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6 useful tips and techniques for sharpening your razor at home

Every self-respecting man strives to look fashionable and elegant. And shaving cassettes are not cheap. In addition, they dull quite quickly, especially when shaving in the morning and evening.

There is a simple way out of this problem, which allows you to save money on the purchase of new blades. He does not contain any secrets.

Read how to sharpen a razor in one of three available ways and choose the most suitable one for yourself.

Old grandfathers tool: trouser belt

For sharpening, the reverse side of the leather belt is used, which is hung with a buckle on some hook or nail.

With the left hand, the belt is pulled in a line, and with the right hand they take the razor and lead it to sharpen with blades in the direction opposite to shaving.

You can’t change the direction of movement: the cutting edges of the blades will become dull, cutting off the surface leather layer.

Our grandfathers sharpened the safety of a safety razor on a belt using available grinding powders or GOI paste. But in our case, this is not necessary.

We turn the foil into a roll and repeat the sharpening technology on the belt.

The shaving machine also needs to be driven in only one direction, the opposite direction for shaving.

The most extreme edges of the cartridge do not need to be sharpened: the sides are located there.

Denim razor sharpening

Homogeneous dense weave cotton fabric sharpen razor blades well.

I recommend using the wrong side, but the wrong side. This will not only preserve the decorative look of the fabric, but also better polish the metal with a smoother surface.

The jeans are turned inside out and wrap around any cylindrical object of small diameter. It is convenient to use round cases from cosmetics.

The rest of the razor sharpening technology is the same as in the previous methods.

I suggest that you learn in more detail about how the cutting edge of the blade is created when sharpening on various machines and sharpening devices. I invite you to read my articles on the home master's website on the features of bringing to perfect condition:

I hope that they will be useful to you. And if you have questions, you can safely ask them in the comments.

What is important to know about independent sharpening of a machine blade

Shaving with a blunt edge is not very comfortable, but it can lead to inflammation or irritation on the skin. Dull edges are easy to sharpen, it is important to correctly calculate your strength, take into account some of the nuances.

  1. You can grind only disposable machines, as well as removable shaving cartridges or cartridges. With conventional blades, the result will not justify itself, in addition, the high risk of accidental cuts in the process.
  2. It is better to throw away cheap disposable machines or shaving accessories of inadequate quality (damaged, rusted) immediately, without exposing yourself to the risk of accidental injury.
  3. Products of trusted manufacturers of good quality can be sharpened in specialized workshops. Such a procedure will cost less than a new purchase, the main thing is to choose a good master.

The advent of safety razors would seem to forever solve the problem of combating bristles. At the same time, disposable machines and cartridges quickly fail, so you have to constantly spend money on acquiring new accessories. You can solve this problem by sharpening yourself, the best methods are given below.

Razor sharpening methods

The best option would be to purchase a special grinding tool. Outwardly, it is a small plate coated with diamond fine chips.

How to sharpen:

  1. Apply a small amount of shaving gel to the plate.
  2. The machine lead in the direction of movement of the shave.
  3. Repeat movement 25-30 times.

High-quality sharpeners can be bought from the brand Razor Pit (Denmark), as well as its budget counterpart - Zattoch (Ukraine). Chinese fakes, despite the minimum price, do not justify their purpose at all.

We use denim

The original way, which will require a small piece of fabric, you can use the finished product - when sharpening it will not suffer. On a firm, level surface, lay the fabric turned on the wrong side. Movements are carried out in the opposite direction than when shaving (30-50 times). It is convenient to use this method on the road or in hiking conditions.

Special pyramid

The original way with a minimum of costs is the use of a cardboard pyramid. It must be made in size, place a pedestal inside with blades fixed on it. On the one hand, a small hole is cut out in the pyramid’s body, which is located on the south side. The design should be in this position for a week, while it is forbidden to move it, or touch it with your hands.

Grinding stone

This method requires some skills, so not everyone can do it the first time. A stone of homogeneous structure is used, without inclusions or large particles on the surface. It is first necessary to moisten it with water, and then perform 20-30 passes in the opposite direction to shaving movements.

