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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Men's sweater: modern and stylish models

The cold season has already managed to take full effect and now we can reflect on warm, cozy things. The season autumn-winter 2018-2019 is rich in an abundance of various sweaters, with which men can feel comfortable and at the same time look their best.

A men's sweater is a concise addition to any image and can rightfully be recognized as a universal thing in a wardrobe.

In the coming season there are no borders and all kinds of prohibitions, you can easily listen to your tastes and preferences. For the office version, calm, plain sweaters are ideal, and for everyday life, voluminous, large and more saturated models will perfectly fit.

To be more specific, to delve into the style of the fall-winter 2018-2019 season, this year at the peak of popularity there are stripes and cells, cozy Scandinavian patterns, stylish geometric ornaments. It is worth paying attention to sweaters with prints and logos, created in patchwork style.

The color scheme of the coming season is rich in deep saturated shades:

  • blue
  • indigo
  • bright red
  • Bordeaux
  • gray green
  • khaki.

Also, shades are very popular, figuratively resembling thick spilled ink. Indigo color should be given special attention this season. In addition to practicality and restraint, according to psychologists, confident and successful men choose this shade.

If the soul requires experimentation, then designers advise to pay attention to the original models of sweaters with an abstract pattern. Amazingly complex prints can always emphasize individuality and diversify the modest “look”.

Due to its comfort and relevance, in the cold season of 2018-2019, a model with a V-shaped neckline remains relevant. Such sweaters will perfectly fit into any dress code and are suitable for a casual look.

The apogee of this season recognized fur sweaters. Insanely beautiful, stylish, comfortable models will be the best choice for companionable gatherings in cafes and romantic walks under snowfall, while they will always be warm and comfortable.

Jumper: distinctive features

Fashion experts give the following definition of a jumper. This is a knitted or crocheted wardrobe item that has a round neck. It is worn over the head, but can be fastened with buttons, a zipper or other types of fasteners. The very word “jumper” in translation from English “jumper” means “jumper”, and initially this type of clothing, created in the 19th century, was intended exclusively for sports training, in particular, was included in the equipment of athletes.

Only in the middle of the 20th century, the jumper began to be positioned as casual clothing that both men and women actively included in their wardrobe.

There are many types of jumpers, here are the most common ones:

  • Classical. Made of wool or knitwear. Sits freely on the figure, has a shallow cutout of a round shape, which is called the "crew neck" ("ship's crew"). It is noteworthy that a similar model was originally worn by English sailors.

  • V Neck, the depth of which may vary depending on the model.

  • Polo. It is a model equipped with a turn-down collar, a strap with or without buttons.

  • Hooded. The model is usually used for cool weather and is a cross between a windbreaker and a jumper. It is often provided with a lining for additional warming.

  • Sports. The product is made of dense knitwear and is used for sports.

According to stylists, there is no more universal thing than a jumper, whose simplicity of cut and comfort in wearing allows you to easily combine it with both classic and evening wardrobe items.

Warm men's sweaters: the best photo review of modern models

A sweater in a men's wardrobe plays a crucial role, since it is possible to combine completely different models of trousers in cut and color with it. Many fans of the knightly era will surely like new models of knitted men's sweaters. The 2018 winter fashion for men involves products with a viscous, lengthening sleeves. A combination of a knitted sweater with a scarf looks very stylish. Today, punk and rock styles are a priority. The same trend will continue in the upcoming season. Of course, some variations have a strange fusion of several styles where Gothic dominates. And there are pretty feminine models of knitted sweaters. In any case, a sweater is a practical thing in a basic wardrobe in a modern man’s wardrobe.


Despite various fashion trends, such sweaters remain one of the most common and formal items in a man’s wardrobe. It can be from heavy aran or from wool cashmere, which must be worn under a jacket. Such a sweater is a classic style that has been kept in men's clothing for hundreds of years.

The neckline is round and has a narrow rib strip that adds volume. This is a youth minimalist style that fits easily with most clothes. A sweater with these types of gates provides the opportunity to wear a T-shirt underneath if a man needs an extra layer of clothing.

