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Tennis haircut - a simple and elegant hairstyle for men of any age

Tennis - this sport, gave the name to the original male, modern haircut. Training under the scorching sun for a long time caused quite a lot of problems and discomfort for players with long hair, but I didn’t want to get a short haircut so as not to lose a sense of our own style and personality, in addition to young players whose success depended not only on the game and its results, but also on the appearance of the athlete himself. Then, especially for tennis players, this haircut was created - tennis, which is very popular all over the world now.

Initially, the master begins to cut from the temples, then she cuts them with a machine above the upper edge of the ear, as a result, behind the auricles, gradually continuing to cut the occipital part. The master pulls the hair on the crown with his fingers and cuts it perpendicular upward. The hair at the crown is connected with the length of the hair at the temples from the back of the head. Hair must be pulled back, the accurate appearance of the hairstyle depends on this. the master carefully processes the nape and whiskey with a typewriter.

What a haircut looks like: options

This restrained and concise hairstyle is designed for different ages, including men over 40 years old. It is enough to leave a length of 3-5 cm at the very top. You can highlight the options:

This is a short option for the youngest. It looks a lot like a haircut boxing. Hair cut using a hair clipper. Longer strands are left in the parietal region. For greater texture, the master aligns the length in a straight line.

Haircut tennis and its varieties

Since the T-shirt is a very fashionable and widespread male haircut, it has several types. For hair with different types, for different faces, styles and ages, here are some of them:

The hair is longer at the crown and very short cut whiskey, while they “puff” like a hedgehog needle, which is why they called it a haircut.

Who would like a Tennis haircut?

Mowing tennis is absolutely universal. There are no contraindications, so to speak. You just need to choose the right edition.

There are three main varieties of this hairstyle:

    A very short "Tennis", which in common people is called "Beaver". It is suitable for amateurs to cut their hair very short, as an alternative to a “zero” haircut, outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. Looks perfect with all existing clothing styles, suitable for all types of faces and for any hair structure. The only points that you should pay attention to when choosing this option are the correct shape of the skull and the presence of defects on the scalp. The length of hair in “Bobrik” is minimal and they do not hide the listed disadvantages, if any, it is better to choose a “Hedgehog” or “Tennis Car”. Model "Tennis" or simply "Hedgehog". Suitable for almost everyone. A great option for work and leisure, and for the official classics, and for a tracksuit. Children, young people, and people of the same age can do the same haircut in the same way. This hairstyle looks neat and easy to wear, does not require special care and styling. And an extended version of the haircut - "Kare." This kind of "Tennis" was created by hairdressers especially for men who prefer to wear longer haircuts. The hair on the temples, nape and crown remains longer than in the previous versions, but proportions are observed. A prerequisite is the absence of bangs falling on the eyes. The front of the hair must certainly be lifted up. Daily styling is required, and therefore this haircut will not appeal to everyone.

In addition to the three basic haircut models, there is another - youth "Tennis". Its essence lies in the creative performance of familiar editions - a short or, conversely, long fringe is added. Hair is not laid up, but on one side or completely ruffled, there is an unusual parting and so on.

What does a men's haircut look like tennis

Modern variations of haircuts are very diverse and do not depend on the shape of the head, face, length, hair structure. This is a universal hairstyle that looks appropriate on all men. Even the owners of curly and curly hair can choose a suitable option for themselves. The hairstyle in the classic version assumes the presence of relatively elongated hair on the crown of the head, and strands are cut short on the back of the head and temples. During hair cutting, it is important to create a smooth transition between different lengths, which is the main feature.

Description of a short tennis hairstyle, how it looks

Stacking tennis belongs to the category of universal. Every guy or mature man will be able to find his own style, while it does not matter what type of hair he has - straight or wavy. In terms of creating a hairstyle is simple, so that any experienced master to cope with this task. In addition, even someone from your loved ones at home will be able to do the styling.

Thus, it will be possible to save money. Tennis is a fairly comfortable hairstyle, because in it a man will feel comfortable both in childhood and in winter. In addition, the haircut looks very neat and does not require special care. All that is required of you is to simply wash your hair and comb it.

