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5 options for male undercut hair cut

Young people today are pretty picky about fashion and style. Even guys find it difficult to please with a haircut. But Anderkat, a men's haircut that appeared about 100 years ago, will satisfy the taste of the most sophisticated fashionista. It looks very catchy and original, has different styling options and is at the peak of popularity over the past few years. Such an attractive combination of advantages makes haircut popular in hairdressing and barbershops. Learn more about what Anderkat is and what varieties a hairstyle has.

History and description of hairstyles

The earliest mention of this haircut relates to the years of the First World War. It is believed that British soldiers wore shaved hair at the back of their head and temples and long bangs. A hair of considerable length interfered in the battle, but the men did not want to cut their hair completely. Thanks to the undercard there was a compromise. This feature is reflected in the name of the hairstyle: Undercut can be interpreted as “undercut” or “cut bottom” (under - under, and cut - cut, cut or cut, cut).

By the way. Another Russian version is “Haircut under a haircut”.

The further history of Anderkat has such milestones:

  • 20s of the 20th century - appears on American catwalks,
  • in the 30s it takes on a classic look and becomes part of the “Preppy” masculine style (short for English preparatory - “preparatory”, means students who are preparing to enter universities). Initially, the direction of Preppy was popular among young people from wealthy families and belonged to well-groomed, neatly trimmed guys,
  • students at Princeton University wore a similar haircut,
  • there is evidence that the undercard has spread among Scottish and Irish immigrants, as well as among representatives of the working class, street gangs,
  • Nazi Germany officers also did a similar haircut. Then her second name appeared - "Hitler Youth". And here we need more detailed explanations and a small digression into history.

When Hitler came to power in Germany, the young supporters of the dictator created their own organization - Hitlerjugend. Only young men entered it (the German girls had a separate Union). A neat appearance and a neat hairstyle have become part of the image of young people. They imitated a dictator who wore a long bang on one side. Then the second meaning of the word Hitlerjugend appears - the hairstyle of members of the organization, consisting of an elongated front of the hair and shortened temples, the back of the head.

By the way. It is believed that the modern "Anderkat" is a slightly simplified version of the "Hitler Youth".

In the territory of the former Soviet Union, everything connected with the Great Patriotic War and the lawlessness of the German fascists is of particular importance. Several years ago, the price lists of services of some salons and barbershops, where the Hitler Youth haircut was listed, attracted the attention of individual journalists. They considered the name of the hairstyle offensive to veterans and the memory of the dead Soviet soldiers, officers, civilians. therefore neutral "Anderkat" is more widespread. Another synonym with a similar context is laying “under the Wehrmacht”.

After World War II, the popularity of haircuts has not declined for some time. Her variations can be seen in a photo from the 50s, where a long bang began to be laid in the style of Elvis Presley. Coc is in fashion. True, the rest of the hair was no longer cut as short as before.

A new surge in interest in Anderkat is associated with the 80s. Men wear long hair, but they also remember that it was once fashionable to shave whiskey. Later this part of the hairstyle begins to be decorated with drawings, patterns.

The persistent interest in undercut styling variations has been around since 2010 and has not faded away to this day. The reason is the advantages of haircuts and their popularization by famous actors, musicians, athletes who, with their appearance, give style lessons and shape trends.

Who is suitable for

The main feature of the hairstyle is the absence of a smooth transition between long strands in the crown and parietal zone and short-shaven or cut hair throughout the rest of the head. Clear, noticeable contrast is important here. This distinguishes the hairstyle from the classic haircut. Ideally, it is performed on straight and thick hair 5-10 cm long.

If the strands in the crown are shorter, you can grow them or choose an ascetic Military Undercut. Curls that naturally curl will have to be straightened to make them more obedient and supple.

Anderkat is not tied to a specific style. Moreover, the hairstyle has several varieties. It is suitable for a student, an office worker, and a representative of the creative profession. All of these people should be united by one thing: the desire to style your hair so that it always looks neat. A beard complements the courageous image, and parting brings the haircut closer to the classics, making it a favorite among businessmen, entrepreneurs.

Holders of an oval face are more fortunate than others: they go almost any hairstyle, including this one. In other cases, you need to be careful not to inadvertently emphasize the appearance flaws. Anderkat is suitable for men with a round or square, pear-shaped face, since the extra volume on the crown corrects the proportions in the right direction. Haircuts are not recommended for holders of a triangular or elongated facial oval.

It is believed that “Anderkat” is best combined with dark hair, which makes it possible to demonstrate clear contrasts between shaved areas and long bangs. But the blondes, as well as the owners of hair of other shades, too, may well choose a stylish styling. Transitions from dark to light look interesting (highlighting, coloring or two-tone staining “dark bottom, light top”).

