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Subject: Early ejaculation after circumcision, frenum repair and penis enlargement

This article will examine the removal of the frenum of the foreskin, namely why it is removed, in what ways, indications for this operation and recommendations for the recovery period.

The flesh of the foreskin is a fold of the skin on the penis. It is located in the middle between the head of the genital organ and the foreskin.

Its main function is to bring the foreskin to its original state after exposure of the glans penis.

Bridle of the foreskin

In the nth percent of men at birth, and in some and subsequently injuries, the frenum of the foreskin becomes short and not prone to stretching. Shocks, injuries and active sexual intercourse can break the bridle.

Today in the world there is one method of treating the pathology of the frenulum, namely surgery.

As a result of surgical intervention, either the frenulum is completely removed, or the so-called frenulotomy is performed, that is, plastic of a shortened frenulum, which is quite possible to lengthen.


Surgery to remove the bridle is done by cross-sectioning the bridle, after which it is sutured longitudinally. In another case, the frenum is completely removed. This operation can prevent the rupture of the frenulum of the foreskin in the future.

Hospitalization is not required for the operation. Healing takes place from ten to fourteen days, and during this recovery period it is forbidden to have sex. This procedure is carried out using laser technology, depending on the indications.

Medical indications for surgery

In the human body no unnecessary parts. Everything is rationally thought out by nature. The bridle protects the mucous membrane of the penis from damage. In a calm state, a fold of skin closes the head of the penis, during an erection, it shifts to its base. If a man has rapid ejaculation, circumcision prolong sexual intercourse. But this is not the only reason for the operation. From pathological changes, blood circulation in the genital organ is disturbed, which provokes inflammatory processes. Surgical correction becomes mandatory when detected on the penis:

  1. Tissue injuries.
  2. Acute balanoposthitis or inflammation.
  3. Constrictions in the preputial sac.
  4. A pinched head.

The operation must be performed in a medical institution if negative feelings appear:

  1. Difficult urination.
  2. Pain.
  3. The level of potency is reduced.

With a short bridle, some patients experience painful tension and incomplete opening of the ring around the penis.

After surgery:

  1. The width and extensibility of the foreskin increases.
  2. The head opens freely.

Untimely treatment male health hazard. Pinching the intimate part of the body will lead to partial necrotization of the tissue, which threatens the formation of gangrene.

Pros of removing the flesh of the foreskin

During the surgical procedure (frenulotomy), the surgeon makes a skin incision on the penis and sutures the wound. This is a simple short-term operation that is performed on an outpatient basis, anesthetized with local anesthesia. Some clinics use a scalpel instead laser. This method has several advantages:

  • There is no bleeding.
  • Minimal damage.
  • There is no threat of infections and postoperative inflammation.
  • There are no seams.
  • Fast recovery of the body.

There are other advantages to circumcision:

  1. Aesthetic. The penis looks better and even for participating in the filming of erotic films, actors with a removed prepuce bag have an advantage.
  2. Hygienic. If there is no bridle of the foreskin, the head practically does not become inflamed. There is no bag where residual urine, semen is collected, the surface of the penis is clean, smegma does not linger. You can wash off physiological impurities on an open skin in the shower. There is no unpleasant odor even in inaccurate men.
  3. Sexual. Derma protects the sensuality of the penis from mechanical influences. After the operation, the extreme weeding becomes rougher, which is why the sexual intercourse is prolonged with vivid sexual sensations, this is most significant for some men.
  4. Preventive. The risk of infectious diseases is reduced, coarse skin areas impede viral penetration.

Analytical studies show that Jews and Muslims practically do not have cancer in the intimate part of the body. There are other positive indicators:

  • The percentage of diseases with pyelonephritis and cystitis is reduced.
  • The risk of developing bacterial formations in the groin is reduced.
  • Half the cancer in the prostate gland develops.

Scientists conducted a study in African countries on the spread of AIDS. Patients who did not remove the bridle in the foreskin become infected more often.

Cons of circumcision

Forced intervention in human organs causes certain harm. The operation to remove the bridle is no exception:

  • After removing part of the flesh, the size of the penis does not decrease, but he looks smaller.
  • From surgical operations the head gets rougher, but when touching underwear there is discomfort. If postoperative proper care is not followed, there is a risk of wound infection.
  • Some women have a negative attitude towards men after circumcision; they believe that they have no natural brutality.
  • Harmful microorganisms do not accumulate in an intimate place, but another problem arises in excessive dryness of the skin. The lack of saturation of the dermis with moisture is replenished with cosmetics until the body adapts to a new position.
  • In sexual terms, there is a minus. Lubrication during sexual intercourse disappears, you will need special gels, additives to moisturize the mucous membrane of the penis to ensure gliding of the penis.
  • Are possible complications after surgery, get rid of it in a medical facility, on an outpatient basis.

Need to consider age factor. Young people are preferred for circumcision. In adults, bleeding occurs that stops with cauterization. Regardless of the extent of the surgical intervention for the patient, such a stressful situation violates his mental stability.

Important Tips

In order to avoid negative consequences, self-medication and operations in dubious institutions must be excluded. After frenulotomy, all the recommendations of the surgeon will be followed:

  1. Use antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs.
  2. Relieve pain with analgesics.
  3. Exclude sports, saunas and pools for a month, and all water contacts for a week.
  4. Choose comfortable underwear that is loose and not tight.

With sex after surgery you need to wait, wait for the wound to healso that the seams do not open. Doctors give such recommendations on the basis of negative cases from the practice of their activities.

