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Types of Topknot men's hairstyles (top knot)

Famous hairstyles that exist for a century and do not lose popularity. Top Knot is a typical story with a rich history. A ponytail or loop of long hair is convenient, practical, and elegant. The modern form of the base haircut has been slightly modernized. This does not prevent the hairstyle from retaining the demand and a good ratio of useful characteristics.

General description

"Top knot" - a variation of the classic design of long hair. The strands are collected in a tail or loop. The basis for a hairstyle can be classic unformed hair or a model haircut with a sufficient length of strands.

The modern “Top Knot” is most often made on the basis of an elongated “Mohawk”. A haircut involves shaving temples. Hair in the center is left without shortening. The transition of length between the zones can be sharp or smooth.

Fashionable knot “Top knot” is usually made on the top of the head. The length of the strands to complete the loop must reach 15 cm. The bundle can be tied in different ways.

An important point! As a basis, a head of a different structure is suitable, but the advantage is given to a straight line.

Appearance story

“Top knot” literally translates as “knot on the top of the head”. The meaning of the name fully reflects the essence of the hairstyle. Hair bundles began to be made in ancient times. For many peoples, trimming hair was not accepted. The collected strands were convenient. The tail or knot was made during work, hunting or battles with enemies.

The prototype of the modern male variation “Top Knot” was the hairstyle “Man Bun”. In this embodiment, long, not cropped hair was simply tucked into a ponytail or bun on the back of the head. Although the analogues of “Top knot” with exposed temples were used by ancient Indians, Vikings, and samurai.

It is the “Top knot” with shaved sides that give the appearance a special masculinity, grace and charisma. In our time, such a design of hair has acquired the status of a fashion trend. A man with a similar haircut focuses on his personality, delicate taste.

Who is suitable for

“Top knot” is a great option for brave and liberated men who seek to draw attention to their person. The hairstyle will help to be bright and elegant, while maintaining masculinity. The way of decoration of hair allows you to wear a sports uniform, jeans with a jumper or a classic suit and coat. Although the strict dress code of the office clerk hairstyle will not work.

When choosing "Top knot" you need to carefully evaluate the external data. Hairstyle is successful for owners of perfect facial features. With the help of a knot without exposed temples in the neighborhood, it will be possible to correct the round, square shape of the face, to distract attention from the narrow, angular oval.

"Top knot" will not become a shortcut of the image. A basic haircut will allow you to make a hairstyle "Little Dragon", a kind of "Pompadour" or put "Iroquois". Stylists argue that the classic top beam has become the hallmark of modern hipsters.

To perform the correct Top Knot hairstyle, you need a hair length of at least 15 cm. It is permissible to shave the hair over the entire head, leaving a wide strip from the toe to the crown. The exposure of the temples can be with a smooth transition of length, which suits most men.

“Top knot” is made by representatives of the stronger sex of all ages. Hairstyle helps young men to assert themselves. The option is considered fashionable, devoid of platitudes. Adult men thus emphasize their originality, elegance.

“Top knot” can be combined with staining. Highlighting with thin strands or classic lightening are the best techniques. Hairstyle looks interesting with gray hair. A creative approach to color change will ideally support an informal look.

It is recommended that owners of an elongated, overly overweight, or thin face be discarded from Top Knot. The massiveness or subtlety of the lower part of the oval will help to hide the beard. Hairstyle is contraindicated for owners of strands up to 15 cm or too narrow strip of long hair.

Attention! You can not make a bundle for those who can not care for the hair, has split ends, damaged hair structure.

Independent and professional execution

It’s easy to make “Top Knot” yourself. You can collect strands of the crown and parietal zones in the tail. In the last turn of the fixing gum, part of the hair is passed. The resulting cone proudly rises at the crown. The knot can be adjacent to shaved temples or long strands.

Making a haircut for Top Knot is also easy. The machine completely shaves or smoothly extinguishes the side parts. The strip in the center is left untouched, as for the long version of the Mohawk.

It’s impossible to quickly switch from short hair to a haircut suitable for “Top knot”. Stylists recommend gradually growing hair, making "Cascade", "Quiff" and other model forms that allow you to smoothly let go of the length.

A regular visit to the hairdresser will help to grow hair more efficiently. A professional craftsman will recommend haircuts suitable for the appearance. You will have to pay at least 500 rubles for stylist services. for a single visit. The amount of payment depends on the complexity of the actions performed.

Work technology

A haircut for Top Knot will be done by any beginner hairdresser. When executed, they are guided by the following technology:

  1. Wash hair, squeeze moisture.
  2. Parting hair divided into zones. A horizontal line delineates the top of the head and the back of the head. Vertical partings form the temporal-lateral region.
  3. The upper strands are pricked with clamps. Start cutting with the temples or the back of the head. To obtain a smooth transition, the lengths of the strands are gradually shortened, moving from top to bottom. The lower extremity remains completely shaved.
  4. The length of the center strip is simply trimmed. It is acceptable to mildly lock the strands to obtain a softer contour. The total length should be at least 15 cm.

