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50 best ways to make a marriage proposal!

Recently, such an important event as a marriage proposal has been turning into the boring and ordinary “Let's live together” or “Let's get married”. And where is the romance? After all, every girl wants to remember such a moment for her whole life and remember it with warmth. We bring to your attention 44 ways how beautiful to make an offer to a girl!

  1. The first way to make an offer to a girl is a classic of the genre, it will require you to have a rose in your teeth, a ring in a velvet box, and the offer is done on your knees.
  2. Invite your soul mate to a restaurant and ask the waiter to put a ring at the bottom of the girl’s favorite dessert in advance. Just be careful that such a marriage proposal does not result in injuries.
  3. If you have a familiar administrator in the theater, ask him to let you go on stage after the performance and make an offer to your beloved girlfriend.
  4. Come to her office in the middle of a white day with champagne, a red rose and a ring and make an offer with her colleagues.
  5. Write on the asphalt with chalk under the windows of your beloved: (name), will you become my wife?
  6. Order her favorite song on the radio for the girl and make her an offer on the air.
  7. Gather people you love in a restaurant or cafe, and with all, make your favorite romantic offer.
  8. Ask friends and relatives to gather near her porch, draw posters that say “Will you become my wife?”, And arm yourself with a ring and go make an offer.
  9. Ask someone to deliver a telegram to the girl’s office in which you describe all your feelings. A few minutes after the presentation, go to her and ask the most important question.
  10. Create the page of your couple on the Internet: put memorable photos there, write a treasured question. And then SMS, send the address of the page to which it should go.
  11. Take a few boxes of different sizes, put in the smallest of them a ring. Each box can be decorated as a gift - the process of unpacking itself makes you curious. And you can take a glass or plastic box, fill it with foam, and put a ring at the very bottom.
  12. Take a large beautifully designed box and send the parcel to the girl in the office. Hide yourself inside the box and when your beloved opens a gift, make her an offer with a ring and a bouquet of roses in her hand.
  13. Invite your beloved to a romantic picnic and tell her about your feelings there.
  14. Get up early, cook the girl breakfast, complemented by a rose and a velvet box. After waking up with a kiss, ask her the main question.
  15. Scatter the rose petals on the bed, and in the center put a box with a ring. Say that this gift will tell her about the depth of your feelings. When a loved one opens the box, say you want to spend the rest of your life with her. It is impossible to resist such an offer.
  16. Prepare a romantic dinner, put next to the plate a cloth napkin threaded through the ring. When the girl takes a napkin to put on her lap, she will find the ring, and then she will hear your offer.
  17. Invite her to massage her legs and quietly put a ring on her toe.
  18. Invite your beloved to a date in a place that means a lot to you. Bring a basket of champagne and fruit with you to celebrate the engagement at the same time.
  19. Order a cake or pie in the store with the inscription “Will you marry me?”, You can surprise your beloved and your own cooked masterpiece.
  20. If your girlfriend regularly writes out a magazine, post your offer on one of his pages. And be around when they start reading.
  21. Buy your beloved watch or bracelet and put a note “Let's get married” in a box.
  22. Have a romantic dinner, buy a bottle of wine, and when you pour it into a glass, quietly put a ring on its bottom. When your chosen one finishes the drink, she will see the ring.
  23. You can make a proposal to the girl on New Year's Eve: hang a ring on the tree and ask her to find a new decoration.

