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7 self-care tips

Not only girls try to change their image. Guys can grow stubble, which will give them masculinity and attractiveness. For the bristles to be beautiful, you need to take care of it and it takes time. Today we will look at many ways to do this.

It is important to always devote time to your stubble, otherwise it will lose its appearance and spoil the appearance of a man. Untidy bristles create a bad reputation for its owner.

Bristle or beard?

All men wear different beards or stubble. To determine what is best to wear, you need to understand your face type, hair structure and its thickness. Bristle, basically, suits every man, she gives him masculinity and originality.

For a beard to look beautiful, it must be suitable for the type of face. There are different types of beards, so you need to seriously approach her choice and grow that beard that suits you. Both bristles and beards need care.

Is bristle care easy?

Caring for the bristles is much easier than for a beard. The beard needs to be washed and combed constantly. To care for her, you need to buy special products. Also, it must be laid and trimmed regularly, keeping fit.

The bristles also need to be looked after otherwise it will grow back and will look ugly. Let's find out some features of how to care for bristles on your face.

What you need to know when growing bristles

If you decide to grow stubble, then you need to consider many factors. Firstly, do you have a lot of hair growing on your chin. If your hair grows poorly and not evenly, then you need to first solve this problem, and only then proceed to grow a beard.

Secondly, the amount of the male hormone testosterone affects hair growth. If it is not enough in the body, then the hair can grow slowly. Increase it will help regular exercise, proper and balanced nutrition. It is also important to refrain from constant stress. Thirdly, the adoption of vitamin and special nutritional supplements will help you grow beautiful and thick stubble.

Bristles and how to make her beautiful

The bristles do not always look beautiful, since several procedures must be done before growing them. For a month every day you need to shave facial hair, this will help the hair grow intensively and make the bristles thick.

In order for the beard to be thick, special means must be used that will awaken the sleeping bulbs. It is important to nourish the hair roots with oils, they will heal them and also nourish the skin with vitamins.

As you can see, so that the bristles look decent, you need to make a lot of effort. Now let's see what kind of bristle care is needed.

Proper haircut

If you are cutting a beard at home, then you need to know how to do it right. When the bristles have grown to the desired length, they need to be shaped. If everything is left as is, then it will look scruffy.

To get started, get a sharp machine, mirror and trimmer. A trimmer is a tool with three tips that helps shape your beard and stubble.

Be sure to watch the video on how to trim the stubble. Draw a sharp outline of your bristles with your machine. The trimmer will help you get rid of excess hair and make the bristles even. The length of the entire bristle should be the same, otherwise long hair will immediately strike others in the eye.

Length maintenance

The length of the bristles should be 3-4 mm. If it is longer, then the highlighted facial features of a man will be distorted. You need to monitor the length of the bristles every day. To correct it, you need to use a trimmer. Such a procedure takes little time.

You can not cut the hair on the beard with scissors or shave them with a machine. Such correction methods will make the bristles uneven and there is a chance that you will shave the right hair. Such tools may only be used by specialists.

The washing up

You need to wash the bristles every day with plain water. Of course, you can use different detergents to remove the sebaceous glands that have accumulated over the whole day. The stubble should dry naturally.

Some cosmetologists recommend washing the bristles with special hair products so that they nourish the beard and heal the hair. Such professional shampoos can not be used every day, as it is not very beneficial for the skin.

Uneven bristles, what to do?

It happens that in men the hair on the beard does not grow evenly. To fix this, you need to rethink your diet. It is important to drink at least two liters of clean water daily. Hair consists of proteins, fats and oils so that they grow, these elements should be enough in the body. They can be found in fish, nuts, meat and beans.

Vitamins also affect hair evenness. Eat fruits and vegetables that have vitamins C, E, and A. Sugar and soda water weakens your hair and makes it thin, so it’s best not to eat these foods. To get a whole complex of vitamins, you need to take nutritional supplements, they contain a daily dose of all vitamins. Here is a list of products useful for growing a beard.

If this does not help, then you can use folk methods. For example, tincture of red pepper and essential oils help improve blood circulation and promote hair growth. Also, a drug such as minoxidil 5% also showed its effectiveness in solving this problem.

