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Knitted underpants for men: cool varieties of woolen linen

February 23 is coming soon
Hurry to please your men.

Cool knitted men's panties original gift for men.
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Delivery to the cities of Russia and Ukraine within 3-5 days.

-60% discount on panties extended until February 15th.

Price including discounts - 1450 rubles.

We send cash on delivery, payment upon receipt.

It is not strange, 90% of our customers are girls)

Knitted men's underwear-jokes "Elephant" Long live on April 1!

I post my description of the work of the Elephant trunks-jokes. It’s jokes, because they order them from my ladies on February 23 and April 1 as a funny presentation, and not for constant wear. MK contains "vulgar" photos (as it turned out), so please ask me to pass by!

Filler for toys (holofiber or cotton wool, thread residues)

We will knit shorts from the bottom up, without seams on the sides, in a circular motion. There will be two seams: when sewing gussets (it seems so called) on one side with a knitted seam and a top for the elastic at the top. In fact, these are full-fledged boxer shorts with mischievous details. so if someone wants to give her husband warm pants, please go to our hut.
The best thing take the already existing underpants at the donee and carry out control measurements in the rows where it says Attention!

3. Out .: 80 purls
4. Faces: +2 loops (82 facial loops)
5. Out .: 82 Wrong
6. Persons: + 2 loops (84 facial)
7. Rep .: 84 purl
8. Persons: +2 (86 facial)
9. Rep .: 86 purl
10. Persons: +2 (88 personal)
11. Rep .: 88 purl
12. Persons: +2 (90 personal)
13. Rep .: 90 purl
14. Persons: +2 (92 personal)
15. Outward: 92 Wrong
16. Attention! We connect two legs on the back as follows: hem, add one loop from the broach, 91 front loops, dial 16 loops, 91 faces, add one loop from the broach, hem. (we continue to knit from the same skein as the first part of the boxers, we leave the thread that remains not working, DO NOT TURN)

Loop increase at the end of the row:

17. Rep .: 202 purl
18. Persons: Attention! In this row, add 3 loops at the beginning and 3 loops at the end of the row. (208 facial)

Women's panties

Naturally, in the pursuit of fashion, women began to wear knitted lingerie. This trend was introduced by needlewomen from the Polish village of Konyakow, known for their famous Konyakovo lace. When they were tired of knitting napkins, sleeves and collars, they began to knit thongs. Panties made by Polish craftswomen are a real work of art. The new direction has become so popular that they began to sell such underwear via the Internet. The cost of such shorts is not affordable for everyone, but if you know how to knit, then why not create such beauty with your own hands for your beloved?

We select yarn and knitting needles

For knitting women's swimming trunks and men's boxers for sanitary reasons, it is advisable to use thin yarn from 100% cotton of the Iris brand for a hook or Miss (Alize) for knitting needles. In this case, your body will not only show off, but also “breathe” freely. Take a hook or knitting needle slightly thinner than the yarn or the same. The main thing is that the effect is not very tight knitting, otherwise there will be discomfort when wearing the product.

A pair of knitted women's panties

Making a pattern of cowards

Method number 1. Pattern on paper.

It is necessary to take purchased swimming trunks as the basis, the most convenient and beloved model. Secure with pins on thick paper (Whatman paper), a little stretched. Make sure that on the pattern, the width of the upper part of the swimming trunks matches half your thigh size. Circle the contour with a pen or marker. Gusset on the pattern will be located in the center. In appearance, it should resemble an hourglass (a detailed view of swimming trunks).

Method number 2.Pillow - mannequin.

You can take as an assistant a medium-sized pillow, for example, a sofa. Dressed on her panties will take on the form that you need. You do not need to transfer the pattern to paper. In the knitting process, just apply your work to the pillow for comparison. Very comfortably!

Openwork knitted thong

The principle of knitting female and male underpants

Swimming trunks without ornament. If your panties will not have a picture, it is convenient to start work from above. First knit the front of the pattern. It will turn out in the form of a straight strip, then make reductions before the gusset. The gusset needs to be knitted without reducing the loops, literally several rows. Then switch to the other side of the product, rising from the bottom up, making additions on each side. Depending on the degree of slope of the line, add in each or through one front row.

