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How to accelerate the growth of beard folk remedies

Long gone are the days when a clean-shaven face was a sign of grooming in men. Now, light brutal unshaven or a neat beard is becoming increasingly popular.

But the growth rate and density of vegetation are not always possible to achieve the desired result, and instead of courageous bristles, an uneven fluff grows, which delivers only disappointment. In this case, it is worth paying attention to folk remedies for the growth of a beard, and then dreams of a luxurious beard will become a reality.

Causes of Slow Facial Hair Growth

Why it is enough for some men just not to pick up a razor for several days, and they are already owners of beautiful stubble that makes women's hearts freeze with admiration. And others, no matter how hard they try, but only thin hairs grow on the face, the appearance of which does not even remotely resemble what I would like to get. What causes a beard to stop growing even and thick? There are a lot of such factors:

  • age reasons. It’s possible that in a couple of years, when puberty ends, the problem will be solved by itself,
  • hereditary predisposition. If liquid hair on the face is observed in close relatives, then you should not expect the growth of thick bristles,
  • hormonal disorders. Testosterone is responsible for the secondary male symptoms and if the hormone is not produced enough, then this leads to a weakening of the growth of the beard,
  • obesity. It is noticed that in obese men, facial hair grows slowly and rarely,
  • errors in nutrition. Addiction to fried and fatty foods, combined with a lack of vitamins, causes metabolic disturbances and slows hair growth,
  • alcohol and nicotine addiction. Bad habits disrupt blood circulation and nutrition of hair follicles, which cannot but affect the density of facial vegetation,
  • inadequate skin care. The hair follicles die due to clogging of sweat and sebaceous glands with dead skin cells,
  • race. Men of far from all nationalities can boast of an abundance of facial hair,
  • physical and psychological overwork. Long-term stress leads not only to a deterioration in well-being, but also harmful to the growth of bristles,
  • inflammatory diseases internal organs or malignant neoplasms,
  • shaving mistakes. Frequent and significant damage to the hair follicles contributes to the death of the bulbs.

You can try to stimulate the growth of hair follicles at home using folk recipes, but without a comprehensive approach to solving the problem, significant changes will not be possible. Even the best remedy will not help to grow a thick and beautiful stubble unless you reconsider your diet and get rid of bad habits.

Only by eliminating all negative factors, we can expect results from the use of folk remedies.
Recipes for masks and ointments will be effective if the weakening of hair growth is not caused by hormonal failure or internal pathologies. In this case, you need to see a doctor and cure the root cause.

Effective folk remedies

The popularity of folk methods aimed at strengthening hair follicles and stimulating hair growth is explained by a huge selection of effective recipes, as well as the naturalness and availability of ingredients. Although methods require prolonged use, they are completely safe for health. The only exception may be increased susceptibility to the components of the composition.

So how to grow a beard with folk remedies?

Tar soap for a beard

The simplest method is to use tar soap to grow a beard. In this case, it is not necessary to make complex mixtures and keep the mask on the face for a long time. It is enough to soap your hands with tar soap and smear the foam on the skin of the face. After 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly. You can repeat the procedure every other day. It should only be borne in mind that soap can not be used with dry skin.

Mask with onion and garlic

Garlic and onion juice actively affect the hair follicles, accelerating hair growth, but leave an intense specific smell on the skin, so this mask is suitable only for men who do not pay attention to such trifles in order to achieve their goal. In addition, if you wipe the skin with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water, the smell will become less pronounced.

Grind half the peeled onion and three cloves of garlic to a pulp state and spread with a thick layer over the cheeks and chin. Keep the mass for at least an hour, then remove the residue with a napkin and rinse the skin with warm water. Repeat the procedure twice a week.

If you feel a strong burning sensation, then the mask must be removed immediately, avoiding the occurrence of irritation on the face.

Another option for a garlic mask. Squeeze the juice out of three cloves of garlic and mix it with the yolk and a tablespoon of honey. Add a large spoonful of aloe juice and spread over the cheeks and chin. After half an hour, remove the remaining napkin and wash.

Mustard mask

A mustard mask can cause severe burning, so use it with caution to prevent burns.

