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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The most fashionable men's t-shirts

Today, there are many types of T-shirts, and since the summer fashion season is just around the corner, stylish and fully confident men are interested in which t-shirts this year will be the most relevant. Among all the presented options, most of all the representatives of the stronger sex are interested in such a style as long men's t-shirts.

Many guys can’t understand what kind of fashion it is, why such an option for summer clothes is relevant and what kind of image you can create with it. It is with these questions that it is worthwhile to look closer.

Long pro and contra T-shirt

Elongated men's t-shirts are one of the trends of the new season. But before you run to the store for a new thing, it’s worth weighing the pros and cons to determine whether a particular guy will fit this particular style. To understand whether it’s worth buying such a thing for yourself or is it better to keep it, men should pay attention to the following scheme:

Pros of Extra Long T-ShirtsCons of Long T-Shirts
  • such products are made from different fabrics, and everyone can choose the material that he will like,
  • a similar wardrobe item is very practical,
  • with the help of such a thing, a man can add a twist to his wardrobe,
  • such a thing will look harmonious with trousers,
  • produce such things in different styles, so everyone can find exactly what suits him and please,
  • thing helps to hide the flaws of the figure.
  • the thing is not suitable for men too short
  • this option isn’t suitable for too skinny guys, because in it they will look funny,
  • such a product is definitely not suitable to complement a business image or go on a first date,
  • due to the length of the t-shirt, not everyone will be able to feel comfortable in it.

Yes, such a thing as a long T-shirt has its advantages and disadvantages, but universal things that would ideally suit absolutely everyone do not exist.

Who needs this style?

It is worth noting that men's t-shirts to the knee will become an indicator of originality and the presence of good taste is not for all guys. It is this piece of clothing that suits guys and men who fit these parameters:

  • tall and well built
  • guys who are a little overweight
  • not too low gender
  • men who are always used to looking stylish.

It is worth noting the fact that if you approach the choice of a long T-shirt correctly, then virtually every representative of the stronger sex will find exactly what suits him best.

Shortened front

This model is popular among young people. Its back is longer than the front. To make the thing look more fashionable and original, the designers came up with such additions for it:

  • the presence of various fasteners and buttons,
  • the presence of a hood or collar,
  • cutouts of different sizes on the neck,
  • The fitted, tight and free options of a cut.

A t-shirt with a shortened front part is suitable for men whose growth can not be considered more than average.

Cropped back

This is another fashionable and relevant this year look of a long men's t-shirt. This option is pretty good for those who have a little tummy. Such a free-cut T-shirt will hide minor flaws and emphasize the main advantages of the guy. And if there are prints on the product, then it will look very advantageous.

Side cuts

Another fashionable option for this season can be considered T-shirts with cuts on the sides. A t-shirt with slits on the sides looks very fashionable and goes well with trousers. Well, such a thing will look with a hood, it is better if the shirt is monotonous. Such things are made from viscose, knitwear or cotton. Usually, such a product has a short sleeve, it goes well with jeans.

Side inserts

A t-shirt with slits on the sides looks stylish and spectacular, but the designers were not enough. They created a new variation of an elongated T-shirt - with inserts on the sides. They act as an additional element of decor and allow you to make a thing more stylish, fashionable and relevant. The inserts can be very different, and therefore a man can find exactly the option that will appeal to him.


Long and cool men's shirts - this is the current trend of the new season. They have an original and unusual appearance, which is ideal for those who are tired of clothes of a standard look. Due to the variety of elongated T-shirts, not only young men, but also wealthier men can safely wear such an item of clothing.

A t-shirt is an indispensable part of the wardrobe that is in every man’s wardrobe. So that this item does not seem so standard and banal, the designers decided to make it more fashionable and original. It is long T-shirts that are popular with young men, because they are stylish and beautiful. There are options with an elongated front or back, beautiful prints, cuts and inserts, and each of them looks stylish in its own way.

If a man manages to choose the right long t-shirt, then he will be able to look simply unique. The main thing is to find the right size and design solution that will fully correspond to the character of the man and then an extended t-shirt will become a favorite part of his wardrobe, which will not go out of fashion for at least one season.