Making a haircut for Top Knot is completely optional. The hairstyle is also performed on uniformly long hair. Just secrete the crown-parietal region, the strands are collected in a loop, tail or bundle.

Video: Men's haircut Top knot.

Styling options

There is no standard for curling hair when performing “Top Knot”. The strands are usually collected at the crown with an elastic band. Men prefer to use fasteners in the color of hair.

From long hair, a tail, loop or bun is formed. To do this, the strands are simply wrapped with elastic, partially stretched or twisted around the base. It all depends on personal preferences, the created image, the length of the strands.

Compulsory care

Leaving your hair without attention will fail. Owners of haircuts with shaved temples will need to visit the hairdresser more often or adjust shortened areas on their own. Otherwise, the appearance will lose the required neatness in 1-3 weeks.

The long hair should be carefully looked after. Regular washing, combing are mandatory requirements. Hairdressers recommend not to forget about special masks and hair treatments. It is recommended to trim the tips regularly.

Increased attention will have to be paid to facial hair. The shape, length of the beard must match the existing haircut and overall appearance. Well-groomed appearance creates an overall impression.

Pros and cons

“Top knot” is a stylish and extraordinary solution for bright personalities with increased charisma. The option is simple in execution, styling, practical, allows you to diversify the appearance.

The hairstyle is difficult to combine with external data, requires regular care. The option radically changes the image, which not every man will allow himself. The transition from short hair will take at least a year.

Star examples

“Top knot” was tried by many famous men. Option not ignored Brad Pitt, Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake, Leonardo DiCaprio, David Beckham. This hairstyle fits perfectly into the image created by nature with a stellar mentality.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jared Leto

"Top Knot" - a long-known hairstyle with reasonable popularity. A variant becomes a surprisingly organic combination of bipolar qualities. With “Top knot” appearance acquires extravagance, attracts attention.

Hairstyle Features

The popular Top Knot men's hairstyle today is a variation on the theme of the trend that conquered the world about 10 years ago. Then the male bunch or man bun conquered the world, being at the peak of popularity among Hollywood playboys, free artists, surfers and creative youth involved in high technology.

The brutal image for long-haired representatives of the stronger sex at first became a kind of continuation of the traditions of Ancient Greece, but quite quickly acquired oriental features unusual for him earlier.

Top knot refers specifically to the Japanese direction of stylization, when the beam on the top and neck is accompanied by shaving of temples and clear contours. They can have different lengths, but always turn out to be shorter than the main mass of hair on top.

Top knot does not require a mandatory combination with a beard, allows you to wear both gathered in a bunch and strands connected in a fashionable tail. This fashionable and stylish way of hairstyling is suitable for men of different height, age and complexion.

Top Knot in Fashion

The Top Knot men's haircut over the past couple of years has gained a multi-million army of fans. Top knot chosen for a variety of options, originality and ease of modeling. If there was a list of “Fashionable men's hairstyles 2018” - the top knot would be in the first place. Of course, before men also collected hair in a bun, but today such styling, as they say, is a trend.

Men with long hair try to “optimize” them, make them more practical - so that wearing them does not become a pain. For this, there is a top knot hairstyle. In the men's hairdresser FIRM will make any version of this haircut.

According to the technology of creation, top knot is an improved version of the classic man bun haircut. Top knot creates an impressive image - emphasizes the beauty of the hair, its volume and facial features. Ponytail hairstyle is now as popular as undercoat after the release of the movie “Rage”. It is chosen by representatives of different professions, religions and estates. The main reason is that such fashionable hairstyles for guys make their appearance spectacular.

top knot

Features of men's bun haircut

The most common version of Top Knot hairstyles is a bun haircut, which is radically different from the stereotypes regarding men's hairstyles. It would seem, how can a man's long hair be turned into a brutal and courageous image? The men's hairstyle bundle demonstrated that this is quite possible, as well as such world-famous personalities as Jareth Leto, Keith Harington, Colin Farrell, Leonardo DiCaprio and many stars of domestic show business.

The distinctive features of the Man Bun haircut are as follows:

  • medium length hair in the temples, parietal part of the head and neck,
  • elongated curls in the bangs and tops,
  • combing your hair back
  • beam formation at the border between the crown and the parietal part of the head,
  • a combination of a haircut with a mustache and a beard.

Thanks to the additionally grown beard in the complex, the image of a man will look rather sharply and brutally, demonstrating to society his most advantageous features in appearance and character. Modern interpretations of bun hairstyles may involve a gradual change of lengths or a sharp line between the long tip and shaved temples. Visually, the haircut is very similar to the style of Japanese samurai.