Whatever goal the patient strives for, if he has no health problems, it is up to him to decide whether or not to circumcise. In this case, the advice can only be of a recommendatory nature, but it should be noted that it will not be possible to fix the foreskin after its removal. Scientists conducted a series of experiments that were unsuccessful.


The operation itself lasts about thirty minutes under local anesthesia. The technique itself consists in the fact that an incision is made across the genital organ, then it is sutured in the longitudinal direction. This procedure makes it possible to eliminate the excessive tension of the foreskin and turn your bridle into an almost imperceptible suture, which will turn into a natural "suture" at the bottom of the penis.

Early ejaculation after circumcision, plastic frenum and penis enlargement.

I suffer from an early ejaculation from an early age. I have a plethora of physiological and psychological problems. In physiology, I have a sensitive head and trunk of the penis, and in psychology I have problems with new and unfamiliar girls.
When having sex with a stranger, I had not previously observed an erection under any circumstances, nor helped Viagra or sedatives, only alcohol gave a little positive result.
Earlier, during an intercourse, an erection was completely absent until it was 7-10 days after the start of a relationship with a girl, then an erection appeared but there were no sensations from sex, excitement, sex could last from 30-50 minutes and could not end with an ejaculation, erection was floating. The next stage was the appearance of arousal and a good erection, but the time of sex began to decrease, smoothly turning into premature ejaculation, the time of sex was up to 1 minute.
With my first constant sexual partner, sex lasted from 1-4 minutes, sometimes the girl finished, but even so we did not have enough. When I started using ice cream, the time of intercourse increased, but the erection became weaker (with prolonged exposure to ice cream). I want to note I had a femosis and a short bridle. The girl had a wide vestibule of the vagina as the vagina itself.
A year ago, I did plastic frenulum, partial circumcision and an increase in the length of the penis. The penis increased by 2 cm, sex after this was not 9 months.
After starting a new relationship, I noticed amazing changes for me. The sex turned out the first time, the erection was a great time for intercourse in the wound for 20 minutes it was difficult to finish, but I was just happy with all this. After 3 weeks, the time of sex decreased to less than 1 minute, lidocaine helps but many times weaker than before (I want to note that the vestibule of my girlfriend turned out to be much earlier).
After the operation, the sensitivity of the trunk of the penis increased, my ability to hold back or slow down the orgasm simply disappeared, previously I could take out the penis and endure the onset of orgasm, but now even if I remove the penis, the ejaculation is much faster than before. The nervous connection with the brain has intensified.
When using lidocaine, the head loses its sensitivity, but the barrel of the penis cannot be treated with a spray and it is still sensitive.
I tried to use the antidepressants reksetin and dapoxetine, the effect is almost zero. When having sex with an unfamiliar girl, an erection is weak and I finish almost immediately, previously I had not even finished.
I want to do denervation of the glans penis, complete circumcision with the removal of a long varicose vein (Vienna interferes with complete circumcision), make a repeated increase in the length of the penis and increase the volume of the penis with a minimum of operations.
Regarding the repeated increase in length, I am not satisfied with the result of the last operation, since I had it done with circumcision and plastic surgery of the frenulum and I could not wear ecdester for about 8-10 days, during this time I was sure the member returned to the place, they were long in the first month and a half It didn’t increase, only after 2-3 months I stretched the penis with an ecdester by 2 cm.
When wearing an ecdester, I have problems with fixing the head, so I want to increase it with gualuranic acid so that I can wear ecdester without any problems.
I’m also looking for the best way to increase penis volume.
At the moment I have 15 cm in length and 4.5 cm in diameter.
I need advice on all my problems, the priority is premature ejaculation, as I am just afraid to start a new girl.

Today was sex with a new unfamiliar girl, again faced with the problem of lack of an erection, but after a while everything turned out, the first time was wounded minutes, the erection was good, the second time in wounded 4 minutes, the erection was incomplete. I notice changes in my body that are visible after the increase in length 2 cm in my psyche is ready to let my well get up with new partners and even get excited. It remains to solve the remaining problems in the form of rapid ejaculation and penis size.

In my opinion, you need to consult a sexologist.
It is possible it makes sense to make a partial denervation, but I still can’t say how this operation will affect your erection, which is very unstable and is influenced by various factors.
As for penile lengthening, it was not worth combining ligamentotomy with frenum repair because of the impossibility of using the extender in the early stages. For this reason, you lost the result from the operation due to the ligament increment, and all that you have achieved is the merit of the extender.
If you have not used Penimaster Pro before, I highly recommend it to you.
Repeated ligamentotomy is not always good due to excessive scarring in this area and a high risk of complications.
I would generally refrain from any operations until the normalization of sexual activity with the same partner.