  • Invite the girl to a restaurant and ask the cook to write “Let's get married” with chocolate cream around the dessert on the dish.
  • Take a rubber toy and attach a ring to it. Prepare your soul mate a scented bath with petals and roses, and while she is taking it, lower the toy with the ring in front of her.
  • Prepare mussels or oysters for her, put a ring in one of the shells.
  • Write the sentence on a piece of papyrus and cork it in a bottle. When you are on the shore of a pond, pretend to have found it in the water. Let the girl first open the bottle and read your message.
  • Buy phosphor stars and write your offer on them. When your beloved goes to bed, she will definitely see an offer of a hand and a heart on the ceiling.
  • Glue directional arrows throughout the apartment and inform that if a girl manages to get to the end, she will be surprised. The last arrow will indicate you holding a treasured box with a ring.
  • In frosty weather, you can write a proposal on the windshield of her car.
  • Invite your soul mate to a football or hockey match, and during the break, ask the commentator to make your proposal.
  • Write on the sandy beach “Will you marry me?” In capital letters.
  • Take a romantic cruise on a yacht or boat and make an offer in the middle of the sea.
  • Before her awakening, leave a ring with a small note on her pillow and go to the bathroom.
  • Rise with her in a balloon, take a ring with you and say that if she does not marry you, you will jump down.
  • Buy concert tickets for her favorite performers and ask the entertainer to make an offer on your behalf.
  • This method can be called treasure hunting. Leave your narrowed hints, and hide the ring yourself in the chest, close the lock, and hide the key. When the girl finds the key according to the prompts, she will be able to find a note and an engagement ring there.
  • Hire a plane so that high in the sky he writes the simple phrase "Marry me."
  • You can rent a billboard and stick a big photo of your beloved there and write the words “Marry me” nearby.
  • Fill her room with balloons or flowers, and in the center put a soft toy with a note and a ring.
  • Compose verses and read them to your beloved.
  • Organize a fun party and in the midst of it make an offer. You can make a surprise offer by contacting special agencies.
  • Write a diary about your relationship and leave it in a conspicuous place. End the date when you are going to make an offer and write that this story will not end until it gives an answer.
  • In winter, write “Marry me!” In the snow under her windows.
  • Well and most importantly, making an offer to the girl’s hands and hearts, be yourself and show her your love!

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    1. Invite the girl to the rooftop restaurant

    When you enter the elevator, click on all the buttons. The cabin will stop on each floor, and your beloved will read one word from a sentence of marriage. (Yes, the words will have to be printed out and pasted on the walls in advance.) When you reach the last floor, she will only have to say “yes”.

    2. Present the pet of which she dreamed

    A win-win way to win the heart of one that is crazy about pets. The main thing is to carefully determine in advance whether the girl is ready to take care of the pet. If so, give her a kitten or puppy, on the collar of which will be a small postcard or a medallion with your proposal.


    Well, or attach the message to a birdcage or aquarium.

    8. Invite her to the photo booth

    When you make faces, laugh and take a photo, suddenly take out the ring. The historical moment will be captured in the picture.

    How to make a girl a marriage proposal

    How to make an offer to a girl

    «Will you marry me?“It would seem such a simple question, but how difficult is it to ask sometimes. Creating a family is a very important decision for each couple and, of course, everyone wants this moment to be remembered for a long time.

    This article provides some tips on how to or how not to ask for your beloved's hand.


    Talk about your possible family life.

    Before making an offer, talk about how you imagine family life. Make sure that you both want such a life, and that you agree on basic issues, for example, the desire to have children.

    Make a surprise

    Despite the fact that you may have already spoken about your family life, the proposal itself should be a surprise. Choose a moment when she does not expect this.

    Find a suitable engagement ring

    The wedding ring must be chosen correctly, do not forget that your bride will wear it later. Maybe you accidentally go past the jewelry store window and ask what she likes, or try to understand this from the conversation. You can ask her mom or friend to help choose a ring.

    Find out in advance if she wants to choose a ring herself.

    Most brides will be happy to receive a ring along with a marriage proposal, but some are very scrupulous in choosing jewelry and want to buy or order a ring to their liking.

    The tradition of giving a ring with a marriage proposal is still quite new in our country, but, believe me, it is very pleasant for girls.

    Talk to her parents

    It has been a long time since the girl was considered property, and her marriage certainly required the consent of her father. But still there is something touching and respectful in asking for the blessings of the parents. Unless, of course, you have a good relationship with them.

    Choose a special place

    Remember your favorite romantic places, choose the most special of them in order to ask your question. Perhaps this is the place of your acquaintance, or the first date, or a beautiful corner of nature, or you will take her to Paris. Just do not ask this question in the supermarket!

    Be creative

    Call for help some special traits of your character, favorite things, food, etc. Let your offer be remembered.

    Stand on one knee

    Yes, now it’s not the 50s, but it’s so charming and romantic when a man kneels and asks the love of his life to marry him. No matter how modern you are, this will add charm and seriousness to your proposal. And almost all the girls at heart are very, very romantic.

    Tell her why you want to marry her

    Do not just mumble the key five words, but tell her that she is the only thing for you, what the family means to you, and what you expect from the future. You can say, for example, this: “My life has changed a lot since I met you. I became kinder, more serious, calmer. It’s hard for me to believe that I used to live without you, I want you to be always there. Will you marry me?"