Tennis hairstyle can be made in several ways, each of which has its own characteristics.

Origin history

The name is not accidental: the haircut originates from the world of sports, and more precisely from tennis, where athletes spend a lot of time in the game: three or more hours on the court. In hot weather, long hair and even medium ones interfere strongly, quickly get dirty on clay courts. As a result, a combination of circumstances led to such a form of haircuts, when the temples and the back of the head were cut, and longer hair on the crown did not create a feeling of shaving under zero. Men's tennis haircut quickly gained popularity and gained recognition not only in this sport, but also in others, and then became fashionable among children, youth and adult men.

Scheme and technology for cutting Tennis

Mowing tennis is cut according to one of the following schemes.

The simplest option is a short “Tennis”, and therefore it is on it that you should analyze the haircut technology in more detail. The remaining options differ from this mainly only in the total length of hair on the temples, nape and crown.

    Install nozzle No. 1 on the electric clipper and process the back of the head and the area behind the ears to the level of the temples. Change the nozzle to No. 2 and rise a little higher, forming a smooth transition between the short temporal, occipital and longer parietal zones. Put the nozzle number 3 and rise even higher. A uniform transition is created by changing the angle of inclination of the blade of the machine. Straight scissors, starting from the back of the head and moving towards the forehead, cut off the hair from the parietal part of the head to the desired length.


Hairstyle today relevant and modern. She looks great on young guys and teens. Its characteristic features are long hair in the parietal part of the head and short in the neck and temples.

Styling looks great on thick and soft hair and can be stacked in many ways.

What kind of men go tennis

Hairstyles should be chosen based on their own taste preferences, features of appearance. As mentioned above, a tennis haircut is suitable for every man with any face shape, physique, hair structure. This option is not suitable only for those who prefer longer hair, do not like to have a short haircut. This option is especially convenient for a neat children's haircut.

With obvious irregularities that are present on the skull, it is better to choose a hedgehog haircut, which is able to visually align the surface of the head, hide all the imperfections. If the face is round, give preference to the square, as it can visually lengthen the face. The youth version allows you to create an excellent, stylish, relevant styling for any type of face, and a beaver can hide too long a face.

Haircut hedgehog for boys

The hairstyle contains elongated hair on the top of the head, as a result of which they are laid like spikes in a hedgehog. The strands on the occipital and temporal parts are shorter than the bulk. This is precisely the hallmark of the hedgehog.

This styling should be used by guys with a thin oval-shaped face. The hair structure can be absolutely any, cut curly. On such strands to get the proper effect does not work.

Types of Men's Haircuts Tennis

To make it easier to choose the perfect haircut, it is recommended to see how it looks on real people with different face shapes, appearance and clothing styles. To do this, below are photographs of men with a “Tennis” haircut, which are grouped by hairstyle variety.

Types of haircuts tennis

If you think that a tennis haircut exists only in the classic version, then you are mistaken: this hairstyle has many variations. By modifying the length of the hair, you have the opportunity to find your own way to emphasize individuality, style, and adjust facial features. Hairstyles are divided into several options, depending on which accents should be present.


This kind of tennis is the shortest. The strands in the crown area are cut evenly, and the hair in the temporal and occipital region is short, their length reaches 1 mm. With this hairstyle, you can reduce the size of the head, so this should be taken into account when choosing a styling.

Beaver is a practical and versatile option that can be applied to all types of hair.

Who is suitable for

Men's tennis haircut is universal due to its varieties. External features and the desired length are taken into account. Choose one of the options:

    Beaver. Suitable for athletes and those who cut their hair short. It is relevant for those who go to court or work out in the gym. The correct shape of the head and the absence of defects on the skin are important. The length will be minimal, so the flaws immediately become noticeable.

Note! When choosing a men's haircut tennis, it is better to focus on the features of appearance. It is also important whether there is time for regular styling or if you need a universal hairstyle.

Tennis haircut became the base for various options for men's hairstyles, as it is carried out taking into account the individual characteristics of the man's appearance. When it is performed, solutions are offered for both hard and short hair, and for thick and curly curls. She will help to cope with naughty hair and give them the desired shape.