Trunks with ornament. If you plan to make a pattern on women's panties, you need to start knitting on top and knit in a circle so that the ornament does not work upside down. Having reached the place of decrease, each side (front and back) needs to be knitted separately. Tie a gusset to one side. The result is one small seam at the junction of the gusset and the back of the panties.

Men's underpants. With the male version is a little more complicated. The front side of the product has a volumetric part that requires special patience and knowledge. Because of her, boxers have an increased level of difficulty. Who knows the principle of reduction - adding loops, he will certainly cope with this task. I won’t give photos, they’re all funny :)

It’s better to start knitting a male model of underpants from below, with trouser legs, and at once with two - for symmetry.

Swimwear. There is another story about this type of knitted underwear. The function of swimwear is one - to emphasize the beauty of your body on the beach, to attract admiring glances. Take a look at the page knitted swimsuits with needles or crochet, here you will find the most successful work of our craftswomen!

Here is a small kaleidoscope of the work of our craftswomen from the forum:

Knitted underpants

Another novelty broke into the world of cool and unusual men's underwear - knitted shorts. These cool men's underpants can have a proboscis, resembling an elephant or some other funny details. Such underwear looks quite funny, but whether it can be worn every day - it still remains under a big question mark.

Of course, such underwear for men has its pros and cons, and the following scheme will help to consider them in more detail:

Advantages of Knitted UnderpantsDisadvantages of this underwear
- attractive and original appearance,

- a good option as a gift for those who love something non-standard,

- this option is natural and warm enough,

- You can safely wear these underpants in the winter at home.

- Do not wear under normal clothes,

- not suitable for regular wear,

- it can be a little hot and uncomfortable in them,

- the product may cause some irritation if worn for too long,

- the price of such a gift for a beloved man will not be so low.

He will study the advantages and disadvantages of such men's underwear, it is safe to say that the man himself will not go to buy knitted shorts for himself. Most often, this thing is bought by girls to their boys as a New Year or Christmas gift, which you can brag of your soulmate. Somewhere in the evening, at home, you can put on such shorts, but not in tight jeans or work, and you should not wear them regularly.


If a man receives a gift in the form of cool knitted underpants, he will definitely be delighted. The main characters of this underwear can be monkeys, boas, powerful bears or cute elephants. In addition to funny animals, on the underwear can be original inserts or inscriptions.

It looks funny enough and any girl will be delighted if a man appears in front of her wearing such a gift. Most of these models are handmade products that fit neatly, do not have seams and other uncomfortable details.


In the photo, such men's underwear looks quite funny and unusual, but in fact, it is very warm and comfortable. The advantages of woolen men's underpants can be considered such parties:

  • have an interesting and unusual appearance,
  • they warm well in the cold season,
  • are comfortable enough and do not pinch anything,
  • allow the skin to breathe.

Yes, you can’t wear such underpants under a business suit or tight jeans, but you can safely use them in your home, in the cold winter. Warm knitted shorts can be considered the trend of the new winter season and the perfect gift that will prove that the person who presented it has a taste.

With inserts

Another interesting kind of knitted men's underwear. Such underpants look original. The inserts help make the laundry more comfortable and practical.

This option is not overly dense, in the home space, with thin sweatpants, it will fit well.

What conclusions should be made

Knitted shorts are creative and fun, but you should not consider them as a daily option, even in the cold winter. Occasionally, in a home environment, you can please yourself and your chosen one with such a thing, but you can’t put it on the way out.

These underpants are an ideal gift option that a man should pull out of the closet on special occasions. For daily use, it is better to choose ordinary boxers or something like that, because it will be much easier and more comfortable. And it is better to protect knitted shorts for a cold winter evening, which a man is going to spend in the company of his second half.


One of the good options for underwear are underpants with non-standard and funny drawings and inscriptions. The selection of products is impressive, so everyone can choose the most suitable option for themselves:

  1. Cartoon characters.
  2. Sexy lettering.
  3. Funny faces.
  4. Emoticons
  5. In the form of jeans shorts.
  6. Cool knitted underpants for men.
  7. Printed with a knitted sweater, x-ray, elephant with trunk and ears, with a three-dimensional image and so on.

Why buy?