At the moment, the erection and the time of sexual intercourse have already stabilized. When using lodocaine, an erection is good, anesthesia works as it should. It even turned out to bring the girl to an orgasm without ice cream.
The reason for the increase in sensitivity and a decrease in the time of sexual intercourse after partial circumcision became clear. Previously, the foreskin, its inner sensitive part, was pressed against the head of the penis and did not turn around on the gun due to femosis. After partial circumcision and plastic surgery of the frenulum during sex, the foreskin turns out and stretches over the penis, thereby increasing by 2 times the area of ​​contact of the sensitive part of the mucous membrane and bringing in 2 times more sensations and all the attendant. Due to this, the time of intercourse is reduced. According to my logic, circumcision is necessary under the head.
Regarding denervation: I think full denervation is needed. Since earlier, due to my psychological problems, the sensitivity of the penis during sex almost completely disappeared. Talking with our ex, we found out that the erection was excellent and the sex lasted in the wound for half an hour, and that more about without feeling arousal in me, the girl was happy like me. I consider this example to be an analogy of denervation (deprivation of sensitivity of my penis), although the methods are not the same, but my psyche did a temporary anesthesia of the penis and this did not affect the quality of the erection and everything else, and I am ready to sacrifice my feelings for the sake of a higher purpose. I read that you can make a complete denervation with the possibility of subsequent restoration of the nerve trunks, in my opinion the best option if there is a risk for my erection, although I'm sure everything wakes up in order.
Regarding treatment by a sexologist, this implies by itself. I’ll go for treatment as problems, although they are on the decline, still occur. Yes, and I started self-medication myself, I try to change clothes without hesitation, if possible, to be naked with women and all that, it really becomes easier and easier, I feel calm in any situation. Previously, the member contracted due to stress, now everything is in order.
I want to hear what the consequences may be about re-increasing the length, since I am determined to repeat this operation in any case. As far as I understand, at the second intersection of the ligament, this time the member’s nominations in front of the part of the cut ligament will not touch, because this time the member will move forward 2-3 cm, explain a little more, thanks for earlier.
He hoped to do denervation and lengthening 1 time, then after wearing the tender, the necessary time to do circumcision under the head and increase the volume with implants. Add a little clarity on the professional side, what should I count on?

We can do the following. Before repeated ligamentotomy, we will maximally extend the penis along the thigh and draw a border with a marker. Then after the intersection of the ligament (old postoperative scars at the site of the ligament), the angle opens and we can evaluate the effect of the operation - the penis should extend 2-4 cm. This mark is then updated daily and is a guideline when using the Penimaster Pro Belt System stretcher - the base of the camera the extender should be at or below the markup.

If denervation is done simultaneously, access must be done far from the head, otherwise you will not be able to use the extender, which is a prerequisite immediately after ligamentotomy.


This operation also has complications, but they rarely occur. Basically, complications come from an infection introduced during the operation in the form of simple bleeding.

And, nevertheless, it must be borne in mind that in the place where the foreskin is located, there are no large vessels, which is why all bleeding is not life-threatening and can disappear at home.

In order to exclude the possibility of infection, doctors will prescribe you various antibiotic creams, they are advised to use them for three to seven days.


In general, a doctor's examination is carried out on the second day after the operation itself, and after seven days later. In general, the operation itself is not very complicated, and quite painless, and the recovery period can go very quickly and without any complications.

Also, this operation can be carried out using a laser. The advantages of this method is that the use of laser technology minimizes the risk of introducing various infectious infections. The rehabilitation period in this case is reduced by half.

But in the world there is an opinion that removing the frenulum with a laser is not a very effective procedure, because the anatomical structure of the genital organ implies its constant movement, change in its stretching and size, which is often considered to be the reason for the seams to diverge. But to choose which method is best left only to the patient - classic or laser, everything goes to the wishes of the patient, as well as to medical indications.

Also, an important point will be that the urologist is obliged to appoint an examination and tests before the operation, they include consultations of a therapist, anesthesiologist, blood tests, in some cases according to the testimony of other narrow specialists, as well as the removal of an electrocardiogram. In the presence of all the necessary tests, the operation can be performed on the day of treatment.

After removing the frenum of the foreskin, the patient has the opportunity to immediately go home. The next day, he should come for an examination, or remain in the hospital under supervision. Basically, the method of the operation does not depend on when you can begin to live sexually again. In both the classic and laser modes, sex is allowed after fourteen days from the end of the operation. We also recommend that you avoid physical activity.

In order to avoid complications, as well as speed up healing, we recommend:

  • Refrain from sexual intercourse until the end of the recovery period (fourteen days),
  • Treat a healing place only with the medicines prescribed by your doctor,
  • Follow absolutely all the doctor’s directions,


It consists of:

  • In circumcision of the foreskin followed by plastic frenum, mainly with phimosis,
  • In the excision of the frenum with subsequent plastic surgery to restore the anatomical length,
  • In excision of the frenum of the foreskin.

Circumcision of the foreskin and bridle is performed together for medical reasons, or for religious reasons. If circumcision is performed for medical reasons, the most common reason for conducting is phimosis - this is a pathological narrowing of the foreskin, which makes it difficult to expose the glans penis.

Also, phimosis can be both congenital and acquired as a result of diseases or injuries.

With his presence, the patient is able to experience difficulties during sexual intercourse, urination, and also very often suffers from the resulting edema and inflammatory processes.

The main danger of such a disease is the formation of fissures on the bridle and foreskin, which, after healing, can turn into scars and scars. In some cases, the tissue of the glans penis grows to the foreskin, which can cause pain when trying to open the head.

During the operation, excision of the foreskin and frenum is performed, which can lead to the return of anatomical functions. Also phimosis has the ability to operate with the subsequent preservation of part of the foreskin. Also, circumcision can be performed simultaneously with the frenum plastic.

Pros of bridle removal

  • Reducing the risk of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Improving hygiene care for the genitals,
  • Reduced risk of infertility
  • Reducing the risk of cancer of the penis,
  • Reducing the risk of infectious diseases of the reproductive system.

The operation for circumcision of the foreskin and frenulum, in contrast to frenulotomy, is performed not only in adults, but also in childhood and infancy, in the presence of indications.

