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How to properly tuck a shirt into pants: 2 proven options

Now men's shirts have become very fashionable. They are not only worn by teenagers or young people. Even adult men can have such an image if they select all the elements of clothing correctly. To look stylish, you need to be able to choose a shirt for the whole image.

Today we’ll talk about what shirts can be worn out of the box. What clothes they are combined with and how to wear them correctly. We will also look at some tips for choosing this outfit and find out which guys are better off not having that style.

Which shirts you need to refuel and which can be worn for graduation

Is it possible to leave the hem of a shirt for graduation? This question in the middle of the last century could not occur to the layman. The shirt was considered underwear, and it was necessary to fill it. But fashion has changed a lot over the past 60 years.

In order to decide whether to hide the hem in trousers or not, it is first better to figure out which shirts permissible to wear on graduation.

Actually, shirts can be of two types: classic and sports.

Signs classic style:

  • hard collar
  • lack of pattern or discreet pattern,
  • thin soft fabric
  • lack of pockets or one pocket,
  • lack of decorative elements.

At sports shirts:

  • thick fabric
  • bright and catchy colors, patterns,
  • decorative elements: several pockets, epaulettes, fasteners.

Sports shirts most often wear out. To refuel it or not is a matter of personal preference.

Classic cut Shirts may differ in the shape of the hem. Modern clothing manufacturers shift three options:

  1. the length of the bottom edge of the shirt is the same both front and back,
  2. the length of the bottom edge of the shirt is the same, but there are cutouts on the sides,
  3. there are cutouts on the sides of the hem, the rear lower edge is longer than the front.

If in the wardrobe you find a shirt of the third type, then it cannot be worn on graduation. The remaining two styles can not be refueled.

This is what a properly tucked shirt looks like.

What men's shirts are worn out?

Before you understand what shirts you can wear worn out, you need to remember the basic rules for choosing this clothing, given its configuration.

  1. Large men of high and middle age can have shirts off the bat. However, they should not fit your back.
  2. Full men need to wear loose models, but it is important to choose the right one, since too loose clothes will make the stronger sex even larger.
  3. This style does not suit low or short-legged guys, since such an image visually shortens the man.

Of course, to choose the right model, you need to measure different options. It is important to remember that any shirt other than the classic and smart casual style fits this look.

Which shirts are worn out?

There are 2 main types of men's shirts: classic (shirts) and casual models (sometimes they are also called sports). Products of the first type are worn with business suits, ties. Moreover, they are always tucked into trousers. Products of the second type are considered informal. They are worn and tucked in, and worn out. Such shirts can be combined with jeans, shorts, chinos, any shoes.

In order not to get into a stupid situation, putting on a sports shirt for a business meeting, or choosing an official shirt for a relaxed everyday outfit, it is important to understand what the difference between these products is.

So, classic models have several characteristic differences.

  • Relatively thin, but high-quality fabric. It could be a pinpoint, twill or something like that.
  • Tight collar. This feature allows products to look good in combination with ties.
  • Discreet colors. Usually these are solid models. Shirts with prints also exist, but the drawings in this case are concise and non-inviting (a thin strip, a dull small cell and the like).
  • Semi-fit cut. Since such products are worn under jackets, the extra volume is useless.
  • Lack of pockets. In extreme cases, a classic shirt can have 1 pocket. At the same time, putting anything into it is not recommended.

Now consider the signs of sports models that are worn out.

  • Materials are different. This is thin linen, and cotton, and dense fabrics (flannel, denim and others).
  • A wide range of colors. Such shirts can be bright and even bold. A large cage, various inscriptions, floral and other spectacular prints, a combination of contrasting and rich colors - these are all signs of a free style.
  • Decor More pockets, decorative fasteners, colored inserts and other elements also give an informal purpose to the product.
  • Different cut options. A sports shirt can be either tight-fitting or loose, there are oversize models, asymmetric cut options, products with a straight and rounded bottom. The sleeve may be long or short. The collar may be traditional or non-existent.

Tuck shirt or not

Not everyone knows how to properly tuck her into trousers, folds form, the fabric puffs and a person feels insecure. Some models are sewn in such a way that they are worn solely for wear. And classic styles have a slightly elongated style, so that they can be seasoned. Let us consider in more detail how to determine the correct way to wear shirts.

Note. The problem of the ugly seasoned top was solved by inventing special suspenders. They are attached to the hips and fastened to the hem of the shirt. These braces are invisible, comfortable and very popular.

How should she sit?

