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Men's ugg boots: how and with what to wear fashionable shoes?

Women care about the health and comfort of their men, and therefore today about men's uggs, what to wear with men's uggs and their virtues, how to distinguish the original from a fake, because real men's ugg boots are not only fashionable, stylish and modern, but also very comfortable and even healthy.

In many families, the way a man dresses up depends largely on the taste of the woman herself, ugg boots are a very controversial wardrobe in terms of style. But some significant facts can change this opinion among women, because care for the health and comfort of our men is a priority, and the right combination of male uggs with clothes can create a fashionable and stylish image of a man, so much so that you want to buy uggs for men and women!

It is worth starting with the fact that ugg boots are men's shoes, and only when it gained widespread popularity began to produce female and children's models. Homeland of male ugg boots Australia, ugg boots were shoes for Australian shepherds, which were sewn from the skins of merino sheep inside with fur. Uggs were very warm and light, such shoes never rubbed corns.

Pilots during the First World War appreciated the virtues of male ugg boots, after in the sixties, Australian surfers chose ugg boots for the same reason - they quickly warmed their legs.

When, at the end of the seventies, men's ugg boots were brought to California and gained immense popularity, ugg boots ceased to be shoes for athletes, hunters, fishermen, etc., and became a casual shoe not only for men, but also for children and women. What did the Uggs conquer the Americans with?

Advantages of male ugg boots

-Oggs are light, comfortable, very warm shoes, so even if you have to stay on your feet for a long time, your legs do not get tired.

-Oggies do not rub calluses, for many this is a very powerful argument.

- Uggs are practical, high-quality, real uggs will serve their owner for more than one year.

- In severe frost, the sheepskin warms its legs, but also in the room the leg does not sweat as the sheepskin is breathable, natural material.

Models of male ugg boots

The classic model of men's uggs somewhat reminiscent of the models that were sewn for surfers, their height is -25 cm, and they are sewn from natural double-sided sheepskin, fur is soft inside and suede on the outside. The sole is made of a polymer material of a sufficiently strong thick material capable of preventing the cooling of the legs.

The classic winter model of male ugg boots in our climate is perfect for a country holiday, winter hunting or fishing, walking with relatives and friends.

Mini ugg boots, the model is almost the same as the classic one, but the height of the shaft dropped to 15 cm, so this model of men's ugg boots looks like a classic men's boot with laces more common for men, because they are so difficult to change their style. And the rest of the characteristics and advantages of ugg boots remain the same.

Men's ugg zippers similar to the classic model of men's uggs, a fixed clasp helps to fit the shoe more closely to the foot.

Lack of male ugg boots in that they can only be worn in cold weather, if there is slush on the street, then suede will get wet and this is a weak point of male ugg boots. Manufacturers offer models of upholstered suede, which does not leak water and leather.

Men's ugg loafers there are both suede and leather, as in traditional ugg boots inside fur, but this model is not suitable for winter, these are soft shoes for dry and cold weather in the off-season. Ugg boots are usually worn on bare feet.

How to wear men's uggs in winter

Men's ugg boots go well with jeans, especially frayed models; jeans need to be tucked into ugg boots. In addition to jeans, ugg boots can be worn with winter insulated trousers narrowed to the bottom, which also need to be tucked into shoes, to get the image of an Australian cowboy like himself. But wide trousers with ugg boots should not be worn. Also, sports pants and classic categorically do not combine with men's uggs.

Outerwear with men's uggs are worn down jackets, cropped sheepskin coats or leather jackets.

A stylish and finished image is obtained if male ugg boots are supplemented with accessories in sheepskin tone gloves and a hat of the same color.

How to distinguish real men's uggs from a fake

All the above listed qualities are possessed only by genuine original ugg boots, and fakes with ugg boots are united only by a similar appearance. Real ugg boots are sewn from sheepskin, and the outer side of the shoe can only be made of suede or leather. Currently, there are only two brands of genuine original Australian ugg boots: UGG Australia and EMU Australia.