    Share the news

    May you have time to celebrate this event together. And then tell family and friends, by phone or in person.


    Do not make a show out of offer

    If you believe the Hollywood screenwriters, then every marriage proposal is made in front of thousands of viewers. But if your beloved doesn’t say she wants a noisy event, make it touching and personal. Most brides would prefer that only you two be at that moment.You have all your life ahead to tell everyone the world about your family plans. But the proposal is made only once.

    Do not hide the wedding ring in food

    Surprise is good, but hiding the engagement ring in food is a hackneyed thought. It has been featured in thousands of films and television shows, so you won’t get a bonus for originality. But it will be much narrower if your romantic proposal ends with a trip to the dentist's office.

    Do not make an offer in sports

    Any game is a loud and chaotic event. Even if your bride is the most gambling fan in the world, a stadium or other venue for competitions will not allow to achieve the attention and focus that this event deserves.

    Do not make an offer in front of her whole family

    An offer in front of her whole family is an extra stress that you don't need at all. Choose a moment when you will be together. For the rest do not worry, you can tell them a little later.

    Don't do it too hard

    It’s good to show some ingenuity, but you must not be distracted from the main goal. If you are worried if the limousine is in time for the balloon to fly off, you are worried about the wrong things.

    Do not make an offer immediately after meeting

    In the first impulse of love it is very difficult not to do stupid things. But still, you should wait until your relationship stabilizes, this will only strengthen the marriage. Make sure that you really know each other before connecting your lives.

    Do not expect her to say yes immediately

    You ask to spend the rest of your life with you - a very important decision. A girl is not obliged to say “yes” right away just because you asked her. If your sweetheart says, “I will think it over,” take it properly and give her time to consider the proposal. You do not want this stunning lady to agree to marry everyone she met just because he asked her?

    Since so many people like to leave important confessions, which thread is the holiday, the coming New Year and Christmas will do just fine. In this regard, we will try to help a little to those who are going to make an important proposal to their second half, recall the etiquette of this action.

    If someone has already gone through this, we give our advice to future generations in the comments.

    This ritual is repeated from generation to generation, and although there is no definite formula, you should still adhere to certain rules and norms of behavior. Details remain with you, and when you decide to ask the main question, you need to do everything so that both of you remember this moment.

    There are many ways to do everything right so that the sentence remains in your memory, but there are many more ways to do everything wrong.

    And if you make a proposal incorrectly, then it risks staying for a long time either as a family joke if she says yes, or a sad and instructive story if she says no.

    As with most things in our lives, there is a big gap between right and wrong. In this case, all stupid and non-inspired methods must be left aside.

    Your marriage proposal is one of those formal stories that she will tell your friends and family about.

    If you stick to the protocol below with the addition of creative details that you invented yourself, you can come up with a story that it will proudly tell its friends for years. In addition, she will have another story that she will tell, so that others envy her.

    Rules and Etiquette

    Inform her parents in advance

    The key word here is "inform." Do not ask, namely inform. You can ask their permission, but you are not required to do this if they do not approve of your marriage. In the end, if you give her father a reason to say no, then deprive your darling of the right to make choices on her own.

    On the other hand, a good upbringing involves the involvement of her parents, because for them it is another chance to participate in an important event in her daughter's life.

    Naturally, there may be certain exceptions to the rules that affect the process.

    If she has long moved away from her parents (she has not talked with them for many years or she does not consider them part of her life), then informing them is not necessary. From this point of view, we strongly recommend that you do not use various plans or schemes that involve her parents.

    Choose your own ring

    Attracting your potential bride to buy an engagement ring will be the wrong step for the following two important reasons: surprise and romance.

    If you were discussing marriage before the proposal, then you should have already figured out for yourself which ring she wants.

    If not, then rely on your memory and quick wits, although these are not the best advisers in the world. Whether you were discussing marriage or not, be sure to use the help of a sister, another relative or close friend.

    Think carefully about the plan.

    The basis should be the following: build a plan based on her personality and tastes. If you know what she likes when there are listeners nearby, then try to do so. And the more, the better. You can practice a little before this. The bigger the scene, the bigger the prize.

    And although indecision on your part should not have a significant impact on the choice of a proposal plan for marriage, you are more likely to hear “yes” if you use equipment in a large crowded stadium in your plan.