Original hairstyle for men

Until recently, men's hairstyles with a tail were associated only with hipsters. Fashionable young people really love this haircut, but not every fashionable young man is a hipster. And after sitting for several hours in a barbershop in Kiev, you would have noticed that very young guys as well as adult and respectable men are asked to make top knots. Brand top knot - the choice of men seeking to be in the trend. Even a simple styling option for this haircut - with hair gathered in a knot and long strands on the sides - looks unusual, not to mention shaved whiskey.

This changes the standard idea of ​​how a man should look. The men's top knot hairstyle is an originality that does not detract from masculinity. It sounds corny, but it is a fact: when a man has a bundle of hair on his head, it means that he is used to go beyond, as this is in itself “unformatted”.

True, before you make a men's top knot, you need to grow your hair. Do not be alarmed - you do not need to endure for several years, 15 centimeters will be enough for a minimum top knot. But if you want the standard version - indeed, it will take years. To understand whether there is the right length or not, you need to put a palm on the strands. Hair should reach from the beginning of the brush to the end of the phalanx of the fingers - this is a necessary minimum. On such strands, a professional master will create a haircut and styling. Before making a top knot, a man needs to choose which option.

The history of top knot hairstyles

Everything new is well forgotten old. And this applies to top-knot haircuts as well. It seems to many that such a man's hairstyle is just a temporary fashion trend. However, this is not quite true. It turns out that the history of haircuts has deep roots.

Brave-loving men in ancient Greece for a long time preferred to walk with short hair. However, when invaders from the North invaded their land, a fashion for long hair appeared. In order to be convenient, they were tied in a bundle.

A more familiar for us version of the top knot (with shaved temples) can be seen on the pages of Japanese magazines. It was in this country that the samurai were one of the first to wear such a haircut, since it is practical and aesthetic.

Together with the underker haircut, the men's top knot hairstyle became one of the most sought after in 2017. Moreover, she was chosen by a variety of men, ranging from musicians and artists, ending with famous football players and actors.

Anastasia Obukhova

Fashionable guru! He writes about fashion, style, designers and everything connected with them.

How to stand out from the crowd, but at the same time look stylish and courageous? It's no secret that the right haircut is the key to a cool image. And today we will talk about one of the most unusual and spectacular of them - a top knot haircut, which is very popular among young people.

Top Knot Options

The first top knots were worn by samurai. Since then, we have come across many different techniques for collecting hair into a knot:

  • Loose crown on top
  • The knot is in front, and the hair below is shaved. In this case, the edging is very important.
  • Ponytail. The strands are tightly fixed with an elastic band. This is not Japanese, but the Chinese style - is also popular. He is chosen for simplicity, both styling and the haircut itself.

Making any top knot (and then caring for it) is more difficult if your hair is curly. In this case, the strands are straightened to a haircut - then they start modeling.

Fashion trend?

Famous street photographer Natalie McMullen did a peculiar photo research in New York. She photographed many men who wore long hair.

Of course, the top knot hairstyle was the most common and was found in various variations. Take a look at the photo and see for yourself.

A fashion trend came to Russia a little later. Now many young people are destroying the myth that the bun on the head is the prerogative of the female haircut.

By the way, many women consider the combination of a beard with a top knot a sexual and courageous version of the image.

Top knot | Man bun | Undercut
| Undercut

I want to appeal to everyone who has a tail and manhood. We have been silent about ourselves for too long.

The more of our photos and the more of your cool haircuts the world will see through the Internet, the more we will become.

We can finally crush the number of “skinhead cattle” who don’t even have an elementary understanding of how cool it is for a man to wear a tail.

Do not sit back. Spread your tails, haircuts and hair on our wall. And we are fighting our right to proudly walk along the street with Undercut, Top knot or Man bun without fear of condemning fools.

Top knot | Man bun | Undercut

"Top-knot" - the image of a real man

Properly selected, stylish hairstyle adorns a man. In addition, cutting is a way of expressing oneself. In an effort to express their individuality, men turn to stylists with the wishes of creating an image that attracts attention.
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Before the top of the beam did not turn into a trend, many walked with it on their heads, without attracting much attention. Then, the bun on the head became popular among hipsters, this happened a few years ago. After that, the fashion for male bundles increased, having gained popularity among representatives of the strong half of humanity.

Top Note Haircut: more info
Description and History
Top-knot hairstyle is one of the most striking representatives of extraordinary haircuts. The name of the hairstyle, translated from English, sounds like a “knot on top”. To create this hairstyle, you will need to shave the temples and the back of the head, leaving only elongated hair at the crown. In fact, the “top-knot” is an elongated version of another extravagant haircut “undercut”. All the attention of the top note is focused on the back of the head - hair with a length of 15 cm or more is gathered in a bun, revealing shaved parts.

