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What to say to a girl when meeting? Perfect conversation opening!

Often men do not know how to start a conversation with a girl that they liked. The ability to easily and naturally start a conversation with representatives of the opposite sex comes with age and experience.

The knowledge of successful variants of the first phrases and the ability to make the right compliments will achieve significant success. In the article you will find which words are better to say.

Preparation process

In preparation for meeting you must do the following:

Tune in the right way. Good mood and confidence in success are important conditions for obtaining a positive result.

Tidy appearance. The general impression of a man’s appearance is formed by a girl from the style of his clothes, hairstyle, cleanliness and well-groomed body (condition of hair, nails, teeth, etc.). In clothes, it is important to adhere to standard norms - not to dress too much, but not to look scruffy.

All things should be clean, stylish, fit well. Of particular importance is the smell - it should be pleasant. Even an attractive man, who smells of sweat, can immediately scare away the interlocutor.

Decide on a place of search. You must choose the right place and time. It is best to start communication in the daytime or earlier in the evening in crowded places. It can be a cafe, a cinema, a park, a street, a night club, transport, etc. Daylight hours and a large number of people around significantly reduce the risk that the chosen applicant will refuse to enter into dialogue because of fear.

Outline an approximate floorn It is impossible to plan the whole process of talking with a girl to the smallest detail, but it is advisable to adhere to a certain strategy. It’s important for a guy to understand what purpose he is getting to know, what type of clothes to choose, how much money to take for communication in a chosen place.

What to say to a girl when meeting?

At the time of the meeting, you need to immediately communicate your intentions. Of course, to do this, it is necessary not openly, but very veiledly choosing the right phrases. Any beautiful girl knows her price and will not be led by cheap tackles. If you happen to get punctured, the way out of the situation is flirting and jokes.

If your intentions are serious, then you should speak accordingly. Not mumble, but specifically and clearly expressed. In addition, they should not start communicating with the young lady with the words: “Can I meet you?” After such a remark, only the one who has nothing more to lose will not send you. Hope, which has long been exhausted and now she is ready to be content with at least someone! Such ladies do not interest us, so we pass by and act accordingly to our bar.

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Actually, the problem is that many do not fit the girl, just because they don’t know where to start and what exactly to say.

Where and how to approach a girl to meet

The answer to the question “how to talk with a stranger girl?” Is simple: take and go up and say something. You can start a conversation with almost any words. Important to feel yourself confident (but not self-confidently), as well as make it clear to the girl why you chose her.

In this case, the places where you become members of a temporary group are ideal. For instance:

  • You shop at the store and, having noticed a pretty woman, come up to her and ask for help with choosing a sweater or shirt (they say, from the side you know better).
  • You were in the queue to the doctor. For example, a dentist, therapist, or even an optometrist is suitable. You can ask her whether she already had this doctor before, in the case of a dentist, ask what helps her not to be afraid, etc. The conversation itself will flow into the right direction, and before calling to the office, you just need to ask her for a phone number.
  • In the bookstore You noticed in the hands of a girl a book that you have already read or are just about to. You can ask if she likes this series, whether she will advise something similar or advise her something more interesting / useful.

If there is no temporary group, then when contacting the young lady, you must first say hello, then say something about her yourself, that is, why you paid attention to her (for example, that she’s going sad, or that, on the contrary, she smiles if she has a heavy bag or she has a sweater with a funny pattern, which attracted your attention). If the girl is positive, she will certainly smile and thank for the original compliment, after which the young lady can be invited to drink coffee or take a walk.

How to start a conversation with a girl?

Acquaintance is nothing but a skill. And any skill can be worked out to automatism. The more communications you make with the female gender, the easier it will be.

All that distinguishes a guy who knows how to get to know girls well from a guy who doesn't know how to do this is the amount of hassle. Naturally, stupidly bombing approaches is not necessary. This must be done with the head and with an understanding of what and how you are doing.


Behavior during dating should be natural, confident and at the same time restrained. Any girl prefers to see in her boyfriend, above all, a real man with whom she will feel calm and reliable.