Note! The age category is also quite extensive: these are young people and men of mature age who pay attention to their appearance and follow trends.

Hairstyle options

The silhouette of Anderkat is almost always the same: hair shortened from all sides except for long strands on the crown of the head and crown. But such a hairstyle can be cut a little differently. There are such haircut options:

  • Classical. These are the same shaved whiskey and nape that contrast with long front hair. Sometimes this variety is called retro, in memory of the rich history of haircuts. Hair can be laid on one side or combed back.

  • Short. A synonym is "Military." Strict hairstyle in the army spirit, no frills. The hair is shortened all over the head, except for the crown and crown of the head. In these areas, their length is approximately 3-5 cm, that is, shorter than in the classic "Anderkat". The hairstyle is easy to care for.

  • A long. Such a haircut is suitable for men who want to leave long curls in front. This option has a second name - "Pompadour". Hair is always combed back during styling. The longer they are, the more stylish Anderkat comes out.

  • Parted. A clear line on either side separating short and long hair makes the haircut even more creative. The width of the parting can be selected any.

  • With a bang. You can not comb this part of the hair, and beautifully lay on one side or you need a forehead.

  • On the curls. The implementation of this option "Anderkat" must be entrusted to a professional who can tame naughty hair and teach you how to style it correctly. Not the easiest hairstyle to care for.

By the way. Youth version of the haircut - “Undercut Hair Tattoo”. Drawings on short hair are in harmony with the carelessly laid long part of the hair and form the original image.

The cost of a haircut for medium and short hair in Moscow is about 1000–2000 rubles. The price depends on the location of the salon or barbershop, the skill of the master, additional wishes of the client, etc. In remote areas of the capital and other regions of Russia, the amount may vary, so how much you have to pay - check in a specific salon.

Execution technology

If you want to make "Anderkat" yourself at home, watch a video of the work of experienced professionals. Learn haircut schemes, plan your work in stages. Prepare the necessary tools and materials. In addition to scissors and a machine with nozzles, a comb, a clip or a hairpin, a towel or a cloak, a razor or trimmer, a hairdryer, a brush, a large mirror (and preferably two, to control the process from all sides, including the back) are useful to you.

Men's haircut "Anderkat".

Haircut technology step by step:

  1. Determine what the length of the upper and side hair will be. This is influenced by the features of the shape of the head and individual features of appearance.
  2. Wash and dry the hair slightly.
  3. Separate part of the hair on the crown of the head and crown, stab with a clip.
  4. Do haircuts start with your temples. If you are working with a machine, select nozzle No. 1. Use it to cut the strands in front of the ears.
  5. For the occipital region, change the nozzle to No. 2.
  6. Next, No. 3, useful for a smooth transition to the crown.
  7. Cut hair against their growth.
  8. Scissors adjust the length of the strands on the top of the head. To make it easier to style this part of the hair in the future, take a thinning version of the tool.
  9. If necessary, additionally treat the whiskey and the nape with a razor.
  10. Make styling with a hairdryer, brushing, styling.

Stylish men's haircut "Anderkat".

There is a slightly different "Anderkat" technology, for which nozzles from 0 to 2 are used. Because of this, the haircut is shorter in basic length:

  1. Wash and comb the hair, dry slightly.
  2. For convenience, separate the upper part of the hair that you are going to leave long.
  3. Use the No.0 nozzle to cut the strands from the back of the head to about the temples.
  4. Now take No. 1 and do the next level, immediately above the first. Its height is determined arbitrarily.
  5. Further, according to a similar scheme, use the nozzle number 2.
  6. Remove the remnants of hair under the first layer. To do this, take a razor or trimmer.
  7. Nozzle number 0 make the transition between the first two levels of haircuts invisible.
  8. Similarly, smooth out bumps between the other transition lines. Alternate nozzles and change the angle of inclination of the blade of the machine.
  9. Use a sharp razor to trim the haircut.
  10. Cut the upper, longest hair to the desired level with scissors. You will need knowledge of the Point-cutting gear technology.
  11. Lay down the undercut.

Attention! The clarity of the lines, the contrast of transitions - something that is very difficult to achieve at home even after watching video tutorials. To become the owner of a stylish "Underker", and not a parody of it, entrust the hair to a professional.


A short “Undercut” is suitable for men who do not have the desire or ability to do hairstyles daily. For other cases, there are several stylish options. The longer the upper part of the hair, the greater the number of styling methods available to you. For example, you can wash your hair and comb its longest part on one side. A hairdryer and comb come in handy. This hairstyle is suitable for those who are used to wearing a hairstyle with parting.