The history of hairstyles goes back to ancient times of feudal Japan. A similar style was popular among samurai and Japanese nobility. Subsequently, this style was adopted by hipsters - this is a favorite hairstyle of youth subculture. A stylish hipster version of the top note is a small knot on the top of the head combined with a thick, carelessly laid beard.

The advantages of this hairstyle stylists attribute its versatility. It is easily combined with any stylistic direction in clothes: from business formal style to urban “casual”.

Hairstyle with shaved temples, in most cases, favorably changes the shape of the face. Such a hairstyle will not suit only men with a thin and too long face. Also, this image is not recommended for men with some features of appearance: too big nose, protruding ears, very small facial features. A haircut with shaved temples and in a strictly business setting will not look very appropriate. For owners of a round, square and oval face, this option is best suited.

Benefits of Shaved Temples
If the business environment and appearance do not impede the creation of such a hairstyle, then feel free to experiment. In addition, holders of shaved temples are available such privileges as:

- Save time on styling: just put the hair in a knot and lay it lightly,
- Attention from others - a similar image will not go unnoticed,
- Your own individual style at any time, regardless of the chosen clothing.
Hairstyle creation
Before you start designing a hairstyle, you need to decide how to shave the temporal region. Modern hairstyle options are possible in several designs:

- Whiskey shaved as much as possible, creating a sharp transition to the main part of the hair.
- Smooth transition to hair from short-shaven temples.
- Not too short shaved whiskey with a sharp or smooth transition.
In order to qualitatively shave whiskey, it is recommended to wash, dry and comb the hair before cutting. After the temples area is worked out by the machine, you should brush the hair in this area with a brush and go over the machine again.

To give the hairstyle maximum originality, add the contours of the drawings to the shaved part or color the hair in this part. Some extreme people shave their whiskey under the zeros and fill the shaved part with tattoos.

Top-knot is an easy-to-care hairstyle. What you may need for styling - elastic or lace for hair and styling. Wearing a bundle every day is optional. For this haircut, there are other styling options (for example, to lay your hair on one side, slightly tousled).

Haircut Features

Here is the home option:

  • Wash your hair thoroughly with a quality shampoo and preferably use an air conditioner later. A professional “three in one” brand of the IMPERIAL BARBER PRODUCTS brand is suitable. You can buy it in our online store FIRM Store.
  • To dry hair.
  • Tilt your head forward - so the strands will begin to hang down to the sides.
  • Gently comb your hair so that there are no tangled places.
  • Assemble the top of the beam. Fix with rubber, but not too tight.
  • To simulate the knot and once again fix the hairstyle with an elastic band.

That's all - a man’s haircut with a ponytail is ready. This is how the classic version is modeled. Along with it there is another type of styling - with shaved temples.

Haircut feature

Man bun in translation - "male bundle." Top knot is its variation. Immediately evokes an association with hipsters. However, today this type of haircut is especially popular not only among young people. Very often brutal, held in the life of a man, choose the top knot.

Jared Leto, Keith Harington, Colin Farrell, Leonardo DiCaprio and other stars of show business have shown the world that a bunch on a man’s head is stylish, courageous and courageous.

Distinctive features of a top knot:

  • short hair length on temples, parietal part of head and nape,
  • elongated locks on the bangs and crown,
  • styling - “throwing” the hair back,
  • creating a beam in the part between the parietal part of the head and the crown
  • a haircut goes well with a brutal beard and mustache.

Her modern interpretations suggest a change in hair length and a sharp transition between the tip and shaved temples.

Thanks to the temples designed in this way, the man feels comfortable. In addition, the haircut feature allows you to slightly adjust the shape of the face. Top knot makes it more elongated.

The owners of such a haircut feel confident, free and look stylish. For those who have an indomitable temperament and powerful energy, a top knot is the right choice to emphasize these qualities.

Features styling with shaved temples

In 2018, men are interested in the classic Top Knot men's hairstyle with shaved temples. It is chosen by trendy youth and this is not surprising - top knots can often be seen on models during clothing shows. Haircut successfully emphasizes the advantages of appearance and hides the cons.

The only caveat - shaved whiskey is not suitable for every man. Men's haircuts with a ponytail at the back and shaved temples will not work for owners of thin and elongated faces. Often, such a haircut has to be abandoned due to the specifics of the activity: athletes, military, businessmen. Men's hairstyle behind the bun does not go to people with bright features: protruding and large ears, a massive nose. In such situations, the wizard will offer other types of styling, which will hide the appearance of defects. It can be British, Canadian, underker.