How to sharpen a do-it-yourself shaving machine at home with your own hands

Usually disposable machines are not designed for long-term use, but throwing them out after the first shave is an inadmissible luxury. If the blade is carefully looked after to prevent damage, the product will last for more than a month without problems and will help out in an unforeseen situation.

Basic rules for care and sharpening of the razor:

  1. After shaving, the body must be thoroughly cleaned of hair and detergent residues. It is best to use warm (not hot) water.
  2. It is necessary to store the machine in an upright position, avoiding direct sunlight, high humidity. If the razor needs to be taken with you on the road, the machine should be absolutely clean and dry.

Sharpening a disposable machine is most conveniently done using denim or the back of the belt. In workshops, as a rule, such products are not sharpened, and sandpaper or stone can damage metal, which is usually not of the highest quality in such products.

Features of sharpening a dangerous razor

Shaving accessories with an open long blade are rarely used with a wide range of safety razors. Previously, such an object, in addition to direct use, often served as a weapon for self-defense. To successfully shave with this tool, it is important to choose the right product, study the rules for its use.

Tips for choosing and sharpening dangerous razors:

  1. Beginners should pay attention to products with a wide rounded blade. It’s easier to adjust the angle, more difficult to cut.
  2. The razor handle must be durable, fit comfortably in the hand, and not slip off when moving.
  3. The opening angle of a good razor is 270 degrees. Closing should be without jamming or warping.
  4. It is better to store in a special case, carefully washing and drying it after use.
  5. It is necessary to sharpen the blade before each use, using a grindstone or ceramic oselok. The movements should be smooth, the direction from yourself, then towards yourself. After a couple of passes, the blade is turned over by the other side, the procedure is repeated.
  6. After sharpening, it is necessary to correct the blade with a leather belt. This is necessary to remove possible chips and irregularities on the edge of the blade, which can be severely cut.
  7. Before dressing, apply a thin layer of polishing paste to the surface of the belt. Flatten the belt and tighten, repeat the movement, as when sharpening for each side of the blade.
  8. After shaving, the blade is well washed from the remnants of the product under hot water. The razor is thoroughly wiped with a towel and put into the case until next time.
  9. The undoubted advantage of a dangerous razor is the almost eternal life of a quality blade.

In our age of accessibility of goods and even their abundance, useful advice on sharpening a disposable razor is as relevant as before. “Working” tips on how to sharpen a razor with improvised means, as well as rules for caring for shaving accessories, will help to extend the life and keep the blade longer.


  1. Careful care of the razor will help to extend its life, and independent sharpening will save on further purchases.
  2. In hiking conditions, a denim or belt method is suitable. For home sharpening, it will be optimal to buy a special device, a stone or fine grit sandpaper.
  3. Dangerous razors are harder to use, as well as sharpening yourself. However, with proper care, such a blade is almost eternal, which will more than pay for all expenses. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with hair removal on the face of women in this material.

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Sharpener RazorPit and cheaper analogue Zattoch

Danish company RazorPit has developed a sharpener for sharpening blades. This method is proven and well established among users. The budgetary analogue of the Ukrainian company Zattoch is also presented on the market.

A leather oblong plate on a sticky tape, the surface of which is processed with diamond chips and is itself sharpened.

Using RazorPit (Zattoch), the blades are ground as follows:

  • A few drops of shaving gel are applied to the surface of the device.
  • Then the razor moves in the opposite direction.
  • 25-30 movements are recommended.

One procedure per month is enough to bring the machine into a reliable shaving tool. The video shows how to sharpen 3 different blades with a Zattoch sharpener.


You can grind a razor at home on jeans. Denim on the underside is dense and rough, copes with a blunt blade.

  • Jeans are turned inside out.
  • A solid piece of cardboard or wood should be placed under the jeans. A ruler, bar, sleeve from plastic bags will do.
  • The razor moves along the fabric in the opposite direction to classic shaving, while the jeans do not deteriorate.
  • Enough 30-50 times.

As the machine is used, the procedure is carried out regularly until the material is completely thin.

What you need to sharpen and edit a dangerous razor

A blade razor is sharpened at the factory and in the future only needs regular dressing - grinding from burrs and edge irregularities. But if the blade is damaged, it needs sharpening using a stone. This procedure involves removing part of the metal sheet.