Another option without the use of styling tools is to collect hair in a tail or bun. Take a thin silicone rubber band under the color of the strands. Well comb them back and make a ponytail or hoot on the top of the head. Nuance: the optimal hair length for such a hairstyle is about 18 cm. If the hair is shorter, you can smooth it with gel or foam and do not collect it with elastic, just comb it back. This is a variant of the stylish Anderkat for a business or elegant look.

Not too long hair suitable styling "hedgehog". Washed and slightly dried hair, treat the hair with gel or foam. Use your hands to create a creative mess on your head. You can also form a mohawk or crest. In the first case, direct the extreme strands to the center, in the second - from the back of the head to the forehead. The use of styling tools required.

Pros and cons

Advantages of "Anderkat" are obvious, you just have to take a closer look at this hairstyle:

  • universal in terms of style and age,
  • creates a spectacular image, attracts attention,
  • does not require complicated care
  • has several options for execution and styling, it can look solid or youthful,
  • It looks stylish, elegant,
  • visually rejuvenates its owner,
  • suitable for men and women
  • is at the peak of popularity.

"Anderkat" visually stretches the face, makes it thinner. For holders of a wide facial oval, this will be beneficial, but in some cases this feature can be a minus. Other disadvantages of hairstyles, in addition to restrictions on the type of appearance:

  • requires regular updates at the hairdresser (this applies to the short part of the hair, otherwise the borders of the haircut contrasts will not be noticeable),
  • needs styling
  • differs in complexity of execution
  • the price of a haircut is quite high.

Star examples

Anderkat haircut is chosen by many famous men, recognized fashionistas. For instance, David Beckham, who especially often changed his image, being part of football teams. In the main photo from the Wikipedia page dedicated to him, the famous Englishman is depicted precisely with the “Anderkat” haircut.

Another soccer player, a German, chose a similar haircut for himself. Marco royce, including the German national team.

The Irish actor is known for the love of frequent hairstyles Colin Farrell. He wore an undercut with and without a tail. Apparently, Colin liked the second option more, because with this haircut he goes out for a rather long time.

Stylish "Anderkat" demonstrated by Hollywood friends Brad Pitt and George Clooney. See how a haircut blends with costumes.

Brad Pitt and George Clooney

Musicians also do not lag behind fashion trends. "Anderkat" successfully complemented the images Justin Timberlake and Robbie Williams.

Justin Timberlake and Robbie Williams

Also, a haircut easily fit into the image Sergey Lazarev and Alexey Vorobyov.

Sergey Lazarev and Alexey Vorobyov

In addition, the stylist prefers such a hairstyle. Vlad Lisovets.

"Anderkat" has all the prerequisites in order to become your favorite haircut for a long time. Choose the suitable option for yourself and decide on an experiment with hair. But do not forget that the hairstyle will look 100% stylish and elegant only after proper styling.

History of anderkat

The first to become a haircut in this style are warriors. Once upon a time men were not allowed to walk with short hair, but in battle long strands interfered.

Therefore, a good solution was chosen: to shave whiskey and the back of the head, and leave long strands on the top of the head.

Later, in the 20s of the 20th century, this model with this haircut appeared on the catwalks in America.

But she gained particular popularity recently: Now in the style of underkat can be cut in barbershops and in simple hairdressing salons.

Haircut Features

Underder is based on a principle built on contrast. it combination of a short shaved temporal part and a long bang on occiput and parietal region.

Undercut is the opposite of a classic men's haircut, which is characterized by smooth transitions.It is also distinguished by a noticeable contrast between the lengths of the strands, which makes this men's hairstyle so bright.


This haircut has several variations, so every man will be able to choose an undercoat that matches his style and character.

    1. Retro style implies short hair in the temples and long locks on the crown. The ideal styling for such a haircut is to comb your hair back.

    1. Military or short underker suitable for men who do not want to spend time laying, but at the same time strive to be stylish. In this version, whiskey and the back of the head are completely shaved, hair remains only on the top of the head.

    1. Pompadour suitable for those who do not want to cut their hair short. A distinctive feature of this variety of underker is the hair combed back. The longer the strands are, the more fashionable the haircut will be. Hair can be styled with mousse - this will add extra volume and help create a stylish hairstyle.

    1. Option parted or hair combed on its side. The upper strands should have a minimum length of 5cm. This is necessary in order to easily lay your hair on the right side, giving the necessary shape. This haircut is suitable for those who wear a beard. In this case, the master is also engaged in the design of a beard. Thus, emphasizing the symmetry of the parting. A clear contour, separated hair add solidity, confidence. Therefore, this option is often chosen by young businessmen and successful individuals.

  1. Punk or mohawk - This is the choice of bold, daring young men. The strands located on the top of the head must be long enough to create a mohawk. The length of the remaining hair should be minimal. This is an aggressive version of the undercard and is suitable for young confident people with an active lifestyle.