Funny, stylish and original products are not just underwear or an intimate part of a man’s wardrobe, it is also a guarantee of a good mood, new emotions and impressions, and sometimes pleasant memories. Such products can be indispensable even on vacation, because it looks almost like swimming trunks. In such shorts you can swim on the beach, as well as retire after a romantic walk with an attractive companion.

If your girlfriend likes to have fun and laugh, then even in an intimate setting you can increase her interest and curiosity with cool swimming trunks. Sometimes, to get a girl completely, only a couple of steps are missing, but non-standard intimate clothes can help intrigue her and reach her goal. After all, a man who does not hesitate to joke, even choosing underwear, is really confident and attractive in the eyes of women.

Funny underpants for men can be presented as a pleasant gift to your young man or husband. Not all guys dare to buy something unusual and cool for themselves as an item from an intimate wardrobe, because many are simply embarrassed. Unlike a gift to a woman, panties with a funny picture or inscription can be presented not only to the person with whom you are in close relations. Often, such accessories become relevant as a gift to colleagues, brothers or relatives. But if you still choose cool men's underwear for your boyfriend, then you can certainly choose the right print, image or inscription so that the gift finds a certain zest.

Variety of models

To date, panties for men with jokes are performed in the following models and styles:

  • The usual “family” models are a free and simple cut, a classic style that can be varied with a non-standard pattern.
  • Boxers are tight-fitting options that attractively fit the buttocks, slim the figure and make the man even more sexy. If you choose men's boxer shorts with jokes or a flirting inscription, this will make the owner of the thing even more interesting in the eyes of a companion.
  • Swimming trunks - can be used in everyday life, and for classes in the pool, and on the beach. Non-standard inscriptions or pictures will be able to cheer up not only the owner of the thing, but also others.

Features of the design of linen, which is in the assortment of our store

You can buy cool underpants for men of any size and style anywhere, but this does not mean that they will be safe and comfortable in everyday life. For this reason, you should pay attention to our store. Yes, with us you will not find funny underpants for men, but we offer goods much better. You can take care of your health or the health of your husband or boyfriend by choosing a product in our catalog, which is made using unique innovative technology.

Even tight-fitting underpants in our store are the safest for health. The design of the models has a special inner pocket in which you can conveniently place male dignity without constraining or squeezing it. Underpants made in such an anatomical design make it possible to feel comfortable in any clothing and setting, and allow the body to “breathe”. The structure does not allow contact with the skin, which guarantees a decrease in the temperature indicators of the scrotum, normalizes the production of testosterone, and improves the qualitative characteristics of sperm.

We care about the reputation of the company and value every client, therefore we provide exclusively high-quality goods from natural fabrics. If you have any additional questions, or a desire to purchase original and comfortable underpants, then contact us at the specified phone number or place your order directly on the site. There is no doubt - call, order and make your life joyful, safe and comfortable!

Underwear Models

Models of lingerie for the fair sex are so diverse and unique, everyone will find what they like. By the way, panty schemes can be found on our website! Modern needlewomen knit almost all types of panties: thongs, swimming trunks, shorts, panties with ties, as well as erotic lingerie, designed for a specific case. For a particular type of panties, different materials are needed, for example, for weightless thongs or erotic lingerie, a very thin cotton or silk thread is needed, but for warm shorts for weather it is better to take 100% merino wool. It is soft, warm and does not prick at all. In winter, you definitely will not freeze! The choice in the stores for needlework is now quite large, so choosing the right yarn will not be difficult.

Knitted thong panties

Knitting techniques

Knit panties for the fairer sex in various techniques, but mainly in the manufacture of underwear using delicate crochet patterns. There are needlewomen who knit this wardrobe item even on a fork. Exquisite panties are obtained by knitting.

Such lingerie for women looks very beautiful and romantic, and most importantly - exclusive. This is probably why it has been so popular lately!

Original briefs - elephant

Such underpants are very original and carry a piece of humor. For example, the well-known cowards - the elephant just conquered both women and men! The elephant fits quite simply, and the scheme for them can be found on the site. Even a beginner knitter, no doubt, will cope with such a task.This gift will surely please any man and will add a bright sparkle to his married life. By the way, there are panties not only with an elephant, but also with a carrot, a snake, etc., which means that the variety of this wardrobe item is limited by the imagination of the craftswoman herself.

