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Fashionable haircuts for boys - for all ages

A correctly selected hairstyle, in addition to stylish execution, allows your child to feel confident, affirm among peers, constantly know the world around him. And experiment with new images as you wish.

Children's short haircuts for boys are great for many everyday activities, because they are comfortable and simple. Each type of shortening curl has its own requirements for accuracy, advice, optimal styles of cutting. Want to know all this? Then we begin!

The benefits of short haircuts for boys

So, why do guys choose light spiky instead of long vegetation? The advantages are as follows:

  1. Convenience. Caring for such hair is easy, because no styling.
  2. Quick care. Washed, dried, combed after 10-15 minutes.
  3. Constantly monitoring the hair, regularly visiting the hairdresser, the hair retains beauty and strength without losing attractiveness.
  4. Shortened strands do not get tangled with strong windy gusts, getting into the mouth, eyes. They are comfortable wearing a cap or hat.
  5. The hair successfully selects the neck area, eyes, giving solidity to the small appearance. The face is always open. This disposes to the guy surrounding the same age.
  6. The pricklyness of the hairstyle subconsciously makes one pay attention, take a closer look at the features of the guise.
  7. Properly choosing a shortening of skeins, you can radically change the appearance.

Agree, weighty arguments? Next, we will focus on specific species.
Often children want an original, bold image, like movie heroes. It is important to understand the nature of the child. If he is modest, shy, surely the defiant design will not work. Let the son choose a quiet performance, and you consult with a hairdresser.

Fashionable short haircuts for a boy

What do fashion trends offer our children today? We carefully read, choosing the appropriate option.

Classical clipping gives the youth solidity, status, and relaxedness. These are very short haircuts for boys, suitable since 10 years for those who regularly train, playing sports. Simple, fastidious shortening, excluding folding, hair dryer and other procedures. He took a comb, walked, smoothed. After 2 minutes you are gorgeous.

Once a month, update the master, regardless of hairstyle. If your son is still a preschooler and is naughty before going to the hairdresser, explain to him that hair should be regularly looked after, trimming it.

How to choose a haircut for a boy

Before you start choosing a fashionable hairstyle for a boy, you should pay attention to age, appearance and type of hair.

  1. Hairstyle should be as comfortable as possible. Strands should not get into your eyes. The boy should be comfortable studying, playing sports and playing actively.
  2. The younger the child, the shorter and easier it is to choose a haircut.
  3. Iroquois and extended haircuts are best left to teens.
  4. Haircuts for children with shaved temples or as short hair as possible look good if the head has the right shape, there are no scars.
  5. Young children usually have a soft hair structure, so it is difficult to give an unusual shape to a haircut. But in adolescence, you can already afford any experiments.
  6. Consult with the child, let him say what hairstyles he likes.

Have questions about skin and hair care? Ask a question and we will answer. Ask a question

Names of short haircuts for boys

Half box - This classic boyish hairstyle that will never go out of fashion ever. It combines convenience, practicality and stylish appearance. This is a great haircut for any age, both for kids and for boys 7-9 years old and older.

It features short temples and a nape, which gradually extend to the crown. At the same time, the hair on the crown still remains quite short.

The half-box is suitable for absolutely any type of hair, including curly hair. Visually stretches the face, so suitable even for plump children.

Hedgehog - Another version of the children's haircut "for all times." The haircuts are characterized by slightly tousled strands sticking out on top of the head. But it is worth noting immediately that your “little hedgehog” will look a little different than an adult “hedgehog”. The thing is that the hair in children is very soft and does not stick out as much as in men. Therefore, you can advise doing this haircut for boys aged 10-12 years and older.

Hedgehog has a lot of advantages:

Undercut - a super-fashionable haircut for children, which young mods borrowed from their fathers. Especially cool look dad and son, trimmed equally. This brutal men's hairstyle looks very cool on children.

The undercut combines ultra-short whiskey and the back of the head with longer hair at the crown. Hair is laid back or sideways. This contrasting combination looks very stylish and bold.

This fashionable haircut is ideal for teens 13-15 years old and older. Younger boys may not be comfortable with it, since it requires styling.

Canadian - a classic hairstyle that has different variations. Its main difference is the magnificent crown and short-cut whiskey. The temporal area is shorter, but not shaved. The haircut is complemented by bangs.

Canada looks great on straight and curly hair. This hairstyle looks especially cute on young boys.

Medium length haircuts

If the boy does not like too short a length, offer him more genuine options. Pay attention to the following names of elongated boyish haircuts.

Hat - a haircut that best emphasizes children's charm makes the image softer and more romantic. And boys 1-3 years old with curly hair with such a haircut resemble angels. However, on straight hair, the hat looks no worse.

The scheme of the cap is simple - the forehead, temples, upper occipital and parietal zones are cut elongated. And the lower occipital area is gradually being reduced to nothing. The hairstyle is especially suitable for thin hair, as it visually adds volume. And the presence of a long bang allows you to mask a high, wide forehead.

Bean - This is a haircut with elongated strands on the sides and on the back of the head, with a bang and a magnificent crown. The length can vary from short bean to long. There are also asymmetric and creative options based on the bean.