Dilute dry mustard with kefir to the state of gruel, add a little honey and apply to the skin. If possible, keep the mask for at least an hour, with intense burning, you can wash off the mixture earlier.

The use of the composition twice a week will help improve blood flow to the hair follicles, which will accelerate hair growth.

Pepper tincture

Pepper tincture also refers to warming agents that improve blood flow to the hair follicles. Tincture should be used with great care, preventing liquid from entering the mucous membranes of the mouth and eyes. In its pure form, it is better not to use the drug so as not to provoke burns. For a thick beard, it is enough to prepare a mask with the addition of tincture.

In equal proportions, mix honey, tincture and burdock oil. Add a teaspoon of brandy and yolk. Spread across the cheeks and chin and rinse off after an hour.

Castor and burdock oil

Castor and burdock oil has always been considered the most effective way to strengthen hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. Combine both drugs in equal proportions and heat in a water bath to a warm state. Moisten a piece of gauze in the mixture and apply to steamed face skin. Cover the gauze with foil or paper for compresses, and insulate with a towel on top. Keep the compress as long as possible, but at least an hour. In the future, rinse well with hot water and soap.

Mask with eucalyptus

Buy eucalyptus essential oil from a pharmacy. Mix a teaspoon of ether with a teaspoon of water and apply on the skin of the cheeks and chin. After an hour, rinse the composition with hot water. Repeat twice a week.

Eucalyptus oil pleasantly cools the skin and, thanks to its smell, soothes the nervous system, therefore this tool is not only useful for the skin, but also helps to relieve stress and fatigue after a hard day.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil softens the skin of the face and stimulates hair growth if you lubricate the area of ​​the chin and cheeks with the drug two to three times a week. It is enough to rub a couple of drops, and after half an hour, blot the remaining residue with a napkin.

Cognac mask

Cognac warms the skin and enhances blood flow, vitamin E and burdock oil nourish the hair follicles and stimulate the growth of bristles.

To prepare the mask you need to mix 1 tsp. cognac, 1 tbsp. l oil and 5-6 drops of liquid vitamin E. Distribute on the skin of the face and after 40 minutes remove the residues well with hot water.

Nicotine ointment

Another effective method is the use of nicotinic acid. It will take a couple of ampoules of the drug, a little honey and a large spoonful of aloe juice. Everything is thoroughly mixed and applied in the form of a mask on cleansed face skin. After 30-40 minutes, remove the residue with a napkin and wash with warm water.

Despite the effectiveness of folk remedies, you should not expect that the beard will begin to grow faster and thicker after two or three mask applications. You will have to be patient and use the formulations twice a week for at least three months. In the future, you need to take a break for a couple of months and repeat.

At the same time, you should regularly take care of your face skin using cleansing lotions, scrubs and emollient creams. This will help to remove dead particles of the epithelium and cleanse the pores of dirt.

A little perseverance and patience, and the overgrown stubble will certainly please with its density.

What determines the growth of a beard

To influence the growth of the beard, you need to understand what factors this process depends on.

  1. Heredity. The first thing you should pay attention to is your own father. If the man’s bristles are rare, then the son, most likely, will not be able to boast of thick facial hair. This predisposition is transmitted at the genetic level, you can only slightly improve hair growth, but it will not work out fundamentally.
  2. Nutrition. Hair, nails and skin are very sensitive to a lack of vitamins, you can immediately determine which useful trace elements the body lacks. If together with food you consume little calcium, fluorine and phosphorus, the beard gradually thins, starts to fall out, the hairs become thin and faded.
  3. Age. As a rule, the most active facial hair growth is observed between 25-45 years. Until this time, the young man matures, after the specified period, testosterone production gradually begins to decline.
  4. Ethnos. The intensity of the growth of the beard largely depends on ethnicity. For example, the Eastern Slavs and Caucasians can boast of active facial hair, the Ainu people are officially considered the most bearded people in the world. But among the inhabitants of Central Asia and Northern peoples, the growth of the beard is less pronounced.
  5. The work of the endocrine system. Hormones and the endocrine system are responsible for all the processes of hair growth on the body. Any irregularities in this huge mechanism can lead to thinning and loss of facial hair.
  6. Skin diseases. Some dermatological disorders can lead to local or complete baldness of areas of the face. It looks very ugly - on the cheekbones and chin appear bald "islands". The cause of this may be psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, etc. In this case, you do not have to fight the symptoms, but direct your efforts to treat the underlying disease.
  7. Improper care. A beard is the same hair as on the head, which requires proper care. The beard should be washed with special means, hair can fall out from ordinary soap, and the skin under the beard can dry. In addition, the beard needs to be combed and trimmed regularly.