On the right is a fake, on the left is the original. In the original boots, the fur is thick and soft.

Men stars who wear uggs

Star men appreciated the comfort of real men's ugg boots and wear them in everyday life, often without worrying about what ugg boots can be worn with.

Ronnie Wood is a musician. Member of The Rolling and Stones The Faces.

Bruce Willis (Bruce Willis) Hollywood actor

Ben Affleck (Benjamin Affleck) actor

Bradley Pitt (Hollywood actor)

Ricky Martin (Enrique Martin) actor, singer and musician.

Leonardo Di Caprio (actor)

Orlando Bloom British actor

Dustin Hoffman (American film and theater actor, director and producer)

Jason Donovan is a pop singer.

It is worth remembering a few general recommendations:

  • Firstly, the shoes should exactly match the size of the legs. In no case should you buy larger uggs: they will "hang out" on your leg. Ordinary boots are sometimes chosen with the expectation that they can be worn with a woolen toe. Ugg australia and without it are extremely warm.
  • Secondly, any footwear requires that a certain style of dress be respected. As for ugg, they blend perfectly with straight skinny jeans. If an official meeting is planned, at which a classic suit with a tie is preferable, it is better to put on strict shoes that are suitable in style.
  • Thirdly, it is desirable to have appropriate accessories. You can buy warm sheepskin gloves, a hat of the same color as men's uggs.
  • Fourth, a very important point is the choice of color. There are ugg australia on sale in a wide range: from white to black, including beige, gray, brown, etc. As a rule, men choose darker tones, not wanting to attract too much attention. In addition, non-marking shoes are easier to keep clean.

Additional nuances of choosing male ugg

In addition to the general rules, you should know a few more nuances of choosing ugg for men. They relate to the individual characteristics of a person. For example, on low people, boots whose shafts reach only the middle of the calf will look better. If you buy high ugg boots, they will visually reduce growth.

When buying, you can focus on your favorite style. For example, bikers are happy to choose ugg boots equipped with bright and eye-catching fittings. The boots can be decorated with fringe, metal spikes. Lovers of classics such models are unlikely to be to their liking.

When buying men's uggs in Moscow, you can consult with the managers of our store. If you are not sure about your choice, then you have the opportunity to order the delivery of two pairs of shoes in order to try them on with your favorite clothes and choose the best Ugg australia.


The history of the appearance of this shoe is quite interesting. Ugg boots were created specifically for men, but eventually settled down firmly in the women's wardrobe. However, today men are happy to purchase boots made of genuine sheepskin.

Fashion experts claim that the first ugg boots were the "invention" of Australian farmers. The main direction of agriculture in this country was raising sheep, so it is natural that farmers began to sew shoes from sheepskin. Initially, in order to protect their feet from the cold, farmers simply wound their legs with their skins with fur inward. But over time, the technology of tailoring outwardly clumsy, but quite comfortable boots was invented.

After Australian farmers, the dignity of sheepskin boots was appreciated by military pilots who fought on the fronts of the First World War. At the beginning of the 20th century, airplanes could not be called comfortable, the cabin was very cold, so the pilots needed warm and light shoes. And sheepskin boots fit best.

In the sixties of the last century, sheepskin boots began to be used by surfers engaged in “conquering the waves” off the coast of Australia. It was the fur boots that helped warm the legs quickly, and besides, they were pretty easy to put on, since they had no fasteners. But in those days it was possible to buy ugg boots only in Australia, so many athletes were not available.

Everything changed in the late seventies when ugg boots were brought to California. Entrepreneurs believed that the local relaxed audience, relaxing on the beaches and keen on surfing, would appreciate the novelty. However, success exceeded all expectations, ugg boots have long moved from the category of shoes for athletes to the category of casual shoes. Of course, the range of models for women is wider, however, men's uggs are represented by a fairly wide range.

What are the advantages?

Is it worth it to replenish your wardrobe with ugg boots, each man decides on his own. But before making a decision, it is worth getting acquainted with the advantages of this shoe:

  • Versatility. Ugg boots are equally comfortable on the street in frosty weather, and in a flooded room. Thanks to the thermoregulating properties of the sheepskin, the legs will be warm and dry at any ambient temperature.