The main requirements for a grindstone for apprehension:

  • homogeneous fine-grained surface - grit 4000/8000,
  • persistent shape retention,
  • lack of tight lumps,
  • minimal suspension.

To edit a razor blade requires a special belt - hanging or having wooden handles. Its width is chosen not less than the length of the blade. This will allow you to evenly process the entire surface of the tool. Editing is performed on a leather and / or fabric belt, without applying an abrasive composition to it.

Processing a tool on a belt with paste is already a refinement or sharpening, and it is recommended to perform it only when it is really necessary, when regular editing does not bring the necessary results. The paste can be applied independently, and some belts have a surface pasted at the factory.

Leather belt

You can also sharpen a razor at home with a leather belt. The procedure is similar to the denim method. The belt is selected durable from thick leather, turned inside out and 25-30 movements are made in the opposite direction. No less convenient and affordable way.

How to edit a dangerous razor on a belt

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Take the fear by the “shin” on one side and hold with 2-3 fingers on the opposite.
  2. Take a clean and smooth belt with clean leather surfaces (no paste) and a fabric with minimal grain. The spots on it must be pre-cleaned, and defects must be sanded. Thoroughly rub the belt with your palm before use - until you feel warm and smooth. Securely hold it and hold it in tension, preferably in a position parallel to the floor.
  3. Lay the blade flat on the belt and “comb” pull along it, gently touching, without strong pressure. Ensure contact across the entire surface, from the ridge to the cutting edge. Without effort and pressure! It only causes the blade to bend and prevents the belt from contacting the end of the edge.
  4. Having reached the extreme point, turn the razor over in a movement resembling the rolling of a pencil, slowly and carefully, completely controlling the tool. Turn it over the edge, and not through the tip, otherwise there is a risk of cutting the belt, bending the cutting edge and ruining the razor. Do not allow the tool to stop at the edges: before turning the blade, tear off the edge, and after turning the blade, touch the surface of the belt with it strictly during movement.
  5. If the tool is in order, 15–40 passes in both directions are sufficient. For every 50 skin postings, 15 tissue passes are required. Subsequent editing is meaningless, since the quality of the cut will remain at about the same level.
  6. If the achieved razor sharpness does not impress you, grind the device on the belt with paste - just spend 1-2 times on it. If the quality of the cut has not improved, after 6-8 passes along the belt with paste, it is futile to continue trying - in such cases, you need to sharpen the product on the stones.


Some sources claim that the Czech engineer K. Drobal invented the pyramid for sharpening the blade. It can be bought or made from improvised means. From a chipboard or cardboard, cut a square, and the edges are parallel to each other (the size is indicated in the pictures below). Fix them with tape or glue in the form of a pyramid. Further, according to the instructions:

  • set the pyramid on a solid, level surface,
  • the design is oriented with its sides to the cardinal points,
  • place the blade inside the pyramid on a cardboard pedestal at 1/3 of the height, from south to north (or vice versa),
  • keep the cassette in this condition for a week.

The surface of the blades should not touch anything!

How to sharpen a disposable razor

It really seems to many that it is not possible to sharpen a razor blade repeatedly, but this is not so. To do this, you need to purchase a grinding device. Instructions for sharpening at home below.

There are several razor sharpeners, but the principle of use is the same for everyone. The action takes place in three stages:

  • Apply a little shaving gel to the abrasive surface. This is done so as not to create unnecessary damage on the cutting edge,
  • Move the shaving machine along the surface in the opposite direction of use. You need to make about 30 movements,
  • Rinse the machine and sharpener with water. It is necessary to remove the smallest particles of metal and abrasive, so as not to spoil the characteristics, to avoid unnecessary skin irritation.

After these simple manipulations, you will get your razor in working condition.

Rules for storing belts

Clean and pasted belts should be stored separately. It is unacceptable to get on a clean belt of abrasive and mixing pastes of different grain sizes.During transportation and storage, it is important to protect such products from deformation - their twisting or folding inevitably leads to wrinkles and wrinkles, which are practically unrecoverable. Such devices should be stored in cases or in closed cabinets in order to minimize the likelihood of dusting. Storage of such products in damp rooms is not permissible.