Overview of stylish styles

Fashionable men's t-shirts have a wide variety of styles. Summer models can be made of light fabric and have the most unusual design.

Conventionally, such clothes are divided into 4 types:

  • classic short-sleeved models,
  • Hanley or a T-shirt with a long sleeve,
  • T-shirt
  • polo.

Classics never go out of style, therefore long-liked t-shirts with a round neck, without buttons and with closed shoulders are still in the top of the most popular clothes for men. Products with a rounded neckline are more suitable as a basis for sports shirts, an unfastened leather jacket, a leather jacket. Open T-shirts or V-neck T-shirts are very popular among the strong half of humanity.

This model looks most impressive on slender guys with a beautiful muscular relief. For large men, such a neckline is also suitable, since it has the feature of visually lengthening the neck. Products with a triangular neckline should be worn under shorts and jeans.

Choosing this option will quickly create an informal or sensual image.

Henley or longsleeve is issued with a round and triangular neckline. Models often have chest pockets, zippers, or zippers. It is due to the length of their sleeves that such products look simple but elegant. They should be worn with jeans, shorts or sweatpants.

The shirt is essentially a sleeveless t-shirt. Typically, such products are produced in white or black, as a uniformity is required from such a thing. Oversized t-shirts and t-shirts are popular not only for women this season, but also for men.

Such models are unlikely to be appropriate in a business style, but they are perfect for walking and playing sports.

For business men, designers offer today irreplaceable polo shirts.

Summer is the time of year when shirts are hard to wear in the office every day.therefore polo will be the perfect solution for office style. Although a few years ago, such a model was forgotten and did not appear at fashion shows, in 2018 it became fashionable again. This season, a shirt with a collar and a fastener is again at the peak of popularity.

In a men's wardrobe, a polo shirt occupies one of the main places. This model can be called universal. Typically, a polo has buttons under the collar, reaching approximately the middle of the chest, but there are also models without buttons. Polo goes well with jackets and formal suits. However, polos can be worn with jeans and sneakers.

Sports lovers will be able to opt for models with a hood, such products look very stylish, while creating a certain effect of brutality and negligence. For fans of creativity this season, designers have created many original T-shirts and T-shirts of a non-standard style.

On sale you can find models with an unusual design, an asymmetric shape.

Layered effects are also in great demand. As a rule, in such clothes there are several contrasting colors to enhance the contrast. T-shirts with unusual prints are popular, it can be geometric shapes, abstraction or a large pattern. Properly combining them with other items of clothing, you can get an interesting, original image.

Popular shades

Designers work tirelessly to develop new products for men. Many famous brands this year have released original and stylish T-shirts for the strong half of humanity. In the manufacture of such products use natural materials. They may include linen, cotton, rayon or silk. A silk T-shirt will perfectly refresh you on a hot day.


  • Cotton. Natural hypoallergenic material. When buying a practical cotton t-shirt, pay attention to the quality of the fabric and its stretch properties.
  • Viscose. Pleasant to the body, has “breathing” qualities. It is elastic, therefore men's t-shirts made of this material beautifully fit the figure, emphasizing the broad shoulders, the pumped up muscles.
  • Synthetics (polyester). Often used for sewing sportswear. Thanks to the latest developments, branded synthetic T-shirts have the ability to “climate control”. Pros: keep their shape well, retain colors after numerous washings, do not stretch.

  • Mixed composition. Most of the existing T-shirts are made of fabric with cotton and polyester.
  • Natural materials of the luxury segment. Bamboo, silk, linen men's t-shirts emphasize the status and are very expensive. They have moisture, breathable properties, but crumple quickly. They require a special care regimen.

Fashion prints

What patterns on men's t-shirts are especially popular this season.

  • Blurry silhouettes, gray, grunge tones - the main stylish directions.
  • Abstraction and geometry are a trend in both women's and men's outfits. Circles, triangles - of various shapes, colors and combinations - a fashionable trend.
  • Products with drawings on an environmental theme, reminiscent of the conservation of nature, animals, etc. - are also very relevant.
  • Ethnic ornaments.