Many factors influence hair growth, and the testosterone 5 alpha-reductase enzyme is a catalyst for high facial vegetation. I want to note that this enzyme has nothing to do with sexuality. And the belief that bearded men are better and more hardy in bed is just a myth.

How to grow a beard

As noted, you can improve the growth of your beard, but you can’t fundamentally change it. If by nature facial hair grows well, this process can be improved by a set of measures for competent care, nutrition and changing the quality of life.

To get tighter and more frequent hair, young men are recommended to shave their face as often as possible. Do not wait until the grown fluff becomes pronounced and noticeable, try to shave every other day. Under this regime, within a few months, the beard will become much more pronounced. In addition to the fact that the beard needs to be cut and shaped regularly, the hair should be washed. Indeed, a huge number of microbes and bacteria accumulate in the beard. To do this, use special shampoos. You may need mousse and wax to style your beard. With proper care, your beard will not only become thick, but will not stick out in different directions.

Pay attention to proper nutrition - it must be balanced and varied. In the diet every day should be fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, cereals, different types of meat and fish. In winter and spring, when there are fewer natural vegetables and fruits, you need to take multivitamin complexes.

Give up bad habits - alcohol and nicotine adversely affect not only hair growth, but also the whole body. Harmful components of toxic substances constrict blood vessels, this deprives hair follicles of the necessary nutrition and oxygen. With prolonged exposure to cigarettes and alcohol, the hair on the beard becomes thinner.

In addition, you need to completely change the quality of your life - try to eat right, exercise, do not be nervous. After all, stress also affects the hair follicles, with frequent releases of adrenaline into the blood vessels shrink and do not receive enough oxygen. It is very useful to do massage - this way you stimulate the blood circulation in the epidermis. You can carry out the procedure using a special manual massager. If such a device is not at hand, use a regular massage comb - just comb your hair 5-7 times a day and your hair will begin to grow better.

Pharmaceutical products for beard growth

There are a huge number of professional medicinal formulations that can solve the problem of hair loss on the head. Based on these products, preparations for the growth of the beard were made.

  1. Oils. This is a huge group of useful substances that can be used in the fight for a thick and beautiful beard. Castor and burdock oil are usually used for hair growth. They have a lot of fatty acids, various vitamins and minerals. Women use these oils for the growth of eyelashes, eyebrows and hair on their heads, so why don't men lend these effective ingredients to beautiful ladies? Oils can be used separately or mixed together. Castor and burdock oil in equal amounts should be drained into one dish, heated in a water bath and applied to the beard. Warm with a film, leave the mask for an hour, then rinse with shampoo and moisturize the skin with a light cream. Weekly treatments will help you grow stubble in a couple of months. You can use a ready-made product - Hi-Ho oil, which contains more than five varieties of oil in its composition, the drug was specially developed and released to improve beard growth.
  2. Ointment. Among cosmetic and medicinal products for skin care for men, men have a wonderful ointment - Trius. It contains extracts of medicinal plants and some healthy oils. The ointment perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin under the beard, eliminates peeling and dandruff. Ointment is often used by men after shaving - the composition normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, facilitates the eruption of bristles, relieves itching and burning. This is a real salvation for men who suffer from ingrown facial hairs.
  3. Cream. If you do not like oily compounds, and the skin of the face is greasy enough, you need to use not ointment and oil, but cream. The best beard growth cream is the Profession Hair System. The composition of this product includes natural and effective products - chamomile inflorescences, tincture of calamus root, juice of juniper berries, cinnamon, burdock oil. The cream allows you to strengthen the hair structure, stimulates the growth of new hair, allows you to make the hairs thicker and thicker.
  4. Spray. Often men do not bother, and prefer to use tools that are simple and convenient to use. One such remedy is Platinum V spray. It can be used everywhere - on a trip, in a car, etc. The spray should simply be applied to the skin or beard, rub in with massage movements or just leave to dry. It includes pectin and humic acid, they moisturize the epidermis, accelerate hair growth, improve blood circulation in hair follicles.