Operation Techniques

At the moment, circumcision of the flesh of the foreskin can be performed by the standard method using a scalpel, as well as using laser technology.

The operation is carried out for thirty to forty minutes. The likelihood of complications is minimal, and in most cases there are none at all.

During the recovery period, it is very important not to disturb hygiene, and also to follow all the prescribed prescriptions and doctor's advice. The scar after surgery can heal very quickly and becomes almost invisible.

Sutures are mainly applied using special self-absorbable sutures; they can disappear after ten days. After healing and rehabilitation, from fourteen to twenty-one days will pass, after which you can continue to engage in an active sexual life.


The bridle is a rather vulnerable place that successfully copes with the functions of the regulator, responsible for exposing the head when excited. She establishes the correct ratio of her bends and prevents the displacement of the foreskin below normal.

A short bridle of prepuce is a congenital anatomical flaw that entails discomfort and complications.

This extremely tender part may suddenly stop functioning. A large number of nerve endings, lymphatic and circulatory structures give the mechanism increased sensitivity.

There are many times more terminal nerve formations in the bridle than in the head itself. During intercourse, she is constantly in a tense position, which accelerates the erection and climax of sex.

A small skin fold is responsible for the healthy functioning of the penis. Anomalies often lead to premature ejaculation, and subsequently to sexual impotence.

Afraid of experiencing a repeated rupture, the man restrains himself during sex, making the process of achieving an orgasm longer in physical and emotional terms.

As a result, a man cannot achieve an increase in the volume of the penis, its hardening and straightening - impotence sets in.

Most men mistakenly believe that circumcision can fix the problem. But why resort to such drastic measures? Today a gentle plastic surgery is able to eliminate the defect of the frenum.

Circumcision as an alternative

Since ancient times, in connection with religious beliefs, boys have been circumcised, also known as circumcision. In addition to being useful for maintaining hygiene in hot and humid climates, this avoided problems with the bridle. The fact is that along with the foreskin this part of the skin is also removed. Now such operations are being done not only in connection with belonging to a religious group, but also purely from aesthetic preferences.

In the USA, for example, this procedure has long become ubiquitous, unrelated to religion, and is rather a tradition. The foundation was laid about 140 years ago, when in America it was believed that many diseases are associated with dysfunction in the work of the genitals. After a fairly short period of time, this became the norm.

There are also less radical operations performed under local anesthesia. With them, the bridle is dissected and stitched at a different angle, which ultimately leads to its lengthening. Such operations are preferable among patients, since in case of circumcision the sensitivity of the head decreases.


Specialists in the field of urology recommend a short frenum repair if the pathology is congenital or acquired.
In this case, the man experiences the following sensations:

  • difficulties and pain during an intimate relationship,
  • violation of the anatomical continuity of the frenulum (kick, rupture) with subsequent bleeding,
  • pain during exposure of the head,
  • a feeling of tension in the area of ​​the skin fold,
  • significant lowering of the head down during arousal.

In rare situations, after the frenum tissue is torn, their natural regeneration occurs with the restoration of a sufficient length.

Typically, tissues in the area of ​​the tear are scarred, which further shortens the bridle of prepuce and increases the risk of repeated damage at the next sexual intimacy.

Reasons for the development of hypertrophy of the labia minora and methods for eliminating pathology. Watch here the video of the correction of the labia.

At this address we will tell you how much it costs to restore virginity.

When the bridle needs to be diagnosed and treated

It is important not to ignore the symptoms and consult a doctor. To start conservative treatment or plastic surgery of the foreskin frenum, one of several indications is enough:

  • pain during stretching during sex (the severity and time of manifestation depends on the length of the connective tissue - the smaller the bridle, the earlier and more acute discomfort is felt),
  • head prolapse during erection,
  • blood drops after intercourse,
  • sensation of tension of the frenum.

When a crack, rupture, and blood does not panic. It is enough to wash the head with warm soapy water, then with clean water or hydrogen peroxide, apply a not very tight bandage. If possible, you should immediately go to the urologist or do it in the coming days.

For diagnosis, the doctor is enough to conduct a visual examination and collect an anamnesis. The doctor decides how best to stretch the bridle, what type of surgery to choose, and sends the patient to undergo tests.

If necessary, the surgeon will circumcise the foreskin and lengthen the bridle.


Contraindications for plastic surgery on a short bridle include:

  • the development of an acute pathological process in the organs of the genitourinary apparatus,
  • the presence of benign or malignant tumors in various organs and systems of the body,
  • impaired functioning of the immune system, including HIV infection and AIDS,
  • diseases caused by infections of various etiologies,
  • acute hepatitis and other acute liver diseases,
  • venereological pathology.


Without surgery, complications may develop. So, due to constant trauma, cracks appear on the skin of the penis, where the infection easily penetrates. The result is often a recurrent inflammatory process. In men with a short bridle, early ejaculation and other problems in intimate life occur.

A severe consequence is bleeding and sharp pain from a ruptured frenum. In this case, it is important to immediately stop the blood flow - press the head down for 10 minutes, then lead the bath with the disinfectant and apply a bandage. After such a complication, it is important to consult a doctor as soon as possible and perform the operation even before the scars on the bridle grow.

Preparation for surgery

Before the operation, the patient should consult a surgeon and jointly discuss the method of surgical intervention.

The doctor plans the date of the plastic surgery and prescribes the patient directions for preparation for the intervention. Without fail, the patient undergoes a set of necessary examinations.

These measures are necessary to identify possible contraindications for plastic surgery, to assess general health, which will minimize the risk of postoperative complications and the harmful effects of anesthesia.