A similar desire is inherent in nature - the female chooses the most successful male. But it’s important not to go too far - excessive arrogance and swagger only repel.

Trying to be confident, it’s important to stay natural. If by nature a man is calm and modest, then pretended gaiety and liveliness will look stupid and repulsive. Any person can be self-confident, regardless of temperament.

The behavior should be slightly different depending on what type the candidate chosen for dating belongs to. You can determine this by her appearance, gait, look, manner of speaking (a couple of first phrases are enough).

There are three main types of girls:

  1. Simple. They have a pleasant soft voice, feminine manners, a kind and honest look, an open smile, simple clothes and hairstyle. With such interlocutors it is necessary to start a conversation in a friendly and friendly manner, trying to arouse sympathy. It is important not to rush things. They love calm conversations on common topics.
  2. Bitch. This type is most attractive to men, but also more difficult to make acquaintance.

With this type, you need to behave confidently, try to show your own significance, but also give them the opportunity to express themselves in a conversation.

  • Spoiled. These women are distinguished by their external gloss, arrogance and self-confidence. They always have expensive clothes, perfect looks and a bored look. Such girls consider a man as a prey that will satisfy all their needs. You can win an interlocutor of this type with truly self-confident and assertive behavior. It is important to indicate your good financial situation and success in your career, even if it is not.
  • Next, we’ll talk about where to start dating girls.

    What places are better not to get acquainted

    It is not recommended to start a conversation in confined space with strangers. This includes small shops, public transport, queues in government agencies, etc. In such places, everyone around you will hear your dialogue, and the girl will be put in an awkward position. Most likely, she will refuse to talk with you.

    The second bad option to start a conversation is to approach late at night in a deserted place. If you are walking along a lantern illuminated by lanterns, where other people walk, then the girl is unlikely to scare. And if this is an unlit path through the trees, then the girl can take you for a maniac.

    Tips for effective dating with girls

    It all starts with the simple word “Hello” and your pleasant smile. Be natural without being afraid to seem stupid or funny. The main thing is to be honest and win over the interlocutor.

    Say your name and hear it back. When you introduced yourself, and before the awkward silence began, it's time to ask a question for discussion. Any question, this is only one of the options, but the most effective.

    Women want to appear as experts in any field, their competent opinion must be heard. As soon as you feel this fuse arising in it, know that you are on the right track.

    What specifically to ask, it is already necessary to decide on the basis of the situation. A relevant and interesting question, in order to obtain advice, will help in developing dialogue. Another way is to offer your help if, of course, it needs outside support.

    It is not difficult to imagine a situation where men's help is clearly needed, but very often not everyone is ready to accept such a service. Manifestations of initiative and desire to help - look more than worthy!

    From time to time you need to compliment, indicating your passion for the lady. It makes no sense to use banal compliments of the type: “You are so beautiful!” They will not produce any effect, the maximum that could be - she will thank her out of politeness. Your acquaintance will not get off the ground.

    Sometimes, it’s better not to say anything than to repeat what she has already heard hundreds of times! Of course, a slight illusion of indifference to a girl can be useful, but it is much easier to spoil everything with this method than to fix it.

    There is a contextual way of dating, the essence of which is that it makes no sense to use ready-made templates, but it is much more useful to use what is happening in this situation.

    Since the big problem with the blanks is that you can say a beautiful and bright remark, and then come back again, to your way of expressing yourself. That is, what you have to say does not always correspond to your character. It is rather difficult to control this process and to follow, no matter what to put on an inappropriate brutal mask.

    Situational dating method:

    This is the most effective way. Having mastered it, you will cease to depend on circumstances.

    Situations are completely different. And this is what unites you with the girl.

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    Important! No small talk like “Hello, let's get acquainted!” And so on. This creates an extra barrier. Immediately you start talking. This gives you the impression that you are already familiar. And it’s easier to communicate with friends. And here are examples of phrases.

    What to talk with a girl when meeting?

    There are a lot of options for the first phrases for dating. A man needs to use those that are most convenient for him and suitable for a particular situation. All phrases are divided into three types, each of which differs in a certain efficiency: contextual, directive, template.