Who should do

Despite its popularity, the male undercut haircut is not suitable for everyone. Its worth doing:

  • holders straight hair with good stiffness. Although, skilled craftsmen can do undercut on wavy strands,
  • those who are willing to spend every day laying time this stylish haircut,
  • men with a dark shade of hair: the contrast of the cut line is more visible on them,
  • men round or square face.

Undercut men's haircut technology

To create this haircut, the master uses straight hairdressing scissors and a machine with various nozzles. Below is an instruction on how to make this haircut step by step.

  1. Begin to cut from the temporal region. The master selects the form depending on the selected underker.
  2. Nozzle No. 1 is used to work with hair growing in front of the ears. To work with the occipital region, take the nozzle number 2. The 3rd number is needed for a smooth soft transition to the strands on the crown.
  3. Hair cuts against the direction of growth.
  4. The desired length of the strands for this haircut is 10cm.
  5. All details are negotiated with the client, the undercard is selected individually, taking into account the particular appearance.

This video demonstrates how to cut and style:

How to stack

On the Internet you can find photos with various styling methods for short hair.

Anderkat refers to those haircuts that need to be monitored daily and put in order.

  1. The classic option - comb the bangs back and fix the styling tool.
  2. A bold decision is to create a crest from the upper strands. The styling agent is applied in the direction from the back of the head to the forehead.
  3. Form a mohawk and fix with hairspray.
  4. The extreme strands are laid towards the middle of the head and fixed with styling products.
  5. Form spikes like a hedgehog and secure with styling.

An undercut is a combination of style and masculinity. The man who made this haircut will immediately be in the spotlight - after all, such an original hairstyle will emphasize his personality and sense of style.

Undercut Haircut Technology

To perform a haircut, special tools are needed:

  • electric machine with a set of nozzles,
  • straight scissors
  • comb,
  • spray gun.

It should be remembered that the underker is not the easiest hairstyle, so trusting the work is best done by an experienced craftsman who is thoroughly familiar with the execution technology.

In accordance with the instructions, the haircut begins with the temporal area against hair growth. Next, the area is cut back, on the back of the head. At the same time, the master periodically changes the nozzles of the electric machine to achieve a smooth transition. So, when cutting the area near the ears, nozzle No. 1 (in rare cases, No. 0) is used, the nape is No. 2, and the crown is No. 3.

An experienced hairdresser, knowing the step-by-step process of work, can refuse to use an electric machine and perform a haircut with scissors.

Before you cut, you need to determine the length of the hair. The optimal length of the strands before the haircut is 10 cm. This length will allow, firstly, to increase the number of possible varieties of hairstyles, and secondly, will help the master to do his job better and more accurately and make the client a stylish styling.

Modern variations

Modern haircuts underderkat very diverse. They differ in the length of the hair and the methods of designing the temporal region (parting, clipped pattern, tattoo). Any man will find an option that he will like and ideally fit into the image.

  1. Undercut shortcut (military)
    The military option involves the complete shaving of the temporal and occipital areas and a short haircut of the upper part of the head. This simple and at the same time modern hairstyle does not require special care. It goes to almost everyone, easy to install. This saves a lot of time. The only negative is the need for frequent visits to the hairdresser in order to maintain a hairstyle. Otherwise, she will look sloppy and messy. The military can be effectively laid with a special wax.
  2. Pompadour
    This type of underker is characterized by strands of the same length on the back of the head and temples and longer on the top of the head. A distinctive feature of this variation of haircuts - hair combed back. So that the strands do not fly apart and keep their shape well, they must be laid using special means. For this purpose, you can use traditional mousse or more modern gel or wax. It is important to remember that the longer the hair, the more stylish and expressive the hairstyle will be.
  3. Undercut with side parting
    The only version of the undercard that is popular with employees of companies with a hard dress code. The fact is that a clear parting line is in perfect harmony with the business style of clothing, allowing the man to look not only stylish, but also solid. To keep the hairstyle neat, you need to style your hair with mousse. This will give them shine and the desired shape. Going to the hairdresser, you should not forget: that the underker with parting was performed efficiently, the minimum length of the strands in the upper part of the head should be 5 cm. Otherwise, the desired effect cannot be achieved, and the resulting hairstyle will have nothing to do with the one you wanted would have really.

Men's haircut undererkat - photos from all sides

Anderkat is a men's haircut that has subdued many men with its appearance and variety of styling. The fashionable shape and versatility of the hairstyle allows you to make a haircut to owners of various types of faces, any hair structure, combine it with any style of clothing.

All this speaks in favor of the underker in relation to other men's haircuts, which require care, styling and attention, which men do not always like.