In a hospital, doctors prescribe the following tests:

  • general analysis of blood and urine,
  • blood biochemistry
  • hemostasiogram
  • blood type, rhesus factor,
  • tests for hepatitis, syphilis, HIV,
  • determination of the concentration of PSA (prostate-specific antigen) in the blood of men older than 55 years.

  • fluorography,
  • electrocardiogram,
  • vascular examination by ultrasonic duplex scanning ultrasound scanning,
  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs, scrotum and abdominal cavity (if necessary).

In addition to standard studies, the patient must comply with some medical recommendations:

  1. The hair in the work area must be shaved. Do it in the evening on the eve of plastic. You need to try to do this carefully so as not to damage the skin and avoid irritation.
    If you have difficulty in implementing this recommendation, the clinic’s medical staff will assist.
  2. If the preparatory examination revealed an inflammatory process in the body or an exacerbation of a chronic disease, the patient is prescribed treatment that will allow to eliminate the signs of the disease in a short time.
  3. Two days before the plastic surgery, the patient is prescribed antibacterial drugs, which will reduce the risk of postoperative inflammation of the wound.
  4. When planning an operation under general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia, the patient is forbidden to eat food 12 hours before the operation. In the morning on the day, plastics should not be smoked or drunk. On the evening before, the patient is given a cleansing enema, which is repeated in the morning.
  5. If the patient takes antithrombotic drugs, their intake is stopped 5 days before the plastic surgery. In the preparatory period, they can be replaced by low molecular weight heparins.
  6. Plastic short frenulum requires mandatory treatment of the penis with an antiseptic.

Remember, frenum plastic surgery is a simple and less traumatic operation that is performed in a matter of minutes. In many clinics, it is carried out using radio waves, which makes the intervention completely bloodless.

A short bridle is a lot of trouble and causes a number of complexes in intimate life, therefore it’s better to immediately decide on the operation and not to postpone the solution to the problem for the future.

Think about it: in just 20 minutes you will have the opportunity to get rid of the problem, pain, strong negative emotions that have tormented you for many years.

Rehabilitation period

Regardless of the method of the operation, severe pain and swelling of the genitals are observed in the early days. To avoid complications, you must follow the rules:

  • In the first week do not wet the penis. A condom must be worn before water procedures.
  • Every day, after plastic surgery of the bridle until the wound is completely healed, dressings should be done using antibacterial and antiseptic ointments prescribed by a doctor, treat the wound with a solution of furatsilin, a decoction of chamomile or oak bark.
  • For a month, exclude sexual contact. After healing the wound for another month, apply lubricants to the formed tender scar to soften friction during intercourse.

With a well-conducted operation and following the doctor’s recommendations after healing a wound, a man establishes an intimate life, he quickly forgets about pain and discomfort during the procedure and rehabilitation period.

Methods of bridle surgery in men

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis. The operation to lengthen the frenum of the penis lasts no more than half an hour. An adult is given an anesthetic directly to the penis, and general anesthesia is indicated for children and adolescents.

Bridle plastic surgery is possible in several ways:

  • VU plastic. On the foreskin, several V-shaped incisions are made, then the fabric is sutured, leaving the necessary length of the frenum. The method is not used as often as others, because the postoperative period lasts longer, a noticeable suture remains.
  • Frenulotomy of the frenulum. During the operation, the doctor makes a dissection of the tissue with surgical instruments and stitches it longitudinally. As a result of the procedure, the bridle is stretched to the required length. After the operation, an inconspicuous suture remains on the inside of the flesh.
  • Circumcision. If the pathology is complicated by phimosis, frenulotomy and VU-plastic will not only not bring the desired result, but will aggravate the situation. In this case, circumcision of the frenum and foreskin is necessary. The doctor performs a skin excision around the circumference. The procedure does not require the introduction of general anesthesia and prolonged hospital stay. After 2-3 hours, the patient can go home.

  • Laser plastic frenum. The tissue section of the laser beam passes almost without pain and blood, because the edges are immediately soldered. Additional advantages of the procedure are: the absence of sutures and the inability to introduce infection. But it should be noted that after plastic surgery of the frenulum of the foreskin with a laser, the seam may diverge, because the organ is mobile. Therefore, it is necessary to make reinforced fixation of the edges of the wound.

If for various reasons there are rough scars on the connective tissue at the head of the penis, the surgeon does not trim, but remove the frenum.

Possible complications

Surgery of the frenum of the penis is not difficult, therefore complications rarely occur.

Improper postoperative care can lead to bleeding in the work area, as well as pain and discomfort. If microbes enter the wound site, local infection is possible.

These manifestations can be avoided by strictly observing the doctor’s instructions and the rules of personal hygiene. During the rehabilitation period, it is recommended to reduce physical activity.

According to statistics, after penile surgery, the following complications are possible:

  • tissue infection and inflammation,
  • severe pain requiring painkillers,
  • repeated clinical manifestations of adhesions,
  • significant edema of the penis,
  • poor aesthetic result
  • bleeding, after which repeated surgery is required.

Complications are treated on an outpatient basis. If the patient was dissatisfied with the result of plastic surgery, which did not eliminate functional and cosmetic defects, Doctors recommend circumcision.

How to understand that a break has occurred?

With such an injury, severe pain and very unpleasant pinching is observed. Strong, albeit short-term bleeding also opens. In case of such damage, the wound should be pressed with clean fingers. Do not push too hard, as you just need to suspend blood. Next, it is necessary to treat the torn skin with a skin antiseptic and apply a loose bandage.