    Contextual phrases for girls are determined by the situation, based on the results of observation of the woman and the environment. This may be a remark regarding her appearance (it’s especially effective to note the nuances of her appearance, which clearly distinguish her from the majority), her behavior, her walk, the object in her hands, the surroundings, etc.

    This approach is the most effective.. Girls immediately begin to feel that they really interested a person and he does not address them with standard wording.

    Examples of contextual first phrases when meeting a girl:

    • Tell me, is this street really the longest in the city?
    • You do not know where the famous cafe with delicious ice cream is located in this park? Would you keep me company?
    • Let me shelter you from the rain. Such a heavy rain, and you are without an umbrella.
    • You are already in a hurry for business so early in the morning. You are probably an early bird?
    • Today is a terrible heat. Tell me, where did you buy this bottle of cold mineral water?
    • What an original hairstyle you have! What is it called?
    • Let me tell you what an amazing posture you have. You must be dancing?
    • You were not told that you look like Sharon Stone (any other famous person with an attractive appearance)?
    • Probably, walking on such high heels in icy conditions requires a lot of skill. How do you do it?

    Directive phrases immediately put a woman before the fact that they want to get to know her. They are less effective than contextual ones, since the probability of receiving instant and unambiguous failure increases.

    This approach should be used by confident, charming men with good external data, who have high chances to like at first sight.

    What to say to a girl when meeting - directive phrases:

    • What are you doing tonight?
    • May I meet you?
    • You are so pretty. What is your name?
    • Let me ask for your phone number.
    • How do you feel about communication on the street (in a cafe, park, etc.)?
    • Are you aware that you are the girl of my dreams?

    Patterned. Using pre-prepared template phrases, you can both ruin everything and achieve success. An important condition for the effective use of speech patterns is the consideration of two conditions: the selection of the most suitable options for yourself, continued communication in the key of initially spoken words.

    Examples of template phrases about what to talk with a girl when meeting:

    • Doesn't your mom need a good son-in-law?
    • God, where did such beauty come from?
    • Hey. I always dreamed of meeting such a beautiful fairy like you.
    • Don't you think that we met somewhere?
    • Call an ambulance, I will lose consciousness from the contemplation of such beauty.
    • You are so beautiful that I don’t even know how to start talking with you.
    • Tell me, what is it like to be the most beautiful in the city?
    • Tell me, is it difficult to meet you by chance?

    Often the first sentence turns out to be the last, as the girl instantly sews the boyfriend off. The reason for this may be the presence of a permanent partner, the unattractive appearance of the applicant, distrust of random people, problems and bad mood, fear, embarrassment, poorly selected first wording.

    In most cases, failure does not necessarily mean complete failure. The weaker sex loves confidence and determination in men. If the rejection is answered in a friendly, original and fun way, then the girl can change her mind. At the same time, it is important to monitor her reaction and prevent the manifestation of an aggressive attitude, otherwise it is unlikely that something will change.

    The specific text of the phrases in response to the rejection received:

    • You do not want to get acquainted because I'm ugly? It's not my fault, these are all genes. But I'm smart and kind.
    • The answer “no” is not accepted. You just have to talk to me.
    • You understand that I will not survive failure. Take pity on the unfortunate.
    • I can see through the eyes that you want to talk to me, just shy.

    With what words to start dating a girl:

    What to talk about with a girl when meeting in a conversation?

    Contextual Method Examples

    The girl has a cream handbag and the same color of lipstick. What should she say in that case?

    • Did you choose lipstick for the color of the bag, or a bag for the color of lipstick?

    The situation itself will tell you how to act, so you should not think through everything in advance.Such improvisation requires experience, but learning to improvise on the go, getting to know is not difficult.

    Continued communication

    After overcoming the most difficult first stage of engaging in a conversation, you must try to interest the girl in conversation. It is important to immediately make it clear that a decent and adequate young man just decided to get acquainted with a passer-by he liked.

    In the first moments of a conversation, a woman usually doubts whether any fraudster, drug addict, advertising distributor, etc. Therefore, an adequate and short explanation will be very helpful. For example: "I'm going to work, I saw you and decided to come up."