  • For a summer vacation, the ideal choice would be to buy t-shirts with a pattern in a beach or nautical style. It should be decorated with stripes and marine symbols: anchors, chains, etc.
  • Humorous inscriptions and funny funny pictures.
  • Striped print is also relevant this season.
  • 3d drawings.

Fashionable pants this season right here.

We have listed the basic rules that you should know when choosing a fashionable tie in this review.

Fashion t-shirts 2019-2020: colors and ornaments

Depending on your personal views on the color schemes of your wardrobe, you can choose women's t-shirts for yourself in any shade.

Nevertheless, in the coming season, the most relevant in color will be fashionable T-shirts in white, gray, black, blue, pink, red, raspberry, orange, yellow, green.

In addition to the current palette, it is worth paying attention to the fact that fashionable T-shirts with a certain ornament always looked especially feminine, which are an excellent solution for creating youth and romantic bows.

Take a look at such models as women's polka dot t-shirts, stripes, black and white patterns, abstract ornaments, etc.

Why you need a fashionable men's t-shirt in summer 2019

It’s rare that a man’s wardrobe boasts a variety. Men are more conservative and often prefer to buy things in one favorite style. But after all, there are times when you want to look presentable. A beautiful appearance gives confidence and, believe me, a T-shirt plays an important role in the image.

T-shirts have long ceased to be an element of exclusively sportswear. Today they are put on under a jacket to give the image a slight negligence and even combine with a classic suit. A correctly selected t-shirt is able to emphasize the individuality and sense of taste of its owner.

Women's t-shirts 2019-2020: fashion prints and decor

In addition to t-shirts with the above listed ornaments, fashionistas must definitely appreciate women's 2019-2020 fringed t-shirts, original pop art t-shirts, as well as trendy women's t-shirts with sequins.

Wearing such fashionable t-shirts, you will look fresh and unusually stylish this spring and summer.

Do not lose sight of women's t-shirts with huge labels of well-known brands that reflect the trend of branding things.

To create everyday bows, go to work, study, walk, lovely ladies will not refuse such options as women's T-shirts with inscriptions, as well as T-shirts with expressive and large print or pattern in one or another style.

Like t-shirts with sequins (matte and shimmering), rhinestones of different shapes and sizes, rivets, zippers, women's t-shirts with large patterns and patterns will be a wonderful component of feminine and gorgeous bows with bell skirts, sun flared, pencil, with a smell.


  • Polo t-shirts are especially popular in the 2020-2019 season. They left the fashionable Olympus for a short time in order to return again in triumph this year. The polo shirt has a small turn-down collar. It is universal: it can be worn with a jacket and sportswear. In addition, she looks simple and at the same time elegant, making a gentleman out of a man.
  • Sports T-shirts are no less relevant. This type of style will always be the main for a man. If a young man has a beautiful, pumped up body in the right places, then a sporty tight-fitting T-shirt will perfectly emphasize all his outstanding muscles - on his chest and on his back.

  • Also, in 2020, designers adopted such fabrics for men's t-shirts as linen and viscose. These are also natural materials, but not so common. Viscose is very pleasantly felt on the body, and flax gives the impression of solidity and reliability. Also, this noble material gives the product an expensive look.
  • If viscose is added to the fabric, this gives the material elasticity, the product beautifully fits the body, emphasizing its relief. Some designers proposed this option in 2020: regular men's cotton t-shirts combined with inserts from other fabrics. Even leather and suede are used.
  • The main color in the upcoming season is black. This is a classic male color, very stylish and elegant. A black T-shirt is a simple, but harmonious and fashionable solution; a variant with drawings is also possible.
  • An interesting collar is a feature of fashionable t-shirts of the season 2020-2019. Turn-down collars, a triangular mouth and a rack are especially relevant.
  • Light negligence, as a fashion trend, is manifested in the choice of neck. The slightly stretched collar is ideal for brutal guys who, nevertheless, know how to dress stylishly. Asymmetric collars are also very relevant.
  • Deliberately large size is a fashion trend in 2020.Such t-shirts look as if the man had borrowed them from his older brother or from some kind of big man. This item looks especially good with long shorts.
  • T-shirts with a hood that rests freely on your back are another interesting fashion trend. Especially stylish such products of light industry look in combination with a jumper.
  • T-shirts with long sleeves have never lost popularity. So in 2020-2019 they are indispensable in the cool time.
  • Layering has reached the men's wardrobe. Designers have already come up with t-shirts that create a layered effect. Looking at such products, it seems that the man in a hurry put on one T-shirt on another or on two others. The effect will create an interesting and looks very fashionable, especially if contrasting colors are used.