The effect of oils on hair

Many oils have a positive effect on the hair follicles, which accelerates hair growth. You can use oils such as:

It takes a long time to improve hair growth with oils, but the result is worth it. Before applying oil to the face, clean it from grease and dirt. If you do not have a beard, then you can use a scrub to cleanse the skin.

It is important to warm the oil and then rub it into the skin. Over time, it will absorb and begin to have an effect. Before you start using the oil, make sure that you are not allergic to it. Do not use creams or ointments at the same time as oil.

There are many different oil sprays that are more convenient to use. The disadvantage of such funds is that they include chemical elements that can cause allergies or adversely affect the body.

How to achieve density?

To make the beard thicker you also need to use special tools, but this is not enough. Thick bristles will be when you regularly shave. When you shave, your hair structure changes and becomes thinner.

An important role in this is played by sports. Regular exercise helps testosterone to be produced, which improves body hair growth.

Recommendations of specialists

Beauticians and endocrinologists note that every man can restore the structure of his hair. Experts advise finding out the cause of poor hair growth. To do this, you need to undergo an examination. When a person finds out the reason, he learns how to deal with it.

Many preparations for hair growth are effective only during their use, then the effect passes. This suggests that the problem needs to be treated and then it is possible to see a long-term result.

You can not take unverified medications or hair growth products, some of them can have a hormonal effect on the body. Complex treatment will help improve hair growth, rarely when one drug is able to permanently solve your problem.

How to grow attractive stubble?

If you have not grown stubble, then try to influence its growth right now. Bristles can be done either with a trimmer or with a machine. It is important to keep track of your hair length so that you have stubble, not a beard. Take vitamins and dietary supplements, which have a daily intake of the right substances to wake dormant bulbs and nourish your hair with energy and nutrients. A healthy person always has thick and good hair.

Adjust beard and mustache

There is nothing wrong with a large beard or mustache, especially if you are allowed to wear them at work. But they must be even and framed correctly so that they do not look ugly and sloppy.

If you once abandoned a razor and think that it will no longer be useful - you were mistaken. In those areas where the line of beard and mustache ends, it is necessary to shave off all that is superfluous. Thus, you highlight the area of ​​the face where there is a beard and where it ends. The bottom line is that the beard and mustache look neat. This is especially important if you have a not very thick beard and it is easy to confuse it with a 3-day stubble. How often to shave off excess? The answer is simple - the faster it grows, the more often it shaves =) 2-3 mm grows., Then it's time to shave.

Try to level your beard and mustache a couple of times a week.

In addition to the line of the beard and mustache, it is necessary to even the beard itself with the mustache. There is no need to immediately run to the barbershop. It is enough to pick up the trimmer and shave the prominent hairs on the beard and mustache, after combing them. You get up in front of the mirror, with your eyes you outline the shape of the beard and mustache that was a couple of weeks ago and carefully shave off the excess. The left and right sides should be the same and, perhaps, this is the most difficult task.

In defense of barbershops, it should be said that after 1-2 of your corrections, you still have to go to a professional. It is unlikely that you will be able to shave evenly and symmetrically all the hair on the beard and mustache, especially in hard-to-reach areas. And, in order not to run a beard and mustache, go get a haircut to a professional.

A neat beard and mustache will distinguish a well-groomed stylish guy from an overgrown tramp with a beard. In my opinion, this is a great motivator to give a beard at least half an hour a week.

Level your stubble

Now male bristles are more attractive to women than a clean-shaven face. This is confirmed by numerous studies of various universities in the world. But just not shaving for a couple of weeks does not mean possessing beautiful bristles.

Align your stubble to make it tidy

In order for the bristles to be beautiful, it is necessary to align the length of the hair using a trimmer with a nozzle. The length of the bristles is selected individually, but I think that the length should not exceed 7-8 mm.

In order not to have a "hungover" look, smooth your stubble a couple of times a week.

Pay attention to eyebrows.

“Quietly, quiet guy, he’s driving you along the way. Why should a man pluck his eyebrows ?! ”you say. I want to reassure you and introduce a couple of arguments and thoughts about this before.

Eyebrows - one of the details of our face, which is striking when meeting face to face. We express a lot of emotions with eyebrows and send dozens of signals. That is why, beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows are the way to clearly expressed emotions.