  • Practicality. High-quality uggs will last a single year, maintaining their appearance and functionality.

  • Convenience. Soft sheepskin pleasantly envelops the foot, without causing the slightest discomfort. You can even wear ugg boots on your bare foot; these shoes never rub calluses.

  • Lack of fatigue. The soft insole made of natural sheepskin and the thoughtful shape of the boots provide maximum comfort, so the legs will not get tired even if you spend the whole day on your feet.

What are the advantages of such shoes?

When the ugg boots were no longer used as a uniform, women first began to buy them in large numbers, and then, at the peak of popularity, fashion designers began to propagate male ugg models. To understand why winter ugg boots became popular among men, stylists name several of their main advantages:

  • universality - they can be worn both outdoors and indoors thanks to the thermo-regulating properties that maintain the optimal temperature conditions of the legs,
  • practicality - such shoes serve much longer, which means that their purchase also saves money,
  • comfort - soft fur envelops the leg, does not cause discomfort, even if you wear shoes with your bare foot,
  • lack of fatigue - uggs have a soft insole, a straight sole, and also a well-thought-out shape, making it almost impossible to get tired in such shoes.

As practice shows, ugg boots can be worn for several years in a row, and if these are original shoes, they will retain their original shape and density of fur inside. It remains only to choose the option suitable for yourself, since today many varieties of ugg are produced.

What are they?

The assortment of men's sheepskin boots is not as large as the choice of models for women, however, there are many options.

Models for winter

Classic men's winter uggs most resemble shoes that were created for surfers. However, today these boots are worn only by "conquerors of the waves." Classic men's sports uggs are ideal for out-of-town recreation, hunting, winter fishing, and just for a walk around the city on a day off.

Classic winter uggs are made from two-sided natural sheepskin. The outer surface is velvety suede, inside the boot is thick and soft fur. The bootleg height of the classic models is 25 cm. The sole is made of polymer material (EVA), it is thick enough to protect the togas well from the cold. Colors for male models are used discreet, producing black, dark chocolate, gray ugg boots.

Suede winter ugg boots have one drawback - they do not tolerate the influence of moisture. For wearing in the city, a more reasonable solution is to purchase boots made from doused suede. They have the same qualities as ordinary ugg boots, but have the ability to repel moisture. In addition, ugg boots are also distinguished by their appearance, they have a smooth, glossy surface.

For men who don't like classic uggs, short men's uggs or mini uggs are ideal. Their difference is the height of the shaft, reduced to 15 cm. All other characteristics of the mini-uggs are the same as the classic models. They are also made from regular and doused suede.

Those who don’t really like classic uggs due to their rude shape should pay attention to ugg boots. Unlike classic sheepskin boots, these models are laced, so they are securely fixed on the foot, and they look more traditional, fitting well into the usual men's wardrobe casual style.

So, men's ugg boots from the Hannen Grizzly series are leather high models with laces. Outwardly, they resemble ordinary boots with fur, the inner lining of models is made of natural sheepskin. Men's shoes from the Neumel series are sheepskin boots, they have a suede surface and lacing.

Another version of men's models is men's uggs with a zipper. These are low boots made of oversized and regular suede. Thanks to the presence of a zipper and a strap, the shoes are well fixed on the foot and look more elegant than classic uggs.


A separate discussion deserves men's ugg-loafers. These are comfortable soft shoes with a lining made of natural fur. Sew loafers, both suede and leather.

Although these are fur-lined shoes, moccasins are not winter shoes. They are worn solely on their bare feet. Thanks to the soft fur and excellent properties of heat regulation, the legs will be very comfortable.

Home models

Even those men who find it unacceptable to wear ugg boots will certainly appreciate the sheepskin shoe models designed for the home. After all, you need to rest at home, and men's home uggs will be able to provide your feet with maximum comfort. Such slippers are especially in demand in the cold season, because not everyone in the houses has underfloor heating. And warm men's ugg-sneakers perfectly protect your feet from the cold.

