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Is it possible to break a member?

Penile fracture

Penile fracture
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Penile fracture - damage to the male penis caused by rupture of the tunica alba (lat. Tunica albuginea) covering the blood-filled cavernous bodies (lat. Corpus cavernosum). Rarely occurring damage usually occurs when physical force is applied to an excited penis.

Penile fracture requires emergency medical care, which often includes urgent surgical intervention. Delay in treatment increases the level of complications. Non-surgical approaches have complications ranging from 10% to 50%, including erectile dysfunction, persistent curvature of the penis, urethral damage, and pain during intercourse.

Main reasons

  • A common cause of a penile fracture is careless movements of partners during intercourse, especially in the “partner on top” position. In certain sexual poses, damage can occur when the partner falls back.
  • The cause of such an injury may be the presence of a wound, such as a knife or gunshot wound.
  • Mechanical injury, shock, or injuries can also result in such a lesion.

Legal aspect

In the United States, there has been a judicial precedent for a woman’s responsibility for a male penis fracture. Doe v. Moe. The plaintiff filed a complaint about the woman’s responsibility for injuring his penis during a sexual act, when she was in a position from above. The court dismissed the lawsuit and ruled in favor of the woman, deciding that her behavior was "neither reckless nor illegal."

Member structure

To understand how possible a fracture of the genital organ, a man must know the basics of the structure of the penis. Experts note that the penis consists of three channels of tubular elongated shape, which are located in the shape of a triangle in relation to each other. One canal is located below (spongy body), the other two - on the sides (cavernous bodies).

When a man has sexual arousal, an increased blood flow to the channels is first observed, as a result of which the organ increases in length and diameter. In the cavernous bodies are two muscle ligaments - the sciatic-cavernous and bulbous-spongy. As soon as the muscles become toned, the penis straightens, the urinary canal is compressed, which in turn helps push the seed through.

Is it possible to break a member?

As soon as the penis is filled with blood, it becomes elastic and strong, not amenable to special mechanical influences, such as in a calm state.

And in order to understand whether a fracture of this organ is possible, you need to understand that there is no bone and cartilage tissue inside that can break. But under the concept of a fracture of a member, doctors usually understand serious bruises that entail stretching and rupture of the tissues of the corpora cavernosa.

Causes of Injury

To prevent a fracture of the genital organ or to identify it in a timely manner, a man needs to know all the possible causes of such an injury. Usually this occurs during sexual intercourse, which is a logical result of an erection of a man, we are talking about a strong crease or bend of the phallus. This can happen in several cases:

  • when a woman is on top of a man during intercourse,
  • during a man’s restless sleep and involuntary nocturnal erection, for example, during a sharp coup on his stomach,
  • during masturbation of an intense nature, when muscle fibers are stretched.

In a calm and relaxed state, the phallus is completely soft, flexible to manipulation and impact, so it will be completely impossible to damage and break it.


Immediately after such a serious injury to the penis, a man should pay attention to the characteristic symptoms. Namely:

  • profuse internal bleeding,
  • sharp pain, which can lead to traumatic shock,
  • blue of the injury site,
  • the formation of swelling and hematoma spots,
  • difficulty urinating
  • complete swelling of the penis along the entire length up to the scrotum on the second day after the fracture.

As a rule, after receiving such damage to the genital organ, a man can observe its deformation, puffy shape. Visually, the penis will resemble a broken limb; accordingly, there can be no talk of any erection.

First aid

If such a situation does happen, it requires immediate qualified help from medical professionals. Prior to their arrival, a man will need first aid, which is as follows:

  • taking anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs,
  • applying a compress of ice to the genital organ,
  • ambulance call.

Further, after the arrival of the team of specialists, the man needs to report on his measures taken to alleviate the condition. This will avoid errors in further therapy in a hospital setting.

Penis structure

It is reliably known that the male genital organ is boneless. Where, then, to take a turning point? Before you find out, you need to know the anatomy of the penis. It is divided into three main parts:

The trunk of male dignity has two bodies (cavernous and spongy). They have many different recesses, easily filled with blood. The cone-shaped thickening at the end of the trunk is - the head of the penis. It connects with the cavernous bodies, create a noticeable thickening. The skin of this part of the penis is tender and quite soft, with a lot of glands. The main purpose is the production of smegma (lubricant). The head of the organ is a very sensitive plot of the penis, as it has many nerve receptors.