It is enough to remove the extra black hairs on the nose and temples so that the eyebrows look well-groomed.

Excessive hairiness on the face - in most cases when communicating causes discomfort to the interlocutor. Well, remember some professor who is standing in front of you, and he doesn’t have that hair sticking out everywhere, they also curl. Personally, I was very embarrassed at this moment and it seemed that the professor had not been at the hairdresser for several decades and did not crawl out of the reading room. Neat eyebrows and the absence of protruding hair on the face - a nice appearance.

Today there is an increasing understanding among men that it costs at least a little, but to take care of yourself. This also applies to attention to the eyebrows. In men's fashion, you do not need to pluck out an even line of eyebrows and make them like women. No, I do not call you to this. It is enough to remove the extra black hairs on the nose and temples, while slightly adjusting the strongly curling hairs along the natural line of the eyebrows. The task is to leave the eyebrows natural, but to give them a well-groomed appearance and to avoid fused eyebrows.

I repeat once again: do not blindly pluck out all the hairs in a row, giving the eyebrows an unnecessarily regular shape, when both light and dark hair are removed, giving a clear line. It is enough to remove the hard dark hairs from the nose, so that there is a sufficient distance between the eyebrows and remove the extreme hair on the temples, if present. In addition, it is necessary to remove strongly curling hairs on the eyebrows. It happens that one or two hairs stick out separately from the rest. And that’s basically it!

I also want to pay attention to the tools for eyebrow correction. Get a small kit that consists of eyebrow tweezers (a pair of tweezers), small scissors, and a nail file. In most cases, this is enough for a man to take care of himself.

Manicure set of four tools for men

A little tip: if it is too painful to pluck the eyebrows, steam the skin with a warm towel and repeat the procedure.

Straight razor

The main advantage is a long service life. Such a long time, during which it remains operational, can not stand a single machine.

There are a number of pluses:

  • the quality that is provided by a dangerous razor cannot be achieved in any other way. True, for this, the device must be correctly and sharpened correctly and then there will be no question how to shave stiff bristles on the face,
  • you can use any cosmetic products intended for shaving: gel, soap, foam, essential oils,
  • After gaining practical experience in shaving, you don’t have to spend a lot of time.

According to some men, an important advantage of using such a razor is to give its owner brutality and prestige.

This tool has its drawbacks. Firstly, a large percentage of the risk of injury, especially at the initial stage. Secondly, the high cost. The cost of a quality razor cannot be low.

Remove nose hair

Have you met tall men, looking at which the first thing you get is a look at the hair sticking out of the nose in all directions. How do you like it? =) Personally, I do not really.

There is a special nose trimmer with a rounded head for sale. It will take no more than 1-2 minutes to clean your nose from hair, but this will certainly give you a well-groomed look.

Rounded head trimmer is much better than tweezers

By the way, some time after the procedure, you will feel free breathing in the nose. This is especially noticed by people who have difficulty breathing through their nose.

What to choose?

So, you decided to stop shaving and get vegetation. But how will it look in the future - just a beautiful stubble or beard? What is the difference between them? In fact, everything is simple. Bristles are hairy hairs on the faces of men that do not exceed 5 millimeters in length. Anything longer is already a beard.

Let's take a closer look with the advantages of bristles:

  1. Ordinary and everyday. The brutal bristles on the man's face look less exotic than a beard, and will fit into any style of clothing. This type of vegetation is suitable for both adolescents and mature men, regardless of face shape and skin color.
  2. Independence. Since it is not difficult to take care of the bristles on your face yourself, there is no need to contact professionals from salons and barbershops. This is a significant saving of money and time.
  3. Hygiene In short hairs, the remnants of food are unlikely to get tangled or stuck, and urgent care may be limited to using a damp cloth.
  4. Comfort Facial skin of men are less irritated due to a decrease in the frequency of the procedure.
  5. Masculinity. Male stubble is a sign of maturity, growing up. Only men grow a beard, stubble!

In addition, a man will grow a short shoot much faster than a beard. And in half of the female sex, brutal, well-groomed stubble is considered sexual.

But there are disadvantages to this decoration. So, first of all, it’s spiky. Sticking short hairs are like a brush or sandpaper, which some women don’t like at all. In addition, negligence does not always look acceptable. If you do not properly care for the bristles on your face, you can soon look untidy. It is also worth considering that unshaven is not to everyone's taste, and, for example, the army is punishing it. In addition, not all bosses want to see their subordinates in this form.