#1. Vintage cage

IN the end 2017 year vintage cage was a strong trend among women. IN 2018 year she was also adopted by men, and now she appears on everything from men's trousers to raincoats, and even caps. To try on this look, try starting with one thing in a catchy cage, such as a coat or jacket. Then, if you feel confident, consider adding one more suitable item, such as pants or a hat, or a bag.

Fashion trends of men's jumpers

The wardrobe, both female and male, consists of basic things that can not be dispensed with, and related items that allow you to complement the image, make it harmonious and complete. A jumper can be attributed to both the first and second categories, precisely for this reason eminent designers constantly include this stylish democratic thing in their collections in various interpretations.

Stylish, comfortable sweaters are presented in such a variety that it is time to get confused - which model to give preference to. And a true fashionista, striving to always be in trend, has not one sweater, but several, the most relevant styles.

The palm is rightfully occupied by a slightly fitted jumper with cuffs on the sleeves and bottom. The model is not too original, but it is very popular among men due to its versatility.

It should be noted that things with a V-shaped neck, although not completely out of fashion, have completely lost their leading position. Meanwhile, such a model has several advantages. For example, it makes adjustments to the appearance, making the neck longer, and the silhouette slim and sporty. In addition, it allows you to look democratic, but presentable - because of the ability to wear with a business shirt and tie. It is no coincidence that such jumpers are chosen by adherents of smart casual.

In recent years, high-neck models have become popular. If earlier such things could be seen exclusively in the women's wardrobe, today, when fashion erases gender stereotypes more and more, they have also been useful to men. The undoubted advantage of a sweater with a high collar is comfort and functionality, as it creates additional warmth and goes well with a jacket, jacket or coat.

Athletic men - lovers of demonstrating to others a magnificent muscular figure - I choose models that visually resemble turtlenecks that designers prudently developed for them. Naturally, you need to understand that thin men's jumpers, tight-fitting torso, will not hide the protruding tummy. In this case, the oversize model, which is at the peak of popularity, will be the best solution. The fashion for volumetric silhouettes can be used with a double benefit - to hide the flaws of the figure and warm up by putting on several sweaters at the same time.

For cool weather, a cardigan with buttons or a zipper is indispensable, which can be unfastened or removed at any time, remaining in a shirt or shirt. These jerseys are preferred by men working in the office. Cardigan does not contradict the dress code, being a successful alternative to a jacket, but at the same time allows you to stay within the office style.

Jumpers with a shawl collar look impressive and stylish. Visually resembles a cardigan, but it can be worn under a jacket for an official or everyday look.

Among the fashionable men's jumpers, one cannot fail to mention products without sleeves - vests. The original model brings a certain zest to the image, making it stylish and contrasting.

Geometric print

Those who do not accept deer and grandmother's snowmen with cubs in the form of decor on their own sweater will like unobtrusive geometric patterns. Rhombuses, squares, triangles and other figures create a clear and concise image, with a hint of good taste and the ability to highlight a stylish thing in a heap of numerous trends.

Boglioli, Joseph, Pringle of Scotland, Louis Vuitton, MSGM, YProject

The larger the picture, the greater the massiveness of your silhouette. Remember this when choosing a particular model and correlate it with your type of build.

Men's trousers: types and features of models in the winter season - 2018

Most of the fashion collections of world brands are mature and clean than in previous seasons. Clothing should emphasize the strength of mind and body in a man. For the upcoming season, designers released trousers of various models on the catwalks, in which grace, creativity, versatility and comfort were combined. Their technical performance is so fascinating that you involuntarily want to buy men's trousers, fashionable in winter 2018. The most successful models of men's products are presented below in the photo. All of them are wearable and adapted for everyday looks.

Fashionable styles

Classic Crew-neck Sweaters in restrained plain colors. They are presented in classic lengths made of thin knitwear with cuffs. A great option for a business man. You can combine such a sweater with trousers and a shirt, which will allow you to adhere to the office dress code. And in general, for lovers of restrained fashion, such a sweater will be a wonderful option for everyday wear.

Long sweaters, an unusual and stylish option this winter and autumn. The model is very bold and suitable for fit, tall men. Of course, such a model is more suitable for walking for every day, because a business man in such a sweater will look ridiculous 🙂

Bulk yarn sweaters - warm, pleasant to the body and stylish will dilute the gray colors of the cold season. There are several options, there are more adjacent and more free models.