We grind a one-time machine about your jeans

Very popular for sharpening razors and improvised means. If we are wondering how to sharpen our razor at home or how to sharpen razor blades in a cassette, then we answer - we sharpen it with jeans.

To do this, you need denim (or other hard), a hard surface and a few minutes of time.

  1. The fabric must be turned out with the wrong side. This side is more suitable for the upcoming procedure due to its rigidity and helps not to spoil the appearance of clothes if jeans or a jacket are used,
  2. We stretch the improvised abrasive onto a hard surface. The basis may be a ruler, book, pen or something like that. Position the material so that the threads run along the entire surface,
  3. To sharpen a disposable machine, we take it and lead against the direction of shaving across the threads. The necessary friction will remove microscopic nicks from the surface of the blade and remove a thin layer of metal. Repeat the movement will have about 100-150 times.

After that, the razor can be reused. The convenience of just such an option is that in almost any trip, car, etc. You can find fabric that will serve as an abrasive and help restore the tool to create the perfect look.

Preparation for grinding on stones

To understand how a dangerous razor should be sharpened, and which stone is better to use in a particular case, you need to analyze the geometric parameters of the device. To do this, place it on a flat surface, placing a pick and a supply on it. Consider the edge side and the edge. Check if there are gaps in this area between the device and the base on which it lies. If the fit is loose, you will have to use a large abrasive.

Inspect the device from 2 sides. Additionally, check the edge for “correct smile”. If there is a problem with it, before sharpening the cutting edge, you need to correct the reverse smile, using a rough abrasive located on the plane, by swinging movements.

Other methods, alternative sharpening methods

A bit about other sharpening and maintaining techniques for blades, knives, etc. It must be said right away that these options have no scientific explanation, but judging by the reviews of people using them, the service life of shaving accessories and cutting items is significantly increased.

Attention, further reading is contraindicated for realists: anti-scientific knowledge 🙂

One of the most common such solutions is storing razors in a pyramid. So, in order:

What do we know about the pyramid? This is a figure made with precise geometric proportions, having a square base and four sides converging with each other at the top. At home, you can build a figure of any size, but it will be correct if you make the base 1.6 times more than the height, this is called the golden ratio. Scientists studying energy believe that energy flows that affect objects are constantly circulating inside this figure. An immutable law is the location of each of the walls on the cardinal points. It is believed that the machine, knife and any item should be laid so that it points to the north.

The base of the pyramid must be made a little longer than the machine so that it fits freely in it. If you follow all the instructions, then the object is recommended to be made without the use of any metal products (nails, staples, etc.). wood, paper and other carbon-containing materials will be the best material.

Two options are common:

  • a pyramid is made with a hole in the southern face
  • or so that it is removed from the base and put back.

After that, you just have to periodically leave the shaving device there for 24 hours to maintain or restore the sharpness of the blades.

If you have an electric razor, then it is better to contact a professional with the question of how to sharpen a razor, because for this the device, the design of the knives, etc.

In conclusion of all the information described, we can conclude that it is possible to sharpen a razor, and more than once. This will help not only save personal money on the purchase of interchangeable cartridges and blades, but also help out in a situation where we cannot purchase a new device or there is no time to go to the store, but we need to look appropriate for the occasion. This knowledge will be useful for both men and women who need to bring themselves in proper form.

How to grind a razor at home

When starting to sharpen a blade razor on stones, remember that the blade of this device is very sensitive, and with incorrect movements, various defects can occur on it. To master the skills of sharpening apprehension on stones, it takes time, patience and strict adherence to technology. It is necessary to sharpen such a tool on a bar in extreme cases - if the blade is seriously damaged, and editing on the belt does not bring the desired results.

To return the razor to an acute condition, you need:

  1. Wet the bar with water.
  2. Holding the razor with your index finger and thumb, simultaneously press its comb and edge of the blade. Preliminary, it is advisable to seal the comb with electrical tape to protect it from scratches. The pressure should be negligible. It is important to ensure constant contact of the plane of the device with the surface of the bar.
  3. Run the tool along the stone with the same pressure intensity - for uniform sharpening. It is important to keep the blade in contact with the bar and hold the corner.
  4. At the extreme point, turn the device over the comb, press it on the other side and similarly hold it in the opposite direction.
  5. Repeat the procedure until the desired effect is obtained.