Causes of the phallus fracture

Doctors say that in medical practice, a fracture of the male genital organ is not a frequent, but still possible. It is known that a member of a man can be in two states - calm and excited. So, to acquire a fracture is possible only in the second, when the genital organ is maximally erect. Pathology is exclusively closed.

“Most often, this injury is received during sex. Penile fracture is possible if a woman makes incorrect and abrupt movements. The phallus, without getting into the vagina, comes into contact with hard bones with great force and a fracture occurs. ”

The phallus can break if:

  1. An uncomfortable posture during intercourse in a car was chosen.
  2. The positions of partners are changing dramatically.
  3. Too active to masturbate.
  4. It is strongly squeezed to remove the erect state.
  5. Show too much force on him with a dull, weighed object.

Each of the above situations can lead to a fracture of the phallus. But nevertheless, most often the cause of the disease becomes too active sexual intercourse.

Fracture definition

As regrettable as it may sound, a fracture of the penis is an unpleasant pathology that is difficult to confuse with another. At that moment, when the tissues are torn, a characteristic sound (crunch) is heard, which both man and woman will hear. At that moment, the protein coat breaks and a representative of the stronger sex is able to feel a strong, sharp pain in the organ. An erect state disappears almost in a few moments. The fracture site is characterized by the formation of a noticeable hematoma of a dark blue color, and the genital organ itself swells noticeably. No matter how funny it sounds, but with a fracture, the phallus becomes like an eggplant.

Particularly severe cases of a phallus fracture are characterized by rupture of the urination channel. With such a problem, a man is almost impossible to "empty" the bladder. You should immediately seek help from a qualified doctor who in the shortest possible time will eliminate the pathology.

Despite the fact that the penis is a boneless organ, in some situations a fracture is still possible. With the so-called fracture of the phallus, damage to the cavernous bodies of the organ and the protein membrane is implied. This problem entails a possible malfunction and the unity of the urination channel. This anomaly is one of the most serious injuries of the male member.


First, a medical specialist palpates to make sure that the fracture was really connected with the penis. After this, an ultrasound scan is mandatory so that the doctor confirms his diagnosis. After this, usually followed by surgery, involving a longitudinal incision along the penis, as well as its correct stitching by itself with absorbable threads.

A man is given an injection of sodium chloride and heparin to disinfect dangerous places, as well as to facilitate rapid blood coagulation. In the end, a bandage is applied over the phallus along its entire length, which is attached to the abdomen. After some time, the growth of torn muscles and partitions should occur, which will allow the man to live a full life.

Precautionary measures

Experts unanimously say that it is possible to prevent a fracture of the penis if inexperienced partners avoid the intensity of movements during intercourse and excessive ingenuity. You also need to use different contraceptives, nozzles and various sex toys with caution. Another important preventive method is to avoid sexual intercourse during intoxication.


It is quite possible to break the penis, although if we examine the concept of fracture in detail, in the case of the phallus we are talking about stretching and tearing of ligaments and tissues. Despite the fact that the man’s reproductive organ does not have cartilage and bone tissue, during an erection it becomes sufficiently elastic and strong to get injured during intercourse. A fracture of this kind implies its symptoms and possible causes, method of treatment and precautions.

How to cure a fracture and restore the phallus to its previous appearance?

If you still could not avoid this injury, the first step to take to relieve the painful condition is to tighten the bandage around the problematic organ and apply a few pieces of ice.

  1. After receiving first aid, you should immediately call a doctor or make a hospitalization in the urology department (in especially difficult cases - surgical). Each such injury requires urgent surgery.
  2. Under the supervision of a professional doctor, urgent measures are taken: the introduction of general anesthesia, the stitching of the cavernous bodies, urethra, or the albumen (determined based on which part of the organ is damaged).
  3. After completion of the surgery, the healed genital area should be tightly bandaged.

These procedures are repeated for the period indicated by the doctor.

Self-medication: benefit or exacerbation of the problem?