So, it’s worth buying home uggs for the following reasons:

  • these shoes are able to provide maximum comfort to the feet, because tactile contact of the skin with soft fur is always nice,

  • wool of merino sheep has not only thermoregulatory, but also medicinal properties. Due to the content of six lanolin, the blood flow in the feet normalizes, and all scuffs and calluses heal much faster,

  • inside the sheepskin home shoes, a unique microclimate is maintained with a temperature close to the temperature of the human body, so that the legs will not sweat, even if the house is well drowned,

  • Wearing sheepskin slippers helps in the treatment of excessive sweating of the legs, any doctor will confirm this fact.

The best models of male ugg

To begin with, we will understand what ugg boots are and how they fundamentally differ from other winter shoes. By tradition, ugg boots are made from sheepskin with a smooth surface outward.This sewing technology eliminates the need to use additional insulation, however, modern models are made not of sheepskin, but of technological materials, eco-leather, nubuck and fabric with special impregnations.

A rubber sole is also a feature of ugg, and manufacturers seek to diversify the design of shoes using bright colors to design this particular part of the shoe.

Synthetic ugg boots for a long time were not in demand and were considered a modest parody of the original shoes. But over time, they became popular among the general population. Today, they are sold by large retail chains that focus not only on the cheapness of such models, but also on humanity, because the leather of animals is not used in the manufacture of shoes.

As for the lineup, the assortment of men's ugg is very diverse. For severe winters, models with a high boot are suitable; low uggs are used as house shoes. It is convenient to put the products on their feet, because they do not have fasteners and sit freely. But this does not exclude the appearance of decorative locks made of laces that transform the design of a shoe pair.

What to combine with?

It remains to find out with what to wear men's uggs to look stylish and fashionable. Thanks to laconic design and restrained colors, men's ugg boots go well with practical clothes of casual style.

It is best to wear uggs with jeans. You can choose jeans with artificial scuffs. The result is an image of the conqueror of nature. Those who do not really like jeans can be advised to wear uggs with warm trousers of a free style with trouser legs narrowed downwards. At the same time, trousers must be tucked inside the boot.

But you should not wear trousers with wide or flared legs down complete with uggs, this combination will look messy.

It is strongly not recommended to wear uggs with classic trousers. However, this requirement is quite understandable, since these are things of different styles. But the fact that ugg boots look extremely unsuccessful with tracksuits will have to be remembered. Despite the fact that these shoes can be attributed to sports style with sports trousers, it is not worth combining them.

The top of the ensemble must be casual. Sweaters, knitted cardigans, sweatshirts will look good. Outerwear for uggs need to be selected carefully, down jackets, winter leather jackets, shortened sheepskin coats will do.

Bow Examples:

  • We combine blue classic jeans and a black sweater with brown uggs and a camel wool duffle coat. The ensemble will be complemented by a knitted hat with a Norwegian ornament and a blue knitted scarf.

  • Wear cropped skinny blue jeans and a simple black tank top for a more relaxed feel. Classic length jeans need to be tucked underneath so that the ankle is visible. The ensemble is complemented by a sports bag and sunglasses.

On the shoelaces

Laced ugg boots are a definite tribute to fashion. Designers combined traditional men's shoes with Australian boots to create a trendy mix for a street wardrobe. Some models are more reminiscent of traditional timberland boots, and only rubber soles and sewing methods associate them with uggs. There are also familiar uggs on laces, which have a wide and integral bootleg, and the laces serve to tighten the shoes more tightly over the foot.

With real fur

Original ugg boots always come with real fur inside. If the shoes are sewn from a sheepskin with a smooth surface to the outside, then the inner layer will be a priori warm, soft and natural. But since designers are increasingly experimenting with materials used to make shoes, unusual variations of ugg are also on sale, for example, models with synthetic tops and natural insulation inside.