Sharpening on stones is an effective, but complex and expensive technology. To completely sharpen a dull razor, you need to use not one universal bar, but several stones. It is best to carry out this procedure in the workshop.

How to care for a razor

In order for the apprehension to serve you faithfully for a long time, it must be carefully used and stored carefully. The main requirement is a minimum of contact with water and a humid environment to avoid corrosion or oxidation of the metal. Before the first use, it is enough to wash the new caution with soapy water, and wipe the used tool with an additional soft cloth dipped in alcohol. Do not use acid and boiling water to disinfect, and do not expose the instrument to sudden temperature shocks. Use a razor blade for its intended purpose, be careful and accurate.

It is important to protect such devices from falls, damage, and even touching the cutting edge to hard objects. They must be stored in dry, well-ventilated areas, out of the reach of children. Before long-term storage, the instrument needs to be treated with paraffin or other light oil. After each use, the razor blade should be thoroughly washed with hot water and completely dried with a towel or napkin (of course, from the safe side).

Remember that the effectiveness, ease of use and life of a hazard razor are directly dependent on how you care for it. Provide your tools with proper storage and care, and shave with pleasure!

And it’s profitable and convenient to purchase high-quality fearsomes, dressing belts and other useful shaving accessories in the BeardBoard online store.


The classic dangerous razor ("apprehension") allows a man to effectively deal with overgrown stubble on his face. High-quality shaving is possible only with a sharp blade. Sharpening a dangerous razor should be done at least once every 2-3 months. The procedure is do-it-yourself at home. Its correct execution is the key to obtaining a good result.

Many men are interested in the question of how to sharpen a dangerous razor at home. Sharpening is the machining of the cutting edge of the tool.

Sharpen the blade of the old "apprehension" should be phased:

  1. Coarse sharpening. The procedure is performed to restore or correct the geometry of the leads that form the cutting edge of the blade plate (sting). At this stage, the problem of chips is solved, edge bends to the side are corrected.
  2. Finishing up the tip and the blade plate itself. Manipulation is similar to honing in metal processing. At the second stage, the exact size of the tip and the cleanliness of the surface of the blade are achieved. By debugging, the risks are removed after the abrasive was applied at the initial stage.
  3. Formation of a superthin cutting edge by means of its editing.

How to sharpen a dull, dangerous razor in the home:

  • sharpening - manipulation associated with the risk of injury. Follow safety instructions!
  • ensure tight belts for dressing - this will avoid bending the cutting edge,
  • be sure to determine the correct sharpening angle,
  • Avoid pressing hard on the blade. Otherwise, there is a risk of damage to it. The blade must always be in close contact with the surface of the sharpener.,
  • When moving in both directions, try to keep the pressure on the blade the same. Otherwise, the tool will not be sharpened evenly,
  • glue the comb in advance with tape so as not to scratch it,
  • it is possible to sharpen the “apprehension” to the maximum sharpness, bringing the indicator of the thickness of the cutting edge to a minimum. However, the tip will become fragile.

The optimal indicator of sharpness for a razor is its ability to easily, without effort, cut hair “on weight”.

Necessary tools

Maintain the working condition of the razor tool will allow the use of:

  • stones
  • grinding belt
  • sandpaper.

Blade "apprehension" is honed in the factory. With its further use, only regular editing will be required. We are talking about grinding, which eliminates burrs, align the edge. If the blade is damaged, they resort to sharpening, involving the use of stone and partial removal of the blade.

Stones for sharpening a dangerous razor should:

  • characterized by homogeneous fine-grained (indicator - 4000/8000),
  • keep fit
  • not have agglomerates (we are talking about dense lumps),
  • do not give a plentiful suspension.

To get an excellent result, professionals recommend using:

  • Naniwa Super Stone whetstone
  • Grindstone Ganzo SPEP600 from the company Hansa.

It is also recommended the use of the Iron Grip sharpener (tool grinding machine) or the tool sharpener Profile K03 of the domestic manufacturer - the Profil technology studio.

Blade “apprehension” is corrected by means of a belt. The indicator of its width should be greater than the length of the blade to ensure uniform processing of the entire surface of the tool.