When choosing a model, the shape and proportions of the face are taken into account. In some cases, a haircut emphasizes the perfect oval and pronounced cheekbones. In others, it helps to hide some flaws. The model can look modern or solid. An important feature is the compatibility with most clothing styles - business, casual, sports.

Short tennis

The photo above shows the shortest variation of “Tennis” - “Beaver”, and the video shows the technology of its execution. All owners of this haircut look presentable and solid. It is also mysterious and attractive, which will cause special interest in the female half of the population. In addition, the hairstyle is very practical, as it does not require styling and can be combined with any outfit.

General description

Of particular note is the game of tennis. The action taking place on the court fascinates, attracts all the attention of the audience. It is not surprising that the appearance of tennis players has special requirements. The success of the game depends not only on the points received, but also on the presentable appearance of the athlete. So the haircut of the same name appeared, allowing you to look stylish, elegant even in the midst of a set.

The appearance of hairstyles is associated with a peak in the popularity of this sport in the 90s of the last century. Tennis players were considered not just athletes, they were world-class stars, their style was an example to follow.

There are several variations of hairstyles - “Hedgehog”, “Beaver”, “Kare”, the modern version of “Tennis”. But the basis remains the classical form. Whiskey and the nape of the neck are cut short with a clipper or scissors. The crown area retains elongated strands that smoothly pass to the crown. The performance technique with a guy line allows you to give a neat, presentable look to your hairstyle. A smooth transition is maintained connecting the short areas of the temples, the nape with the strands of the crown. Performed on straight, slightly curly thick hair.

An important point! The structure must be stiff enough to maintain the shape of the hairstyle. But thanks to modern variations, you can trim and soft, thin curls.

Corresponds to modern current trends, length contrast, the ability to experiment with styling allow you to look stylish, modern. Not only young men, but also mature men choose because of the practicality of haircuts. Hairstyles of representatives of the strong half can reduce the time for leaving, in any circumstances look presentable.

Men's square

This hairstyle is completely different from the women's square. Translated from French square means square. The haircut is characterized by an evenly defined shape of the temples, the nape and the crown of the head. They form a kind of square.

In the photo - male square:

On the back of the head and temples, they are cut shorter than the bulk, thanks to which it is possible to obtain a smooth transition.

Model Haircut Tennis

The model haircut "Tennis" ("Hedgehog") of all the editions is by far the most popular. Different hairdressers order it from hairdressers - of all ages, complexions and professions. This is justified by the fact that it goes to absolutely all men. It can be cut on stiff straight lines and soft wavy, and curly hair. In any case, the final result will look beautiful and relevant.

Self-cutting technology

To do a tennis haircut for boys and men, you will need a machine and a razor. The following execution technology is used:

    Remove the curls on the back of the head with a typewriter. Treat at least three quarters of the back of the head. Change the nozzles one at a time to create a smooth line from short to long.

A simple scheme allows you to cut your hair yourself. As a result, a stylish image is created that does not require constant visits to the master. It’s enough to choose the right option for a tennis haircut, which takes into account all the advantages and features of a lifestyle, convenience in everyday life.


Today, more and more representatives of the stronger sex are being cut under tennis. There are a number of reasons for this, since the hairstyle:

  • Universal. Due to the large number of variations, it is possible to select various forms for the oval of the face, hiding flaws and emphasizing advantages.
  • Suitable for curly hair, and for wavy, straight.
  • Pretty easy to perform for the master.
  • It does not slip under a cap or hat, hat. This is convenient in winter, when you do not need to comb your hair after removing the cap.
  • Easy to care for. Men's tennis haircut is easy to fit. Enough to comb.

Varieties of Haircuts Tennis

Masters do not always agree with this classification, but at the moment there are four varieties of hairstyles:

Each shape differs by the length of the hair on the top and back of the head.

The hedgehog is made like this: the whiskey and the back of the head are shaved off, and on the crown of the hair is quite long (about 3-3.5 cm), visually resemble the needles of a hedgehog or even porcupine. This form is suitable for men with thin faces and a regular oval of the head.

Beaver also means shaved almost to zero whiskey and the back of the head with short hair at the crown (about 2 cm or a little more).