And in the online store FIRM Store you will be helped to choose the means for styling and care. There they are always available. Men's short-cut hairstyle on the sides does not need specific care. To create an attractive look, it is enough to apply some makeup in the morning: gel, lipstick or paste. We recommend the paste WORKABLE PALL MALL BARBERS. She is good at styling medium length hair. HARD WATER POMADE BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA is also suitable.

Who chooses this style?

Top knot is a hairstyle that immediately speaks of a man’s determination, his self-confidence and desire to look trendy. It would seem that how a normal bunch on the head can add brutality to the image? How else can! A knotted knot, shaved whiskey on the head look unusual, emphasizing the individuality of a man.

Top Knot looks great on an oval or round face. If a man has an angular face with pronounced cheekbones, then barbers advise combining such a hairstyle with a beard and mustache.

In order to visually see the benefits of a top knot haircut, look at photos of men of different types and ages.

It is not recommended to make a top knot for those who have an excessively elongated and thin oval face. Or pronounced features on it. For example, protruding ears, a massive nose. Also, it is not advised to do such a hairstyle for owners of curly and highly curly hair. In this case, you have to straighten the hair.

Desired hair length

Top men's knot how to grow? Frequently asked question in barbershops. Too long to grow hair is not worth it. Enough 15 centimeters for the classic version of the haircut.

How to understand if there is enough hair length for a top knot? Put your palm on the strands and make sure that the hair reaches the end of the longest finger. So you can easily check enough length to create such an trendy hairstyle.

Remember, the longer and thicker the hair, the more effective the haircut will look.

Haircut options

Men's hairstyle top knot has different types. When creating different variations, stylists take Japanese themes as a basis. One version of the haircut involves long hair all over the head, and the other - only elongated at the crown. At the same time with shaved temples and a nape.

1. Chasen-gami. Ideal for those who have thick luxurious curls. With chasen-gami, the hair should be longer than the classic top knot. Stylists do not recommend trying to make this kind of hairstyle for those with sparse hair.

Otherwise, the haircut will look scanty and messy. Need a natural volume for this option.

2. Mitsu-ori. Top knot is a hairstyle in which even the way of fixing the beam and its direction is of particular importance. Barbers have developed another variation of the top knot - Mitsu-ori. In this embodiment, the hair needs to be collected in a regular ponytail.

Then apply cosmetic oil. Apply oil in a forward direction. Then fold the tail in half. And turn it up again. Secure with a regular rubber band. This option looks great on straight long hair.

3. Fitatsu-yori. This haircut option differs from the others in a clear hair length. On the top and in the parietal part there should be elongated curls, so that you can collect them in a bundle or tail.

Whiskey and nape are shaved. It turns out a bright contrast between the two lengths of hair.

4. Shaved whiskey. They always look a little cheeky and aggressive. This version of the top knot haircut involves a long head of hair at the top of the head and shaved whiskey. The barbers decided to diversify this option by making a curly haircut at the temples.

This interpretation is most often chosen by young people and men who are engaged in creativity. Representatives of the stronger sex successfully combine this option with a thick beard.

In the female version

Previously, it was believed that the top knot - exclusively male haircut. However, she gradually “migrated” to the female fashion. Moreover, in originality and style in no way inferior to the male version.

For a top knot, women's hairstyle requires a good length of hair. At least the average should be. Although more spectacular, this hairstyle looks on long curls. Since on such hair it will be possible to make a neat option, while maintaining a pleasant "mess" on the head.

In a female top knot, you need to shorten the whiskey or even shave it off (similar to the male version). However, not all girls dare say goodbye to their hair. But here the rebels in the soul immediately take a desperate step, demonstrating their slightly daring and revolutionary-minded nature.

By the way, special hair clips are sold for fixing the beam in a top knot haircut. You can use the usual hairpins to "catch" knocking strands.

How to make a top knot hairstyle?

Each owner should know about the creation of this trendy and shocking hairstyle. Much depends on the length of the hair on the top of the head.

The easiest option is to make a ponytail on the back of the head and fold the hair in half, fixing it with an elastic band.

How to make a top men's knot? Consider a specific sequence:

  • wash your hair well and apply a rinse on the entire surface to give shine and smoothness,
  • tilt your head forward to make it easier to collect hair in a tail,
  • in this position, comb the hair and collect in ponytail, fix with an elastic band,
  • comb the tail well so that tangled knots do not form
  • twist it around two fingers and tighten with a regular rubber band.

It is not necessary to use fixing agents for hair. Top knot is a hairstyle that requires clean and straight hair. This is the main condition.

If you follow all the rules of styling, then the haircut will look stylish and original. And if there is facial hair, a top knot will only emphasize your brutality.

How to care for a haircut?

