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5 easy ways to find out ring size

The ring is a special gift that is presented not only to the female sex today. Men also prefer to wear such jewelry, emphasizing their status, image and wealth. But few women know how to determine the average size of the male ring, so as not to miscalculate with a gift. In fact, there are many ways to find out the size if it is impossible to directly ask a man.

First of all, a woman needs to decide on which finger the ring will be worn, since the size of each of the 5 fingers can vary. It is also necessary to take into account the thickness of the future ring, since jewelry can be dense or thin, at this moment there may be a small size error. There is also a table of sizes of men's rings, according to which you can navigate.

How to determine the size of the male ring?

Before deciding how to find out the size of a finger for a ring, it is necessary to consider several important nuances. The fingers on the hands tend to increase and decrease in volume with temperature changes.

Swelling after physical exertion can also be observed, in women during menstruation, as well as in the morning due to the accumulation of excess fluid. In some people, the average phalanx on the finger is wider than the finger itself, which is why the ring may not fit.

Using thread

You can determine the size of men's rings with a simple thread. To do this, it is better to use a dense cotton thread, measure it half a meter in length. Now, using the thread, they make 5 revolutions around the finger, imitating a ring on the finger. The thread should not fit snugly, but not too loose. At the end of the thread cross and cut the extra length.

The resulting length of thread must be straightened, measure its length in millimeters, and divide the resulting figure by 15.7. The resulting figure can be considered an indicator of the size of the ring on this finger. If a fractional indicator is obtained, it is better to round it up to half. If the phalanges are not wide by nature, indicators like 16.2 or 16.3 can be reduced to size 16.

You can use the simplified method using thread. Just make one revolution around the finger, thereby finding out how many centimeters is the volume of the desired finger. This indicator should be equated to the table to find out the correct size of the ring on the man’s finger. Using the same principle, you can calculate with a paper strip.

The average size of the ring by clothing

You can also determine the average size of a men's ring by the size of the clothes worn by the owner. In this case, the result will be inaccurate, and the probability of error will be present. But stylists and designers insist that the thickness of the finger depends on the size of the clothes.

You can compare the size of clothes and rings in the following table:

Men's clothing sizeThe average size of the male ring
42-44 (S)15.5 - 16.5 mm
44-46 (M)16.5 - 17.5 mm
46-48 (L)17.5 - 18.5 mm
48-50 (XL)18.5 - 19.5 mm

The diameter of the other ring

If it is possible to measure the size of the ring that the man wears, in this case, you can choose the best option for the new ring. You can simply take an existing ring and bring it to a jewelry store, where a specialist will help determine the size.

You can also take the ring, attach it to a sheet of clean paper, and then draw a circle from the handle with a pen inside the ring. The resulting diameter is measured with a ruler.

Men's Ring Size Chart

For a visual measurement of the size of the ring, a table with ready-made measurements is proposed. You can print it, and then apply the old jewelry that the man wears to the corresponding diameter circle on the table. It is important that the boundaries of the inner circle on the table and the ring coincide completely in order to avoid errors. So, see the table below:

In order for the picture not to be printed in the wrong format, which will lead to incorrect measurements of the ring size, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the section below, the length of which should be exactly 10 cm. If this parameter does not correspond to 10 cm, this table was printed incorrectly.

The size ratio of Western systems

To determine the average size of the male ring, it is necessary to study the existing size standards, except for Russian ones. Russian rings most often coincide with the German and American scales, ranging from 12.5 to 24.5. In other countries, sizes start from 1 and end with 16. Different measurement methods in countries need to be considered if the ring will be bought in a foreign store.