Since the hair is quite long - small children with such a hairstyle will be uncomfortable. But teens often choose bean. Especially elongated when the hair can be tied in a fashionable bun.

Haircuts for shaved temples and patterns

Little dragon - A fashionable haircut for boys who want to express their personality. The whiskey shaves off briefly, and on the top of the head there is a small mohawk, which smoothly passes into the “dragon tail” on the back of the head. This hairstyle is often complemented by patterns shaved at the temples.

Haircuts with drawings - Also popular among boys of all ages. Usually, boys are asked to shave their superhero emblems, cobwebs, animal silhouettes, zippers, zigzags, stars at their temples. The result is real hairdressing masterpieces that go so well for boys.

Most importantly, when choosing a hairstyle, do not forget to consult with a young gentleman. Let him make the choice himself. Until next time, dear friends.


These are fashionable short haircuts for boys, which look great curls of medium volume from 2 to 5 centimeters long. It is performed with a short bang, which covers the third part of the forehead, and the remaining hair creates an exquisite image. Ideal for schoolchildren, especially teenagers with a round head shape.

To lay such vegetation is simple: wash the strands, dry, comb. You can even without a comb, smoothing your fingers. But if you want a magnificent mane, comb straight curls in front.

Short hedgehog

Such hairstyles for boys for short hair have design features:

  1. They are easy to care for, quickly dry and fit.
  2. The hedgehog is performed evenly by trimming the machine or with oblong curls on top.
  3. When the hair is combed to the crown, they can be styled anteriorly, backward, to the side.
  4. The posterior region of the head is shaved; the clipping is separated by thin lines from above. Great summer variation.
  5. Looks good on chubby, chubby babies.
  6. Suitable for hair of a rigid structure, since curls on top should be for a long time in an upright position. The elongation of the crown varies from 1 to 5 centimeters.

Raising vegetation, effective use of styling gel or mousse. Put the product on your hands, then rub it in the skeins, ruffling them up.

If your child is energetic and agile, attends the sports section, this option is ideal for him. Curls soon dry, remaining diligent, neat, without requiring constant styling.

Haircuts with shaved temples and a pattern

Performances, where the temporal region is emphasized, are popular both among young children and in school circles. Such a clipping originally highlights your child in the crowd, as there are many design options: traditional stripes, zipper, zigzag, double geometric pattern.

Haircuts for boys for short hair in this design are a masterpiece of hairdressing, because on the temporal areas shave emblems of superheroes, silhouettes of animals, any images you like. Appearance like a Canadian: a lush top with shortened temples and a nape. Asymmetric tendencies where one temporal part is cut also are fashionable.

Half box

A short stylish haircut, similar to boxing, only with curls longer and the presence of a possible bang. A universal option, where a shortened whiskey with a nape in harmony with oblong ringlets from the crown to the forehead. Looks good when laid, gives masculinity. Gel or mousse adds a touch of negligence, creative intentional mess.

A wonderful decision will be to perform a parting on the side. There is no need to stretch the waviness, it brings a certain charm. Hairstyle goes to guys with round, square guises. But if your boy has a thin, elongated face, it is better to abstain. Cutting by a special technique, a visual effect is created, as if an oval is elongated, aligned.

Sports Canada

The occipital and temporal areas are shortened, the forehead and curls are longer. Oblong bangs are combed back, minimal styling is necessary. Similar hairstyles for short hair for boys 12 years and older emphasize, demonstrate individuality. Prickiness is trimmed by a typewriter, and the top of the head is decorated with creative variations. This is not surprising, because a teenager wants to be unique even externally.

Execution is suitable for any appearance, except for an elongated oval face. A variety of styling variations contribute to the new search for a creative external image. Note that curly-haired guys will not be left without due attention, because the Canadian is especially attractive on a curly structure.

The Canadian in sportswear is the same, only with more shortened hair on the top. The areas of the nape of the temples are constantly adjusted with a typewriter. A great option for adolescents who intend to build a career in sports or physically loading themselves 2-3 times a week.


Often it is harmful to use a clipper, because the younger the child, the more sensitive his skin. The cover is still weakly responsive to instrument irritation. Up to 3 years it is completely forbidden to cut with a machine, but it is better to postpone it by the age of 12 years, shortening the skein with scissors, thereby maintaining a healthy curl structure.

Many parents find it convenient for boys to do hairstyles at home using a typewriter. A suitable solution for a child, because it is much more comfortable for him to be at home than expected at a hairdresser.

Performing the procedure, you will need: scissors with blunt endings, a machine and the right nozzle, a willing child. The desired nozzle is the one that fits the desired curl length. Cut from the back of the head, and lift the skein with a comb. Seamlessly go to the temples, and then to the temple. Push the machine close to your head. Doing this at an angle is prohibited.

Photo of children's short haircuts for a boy

We offer you to carefully look at the beautiful short haircuts of the next photo collection. They will help you choose an interesting option that suits you. First, discuss with the boy what he wants to wear, what he likes. Do not indulge in capricious behavior, but judiciously evaluate whether your child will feel comfortable with this hairstyle.

Watch the video: Stylish hair cut for boys children age 5-10 (February 2020).

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