It is necessary to maintain its neat appearance. Experienced barbers give tips on hair care:

  1. When combing, use combs with medium tooth density.
  2. Choose a shampoo that matches your type of oily hair.
  3. To facilitate styling, you can use a special mousse or gel (but not necessary).
  4. It is recommended to use hair conditioners so that the hair does not get tangled too much.

Top knot - a haircut for those who are not afraid of self-expression and love creativity. The hairstyle is great for both boys and girls who are watching their image. And you decide on such an extravagant hairstyle? The main thing - do not be afraid to experiment! After all, this is the basic rule of a modern active person.

Differences topknot from man bun

If topknot is a variation of man bun, what are their differences? Some features are still there.

  • The form. In the area of ​​the temples, the crown of the head and the back of the head in man bun hair of medium length is left. In Top knot, these hairstyles are most often shaved or significantly shortened. There is also an option in which the whiskey is not shortened, and the strands are pulled high in the tail.

  • Length. An optimal hairstyle is considered optimal for top knots, in which strands of up to 15 cm are collected. At the same time, the length on the nape and top of the head may differ, and the bun or tail itself should be lower, approximately on the line of the middle of the ear.

  • Additional style elements. Top knot became a kind of response to the desire of men to keep their shaven face smoothly combined with a fashionable hairstyle. If man bun necessarily requires a complement in the form of a beard and mustache, providing the necessary brutality and correction of facial proportions, top knot allows you to emphasize the natural attractiveness of the image.

Who chooses this style?

Stylists note that Top Knot hairstyle is the choice of courageous young men with thick, smooth and silky hair. Echoes of feudal Japan came to Russia, in the current season hairstyles of this kind enjoy the best recommendations from stylists. The main characteristic of hairstyles is hair with a length of 15 cm or more, not only on the crown, but also on the sides, which are collected in a knot.

Ideally, this style looks on the owners of a round and oval face shape. When it comes to the angular shape of the face, hairdressers recommend combining a haircut with a thick beard and mustache. Haircut and styling in this design is contraindicated for men with an elongated and thin face shape, since accents will fall exactly on the length of the forehead and cheekbones. For curly and curly hair styling will not always look beneficial, the hair needs to be straightened.

Different hairstyle options

As soon as the hair reaches the length of the male palm, you can safely consider yourself the owner of a hairstyle in the style of Top Knot.Although modern hairstylists and stylists practice different versions of Japanese-style hair styling, some suggest long hair all over the head, while others combine an elongated crown with shaved temples and a nape.

What is a top knot?

Translated into Russian, top knot means "node at the top." A similar hairstyle originally appeared during the time of feudal Japan: the bunches collected on the top were worn by members of the most influential samurai clan.

A top knot haircut has several important features.

  • Long strands on the crown and crown of the head, which can be twisted into a small bundle or bundle, as well as make a tail.
  • Hair length - at least 15 centimeters.
  • Short hair on the back and sides or shaved whiskey and the back of the head, depending on the variation.
  • It is the shortest whiskey and nape that are the main difference between top knot hairstyles and man bun. When creating a man-ban, the hair should be the same length and at the same time form a fairly tight bun on the top of the head.
  • The length of the hair, the sharpness of the transition from short to long hair, as well as the shape of the tail or bun, can vary - give room for imagination.

Svetlana Tarasova

Hairdresser-stylist with an experience of more than 8 years, a teacher-colorist.

Top Knot is a popular men's hairstyle that has gained particular relevance in the past few years. A variety of options, ease of creation and installation, and a non-trivial appearance are just some of its advantages. Consider who suits this haircut, and what is needed for its implementation.


Ideal on thick and luxurious curls looks a variety of styling Chasen-gami, that is, when a man collects not a thick bundle, but a voluminous, like crumbling bundle of hair. At the same time, the hair length should be longer than in the case of the classic Top Knot, to allow slightly careless styling. On rare hair, this version of the hairstyle will look scanty, so you should not try on such an image if you do not have enough natural volume of hair.

How to quickly grow the desired length

Hair growth tips are the same for both men and women. It is important to properly care for the strands, use high-quality products, regularly cut brittle tips.

It is also important to pay enough attention to nutrition. For fast hair growth, the body must receive proteins, vitamins and all the necessary amino acids.


In this embodiment, the hair needs to be collected in a simple ponytail. Then cosmetic oil is applied to them, and the tail is folded in half. It must be wrapped up again and fixed with a simple rubber band. This option is suitable for straight long strands.


In this case, the difference in a certain length of hair. At the crown and in the crown, they should be elongated so that they can be easily assembled into a tail or bundle. The back of the head and whiskey are shaved, and a significant contrast is obtained between the length.