Several international male ring measurement systems are offered:

  1. Vienna - This system is common in Western Europe, it is also fixed by international standards. To get the desired indicator, it is equated to the circumference of the decoration in mm. For a clear understanding of such a system of ring sizes, a table is attached.
  2. French - according to such a system, it is necessary to measure the circumference of the ring in mm, subtract 40 from it, after which the figure obtained is considered the size of the ring.
  3. English - The British are used to designating the size of the ring with letters, so it is important to be able to understand this method of calculation. First, they take the Russian size of the ring, it is multiplied by the number 2.5. Now, from the resulting number in mm, 28.75 is calculated. The resulting number is correlated with the letter in alphabetical order, for example, 1 is the letter A, 2 is B, and so on. The English technique is actively practiced by the Irish, Australians.
  4. American - the measurement is carried out according to the same principle as in the English system, but you need to multiply not by 2.5, but by 1.2, and 13.8 are subtracted from the resulting figure. The fractional digit is rounded to half or a quarter, getting the desired ring size.
  5. Japanese - the diameter of the ring must be multiplied by 3, after which 38 should be taken from the resulting number in mm. This technique is actively practiced in South America and Eastern countries.

If there is no time to carry out the calculation according to the specified international standards, you can resort to using a ready-made table with dimensions.

Method 2

Another option is to find out the size using the available ring. Save and print the picture and attach the decoration to the circles. The one that matches the inner diameter, and tells the size.


Important: print all the pictures in the original size (without writing them in the sheet size).


Before choosing a methodology for determining the size of the male ring, it is necessary to designate the country of the manufacturer and supplier, since in different countries the calculation scale is different. A simple thread, an existing male ring, a strip of paper or the size of clothes can help in determining. But the most reliable way is trying on a ring of a man.

Method 3

Take a thin strip of paper or plain thread. Wrap around the lower phalanx of the finger, closer to the joint. Operate lightly, without pressure, so that the paper or thread can slide on your finger.

In the case of paper, mark the junction with a pen. Then cut the strip along the mark.

If using a thread, wrap it several times, and then cut the resulting thread ring.

Print the picture below and attach the blank to the control ruler. The length of the paper or thread should match the length of the color strip.


How to apply this knowledge in life

Repeat the first tip from the previous method, then use a ruler to measure the length of the paper strip or thread in millimeters. Divide the resulting number by 3.14. The result or the value closest to it (in accordance with the Russian measurement system) will be the desired ring size.

If the division is difficult, just check the table. On the left is the length of the thread or strip, on the right is the corresponding size. Remember to round your result to the nearest value.

What is finger size?

Let's start with the study of materiel: what is the size of a finger and why do you need to know it? Take any of your rings, draw an imaginary line from one edge to the other - in other words, measure the diameter. For greater accuracy, all measurements are carried out in millimeters. The resulting result is the parameter you need. Knowing these numbers, you can easily pick up a suitable gift and calculate the size.

Jewelry Ring Sizes

As a rule, the gradation step in size is 0.5 mm - in jewelry stores you will see sizes 16, then 16.5, then 17 and so on. Now that we have understood the terminology and technical nuances, let's talk about how to find out the size of the ring.

Ring size

47,1215 48,6915,5 50,2716 51,8416,5 53,4117 54,9817,5 56,5518 58,1218,5 59,6919 61,2619,5 62,8320 64,420,5 65,9721

Method One: Using Thread

Let's start with how to determine your ring size from the circumference of your finger. With sufficient dexterity, you can calculate the size of the finger for the ring at home with a thread.

Determine the size of the ring using a thread

If you want to know the size of the ring finger under the engagement ring, invisibly for the bride (for example, while she is sleeping), wrap the thread around her finger and mark the point where the ends of the thread join. Similarly, you have to measure the girth of the joint. Then straighten the thread and measure the distance between the points of contact. Divide the average of the two resulting numbers by 3.14. Done!

Now you know the desired diameter (the same size) of the ring. And due to the fact that you were able to measure the thickness of the finger and joint at the same time, the decoration will neither squeeze nor dangle. As you can see, you can find out the size of the finger for the ring at home.


  1. If you determine the size for a narrow ring (up to 5 mm wide), then the result obtained during measurement can be rounded to the nearest value. For a wide ring (from 6 mm) round up or add half size.
  2. The thickness of the fingers during the day may vary. Therefore, it is better to make several measurements at different times of the day. Or once in the middle of the day: as a rule, at this time a person is at the peak of activity and the balance of fluid in the body is optimal.
  3. Do not take measurements after drinking plenty of fluids, exercise, or during illness. Also, do not do this if the room is very hot or cold.