It is worth noting that animal fur is less and less used in the manufacture of such shoes, due to its high price and the growth of initiatives to protect animal rights.


If you decide to purchase men's uggs, give preference only to the highest quality models. The best option is brands that specialize in the production of sheepskin shoes. The most famous brands are UGG Australia and EMU Australia. Shoes produced by these brands are of high quality and reliable. Of course, you can’t call it cheap, but it's worth it.

Inexpensive uggs are made from artificial materials. With real sheepskin boots, their appearance is “related” only. And those qualities for which real ugg boots are appreciated (thermal control, comfort, etc.) should not be expected from models made of artificial materials. In addition, inexpensive boots very quickly lose their original appearance, turning into a kind of worn boots.


Leather shoes for the winter fits perfectly. Natural material withstands temperature extremes, does not get wet, retains heat. Many men's ugg boots are made not of smooth leather, but of suede. Such products look less strict and more consistent with everyday bow. But those who wish to put on textured or smooth skin will also be able to find interesting solutions for themselves for autumn and winter.

Men are available models with fur trim, metal fittings, patch elements and even with imitation reptile skin.


For those who freeze at sub-zero temperatures, high shoe pairs are suitable. They better retain heat, prevent snow from entering from above and protect not only the feet, but also the lower legs. High uggs are favored by young men, but similar models are not suitable for everyone, since you have to tuck your trousers into boots - this is how classic uggs are worn.


Shoe pairs for sports purposes not only have a specific appearance. When sewing men's ugg, high-tech fabrics are used that protect against getting wet, cold, and the greenhouse effect. Indeed, such models are not uggs in the truest sense of the word. Some sports variations are more reminiscent of boots-dutik, others - elongated boots.

There are laced models, with drawstring, vertical zipper on the back. There are also more familiar patterns sewn from fabric flaps with reinforced inserts. Suitable models can be found in the collections of Nike and Adidas.


Low ugg boots are more suitable for those who travel by car, and also takes walks around the city in a snowy winter. There are models resembling shoes or slippers. By the way, ugg boots as home shoes are very common among men. They are comfortable, have a soft inner layer, are not felt on the legs.

Shortened models are also represented by products with lapels, uggs, more reminiscent of moccasins, as well as laced ankle boots. Short shoe pairs are not designed for harsh weather conditions, but fit perfectly into the everyday street style with moderate winters in urban environments.


Ugg boots for home cannot be overly warm. For this reason, suede and leather models are not found, but textile uggs, as well as knitted boots with faux fur as a heater and trim, are in demand. A different sole is used in the manufacture of home uggs. A thick rubber layer is not required here.

Domestic boots use a flexible synthetic material, as well as genuine leather, but not all men like these models because they glide excessively.

A feature of home ugg is an interesting and extraordinary design. If for the street men more often choose practical monophonic models, then textured, variegated and generously decorated couples are suitable for the house. Manufacturers prepared ugg boots for men with contrasting seams, bright patchwork inserts, Norwegian and zigzag patterns.

Actual colors

The main palette of men's winter shoes is black, gray, brown, blue. This coloring is practical and allows a man to wear the same shoe pair with different trousers and outerwear. On sale you can find unusual ugg boots that are designed to emphasize the individuality of style. These are considered patterned models, as well as patchwork boots made in the style of patchwork.

Such variations are appropriate in a youth wardrobe, and even then exclusively in street outfit. For modest everyday bows, monophonic models of dark colors are more suitable.


Shoes in gray are becoming more popular. She is not so big, but more interesting, than absolutely black shoes. The assortment of male models includes products of light gray tones, blue-gray variations, asphalt shade models. These shoes are in perfect harmony with blue and black jeans, khaki pants, as well as camouflage pants in gray-milk colors. As accessories for gray boots, metal fittings, white or black fur are used.


Difficulties in combining black uggs in men never arise. That is why the black shoes are the favorite among men. Products in dark colors can be matte and glossy, fleecy or with a pronounced texture. Often, designers combine glossy and matte leather in one product, achieving interesting optical effects. Black uggs with fur trim or lapels, decor in the form of large buttons or metal zippers remain popular among men.