In addition, you must definitely take inside the funds that will help you grow an impressive beard. Among them, Minoxidil, Vitabeard, etc.

Folk remedies for a beautiful and thick beard

Folk remedies are very effective for facial hair growth, because most popular professional medicines are made from proven plants and oils. So, what recipes will help grow a beautiful and spectacular beard?

  1. Red pepper and burdock oil. Red pepper causes a burning sensation on the skin, it perfectly enhances blood circulation, gives hair follicles additional nutrition. Burdock oil in the recipe softens the aggressiveness of red pepper and gives the follicles the necessary acids and fats. First, red pepper needs to be prepared tincture - pour crushed pepper with vodka or alcohol, insist in a cool dark place for three weeks. The finished tincture is filtered and mixed with oil in a ratio of 3: 1. The resulting mixture should be rubbed twice a day into the skin on the face without rinsing overnight. In just a month of such therapy, the beard will begin to grow much more intensively.
  2. Mustard and castor oil. If you don’t want to wait until pepper tincture is prepared, and you want to start treatment today, use mustard and castor oil. This is an amazing tandem that awakens sleeping hair follicles. Mustard should be mixed with castor oil in equal proportions, apply a small drop to the skin and rub it with massage movements for at least 10 minutes. You can store the prepared product in the refrigerator, but not longer than a week.
  3. Onion and garlic. Everyone knows about the aggressiveness of these vegetables, but not everyone is aware that onions and garlic can be used in the fight against “bald” cheekbones. The easiest and most effective way to use fresh juice is to cut onions (garlic) and pass the skin with the cut so that the skin is completely processed. After this procedure, the face will smell for some more time, if the smell is annoying, you can just wash it with lemon water - the juice of half a lemon in a glass of liquid. If a drop of lavender essential oil is added to lemon water, the skin will be fragrant.

Remember that home and professional masks do not give an instant effect - the result will be noticeable no earlier than after a couple of weeks of regular use.

Some sources say that the beard grows faster in the summer. In addition, doctors say that in the absence of sex, body hair grows more intensively. Use these facts to grow a beautiful and stylish beard.

How to accelerate the growth of beard folk remedies

Many young people consider the presence of bristles an integral attribute of masculinity or want to follow the modern fashion for beards, that's just thick and beautiful, it does not grow at all, or not as fast as we would like. Let's see why this is happening? What are the ways to “activate" the appearance of stubble, what folk remedies for beard growth are effective, how to care for it? What to do if the bristles do not grow? Do I need to use drugs?

What to do if the beard does not grow

The problem of scanty facial hair is not just about young people. Some mature men also cannot grow a thick beautiful beard. Why hair does not grow where it should be due to masculine nature? The following common causes of such a “natural anomaly” are possible:

  1. Age. It is possible that your time to look so brutal has not come yet. The age of appearance of vegetation on the face is purely individual, the onset of active growth of the bristles is natural both at 15 and at 25.
  2. Ethnicity. Men of some nationalities simply do not have hairiness per se. This is normal, for example, for many northern peoples (Chukchi, Eskimos, Evenks).
  3. Genetics. If in your family men are not distinguished by a thick beard and stubble, then you are unlikely to be an exception.
  4. Endocrine Disorders Testosterone is the main hormone for facial hair growth. A malfunction in the endocrine system of the male body is indicated by sparse vegetation on the cheeks and chin.
  5. Vitamin deficiency, oncological and some other diseases are accompanied by hair loss, slowing or stopping the growth of bristles.

Age, heredity and nationality are reasons that you will not be able to eliminate. But you are able to take risks and try to deceive the nature, use hormonal drugs or the services of a hair transplant clinic. Some help and advice of traditional medicine. If the cause of the poor beard is in the disease, then you need to undergo treatment, and hair growth will resume after recovery.