    In addition, you should make an offer at the right time. No need to catch her in the middle of a busy week, during the day, because at this moment she is unlikely to be able to enjoy the moment.

    Make an offer in an official tone

    In other words, you do not need to do this as if by accident. An official proposal requires a certain degree of formality on your part, and you need to start with the way you speak. Even if you are nervous, this will not excuse you if you ask a question like “let's get married?” Or “I will not kneel”.

    Stick to the official expression “Will you marry me?”

    Formalism includes all traditional actions, including “kneeling down,” although a deviation from the rules can be made here. If this corresponds to the situation (in the sense you can physically do this), then stand on your left knee and make your speech.

    It is old-fashioned (some may even call it wretched), but it bears the imprint of romance. She appreciate this act, perhaps she is even waiting for this.

    Be prepared for any answer

    That is, be prepared to hear “Yes,” and “No,” and “I need to think.”

    This may seem dishonest, but you had enough time to think about your proposal. And maybe she also needs time. Every man wants to hear “Yes,” but not everyone hears this answer, no matter how well prepared the proposal.

    Watch her reaction

    Some of the most extreme and elaborate ideas for offering hands and hearts that surf the Internet will ultimately lead your girlfriend to read a lot of articles. Regardless of your plan, when the offer came up, you need to be near it. And as much as needed

    16. Invite her for coffee

    Write your offer with a marker at the bottom of the white circle. When the girl finishes her coffee, she will see the inscription and probably will not be able to refuse. If the coffee was delicious, of course.


    19. Take a walk

    Think over the necessary route, invite the girl for a walk and record your movements on maps in your smartphone. When you are at the last point, show her a map. There will be the main words.


    How to make a girl an offer to get married

    When a guy scours the Internet in search of recommendations and tips on the subject: “how to make an offer to a girl at home” or “where to make an offer to a girl”, he is already subconsciously ready to accomplish almost the most important male act - to create a new unit of society. Therefore, he is simply obliged to worry about the uniqueness and unusualness of such a serious step as matchmaking. It is necessary that this action be remembered for the beloved. After all, every girl dreams of vivid emotions, a beautiful confession of feelings, an unforgettable magic offer to become the spouse and mother of “his” children. Girls dream about it at the age of five, dream at the age of ten, imagine the process of getting married at age 15, and then they meet that one and somehow imperceptibly move to live with him, then they also receive an ordinary and dry proposal: “let's get married”. And where, for years, is the famed romance glorified in novels ?! Many sons of Adam simply do not understand or do not want to understand what a big role romance plays in girlish life, as a result of which they neglect it. Girls need romance. Having given the proposal as a romantic action a little more attention and time than it takes to pronounce the three cherished words, the man will make his chosen one happy, pleasantly surprise her, help her make sure of the sincerity of feelings, thoroughness and seriousness of the partner’s intentions.

    Therefore, if a man came up with the thought: “I want to make an offer to a girl”, then we need to thoroughly approach the realization of this intention. And in the first turn, you need to study what should not be done:

    - offer your own hand and in addition to your heart, as it were “on the go”, “by the way”, by phone, in bed after making love (after all, a man offers “individual parts of his body” for life’s use to his beloved, but doesn’t offer to use cheap ballpoint pen for a while)

    - alcohol intoxication is also not the best assistant in heart affairs (a state of intoxication in this process is a manifestation of disrespect for one's own girlfriend),

    - many people think that sometimes it’s better to chew than talk, but matchmaking is not the best time to demonstrate this skill, so you can’t chew, look at long-legged blondes passing by, listen to music or be distracted by other ways during extramarital affairs,

    - It’s also not recommended to make a vivid show with many onlookers from the usual romantic proposal, since most of the beautiful feminines do not like the excessive hype and the attention of strangers to their own person in important life moments

    - you don’t need to hide a ring in food, because dental services are very expensive today, and in addition, this way of telling a girl about your intentions is quite outdated and battered.

    So, in addition to the above tips, all the guys who have the thought: “I want to make an offer to the girl”, it is recommended to approach the process creatively, taking into account the characteristics and preferences of the chosen one, but first of all, you yourself must be sure of the correctness and firmness of the decision.

    If the decision is made and it is indestructible, if the man is one hundred and twenty percent sure of his own choice, then you need to take several productive steps in this direction before the direct fulfillment of the matchmaking action.