About fashionable men's autumn shoes 2017 can be found here.

Sweatshirts - an integral subject of youth fashion. Warm, stylish and bright hoodies warm and perfectly emphasize an individual, reckless style 🙂

3D sweaterswill also be relevant in this and next year. Designers presented models with patterns of different sizes, depending on preference. Such a sweater can also be worn by a business man, of course, if he is plain and not too bright in color.

High neck sweaters, perfectly protect from cold winds and frost. Stylish necks are presented in various options, because the boring image will not look unique.

V-neck Sweaters, this season remains relevant due to its relevance and practicality. This model is perfect for everyday wear and for men who adhere to a dress code.

And finally fur sweaters, beautiful, warm and stylish will not leave indifferent both a man and his lover. Such sweaters look unusual, elegant and most importantly, in such a product it will undoubtedly be warm and cozy.


A high collar folded in several layers creates a classic turtleneck look. If the collar is not complicated, but still rises high on the neck, then this style is called a model turtleneck.

A collar on a classic turtleneck usually doubles and creates a nice thick strip around the neck. This is a great practical thing with a throat, which is able to save body heat as much as possible. Their practicality, for people living in harsh climates, makes these stylish men's sweaters the main item in the wardrobe.

If a man decides to experiment, then you should choose more neutral colors:

If a man has enough courage, then you can choose the color "burnt orange", especially since this color is the most trendy.

# 2 Turtleneck Suit

TO ostums never go out of fashion, but there are ways to add trendiness to your costume look for every season. This year, everything is built around what you put on your costume with. Therefore, when the weather is cold, replace your regular shirt with a turtleneck. By combining a turtleneck with a serious suit, you can achieve an incredibly stylish and elegant look. Wear this combination in the office, for dinners and other semi-formal events.

Used invoices

Most often, designers traditionally use wool - the material that warms best. This natural texture looks great and comfortable to wear, as it lets air in and absorbs moisture. Varieties of wool include merino and camel hair, alpaca, cashmere, mohair. However, despite not all the advantages, natural wool has its drawbacks: high cost, quick loss of presentation in case of improper washing (the formation of characteristic spools). That's why men's knitted sweaters made of natural wool should be washed only by hand, or even better - dry cleaned.

Things made of knitted materials, wool with the addition of synthetics such as acrylic, viscose, polyester, microfiber, fleece last much longer. The optimal ratio of natural and synthetic materials is 50 to 50. If there is less wool, then the sweater will not warm.

Cotton products are distinguished by aesthetic appearance, good air tightness and unpretentious care. However, in the process of wearing, cotton jumpers quickly wrinkle, and besides, after improper washing, they can lose their shape - stretch or, conversely, sit down. And finally, the most serious minus - cotton warms much worse than wool, therefore it will not protect against severe frosts, it is rather a summer option.

Silk is an expensive texture and is not so common. However, it should be noted that the silk summer sweater with short sleeves looks great!
Knitwear is considered the most practical solution, since with proper care it lasts a long time, does not deform during washing and looks quite presentable.

Abstract print

Abstract lines, the asymmetric arrangement of which does not allow you to connect the picture into a repeating ornament or at least a slightly meaningful composition, looks great at unofficial events, in a Friday office, on a friendly gathering with a glass of beer. This spring, designers prefer shades of earth and the night sky.

Valentino, Cerruti 1881, Hermes

Winter men's coat: youth options

Trends in men's fashion are such that designers began to think less about the financial profit from the sale of collections. Their creative approach increasingly reflects what is happening on the world political scene. Clarity of cut is inherent in many items of men's wardrobe in the new collection for the winter period.The basis of the collections of many world brands is outerwear: coats and raincoats for men. Elegance does not go anywhere, and the London image of the dandy is inherent in many models of men's winter coats.

Coloring and print

This season there are no prohibitions and frameworks, and therefore the assortment is represented quite wide. It all depends on preferences and the case for which a sweater is chosen. Plain low-key models are perfect for workdays. Brighter and more voluminous options are suitable for walking and everyday wear.