Types of bristles

There are different types and styles of beard design. Having decided to grow hairs, you should think about what image you will strive for. It depends on how long the hair will need to be received, what efforts will have to be applied to its design. will it be possible to cope on their own or will you need an appeal to the barber.

  1. Three-day stubble: any man can get this look, the main thing is not to touch the vegetation for the specified time. Periodically, you should trim those hairs that grow more actively than others and knock out of the total mass.
  2. Solid: here, the hairs can be of medium or short length, equal to about a weekly abstinence from shaving. In order for the appearance to be harmonious, it is important to maintain the same length of all the bristles. It is not difficult to grow this variety; nursing measures also do not cause special difficulties.
  3. Fluff: It looks perfect when it is neat and tidy. Particularly attractive are the young men who have their hair growth just beginning.
  4. T-shaped: in another way it is called a goatee, here the cheeks are completely shaved, the bristles are left only under the nose and on the line of the chin. This style requires careful care, timely removal of excess vegetation.
  5. Overgrown: neglected, above average, length, creates the image of a brutal man. Haircut does not tolerate zeal, it should be careless.
  6. Launched: in order to let go of such an accessory, one must have a certain courage.

Bristle shapes

It would seem that there can be no difference between short hair on the face, but this is not so. To give the appearance of aesthetics, the shoots give various forms. Depending on this, various types of bristles appeared in men.

There are such types of bristles on the face:

  1. Anchor. What is male stubble shaped as an anchor? This is a thin strip of vegetation above the upper lip, divided by a parting, a little on the chin - a narrow and short strip. Outwardly, such bristles in men look like a ship's anchor.
  2. Balbo. Everything is the same as that of the “anchor”, only the chin is completely covered with short hairs.
  3. Brett. This species is distinguished by even more vegetation. In addition to the upper lip and chin, it is also left on the lower part of the cheeks.
  4. Chinstrap. How to make a chinstrap bristle? This species is the exact "Bretta", only whiskers are added.
  5. Burnside. When answering the question that this is a Burnside bristle, it should be noted that this species has a completely shaved chin, whiskers and whiskers remain from the hair-covered areas.

It is necessary to choose one or another option based on the shape of the face and hairdo on the head. By varying the haircut and appearance of the bristles, you can create many images and each time look beautiful and exclusive. And most importantly - not uniformly.

Facial hair care

Many men are not used to making efforts and wasting time on personal care, but lush vegetation will completely deprive you of a well-groomed appearance. If you don’t feel able to keep track of your beard and mustache, contact your hairdresser for help. Hair care on the face of a man can be carried out at home.

Beard and mustache. Facial hair can be used to balance proportions or to emphasize personality. The shape and density of the mustache and beard, as a rule, depend on the fashion. Some men wear them for religious reasons, others because their skin does not tolerate shaving. Sideburns also help visually adjust the shape of the face, for example, emphasizing the cheekbones.

Eyebrows. As a rule, men, unlike women, do not pluck eyebrows, but this does not mean that this part of the face does not need care. Without a doubt, the following two things should be avoided:

  • Fused eyebrows. Remove enough extra hair with tweezers to get two distinct, separate eyebrows.
  • Long, stiff, protruding hair should also be removed with tweezers or the hairdresser should be trimmed.

The chin. If you have a small chin, think of a small goat beard to lengthen your face. If the chin, on the contrary, protrudes strongly forward, wear a short, neatly trimmed beard that covers the entire chin and jaw. Trim your beard regularly and care for it. An untidy beard creates the wrong image.

Mouth. If you have a thin upper lip, think of a mustache or goatee. A good barber will be able to bring the shape of a beard in accordance with your requirements.

Hair in the nose and ears. Remove all visible hair from the ears and nose with tweezers or a special trimmer.

Growing process

So, you have decided on the style of bristles that you want to wear. The point is small - to grow the required length of hairs. To make a stylish weekly stubble, just do not shave. In this case, inaction leads to the desired result. But for the correct growth of the bristles, it is necessary to carry out preliminary procedures.