Although you can’t tuck your shirt in your pants, you need to know how to wear a shirt when a man starts. This is very important, because if it is too long, it will only spoil the look.

The best option is for the shirt to cover the top of the back pocket on jeans.

Not only the length of the shirt on the issue for men matters, you need to take into account the length of the sleeves, the type of collar and the type of cut, it can be wide and fitted. Sleeves should cover your wrists. For such an image, the collar should not fit snugly to the neck, but be free.

As for the type of cut, each man chooses the option that he likes. The main thing is that he buy a shirt of his size and that it does not expose all the flaws of the figure.

Refueling Evaluation Criteria

The first and most important rule: it is better to wear sports shirts out of fashion, and a strict one to refuel. To distinguish between these two types, use the prompts:

  • classic shirts do not have a pattern (or it is neutral),
  • strict shirts have no decorative finishes,
  • sports models are bright or with a colorful print and they are decorated with additional elements (pockets, fasteners, stripes).

The next rule is the difference in hem. If your shirt is even, do not refuel it. In the case when the back is longer than the front and the shirt has cutouts, it must be tucked into pants.

Pay attention to the fabric of the thing. If it is rough, then it is better to wear it out of the way, because the fabric will not allow you to conveniently refuel and will create discomfort. If the fabric is light and thin, feel free to refuel it.

Important. In order for things to sit well on you, they must, firstly, be selected in size and, secondly, ironed well.

If you tucked in your shirt, but are uncertain whether it looks good, here are some tips for you:

  • the buttons of the shirt and pants should be on one straight line,
  • many folds are a sign of sloppiness,
  • be sure to put on the belt and tighten it well,
  • folds on the belt should be absent.

If you do not see any of the above errors on yourself, then you can safely go out.

Attention. To properly tuck a shirt, first put it on and fasten it, only then put on your pants and tighten the belt. Men use another convenient way. Before fastening the pants, make folds of the shirt on the sides and tuck them in. After that, you can put on the belt.


It is important to remember that shirts outright look good only on men of medium and high stature. Small representatives of the stronger sex are better to tuck such products in trousers. When choosing a cut model, you should also focus on the features of the figure. If you have an athletic physique, you can choose a semi-fit style. If you are a thin or full man, it is better to give preference to a more free model.

Classic method

The shirt is on, buttoned. Trousers are not fastened and slightly lowered on hips.

Movement 1. Pull the shirt in front of the lower hem of the hem so that the torso at the back is tightly fitted

Movement 2. Intercept the edges with one hand and pull the trousers with the other.

Movement 3. To fasten a belt not too tightly that the thumb passed. After that, the back of the shirt looks absolutely flat, and the front with pleats.

Movement 4. At the end, put your thumbs under the belt and - with movements from the center of the abdomen, straighten the folds to the sides.

What clothes to combine with?

You can wear a released shirt under jeans and a sweater. Everyone chooses under what clothes he should wear this element of clothing for graduation. Some people like to have this look with classic costumes or pants.

This style of clothing is not combined with jeans and a tie. With trousers and jeans, you need to wear shirts of any, not a classic style. You can roll up the sleeves of the shirt so that the whole image is of the same style. To do this, it is necessary to wrap the sleeves several times across the width of the cuff.

What shirts you can not refuel

In addition to sports and shirts with even skirts, there are several more styles that are not customary to dress:

  • short model (in case the size is correct),
  • linen shirts,
  • summer options (Hawaiian),
  • with rolled up sleeves.

Mods have learned to experiment with refueling options, and now you can often see that only the front of the shirt or one half is refueled. Try it, it looks stylish.

Soldier method

The shirt is on, buttoned. Trousers are not fastened and slightly lowered on hips.

Movement 1. Wear trousers or jeans, carefully straightening the shirt.

Movement 2. On the side seams of the shirt, fold the thumb and forefinger. The pants are not fastened. It will be easier if you first bend one side, press it with a belt, and then the second side. The fold will be neat if you stretch it to the hem of the shirt.

Movement 3. Fasten the pants.

If you are a fan of casual style, you can diversify ways to fill up your shirt. You can hide the hem only in the front, and leave behind the hood, then the emphasis will be on the belt buckle. But if this detail is inconspicuous, then this technique will be unjustified.

In any case, whether you wear a tucked-in shirt or a graduation shirt, it is imperative that it is perfectly clean and ironed. About how to iron a shirt here.

A beautifully dressed shirt is an integral part of a man’s business style.