    Before you ask your beloved's hands, it is recommended that you first discuss the possibility of living together with a chosen one.

    Marriage partners must both be confident in their decision and their own choices. Treating matrimony as an endless series of divorces and marriages is irresponsible, at least, and by and large it’s just silly. After all, such an attitude can spoil the life of the chosen one, and the groom himself, and even future children. It is better to marry with the confidence that he is for life. In this case, both partners will strive to smooth the corners, not notice some shortcomings, and not give the opportunity to grow coldness and alienation.

    If the theoretical consent of the chosen one is obtained, then we can proceed to the next stage - the choice of the ring (preferably without the participation of the future bride).

    The third step will be to plan the action itself. If the imagination for the original notion is not enough, you can use the world wide web. After all, as they say: "Google to help." Well, where Google is powerless, professional agencies will help, whose main activity is aimed at organizing all kinds of celebrations.

    If the future spouse decided to independently find the answer to the problem question: “how to make a proposal to the girl beautifully”, then a couple of simple tips are given below.

    In the first turn, it should be borne in mind that for women, originality is inextricably linked with romance. So, if an almost newly made bridegroom wants to make an original confession and proposal, then he needs to remember all the romantic acts from which his girlfriend was delighted. You can view a few sentimental melodramas with her and, as if by chance, find out what your favorite one is most remembered.

    So, the first rule of effective matchmaking states: the more romance in the process of performing an action, the more effective it will be considered. The following rule comes out of this: effectiveness is proportionally dependent on surprise.

    A classic of the genre is a hidden engagement ring. However, as described above, it is not recommended to hide it in drinks or food. You can send your girlfriend to search for treasures, the prize in this game will be an engagement ring, coupled with an offer, or organize a kind of quest for her, sending her beloved to the places that are memorable and romantic for the couple, where at the end of the journey she will find the last mystery from her beloved, which has a solution proposal to join a marriage.

    For those who want to go beyond the banal “be my wife”, but do not want to particularly bother to invent puzzles, the following options are suitable:

    - a path from lighted candles to a table romantically set for dinner, where a golden ring will lie,

    - the phrase: “Be my wife”, made using a variety of fridge magnets,

    - an inscription from the treasured words on the asphalt road in front of the windows of the beloved, made either with the help of ordinary crayons, or burning candles, if the weather allows.

    The original matchmaking, which does not require any special material costs, will be a video clip made with his own hand with a proposal and posted on YouTube. You can send a link to the video to your beloved by inviting her to watch a cool video. The best option would be to watch the video together.

    Where to make an offer to a girl

    Almost any place, except, probably, a cemetery, is suitable for matchmaking. Therefore, the choice of venue for a happy event depends on the material capabilities of the young man, his imagination and the preferences of the future bride herself. Girls are different. Therefore, what is good for some women is a frustration for others. So, for example, for fans of extreme sports an unforgettable event will be a proposal at a height of a thousand meters under a fluttering parachute sail. But the young lady, cautiously looking from the balcony of the ninth floor, is unlikely to delight such an action.

    It is generally accepted that the more enchanting, spectacular and larger the offer will be arranged, the more it will be pleasant and will surprise the chosen one. Surprise it will surprise, even rather stun, but hardly cause joy from what is happening with a loved one.

    Contrary to popular belief, many girls not only do not like publicity, but even fear it, and by all means try to avoid the close attention of the crowd.So, before planning any event with the participation of his beloved, it is advisable to know in advance her attitude to public events.

    Many young ladies do not like to be participants in social events, preferring to preserve all personal things behind the locked doors of their home. Therefore, in such cases, it would be better to make an offer in the familiar and comfortable atmosphere of the house.

    How to make an offer to a girl in an original way at home

    In the life of every male representative, the time comes when he comes to a balanced decision to create a family. This desire will be the stronger, the more it ripens in him that he finally met that one and the most unique. If men's intentions are serious enough, and he wants the future family ties to be strong and unbreakable, and love in the hearts of partners existed forever, he must carefully consider how to make an original proposal to the girl. Since the more romantic and unusual the event is organized, the more convincingly it will demonstrate the love of the newly-made groom and the thoroughness of his intentions, which will increase his chances of a positive response. The proposal can be considered the foundation of a marriage, on which family relations are subsequently based. Therefore, it is better to lay the foundation thoroughly.

