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How to tie a tie step by step: with examples in photos and videos

Before choosing instructions on how to tie a tie step by step, a man needs to familiarize himself with the basic rules and requirements from stylists and designers. Firstly, it is worthwhile to understand that a tie should be an addition to the overall image, while it should not cause feelings of constraint and discomfort. Secondly, regardless of the fabric and variety, the tie knot should not be tight and crumpled. Weave a tie right on the neck.

When choosing a tie, you need to pay attention to 3 parameters - the width of the tie, its length, as well as the color scheme and pattern. Today, designers offer 3 types of accessories - classic for formal events, festive and creative for creative people. The length of the tie should ideally be up to the location of the belt plaque. But the options for how to tie a tie, a huge number for all types and occasions.

Simple knot: we knit and do not bathe

The easiest method to tie a tie step by step is a Kent knot or a simple knot, as it is commonly called. This technique is ideal for accessories sewn from strong and coarse fabrics, as well as under a shirt with a small or narrow collar. To perform a simple node, a man needs to perform several actions, according to the instructions, namely:

  1. A tie is thrown on the neck face up, so that a narrow strip is located on the left, respectively, a wide one is on the right. It is desirable that the thin part is higher than the location of the navel.
  2. Next, a wide strip is laid on top of a narrow one to form a crossroad from them.
  3. Now, with a wide end, the inside side out is made a loop around the bottom of the tie, crowning it from left to right, after which they push a wide edge near the collar of the shirt from front to front.
  4. Now the end of the wide strip needs to be threaded into the resulting pocket from it, stretching the strip to the desired length.

Be sure to smooth the resulting knot and tighten it a bit, but so that there are no wrinkles or dents. A wide strip should be smoothed over the narrow part of the tie, lowered to the beginning of the belt on the trousers. The accessory must be woven so as not to wrinkle the fabric and make a neat, uniform knot in the center of the shirt collar. Visually consider all the steps to create a simple site in the photo below.

Step-by-step instruction for a double knot

The easiest way to design a classic Windsor tie is to braid it with a double knot. It is necessary to form such a knot strictly on the shirt, since individually the knot can turn out to be inharmonious or completely asymmetric in tandem with the shirt and suit. The optimum length of the location of the ends of the tie is not lower than 2 cm from the line of the belt.

The step-by-step instruction of the double node includes the following actions:

  1. The tie is placed on the neck face up.
  2. And then a narrow stripe crosses a narrow one from left to right.
  3. Now the wide ribbon is held under the narrow one to form a pocket from right to left.
  4. After the formation of the node, a wide strip is pulled through a narrow one.
  5. The wide end of the tie is sent to the side to pull up the first knot.
  6. Next, they again make a knot on top of the first, wrapping a narrow strip of tie around a narrow one.
  7. Now this same edge of the accessory is raised to the collar, from the inside they are pulled through the loop on the neck.
  8. A wide strip is threaded into pockets from a double knot.
  9. At the end, the tie is pulled down to the optimum length.

A wide strip must necessarily overlap a narrow one, reaching down to the strap on the pants. And in order to thoroughly master the technique for beginners, it is worth looking at each step in the picture below.

Beautiful knot: instruction in pictures for beginners

To learn how to tie a tie, you must master the standard techniques and instructions that were described above. They are used most often for work environments and formal events. But for holidays and bright events, a different way to design a tie is more often practiced. A striking example is the knot for Wismar's tie, characterized by sophistication and elegance.

You can learn how to look at a beautiful site if you look at all the execution steps in detail, namely:

  • a tie is placed on the neck, after which the narrow edge is crossed with a wide stripe,
  • further, with the same wide end, they are carried up through the loop on the neck,
  • now make a knot on one side of the loop with a wide stripe,
  • then a wide strip is passed through the bottom of a narrow strip of tie, as shown in the picture,
  • the wide edge of the tie is thrown from the outside into the loop from its second side, but from top to bottom,
  • Now the strip is pulled down to get the second knot on the tie,
  • a wide strip is laid over a narrow one, dropping down along the shirt.

It is theoretically difficult to understand the procedure for weaving a beautiful knot, so it is better to compare each step with pictures and a visual illustration of the actions. The name of such a knot is Pratt, it is practiced to create a solemn image of a man and women, preferring ties from satin or silk. Today this style is also welcomed in an office setting, but it is combined with fashionable and stylish outfits of a modern style.

Step-by-Step Video

It is enough for some men to look through pictures and illustrations, how to gradually weave different knots from ties and neck scarves. It is easier for others to learn similar techniques with the help of video tutorials in order to visually see all the actions of a man. Therefore, experts offer the following videos for training:

All three options are widely used around the world among men of all ages and clothing styles. And if before each type of tie and weaving implied certain circumstances, today stylists promote freedom of choice and expression, including with the help of such accessories.


You can learn how to weave a tie in pictures, theoretically and with the help of videos, but it is better to combine all three techniques in order to improve your knowledge and skills. A tie is an important attribute of a modern and successful man, it can be combined with classic costumes, and with informal and stylish clothes. It is only important to know the rules for choosing an accessory, the methodology for its design and combination with particular garments.

Watch the video: How to Tie a Tie Mirrored Slowly - Full Windsor Knot (February 2020).

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