How to accelerate facial hair growth folk remedies

Home remedies are not as effective as pharmaceuticals, but they are safer, always at hand, such as mustard, red pepper, vegetable oil, kefir. The advice of ancestors has been tested by more than one generation of bearded men and many years of experience, so you should listen to them. Eat more nuts, dark meat, greens, monitor men's health, use recipes for folk remedies with oils and masks.

How to stimulate the growth of beard and mustache with oils? To do this, use them during massage, add to compresses and cosmetic masks. The easiest way is to grease burdock oil on the spots of the desired growth on the face. As experience shows, this potion can not only accelerate hair growth, but also awaken dormant bulbs. Growth stimulation occurs due to the active nutrition of the follicles and facial skin. This is a kind of "fertilizer" for the beard, which also has a healing effect.

  1. Cleanse your face with lotion.
  2. Apply a little warm burdock or castor oil to the places where the beard and mustache grow.
  3. Rub the greased areas well.
  4. Massage the skin with strong, but gentle movements of the fingers, as if drawing spirals on it.
  5. Felt warming up? Lightly pat your face.
  6. Wipe the skin with the tonic applied onto the cosmetic disc.

We will learn how to speed up the growth of our beards ourselves. Fast and safe

It is paradoxical and very annoying, but a fact: when a man does not wear stubble and is forced to shave every day, it grows surprisingly quickly. But as soon as a decision is made to change the image and grow a beard and mustache, acceleration is converted to deceleration. Day after day passes, the razor and shaving brush have long been forgotten, and the beard still does not want to grow. Or, even worse, it begins to grow in shreds and in different directions!

Why is this happening, what should be done to stimulate the growth of stubble and make the mustache and beard grow quickly and evenly? Is there a safe recipe for how to accelerate the growth of a beard, which is applicable at home, and really work? Yes! There is one, and not even one. The best tips and life hacks on how to grow a beautiful and thick beard, if not for a month, then at least for a year, are given by doctors and experienced users.

Scientific note: Good news for anyone who wants to accelerate the growth of bristles: scientists have finally discovered a gene that can contribute to its rapid growth. This is the LIPH phospholipase gene, which takes part in the synthesis of simple lipids. Lipids, in turn, affect the formation and movement of stem cells, and, consequently, hair growth. To date, it has not yet been possible to synthesize a chemical analog of this element, which can accelerate the process of beard growth by several times. But work is underway - to accelerate the growth of a beard in 17 years and even earlier will no longer be a problem.

Why a beard may not grow

Each phenomenon in the human body has its own reason, nothing just happens. Therefore, if you want to accelerate the growth of bristles on the cheeks and chin, the first thing to do is ask yourself the question: why, in fact, does she not want to grow?

There can be several answers to it. By and large, the growth rate of the beard and its density can depend on two main factors:

  • genetic predisposition
  • hormonal background.

Everything depends on genes, and this is a proven fact. If your father, grandfather and great-grandfather never had a lumberjack beard, it will be difficult for you to find a tool that will help improve the growth and structure of the bristles on your face.

Androgen hormones are responsible for regulating human hair growth everywhere except the head. These are the same testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. The more of them, the thicker and faster the hair grows on the face, in the armpits and on the pubis. But this does not mean that anyone who wants to have a long and beautiful beard can start swallowing hormone pills in batches to increase testosterone. Such actions are extremely dangerous and can lead to irreversible changes in the body. Another thing is if you have a shortage of these hormones and really need to increase them. However, this is determined only by the doctor after the examination.

Natural Ways - Customizing Your Body

There is a completely safe and easy way to increase the amount of testosterone in the body. All that is needed is physical activity every day. Any bodybuilder will confirm: during physical exertion, testosterone is released. Therefore, visiting the gym regularly, you can not only build muscle, but also grow a decent beard. Maybe the process will go slowly. But you will only bring benefits to your body, and no harm.

The role of nutrition in stubble growth

Of course, nutrition plays an important role in such a thing as growing a beard! But not the lead. First, deal with genes and hormones, and then proceed to adjust the diet. Food rich in proteins, certain vitamins and minerals can contribute to beard growth.