Red, chocolate, sand and beige - all these shades of brown are appropriate in the manufacture of winter shoes for men. Brown ugg boots seem cozy, truly winter and traditional. Like ginger timberland boots, brown uggs harmonize well with blue and blue jeans, white and beige fur. A lucky purchase for a youth wardrobe will be laced boots from a sheepskin or nubuck.

What to wear ugg boots with

We figured out the assortment of men's uggs, now we'll talk about what to wear with such a product. As for outerwear, the best option would be sheepskin coats, parkas, down jackets.

Remember! Men's coats do not harmonize with everyday uggs too much. Even an informal trench coat looks concise and elegant, and therefore requires more elegant shoes.

If we talk about trousers, then nothing better than blue jeans for boots in black or brown can not be found. Pants must be straight or slightly narrowed, as they are tucked into boots. It is allowed to wear uggs with joggers on the cuffs. Wide pants do not harmonize with voluminous boots. The same can be said of classic trousers. No matter how stylish, original and beautiful the ugg boots are, it is absolutely impossible to wear them under the pants with arrows.

In the autumn, light ugg boots can appear in the neighborhood with such things as:

  • hoodies and hoodies
  • sports design bombers,
  • cropped leather jackets,
  • quilted vests for a turtleneck or sweater,
  • military jackets and other things
  • cardigans or large knit sweaters.

Ugg boots are combined with cozy, practical and informal things. For this reason, they are recommended to be worn with accessories such as snood scarves, beanie hats, knitted mittens and leather gloves with a fur trim. If the accessories are the same color as uggs, the image will be harmonious and holistic.

UGG Australia

UGG Australia has become a cult manufacturer of such shoes. The brand produces casual shoes that are suitable not only for winter, but also just for cool weather. As part of the production, two lines of shoes are produced: premium and for a wide range of consumers. The first is made exclusively from natural materials, the second is made from synthetic fabrics. This does not affect the quality of products; rather, it affects prestige and price.

Mens UGG official online store

Our online store is the official representative of the UGG Australia brand in Moscow, which allows us to provide only original and high-quality shoes that can satisfy the requirements of the most demanding customer. Our official online store is:

  • Original Australian uggs made from high quality natural materials,
  • Pleasant prices due to the large volumes of sales, direct deliveries and sales of ugg past collections,
  • A flexible system of discounts and promotions that will help you significantly save your money,
  • Fast and free delivery in Moscow, as well as the possibility of delivery in the regions, which will take up to 5 days.

Top Brands and Price

To find a warm, comfortable and practical ugg model, a man needs to know two selection criteria - brand and price. It is by the manufacturer that they evaluate the quality of ugg, as well as at the price of boots. Today, the following brands received the best reviews and recommendations from specialists:

Also, the following brands of men's ugg are not inferior in quality and price:

  • Adidas - sports uggs for harsh winters, made from only natural or high-tech synthetic materials,
  • Keddo - ugg boots without additional accessories, due to which their service life and practicality are increased,
  • Krsunny - Original uggs with a fifth headrest and innovative orthopedic support, increasing the degree of comfort of shoes.

The average price for one pair of male uggs in Russia is 5000-10000 rubles, a lot depends on the country of manufacture, production materials, brand and the advertised logo.

How to distinguish an original from a fake?

Men's uggs will be practical, high-quality and durable only if they are original. You need to pay attention to production materials and ugg filling. An indicator of originality will be cream-colored sheepskin fur and a dense texture. Real boots will have a flexible sole with a relief pattern and the inscription "UGG", and the sole height will be 12-13 mm. The transition from the heel to the main sole will certainly be smooth.


Men's ugg boots initially appeared in the form of a uniform for farmers, then military pilots, and then for surfers. Today, such boots are worn by many men in everyday life, who value comfort, quality, thermal properties and durability in them. But in order to understand the charm of such shoes, you need to find the original pair by characteristic features, since today there are many low-quality crafts.

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