Men's haircut tennis "square" is different from the female variation. But there is something in common. In the male version, the hairstyle will be similar to a certain square. The back of the head and temples are cut straight, of the same length, and the length of the hair is removed to 1-2 cm.

Youth tennis involves long hair on the crown (4-5 cm or more). Teenagers and young people love to style these strands in every way, using varnishes, gels for this. Many decide on the coloring of individual strands and highlighting.

Haircut technology

Basically, all the masters who studied at hairdressers and stylists know what a men's haircut looks like. She is not so difficult to perform. You will need a man’s machine with nozzles, hairdressing scissors and a razor. In general, the technology for creating hairstyles is as follows:

  • The whole process begins with a haircut temples machine.
  • The machine is sheared whiskey, then sheared above the upper edge of the ear, behind the auricle and pass into the lower occipital zone.
  • On the toe, the hair is pulled perpendicularly and cut off (depending on the client’s desire, the length can fluctuate, but not exceed 5 cm).

Important! The length of the hair on the crown is constantly connected with the length of the hair on the temples and the back of the head.

The better the hair is pulled, the more accurate the haircut.


Tennis haircut - universal, male face shape is of decisive importance. Hedgehog is more suitable for some, beaver is for someone. Various options are suitable for someone.

If you trust the master, turn to him for help, let him show you what a male tennis haircut looks like in a youth version with long curls on the top or in the shape of a square. Ask for advice on which haircut to choose based on your face shape.

  • If you have a classic, regular shape skull and oval face, you can choose any shape of hairstyle.
  • If you have wide prominent cheekbones, a hedgehog is best suited, which will hide these shortcomings. At the same time, such a hairstyle is not suitable for an oblong oval of the face. It is better to stay on the "square" or "beaver"
  • The easiest way to style this hairstyle for men with hard hair.

Styling and care

In fact, the hairstyle does not require styling. Many men just wash their hair and dry it. A haircut and hairstyle should be done once every two months. In the grown version, a men's haircut for tennis does not look. But in some cases, you can emphasize your style with cosmetics.

  • Put the gel on your hand and brush your hair over the top of your head. Some men like to highlight 2-3 strands that will resemble the needles of a hedgehog.
  • Laying "back" under Elvis Presley. Strands on the top are combed and fixed at the roots with varnish, as if throwing back. The main thing here is to get the volume.
  • You can create a mohawk using gel and varnish. It is necessary to raise the hair parting and comb at the roots up and back. Fix with varnish.

Can I cut my hair myself

Basic technology requires professional skills, the focus is on the study of temples, the back of the head, creating a smooth transition. therefore It is not recommended to experiment while trying to make a haircut yourself.

In the salon, the master will not only create a stylish, modern hairstyle, but will select the optimal model, taking into account the peculiarities of the hair structure and appearance. The price of a Tennis haircut depends on the skills of the hairdresser, as well as the hairstyle chosen. On average, the cost ranges from 400 to 1000 rubles.

For execution, you need a standard set of tools:

  • classic scissors
  • thinning scissors,
  • clipper,
  • trimmer,
  • crest,
  • spray gun.

Execution technology

Hairstyle does not belong to complex options, the flowchart is understandable to a beginner. It matters not only how to cut, special attention should be paid to the choice of model. “Hedgehog” assumes a maximum length on the crown of 1–2 cm. In “Bobrik” the temples and the nape of the head are cut very short under the clipper, and the strands on the crown leave up to 3 cm. The square involves creating a square shape, and also a length of 2 to 7 see. Classic "Tennis" gives softness, elegance to the lines, corrects the oval. The development of basic techniques will allow you to create a neat, stylish haircut.

Video: men's haircut for medium hair.

Description of the execution technology step by step:

  1. Wash hair with shampoo, pat dry with a towel.
  2. Separate the part of the crown of the head and crown from the temples and occiput. The border extends from the edge of the ears, capturing the crown of the head.
  3. Use scissors or a clipper to trim the areas of the temples in the back of the head.
  4. Comb the hair of the crown upward, select the lateral control strand at the forehead, and cut off at the selected level.
  5. Work through the crown of the head, moving from the forehead to the crown. Trim in the technique on the fingers, first dividing into vertical partings, then horizontal.
  6. To profile to create a harmonious shape, the elongated strands of the parietal region.
  7. Feather the border of the transition using a comb and a comb.
  8. Trim the edges of the haircut with a trimmer or clipper.