Many men stoically refuse to turn to a urologist with a similar injury, but they make a mistake. Firstly, without the necessary operation in this case, the bridle will grow together, but lose elasticity, which will provoke further ruptures. Secondly, it will become shorter, which, in combination with the previous paragraph, can lead to erectile dysfunction of men. Psychological problems will arise, such as an inferiority complex, dissatisfaction with life, and irritability.


The day after surgery, a man should visit a doctor for a follow-up examination.

In addition, the patient receives a number of recommendations that must be followed in strict order:

  • exclude physical activity for 14 days,
  • give up sex for 2 weeks,
  • after 7 days, visit the clinic to remove stitches,
  • refrain from masturbation until the penis is fully restored,
  • regularly treat the wound site with the means prescribed by a specialist,
  • do not remove the protective bandage from the penis for 12 hours after the intervention,
  • care for the body with the help of baby soap and boiled water at room temperature.

The first days after surgery, it is advisable to be in bed. This will reduce the discomfort in the groin and increased sensitivity and soreness.

On the first day, a state of inattention, forgetfulness, and impaired coordination is possible, but these manifestations are considered the norm.

Any surgical intervention is accompanied by tissue injuries, therefore, it is possible to turn the skin blue in the operated area. Bruises go away on their own on day 8-9 of the recovery period.

After 7 days, the wound site ceases to bother the patient, and the specialist allows the performance of small physical activities. After 14 days, a man can return to his usual working channel, and after 20 days - to active sexual relations.

Indications for the operation to reduce the vagina and patient feedback on the procedure. In this publication we will tell you how long rehabilitation after mammoplasty lasts.

Recovery period after frenulotomy

After completing the manipulations, the patient remains under the supervision of medical personnel for several hours, after which, in the absence of complications, he is released home, recommending that the dressing be left for at least 12 hours (or even better, for one day). After that, you need to remove it and keep the operated area open.

To exclude infection of the wound, he needs to regularly process the stitches with a solution of potassium permanganate or "greenback". The elimination of pain symptoms in the first days is carried out by taking painkillers.

During the rehabilitation period, the patient should adhere to the following recommendations of the attending physician:

  • carry out hygiene measures after each visit to the toilet and use the antiseptic solution prescribed by the doctor for this,
  • take a course of taking antibiotics to exclude the development of purulent infections,
  • with rapid healing, do not use fat-based ointments, as they can extend the rehabilitation period,
  • visit the urologist a week after the operation so that he determines the need to remove the remains of the threads, which by this time should completely dissolve.

In addition, during the recovery period, you should abandon:

  • physical activity and sports,
  • visits to baths, saunas, pools,
  • taking baths
  • sexual contact and masturbation.

The latter is necessary in order to eliminate the risk of seam divergence.

Alternative - laser technique

Previously, the bridle defects were eliminated by the classical surgical method. Today, the field of medicine is actively using a laser for genital plastic surgery.

Laser technology can minimize blood flow during the intervention and eliminate the use of suture material. The essence of the method is to seal the boundary lines between each other.

Many believe that laser and radio wave instrumentation reduces the risk of undesirable consequences. However, this is not the case.

In practice, the use of a laser revealed serious shortcomings. The natural physiological characteristics of the male genital organ do not allow him to have a constant size. That is why a seamless technique is not always effective..

Minimum erection of a large penis can lead to a discrepancy of the laser-welded edges of the wound site, which necessitates additional stitching.

To completely restore the bridle, several stages of fixation are required. As a result, a pronounced scar forms on the penis, which makes the intimate connection problematic and becomes the culprit of premature ejaculation.

Remember, eliminating defects of the frenulum with a laser or radio waves at times increases the risk of injury to the urethra and other genital organs.

Learn about the benefits of laser plastics from the video.

Why the bridle is torn ↑

Among the main causes of this violation can be identified:

  • Congenital shortening of the bridle - carrying out a surgical operation to eliminate the pathology is recommended even in adolescence, since incomplete exposure of the head makes it impossible to have sufficient personal hygiene and increases the likelihood of infectious and inflammatory diseases.
  • Stormy sex - Intense and prolonged frictions cause irritation, cracks, tears and, finally, a complete rupture.
  • Lack of moisture in the vagina of the sexual partner - Difficult movement of the penis significantly increases the risk of injury. In this case, use special grease.

The cost of the operation includes specialist advice, necessary studies, anesthesia, removal of suture material and dressing procedures.

Consider the average cost of plastic surgery of a short frenum of the penis in popular clinics of the capital:

  • B — clinic - 6,000 rubles,
  • Detail - up to 8,000 rubles,
  • Golden ratio - 7,200 rubles,
  • Maca — Honey - 8 800 rubles,
  • Dr. Plastic - 7 500 rubles.

Laser dissection of the frenum varies in the range of 8,000-12,000 rubles.

Advantages of the multidisciplinary clinic “International Center for Health Protection”

On circumcisio, the price in our clinic starts from 15,000 rubles. This is a manipulation common in urological practice in Moscow. It is carried out according to proven methods and does not cause complications. The price of such surgical treatment depends on technical complexity and ranges from 15,000 to 19,000 rubles.

Why circumcisio should be done with us:

  • The predicted result. The genitals will look exactly as agreed with the doctor. Its functionality is fully preserved.
  • Lack of pain. The use of the latest techniques and painkillers eliminates all the unpleasant sensations without causing adverse reactions.
  • Confidentiality. Only you and the doctor conducting the operation will know about the manipulation.
  • The delicacy of health workers. Any procedures related to the intimate area require delicacy, and we will certainly take this factor into account when providing services.