To simplify the difficult choice of hairstyles in a huge variety of models, we have prepared a review of modern and trendy haircuts for the 2020-2019 season here.

In the autumn-winter season of 2020-2019, shoes are presented in leather, suede, nubuck and decorated with original decor elements, more about this here.

You still don’t know which boots to choose then here.

Fashion t-shirts 2019-2020: cut and styles

Designers made sure to surprise the fair sex with classic and extraordinary cut decisions in creating T-shirts.

The trend is women's t-shirts with small and neat sleeves, sleeves with bells, and sleeveless, t-shirts with large wide sleeves.

Also, fashion catwalks blew up women's asymmetrical T-shirts that many women loved, beautiful T-shirts with bare shoulders and backs, oversized loose-fitting t-shirts, as well as models with bindings.

Fashionable T-shirts in contemporary styles look very feminine thanks to the classic neckline, the choice of impeccable openwork, lace, translucent fabric, unusual decor details on t-shirts that bring this type of clothing closer to the category of blouses.

Low Shoulder Models

The free cut of men's t-shirts is the trend of the last season. A lowered shoulder line, slight negligence perfectly emphasize the image of a brutal man. The novelty was long to the middle of the thigh models and styles with an asymmetric bottom line. Layering, volume, a combination of unusual materials - a hallmark of youth T-shirts for guys.

Trendy color and print for t-shirts spring-summer 2019

The most fashionable color for men's summer T-shirts of 2019: pale pink, lilac, khaki, sand, classic white, blue, plum, lemon and violet. The color scheme is almost similar to the color of spring-summer 2019 fashion shirts, but it is slightly different.

2019 Austin Youth V-neck T-shirt

In the men's fashion of 2019, t-shirts with floral prints, small repeating patterns, animalistic designs, abstract geometric patterns, cage, small stripes, creative inscriptions and brand logos.

Men's T-shirts with AliExpress

This T-shirt with small twists on the sleeves is sewn of cotton with the addition of polyester. 13 colors are available: from black and white to light blue, pink, menthol and saturated green. Product rating - 4.8 out of 5, orders - 486.

Price: 660 rubles.

A cotton T-shirt with a V-neck is suitable for hot summer days: customers note excellent quality and a thin nice fabric. Product rating - 4.8 out of 5, the number of orders - more than 230.

Price: 740 rubles.

Buyers claim that this thin cotton t-shirt will help you not die from the heat. In addition, she looks very stylish and neatly sewn. Delivery is fast regardless of the region. Product rating - 4.7 out of 5, orders over 320.

Price: from 541 rubles.

Men's t-shirts from European stores

Extra long monochrome polo by Chromosome. Product rating 4 out of 5, material - cotton.

Price: 790 rubles.

ASOS Velor T-shirt in dark blue with a classic cut and a perfect fit. Unusual material will appeal to those who want to experiment a little with the usual style.

Price: 1,190 rubles.

What men's t-shirts are in fashion in the summer of 2019: our top trending models

  • With fun prints. Yes, bright, sometimes ironic or funny images are still at the peak of popularity. Models with pictures look relevant on men of all ages. No age restrictions, regardless of the chosen color.

  • Overseas. Overseas is not a purely female feature, as is often believed. Male fashion is also characterized by this style. This season has the advantage of plain oversized t-shirts in gray, black and protective tones.

  • Polo. Polo shirts are trending this season too. The colors are dim: burgundy, swamp green, navy blue and beige.