More specifically, this year it will be fashionable cell and strip, geometric, computer and Scandinavian patterns. Various kinds of prints and logos, sweaters made in the style of patchwork.

That's all, I wish you a sunny and relatively warm autumn and not a fierce winter 🙂

# 3 Fashionable color "Camel"

H For the color you'll wear most this year, think about the rich, warm shades of brown. These camel shades are striking and seem surprisingly stylish, even when you dress them from head to toe.

E If you decide to dress completely in camel, make sure that there is some difference in tone in order to break the full uniformity. Alternatively, if you want to wear only one thing of a camel color, let it be a coat that goes well with neutral colors and a simple design, such as a white shirt, blue jeans and sneakers.

Fashionable colors of men's jumpers

Stylish woolen cardigan can be either monochrome or printed, it all depends on the personal preferences of the man. Those who gravitate towards the classics and do not accept bright ornaments and frivolous youth applications may not be afraid that the image will turn out to be banal and boring. In terms of colors, eminent designers offer complete freedom of choice - from flashy saturated shades to muted pastel colors.

Universal shades (beige, gray), as well as black and white gamma - are ideal for men who value elegance and restraint.

In second place in popularity - natural uniformity. This category includes all the natural shades of autumn - orange, khaki, olive, mustard, brown, yellow with gold, red, burgundy. Such products look amazing!

Contrary to popular belief, pastel color jumpers can be worn not only in summer, but also at other times of the year. Today, light models are chosen not only by young men, but also by those who, in adulthood, want to look impressive and youthful fresh.

When choosing a sweater, stylists recommend starting from the type of appearance. So, hot shades of yellow with the transition to rich brown or mustard are perfect for swarthy dark-haired men, and cold, such as blue, the color of wet asphalt are ideal for fair-haired men.

By the way, among the fashion trends of recent years, the selection of a sweater for the color of a scarf is noteworthy, in connection with which, many manufacturers offer ready-made sets. This eliminates the need to spend time looking for the right accessory.

Color blocking

Lovers of extravagant design in everything, those who are unable to live without experiments will like the expressive style of some sweaters in collections

Louis Vuitton, Emporio Armani, Vetements, Boglioli, Balmain, Sacai

Designers offer to combine bright juicy shades of red, orange, yellow with rich, restrained tones of green, brown and gray.

Vivienne Westwood, Marni, J.W. Anderson, White Mountaineering, Christopher Shannon

Men's down jackets: news of winter 2018

The best men's silhouettes are presented by designers at fashion shows. Among them, the leading place is occupied by men's down jackets. All models are quite heavy, but today this fall is relevant, since heavy materials with contrasting geometric patterns are the trend of the winter of 2018. By the way, not in all regions it is possible to go outside in winter in a thin bomber jacket, therefore every representative of the stronger sex should have a warm down jacket in the wardrobe.

Thin Jumpers

Jumper is another universal element. It is advisable to stock up on several options. A slim sweater model is one of the basic things in a men's wardrobe. This season prefers muted colors and semi-adjacent silhouettes.

If a man likes to wear a sweater with a V-neck, you should slightly tighten the sleeve of the sweater so that the cuff of the shirt sticks out на below.

#4. Soft texture

T This year’s all-men ’favorite is fashion for comfortable clothing. Like loose clothing, soft textures will also play a vital role in men's fashion 2018 year. Materials that are pleasant to the touch, from soft fur, fleece and sheepskin to velvet, suede and even velveteen are becoming popular.

E This trend is perfect for the fall and winter months, and looks best when combined with warm tones of brown, as well as neutral white and black.

Print jumpers

Men, like women, sometimes want to look bright and attract attention. A great way to show your personality is to get a jumper decorated with some extraordinary ornament.

In recent years, designers have increasingly resorted to a technique called print blocking - a combination of two or more types of ornament in clothing. Men's jumpers decorated with such original drawings were no exception, they look amazing. Mega popular mix of recent years - Breton strip and cell. In such products, the regularity of the combination of shades inside the print is clearly traced, due to which the models look absolutely harmonious, without causing visual overload.