How to cut hair while creating an undercut haircut? It’s worth mentioning right away that the technology for performing anderkat male haircut is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

Undercut haircuts belong to the category of complex styling, requiring serious attention to every detail. Therefore, it is necessary to consult before starting to create a hairstyle, be sure to consult with a hairdresser, tell him about what image a man expects.

The specialist, after listening to all the wishes, in turn, will list all existing types of styling. An undercut male haircut is shown below - a photo from all sides, which will allow a better look at the specifics of the hairstyle, its original appearance.

Undercut Shortcut - Military

If a man prefers the most simple, but at the same time modern hairstyle and has a short hair length, then he would like a short haircut underker male, which was called the military. It consists of completely shaved temporal parts, the occipital region and hair located on the upper part. The styling style is quite sharp, but it can be smoothed out, add elegance if you experiment with length. A short haircut in the style of underker is good because it does not require frequent care and attention from its wearer. All that is needed to maintain the shape of the hairstyle is a machine and a confident, firm hand. This will significantly save on visits to the hairdresser.

Who would like anderkat-style hairstyle?

Since the Undercut haircut has many variations of execution (short, long, side, and so on), the best option can be found for almost everyone. But there are some nuances that are worth considering:

  1. Anderkat haircut visually lengthens the face, and therefore it should not be chosen by representatives of the strong half of humanity with an elongated and very pointed face.
  2. Undercut looks most effective on dark hair, as it is more noticeable transition from short to long, which is precisely the highlight that distinguishes this haircut from others.
  3. The structure of the hair also plays a role - smooth and even hair is ideal for such a hairstyle, otherwise they will have to be styled daily using special cosmetics.
  4. Choosing Anderkat, it is necessary to analyze whether it suits the preferred style of clothing and lifestyle. For example, for men who choose classics (in spirit or based on the specifics of the profession), such a haircut is likely to look inappropriate.
  5. Undercut is mainly chosen by young, dynamic, confident people who want to stand out from the crowd and attract their eyes. Therefore, people who are humble, preferring to stay in the shade or have a respectable age, it is better to opt for something else.

Haircut technology "Anderkat"

    Using a nozzle No. 0 for an electric machine, shave your hair to the level of your temples or a little higher. Take the nozzle number 1 and cut the next level above the first. Its height is adjustable as desired. Taking the next largest nozzle, make another cut, leaving the hair a little longer than the level that was in front of him. Using an electric razor, remove all hair residue under the first layer. For a more thorough cleaning, you can use a trimmer or razor with a circular nozzle. Using a clipper with nozzle No. 0, make a smooth transition between the first and second levels (open lever, closed lever). Using different nozzles and adjusting the angle of the blade, make all transitions smooth (without lines). And with a sharp razor to make a clear line of fringing.

    Use scissors to cut the upper part of the hair. Need to cut in the technique of Point-cutting.

    Bring the hair to the desired length and shape, gently cutting from all sides. Apply a special cosmetic product to the hair and put it in the right direction using a hairdryer and comb.


This type of men's hairstyle with long hair, called Pompadour, was created for those who do not want to opt for short styling and want to add some zest to the look.

There are various variations of Pompadour, however, its invariable sign is that the hair is always combed back. The strands can be stacked with mousse or specially designed wax. Moreover, the longer the hair, the more stylish the haircut will look. It is important that the temporal part and the back of the head should not be completely shaved. A small length must be left so that the military-style styling does not work out.

How to lay an undercut on the side with a parting

Laying with parting again returned to the world of fashion. The classic type of male hairstyle, which has undergone some changes, was supplemented by partings and combed hair on the side of the head. A feature of haircuts anderkat with parting is that it assumes the mandatory presence of a hair length at the top of at least five centimeters. This length is necessary so that a man can comb his hair freely on any side without imposing the desired volume and desired texture.

A partkered hairstyle is perfect for guys with a beard and shaved stubble. Most often, those who have a beard in the salon make a beard outline, which should be in harmony with the hairdo, in particular with a parting. If you observe the severity of the lines, clearly separate the hair, then styling will look perfect with an official business suit. It is not surprising that this particular type of undercard is very popular among businessmen.

Curls in the format of the undercard

It is known that curly or simply naturally thick hair is very problematic to give the desired shape. However, choosing a haircut underker, the man saves himself from this problem. Despite the complexity of working with thick and thick strands, Anderkat will naturally and beautifully look on curly hair. It is worth noting that the haircut can easily be adjusted to work with this type of texture of curls. The contrast of curly hair and shaved temples will help create an original image, even more interesting than it looks on straight strands.