A half-tennis haircut is performed on short hair. The smooth transition and the minimum length of the temples and the back of the head suits guys with the correct oval shape. A neat, classic model is suitable for different stylistic trends, combined with sports, business style, casual. Maximally focuses on the face, not recommended for skin imperfections, imbalances in features. Practical and stylish styling is often used by the military, athletes, does not require styling, as well as the use of styling tools.

The “T-shirt” on the average length is suitable for holders of elongated, triangular ovals. A hairstyle is created on stiff, thick hair of a straight or slightly curly structure. It gives solidity to the image, goes well with tuxedos, business suits. Belongs to model haircuts, has corrective properties. But it will not be able to hide protruding ears, a high forehead, with pronounced external flaws it is better to turn to other options.

A men's haircut is an elongated version of a T-shirt. A very stylish, modern haircut requires daily styling, performed exclusively on hard, thick hair. It has corrective properties, it is recommended for men with a round, square face. Mostly young guys who devote enough time to creating a harmonious image choose.

Tennis hairstyle with bangs looks casual and modern. Cheeky haircut notes allow you to complete styling in a few minutes. The youth version is combined with a casual, sporty style, gives individuality, focuses on external virtues. The shape of the bangs is asymmetric, torn technique gives volume, dynamics to the haircut, performed on straight, curly strands.

Hair styling options and secrets

A short haircut “Beaver” is similar to boxing form and smooth transition. The best option for men who do not want to spend hours smoothing tousled strands. It does not require styling, an interesting texture can be created by hand. Suitable for holders of elongated, rectangular ovals, with pronounced cheekbones.

The tousled version can be performed on an average length. The rear view does not differ from the classical model, the dynamics is attached to the strands of the parietal region. Styling is easily created by hand, you can use modeling clay or wax. Suitable for thick, coarse hair, soft strands are additionally recommended to be varnished for permanent fixation of the form.

The styling looks original with combed strands to the forehead and a straight short bang. To do this, it is enough to treat the comb with varnish or mousse, comb the hair from the back of the head to the crown of the head. Styling highlights thick, curly hair, gives them an interesting texture. An appropriate model for everyday style, suitable for special occasions, includes modern and elegant notes.

Smooth retro-styling with combed strands back are performed on elongated versions of the T-shirt. It focuses on features as much as possible, suits men only with a regular and elongated oval shape. To create a gel, wax or varnish is used, after processing the comb with styling, you need to comb the hair in the right direction. The sequence of execution is somewhat different from the classical technique. First you need to moisturize your hair, and then apply a styling tool.

Volumetric styling is difficult to do without styling tools. They give charisma, mystery to the image, suitable for men with sophisticated facial features. Combine with elegant business suits, looks great with casual. Such options are suitable for round, square faces, hairstyles create the right proportions. To perform on wet strands, mousse or foam is distributed, with the help of a hairdryer, a brush is created, the desired curvy shape is created with a brush.

Pros and cons

“T-shirt” has become a basic haircut, on its basis, possible options are carried out taking into account individual characteristics. But before you sign up to the master, it is worth evaluating its practical properties, style features, versatility.


  • It is created on straight, thick, curly, curly curls, thanks to various techniques, you can hide the lack of volume or cope with a naughty shock,
  • it is possible to choose a model according to the type of oval, the haircut has corrective, anti-aging properties,
  • suitable for different age groups,
  • gives solidity, elegance to the image, it can also look bold, expressive, styling options do not limit imagination,
  • universal, practical haircut does not require daily styling, only timely updating of the form,
  • combined with the main directions, everyday, sports, business style, can be used for subcultural groups,
  • gives a neat, tidy look, is preserved in all circumstances, weather conditions,
  • consistent with fashion trends, haircut looks stylish, modern,
  • representatives of various professions choose, the hairstyle gives individuality to the image.


  • performed only by a master who will be able to choose the optimal model according to the type of appearance,
  • for longer options, styling tools will be required.