Strictly speaking, a cell that gives an image of solidity and confidence is not suitable for everyone, a checkered jumper should be worn only by men who can boast of a good figure. The fact is that the cell is quite insidious and has the ability to visually give volume. But a thin horizontal strip on the shoulder line makes the figure more proportional. Contrast stripes on the sleeves not only emphasize the biceps, but also make the image unusually stylish.

An unobtrusive geometric print is chosen by men with good taste. All kinds of rhombuses, squares, circles on knitted sweaters create a special surroundings and look very positive. It should be remembered that the larger the ornament, the more massive the figure looks, so for obese men this is not the best option.

Abstract patterns, usually made in shades of earth and night sky, do not lose their relevance. The trend includes broken lines, careless brush strokes, blurred watercolor spots, located asymmetrically and not allowing to make any meaningful picture. Of course, you won’t go to the office in such a creative sweater, but in a bar it will look quite appropriate.

Another interesting trick is color blocking. The combination of bright juicy shades with neutral, restrained creates an interesting contrast and adds expression to the image.

Fashionable men's sweaters in melange colors look fresh and cozy at home, but also give a daring and slightly mischievous look.
Well, in the frosty winter you can not do without a warm sweater of rough village knitting with Aranian weaving, with braids and other various voluminous ornaments. Such a model evokes associations with things tied by caring grandmother's hands, and, in the opinion of stylists, every self-respecting mod should be.

Another great winter option is the Icelandic lopapeys jumper. In addition to the fact that products made from natural Icelandic wool will withstand any frost, they look excellent due to the traditional round coquette (national characteristic pattern).

It should be noted and jumpers with logos, letters, various inscriptions, photo prints and applications that are preferred by young people - adherents of modern street fashion.

Winter hat for men - the key to health and style

The motto of men's fashion for the winter of 2018: a complex image - a fashionable man. The winter of 2018 will give men the opportunity to look truly attractive. When creating a fashionable image, one should be guided by fashionable trends and think through every detail in detail. Fashionable men's hats allow a man with a strict appearance to make a little softer. Someone will like fedora, someone knitted hats, cheeky caps, beanie hats, fashionable baseball caps, voluminous hoods and even balaclava masks.

With geometry

Designers often beat geometric patterns in men's clothing - peas, stripes, cages and, of course, argyle.

The argyle pattern is distinguished by layers of overlapping motifs, adding a sense of three-dimensionality, movement and texture. 2018 is the year when argyle returns to expensive men's sweaters.

Horizontal stripes are another popular geometric pattern. The nuances in this popular pattern relate to the thickness of the stripes. More neutral thick striped jumpers are best for colder months. In the case when the figure in a man belongs to round shapes, then a horizontal strip should be avoided.

#5. Oversize Silhouettes

IN last year, clothes became freer and larger than in previous years. IN 2018 year this trend will continue with oversized silhouettes that dominate casual wear. To properly beat this image, remember that the whole point is to achieve the right balance. Since you do not want to seem sloppy or as if you do not know what size you are, it is important to make sure that your oversized look looks serious enough. To do this, choose high-quality fabrics and elegant styles that simply increased in proportion.

What and how to wear a jumper

Fortunately, this versatile thing can be worn with anything - with trousers, jeans, shorts. Under a jumper, you can put on a shirt or a T-shirt, throw a jacket on top. There are many options; experimenting with images is not only not forbidden, but also welcome.

For work in the office, it is advisable to use a monophonic classic men's sweater with a round neck. It is better to choose a model from thin smooth wool without voluminous patterns so that it can be worn with a suit.

Printed, vibrant products, as well as pink, blue or white models, are not the best option for the office. The color scheme is preferably restrained, neutral. A win-win option is black.

If you plan to wear it complete with a shirt, then the products should match in shade. The top button of the shirt can not be fastened, the ends of the wide collar should be tucked under the neck of the jumper. If the sweater has a V-neck, the collar can be let out, it will look good.
The bottom of the shirt must be tucked in trousers, this requires a classic dress code. However, the rules of youth business style (smart casual) are less stringent and allow you to release a shirt from under a sweater.

Shirt cuffs should protrude from under the sleeve of the sweater for 1-2 centimeters. Smart casual allows you to roll up your sleeves or hide them under the jumper completely.
A tie is used as desired. In order for the appearance to be not only stylish, but also neat, the button of the shirt in this case should be fastened, and the tie tucked under the sweater.

