn to "understand" her. And then you will not harm the health of any electric razor system.

Extenuating circumstances

Before shaving with an electric razor, the skin must first be moisturized - a simple procedure for washing with warm water. Light massage movements and special moisturizers will only benefit. And do not forget about the neck area!

We start shaving ... no, not against hair growth, namely in its direction! Otherwise, irritation is provided. We determine the direction of growth, either visually in front of the mirror, or by running a hand over the face. We choose the direction in which we do not encounter hairline resistance. Over time, a “map” of stubble growth is imprinted in memory. After the movement on hair growth is completed, we change direction to the opposite and alternate. This strategy is especially true for the mesh type razor.

By translational movements (up and down) at the first stage, we shave the cheeks, then the neck. The area above the upper lip and the chin area are processed last. They require more attention to themselves and more time. These areas may require repeated application of the gel. One tip - do not rush or save. Rinse your face and work again on the worst shaved areas.

Perhaps, at the beginning of practice, with a new electric razor, some parts of the face will be shaved slightly worse than others. I propose to postpone the resolution of this issue for some time. And there it will be clear whether it was just necessary to practice or certain areas were shaved that way (and nothing can be done about it). In any case, this is better than walking with a red, annoyed face.

An important emphasis, especially for beginners, is to concentrate on not making excessive efforts and not pressing the razor to your face. If you have a rotary type of electric shaver, then it should slide over your face, smoothly enveloping its contours. Is it hard to keep track of multiple heads? Do not rush, over time everything will turn out, sometimes you have to help the electric shaver with your free hand, stretching the skin of the face.

You cannot go outside immediately after shaving if it is very damp or cold there. After all, this can be another stress for the skin.

  • Monitoring skin conditions, monitoring reactions.
  • First moisturizing, then a light massage. Do not forget the neck area.
  • In each area of ​​the skin, shaving begins with the direction of hair growth.
  • We start with the cheeks and neck, end with a mustache and chin area. The latter pay more attention.
  • Do not strive to have a perfectly shaven face “from the first steps” of the practice. Let the issue resolve with time.
  • Avoid sharp pressure on the face with an electric shaver.
  • In some cases, the help of a free hand is necessary for a slight skin tension.
  • If damp or cold outside, allow the skin to rest for a while after shaving.

Shaving will always be a comfortable procedure, if only you give him enough time and attention. And progress in this direction is not a matter of a few days or even weeks.


If you adhere to all the rules of care and use an electric razor in accordance with all the recommendations, then the result will not be long in coming. You will be provided with maximum comfort from using an electric shaver, and you will also have a perfectly shaved face. I hope the question of how to properly shave with an electric razor has been posed in detail. Practice, as it usually happens, later puts all the dots on the "i".

In fact, my friends still asked me later the question "how to shave with an electric razor." But by that time I was already prepared for it. And they just pretended to be in the know, but they wanted to give me a chance to supposedly “enlighten” them. Later, recalling my father, I could say with a great deal of confidence that the question of how to properly shave with an electric razor, if he was facing him, was only in his early youth. The shaving machine - as he called it - was familiar in his hands. And I still have its monotonous buzz associated with something dear and familiar - simply put, with the atmosphere of the house.

Procedure Technique

The hair removal technique is quite simple, but it is important to follow it. This will ensure safety and comfort during the procedure.

Always make sure that the blade on the machine is sharp enough. If it is blunt, then it will be necessary to carry out a razor several times in the same place, which will cause excessive friction and irritation. The machine should be strictly individual and used only by one person in order to avoid infection.

General Shaving Techniques:

  • It is recommended to carry out the procedure in the evening to enable the skin to calm down in the morning.
  • Pre-carry out scrubbing and steaming.
  • A gel or foam is applied to the entire depilated area with a uniform, non-thick layer.
  • The machine makes movements without excessive pressure in the direction against hair growth. With a tendency to irritation or ingrowth, shaving is performed according to growth. No need to drive many times in one zone.
  • The remnants of cosmetics are washed off with warm water closer to a cool temperature.
  • The machine is thoroughly washed with running water. If there were cuts, then it is recommended to disinfect and dry it. The wound must be treated with an antibacterial solution.
  • After depilation, a moisturizing and soothing agent is applied.

Dry or wet shaving - here everyone chooses according to their preferences. It is important to remember that with the wet method you can avoid many problems and lengthen the intervals between procedures, which is a definite plus.

Depilation can be repeated as necessary. As a rule, this is once every 2-3 days. It has no special contraindications and is allowed even during pregnancy.

Smooth skin for 3-4 weeks

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Mesh Electric Shavers

The popularity of these models is caused by the now fashionable “light shaving” effect obtained after the use of mesh electric shavers. The mesh leaves a short piece of hair intact, as the blades do not reach it. The mesh also isolates the blades from direct contact with the skin, significantly reducing the likelihood of subsequent irritation.

The choice of a rotary or mesh model of an electric shaver is again completely individual. Simply put, choose whoever likes it.

It should simply be borne in mind that the “light bristle” effect cannot be achieved using a rotary model. And, conversely, lovers of clean shaving should not choose a model with a mesh. And, of course, one must take into account personal preferences when choosing the appropriate cosmetics.

Shaving care: operating instructions

All electrical appliances require maintenance. This fully applies to electric shavers.

After the end of the process, especially wet, it is necessary to disconnect the device from the electrical network. Then treat the nets or discs with a solution to clean contact surfaces. After that, the razor is re-turned on for a while. The solution should be evenly distributed over the mechanisms of the cutting part.

After cleaning, the device is again disconnected from the network, the cutting part is disassembled and all elements are thoroughly dried. When they are completely dry, the razor is collected.

After a dry shave, the device is turned off, the cutting part is removed and thoroughly blown. You can use special brushes for this.

It is recommended to change the blades annually from the moment the electric shaver begins to operate.


Most people with trepidation relate to their electric shavers. They are looked after, cleaned and carefully monitored by the state of the mechanisms. This attitude is akin to the feeling that men experience when caring for their own car.

That is why the choice of electric shaver model is an individual and even a little intimate process. Before you opt for a model, you need to carefully study the design. Carefully read the attached instructions and determine whether it will be convenient to use it. Until the electric shaver lies well in the hand.

The information in the article will help you choose the right model for this electric shaver.

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