You can entrust us with the solution of delicate problems!


Plastic surgery of the short frenum of the penis is a quick and easy surgical procedure.

However, in order to get the desired result and protect yourself from complications, you will need to find a plastic surgeon with high qualifications and proper experience.

If you decide on a similar operation and appreciate all its pros and cons, share your experience with readers in the comments to this article. Perhaps your recommendations will help many men get rid of a long-term problem today.


As for the use of traditional medicine for tearing the bridle, bactericidal and antiseptic baths, which are prepared on the basis of decoctions of medicinal herbs, are recommended. However, their main reassignment is the prevention of damage to the urogenital system of a man by various pathogenic microorganisms.

It is best to use baths from the infusion of pharmacy chamomile or based on a decoction of calendula for this purpose. The penis soaked in medicinal infusions is recommended several times a day. The course of treatment may drag on for a month.

It is important to understand that alternative treatment is not a guarantee that re-tearing of the frenum will not occur, therefore, do not stop for a long time on them, it is better to consult a urologist as soon as possible.


Using local anesthesia, dissect the frenum of the foreskin, suturing the internal vessels. The operational method allows you to get rid of the pathology, as if stretching a short section.

Frenuloplasty, called Z-shaped, requires more time and volume of action. Doctors prescribe this type of treatment, if previously there were tears, scars appeared. The resulting defect is cut into two triangles, then stitched together, which subsequently leads to atraumatic scar fusion. The procedure lasts no more than a third of an hour.

Is stretching really effective?

This is very good, because you are concerned about the problem of how to properly stretch the foreskin. Since many patients believe that such an operation is actually completely ineffective, and, after practicing a couple of times, they simply throw this action. Of course, if this is done unsystematically, then there can be no talk of any positive results. However, those men who performed the procedure constantly for some months, very well respond to the result. If you find difficulties with the foreskin, you do not need to delay the cure, as it can cause difficulties over time. After all, it is possible to cure a narrowing in domestic conditions only before coming of age.

What measures can be taken?

What kind of treatment will be determined by the doctor, depending on the severity of the injury. But first aid to a man should be provided immediately.

  1. The first step is to stop the bleeding. To do this, with clean hands and sterile materials, press the area of ​​the gap to the glans penis. This position should be maintained for about 20 minutes until the bleeding stops completely.
  2. When the flow of blood has stopped, it is necessary to disinfect the area of ​​damage. To do this, you will need a gauze or cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide. Using greenback or alcohol is strongly discouraged, as this can cause pain during urination.

If the injury is very severe, an urgent surgeon intervention and suturing may be required. As for conservative treatment, if the pathology is insignificant, and skin elasticity is good, doctors can prescribe medication - creams and ointments:

Of course, it will not work to stretch the bridle with their help, but the wounds will heal faster.


Most often, the problem is detected during the first erection, sex or masturbation. The penis increases, the skin moves back, the bridle is stretched. Normally, it is elastic, enough length for free exposure of the head with a full erection. Short holds the foreskin in an unnatural position, causing pain.

Interview with Doctor of Medicine, Professor of the Department of Urology at Sechenov University, Head of Male Sexual and Reproductive Medicine at the European Medical Center Akhvlediani Nick Dzhumberovich on the topic “Short bridle of the foreskin”

Degrees of shortening:

  • Pronounced: the erect penis deviates down, pain is felt in the lower part of the head,
  • Moderate: discomfort at the bottom of the head is felt only during frictions. Have to change postures to minimize pain,
  • Minor: discomfort occurs periodically.

In childhood, a short bridle can manifest as balanoposthitis - inflammation of the head and foreskin. If it cannot be pushed aside completely, then smegma accumulates. A favorable environment for the growth of pathogens is developing.

How to stretch the bridle on the head at home?

According to experts, this operation is possible in the domestic environment. For this purpose, you do not need to have any special skills. The main thing is to clearly follow all the rules of the attending doctor, since he is directly obliged to provide instructions on how to stretch the foreskin. As a rule, to perform such manipulations, urologists recommend buying a special mechanism, which is called "Glanshy." But this operation can be carried out in the absence of it. The basic rule is to carry out all movements very slowly and with extreme caution, since there is a great risk of significant injury. Let us analyze in detail a number of stretching methods.

Bridle of the upper and lower lips

In the human oral cavity there are 2 more folds of skin. They serve as an additional fastening of the lips to the jaws.

The bridle of the upper lip is a fold located vertically. In its structure, it is of the following types:

  1. Mucous. Outwardly, it resembles a thin film that stretches very well.
  2. Fibrous. The fold is very dense and practically does not stretch.
  3. Mucosal fibrous. In this case, they speak of an average degree of density and extensibility of the upper bridle.

In addition, it is classified by attachment height:

  • Low The fold passes directly into the gingival papilla.
  • Medium. Located in the middle of the gums.
  • High. It is located in the transitional fold area of ​​the upper lip.

The norm is considered if the lower connection of the frenulum of the lip is at a distance of about 5 mm from the neck of the front incisors. If it is located lower or leaves behind teeth completely, then the crease is considered to be shortened.