If a jacket is put on over the sweater, the sleeves of the jacket should not stick out.

A softer version of the office style is a jumper on the head of the body. The main thing is that the pants should be of a classic cut. A jumper can be replaced with a cardigan, literally created for spectacular multi-layer ensembles. It can be safely mixed with a shirt, tie, voluminous scarf and other elements of the wardrobe.

A successful casual style can be created from a dense one-color sweater with “patches” on the elbows, a bright plaid shirt, dark classic jeans and thick-soled boots. Instead of boots, you can use cowboy boots - the image will turn out informal and very stylish.

Stylish men's jumpers in dark color look good with light jeans. With dark blue and black jeans, you need to wear pick up light knit and knit models.

If the weather allows, a sweater, for example, in a strip, can be worn with shorts and a T-shirt, this is a great option for leisure or sports. If desired, it can be removed and effectively tied on the shoulders. But you need to take into account that sweaters made of thin wool, cotton or knitwear are not worn over the T-shirt, since such a combination creates ugly contours on the body and looks unaesthetic.

Letters and Logos

Young representatives of the male population of the planet will like sweaters with eloquent or absolutely meaningless inscriptions for every taste and occasion.

Gosha Rubchinskiy, Andrea Pompilio, Paul Smith, Kenzo, Juun.J, Topman Design

Men's Winter Fashion Trends: Popular Colors and Materials

Many world couturiers prefer to use army materials, but parachute and bike fabrics have become a novelty of the winter of 2018 in the world of men's fashion. It is from them that many models of cozy coats, trousers, and hoodies are created. Graphic ornaments blend wonderfully with soft texture materials. The main color of the winter of 2018, according to many designers, has become orange. Prints in men's clothing remind of the cold season. Their designers tried to make it bright and saturated, since it is not always winter that pleases us with good weather with white snow. In many collections there are also classic ornaments: cage, strip. The color-block combination became relevant - the division of a male product into several parts using a different color combination.

Many men's images are decorated with aggressive details in the form of a metal decor, belt, bracelet, handbag. Although many ladies of the heart will never allow a man to wear this. And therefore, if a woman selects a style in your couple, then she will definitely rely on the type of activity of the man and his environment: classic, street style, sport style. Advice to women: do not drive your man into the framework of strict classics! It is not fashionable in the winter of 2018. Especially strict classics are more suitable for men over 60. The image of a young man is best diluted with sporting details.

Of course, there are still options for wearing skirts and dresses for men. And they offer it absolutely not freak brands, but leaders in the fashion industry. All models of skirts for men are sewn of chic materials for winter: wool, cashmere, tweed. And in all collections there is not only chaos and aggressiveness, but also chic. In any case, all such trendy images are perceived by most men as strange.

Cool print

Also this season it is worth paying attention to extraordinary models of sweaters, which are decorated with various color blocks, patterns, rhombuses and stripes. Now, designers have added original images of animals and original inscriptions to these prints. A men's sweater with an inscription is an incredibly fashionable thing of the season, so it must be purchased.

# 6 Military

IN Perhaps this is not new, but military-style clothing is once again returning to the world of men's fashion and it is easy to understand why. The trend, which includes practicality and utilitarian design, combines both functionality and style. To wear it in 2018 year, stick to things in shades of beige, brown, army green and khaki. Regarding design, choose military clothes with simple fasteners and large pockets. Then complete your look with an aviator jacket with a sheepskin lining.

How to choose a men's cardigan

The first thing, of course, is looking at the appearance of the product, the conformity of the texture of the season and the conditions of wearing, the composition of the material. The amount of synthetics should not exceed 50%. If you buy a thing made of synthetic fabric, you should understand that it should cost much cheaper than natural, besides it can cause allergies and cause some discomfort during socks.

You should not buy the first sweater you like, it’s more advisable to measure several things in order to be able to compare which one sits better on the figure. When trying on, you need to consider the fit to size. If the fit is not provided for by the feature of the cut, the jumper should be slightly loose, but not shapeless and not restrict movements. Look carefully so that the shoulders do not hang and are strictly in place, and the sleeves are not too short.