  • Hawaii. Colorful Hawaiian-style t-shirts have not left fashionable Olympus for several years. The color scheme changes, the print is slightly adjusted, but on the whole they are also appreciated for their catchiness and bright floral patterns.

  • Classic. Plain t-shirts with a standard oval neck will never be a thing of the past. Especially when it comes to black or white models. Simple and stylish - at least run out to the store, at least go to a party.

Chase fashion or not, you decide. And we will sew the very t-shirt that we prefer. And you will definitely like it. Order individual tailoring or choose from the catalog, because on our website the most fashionable men's t-shirts for summer 2019 are presented. We are waiting for you!

How to wear women's t-shirts 2019-2020

The question of how to wear women's t-shirts is asked by a lot of girls, because for some the t-shirt may seem rustic, but someone on the contrary will find in this element an unlimited number of ideas on how to look stylish.

It is wonderful that women's t-shirts are ideally combined with short and medium length shorts, denim models of shorts and original high-waisted shorts.

T-shirts with an asymmetrical hem look very feminine if the front is tucked in shorts, jeans, or trousers, and the back is free to repeat the curves of the silhouette.

Fashionable t-shirts in tandem with jeans and skinny trousers with spreads go well with cropped jackets, jackets and vests, cardigans, modeling beautiful office bows in different colors.

Cropped lace t-shirt models will perfectly complement a high-waisted pencil skirt, and in harmony with a flared skirt decorated with pockets and mid-length ruffles, any woman will feel like a real lady.

Ready to see the best women's t-shirts, then for you fashion t-shirts right now.


The standard V-neck of men's tops looks great in tight-fitting models of the trendy ombre style. Designers offer thin linen styles with a V-T neck that are pleasant in the summer heat. A deep "neckline" is suitable for brave and determined guys. One of the trends of the latest collections has been a neckline with a drapery effect, which, according to the designers, is "ideal for a three-day unshaven".

Women's fashion t-shirts 2020-2021 with prints and inscriptions

Among the t-shirts demonstrated by designers in the 2020-2021 season, the most trendy models are t-shirts with inscriptions in different styles and directions.

So, for the most part, T-shirts with inscriptions are presented in white or black, on which prints in the form of inscriptions - slogans, quotes, appeals and mottos look more succinctly and effectively.

T-shirts with cute and funny designs in the form of fruits, cilia and smiles, hearts, animals, as well as other amazing variations of prints, such as superheroes from the Marvel universe, are no less relevant. Couturiers used sequins and feathers as a decor for T-shirts.

The trend in the 2020-2021 season will be concise and at the same time impeccable white T-shirts, which in some models have elegant frills or inconspicuous textured patterns in the form of stripes and dots.

But do not give up t-shirts in soft pastel colors, as well as intriguing bright colors - pink, yellow, red, blue and others, which will help to look stylish and expressive.


The rapper style - t-shirts with a hood - in perfect harmony with the jumpers of a V-shaped silhouette. Inexpensive cotton hoodies are chosen by teens, young guys. This option is good for a summer vacation on the beach, the ocean, combined with stylish shorts, jeans. A dense cotton, voluminous style of men's t-shirts will help to keep warm on a cool rainy day in combination with a thin top under the bottom.

Trendy tops 2020-2021 for true ladies

If you want to make attractive and impeccable bows in the spring-summer season with trousers or skirts, then in addition, be sure to choose a fashionable top that will look irresistible.

Monochrome models of tops, as well as with ornaments in the form of flowers will be a wonderful choice for romantic and sophisticated young ladies.

Designers prepared fashionable tops 2020-2021 in the form of attractive corsets, fitted and elegant tops, as well as free tops in linen style will be relevant among lovely ladies.

Business bows for the office will be especially feminine if you add a stylish trouser suit with a charming and fashionable top 2020-2021, as shown in the photo examples in the gallery.


This style includes logos of the mid-20th century, prints with vintage cars, photos of famous actresses in the 50-60s, like Merelin Monroe. Retro style gives a little romance, so put on a T-shirt on a date.

Elegant tops, T-shirts and T-shirts for women in the season 2020-2021

Creating irresistible combinations for a special event with a top in the 2020-2021 season is not a problem!