If the male body has a sufficient level of testosterone, then any kind of bristles, beards on the face will be thick and begin to appear evenly. It all depends on this hormone. A low level of testosterone will mean a slow growth of hairs and their small density. Exercise and a proper diet will help correct the situation. Affects the quality of the shoots and stress, the more it is, the worse things are. In addition, taking vitamins and special nutritional supplements will help you grow thick and beautiful stubble.

Preliminary treatments include daily shaving. Such manipulations, repeated throughout the month, will contribute to the growth of dense hairs. To “wake up” sleeping bulbs, you can use special creams and lotions. Plant-based oils significantly accelerate hair growth. Sea buckthorn, burdock and castor compositions are especially good.

The reasons for the uneven growth of any type of bristles in men can be:

  • lack of vitamins
  • heredity,
  • hormonal disbalance.

How can bristles be made in such cases? It is not enough to take measures to eliminate facial imperfections on the face in such situations, you can not do without medical advice.

The key to healthy vegetation on a man’s face is nutrient intake. Each cell of the body is built from minerals, proteins and fats obtained from outside and the normal functionality of the hormonal system is maintained. A balanced diet can help in the process of growing uniform, stylish bristles. Man is what he eats. With the right food choices, hair growth can also be accelerated.

So, to get what you want, you must include in your diet fruits and vegetables, protein-rich foods (poultry, seafood, legumes), nuts, vegetable oils for dressing salads. Also, for a stylish, thick bristle to please its appearance, you should definitely lean on products containing B vitamins. Substances of this category not only improve blood circulation, but also strengthen the nervous system - and this is less stress. And do not forget about water - at least two liters per day.

Note! Make-up of bristles “from the inside” can be supplemented with a direct effect on the face skin of all kinds of masks and peels.

How to care?

Having excluded all factors affecting the uneven growth of the bristles, you can begin to grow it. Literally on the second day after shaving, a hard thick hair coat appears on the chin, cheeks, above the upper lip. In a week, the length of the hairs will reach the required five millimeters. It is necessary to work with weekly stubble so that it does not turn into something awkward and unattractive.

How to care for bristles on your face? To maintain a normal length and give it a shape, depending on the selected type, a trimmer and a machine are useful. With the help of the machine, even and clear contours are attached, and with a trimmer it is necessary to cut the prominent hairs on a continuous cover. It is necessary to carry out a haircut strictly according to hair growth.

If you do not take care of the bristles in a timely manner, an uneven beard will appear, so you need to monitor the length of the hairs every day. Only in this way you can emphasize facial features and look attractive and stylish. To use scissors or a machine in this case is extremely undesirable. Even professionals in their field risk unevenly cutting their hairs, after which they will have to re-grow a beautiful, regular two-week stubble.

To maintain the cleanliness of the vegetation, it is enough to wash daily with plain water, sometimes you can use cosmetics for hair. So you do not get irritation of the skin of the face and nourish it. To wash the sebaceous glands hidden under the bristles, you can use ordinary liquid soap. It does not dry out the skin and hair, but it does an excellent job of cleansing. Dry your face in a natural way. It is also desirable to constantly moisturize the skin with lotions and balms.


How to properly care for a man’s stubble? Even, it would seem, to such a simple matter as growing beautiful facial hair, you need a “professional” approach and preparation. The bristles of a man are a reflection of the state of the body, its hormonal functionality. And bristle care is a whole complex of procedures that require skills. Having made all your efforts to create the desired image, you can get an amazing result and look your best every day!

How to make bristles softer

How to care for bristles? Often men complain that the hairs are too stiff, which makes them uncomfortable.

You can soften hairs this way:

  • forget about cold water during the shaving process, it only increases the rigidity of the structure of the rods,
  • be sure to steam the skin before the shaving procedure,
  • 3 minutes before the process, apply a softening cream on top of the epidermis, begin manipulation after absorption,
  • use only high-quality sharpened blades,
  • be sure to use after shave,
  • periodically apply applications with burdock oil.

Do not forget about face skin

The skin must be well-groomed, softened, without visible irritation, peeling, redness. To achieve this, you should:

  • periodically do peeling, it will remove keratinized particles of the skin, which will give the epidermis a healthy appearance and radiance. In addition, this type of exposure facilitates the passage of hair rods through the skin, and shaving is much easier.
  • wash regularly with cold water to stimulate local blood circulation. Excessive use of hot water helps to drain the skin, increase its sensitivity, due to leaching of sebum,
  • be sure to use a moisturizing lotion, you can apply it twice a day.