With shaved temples

Shaved whiskey looks unusual and bold. In this case, long hair in the upper zone of the head and shaved whiskey are assumed. To make the hairstyle more creative, curly cuts on the temples can be used. A similar option is often chosen by young people and representatives of the creative profession. It can also be combined with a beard.

History of origin - where did the top knot hairstyle come from

Top Knot haircut has a long history. She appeared in ancient Greece. At first, men preferred short hair, but after the invasion of the conquerors on their land from the northern edges, a fashion for long hairstyles arose. For convenience, they began to be tied in a bundle.

Top Knot in the more familiar version for us, with shaved temples, is due to the popularity of Japan. It was here that the samurai became the first to wear such a haircut due to its practicality. The wave of popularity of hairstyles occurred in 2017. It began to be worn by men of completely different ages and professions, including famous actors and athletes.

Who should use such a haircut?

A haircut is ideal for young men up to 30–35 years old. It looks best on owners of a round, oval and square face shape, as it visually stretches the silhouette and focuses on the cheekbones. Combined with a beard, the top knot looks even more masculine and stylish. As for the quality of the hair, the hairstyle looks best on straight and slightly wavy hair. At the same time, density and grooming also matter: before you grow long hair, you should study the information on how to take care of the health and beauty of the strands. Only in this case the top knot will look really cool.

Who doesn't want a top knot haircut

Top knot is contraindicated for men with an elongated and too thin face shape: a bun on the top greatly violates the proportions and visually makes the head even more elongated. In addition, owners of curly hair (there are many other options for them), as well as those who are not used to caring for hair, should refuse a top-knot men's hairstyle. Split ends, thinning and brittleness will be too noticeable on long hair.

How to make a men's haircut top knot: step by step instructions

Cutting a top knot is considered one of the simplest and is performed on long hair.

  1. Wash your hair and highlight the top of the hair in a circle.
  2. Make an arbitrary bunch and stab it with a clip.
  3. The hair on the temples and the back of the head must be shaved either with a smooth transition, using several nozzles of the machine, or for the same length.
  4. Make sure that the bulk of the hair is separated from the side and back as evenly and clearly as possible.
  5. The upper part of the hair is best trimmed with scissors and profiled a little.
  6. Fix loose hair in a bun or tail with an elastic band at your preferred level: on the crown or closer to the back of the head.

What haircut can I choose as a base?

The basic haircut for top knot hairstyles is man bun, mohawk or undercut. Since all 3 options allow you to provide the necessary comfort when creating a bundle in the parietal region or at the crown, you can cut your hair in different ways or even leave it long and collect high at the back of the head.

If you decide to still follow the classical canon, you should act according to the following scheme:

  • divide the hair into zones, horizontally cutting off the future bundle, fasten with a clip,
  • divide the temporal and occipital areas vertically,
  • first remove the total length at the back and sides,
  • completely shave the sides or smoothly shade them,
  • the back of the head is machined by analogy with the temples,
  • a narrow or wide strip of long hair is preserved from the forehead to the crown of the head,
  • if the ends of the main part are split, they are trimmed,
  • it is possible to thin the strands in a bundle for a soft contour.

On uniformly long hair, a top knot is created by highlighting the crown of the parietal part. The hair here is collected in a ponytail on the crown of the head or nape, and is fixed with an elastic band in a bun, loop, tail, depending on the characteristics of the base hairstyle.

Exist 4 basic top knot hairstyles.

  • With completely shaved temples and a nape. The hair is kept long in a circle, from the bangs to the crown, and in the hairdo they are collected in a high ponytail on the top of the head, and then removed in a bun.

  • Fitatsu-yori. A classic samurai bun, implying a radical difference in hair lengths. They are shortened at the temples, the back of the head, forming a clear border. At the crown and in the parietal region, a length of 15 cm is preserved, the bundle is collected high and is worn only in a knot.

  • Mitsu-ori. Suitable for those who are not ready for a radical change. In this option, the top knot is made on straight long hair, first tied in a ponytail, treated with cosmetic oil, folded forward twice, turned around, and fixed. The ends of the hair are at the back, and on the crown, closer to the crown of the head, a careless bundle is formed.

  • Chasen-gami. It involves collecting hair not into a bundle, but into a bundle on the back of the head, with the ends facing forward, and the smooth part of the assembled “tail” looking back. Hair styling requires a rich natural volume of hair, a sharp contrast of the lengths on the crown, temples and back of the head.


The main difference between Fitatsu-yori hairstyles is the clear difference between the lengths of the hair. At the crown and closer to the crown, the man leaves elongated locks for collection in a bundle or tight tail. But on the temples and the back of the head, zones are shaved from below, forming a bright contrast between the lengths. Hair is worn only in the form of a knot to demonstrate such a feature of the hairstyle.

How to grow hair the right length?