As practice shows, in some cases, adult men behave worse than little boys. Having acquired this trauma, some representatives of a strong stature refuse qualified medical care, I motivate this by saying: “It will heal itself!”. Undoubtedly, the organ will heal after some time, but only the consequences can greatly upset.

If you do not resort to timely medical intervention, after as the broken penis heals, a noticeable, rough scar forms at the fracture site, which can become the main cause of the phallus curvature. This scar can cause a weak blood flow to the penis, which will result in the absence of an excitatory process. This fact significantly complicates the love act, and moreover, makes it almost impossible.

Due to the fact that at the moment of stimulation of the penis, the process of excitation occurs, a man can feel an unpleasant, acute pain of a poorly healed organ. Despite the fact that timely medical intervention was replaced by self-medication, there is a chance to save the organ and restore the possibility of normal functioning. You should seek the help of a plastic surgeon. He will remove the formed scar and straighten the penis. It is important not to delay the treatment process, since if nerves are damaged, you can remain impotent for life.

After you notice this injury - immediately seek help from a urologist.

Leaving the phallus fracture unattended and not cured in a timely manner - after a certain period of time, irreversible, negative processes in the cavernous bodies of the organ will begin, which every day is becoming more difficult to return to normal working capacity.

To return to its previous form, the ability to normal, love act, perhaps, will be only with the help of prosthetics. Such a procedure is quite expensive, for many residents of our country, simply can not afford.

One of the most important factors in treating a problem is the cost of the procedure. It is known that medical intervention in the case of “fresh injury” is carried out absolutely free of charge. If the patient still decided to hide the disease, and sought help only after a few months or years, then such a procedure can cost even several tens of thousands of rubles.

A broken penis is an unpleasant and very painful injury that requires immediate professional intervention to preserve the most important functions and capabilities of the organ.

Penis Fracture Forms

Specialists distinguish the following forms of penile fractures:

  • true fracture - damage is accompanied by rupture of the protein membrane, this fracture can be isolated (that is, not accompanied by damage to the urethra) or combined (accompanied by rupture of the urethra),
  • false fracture - damage is accompanied by rupture of blood vessels, but the protein membrane remains intact.

Urgent care

In case of a fracture of the penis, the victim should be given first aid:

  1. Apply a tight bandage to the genitals.
  2. Apply cold to ease pain and reduce bleeding. When using an ice bladder, it should be removed every 10 minutes to prevent frostbite.
  3. Give to take an anesthetic (Ketanol, Dexalgin, Ibuprofen, etc.).
  4. Call an ambulance. Immediately contact a hospital with a surgical profile for examination and treatment of the consequences of an injury.

Remember! It is not recommended to postpone a visit to the doctor for a penile fracture, as the condition of the man may worsen and delay in treatment will cause complications.


To assess the condition of the urethra, urethroscopy is performed.

The following studies are performed to identify a penile fracture:

  • examination of the penis and examination of patient complaints
  • general analysis of blood and urine - performed to detect signs of bleeding,
  • Ultrasound of the penis vessels - allows you to assess the quality of blood circulation,
  • urethroscopy - performed to assess the condition of the urethra,
  • Penis MRI - makes it possible to obtain layered detailed images that reveal all the abnormalities in the state of the protein coat, cavernous bodies, urethra,
  • cavernosography - is performed to detect internal bleeding in the penis and determine the source of bleeding.

Which doctor to contact

If there is severe pain in the penis, a feeling of crunching, the appearance of a hematoma, deformation and swelling of the organ, you should contact a urologist, andrologist, surgeon or traumatologist.After examining the penis and conducting a number of studies (ultrasound, MRI, etc.), the doctor will determine the tactics of further treatment.

Penile fracture is a rare trauma in which rupture of the membranes of the corpora cavernosa occurs. In some cases, damage to the integrity of the urethra can be observed. When an injury occurs, a man experiences intense pain, the penis becomes swollen, deformed and becomes cyanotic-violet. Fracture treatment should be done as early as possible. In most cases, a surgical operation is performed to restore the integrity of all structures of the penis. The lack of timely treatment significantly increases the risk of complications of this injury.