Do you know other ways to determine the size of the ring at home? Tell us about them in the comments.

Method two: using a pen and paper

This method is much simpler than the first, because it does not require secret "operations" around the fingers of others - we will know the size of the ring by the diameter of the other. Take from the person to whom you are preparing a gift any ring. Put it on paper and circle the decoration around the inner perimeter. The diameter of the resulting circle will be the size of the ring. But be careful - for measurements you need to take the ring from the finger on which you will put a gift in the future, because all fingers have different girths.

Method Three: Using Friends

How to find out the size of your finger if you are too afraid to be declassified? Very easy - ask friends. The most difficult step in this method is to find a friend who is guaranteed to keep your plan a secret. Further, it is simpler: either a friend already knows the size and simply tells it to you, or he calmly, without raising suspicion, recognizes it and thus helps you with choosing a gift. Tell a friend thanks - after all, he helped you understand the size without a ring!

Fourth method: along the existing ring

For the most courageous, we’ll tell you how to determine the size of a ring from an existing ring. It is worth noting that this method is the most accurate, but also the most risky. If you are 100% sure that the “object” will not notice the loss of one of its jewelry - feel free to fight! For one day, turn into a brazen thief and steal a ring from a person. Go with a jeweler to the jeweler - he will measure the diameter of the ring and tell you what size it is. Do not forget to return the stolen to the place!

Life hack: determine the size on your fingers

The method is suitable for those who do not know how to discreetly pick up a ring for a girl, not knowing the size of a ring finger. This secret method is often used by guys who are going to make an offer to their beloved. Ask her for one of the rings, "just try on." Put the jewelry on your finger and remember the place where the ring sat most conveniently. While the memory is fresh, run to the jeweler and ask him to measure the diameter of the marked place. Done, you are great!

Determine the size of the ring on your fingers

Keep in mind that on average, the smallest size of female rings is the 14th, and the largest is the 22nd. Therefore, if your value suddenly turned out to be much less or more, you may have missed somewhere - try to calculate the desired diameter again.

Additional recommendations

When measuring your fingers, it’s important to remember a few important points.

Firstly, for the most accurate results, it’s ideal to measure your finger three times: in the morning, afternoon and evening. Depending on the time of day, the hands may swell or swell, so you need to choose a ring that will not shake even with swollen fingers. Do not measure your fingers on hot days or after active sports. Take measurements several times and on different days - if at least two values ​​are similar to each other, then you have found the exact size.

Secondly, it is important to know the thickness of the gift ring. If it is thin (up to 7 mm), round off the value obtained during measurements to the nearest. For example, if during measurements you get a value of 15.8, then the 16th will be the desired size. If the ring is thicker than 7mm, it is worth making a margin of 0.5 mm. With the same value of 15.8, it would be better to choose a size of 16.5.

Bonus - a table for determining the size of jewelry rings along the circumference of a finger

If you want to order a ring abroad, a grid of ring sizes is very useful to you. Please note that all measurements are indicated not in centimeters (cm), but in millimeters (mm). Using one of the indicated methods, measure the circumference of the finger and correlate the result with one of the items in this table:

Jewelry Ring Size Chart

That's all. We hope our tips were useful to you, and you will not lose the size of the gift ring. Good luck in this important business!

General recommendations

In jewelry, the size of a ring means its diameter in millimeters. All fingers have different sizes, and a ring that sits perfectly on the ring finger of the right hand may not be worn on the ring finger of the left.

The recommended time for measurements is the middle of the day, when the fingers are least swollen. Hands should be warm, and in no case chilled.

According to the available ring

Take one or more rings and place on a piece of paper. Circle each on the inside. Then take a ruler and divide the picture into two equal halves, drawing a line through the center. Now measure the length of the segment between two opposite points of the circle in millimeters - this will be the size of the ring.

Using a cone-shaped candle

The device for measuring the size of the rings, which is used in jewelry stores, looks like a long cone-shaped candle. We need it. Take the jewelry and put it on the candle. Mark the spot where it stopped, and then wrap the thread around the circle. Measure the length of the length of the thread with a ruler and look at the table to what size of the ring this length corresponds.