    How to make a girl a marriage proposal? Many guys care about this question. After all, few people know where to start the process. The basis of any matchmaking is the choice of rings for their future narrowed. Therefore, as soon as the decision to start a family is ripe, you need to try to find out the size of the very finger of his girlfriend, through which the vein passes straight to the heart, and what metals she prefers in jewelry.

    The next step after choosing an engagement ring will be to prepare or consider a matchmaking scenario. Here you need to take into account the nature of the beloved, her preferences, hobbies and dreams. In addition, it is recommended to think over speech, phrases and turns in advance that help to make love, to talk about your aspirations, ideas about marriage, plans that smoothly pass to the main words: "beloved, marry me."

    When the main actions are outlined and an approximate plan of the action has been formed in your head, you can proceed to choosing the location for this action.

    How to make an offer to a girl at home?

    The strategy of organizing an event at home, in the first place, depends on whether the future spouses live together or separately. Living together gives a number of advantages to a man, because it simplifies the process of creating a surprise. A guy living with his beloved does not need to seek the support of a girl’s close relatives or her friends. Although often their advice is not superfluous.

    Home offer can be arranged as follows:

    - decorate the house with rose petals, line them with a path to the room where you plan to make an offer. In the room you can light many candles and prepare a light buffet with a bottle of her favorite champagne,

    - meet your beloved at the front door with a huge bouquet of flowers in the form of a heart, kneel down and hold out the case with the ring, while she will move away from the light shock caused by what is happening,

    - order a cake with a beautiful or original inscription of the following content: “become my wife”, “I entrust you with my reliable hand and faithful heart for eternal use”,

    - lay out a phrase with a sentence from multi-colored candies,

    - hide a note with a cherished phrase in a Chinese fortune cookie,

    - lay out on the ceiling with the help of stars glowing with neon light the phrase: “you will marry a person lying to your right (left) from you”,

    - take a large box, put a smaller box in it, then even smaller (on the principle of nesting dolls), each box should be beautifully wrapped, in the last box you need to put a ring. You can put a small souvenir in each box, so that the girl unwrapping receives a small gift and the next box,

    - get up early, cook your favorite breakfast, while you need to remember about flowers and champagne. At the end of all preparations, it is necessary to wake the future bride with a gentle kiss and ask an exciting question,

    - decorate the bedroom with all kinds of colors (flora gifts must be alive) and bright balloons, put a big teddy bear in the middle of the sleeping bed with a box in its paws or meet your sweetheart with a rose in her teeth and an elegant case in her hand,

    - a sentence in verse or prose can be placed on a banner, which is perfectly visible from the windows of your beloved,

    - gather friends on the site under the windows of the darling’s bedroom and hand them sheets of paper with words or in separate letters, which in combination make up the sentence,

    - get up a little earlier than the chosen one, put on your pillow an elegant envelope with a letter containing a beautiful declaration of love, a ring and a proposal to move on through life together.

    A little complicates the task of matchmaking, the residence of the future spouse separately from the guy. But in this case, without a twinge of conscience, you can use the talents of her relatives and friends. It’s better to start preparing the event with a conversation with the beloved parents. For this purpose, it is recommended to put on your only full-dress suit, buy a nice little bouquet, stock up on a bottle of good wine, put together all your courage and go for parental blessing. The ring for the beloved should also be with you. The success of the event depends on the fulfillment of the following rules:

    - punctuality is the key to the success of any undertaking, in no case should you be late, it is a bad form and a manifestation of disrespect,

    - persuasiveness - a guarantee of receiving a positive response from parents and all kinds of support, so the words of gratitude to parents for a beautiful daughter need to be thought out in advance,

    - sincerity - evidence of sincere directness and truthfulness, it is rather difficult to refuse an open and disposable person.

    If all the above rules are met, then you can go directly to the purpose of your arrival - the desire to legitimize relationships with your beloved. Having spent a little more time preparing the matchmaking, the event can be made more vivid and memorable. For this purpose, to voice your own intentions and feelings, you can use excerpts from the immortal works of well-known classics, singing the grace of a lover and painting feelings.

    If a man himself is endowed with poetic talent, then he can use the verses of his own composition. In addition, you can order an offer in various sites in verses that have come out of the "pen" of modern poets.