Next, you should carefully inspect the product for quality sewing. Curved, poorly finished seams and stitches, unevenly dyed fabric, protruding threads, spools are unacceptable. Their presence is considered a serious defect and significantly reduces the life of the product in the future.

When purchasing a jumper, you need to think about what and where you plan to wear it. In this regard, it is very important to consider the color scheme. Classic and muted shades fit perfectly into the business style. Vibrant colors and patterns are suitable for everyday, sporty looks.

The length of the men's sweater should be 2-4 centimeters below the trouser belt.

Sometimes girls, wanting to make a present to their young man, choose a sweater as a present. A thing, of course, necessary and practical in all respects. How to make the right choice, because you have to act, as they say, "by eye". In this case, you need to carefully read the information on the label and take into account that Russian sizes differ from international ones.

Photo print and applique

Plain sweaters decorated with a photo print or applique, which is located strictly in the center of the product, are in fashion.

Moschino, Sandro, Topman Design

In such a sweater, you can appear anywhere, except for places that require strict observance of the dress code.

Christopher Raeburn, Comme des Garons, Marc Jacobs, J.W. Anderson, Fausto Puglisi, Marcelo Burlon County of Milan


Volume can be given to a sweater either due to thick yarn, or when using a three-dimensional pattern for knitting. Such knitted sweaters will suit a business man, if at the same time give preference to not too bright colors.

Men's polo-sweaters are casual and allow, does not wear a shirt underneath. Best of all, such a sweater looks paired with a sports jacket. In this style, good fit is paramount. It should be noted that it can be worn with trousers.

# 7 Athletic Accents

N There is no doubt that athleisure has been popular in men's fashion for some time and will remain there for the foreseeable future. This trend is relevant this year, but now men combine it with more serious things. Using sportswear to add an athleisure accent to elegant looks, these stylish men have achieved a chic but laid-back look that is perfect for a variety of occasions.

How to care for a jumper

For your favorite thing to serve faithfully for more than one season, you need to know how to properly care for it. To do this, you should study all the badges and inscriptions located on the labels. They are for information on washing methods. For example, sweaters made of cashmere, alpaca and other types of wool need to be washed only by hand with the addition of delicate powder. If you wash the product in a typewriter, it will be damaged. Slight spots can be gently wiped with a detergent.

After washing, the jumper should be slightly squeezed out with a towel and laid out to dry on a horizontal surface covered with a clean sheet. If a thing is hung to dry on a hanger, it will stretch out and lose shape. A clean, dry product is ironed through a damp cloth or gauze. The iron should not be too hot. It is much safer to use a steamer.

Over time, spools appear on the jumper, most often this can be observed on things made of natural wool without adding a synthetic texture. Do not be discouraged or rush to throw away your favorite sweater. The coils can be removed using a razor or special tool.
To store the sweater, you need to allocate a certain place on the shelf or hang it in a cabinet on a hanger, it is advisable to use a cover. Protective agents against moths are systematically necessary.


Such products will not leave indifferent either the male or female half. It can be sweaters with inserts of fur or fur stripes, as in Fendi. These are very unusual and bright men's sweaters that will provide maximum comfort and warmth. Much more common are models in which the sleeves are made of a different material, and the remaining parts are of sheared fur. These sweaters can be seen at Emporio Armani, Louis Vuitton, Corneliani and Lanvin.

#8. 70s style

TO last year’s end saw the return of men's fashion of the 70s, but this year this trend goes to a new level. Thus, in the upcoming seasons you will see a lot of brown and yellow, as well as flared pants, turtlenecks, denim and suede.

X Although in theory this may not seem stylish, in reality this retro trend is incredibly fashionable. Thus, it is ideal for those who love bold images. However, you can wear this trend so that it stands out less, adding only one thing in the style of the 70s to modern clothes.

Fitting style

Thin turtleneck sweaters sit perfectly on a slim, fit figure of an athletic type. Hide the extra pounds on the stomach in such a sweater will not succeed.