Editing is done on a leather belt (or made of fabric). The application of abrasive paste is not required. It is used for fine-tuning, when editing is impossible to achieve a good result.

Sandpaper, a budgetary tool, can be used for sharpening, but not desirable. Shaving after using it will be tough.

Professionals advise using a large “sandpaper” (P320) for initial processing if there is a need for serious sharpening.

Why grind the blades yourself

The question of the appropriateness of procedures for sharpening razor blades is relevant, and there are several answers to it. Firstly, it allows you to extend the life of the machine. That is, instead of throwing a razor, you can update it and use the same amount of time.

Secondly, it saves money. After all, the purchase of removable cassettes regularly requires significant financial investments. And their sharpening and updating will help to postpone the trip to the store for at least a few months.

Thirdly, it’s not always possible to buy replaceable cartridges, and it is safe and just necessary to shave urgently. In order not to postpone the shaving procedure until you purchase a new blade, you can sharpen it and enjoy the result.

Sharpening a razor is a useful and convenient skill that saves money. Having tried once to use any of the methods of sharpening the blade, each user will be able to learn and perform the procedure quickly and efficiently.

Using a special sharpener

Demand always gives rise to supply, therefore, not so long ago, special devices for sharpening blades at home appeared on the market. The device is a pen equipped with a small strip of plastic, on the surface of which a special abrasive is applied. It allows you to grind disposable and reusable razors in the same efficiency, extending their service life by several times.

A striking representative of such devices is the Danish company’s RazorPit device, although it also has a cheaper Ukrainian-made Zattoch analogue. The devices are easy to use and give a good result. The sequence of actions includes the following steps:

  1. On the surface of the device you need to apply a little cosmetic - gel or foam.
  2. Hold the razor with the cutting part along the abrasive in the opposite direction to how the razor moves during shaving.
  3. Depending on the length of time the machine is used, 25-30 movements are enough to make the blades sharp again.

The procedure is simple and effective, but you need to understand that the device for sharpening a razor also costs money. Perhaps updating the replacement cartridges on the machine will cost less.

Sharpening the blade with denim

Instead of a device for sharpening blades, you can use denim material or any ribbed fabric. The effect of this procedure is practically no different from the use of special devices, but it is cheaper and simpler. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Jeans need to be turned inside out.
  2. Under a small piece of fabric you need to put some dense thing - a cardboard cylinder, a wooden block or a ruler.
  3. Jeans are usually sewn from diagonal fabric, so a dense lining must be laid evenly. If the jeans are sewn evenly, then the base must be fixed diagonally.
  4. The razor is held across the fabric in the opposite direction to conventional shaving. This sharpens the blades and keeps the fabric whole.

You can repeat the procedures for sharpening blades several times until the steel becomes so thin that it can no longer be restored. But before this happens, you can use the machine much longer without spending any special funds.

If you need to sharpen the razor blades, it is better to consult a specialist. Its peculiarity is that for any action the razor will have to be partially disassembled, which means that then it will be necessary to collect it. For a beginner, this is not always a simple and easy procedure. But sharpening the blades of a conventional machine is a very real process that is worth trying at least once.

Razor sharpening at home: what is important to know

Many men believe that sharpening blades for a machine tool is an unlikely or completely useless activity. Especially considering the fact that the stores are selling a huge assortment of new blades and cassettes. In fact, high-quality razors cost a lot of money, like blades for such models. Therefore, experts recommend saving money and sharpening blades, unless, of course, you use a cheap disposable razor.

You can grind such methods only a few types of razors:

  • disposable machine,
  • reusable razors with cassettes,
  • T shaped machines.

If, in addition to proper use and care, sharpening the blades, a man can ensure a high-quality wet shave and save money on the purchase of a machine or blades. Otherwise, the blades will not only badly cut the hairs and pull them out, but also scrape off the upper layer of the skin. An important condition for sharpening is to follow the instructions for all the steps, otherwise you can further blunt the cutting surface.

Step-by-step guide

To date, the most relevant request from men in forums and communities is as follows - how to grind razor blades Vest. This manufacturer offers high-quality machines with interchangeable cartridges, which can easily extend the shelf life yourself, without the help of a specialist. Most often, two devices for such an action are practiced - this is a pyramid sharpener for razor blades or an ordinary denim.