Specific traits

Characteristic features, as already mentioned, include short cut temporal and occipital zones with a possible sharp transition to the upper part of the head (parietal zone). The parietal zone, as a rule, is combed back with such a haircut. It was this particular touch that led the haircut to its current popularity. There are many varieties of this model. The hair of the parietal zone can be either very long or short (2-3 cm). Hair styling can be done by the growth of the hair of a particular person, or combed in any other direction, up to drying the hair up into the so-called "crest" or "surfer hairstyle". Also, the temporal and occipital zones can be either short (up to 3 mm) or shaved to absolute zero with a smooth transition to the top or without it. And the hair of the upper part of the head can be smoothly mixed with the lower part, which requires a lot of effort when styling. The key to a good haircut is proper care using professional cosmetics, namely styling products

Anderkat with a picture

Tousled hair, laid in a chaotic manner in combination with original patterns that are shaved on the temporal part or on the back of the head, will create a truly unique, bright and interesting image of a modern attractive young man. For proper care of this type of haircut, it is necessary to consider the following: if a man is the owner of thin and straight curls, then to create a chaotic shape on his head, it will be enough to use light wax. However, for stiff and thick hair, you will need to use clay or heavy varnish, through which the hair becomes obedient. As an addition to styling, you can add bright details in the form of patterns on the back of the head or in the temple area. They will help to give the haircut anderkat even more originality of appearance and general style.

Haircut History

Haircut originates in the United Kingdom.Its appearance dates back to about the 60s of the last century. Supposedly, the soldiers began to wear this haircut, as it was practical, but there is no official confirmation of this. She has been seen in other countries. According to various sources, it was worn in Germany during the Second World War, and in America at about the same time. She was very easy to wear, practical and did not require special skills in its execution. But we will return to this a bit later.

An undercut with a mohawk

This type of hairstyle in the presence of an Iroquois looks very bold and bold. It is especially suitable for young, active, self-confident guys who constantly and tirelessly work on the uniqueness of their image. The upper part of the hair, as a rule, should have a large length, since it is it that allows you to form a mohawk. He (in combination with a beard especially) gives militancy, masculinity and brutality to men who opted for this type of anderkat hairstyle.

All of the above options for the male haircut underker are unique and interesting in their own way. Every man who wants to make changes in his image and style will not regret that he chose one of the proposed ideas.

Types of haircuts

There are several main types of haircuts "Undercut".

  • The main view is a haircut with shaved temples and a nape, with an elongated top, combed back.
  • The second type is the same shaved sides and nape, but with a short top. The fantasy field for its laying has no boundaries.
  • And another view, but with a smoothly reduced upper, occipital, temporal zone, which can be laid both completely back and in any other directions, depending on the preferences and specifics of human hair.

Who is it for?

One cannot but agree that today the underker is one of the most popular men's haircuts. However, despite this, such a hairstyle is not suitable for all men. The success of any haircut depends on a number of factors: the face of a man, type of hair (hard, soft, wavy, straight, greasy), as well as everyday lifestyle and areas of activity.

In men with the following features of appearance, any type of haircut underker will look successful and stylish.

  • Straight hair with normal stiffness - This is an ideal option for such a haircut. It is easy to work with obedient straight hair during styling, it is easier to make a gradient or create a visual effect of volume.

  • One of the main principles of undercut haircuts - achieving the maximum contrast of long hair and bangs and shaved temples. Best of all, this contrast will be noticeable on men with dark or black hair color. With blond hair, the underker can also look good, but only if there is a lot of hair.

  • Anderkat is best for men with a round or square face shape. This haircut will help visually stretch your face and soften its sharp features. In addition, according to many women, anderkat with a square face, smoothly combed back hair and ultra-short temples looks extremely sexy.

Do not forget about men with an oval face shape - any short haircut will look harmonious and stylish on them.

  • This haircut is one of those that require constant care and regular styling.to look neat and stylish. That is why it is advised to choose the representatives of the stronger sex, who are willing to spend at least 15 minutes daily on their hair.

If a man has the symptoms listed below, a haircut of this type will most likely not suit him.

  • The main task of undercut clipping in the male bow is to visually lengthen or stretch the face, to make it more regular and oval. That is why such a hairstyle should not be worn by men with a rather elongated face or very sharp chin.
  • An undercut is a haircut for young men full of strength, ambition and aspirations that are not afraid to be in the spotlight. And therefore, it will look unsuccessful on elderly or mature men, prone to a slow and measured lifestyle.
  • She looks best with obedient and even hair. If you are the owner of oily and coarse hair, you will have to spend much more time on daily styling and washing your hair.
  • Despite the fact that such a haircut can look stylish and harmonious with wavy hair, for people with naughty curls it will not be the best solution. Be that as it may, the underker requires a certain styling, which is difficult to perform on dense curly hair.
  • A haircut should be in harmony with the image of a man and his inner world. For example, on men who prefer business suits and a strictly planned lifestyle, as well as showing iron will, the underscore will most likely not look very appropriate. This haircut is appropriate for more relaxed men with an open and creative look at the world around them.
  • Anderkat looks best on men with a slim physique. She will not be able to qualitatively emphasize the winning features of overweight people. The same applies to the underder in the bow of the very muscular representatives of the stronger sex - the classic version of the haircut will speak more about the immediacy of a man and his sense of style than about his power and strength.