To grow hair for a top knot hairstyle, you don’t have to put too much effort. It is optimal to first keep the strands equally long throughout the head so that the master can later give the haircut the correct shape.

To make a Japanese masculine bundle already allows a length of 15 cm - this is enough for most classic versions of the hairstyle, while the image will not be too romantic or free.

To improve the quality of the hair during the period of their growth, you can carry out a lamination procedure or a course of masks that can stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, prevent the formation of split ends. From short hair, the transition should be smooth through quiff haircuts, cascade and other model options.

How to understand whether the hair has grown enough or not? It is worth putting them in the palm from the roots to the tips. If the strands correspond to the length of the male hand from fingers to the wrist, you can already add an elegant knot top from them, concise and strict. For fancy versions of this hairstyle, you can leave a large length of hair in the bangs and crown.

Mitsu ori

This type of hairstyle implies a bundle or nodule, the end of which looks towards the forehead, and not towards the back of the head, as is customary. To create a similar effect, the hair is collected in a tail, oil is applied to them (which, by the way, also has a caring function), the knot is fixed with an elastic band and turns forward.

With shaved temples

Another modern interpretation of the Top Knot haircut is the grown curls on the top of the head, which must be laid in a dense bundle, as well as shaved whiskey. If we talk about youth representatives, stylists offer options for a figured clipping at the temples, complementing the image of a Japanese samurai. Most often, teenagers use this innovation, older men combine a bunch, shaved whiskey and a thick beard.

Fashionable haircut styling top knot and styling tools

How to make a fashionable haircut styling top knot? Perfect performance is possible in just five minutes!

The main thing is to follow the sequence of steps and use the right styling tools.

  1. Wash your hair with a well-cleansing shampoo and moisturizing balm for softness.
  2. Dry your hair head down using mousse for volume - so the hair will look more magnificent and thicker.
  3. Apply a light cream on the ends for smoothness.
  4. Tilt your head forward and comb your hair.
  5. Gather the hair in a ponytail with an elastic band.
  6. Make sure that no tangles and knots remain on the hair.
  7. Twist the tail into a tourniquet, wrap around the base of the tail and secure with another rubber band.
  8. If the hair length is not enough to create a full bundle, collect the tail in a small loop and secure with an elastic band.

How to stack?

Styling Top Knot hairstyles involves the use of elastic or leather hair bands. The basis of the hairstyle is to pull the elongated strands high on the crown or closer to the crown of the head, giving them the appropriate direction by folding the free end into a bundle.

The procedure at home will be as follows.

  1. Before styling, hair should be washed with shampoo, treated with a rinse conditioner or indelible means to give smoothness. Dry and comb the strands.
  2. Tilt your head forward to facilitate tail collection. Carefully comb the hair, connect it together, fix.
  3. Having fixed the collected long strands with an elastic band, you can return to the vertical position.
  4. The remaining free end of the tail should be twisted around 2 fingers on the hand, the resulting bundle should be secured with another 1 turn of elastic (it should be quite tight).

It is very important that the hair in the Top Knot hairstyle always remains clean, well combed and straight.

Only in this case the selected image will look organic and fashionable. Sloppy styling in Japanese-style styling, requiring strict geometry, is unacceptable.

How to make such a hairstyle at home?

Each owner of such a shocking and at the same time courageous, brutal haircut should know how to do the right hair in the Top Knot style. Much depends on the initial length of the hair on the crown that a man has to create an original style. The easiest option is to pull the curls into a ponytail on the back of the head, as well as folding the hair back with an elastic band.

In general, styling is performed in the following way:

  • the hair should be washed and rinsed so that it is smooth and shiny,
  • then you need to tilt your head forward so that the hair is easier to collect,
  • in this position, the hair is combed and collected in a tail with an elastic band,
  • comb the hair thoroughly so that after the formation of the tail there are no knots left,
  • Next, the assembled tail should be twisted around two fingers on the hand and again tightened with an elastic band.

The hairstyle does not require any means for fixing, which significantly saves the costs of men and protects the hair from unnecessary contact with the chemical compositions of the funds. The main condition is that the hair should always be clean and straight, gathered in a bun on the top of the head. A haircut will not look vulgar, if you follow all the rules of styling, and supplementing it with facial hair, you can emphasize brutality.

Fashionable men's hairstyle Top Knot: photo gallery

To get acquainted with the main advantages of a male image in the Top Knot style, just look at the photos of men with such a hairstyle of different types of appearance and age.


Russian men adopted the Top Knot style from Asians, where model and stylish haircuts and styling are valued. Top Knot haircut involves several design and styling options to meet different requirements and preferences of men. Most often, this image is preferred by young guys and creative personalities, demonstrating to the environment their unique and original taste. And in combination with a beard and mustache, the haircut takes on a daring and brutal look.

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