    In addition, everyone who asks the question “how to make an offer to a girl in an original way” can be advised to coincide with the matchmaking for her favorite holiday, for example, the new year. This holiday is successful for the offer by the fact that it has a unique attribute - spruce or pine, which can be used as a kind of props, playing the role of "white man". You can not particularly bother and just hang a case with a ring or toys-symbols of married life on a festive fir tree. However, it will be more romantic to jointly dress the Christmas tree with toys. It is necessary to attach a wedding ring to one of the balls in advance. When the girl pulls out a toy with a ring, the man kneels down, uttering the cherished words and promises.

    Ways to make an offer to a girl

    The matchmaking in a quiet cafe or a cozy restaurant is considered a classic option. It is recommended that you agree with the administrator of the upcoming event in advance. The administrator will help you plan the event to the smallest detail, as well as give valuable advice. It is necessary to think over everything, starting from the moment when the beloved crosses the threshold of the institution, and ending directly with the proposal. It is also necessary to discuss the menu, the estimated alcoholic drinks, the number of candles on the table and their location, music, the need to dim the lights, etc. It is recommended to think over the words that will be spoken by a half.

    A rather original version is considered to be a matchmaking in a dolphinarium if the girl loves this variety of mammals. You can swim in the pool with dolphins, and after the beloved gets out of the pool, ask her to close her eyes for a second, giving time to the dolphin with a box on his nose to swim to the side of the pool. Opening her eyes, the chosen one will see this miracle and freeze with delight. The guy at this moment is recommended to make an offer. It’s better not to wait until the girl thinks herself.

    To make an unusual offer, the guys are advised to pay attention to the epic genre of folklore - fairy tales telling about the beautiful wandering knights on white horses, whom young virgins dream of at night. Since your darling already has a knight, the only thing left is the small white horse. The girl’s surprise at the sight of her beloved, riding a snow-white stallion, cannot be described in words. And if you add a bit of naturalness to the image, for example, a sword or any other part of a knight's uniform, then the success of the event is guaranteed by a thousand percent.

    If a lover is fond of ice skating, then you can make her an offer at the rink, for example, using the speakerphone.

    An unforgettable experience will give an offer made on the roof of a nine-story building. For this purpose, any roof of a high-rise building is suitable if it is possible to organize a small buffet table with champagne, fruits, snacks and romantic music. However, you need to take into account the relationship of the girl with height. If she suffers from acrophobia, then the event can have a completely unplanned effect.

    If the chosen one regularly reads a magazine, then you can place a beautiful confession and sentence in verse on one of the pages. The main thing is to be near when your beloved will read it.

    Relaxing with a sweet sea is also a great opportunity to invite a girl to become a wife. You can write the cherished words on special paper, which then must be placed in a bottle with a well-closing lid. In the evening, meeting the beginning of amber sunset on the seashore, the guy needs to pretend that he found a bottle in the water. It is better if the chosen one opens the container and pulls out a piece of paper.

    The concert of your favorite young performers is also considered a great place to take a responsible step. You can ask the host from the stage to make his lover's proposal on behalf of the man, or arrange directly with the performer to say magic words or give the guy an opportunity to confess his love.

    Being close to any body of water together with its soul mate in itself disposes to romance. And if you still take off a yacht, boat or boat and sail with your lover over the horizon, then you simply cannot find the best opportunity for an offer!

    Men who can sing can make a romantically original sentence simple. After all, a song is the music of the soul! You can use the well-known hit or write poetry yourself. The main thing is that the song expresses the feelings and intentions of the man. You can execute a composition:

    - to a guitar in nature or at home,

    - use the services of a recording studio or record a music video and upload it to YouTube,

    - in any restaurant, having previously discussed all conditions with the administrator.

    Tips on the topic: how beautifully to make an offer to a girl, you can give a lot. The main thing is that the desire to create a new unit of society is based on love, respect and mutual understanding.

    More interesting materials on this topic here - Relationship Psychology

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    Inexpensive ways to make a marriage proposal

    In an age of equality, patriarchal foundations are still strong and your lady of the heart (no matter how advanced her views may be) still wants to see a reliable man nearby. Marriage means children, repairs, family holidays. If you feel that you can’t afford such expenses, then do not rush to the proposal. Dig up the money, get to your feet and only then call her married.

    But this is a theory, in practice, situations are different: unplanned pregnancy, moving (which can separate you for a long time), or you just don’t like the white light without a stamp in the passport and the ups and downs of family life, because the chosen one loves you so much that she " with a lovely paradise and in a hut. " Well, then we offer a selection of frugal ideas to call your favorite marriage.