It is necessary to strengthen the consumption of meat, fish, eggs, but combine them not with spicy chili sauce, spicy mayonnaise and crispy baguette, but a vegetable salad and porridge, for example, buckwheat. All these goodies are washed down not with beer, but with freshly squeezed juice. By the way, coffee in the morning is also better to replace with juice or at least kefir. In extreme cases, drink a quality drink with milk no more than 2 cups per day.

If you absolutely want to become like Abraham Lincoln, you should love such a necessary and healthy product as nuts. Any that you like best. Male health experts recommend eating a handful of any nuts a day and drinking at least 7 glasses of clean water without gas. You will quickly notice how not only your stubble is changing, but the whole body.

If the problems with growing bristles were precisely in the lack of vitamins, improvement will come no sooner than after 2-3 months - get ready for this.

Hygiene procedures

Some people think that if you shave more often, facial hair will grow faster, thicker and darker. It is a myth. They grow faster only the first few hours, then the process slows down, and for some it stops altogether. And darker and thicker hair seems only because at the roots it is really darker and thicker than at the ends. As soon as the bristles begin to grow, it will become rare and thin. So shaving does not affect hair growth rate. But alkalis, alcohols and other additives, which are definitely in large quantities in poor-quality soap, shaving foam and lotion after it, can destroy the hair follicle and change the structure of the hair itself. Therefore, if you want to quickly become bearded, like Alyosha Popovich, go to a good barbershop and consult a specialist. You will be selected the best means for home care and can even be taken under patronage while you grow a beard - not for free, of course.

Yes, and one more thing. Shaving bristles often should not be. But you must take care of her! This means that as the hair grows, you should begin to form a contour along the upper and lower edges of the future beard, and once every 2-3 weeks, trim the bristles themselves, comb them and grease them with oil. Then in the end you will get after a while exactly what you dreamed about.


The simplest homemade way to express beard regrowth is Minoxidil and all drugs that contain it. It is easiest to order such a tool on the Internet, but you can also find it in ordinary pharmacies, Minoxidil is sold without a doctor’s prescription. What it is, how to use it, and whether it is worth it at all is a separate extensive topic, which I described in detail here.

In short, this is a composition in the form of a spray or foam, which should be applied to the beard 1-2 times a day for at least 3-4 months. Minoxidil is used only externally, nothing is required to be taken orally. The drug also does not contain any hormones, respectively, there are almost no contraindications either. What then is in it is a natural question.

There are substances that act on the blood vessels that feed the hair bulb. Initially, this drug was developed as a means by which blood pressure in hypertensive patients could be stabilized. But during the tests, doctors noted an interesting side effect: in patients who underwent a course of treatment, hair on the face and head began to grow faster. So Minoxidil was discovered - today the most popular tool for quickly growing a lush beard. More details about the composition and method of application are described in the instructions for the drug, it is not difficult to find it on the Internet.

And I described the application report here.


How to stimulate the growth of beard and mustache with oils? To do this, use them during massage, add to compresses and cosmetic masks. The easiest way is to grease burdock oil on the spots of the desired growth on the face. As experience shows, this potion can not only accelerate hair growth, but also awaken dormant bulbs. Growth stimulation occurs due to the active nutrition of the follicles and facial skin. This is a kind of "fertilizer" for the beard, which also has a healing effect.

  1. Cleanse your face with lotion.
  2. Apply a little warm burdock or castor oil to the places where the beard and mustache grow.
  3. Rub the greased areas well.
  4. Massage the skin with strong, but gentle movements of the fingers, as if drawing spirals on it.
  5. Felt warming up? Lightly pat your face.
  6. Wipe the skin with the tonic applied onto the cosmetic disc.


All cosmetic masks act directly on the skin: nourish, restore lipid balance, dilate blood vessels, narrow pores, and increase the flow of blood. The latter effect is actively used in folk remedies for intensive growth of the beard. Masks for men are prepared on the basis of or with the addition of thistle oil, with mustard, an extract of hot pepper, cognac. Apply the mixture on clean skin, withstand 10-15 minutes.