Ring sizing methods

The following methods will help you calculate the size of the ring at home.

  • We calculate the size of the ring with our own hand on the ring that is already in stock.

To do this, it is necessary to measure the diameter of the ring in millimeters as accurately as possible with a ruler and see the measurement results on the table of ring sizes.

If the measurement showed a mismatch between the diameters of your ring and the tabular, then you need to choose a size 0.5 cm larger than the tabular.For example, if your ring has a diameter of 15.9 mm, then, accordingly, the size of the ring will not be 15.5, but 16 cm.

  • The following method will help determine the diameter of the finger without having the right ring at hand. To do this, take a piece of paper (or thread) with a length of 10 cm and a width of 0.5 cm and wrap it around the circle of the finger in the place where the new ring will show off. Then, with a pencil, mark the diameter of the finger on this piece of paper (or thread).

It should be borne in mind that the diameter of the finger is not always the same throughout its entire length. So in the joint, the diameter of the finger will be larger than in the place where the ring is supposed to be worn.

Therefore, it is necessary to measure the diameter of the finger in the area of ​​the joint, and then calculate the average diameter of the finger between the diameter of the joint and the diameter of the place where the ring will be worn.

This is the most correct determination of the diameter of the finger, in which the purchased ring will sit firmly on the finger and easily dress.

After calculating the average value of the diameter of the finger, we compare the obtained values ​​with the values ​​given in the table below and find the size we need.

  • Calculation of ring sizes using the Pi number.

According to the rules of mathematics, to determine the diameter (in this case, the size of the ring), it is necessary to divide the circumference by the number Pi (3.14).

As in the previous method, we measure the circumference of a finger with a piece of paper or thread, then divide the resulting number by 3.14. If necessary, round off the result and check it with the table below.

Length of paper or thread, mmRing size

  • You can also use a specially designed paper ring to determine the size of the ring. The picture must be printed out, cut out, cut into the section, insert the end of the ruler, adjust the length on your finger and find out the size of the ring you need.
  • Determining the size of the ring by the size of the clothes.

As you know, the body of any person has its own proportions, so there is an opinion that the same size of clothes in people is equivalent to the same size of rings on a finger. But this method is inaccurate and is used only when the other methods are not applicable.

So, how does the size of the rings and clothes of a person depend on each other, you can see the table below:

Clothing sizeRing size
S (42-44)15.5 - 16.5 mm
M (44-46)16.5 - 17.5 mm
L (46-48)17.5 - 18.5 mm
XL (48-50)18.5 - 19.5 mm

All subsequent clothing sizes correspond to an increase in the ring by one size.

The above methods, with which you can determine the size of the ring and the diameter of the finger, are universal, they are suitable for both men and women.

Ring Measurement Systems

There are times that when buying rings, a Western system for measuring size is in effect. To correctly select the desired ring size, you will need a special table that allows you to calculate the size when using any measurement system.

In this case, first determine the Russian size of the rings, and then compare them with the table below.

Russia / GermanyUSA / CanadaEnglandJapan
154H 1/27
15,54,5I 1/28
15 3/45J 1/29
17 1/47O14
17 3/47,5P15
2010T 1/220
20 1/410,5U 1/222
20 3/411V 1/223
21 1 / 4Y12Y25
21 3/412,5Z26
23 3/415
24 1/415,5

European ring measuring systems are distinguished by the fact that their ring size is determined by the size of the circle, and in our case, by the inner diameter.

Therefore, by measuring the Russian sizes of the rings, you can multiply the resulting value by the Pi number (3.14) and get the size in the European system. And vice versa, in order to find out the ring size in the Russian system, knowing the European one, it is necessary to divide the existing value by 3.14.

For other ring measuring systems, the following size calculation formulas exist:

  • American = (Russian - 11.5): 0.83.
  • Japanese = (Russian + 12.67) * 3.
  • English = (Russian - 11.5): 0.4.