    1. Message in a bottle

    Write an offer on a beautiful piece of paper. Take an old bottle with a wide neck, put a note and a ring there, and then close the bottle tightly with a cork. Call your beloved to walk along the beach when she turns away for a moment, put a bottle at the water's edge and make her notice her. Curiosity will prevail, your chosen one will immediately open a mysterious message and a pleasant surprise awaits her. Just make sure there are no waves, otherwise you will have to arrange a swim for the floating ring.

    7. Bridal bouquet

    Everyone knows the tradition with the bride’s bouquet. The girl who caught the bouquet at her friend’s wedding will soon get married. If you and your beloved come together to visit your friends ’wedding, persuade the bride and all the unmarried girls to play along with you. When the bride throws a bouquet, it is your chosen one who should catch it (let her friends part, giving her such an opportunity). As soon as she grasps the bouquet, immediately present the ring and make an offer.

    10. Surprise!

    A girl with an excellent sense of humor may like a funny offer in Kinder Surprise. Buy the most ordinary Kinder Surprise, carefully remove the packaging and open the plastic egg. Print the instructions with funny pictures. Inside the egg we put a ring and instructions. Carefully pack everything in chocolate and wrap it in a wrapper.

    22. You lit up my life!

    Make an unusual lamp from a black box. Cut out various figures in it and the inscription "Be my wife." When the girl leaves the room, put the lamp on the table, setting a flashlight or a candle inside, and turn off the light. As soon as the beloved crosses the threshold of the room, he will see an inscription in front of him burning on the wall.

    Dear ways to make a marriage proposal

    Any woman is pleased if a man spends time and finances on a gift. No, she won’t love you less if you buy an inexpensive ring and poke it under your nose at McDonald’s. Yes, yes, we are talking about sincere girls, not seekers of a husband-ATM. You have a much better chance of getting married if you do not stingy.

    A man’s desire to spend hard-earned money on his beloved on such an important day shows how serious he is about marriage and his chosen one. In other words, if preparing a proposal was not expensive, then your beloved is not so expensive. And the thing is not that all women are mercantile chills, hungry to sit on your neck to the grave. Scared? In vain, we do not urge to give her a castle of gold. Just a proposal should symbolize maturity and willingness to become the head of the family. However, one should also consider the nature of the beloved. A practical girl may not appreciate millions of roses, considering them a waste of money.

    5. Love is above the clouds

    The balloon belongs to one of the most terrible modes of transport: it is slow, consumes too much fuel, and when braking, the basket drags along the ground so that all passengers fly somersaults. Yet balloons remain the epitome of romance.If your girlfriend loves height and extreme, invite her to ride a ball and grab a basket of champagne with you. When you rise in the sky, make her an offer.

    7. The original ring

    Make an unusual engraving on the ring. For example, Vladimir Mayakovsky once gave his beloved Lily an unusual ring. On it flaunted the initials “LOVE” (Lilia Yurievna Brik), arranged in a circle so that the inscription was read as endless “LOVE”. Carefully study the interests of your soul mate and choose a good engraving. For example, a girl philologist can give a ring with a Latin proverb, a music lover with notes, a movie fan - a ring of omnipotence (because she will gain power over you), etc. Let the beloved understand that you didn’t give it anyhow, but tried, racking your brains.

    10. Marriage games

    Does your darling like puzzles in the style of "Find a way out of the room"? Ask for help in the quest room, paying for the organization of a special game. The questroom guide will come up with unusual puzzles and tasks related to you and your bride. In the last riddle, your marriage proposal will be encrypted. If the girl agrees, she will receive the treasured key (with the ring, of course) and will be able to leave the room and. marry you!

    15. In the underwater kingdom

    If you and a girl share a love of scuba diving, give her a ring during a dive, as the hero of the video did. Just make sure that the ring does not fall to the bottom and make sure that your lady of the heart did not choke on joys. No, I'm serious. At such moments, girls have a tradition of groaning and gasping. As soon as she opens her mouth, the oxygen tube will immediately drop out. But she will never forget your offer!

    And most importantly, just let her feel that she is SPECIAL, then you will definitely hear “Yes!” In response. May your life together be cloudless and happy.

    Watch the video: 10 Tips For The Perfect Proposal. How To Pop The Question In Style (February 2020).

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