How to make bristles thicker

Beard care may include some methods to make the vegetation dense:

  • bring the diet to normal by eating fresh fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, legumes, dairy products, low-fat varieties of fish, meat,
  • drink enough fluids
  • after consultation with a specialist, you can use special dietary supplements, as well as medications that stimulate the growth of thick hair,
  • be sure to eat tropical fruits, cereals, because they contain biotin. This substance helps to increase the density of hair,
  • to increase the production of testosterone (the hormone responsible for this process), play sports, fully get enough sleep, lead a regular sex life,
  • apply alternative recipes (you should consult a doctor in advance to avoid the occurrence of negative reactions of the body)

What bristles are needed if the hair is blond

Men with a beard of a saturated dark tone always look more advantageous than those whom nature did not please with such a color. Blonde hair is more difficult to shape, they are less noticeable on the surface of the face, often grow unevenly.

It is important here to maintain the chosen form, strictly observing the frequency of its adjustment in order to avoid the appearance of a groomed look.

Uneven bristles what to do

The effect of light unshaven does not always look beautiful. There are situations when a man’s face is covered with unevenly growing hairs that do not give a feeling of integrity of the cover.

To fix this problem, you need to:

  • review your own diet by adding the right foods above
  • drink plenty of fluids
  • take vitamin and mineral complexes,
  • refuse sweet carbonated water, a lot of coffee, sweets, fatty, salty, spicy.

Alternative methods will help stimulate the activity of bulbs. For example, the use of tincture of red pepper, mustard powder, ginger root, in combination with natural oils. Special attention is given to the pharmacy drug Minoxidil, which should be used after the approval of specialists.


The following aspects can be considered positive:

  • the device is financially accessible to almost everyone. Unless, of course, we are talking about particularly fashionable and “sophisticated” models,
  • the use is so simple that without prior preparation is available even to an inexperienced man,
  • the blades are sharpened so sharply that they can shave even very coarse bristles.

But there is a list of negative factors that make people want to shave looking for an alternative:

  • the possibility of damage to the face in the form of skin cuts if the blades move in the wrong direction,
  • the need to periodically purchase interchangeable blades, as they quickly blunt from contact with hard bristles,
  • need for foam and water. Of course, you can shave your face on a dry one, but it is very unpleasant and irritates the skin.

Shaving methods for dry and wet skin

Dry and wet shaving is a matter of personal preference. Whatever you choose, you need good equipment, quality cosmetics and equipment. If your hair is thick and grow fast, use a wet shave. Dry shaving of facial hair is more suitable for those with sensitive skin and rarer bristles.

Wet shave. This method requires prior preparation, time and patience. First, the beard should be softened so that the hair follicles open. This occurs under the influence of steam in the shower, the same effect can be achieved with a hot towel. There are also a number of special products that are applied to soften the beard before shaving foam.

Do not save, buy only high-quality products - to provide comfort during shaving and the desired result after.

  • Before shaving, take a shower or bath or warm your face with a hot towel,
  • Do not spare hot water and shave in a warm, humid room,
  • If your facial hair is thick and hard, apply a softener before shaving,
  • Use a quality brush, good cream, soap or shaving foam,
  • Apply the drug in a circular motion to raise the hairs,
  • Use a machine with a moving head and at least a double blade, change the blade every week,
  • At first, the movements of the machine should be directed upwards. Then apply foam again and shave down to achieve maximum smoothness,
  • Rinse the blade often in hot water,
  • Rinse your face thoroughly with cool water and gently pat it dry.

Dry shave. There are two types of electric razors: rotary and mesh. Choose the one that suits you best for a dry shaving method, but give preference to models that also have a trimmer that is very useful for trimming your temples. Wireless shaving devices for dry skin are ideal on the go.

  • As with wet shaving, pre-prepare your skin by revealing hair follicles in the shower or with a hot towel,
  • During shaving, lift and stretch the skin with the thumb and forefinger,
  • The latest models of electric shavers can be rinsed after use, however, before doing this, be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions,
  • Change shaving nozzles at least once a year.

