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Household trimmers

Men who prefer a professional approach to their appearance will surely like the Moser 1040 high-precision beard trimmer.

This model is elegant, easy to manage, and the result of working with it is comparable to a visit to a good hairdresser.

Precision sharpening knives gently cut off the most naughty hairs, allowing you to form a neat beard (goatee, balbo, Hollywood) or deliberately careless stubble.

Description of the Moser 1040

Moser specializes in producing products for hairdressing salons. It produces hair dryers, curling irons, hair straighteners, hair clippers and various nozzles for them.

In the assortment there are even trimmers for cutting animals. All devices are distinguished by true German quality and functionality. The design is simple and ergonomic, the details are perfectly fitted to each other, which guarantees efficiency and durability.

The company uses innovative materials: ultra-strong plastic, hardened steel, titanium coating. Moser products are readily purchased by hairdressers and beauty salons around the world and they are not inferior to other manufacturers of trimmers.

Moser 1040 Beard Trimmer - advanced model of the latest generation. The device looks extremely concise - a narrow rectangle without unnecessary details, everything is extremely functional and convenient.

The flat handle does not slip out of the palm of your hand, allowing you to easily process hairs in all directions. The haircut mode controller is located in the center of the device, you can move it with one finger movement, while the lever is well fixed. The machine is equipped with a powerful rotary motor rated at 600 rpm.

The trimmer owner will not have to adapt, choosing the optimal position of the instrument head, manufacturers make sure that the cutting process is as fast and accurate as possible. The minimum length is 0.1 mm, such a haircut is carried out with a knife without additional lining.

The universal nozzle with a comb is designed for 7 cutting modes and is able to trim hairs from 2 to 21 mm long. The teeth of the comb gently lift the most naughty hairs, allowing you to create the perfect beard shape, trim the mustache, sideburns, hair on the back of the head.

The trimmer is ideal for men with sensitive skin. He cuts hairs at a time without irritating his face. No cuts - the rounded edges of the blades guarantee complete safety even for not too experienced users.

A feature of the model is a fairly long battery charge. However, busy men who are in a state of eternal morning time trouble have an alternative - the machine works without problems from the network. In addition, a single charge lasts for 80 minutes (from 6 to 8 full haircuts).

The trimmer requires very careful care. After each use, the head of the device must be cleaned with the attached brush, the removable nozzle can be washed under running water.

At the same time, it is not recommended to wet the trimmer body. He does not like falls on the tiled under. After 2-3 shaving, the knives are greased with oil, and after 1.5-2 years they will require sharpening.

It is possible to carry out a complete preventive maintenance of the device and sharpen knives both in the branded service departments of the brand and other good workshops.

For comparison, you can familiarize yourself with other models of trimmers: philips qt4015, moser 1040, braun bt 5010.


  • Type of appliance: professional beard and mustache trimmer.
  • Weight: 170 g.
  • Motor: rotary type.
  • Nutrition: combined (offline or offline).
  • Battery charging time: 2 hours.
  • Operating time without recharging: 80 minutes.
  • Number of nozzles: 1.
  • Number of haircut modes: 7.
  • Knife Width: 30mm.
  • Knife Material: Steel.
  • Additional functions: manual mode switching, removable comb nozzle.
  • Options: additional nozzle, brush for cleaning, lubricating oil, charger, manual, cardboard box.
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 year.

Where could I buy?

Since Moser products are created for salons, they can not always be found in ordinary retail chains that offer electronics and household appliances. Easiest purchase a trimmer in specialized stores for hairdressers and in their virtual versions.

To make a better purchase, look for discounts, sales and other interesting promotions. Before purchasing, familiarize yourself with the base prices, this will help you navigate and make the right choice.

  • Moscow and Moscow region: (mosershop.ru): 5410 rubles.
  • St. Petersburg (prai-spb.ru): 7885 rubles.
  • Ekaterinburg (Technosila): 4590 rubles.
  • Novosibirsk (moserprof.ru): 5550 rubles.
  • Krasnoyarsk (123.ru): 5260 rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages

The quality of the device is highly appreciated by both professional hairdressers and ordinary consumers. TO undoubted advantages of the model they include:

  • light weight and compact sizes,
  • convenience of work
  • optimal number of cutting modes,
  • the ability to work both from the battery and from the network,
  • a single charge of the battery lasts for a month of work,
  • does not irritate the skin, does not pull out and does not tear hairs,
  • very comfortable knife shape.

Despite the obvious advantages, consumers indicate and on model flaws:

  • lack of a narrow nozzleallowing you to trim curly beards of complex shape and handle hard-to-reach spots,
  • requires careful maintenance and frequent lubrication,
  • after 1.5-2 years of operation, the blades will require sharpening,
  • doesn't work very well with a thick beard,
  • there is no three-day bristle regime, the hairs are too short or too long,
  • the device may be damaged due to contact with water, Do not wash under running water,
  • no charge indicator light,
  • a full charge of the battery requires more than 2 hours declared by the manufacturer.

Moser1040 beard trimmer is a high-quality device that allows you to make haircuts, hairstyles with a professional beard. The model needs careful care, thorough lubrication and timely sharpening of blades. Subject to all the rules, it will serve for many years, and the quality of the haircut will always be optimal. Read more on how to shave a beard with a trimmer here.

Benefits of Moser Household Trimmers

  • German quality and durability: all Moser products comply with ISO 9001: 2008 standards, in addition, the company uses its very strict quality control system,
  • Compatibility with any accessories and components of a professional line,
  • The company gives a guarantee for 12 months from the date of sale.

Why Moser household trimmers should be bought from us

  • Our catalog contains only original products of the Moser brand, as well as its parent manufacturer - Wahl,
  • The competitiveness of our prices is ensured by direct deliveries from the manufacturer,
  • We offer a diverse range of parts that are compatible for household trimmers,
  • For any Moser household trimmers, you can buy components and accessories.

The prices of Moser household trimmers depend on their functions, as well as the material of manufacture.

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A professional beard and mustache trimmer with combined power supply A professional beard and mustache trimmer with combined power supply and battery A professional knife block made of alloy steel with a mechanism for adjusting the cut length from 0.4 mm is installed in the machine. The knife is ground according to the technology of high-precision grinding "Made in Germany". It is completed with a seven-position, replaceable, adjustable nozzle from 2 to 21 mm.

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