The consequences of an untreated fracture

Untreated medical care can provoke consequences that will require more serious surgical intervention:

  • penile curvature during erection,
  • urethral stricture
  • erectile dysfunction.

In case of a fracture of the penis, you should immediately consult a specialist. A qualified doctor will not condemn you or somehow incorrectly comment on the current situation. Its task is to solve your problem and help return to a full sexual life.

Recovery period

In order to facilitate healing as much as possible and to avoid complications after surgery, it is important to strictly observe all the prescriptions of a specialist:

  • wear special compression underwear,
  • in the first one and a half to two months, give up sexual activity,
  • for the same period, limit physical activity,
  • to avoid physiological erections, take sedatives (the doctor will individually select the right drug),
  • limit your consumption of spicy and salty foods that can cause swelling,
  • refrain from drinking alcohol as much as possible.

If necessary, the doctor may prescribe a course of antibiotics that will eliminate the risk of infectious complications.

Carefully monitor your health and at the first suspicious symptoms, consult your healthcare professional.


This is the main sign of a penile fracture.

The size of the hematoma, which occurs due to a rupture of the connective tissue membrane (also called beech fascia), depends on how badly it and the cavernous bodies were damaged.

This education can be huge. Often, accumulated blood spreads very far, affecting the perineum, pubis, scrotum, even the inner thighs and abdominal wall.

The hematoma gradually darkens, causing the skin to become cyanotic. This already painful manifestation may be accompanied by a delay in urination.

Although sometimes a hematoma does not appear. In such cases, a pronounced sign of a fracture of the penis is a defect in the cavernous bodies. It can be probed. Only this will bring terrible pain.

Her doctors perform the first thing. First, they diagnose a fracture of the penis through examination and conversation, identify associated damage. As already mentioned, this may be damage to the urethra or urethrorrhagia. It is manifested by bleeding from the urethra, occurring arbitrarily, outside the process of emptying.

It should be noted that men, due to shame, turn to doctors too late. Only 11% of victims call an ambulance right away. After several hours, it is not only difficult to diagnose other injuries - there is also a risk of serious consequences. In this matter, every minute is important, there is no room for shyness.

If necessary, the patient can be referred for MRI and cavernosography, which is an angiographic study of blood vessels. Upon completion of the examination, doctors decide whether there is a need for surgery.

If urethrorrhagia has been detected, then the man is sent for retrograde urethrography. This is an X-ray examination, and it will either eliminate the injury to the urethra or reveal other injuries.

Drug therapy

This is not to say that with the help of drugs it is possible to carry out effective treatment of penile fracture. Medications are used only to stabilize the condition of the victim before surgery.

Plus, a fracture is often accompanied by other injuries. Because doctors resort to infusion therapy. Special solutions are injected into the bloodstream of the patient, which help to correct pathological losses of the body or even prevent them.

Also, drugs can be prescribed in the presence of an open wound in the patient. Usually prescribed anti-inflammatory and antibiotics. If a man is especially active, then he is prescribed a course of female hormones to suppress an erection.

What will happen if you do not consult a doctor?

The procedures described above, through which doctors correct what happened, are themselves significant consequences of a fracture of the penis. However, there are a few more nuances.

What will happen if a man does not go to a doctor right away? Or doesn’t go to him at all? This, of course, is unlikely, since living with such wild pain is unrealistic. But theoretically, the member will grow together and remain crooked for life. This will affect the erection. Well, if it will be, but a man may never experience it again. And what kind of sex with a twisted penis?

In addition, under the skin, a seal-scar forms, which will constantly remind of itself as pain. And if the sexual intercourse somehow takes place, then during it it will intensify to a critical point - it will not be possible to endure.

Postoperative period and prevention

Rehabilitation after such damage will take a lot of time. Sutures are removed only after two weeks. But the most difficult thing for men is that they will have to refrain from sex for at least a month and a half. The organ must fully heal and recover. However, just look at how the fracture of the penis looks (the sight is not for the impressionable). In this state of intimacy, even thoughts can not be.

What besides this? If the urethra has not been damaged, the doctor will remove the drainage after three days. But otherwise, the system will be removed only after the channel function is fully restored.

It takes about two weeks.

Also, within 7 days after the operation, you will need to wear special compression underwear. The body must be stationary.