    When the barrier of mistrust is overcome, you can start a conversation. Speak preferably on general topics:

    • Cinema, music. You can ask about your favorite films and actors, songs and artists, genres, the frequency of visits to the cinema, etc. More practical tips are written here.
    • Cafes, bars, clubs. Favorite places, frequency of visits, purpose of trips, etc.
    • Parks, squares, various city vacation spots. What type of leisure is most attractive, which places are your favorite, in which company you like to walk (a large and noisy group of friends, alone, with a guy, etc.).
    • Relations. You can learn about the criteria for choosing a guy, past relationships, the degree of romance or pragmatism, etc.
    • Miscellaneous. You can talk about anything - weather, travel, animals, politics, social events, etc.

    During a conversation, it is important to pay attention to the facial expressions of the girl and her reaction. If the topic of the conversation is clearly unpleasant for her, you must change it right away. About questions that you can ask, we wrote in detail in this article.

    The mention of the former will cause annoyance.

    When meeting a young man, the interlocutor wants to learn as much as possible about him. Often it is only required to answer incoming questions, but if she is shy about asking questions herself, You might think that tell about yourself. For instance:

    • Financial situation (income, brand of car, availability of real estate, career success, etc.).
    • Relatives and friends (description of the circle of relatives and friends).
    • Life position (character, goals, dreams, attitudes, attitude towards people, expectations from a life partner, etc.).

    Example 1. A girl walks down the street and smiles or is sad

    - Hello girl! You smile so sweetly that I really wanted to talk with you. Today was not the best day for me, but I hope that not everything is lost, and that you will bring some positive emotions into it ...

    - Girl, hello! Are you alright? You are so sad. Maybe something to help you? Do you want me to treat you with chocolate? Just smile, please!

    Original phrases for dating

    An example of catchy and vivid phrases, after which it will be extremely difficult to refuse. They are all different, but not every one is suitable specifically for your case, look and take on board exactly those that you think are the most relevant!

    • Do not stop smiling, I fall in love more with every minute!
    • You have a gentle look, look at me!
    • You are very beautiful, so direct that I got out of my head that I wanted to ask you!
    • What is the secret, how do you manage to always look so good?
    • Hi, how do you think we get a clockwork pair from us?
    • I was so staring at you that I forgot to introduce myself, let's try again.
    • Excuse me, will you show me the shortest path to your heart?
    • How many minutes do you think it is acceptable to be late, and is it acceptable at all?
    • May I lead you home, at least with a look?
    • Do you believe in love from the tenth sight?
    • I still can’t remember my own phone number, will you give me yours?
    • The only thing your eyes did not whisper to me is what is your name?
    • Do not tell me what time it is, but how much free time do you have?
    • Are you interested in young, attractive guys?
    • It is very interesting which of the two of us has a more beautiful smile?
    • Hi, can you imagine I had a dream today!
    • I'm not local, do not tell me how to get to your heart?
    • I chose a decent cafe for a very long time, and finally found an option where we can spend time together!
    • Girl, I need help, I'm drowning in your eyes!
    • Hi, I already managed to understand that today both of us are very lucky!
    • Is it okay that I approached you with such a confident look?
    • You all smile so sweetly, or only those who liked?
    • What beautiful legs you have, right on envy!
    • How many guys wanted your attention, but I'm better than any of them, want to prove it?

    We compliment correctly

    There are two types of compliments: direct and indirect. Direct compliment - This is an open praise for the girl. For example - “You are so beautiful”, “You are very smart”, etc. An indirect compliment allows praising the peculiarity inherent in the interlocutor, without focusing on it specifically.

    For example - “Are you a doctor? This is the most important profession ”,“ Tall women always attract the attention of men. ” Usually compliments are issued in the address of appearance, skills, success, behavior, attitudes, charm.

    Phrases for dating on the street

    Many beautiful girls meet during a normal walk along the street. Whatever you miss beautiful ladies, it is better to learn the rules of dating on the street. A few good examples will help you with this!

    • Hi, I wanted to ask, what time can I invite you to have dinner?
    • Can you tell me how to get to your heart?
    • You have a very graceful walk, are you probably dancing?