A pyramid can be made independently from a material that is unable to magnetize, for example, plexiglass or cardboard. With glue or adhesive tape it is fixed, metal fasteners are not allowed. Then sharpening is carried out as follows:

  • mark the pyramid on a hard, straight surface,
  • then the pyramid is oriented to the cardinal points,
  • razor blades should be placed along the pyramid in the north-south direction,
  • the blades should lie in this state under the pyramid for 6-8 hours.

In the same way, you can sharpen blades for cassette razors, such as Gillette and other brands.

Many men have been successfully practicing the technique for many years, noting its ease of use and high efficiency. Using a special device from RazorPit or Zattoch, the cassette blades or removable blades are sharpened as follows:

  • a little shaving gel is applied to the surface of the device,
  • further along the abrasive surface, but in the opposite direction, as during shaving, machine movements are performed,
  • make 25-30 such movements at a time,
  • at the end, the machine and the working tool will need to be washed with water.

Only 5-10 minutes of such manipulations will be enough to reanimate the blades of the machine and give the razor a second life. This will not only save financial resources, but also provide the man with a high-quality and effective shave of stubble and mustache without irritation and other consequences.

Stone sharpening

Sharpening of shaving blades with a stone can not be obtained at all the first time, it also depends on the material. For the procedure, synthetic stones without lumps with a uniform surface are used.

The procedure goes like this:

  • The stone is wetted by water.
  • The razor carefully moves along the stone in the opposite direction.
  • Enough 25-30 movements.
  • When sharpening a dangerous razor - the blade gently adheres to the thumb and forefinger. First, sharpen should be on one side, then flipped over and whetted on the other side.

Handy tools to help

If a man does not fit such a device as a sharpener for razors, you can use the means at hand, for example, denim. This is one of the first methods that was invented by men many years ago. It is enough just to turn the fabric inside out, and then hold the machine with the blades inside against the line of direction of the fabric threads 30-40 times, but without pressure.

Another improvised method is a leather belt, and the sharpening of the blades occurs according to the same scenario as with denim. It is necessary to choose a belt that does not have frayed areas and creases, otherwise the surface of the blades will be damaged. You need to move the blades along the belt from its wrong side. This will preserve the integrity of the painted side of the belt and at the same time improve the functionality of the machine.

Is it important to use special devices?

In fact, any matched sharpener for razors should be approved by experts, such as a leather belt, pyramid or denim. Other unfamiliar methods and unverified improvised tools can easily damage the integrity of the blades, since this is a metal plate with a thickness of 0.5 mm or less. Despite the fact that a lot of razor sharpeners are sold on the Internet, only a few really cope with this.

If we are talking about an expensive machine and blades, it is better to purchase such sharpening options as a device from the RazorPit brand or its Ukrainian counterpart from the Zattoch brand. In such a device, you can sharpen both blades and safety razor cassettes without fear for their integrity and functionality. If a man prefers a cheap option of sharpening jeans, you need to correctly observe the direction of the blades perpendicular to the direction of the threads in the fabric.

Features of sharpening Gillette

You can grind a Gillette razor at home with a pyramid or denim. Mac 3 machines have advantages over others, since the company has been producing razors for a long time and knows well the needs of consumers.

To properly sharpen the Vest razor blade with denim, see the description above or the video.


Shaving accessories all have their own service life, which depends on the materials produced by the machine itself and the quality of the blades in it. Disposable machines are used no more than 1-3 times, but T-shaped razors and reusable machines will last longer if the cutting parts are changed on time. And in order not to spend money on the purchase of new "feathers", you can timely sharpen them. To do this, you may need a special device, as well as a pyramid from improvised means, a leather strap or denim.

Safety precautions

  • protect your eyes from fragments of the grindstone with construction glasses,
  • put on gloves of dense fabric on your hands to prevent getting injured by rough handling of the grindstone and their infection by metal particles that accumulate on the blade,
  • sharpen slowly, concentrating on the process to avoid cuts.

Watch the video: How To Get Your Knife Razor Sharp. Knife Sharpening In 6 Steps (February 2020).

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