And, of course, there can be no talk of physical activity. It's the same as with intimacy. But walking is allowed.

No diet is prescribed. In principle, the diet can not be limited, but a man will recover much faster if he does not drink alcohol and spicy food. This provokes the appearance of edema and complicates the healing process. It is also recommended to quit smoking.

But the most important thing, of course, is accuracy and avoiding extremes during intimacy (extreme poses, in particular). A member fracture is a rare occurrence, but there is always a risk. And in order to avoid horrific consequences, it is better to show prudence.

What is a member fracture

Of course, a member is not a bone, so there is nothing to break at first glance there. But only at first.

The penis has areas of spongy tissue called the cavernous bodies. They fill with blood when a man has an erection. This is what gives the member strength and toughness.

Photo: logika600 / Shutterstock

If the erect penis is suddenly and strongly bent, the shell of one of the cavernous bodies may burst. Such a gap is called a member fracture.

Most often, such an injury occurs during excessively vigorous intercourse or masturbation. But options are possible. There are recorded Everything you need to know about penile fracture cases when the membrane of the cavernous body was torn during:

  • turning in bed on an erect penis,
  • hitting a member - for example, by accidentally closing a door,
  • falling on an erect organ.

What are the symptoms of a penile fracture?

Here are a few indications of the tragedy.

  • A distinct crack or crunch at the time of fracture.
  • Instant erection loss.
  • Pain - from mild to severe.
  • The appearance of edema and noticeable black bruises on the penis. If the outer shell ruptures, bleeding is possible.
  • Sometimes problems with urination and blood in the urine. This happens if the urethra is torn.

The first two points are most important for diagnosis. If there is no cod, crunch and rapid loss of erection, then with high probability it is not a fracture, but a different type of injury. Which, however, does not replace the need to appear to the urologist.

How to treat a penile fracture

Such a penis injury is an emergency medical condition. This means that you should immediately seek help: either go to the doctor yourself, or call an ambulance.

Help with such injuries is provided by a urologist, andrologist or traumatologist. The doctor will conduct an examination, ask you about the circumstances of the incident and the symptoms. As a rule, this is enough to make a diagnosis. But sometimes additional examinations may be required - ultrasound or MRI. They help pinpoint the fracture area.

If the damage is serious, you will be prescribed a surgery. She has several goals at once:

  • stop bleeding if blood vessels are torn,
  • remove the hematoma (accumulation of blood) inside the penis,
  • suture tears in the cavernous body, its shell, urethra.

The recovery period after surgery can take several months, and you need to be prepared for this. Some have to put a splint on the penis to restore it to its normal shape. Medications that reduce the chance of an erection may also be prescribed. Until a member recovers, it is harmful.

If the damage, according to the doctor, does not require surgical intervention, home methods will help ease the condition:

  • Apply something cold to your damaged penis. For example, a bag wrapped in a thin cloth with ice or frozen vegetables. This will help reduce pain. Repeat 10-minute applications once every few hours.
  • Take over-the-counter painkillers - the same funds based on ibuprofen. Such drugs reduce pain and swelling.

But once again we repeat: in no case do not self-medicate! This can forever deprive you of sexual joys. And the ability to empty the bladder freely too.

Is it really possible

It’s really possible to break the penis. How this can happen - this issue worries many representatives of the male half of humanity. Unfortunately, such an injury can happen to anyone. Penile fracture is damage with concomitant ruptures in the area of ​​the urethra, cavernous bodies, and the protein coat.

A man can break the penis during injuries, in emergency situations, during sexual experiments. Most often, this injury occurs when the penis is in an excited, erect state.

Often, representatives of the stronger sex believe that a member can not break. This theory is argued by the fact that there is no bone tissue in the structure of the penis. However, real experience and medical practice show: it is really possible to break a penis. There are such cases, an example is porn actor Rocco Siffredi.

It is believed that a small penis is less prone to fractures than a large penis. This explains the unpleasant story with a movie star for adults. After all, the size of the penis of Rocco Siffredi reached 23 cm in an erect state.