Cognac mask helps to accelerate the growth of problem hair. It is used to improve their condition. Wellness mask ingredients contain exclusively natural ingredients. There is nothing harmful in them. The composition of the cognac mask you can see below:

  • a tablespoon of thistle oil,
  • a teaspoon of brandy
  • five drops of tocopherol.

Another very popular folk remedy for beard growth is a mustard mask. This healing thing does not contain harmful components and consists only of natural elements.So you can safely use this mask for the growth of a beard, without fear for the consequences. You can see the ingredients of the mustard mask in equal amounts below:

Pharmaceuticals for hair growth

Any medications, whether tablets or ointments, should be taken only after consulting a doctor. If the scanty vegetation on your face is not associated with diseases, then complexes for growing a beard like Alerana or Minoxidil will only harm her. Do you want to use pharmacy products? Buy vitamins or natural oils. Would you like to experiment with medicines? Then be prepared for allergies or hair loss, referred to among the bearded men as a "rollback".

The “rollback” effect is the death of the hair follicles on the face after refusing to take active drugs. This is due to the fact that the same minoxidil is a substance that can replace the function of hair follicles, which is actively used in the treatment of baldness. Applying the drug to the growth of the beard, you will achieve its strengthening, but when the stimulation stops, your native hair will also begin to fall out, since active minoxidil is aggressive towards healthy bulbs.

Hair Growth Nutrition

Still wondering how to make your beard thicker? Create a new diet for yourself, include products that contain substances that stimulate hair growth:

  1. Plant and animal protein.
  2. Vitamin A - a catalyst for the production of sebum, a "transporter" of moisture to the hair follicles, an indispensable moisturizer for the skin.
  3. Vitamin C, enhancing immunity, supporting healthy hair.
  4. Vitamin E is a kind of magnet that attracts blood to the bulbs, which helps to accelerate hair growth.
  5. Folic acid is indispensable for the restoration of keratin, thickening of hairs.
  6. Panthenonic acid - Vitamin B5, a breakdown of fats and proteins, normalizing metabolic processes in the skin.
  7. Biotin - vitamin B3, a “thickener” of a rare beard, a stimulator of its growth.

How to stimulate hair growth, what should be eaten to nourish your body with these substances useful for male beauty? Low-fat meat and dark poultry (game, goose, duck), liver, hard cheeses, eggs will provide you with protein and vitamin A. With chicken, sprouted wheat, fish, you will get biotin. Vitamin C your body is fed with green and leafy vegetables, tomatoes, citruses. Panthenone and folic acid are rich in whole grain bread, seafood, peas, brewer's yeast, milk, nuts.

Beard Care

Proper nutrition and folk recipes will certainly help to cope with the task of stimulating facial hair, but a grown beard needs to be constantly looked after. Among the finished products there are many purely male cosmetics, such as, for example, Trius - a product of domestic pharmacology. This is a special drug to stimulate hair growth and care for the beard. "Trius oil" with an extract of hot pepper is just one of the few care products needed by bearded men along with shampoos, balms, creams, waxes and sprays.

Beard Growth Cream

From produced creams for bearded men, one should not expect miraculous effects. Their main function is skin care, activation of blood flow, nutrition of hair follicles. Such a complex effect can enhance facial hair growth, especially if the ointment contains hormonal components. The skin hidden under the vegetation receives less oxygen, becomes dry or, conversely, oily, so the beard on it grows worse. The cream eliminates these problems.


The facial hair is not much different from the hair on the head, so washing the beard is limited to ordinary shampoos. It is only important to choose a hair product of a certain type. Unsuitable shampoo can provoke the appearance of dandruff, the effect of oily hair, peeling of the skin, allergies. Along with a detergent, it is necessary to purchase rinsing balms, which will not allow the hair to become electrified, fluff, and become greasy soon after washing.

Caution should be taken in pharmacosmetics intended for the growth of a beard. For example, a beard shampoo, which is part of the Alerana complex, contains active components similar to imported minox - a baldness medicine. Its use is effective when the hair follicles die off or cease to fulfill their functions. Using the drug for healthy hair can provoke their loss.