The lower frenum is located deep in the area between the gum and the inside of the lip. Normally, it is the thinnest, barely noticeable film. Its difference from the frenulum of the upper lip also lies in the fact that it should not be attached to the gingival papilla. Otherwise, the correction of the fold is shown in order to avoid the appearance of speech defects. As a rule, its abnormal location is detected soon after birth. Correction is performed by the surgical method, after its holding the film does not affect the development of the child’s speech.


There are no specific measures to prevent bridle tearing, experts recommend that they carefully monitor the condition of their genitals, and regularly conduct their proper hygiene. Also, during intimacy, you should not practice very bold experiments that can cause trauma to the foreskin.

If there is a likelihood of traumatic situations during sexual relations, the man should, without delaying, go to an appointment with a urologist. It is advisable to visit a doctor before the first injury. You also need to understand that it is impossible to lengthen the foreskin on your own and with traditional medicine, and the independent removal of the foreskin can lead to very serious complications associated with damage to the arteries.

Symptoms of a shortened frenum of the penis

In most paintings, the etiology of a short frenulum is based on malformations of the penis. They are often combined with a congenital form of phimosis. If physiological phimosis is not leveled in boys up to 10-12 years of age, then they talk about the pathological form of the disease. Sometimes a short bridle appears during puberty - boys puberty. The immediate reason is that the cavernous bodies of the reproductive organ grow much faster than the skin of the penis.

The appearance of the reproductive organ does not in any way indicate any abnormality, therefore, a boy is often diagnosed with a problem by chance, for example, during a routine examination by a surgeon or pediatric urologist. However, when a man begins to live sexually, the symptoms of pathology worsen.

A shortened bridle when men are excited does not allow the penis to straighten up sufficiently. In some cases, excessive tension in the penis leads to a violation of the erection - the penis is not filled with blood, respectively, does not harden. Against the background of sexual intercourse, if possible, an adult man is constantly forced to look for a position that does not cause discomfort. Otherwise, he experiences pain in the head area.

It is worth knowing: the shorter the bridle of a man, the stronger the pain syndrome. Intense frictions during intimacy can lead to tearing of the frenum, resulting in bleeding.

A surgeon, urologist or andrologist can determine the presence of a pathological condition. In the presence of the problems described above, their visit is recommended immediately. To determine the deviation from the norm, a visual inspection is enough.

Objective signs of a pathologically short frenulum:

  • When you try to push the foreskin with your hands, severe pain appears,
  • Exposure of the glans penis is not complete,
  • The head of the penis in an excited state "looks" down.

Surgery helps to solve the problem - plastic surgery of the short frenum of the foreskin is performed. In some situations, the involvement of a psychologist and sexologist is required, since a man has serious problems in the intimate sphere.


In the presence of a policy and a plastic passport, a bridle according to indications is carried out free of charge. The service is provided by public and private clinics.

  • Moscow: “He has clinics” - 10,000 rubles., “ABC Clinic” - from 11,495 rubles., MDR (metro station “Dubrovka”) - 5,000 rubles. Many recommend doing frenulotomy with S. Bakirkhanov in the Mont Blanc clinic, but the cost is quite high - 30,000 rubles.,
  • St. Petersburg: “Family Doctor” - 6000 rubles, “SM-Clinic” - 8990 rubles, MSC No. 157 - 5000 rubles.

In state institutions, the cost is several orders of magnitude lower.

Radio wave method

The essence of the method consists in cutting tissue in several stages. The use of a radio knife eliminates the need for suturing, the risks of infection are minimized. The operation does not affect the functionality of the penis. The disadvantage of the technique, as in the case of using a laser, is the risk of tissue discrepancy.

It's important to know! The advantages of the radio wave method include low invasiveness, the absence of seams, the accuracy of exposure eliminates excessive skin damage. Compared to the traditional surgical method, the recovery process is twice as fast.


In 15-20% of men, a short bridle is a birth defectwhose cause is unknown. Diagnosing the problem in a timely manner is not always possible. In newborns, the foreskin hardly moves away. Only in 4% of infants does the foreskin allow the head to be exposed. For most, the foreskin is narrowed and expands to normal size only by three years. Under the influence of a number of factors (genetic predisposition, infections, overweight, head injuries) the foreskin is formed incorrectly, grows to the head - phimosis develops. The bridle also does not stretch.

As the boy grows, a short foreskin can form. In this case, the head is always open, and the bridle is taut. With the onset of sexual activity, such men often suffer from premature ejaculation.

Take the test to determine the severity of premature ejaculation.

This questionnaire is designed to evaluate your sexual function over the past 4 weeks and will help your doctor identify possible problems. Indicate one answer that most closely matches your condition.

The test is based on the criteria of a doctor of medical sciences, professor of the Department of Urology at Sechenov University, head of male sexual and reproductive medicine at the European Medical Center, full member of the European and American Urological Associations (EAU and AUA), as well as the European and International Societies for Sexual Medicine (ESSM and ISSM) Nick Dzhumberovich Akhvlediani, 2011

1. Does your ejaculation occur periodically or continuously before the introduction of the penis into the vagina or less than 2 minutes after the start of intercourse?

2. Do you note a constant or periodic lack of control over ejaculation?

3. Do you have any concerns about the state of ejaculatory function?

4. Do you note the constant or periodic inability to deliver sexual satisfaction to a sexual partner?

5. Was the state of your sexual function causing conflicts with your sexual partner?

In adults, the cause of shortening of the frenulum may be its cicatricial changes that occurred as a result of trauma, inflammation (complications of genitourinary diseases), and diabetes mellitus. Such a defect is acquired. The bridle loses elasticity, its length no longer changes with an erection.

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