Causes of Penis Fracture

In medical practice, penile fractures are rare, but you can still break it. The genital organ is exposed to such a danger in a state of sexual arousal, while the fractures are closed. The love bed is the most common place to get this injury. The position of the horsewoman is especially risky in such a way when a woman makes the wrong and abrupt movement.

A fracture of the penis can also end experiments with other positions. In this case, the penis strikes the thigh or perineum with force without getting into the vagina

There are times when the penis breaks:

  • in an uncomfortable position while having sex in a car
  • with a sharp change in body position
  • during sleep
  • as a result of active masturbation
  • with strong squeezing of the penis to remove an erection

What to do with a fracture of the penis?

If a man broke his penis, immediately put a tight bandage on the genital organ, apply ice. Then you need to call an ambulance or independently go to the urology department for hospitalization (sometimes you have to go to the surgical department). The victim needs urgent surgery. The patient is given general anesthesia, the surgeon sews up cavernous bodies, the urethra or the albumen (depending on what was damaged). Next, tight bandaging is required for some time.

Some representatives of the strong half of humanity are embarrassed to consult a doctor with this problem or think that everything will go away by itself. In this case, you can prepare for trouble. After the fracture has healed, a rough scar forms in the places of the rupture. It leads to severe curvature of the penis and poor blood supply to this organ. As a result - the lack of an erection. If the nerves were damaged during the fracture, then the case may result in impotence.

Why do penile fractures occur?

How is it that the man broke the penis during sex? This happens when a partner is on top during sex. Careless movements of a woman or her fall back lead to injuries and fractures of male dignity. Penis instead of the vagina in the pelvic bone of a woman also leads to fractures. Experiments with new poses sometimes end in failure. Such fractures during sex occur in approximately 58% of the total number of member injuries. Therefore, to the question: “Is it possible to break a member during sex?” - we answer unequivocally - yes. You can break the penis in a dream during sudden flips from one side to the other. These are closed fractures. A fracture of the male genital organ sometimes occurs as a result of an accident. Fractures resulting from an accident are much more difficult to treat, they are usually open type.

What penile injuries are dangerous complications?

  • Rupture or tear of the frenum occurs in men in whom it is short from birth. In this case, acute pain is accompanied by bleeding.
  • Dislocation of male dignity occurs when the ligaments that attach the penis to the pelvic bones are broken. In this case, the cavernous bodies move under the skin of the scrotum, and the penis becomes like an empty bag. Injury occurs in the same cases as a fracture.
  • Carvenite - inflammation of the cavernous bodies of male dignity. The disease occurs when one or more cavernous bodies rupture.
  • Priapism is a rupture of an artery inside the penis, accompanied by a strong blood flow without a reverse outflow. As a result, male pride is in an excited state for a long time (from several hours to several days).
  • Peyronie's disease is the appearance of scars on the penis that interfere with its uniform tension. As a result, in an excited state, the penis is significantly bent at the sites of scars, which makes sexual intercourse impossible. The disease appears after rupture of the arteries or inflammation of the urethra.

How to determine that a member is broken?

Penile fracture is accompanied by rupture of the corpora cavernosa, damage to the protein coat, and sometimes the urethra. With a fracture of male dignity, a hemorrhage occurs at the site of damage or rupture of the cavernous bodies. In this place a hematoma forms, a broken member swells. Injury is accompanied by acute pain, further sex is not possible. If the urethra is damaged, urination also becomes impossible.

What does it look like

Penile fracture involves concomitant rupture of the urethra. As a result of this damage, the protein shell of the cavernous, cavernous bodies ruptures.

A broken penis is deformed due to extensive hemorrhage. Swelling quickly develops, a hematoma forms, the penis acquires a dark blue or purple color. What a broken genital organ looks like can be seen in the photo.

Broken member is deformed

Penile fracture is also accompanied by the following characteristic clinical symptoms:

  1. Strong pain, up to the development of a shock state.
  2. Abrupt cessation of erection.
  3. Bruises localized in the penis.
  4. A specific, crunchy sound indicating a break in the tissue structure.
  5. Member curvature.
  6. The appearance of urethral discharge with bloody impurities.

The hematoma often spreads to the thighs, groin, lower abdomen. With concomitant damage to the urethra, the patient loses the opportunity to self-empty the bladder, which is very dangerous.