    Example 2. Night club, anticafe or festival

    If the girl was left alone in the place where it is supposed to be with the company, then feel free to try to get acquainted. Just watch the young lady in advance to make sure she didn't come here with her boyfriend.

    - Hello! Why are you here alone? You, too, ran away from your friends, just like me?

    - Hello girl! My friends and I were playing one cool game, and they told me not to come back until I amused the lonely pretty girl in this corner ... How did it happen that you miss being alone?

    How to meet a girl in an original way: examples

    There are a large number of unusual and cool first phrases that they will certainly be appreciated by their interlocutor and will make her smile:

    • Good evening. What are your plans for the coming decades? I suggest spending this time together.
    • Tell me, what time is it now? And how much free do you have for me?
    • Have you been to Paris? Me neither. Let's discuss the details of our journey together.
    • Are you against communicating with married men? That's good, because I'm single.
    • Good afternoon. Do you want me to make you happy?
    • Hey. Do not tell me how you like it?

    During the conversation you need to be confident and natural, unobtrusively compliment and keep the conversation in the right direction.

    Additional information on what to say to a girl when meeting on a video:

    Phrases for dating on the Internet

    Sometimes, without leaving your home, you find more interesting and attractive people than you could, wandering around the city. Printed statements can not be supported by emotions and gestures, however, this is for the better, since less difficulties can arise.

    As a rule, the options for starting a conversation depend on photos from which you can find out most interests and preferences.

    • You are perfectly dressed, maybe you are a professional stylist?
    • I love labradors, I want to have a puppy. Can you tell me if it’s hard to care?
    • Do you like Paris as much as I do?

    Example 3. Queued somewhere

    - Hello girl! Sorry to bother you, but I'm just tired of studying my cell phone, and I would rather pass the time behind a conversation with a living person. How about chatting?

    - Hello girl! Tell me, have you already been to this doctor? I am ashamed to admit, but I’m very afraid of dentists since childhood, and I'm trying to reassure myself now. And you hold on so well! What is your secret?

    SMS phrases

    If you are shy, then starting a conversation will be much easier. There is a lot of time to think about your answer, and you can communicate via SMS anywhere. A very convenient and affordable way of dating.

    • I took your number from a friend. He said that we look great together!
    • Can I flirt with you?
    • A beautiful girl deserves an amazing acquaintance. What about sightseeing in the city?

    Example 4. Anywhere you don’t know where to start.

    If you can’t express your thoughts and correctly formulate the reason you came up with, then in your first phrase it’s better to tell the truth. This is a very beautiful move. The girl will feel that you are saying what you think, and will find it very sweet, even if you don’t feel strong self-confidence.

    - Hello girl! I don’t know why, but I really wanted to come up to you and chat. My name is Grisha, and you?

    - Hello girl! I really wanted to talk to you. Only I don’t know at all what they say in such cases ... My name is Sasha, and you?

    And here are some more suitable ideas that you can tell the girl interesting.

    Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to reliably overcome fear and shyness when communicating with girls here.

    You can get acquainted not only on the street. An ideal place to start is with various social networks. A detailed guide to meeting a woman on Vkontakte.

    Phrases for dating a girl:

    • "What train are you waiting for?" - if in the subway. Question with a light banter.
    • “When this train arrives, it’s hunting home” - in the subway. “Oh, and it’s crowded here, however, let's push everyone around?” - at rush hour in the subway / minibus.
    • “And what is going on, that there are so many people?” - in a club or at a party.
    • “I wonder how long should we still stand in line?” - in the store.
    • “Why only one / two / three cash desks work, let's quarrel with them?” - in the store in line.
    • “Delicious tea / coffee / ice cream / salad ?!” - sitting down to the girl in a cafe or restaurant.
    • “Will we buy condoms?” - in line at the pharmacy or store.
    • “Hello, I advise you to order this one here ... (the name of the dish)” - when you were in the institution, and she just came in and took the menu.
    • “Stop basking in the sun, let's go swimming” - on the beach.
    • “How do you like some water?” - on the beach.
    • “Let's go off the steepest hill?” - in the water park.
    • “We fed our cars, now, maybe, let's organize a siesta for ourselves?” - at a gas station.
    • “With light steam, is everything all right there without excesses?” - when she leaves the toilet.
    • “Which movie did you take the ticket to?” - in the cinema
    • “I advise you to go to this one ... (movie title)” - to the cinema.
    • “Enough sitting on the phone, let's do it” - in the gym, when the girl stuck into the iPhone.
    • “What are you going to rock today, ass?” - in the gym.
    • “You eat so tasty that I also wanted to” - in a cafe or on the street.
    • “Do you know how to swim with an ax?” - in the pool.
    • “Can you lie on water on your back?” - in the pool.
    • “And where are you running this way, try to catch you” - when she quickly goes somewhere.
    • "Take this one here ... .. (point to any product that caught your eye)" - when she chooses dumplings) in a supermarket.
    • “Why did you come here so sooner / later” - in a club, cafe.
    • “But don’t you be scared so late to go alone in the park / street” - in the park, on the street.
    • “Great weather, agree” - sitting down on a bench in a park.
    • “You can’t walk in the same T-shirt / topic along the street, you injure all men. They look at you like that, but they’re afraid of approaching ”- this is a powerful approach. So you show the eggs and show who Alpha is.
    • “She’s always late” - when the girl is standing and waiting for someone. (meaning girlfriend).
    • “Well dressed” - when one girl looks at another.
    • “Moves well” - in the club, pointing to another really well-moving girl that she is looking at.
    • “It will begin to rain, let's run away” - when the thunder is booming or the rain is dripping.

    • “Enough to be sad, you will find a new guy for yourself” - when she is sad, walking or sitting somewhere.
    • “You looked at me like that, I only have vulgar thoughts in my head” - when she looked at you with interest. And then right away you already set the “desired” format for you.
    • “Well, you have a vulgar look” - when she looked at you with interest.
    • “Something here everything is gone, let's move to another place” - in the club.
    • “It's kind of boring here, but I know where the fun is, let's go from here” - in a club or institution.
    • "In honor of what are you going, girls?" - a group of girls.
    • "I like your hairstyle, very stylish and bold."
    • “You have a beautiful manicure, as I love.”
    • “You have delicate skin” - when you touch it already.
    • “You look very sexy and drive peasants crazy, why are you acting so cruelly” - on the street, in an institution.
    • “I look, all the men are looking at you, but no one dared to approach” - sitting down in a restaurant / cafe.

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    Now you know how to build a dialogue. But using ready-made phrases is not enough. She needs to look - and see a man in you. With whom you want to go on a date and go to bed. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is pump yourself. Exterior, energy, communication skills, male position. So that at first glance she understands that you are not a sucker, a thread, but a man who is worth dealing with.

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    What phrases should be avoided

    Avoid all cliches, platitudes and cliches which are only known. One of them is typical: “Hello! How are you?".

    The most common mistake - start dating with the phrase: “Hello, girl. May I meet you? ” To this you in 99 cases out of 100 will receive the answer: “I do not get acquainted in transport / on the street / in a cafe” (underline the necessary). Why it happens? Everything is simple - in the minds of any girl, the phrase: “Can I meet you?” Is a hackneyed stamp, a synonym for mediocrity, stupidity and lack of imagination.

    Solution - just never say that phrase ever. Start chatting with a girl, watch her reaction. At that moment, when you understand that you are interested in her, you can say: “Yes, I completely forgot to introduce myself. My name is Dmitry / Alexey / Andrey. ”

    In this case, she will not only say her name, but she will also give you her phone number.

    She also doesn’t have to answer her question: “Why did you come to me?” To answer that when you looked at her, it seemed as if you were struck by lightning, and you understood that: “This is she!” Do not overdo it in an attempt to prove to the young lady that she is special. It will look stupid and weird.

    Phrases for dating in transport

    Public transport may not be the most pleasant place, but when you see a beautiful woman, possible inconveniences fade into the background, and moreover, they can push you to ideas.