Practical advice if you need to measure the size of the ring

  1. The diameter of a finger and a ring can be measured only during the day, because before lunch a person has swelling due to fluid accumulation in the body overnight. Swelling can occur with severe physical exertion, and during menstruation in girls.
  2. Rings are wide and narrow. The above tables are designed mainly for narrow rings, so if you are planning to buy a wide ring, round off the measurement data in a larger direction.
  3. The sizes of the rings on the right and left hand of the same finger may differ, because the human body is designed so that the right hand is slightly larger than the left.
  4. In the hot period, the size of the fingers increases slightly, and when cold, on the contrary, narrow
  5. Wedding rings are best purchased a few days before the celebration. This will reduce the risk of wrong sizing.

Or, by contacting a jewelry store, they will exchange the ring for the desired size, if there is a sales receipt.

What time to measure

During the day, depending on various circumstances, the width of the fingers in both men and women can vary by an average of 0.5 size. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to determine the time when the measurement will give an accurate result.

The most favorable is the middle of the day, when a person is at the peak of activity. At this time, the optimal balance of fluid in the body prevents the fingers from swelling.

When you should not determine the size of the ring:

if the room is hot or, on the contrary, very cold,

after drinking a lot of water,

with a painful condition

after physical exertion (including sports),

in the early morning or late evening.

The classic size range is models from 15 to 23 sizes in increments of 0.5 mm. The most common female sizes are considered to be from 16 to 17.5. Remember that the ring must pass through the bone between the phalanges. Do not forget about it when measuring!

Method number 1: the diameter of the ring

In our country, the size of a ring is equal to the diameter of its inner contour - that is, a line connecting opposite points on a circle. Using a ruler or tape, measure the diameter of the inner circle of the ring, expressed in millimeters.

Tip: if you are going to buy a narrow or medium-wide ring (2-6 mm), round the resulting figure to the "smaller" side, and if wide (6-8 mm) - to the "larger" one. For example, a diameter of 17.2 will correspond to 17 sizes for a narrow ring and 17.5 for a wide one. This rule applies to all other methods.

It is curious that the diameter of a ring of size 16 corresponds to 1 kopeck, 18 to 10 kopecks, 19 to 5 kopecks, 19.5 to 50 kopecks, and 21 to 1 ruble.

Try on yourself

Instead of a cone-shaped candle, you can also measure the circumference of the finger for which the ring is intended. Measurements should be carried out in the widest part of the finger.

The best way to find out another person’s ring size is to try on yourself. Take the ring of the person you want to give the gift to and put it on one of your fingers. Mark where it left off. Tie the thread in this place, then measure its length and check according to the table to what size of the ring its length corresponds.

Method number 2: control line

Take a cotton thread and carefully wrap a finger around it several times. The width of the wound "layer" should be an average of 3-6 mm. You do not need to tighten it tight, but still make sure that the thread fits snugly enough.

Cut the resulting “ring” with scissors and attach it to the control ruler. The length of the thread should correspond to the length of the colored strip.

By tape

There is another universal way to find out the size of a ring: a dimensional tape with marks and numbers. Print it and cut along the contour. Make a cut in the indicated place, insert the other end of the paper tape into it and twist it so that it "sits" on your finger. The last number on the scale where the mark stops will be the desired size.

Method number 3: dimensional tape

The measuring tape will greatly facilitate the measurement process. This simple device will help you quickly and accurately determine the size of the ring.

Cut out the measuring tape and make a cut in the indicated place. Twist the tape into a “ring” and tighten it on your finger. That number on the scale, to which the tape will be pulled, will be your size.

It should be noted that none of these methods is absolutely accurate and largely depends on the correct implementation of the recommendations. If you still doubt the result, contact the jewelry store, they will certainly help you.

By clothes

The body of each person has certain proportions, according to which we choose clothes. So it is with rings: those who wear things of the same size have a similar diameter to their fingers. For example, the size S most often corresponds to the diameter of the ring from 15.5 to 16.5 mm, M - the diameter of the circle from 16.5 to 17.5 mm, L - products with a size of 17.5-18.5, XL - from 18 5-19.5 mm and so on. This method, although inaccurate, can also be used if nothing else remains.

Watch the video: How To: Measure Your Ring Size At Home (February 2020).

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