Sprays are used to enhance beard growth. They have a vasodilating effect, increase blood flow to the bulbs, which contribute to hair growth. Their action is similar to a cream, but unlike it, aerosols do not leave a greasy shine. When buying sprays, pay attention to their composition, because the minoxidil contained in the product is useful only in the treatment of baldness.

Another category of beard care sprays is deodorizing products. They are designed to eliminate or mask odors absorbed by the hair. They include perfume fragrances, aromatic essential oils, moisturizing ingredients. Such care products are more suitable for smokers or people whose work is associated with strong or specific odors.

Video: how to grow a beard

Want to know how to increase hair growth? Watch a video on good nutrition, care products, and folk recipes. Tips for hair growth are given by the author of the story, a bearded man with experience, who shares his own experience, voices the recommendations of nutritionists, trichologists and cosmetologists. Find out which home remedies and at what stage of beard growth is best used.

Reviews on the best hair growth products

Denis, 27 years old No matter what they say about the futility of folk recipes, but I was convinced that burdock oil for a beard is the best way! My hair growth per month increased by almost a centimeter, the bristles became noticeably thicker. He didn’t let her grow immediately, he shaved as always, and after a couple of months of using the oil he began to let go of his beard. The result even pleased his wife.

Artem, 21 years old Until the age of 15, I was very worried that my stubble did not grow, so I started using castor oil. He left the army with a beard. When he returned to civilian life, he decided that I would be bearded again, but did not immediately understand that I should take care of the beard. Now I bought myself wax, balm and conditioner - I'm trying to bring beauty.

Alexander, 26 years old Decided to feed his beard "Alerana". I bought the whole set with cream, shampoo and spray. I will say that this super-tool really works! Used a year - during this time the beard has become almost twice as thick! I read that some people are rolling back, but have not been using them for several months now - there is no negative result.

Additional recommendations and a portion of life hacks

There are a couple of life hacks who, if they do not increase the rate of beard growth, at least do not slow them down. Remember:

  1. Full sleep. This means at least 6 hours for an adult, and it is at night, and not from 5 in the morning until lunch. Why is this so important? Because it is during the nighttime that the activity of hair follicles increases, they absorb nutrients better, and hair grows more intensively. Remember how your mother told you in childhood that you grow up in a dream? These are not bedtime stories! This is a fact proved by doctors, so if you want a beard, sleep more. She grows with you.
  2. No stress. Stress, overwork, constant stress - this does not necessarily lead to a heart attack, but it may well lead to baldness. Therefore, even if you can’t immediately grow a beard like Johnny Depp, don’t be nervous and do not envy - everything will work out as soon as you calm down and believe in yourself.

Here is another video with a report on the effectiveness of some tools:

Summary: How long does it take to enhance the growth of stubble and what to do to get decent facial hair? Exactly no one can answer this question.
First you need to find out what your genetic heredity is, then pay attention to the hormonal background. Next, proceed from the combination of such factors:

  • age - the first stubble appears at the age of 15-16 years, but so far it is fluid and uneven, so if you are still a teenager, you should not even worry that your first whisker grows poorly. The peak of hair growth occurs in 20-25 years, and after 35 it goes into decline,
  • lifestyle - bad habits slow down hair growth and many more important processes in the male body, this fact must be accepted. On the other hand, regular trips to the gym are faithful allies of those who rave about the Hemingway type, and can contribute to the rapid growth of facial hair,
  • nutrition - a lack of vitamins and minerals, anemia significantly slows hair growth and even contribute to their loss. But hypervitaminosis is no better than vitamin deficiency, it is also a metabolic disorder, which is always bad.

And in conclusion, start using pharmacy and folk remedies to make the beard grow. It can Minoxidil and all drugs containing it, nicotinic acid and analogues. Or a variety of oils and masks with them in the composition. What else you need is patience. Because even in a healthy, young man, leading a correct lifestyle and properly caring for his face, a beautiful, uniform and long beard will appear no earlier than after 6 months. Faster to form what you need, even with the active growth of the bristles, will not work.

Watch the video: Real Questions - Can you stimulate facial hair growth? (February 2020).

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