    • Can't reach the handrail, can I hold on to you?
    • Are you not crowded? This is all because I pushed all of you!
    • Are you coming out now? - only with you!
    • Is it okay if I admire you close and not from the end of the bus?
    • You know, if not for your face every morning in this minibus, I would only walk!
    • See how we stand together steadily!

    To summarize

    So, try to choose places that are not crowded so as not to embarrass the girl by strangers, but at the same time avoid situations where she may feel insecure.

    When meeting, do not forget to say hello and emphasize why the choice fell on her.

    Try to bring a smile to the girl - a sure sign that she is benevolent, and even if she refuses the offer to talk, she won’t accuse you of harassing and attempting to “get rid of”.

    Do not use hackneyed phrases. It’s better to say the first thing that came to mind, even if it might seem stupid, than slide into platitudes.

    Many useful tips on how to properly set yourself up for acquaintance and get rid of fear can be found in this video. Here are some examples of real dating on the street, filmed by a hidden camera:

    And do not forget that even after failing, you have gained experience. Try to objectively assess the situation and understand what the mistake was.

    Phrases for dating at the bus stop

    During a longing, brighten up the time with a new, nice acquaintance - what could be better?

    • Excuse me, do not tell me how long the bus left?
    • Do not tell me which minibus can I get to such an address?
    • How long will we go?
    • Do you always get off at the same stop as me, do we live nearby?

    Phrases for dating in the subway

    Some of us ride the subway every day, and each time they see many different girls with whom we want to start talking. Some good phrases:

    • We ride together every day, maybe it's time to get to know each other?
    • My little things to travel, enough to buy your smile?
    • You have a beautiful guy behind you, are you not interested?

    Phrases for dating in the store

    Depending on which particular store you are in, it is worth choosing the approach. However, getting confused here does not work out.

    • Sorry to bother you, but what can you recommend reading from the science fiction genre?
    • Can’t you tell me where the orange juice is here, I just can’t find it?
    • I wanted to ask you if the sale has already begun, or only next week?
    • I have to choose a gift for a friend, but I don’t even know what to give, can you advise something?

    Phrases for dating in a cafe

    One of the best places to meet. A lot of options and whatever you choose, everything will be very handy.

    • Girl, I would not give up the company, if you want, we can take that distant table by the window.
    • Today I have a holiday, and I would not mind treating a beautiful girl, what do you want?
    • This is my first time at this establishment, could you recommend some delicious dessert to me?
    • This is my favorite cafe, I am often here and know almost everyone, but I see you for the first time, can we correct the misunderstanding?

    Museum phrases

    A good place that brought together interesting and diverse people. Not everyone can enjoy art; even less can understand it. If you find the right topic, express your comments on the picture or bust, you can attract any attention.

    • What do you think about this picture? In my opinion, she is one of the best representative of the surreal genre, but what do you say?
    • Do you know the history of ancient Japan? How much do you know about samurai armor?
    • If there was a choice, which painting to buy, I would trust you, I am sure you are well versed in this, aren't you?

    Phrases for dating in the elevator

    An elevator is the very place where you literally stand face to face, you need to use this.

    • Not afraid to ride the elevator? For me personally, this causes terrible fear. You don’t know why all of a sudden?
    • And this elevator accidentally doesn’t bring to heaven, since there is an angel in it?
    • You know, I wouldn’t be upset if the elevator got stuck with such a wonderful girl.

    Phrases for dating on the beach

    Hot weather and cooling water, a place where you can admire not only the waves. You can see the figure of the girl in all details, the main thing is not staring at her.

    • Sorry, I don’t know how to swim, but you can do it easily, could you explain me the ice cream from me!
    • You can take your points for a while, I forgot mine, and dive hunting!
    • You can help me eat a watermelon, because I alone too much!
    • Let's bet on a wish, who will swim 100 meters faster?
    • Could you watch over my things while I am swimming, I will thank you somehow later.

    Proven phrases for dating from a ladies man. See the video for details:

    Live examples of dating on the street: probably the dumbest option you can think of! But even such a method, it turns out, works.

    Watch the video: 7 Good Things To Talk About With Anyone (February 2020).

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