Balenciaga, Ann Demeulemeester, Joseph, J.W. Anderson, Wales Bonner

Men's Cardigans 2018

Spring is famous for its changeable nature. In the morning, a light snow can go, and in the evening it gets warm so that you want to take off your heavy jacket and stay in a warm sweater. At such moments, a man's knitted cardigan is useful. It can be removed and put on at any time, thanks to the convenient system of fastening on buttons.

Ralph Lauren, Dsquared2, Emporio Armani, Missoni, Boglioli, Margaret Howell

Oversize Sweaters

The fashion for voluminous outfits has not ceased for several seasons in a row. In the spring, this trend can be used to advantage by wearing several sweaters at once on cold days.

YProject, Raf Simons, Dries Van Noten, J.W. Anderson, Marcelo Burlon County of Milan, Off White

Natural plainness

Red, beige, gray, brick - all these colors resemble shades of soil at different times of the year.

Margarett Hoowell, Ami, Dondup, MSGM, Hermes, E. Tautz

In such a sweater, it is not a shame to appear at work and continue the evening at an incendiary party or at dinner in a restaurant.

Officine Generale, Officine Generale, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ralph Lauren, Versace

Pastel Palette

The fashion for pastel softness was embodied in men's sweaters this spring. Despite the fact that light pastel tones are a little fuller, this model can go well with outerwear and trousers of dark colors.

Richard James, Visvim, YProject, Wooyoungmi

A pastel sweater is ideal not only for young people, but also for those who want to beat their gray hair, creating a respectable image of an unhurried billionaire.

Carven, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Diesel Black Gold, Christopher Shannon, Christopher Raeburn, Paul Joe

Black and white gamma

Fans of the classic gamut, those who do not like experimenting with color, will like another trend of the coming spring - men's sweaters in black and white.

Christopher Raeburn, Pringle of Scotland, Marcelo Burlon County of Milan, Dolce Gabbana

Brand sweaters for men

A quality sweater that suits him right is one of the most flattering things a man can wear. He is able to add volume to a lean physique and simplify a large figure.

Here are a few brands that constantly produce high-quality sweaters made from natural materials:

  • Blarney woolen mills Is a family-owned Irish company that has been manufacturing wool products since 1750. They offer many classic sweaters made of different wool, and sometimes put up for sale hand knits,
  • english manufacturer John smedley Since 1784, it has been producing branded quality knitwear. This brand is a great investment option, because a man would like to wear such a designer men's sweater again and again. The items are made of cashmere, merino wool and cotton. Even James Bond wore this brand's sweater,
  • to purchase a quality cashmere sweater, you can contact the brand Neiman marcus,
  • sweaters with colorful bright blocks can be found in collections Disel Black Gold, Kenzo, Alexander Wang,
  • men's sweaters with a large pattern are found at shows at Dolce & Gabbana, Barberry, MSGM. This sweater will be a great choice for a party or party,
  • items decorated with capital letters and inscriptions can be seen in the collections Calvin Klein, Richard Nicol.

#9. Vertical strip

P strike everyone in 2018 yearby including a vertical strip in your wardrobe. The vertical strip will be a refreshing departure from the standard horizontal one, which can be seen everywhere and everywhere, and will also add an element that attracts attention to even the simplest image.

E Another great point about this trend is that the strip can be as thick or thin as you like. For a bold look, simply select a thick strip of bright, contrasting colors. For a more relaxed style, select a thinner strip of similar soft or neutral tones.


If a sweater makes a man feel great, and he is looking forward to the moment when he can put it on, then this is exactly the fashionable men's sweater that he needs. This season, designers presented many stylish models that can find fans among confident and sexy men.

Horizontal strip

Such a print can visually tighten the figure, so you should carefully select the size and color of the strips so as not to become more squat and full.

Ami, Katie Eary, Trussardi, Christopher Kane, Dsquared2, Paul Smith

#10. Crossbody Bags

D the isleaners were finally convinced of the practicality of bags for both sexes, and the result was a choice of courageous and stylish bags for men. In particular, in the coming seasons, many people should fall in love with bags over their shoulders.

FROM the umka over the shoulder is easy to put on and provides practicality, as well as frees hands with pockets. Choose a serious leather texture or nylon for a sportier and more casual look. If you need something larger to hold all your belongings, you can also consider purchasing a spacious and trendy bag.

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