Star examples

Robert Pattison For several years he preferred the elongated Tennis model. Today, the actor uses the original short haircuts.

Ricky Martin throughout his career he wears a T-shirt, an elegant model has not lost its relevance even after decades.

Zane Malik never ceases to amaze with shocking images, the classic “Tennis” was also present in his collection.

Matt LeBlanc and Joey Tribbiani and today appears before the audience with the same hairstyle.

Bradley Cooper a few years ago he preferred short models. Who knows, maybe for a new role, the actor will cut off elongated locks.

Extra Tennis

Those who prefer to leave more hair on their heads will definitely enjoy the extended version of the haircut called the Tennis Care. Suitable for bright, extraordinary and in some ways even rebellious natures. Trimmed so a man will always look interesting. The future image depends on the styling method - it can be defiant or modest, romantic or aggressive, but always irresistible.

Haircut Tennis for a boy

Many mothers choose one of the varieties of "Tennis" for their sons. And all because it is beautiful and practical, plus definitely goes to absolutely all the boys, even the smallest.

Thus, tennis players of the distant past would like to say a huge human thanks for having invented such a wonderful haircut for men of the present as Tennis.

The scheme and technology of hairstyles

Tennis hairstyle is considered one of the few that everyone can perform independently and quickly, completely regardless of living conditions. Before you start, you should make sure that you have prepared all the necessary tools: a razor, a typewriter, a spray gun. When you have gathered everything you need in one place, you can proceed. So how to make a tennis haircut? We give a description of the master class step by step to complete this hairstyle:

  • In the neck and temple areas we cut the strands using a short nozzle on a typewriter.
  • The crown area is processed perpendicular to the head. The length of the strands should be at least 5 centimeters.
  • The area of ​​the temples and the back are adjusted using a razor.

Video lesson on creating a tennis haircut with a typewriter

Men's tennis hairstyle implies a short length, but it has many variations. Many men choose a tennis hairstyle for the fact that it looks very stylish. The technology of its execution is very simple, which is captivating. Some people prefer to cut their own hair on their own. With the help of the proposed training video, you can easily master the technology for performing men's haircuts tennis at home, because there is nothing complicated in it. To do this, you only need a machine, a solid hand and a little practice.

Hair styling options

As a rule, this hairstyle looks great and without styling, but with it it becomes very attractive, irresistible. You can style a simple shortened haircut using a gel. You can select the remaining strands with wax for texturing, which will create an attractive “hedgehog” effect. If tennis has an elongated bang, then you can create the following styling: with the help of styling, make the bang stick out forward. This hairstyle looks attractive and versatile.

Youth version of the haircut gives styling Elvis Presley. To do this, create a pile at the base of the bangs to give volume, lay its tips on the crown of the head. After that, gently comb the upper hair with a comb of natural bristles for accuracy. Fix the result with hair spray. Owners of men's squares, classic tennis, beaver can make a mohawk: apply a little gel on your hair, lift it with your hands, laying in the shape of a scallop. With wax, you can add texture by highlighting individual strands.

Photo tennis haircuts for men 2019

Men's short tennis haircut is one of the most practical, versatile haircuts. It is distinguished by elegance, simplicity, which makes it very popular among the male part of the population, gives the image of a man solidity, masculinity, while not causing any inconvenience, because it does not require special care, styling. The universality of this hairstyle lies in the fact that it is able to make attractive both an elderly man and a boy, a teenager. young guy.

Found a mistake in the text? Select it, press Ctrl + Enter and we will fix it!

Frontal-parietal zone by applying strands to a strand

  1. Parallel to the temporal parting in the frontoparietal zone, we select a strand every 5 mm, comb it to the control line, hold the guy line parallel to the floor, orient ourselves to the previous strand and cut in a straight line. Next, we work by applying strands to the strand, aligning with the control line from the previous hair. We work this way until the hair length ends.
  1. We work similarly on the other side of the head.
  1. At the top of the hair, shear also by applying strands to the strand, equating everything to an oval baseline. We hold the guy parallel to the floor.As a result, a stiffener (a clear line) is formed.
  1. We soften the created stiffener: we comb the hair from the face to the back of the head, withstanding a 90 ° guy line, and cut off the protruding corner.