Knitting for men's underpants

For the manufacture of male models, knitters mainly use knitting needles, since lace is not suitable for such shorts, it is not practical to use a hook. But some still crochet for men, mostly underpants - boxers. But an elephant with a trunk is still better to knit with cotton thread, for example, from mercerized cotton.

Baby panties

What could be better than knitted panties for children. Such underwear can be used both in everyday life and for a children's photo shoot. There is another name for such panties for children - companion. This wardrobe item is worn on top of the diaper. They prevent leakage and at the same time prevent overcooling.

Baby knitted panties

Knitting materials

They are usually knitted from merino wool, it is soft and comfortable for children. Also, you can use cotton or any other children's yarn. But the panties for the photo shoot of the newborn can be knitted from any suitable thread: cotton, baby acrylic, wool mixture. The main thing is that the thread is hypoallergenic.

Lingerie is a wonderful gift

Thus, knitted underwear is widespread due to its uniqueness and presentable appearance. It can be a wonderful vintage gift for any occasion, make a vivid impression in your sex life, become an addition to a children's photo shoot, and also just please you with its warmth every day.


As a person who often falls out of the usual dimensional grid, I was most worried about landing. You could, of course, not worry and make an order by your standards. But I certainly wanted knickers in beige. And they walked precisely along the dimensional grid.

Panties came in size S. My parameters: waist circumference - 72 cm, hip circumference - 89 cm.

What things do I usually check with panties when trying on:

  1. Are your legs tightly squeezed? Girth may be too large.
    In this case, the decorative trim at the bottom of the panties, which does not constrict the vessels, sits well and feels comfortable when worn. Win-win.
  2. High-waisted panties often encounter the problem that free space and wrinkles form on the back closer to the top of the product.
    Here again, everything was fine (see photos on me).

In general, worried in vain. The only thing is that I would like a belt a couple of centimeters wider and freer. Therefore, when re-ordering, I would still try to make a request for panties by my standards. Moreover, the brand provides such an option and this does not affect the final price of the product.

The overall rating for panties is 9 out of 10. Panties are high-quality, tactile and aesthetically pleasing. Both panties and shorts have an attractive color scheme. For example, for a long time I could not decide between beige, flesh-pink and pale blue.

Despite the relative seasonality of the products, I wish the brand success. I want them to please us with new warm concise things in the new seasons. You can support Bureau de Tricoti by making an order now and then in the fall you will not have to think about warm panties. Or maybe by that time you want one more.

How to wear

Bureau de Tricoti suggest wearing knickers and shorts, not only as a warm layer between underwear and clothes, but also for show. “They can walk around the house, spend a cozy weekend in the country, exercise (dancing, ballet, yoga, winter sports).”

I asked Bureau de Tricoti about the size range, the composition of shorts and plans for the near future:

Do you now provide tailoring for customers by the standards and are you planning in the near future?

Our size range is usually S, M, L. We also knit linen by individual standards. Work takes 2-5 days depending on the workload of production. Cost, of course, does not change.

Which colors in the collection are permanent, and which ones change depending on the collection?

We buy yarn in stock stores, and there is an unstable assortment of articles and colors. First, we experimented with different brands, chose two, we use only them. We always have the basic colors (black, milky, gray, dark blue, dark green), and the rest will change. We plan to make thematic collections.

Tell us more about the panty material.

We knit and tested many types of Italian yarn. We settled on two. Both are 100% extrafine merino in composition (this is wool sheared from fine-wool Australian merino sheep). Both are soft, pleasant to the body. They are distinguished by twisted threads and the appearance of a light gun after 2-3 washes.

Is there an international delivery on request and is it planned in the near future?

We have delivery in Europe:
1. Russian Post, about 500 rubles. (8 euros), 10-14 days (but may be delayed at customs until 21 days),
2. EMS, about 1500r. (23 euros), 7-10 days.
Payment is possible through PayPal.

What are your brand plans for the near future?

Photos of the new lookbook should say everything for us (we plan to do everything by June-July). In addition to shorts and knickers, we want to produce shirts, body, turtlenecks, hats and berets.

Watch the video: How to Crochet Undies : Crochet Lessons (February 2020).

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