Bristles on the faces of celebrities

The vegetation adorns the faces of many celebrities:

  • Bradley Cooper,
  • Sergei Shnurov,
  • Brad Pitt,
  • Hugh Laurie.

To ensure the active growth of the hairs framing the chin, to make them well-groomed, beautiful, shiny and thick, you need to lead the right lifestyle, be sure to pay due attention to some recommendations. Observing an important rule, all these measures should be taken constantly, only then it will be possible to hope for the desired result.

Important tips:

  • nutrition: the diet should contain biotin, calcium, zinc, protein, other vitamins, minerals. Non-fat varieties of meat, fish, other seafood, legumes, dairy products, vegetables, nuts, fruits, greens, meet these requirements.
  • to ensure normal growth of hair, it is important to ensure an adequate daily drinking regimen. In its pure form, a person should receive from two liters of water,
  • limit the use of alcoholic beverages, reduce the number of cigarettes smoked and completely abandon them. Alcohol can inhibit the production of testosterone, the main hormone responsible for this process,
  • regularly receive physical activity, which will improve the hormonal background, increase blood circulation, due to which dormant follicles are activated,
  • try to avoid emotional overload, severe stressful situations. Stress adversely affects the whole body,
  • be sure to apply hair and face care products.

Electric shaver

This electric appliance is quite popular among the male population. This is explained by the presence of three positive nuances:

  1. In order to shave your face you do not need to look for water. The procedure does not take much time. The mobility of the device allows you to use it even on the road.
  2. The electric shaver is completely safe. The possibility of damage to the shaving area is excluded.
  3. Maintenance costs are negligible - you only need to change knives occasionally.

The disadvantages of this method are also 3:

  1. A gadget can be very expensive. It depends on its functionality and fame of the manufacturer.
  2. When shaving a man, the pores of the skin of the face are not cleaned. For this reason, acne may appear.
  3. Not every device has an automatic cleaning system. Then it becomes necessary to do it manually after each shave.

Where to stop the choice - completely depends on the preferences of the man who will use the device.

How to choose an electric shaver

To purchase an electric razor that will completely suit a potential user, you must take the following steps:

  • read user reviews on the quality of products manufactured by the industry,
  • carry out a thorough examination of the appearance,
  • make a comparative analysis of prices in several stores for the same products,
  • Explore all the features of the device,
  • try to get full information about the functionality,
  • carefully read the technical specifications.

If a man has stiff bristles, then it is better for him to choose a rotary electric shaver. Modern models are significantly different from traditional designs. A significant improvement in functionality allows you to process every curve of the face. The work of rotating rotary heads is called ideal. And in the most “sophisticated” samples, a helium moisturizer is applied to the skin, which relieves irritation.


It is customary to divide it into three types: shaving cream, oil before shaving, soap.

Shaving cream was created only in the XIX century, and therefore it is considered the most modern. A small amount of the product is applied to wet or dry skin by rubbing. This should be done only before the first pass of the razor. Foam is placed on top of the resulting layer. The composition contains oils, antioxidants, vitamins, extracts from medicinal herbs that promote nutrition and hydration of the skin.


This skin care method has been known since time immemorial. A few drops of oil are poured into the hand and rubbed over the face. While the foam will be whipped, the applied product is absorbed into the skin, which will make even the coarsest bristles soft. Using oil is not recommended for people with oily skin.

Fans of wet shaving prefer soap. And for owners of oily and acne skin, this tool is indispensable. In addition to improving gliding, the skin is also cleansed. When applying the foam, grinding is exceeded, which makes it fatter and juicier.

Care Tips

You should start shaving after waiting 2-3 minutes after one of the listed products has been applied to the skin. This time is necessary to absorb and soften the bristles. At the end of the procedure, the face is treated with a moisturizer corresponding to sensitivity and skin type.

In addition, it is advisable to follow the mandatory rules:

  • initially it turns out in which direction the hair grows. A razor should walk along hair growth, not against,
  • use only a sharp razor to avoid increased irritation of the skin,
  • removal of bristles in difficult places is the last thing to do. In this case, the effect of emollients will last.