Frontal-parietal area, strand by strand

  1. We divide the frontal sector into two parts with the central part, select the control strand in two parallel lines, raise the hair perpendicular to the head, and cut horizontally to the desired length. This is the control line for subsequent haircuts.
  1. We focus on the previously trimmed control line and cut the frontal zone strand by strand with horizontal partitions with a draw of 90 °.
  1. We carry out the transition to the temporal-lateral zone: we connect the hair of the crown of the head and temple, we lift the strand into the plane of the frontal zone and cut off the excess.
  1. We comb the treated hair of the lower nape in the direction of natural growth and grind the transition from short to long hair with thinning scissors. You can do this with simple scissors, placing them at different angles crosswise for shading. After polishing the hair, a perfectly smooth hair strip without steps is obtained.
  1. We produce a test haircut, moving from the face to the crown across the head. We comb out the strands along the baseline perpendicular to the head and cut off the irregularities. We leave the angle between the short parietal zone and the longer hair of the cap.

Edging tennis haircuts

  1. Along the edge of growth with a machine, we trim the short temple and neck with a bracket.
  1. We comb out the bangs to the temporal strand from two sides and perform the edging. Bangs can be long. A corner is formed in the center that can be left, then the fringe will lie beautifully on its side.

Men's haircut

  1. We mill the ends of the hair of the upper zone with thinning scissors, without affecting the thick hair. We work the same way as when performing shading.
  1. In the crown area, we mill the hair with thinning scissors on the inside of the strands to create additional volume.

To whom it goes

This neat styling option looks great on young and mature men. It has a lot of variations, so that laying tennis becomes universal. With such a hairstyle, any man can look modern and courageous. Also, schoolchildren love hairstyles.

But how stylish men's haircuts look in the photo can be seen in this article.

But how stylish haircuts look for short men's hair can be seen in the photo in this article.

What names of modern men's haircuts exist and how they look can be seen in this article: https://opricheske.com/muzhskie/s-strizhki/nazvaniya.html

But the look of men's styling for long hair will help to understand the information from this article.

Haircut pattern

Men's Haircut tennis, not complicated, but very original and even a beginner’s hands. Pay attention to the photo below and how the haircut is done, according to this scheme.

How to make a tennis haircut yourself? For an independent haircut at home, you will need:

Cut the hair on the temples and the occipital part of the head with a shorter machine with a nozzle. On the crown, a haircut with a hair extension, perpendicular! In the dark area, leave the "hat". Then, gently trim the area of ​​the back of the head and temples with a razor.

Face Type and Haircut

For owners of the anatomical features of the skull and the peculiar structure of the hair, there are some nuances:

Hedgehog- Suitable for men with a "thin" face, as it gives the face a visual volume. In addition, it hides all the irregularities of the skull. But to elongated skulls, such an image will not work.

Men's square - also hides bumps, but that IMPORTANTNot suitable for wavy hair. The hairstyle will not look aesthetically pleasing.

Beaver - very well hides the “elongated” skulls. IMPORTANT the fact that this image is suitable for owners of "hard and thick" hair, they keep the shape of a hairstyle.

Proper care and styling

The main emphasis in caring for a tennis haircut is washing your hair once a day or every other day.

The presence of a gel, possibly with a "wet effect", is suitable for all types of haircuts for Tennis.

Whether it’s a “beaver”, “male square”, or “hedgehog” - you can safely apply the gel and make various interpretations of the mohawk, try to apply a little gel on clean hair and lift them, then lay them in the form of a “comb”, this is a famous hairstyle of the famous David Beckham.

If you are a lover of shocking and "zest" - for you, the masters will make art shaving of drawings and patterns on the head. A tennis haircut will allow this at your discretion, whether it be the temple or the back of the head.

How to cut

Mowing tennis is one of the few options that are very easy to do with your own hands. First, you have to prepare the tools. This includes a typewriter, water, a comb and a razor. Then you can create an interesting image.