Another acceptable option is a completely tucked hem in the back and one of the shelves tucked in front. This will add some negligence to the image, but it should be borne in mind that you can afford such a look to people without flaws and a perfectly fitting shirt.

Shirt tucked only in front

Photos of stylish images

It can be difficult to independently choose the right image, especially if it concerns a shirt for graduation. To do this, you need to see photos of ready-made images in advance and choose the one that suits you. Looking through the photo, pay attention to the combination of colors and patterns - this is of great importance.

The size

The product should fit your size clearly. If the purchase is made on the Internet, be sure to look at the size chart, which indicates the main parameters that correspond to each letter or number designation. If you buy clothes in a regular store, try on the chosen model. Move in it, raise your hands, appreciate the convenience. Full freedom of movement should be maintained.

And also evaluate your appearance in the mirror. The sleeve (if it is long) should cover the wrist. The collar of the product should not press and cause discomfort when turning the head. Ideally, if one finger is placed between the neck and the fabric with fully buttoned buttons. Pay attention to the position of the shoulder seam. It should be located strictly above the armpit. The armhole should also be in the proper place for it.

Regarding the length of the product, an empty shirt should cover half of the back pocket of jeans. A shorter or longer option will not look very good.

Opinions of stylists and etiquette

Designers conditionally divide all shirts into those that are refueling, those that are worn over and those that can be worn as you like. The most important thing is that the outfit should sit nicely on you and fit the situation. Some stylists believe that jeans should not be tucked up, and this should be done with a suit.

As for etiquette, if you are going to a serious event or a business meeting, always choose the option with a tucked shirt. Otherwise, you will look just ridiculous.

How to wear other outerwear with pants

In addition to shirts in the men's wardrobe, there are several more outerwear that can be worn with pants. To refuel or not to refuel them?

  • T-shirt. You can wear both seasoned and worn out. They tuck it in if the buckle on the trousers is original and there is absolutely no need to hide it. T-shirts that fit tightly against the torso look good (slim). But the main guideline will be the style of t-shirts - some are completely inappropriate to refuel.
  • Polo - a shirt with short sleeves and a stand-up collar. Three to four button polo closure. This shirt can be worn both tucked and worn out.
  • Linen shirt wear out. But if it is a fitted shirt, narrow (slim) or very narrow (extra slim), then it can be refilled.
  • Hawaiian shirtdecorated with a bright print, always worn out.
  • T-shirt, which is put on under the shirt, must be tucked in. If the shirt is worn as an independent item of outerwear, then you can not fill it in your pants.

Fashion does not require hard obedience from people, as before. Self-expression and freedom are the main trends. Do not be afraid to experiment and create new images from familiar things.

How to choose the right clothes?

Clothing is able to hide all the flaws and emphasize the dignity of a man. If it is wrong to choose it, then the man not only flaunt his defects, but also demonstrates his tastelessness. To prevent this from happening, you need to think through your entire image in advance and make sure that it matches one style. Do not forget to pay attention to the length of the shirt and its size.

Right combination

The most common option is a worn shirt worn with jeans. Also, chinos of any shade can act as the bottom of the outfit. Shoes may be different. In such cases, sneakers, sneakers, slip-on shoes, any shoes or boots are appropriate, except for classic options.

You can also put on a shirt with pants that have arrows. However, such an image cannot be called office. To emphasize the informality of outfit, you can roll up sleeves at the shirt, and choose sneakers or sports shoes as shoes.

Same goes for tie. If desired, you can wear it with a sports shirt. However, in this case, wearing a worn out model is better to combine with jeans. Again, such an image is only suitable for informal occasions.

As for jackets, usually shirts worn under them are worn tucked into trousers. Although another option is possible. This does not mean a jacket from a strict suit. It can be a casual jacket in combination with jeans or chinos, open or casually fastened with one button.

In summer, you can make beach and city images with shorts. If you use bright shades, you get a shocking outfit. If you give preference to calm shades, your appearance will be quite intelligent, but light and laid-back.

Shirts are often used in multilayer bows. For example, they can be combined with sweaters. Another option is combination with a t-shirt. In this case, both layers can be worn over. A variant is also possible in which a t-shirt is tucked into pants. The top layer can be fastened or worn unbuttoned. More often in such images flannel checked shirts and denim products are used, although the choice is not limited to this. Selecting a set of two products, color balance should be observed (it is better if the print is only on one of them).

It is also important to consider the thickness of the layers (the top should be no thinner than the bottom).

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