Technique and styling

The technology of performing the underker is not particularly difficult - with proper patience and attention, absolutely anyone can cope with this haircut. However this option hairstyles does not apply to those that can be done at home. Here you will need help to trim the hair on the back of the head and temples, which is impossible to do on your own.

For a haircut, you will need an electric machine, ordinary and thinning scissors, as well as clips, hair clips or invisible to fix hair.

  • Before the haircut, the hair should be washed and thoroughly dried, gently combed. Some hairdressers prefer to work with slightly moistened hair.
  • Using clips or invisibles, separate the hair on the top of the head, as well as the bangs from the rest of the hair on the temples and back of the head.
  • Next, use the nozzle number 1 or 0 (at the request of the client) in order to shave the hair on the temples. At this stage, parting is made, as well as graphic images on the temples. Cut hair should be against the hairline.
  • Using the nozzle number 2, process the hair line closest to the temples (parallel to the parting) on ​​the crown. This is necessary to create a smooth transition in the hairstyle.
  • Treat the middle line of hair with a machine with nozzle No. 3.
  • To make the hairstyle look natural or sloppy, the top and ends of the hair are treated with thinning scissors. This will simultaneously create a kind of cascade in the hairstyle and allow in the future to perform more complex styling.

After the haircut, it’s time for styling. It should be noted that the underker accepts absolutely any styling tools. Foam, varnish, wax or gel can be used here, but much depends on the literacy of the styling and the appropriateness of a particular product in the onion.

  • Gel. This is a great option for men who prefer smoothly combed hair at the crown. The gel simultaneously fixes the hair and gives it a natural and beautiful shine. The downside of the gel is that the hair after it needs to be thoroughly washed.
  • Mousse or foam. This tool is more suitable for men who prefer easy fixation of curls in uncomplicated haircuts. The foam creates a pleasant wavy strands, softens the lines of curls and does not stick hair. This is the best option for a daily bow.
  • Wax. Like gel, it is used, as a rule, in smooth hairstyles. Wax perfectly fixes hair and effectively highlights their tips against the background of the entire hairstyle. Wax is often used in hairstyles with sharp and unusual bangs or mohawk, where the main attention is paid to the appearance of the ends of the hair.
  • Lacquer. It is considered the most universal tool - it does not weigh down the hair, provides a long and effective fixation, and can also be used in the creation of both simple and most complex hairstyles. The only minus of the varnish is that the hair after its use becomes dry and needs to be washed frequently.

You can highlight some of the most common haircut styling schemes underker. Each of them uses a specific styling tool.

  • Classic styling. In this case, the bangs and hair on the crown with a gel, wax or foam are combed back, then lifted and fixed with varnish.

  • The "crest" effect. When styling hair, a styling agent is applied along the hair growth, forming a bang that is raised up at the very beginning line of their growth.

  • Iroquois - an ambiguous version of the hairstyle for the most daring and relaxed men. In this case, the product is applied to the hair in the direction from both temporal lobes. At the same time, a peculiar comb is formed on the head from vertically set hair, which is fixed with the help of varnish.

  • Hedgehog is another popular option., involving ultra-short temples and raised hair of medium length on the head. In order for the “hedgehog” to look more spectacular, men resort to using gel or varnish.

  • Anderkot retro. In this case, the whiskey is shaved, and the hair on the crown is combed back as smoothly or sideways as possible.

A distinctive feature of this option is the complete absence of volume at the crown.

  • Option with a long bang. In this case, the main part of the hair on the crown is fixed with styling products, and the bangs are treated with soft foam or wax and lowered down, framing the cheekbones and cheeks.

The main condition is that the bangs look natural, which is why gel or varnish with ultra-strong fixation does not fit here.

  • Anderkat with a beam. This is the easiest styling option among the rest - in this case, all the hair is carefully combed back and fixed with an elastic band on the back of the head. This option is only suitable for long hair - at least 15 cm, otherwise individual strands will look sloppy due to the crown.

As an elastic, it is best to use silicone options, of a color that is transparent or similar to the shade of the hair.

Beautiful examples

An example of a classic underker for medium hair. Obvious signs of such a haircut are ultra-short or shaven whiskey and hair combed back or to one side.

Creative is a chic option for young men with an extraordinary bow and creative mindset, as the following examples prove.