To create a tennis hairstyle, use the following instructions:

  1. With a short nozzle, it is worth trimming the hair in the temples and neck area.
  2. But the dark area is processed perpendicular to the head. The strands should be at least 5 cm long.
  3. Form whiskey using a razor.

To get the classic version, special efforts are not required. Only an experienced master can create an interesting option. He will be able to choose the appropriate length and style, which will favorably highlight the dignity of the face.

On the video - tennis hairstyle:

Hair care is also not difficult. It takes only a few minutes a day to get a stylish look. The first thing to do is to wash your hair, as on dirty hair the hairstyle looks untidy. Correction is best done by an experienced professional. But foams and mousses should not be abused, since the length is short and this can make the hairstyle heavier.

To somehow diversify the hairstyle, you can use the following recommendations:

  1. Shave the pattern on the head or the pattern with which the image will be stylish.
  2. Painting. Of course, not every man agrees to such a radical option. But if the master can choose the right shade, then you can paint over the gray hair and rejuvenate the face. The younger generation has a positive attitude to painting, which is why today so often you can see guys with highlighted locks.
  3. Stylish styling. To create a specific image, you can use foam or mousse. But just do not need to abuse them so that the image does not turn out to be too bulky.
  4. Tennis is a hairstyle that you can experiment with regarding the length of your hair. You can supplement the styling with bangs or grow a little on the back of the head and temples. And when you want to change your image again, you can cut your hair again.

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If we talk about styling options, then they can be different. Although the tennis hairstyle looks great even without styling. If the hair is short, then styling should use a gel. The remaining strands can be distinguished with wax, so you can get a hedgehog styling. If there is an elongated bang, then it can be laid using styling tools and make it sticking out forward. This installation option allows you to get an attractive and versatile look.

On the video hairstyle short tennis:

If you need a styling youth style, then you will have to create a pile of hair near the forehead. Then lay them on the crown of the head. Then use a comb to comb the strands to give the hairstyle accuracy. The result will be fixed with varnish. If a man decided to choose a square, beaver, then you can create a stylish mohawk. Treat the strands with gel and raise them with your hands. Scallop style hair.

A tennis hairstyle is a win-win option for any man. This styling has a stylish and masculine look. She looks great on straight thick and sparse hair. Since there are many variations, the man can create a truly original and unique hairstyle.

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How often to visit the hairdresser

It often depends on the rate of hair growth; a Tennis haircut is unique in that it will “tell” you when it is time to visit a hairdresser. Appearance should be aesthetic, as a rule, the owners of "Tennis", it is necessary to cut their hair at least once every two months, otherwise the haircut will lose its unique image.

Styling and Care Options

A quality tennis haircut requires minimal maintenance. To create a bright style, it is enough to cut hair in a timely manner and use simple styling. An interesting texture can be created using hands. Styling looks good on faces with a rectangular or elongated oval, with pronounced cheekbones.

Penotennis is easy to style, as it is enough to ruffle your hair. The rear view does not differ from the classical model, and the dynamics is attached to the parietal region. The best choice for long-term fixation is wax or modeling clay. Hair styling is held on to coarse and thick hair. For soft strands, varnish with a persistent fixation is required.

An original choice with a straight bang and short strands combed to the forehead. From the crown, the hair is combed forward, and the bangs are placed vertically upward. To facilitate the work, the styling agent is applied to the comb, after which an image is formed.

Volumetric styling is suitable for those who stopped at the maximum length. The image acquires charisma and mystery. This choice is made by men with an aristocratic, sophisticated profile. The styling is optimal for round and square faces. Hairstyle restores proportionality. The strands need to be wet and spread mousse on them. A lush shape is set using a brush and hair dryer.

For an extended haircut, retro styling is suitable when the strands are carefully combed. The option is suitable if the shape of the face is oval and elongated. For fixing, wax or gel is used. The comb is treated with a fixative, after which the curls are combed in the right direction. Unlike other options, the hair is first moisturized and then a styling agent is applied.

Thus, when choosing a haircut, tennis should only choose the appropriate option, taking into account age, external features, the availability of free time. This model has not gone out of fashion for a long time. It remains relevant for both students and men over 40 years old.

Watch the video: Simple Knotted Updo. Easy Hairstyles (February 2020).

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