This injury is considered quite dangerous and threatens the development of a number of serious complications. Therefore, with signs characteristic of a fracture, it is important to provide competent assistance to the victim and to deliver him to a medical institution as soon as possible.

What will happen if this is not done? Among the most common complications of a doctor’s member’s fracture, there is the development of an acute inflammatory process, impotence, circulatory disorders, sepsis and tissue necrosis, fistula, narrowing of blood vessels and urethra, and penis abscess.

Often with minor injuries and the absence of a pronounced pain syndrome, men are embarrassed to contact a specialist with such a delicate problem.

The consequences can occur after some time in the form of impaired erectile function, painful erection, inability to have sexual contact. With the timely provision of medical care, the risks of impotence are reduced to 2%.

How does an injury happen?

Men are interested in: how can a member be broken? Practice shows that most often this traumatic injury occurs during intercourse, when a girl is in a position from above. This is exactly what happened with the actor Rocco Siffredi and the lead singer of Modern Talking.

Most often, the penis breaks when a woman is on top

During a passionate sexual encounter with a photo model in a rider pose, the singer felt severe pain and at the same time heard a suspicious crunch, his penis went limp and blackened. The star had to quickly turn to the doctor and solve the problem through surgery.

How can you break the penis during sex? Sharp, overly active movements of the partner in the process of intimacy become the most common cause of various penis injuries, including a fracture. Sexual experiments, a change in poses, and a sharp tilt of a partner into the “lying on her back” position can also lead to damage. If the woman holds on to the base of the penis too tightly, this can also cause injury, as well as intense hand movements during masturbation.

As an example, we give the real story of a young man: “One of the sexual contacts almost brought me to serious trauma and impotence. The girl clung so tightly to my penis that I began to feel severe pain. I barely managed to stop my partner. The erection disappeared, an extensive hematoma formed, the penis somehow turned blue. I was terribly scared and ran to the doctor. It turned out that I had a fracture of an intimate place, however, in an easy stage. There were no surgical procedures. However, pain and swelling remained for a long time. So now I am a supporter of calm sex, without too much fervor and dangerous experiments. "

You can get injured if you indulge in love joys in places not intended for these purposes, for example, in the car's interior. You can break the penis in the following situations:

  • Mechanical impact on the penis with a blunt object.
  • Accidents, traffic accidents.
  • A sharp change in body position in a dream.
  • A blow to a penis in an erect, excited state.
  • Bending of the penis during rough intercourse, as a result of stopping a member on the pubic, femur or partner's crotch.
  • Strong squeezing of the penis when trying to eliminate an erection.

Penile fracture - a fairly common injury

Penis injuries can be experienced not only by famous porno-artists like Rocco Siffredi, but also by ordinary average citizens. Confirmation of this is the case of a 36-year-old resident of the city of Ufa, in whom emergency doctors diagnosed a fracture of the cavernous bodies of the penis. Judging by the victim’s explanations, the injury was received during too violent sex with his own wife.

Medical therapy

During the operation, the specialist stops internal bleeding, which provokes swelling, hematomas, and stagnation. The hematoma is opened, cleared of blood clots. With concomitant ruptures, the surgeon excises the area localized directly above the hematoma, and then restores the integrity of the damaged tissue. The torn albumen, urethra, and cavernous bodies are carefully sutured.

Then, drainage of the edematous area and the application of a tight bandage bandage are performed. The rehabilitation period lasts from a week to a month, depending on the individual characteristics of the patient, the severity of the particular clinical case.

Surgery required to treat fracture

Recovery includes a course of antibiotic therapy, applying cold compresses, taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. After completion of rehabilitation, the patient gains the opportunity to lead a full, regular intimate life.


With timely assistance to the victim, the medical prognosis in the event of this injury is quite favorable. Gradually, upon completion of the rehabilitation course, the patient's sexual function is fully restored. But if the penis is broken and waved at the injury by hand, then scar tissue will begin to form in the gap area, which leads to disruption of the blood supply to the penis, curvature of the penis, impaired erectile function and impotence.