How to soften stubble

To soften stiff bristles, use only hot water when shaving. It is advisable to pre-steam the skin with a towel soaked in boiling water. And the best option is to take a hot shower or bath. If this is not possible, then use a lotion before shaving.

After that, it is recommended to apply a softener to the area where the beard grows. As such, it is recommended to use products that provide maximum hydration and nutrition.

Regardless of what the man shaved, at the end of the procedure, the face should be wiped with lotion or cream. Using a cosmetic water-alcohol hygiene product can invigorate, which is sometimes very useful in the morning. The action of the cream is soft and moisturizing. It is recommended to use it in the cold season.

After Shave Care

Proper skin care after shaving avoids irritation and reduces the risk of infection entering the enlarged pores and microscopic wounds that remain on the upper layer of the epidermis after exposure to razor blades.

After shave care includes a number of procedures:

  • A good wet shave eliminates dead cells that form on the surface of the skin, cleanses the skin, making it clean, fresh and smooth.
  • With a dry shave, you should use a face scrub or peeling every other day to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.
  • After exfoliation, the “new” skin needs protection from aggressive environmental influences, so be sure to use a moisturizer after shaving, preferably with a sunscreen.
  • Cosmetics containing alcohol should not be applied to dry or wet skin immediately after shaving, as this can cause inflammation and dryness. Choose a suitable lotion, but first make sure that it does not irritate the skin.

After Shave. Tightens pores that expand during wet shaving. Choose non-alcoholic drugs. There should not be a burning sensation on the skin, just a slight pinching. Apply after rinsing your face with cold water.

Balm / Lotion. Lotion also gently tightens pores. Balms are often made on the basis of essential or other natural oils. Essential oils have a number of additional benefits, in particular, cheer up.

Watch how gentle and proper shaving of the face is carried out on the video, which shows some of the secret tricks of barbers:

Remove hair from ears

Some people have too much hair in their ears, so the side view leaves much to be desired. We use the same round head trimmer, but now for the ears.

Round head trimmer is also suitable for ear hair cutting

General rule for the nose and ears: the ends of the hair should not protrude beyond the visible limits of the auricles and nasal cavity.

Shave off the hair on the neck

Did you pay attention while sitting at the hairdresser, how, when completing a haircut, he passes a trimmer along the front and back of the neck? Most men's haircuts end on the back of the head and everything below is cut off by the hairdresser to make the haircut tidy. In the same way, you should maintain the accuracy of the entire neck between trips to the hairdresser.

If you wear classic shirts and a suit, then you should definitely take advice into arsenal. There is nothing worse than protruding hair from under the collar of a shirt.

Use a trimmer or razor to remove hair on the neck

How to shave hair on the back of the neck? All the same trimmer with a nozzle of 1-2 mm. It’s possible with a razor, but dexterity is required.

Cut hair around ears

If you have a haircut that does not involve long hair, then you should cut your hair around your ears. Beware of cases when the hair grows so much that they begin to descend around the ears as if from a springboard. It’s even worse when the hair is curly and with tips in your ears. This is just a standard of sloppiness.

Ideally, your ears should be clearly visible on both sides so that not a single hair goes beyond the auricle. Of course, it is best to entrust the haircut around the ears to the hairdresser. It is much more convenient for him to cut from the side and make the correct frame.

On the other hand, having a little dexterity, you can cut off a certain amount of excess hair before going to the hairdresser at home. There is nothing complicated here, just push the ear a little and carefully shave the protruding hairs with a trimmer.

How often to take care of yourself and what tool will be needed

So, concluding our article, it is necessary to understand how often to take care of ourselves in parts of the hair on the head and what we need for this:

  1. Try to devote some time every 3-4 days to your beard and mustache, adjusting their shape (if any).
  2. Cut your nose, ears, and hair every week and remove excess hair, giving your eyebrows a natural look. If you are not afraid of difficulties, then cut off the excess hair on the neck and around the ears.
  3. Use a quality trimmer with hair cutting tips. Separately, purchase a small trimmer with a round nozzle to remove hair in the nose and ears. If you do not have a gentleman's set with such tools as: eyebrow tweezers, manicure scissors and a nail file - get it. Cutting hair with office scissors and biting your nails is not cool. I hope you receive the message correctly.

Watch the video: A Self-Care Action Plan (February 2020).

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