As you can see, a spectacular and well-groomed beard and mustache go well with this type of haircut.

Spectacular and sloppy hanging bangs are a great addition to a hairstyle like anderkat. This makes the image of a man more dynamic and fresh.

Parting in anderkat haircut is able to radically change the face of a man. Usually this option is used by purposeful men.

A popular option for modern young men is an undercut with a beam. Such a haircut can look very original in a suitable look or with a certain type of hair.

Patterns, tattoos, or shaved stripes are a frequent addition to a man’s original look. Such elements are used by men to create additional accents and individualize their own personalities.

Curly or wavy hair is not an obstacle if you want to use anderkat in a stylish look. As you can see, whiskey in most cases form a smooth transition to the crown, and not shaved bald. The contrast in this case is ensured by the texture of the hair itself.

Undercut Haircut Technology

If you believe the statistics, this haircut can only be done by a hairdresser at least mid-level. Anyone who has a minimum basic level of hairstyles creation is unlikely to be able to cope with the creation of this hairstyle.

So, the undercut hair cutting technology is as follows:

  1. In the crown area, the hair must be separated and fixed with an elastic band or something similar. Fixation must be carried out so that the hair does not fall down.
  2. On the rest of the head, hair needs to be cut. To do this, use a clipper and nozzle unit.
  3. Some customers on the shorn part want to draw graphic outlines. You can use a razor for this.
  4. After the temporal and occipital part of the head is trimmed, processing of the remaining upper part begins. To work with her, the mater usually uses thinning scissors. The length of the strands on the top depends on the desire of the client.
  5. It is best to cut your hair in different directions. Then later on this haircut it will be possible to make various styling. Thus, the same foundation will allow you to walk with different styling.

In order to form any non-standard image on the basis obtained, one can use fashionable directions of coloring. For example, highlighting or coloring.

As mentioned above, usually the bottom remains dark, and the top is painted in lighter colors. Those who prefer to shock the public use bright trend colors - blue, pink, green, red or blue for coloring.

Often the hairstyle is decorated with colored locks (feathers). This is when a single strand is dyed in a different color than the rest of the hairstyle. For example, the bottom is dark, the top is light and one strand of red or green. Thus, with the help of this haircut, a man is able to stand out from the surrounding crowd. To reveal, let’s say, your character to others.


Dandy's style - as statistics show, fans of this variant of the undercard are most often office workers and representatives of the business community. Classically, the style does not match their lifestyle. Therefore, this option differs from the above in that the nape and temples are not shaved to zero, but are cut as short as possible with scissors. At the top, everything is also - strands elongated and straight,

With gradient

Anderkat with a gradient. A distinctive characteristic of this option is that her contours are somewhat softened. Which is trying on a haircut for those who do not like chaos on their heads. And with a gradient at the crown, quite ordinary men can also wear their hair. Who do not want to stand out, but at the same time keep up with fashion trends.

As practice shows, when choosing any option, a man will still have to regularly maintain her form. After all, the expressiveness of the hairstyle requires daily styling.

The traditional styling model provides that the hair on top will be combed back. This is a particularly good option for a round face. And if you complement the hairstyle with a one-day bristle, then the image of a brutal macho is provided to you.

For the Dandy style, it is proposed to lay the bangs on its side, then your appearance can be considered ideal for a business man. Especially if all this is combined with classic-style clothes.

For "rebels", stylists recommend that the hair on the crown be laid in the form of a "mohawk." The attention of those around you is guaranteed.

For meeting in an informal setting, it is recommended to prefer laying a “hedgehog”. To obtain it, dry and clean hair should be treated with a small amount of styling gel.

Small subtleties

Before you make an undercut on your head, determine your hair type and face shape in advance. Decide what length of hair you want to have on the top of your head, and how your head and temples will be cut.

To create a stylish short men's haircut, stylists recommend using scissors or nozzles on the machine - No. 2 or 3 (the value of the number corresponds to such a value in mm.). The hair length in this case depends only on your desire.

To facilitate laying, the locks can be made of various lengths. Know the longer the hair, the easier it is to style. And the more spectacular the undercoat will look on your head.

Before you go to the salon, find a photo of the haircut that you want to see on your head. Then you will not need to waste time explaining to the hairdresser what you want to see on your head.

Laying rules

Before visiting the salon, stock up on styling products for men. For example, for a narrow face it will be optimal to smoothly comb your hair back. This can be done with mousse or foam.

With a full face, volumetric bangs are suitable for its correction. In general, this haircut provides that the bangs can be laid in different ways and in any direction.

Hairstyle cap on long hair: technology for creating and styling

Watch the video: Undercut Hairstyle Tutorial. 5 Styling Tips For Medium Length Hair (February 2020).

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