Designers demonstrated a huge selection of tops, shirts and t-shirts for every taste, which can be safely combined with skirts, sundresses, trousers and fashionable shorts.

Refined fabrics and decor in the form of lace, mesh, sequins, draperies and ruffles allow you to give luxury to fashionable tops, which looks solemn and elegant.

In addition, fashionable tops 2020-2021 can be made with bare shoulders, which looks coquettish and elegant in any way.

The right silhouette, shade and complement in the form of fashionable shorts, skirts, trousers will allow you to be on top and look amazing in the 2020-2021 season.

Boho style

This daring and interesting style involves laces, fringe, various details. Leather accents and suede are welcome. But men should know that a boho-style product is definitely not suitable for working with a strict dress code. Such a T-shirt is especially useful when you are going to a concert of your favorite rock artist.


Military in men's fashion is always relevant. Therefore, products of olive color, khaki, beige are always popular. Such a T-shirt can be useful both for creating a working image and as a democratic addition to jeans on vacation.

With a collar

Traditionally, the sporty style of polo shirts has crossed the boundaries of the world of sports. A huge selection of colors - from white to bright orange, lilac, a contrasting combination of the collar and the tone of the product itself, stripes and prints offer fashion brands of clothing for stylish men this summer. Solid polo t-shirts in muted tones on a summer day will be a convenient replacement for office workers shirts.

How to choose

Every man’s wardrobe must have T-shirts. After all, this beautiful piece of clothing is universal, it will come in handy for a man both at a business meeting and on vacation with friends. How to choose such an irreplaceable thing, consider.

If you choose a product to wear for work, it is advisable to dwell on neutral classic colors and without patterns. Well, maybe as a last resort, the logo of the company where you work can act as a print - but this is the maximum you can afford. But in some cases, and if the dress code allows, you can choose a more saturated, deep gamut of colors: for example, red, burgundy. Sometimes even light green looks amazing with a business jacket. By the way, if the drawing is located on the back, then such a T-shirt can be worn for work as well - under the jacket it will still be imperceptible.

If there are particularly important negotiations ahead, in this case the polo of strict colors will become indispensable, perfectly fitting the figure. Also, for a business image, a shawl protruding from the breast pocket, matched to the tone, will be a good addition. Particularly brave men can resort to such an extravagant way to emphasize their taste and style, such as matching socks to the tone of a T-shirt.

Cutout is also important. So a man with a short neck is better to choose a product with a V-neck than a round one. Such a cut will hide the excess fullness of this part of the body. Now, men's t-shirts with a pattern and a significant neckline are becoming fashionable.

How to choose men's t-shirts for the situation

  • For studies, work and official events, the best choice is a product of calm colors, not burdened with drawings, and without decor.
  • A synthetic product that perfectly fits your body will be an excellent choice for sports activities. It would be nice if the composition of the product synthetics and natural fiber will be in equal proportions.
  • If a man has a creative profession, then t-shirts with fashionable 3D prints and interesting decor will allow you to stand out and show your artistic nature. 3D prints that give the drawing realism - a new fashion trend, which is just beginning its victorious march. Men will appreciate the realistic images of cars, figures of girls and other interesting print themes.
  • For a fashion party in 2019-2020, pick up a tight-fitting black T-shirt without decor and drawings. Such stylish products speak of the impeccable taste of its owner. In addition, this is a very democratic option. Men of any income can become equally elegant and fashionable with a black T-shirt.
  • For relaxation, choose a product of bright positive colors, which will help you distract from the harsh working days and how to relax. By the way, it is now fashionable to decorate t-shirts with a pattern not only in front, but also on the back.

T-shirt and pants

This combination of things, no doubt, has a right to exist. The only exceptions are strict pants. Any other model, whether it's a chinos, cargo or cotton pants, goes well with a polo. In this case, it is best to give preference to not too bright colors of the t-shirt (blue, blue, gray, beige).

Polo and jeans

One of the favorite images of modern men, fits perfectly into the popular casual style. Depending on what color the t-shirt is chosen (white, bright or gray), the image can be festive in nature or vice versa can be laid-back or neutral.

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