In such severe and neglected cases, the patient has to seek the help of a plastic surgeon. The specialist removes the scar formation and straightens the penis, in extreme cases, to restore sexual function, there is a need for falloprosthetics. This kind of operation is complex, painful, requires a long rehabilitation, and is so expensive that not everyone can afford it.

On average, the cost of treating an old penile fracture is about 30,000 rubles. Therefore, it is better to play it safe and consult a doctor at the first alarming signs, which may indicate the presence of a fracture. Even if it is only about bruises and hematomas, the doctor will prescribe competent treatment, which will be much more effective than home remedies.

The penis can break, and such an injury, contrary to popular belief, is really real.

Penile fracture - a very serious, painful damage, threatening a number of complications up to impotence, abscesses, blood poisoning. But with correctly provided first aid, timely contact with a specialist and adequate treatment of undesirable consequences, it is quite possible to avoid. Surgery and rehabilitation will allow a man to soon return to a normal, familiar rhythm of life and fully restore sexual function.


In no case should such an injury be ignored. Without proper treatment, the recovery process may be delayed, and the penis will remain deformed for life. The neglected stage provokes the development of gangrene, it is impossible to restore reproductive function in this case (the penis is amputated).

Try to control body movements during intercourse, both your own and your partner. If the injury nevertheless occurred, do not delay the treatment to avoid possible complications.

What to do if a member breaks?

The following information will not hurt any man. When a broken member, a tight bandage is immediately applied to it. Then apply a cold compress. It should be remembered that with a fracture of the organ, the urinary canal may be damaged, so urination will be impossible. It is necessary to immediately contact the Department of Urology or Surgery for the treatment of a fracture. Damaged tissues are restored only by surgical method under anesthesia, after which a tight bandage is applied. If a hematoma is present, blood clots are removed, and wound drainage is performed. In parallel, broad-spectrum antibiotics and pain medications are prescribed, and impotence is prevented. If the nerve endings are affected during the fracture, the man will have complete impotence, which, unfortunately, cannot be treated.

If time has passed after a member’s fracture, what should I do?

It is not recommended for self-medication for injuries of the penis. The “self-passing” position is also inappropriate in this case. At the fracture site in the healing process, a scar occurs, which becomes the reason for the impossibility of sexual intercourse due to the curvature of the organ upon excitation.

In addition, the process of sexual intercourse will be accompanied by severe pain. But in this case, the situation can be corrected. A plastic surgeon can repair damaged penile tissue operatively. After the scar is eliminated and the curvature is corrected, the full functioning of the organ will be restored. The consequences of self-medication can be eliminated if no more than a year has passed since the moment when the broken member was. At later dates, the changes are already irreversible, only prosthetics will help.

What happens?

Fracture of the penis is difficult to confuse with anything. At the moment of tissue rupture, both partners hear a characteristic crunch - this is cracking the protein membrane. A man feels a sharp pain, an erection quickly disappears. At the place of the rupture, a hematoma appears, which grows, and as a result, the genital organ is very swollen and acquires a violet-blue color. As a result, a broken penis becomes like an eggplant.

In especially severe cases, when a rupture of the urethra occurs, a man cannot empty his bladder.

What to do?

If it happened to break the penis, you need to immediately put a tight bandage on the organ and apply ice. Then hospitalization is necessary in the department of urology or, in extreme cases, in the surgical department. With a fracture of the penis, an emergency operation is necessary. Under anesthesia, the surgeon sutures the damaged protein membrane, cavernous bodies and, if necessary, the urethra. Then for some time tight bandaging is required.

Is it possible to do without surgical intervention? Oddly enough, many men ignore the fracture on the principle of "It will pass!". But in this case, you need to prepare for trouble. After the fracture heals, a rough scar forms at the rupture site, which leads to a significant curvature of the penis, poor blood supply to the organ, and, as a result, the absence of an erection. Naturally, this makes intercourse difficult and often impossible.

In addition, with increasing excitement, the man experiences pain. But even in this situation, not everything is lost: contact a plastic surgeon who will remove the scar and straighten the penis. When nerves are damaged during a fracture, the cause may end in impotence.

Do not delay the visit to the doctor. If a penile fracture is left untreated for several years, irreversible changes in the cavernous bodies can occur and then only prosthetics can return the ability to have sexual intercourse.

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