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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The sexiest men's perfume that excites women

A fragrance that sinks into the soul from the first note. Not too heavy, but original. The composition consists of grapefruit, orange, patchouli, geranium, vetiver and benzamine, which are combined with pink and black pepper, cedar. Hermes Terre d'Hermes was created back in 2006 and has since been reissued several times without losing its popularity.


The smell of tobacco will cause an association with the wild West, Westerns and courageous sexy men, creates the image of a brutal macho, cowboy. Tobacco notes are present in almost all men's fragrances, in the form of warm shades on a wood base.

The smell of expensive skin will make a woman feel comfortable next to a man in a stylish and powerful car. Leather aromas in perfumes stand out in a separate class. Leather-class fragrances often come in a duet with notes of tobacco.


The aroma of long-term alcohol will snatch from the memory of respectable influential men from closed elite clubs. Alcoholic notes are very popular in the perfume industry. Manufacturers imitates the smell of absinthe, expensive cognac, light champagne.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

Tobacco Vanille is just the case when, having heard the aroma at least once, you will know it whenever and wherever. For hot weather, it will be heavy, but for cool evenings - ideal. The composition of the aroma is rich and sensual: sweet vanilla and cocoa, as well as spices, flower and tobacco that give “bitterness”, are combined with tonka beans, dried fruits and woody notes.

Sexual aroma what is it?

The category of sexual aromas can be absolutely diverse.

Some lose their heads from the sickly sweet scent of beauty, and some lose their speech ability from fresh citrus perfumes. But noble perfumers told about which notes in the composition will have absolute success with women.

These are very rich aromas. In their composition is present

Such ingredients give the fragrance sensuality, warmth and act on a subconscious level.

The molecules of these aromas are similar in structure to the molecules of testosterone.

Many men believe that women and flowers have a lot in common.

According to men, the presence of these notes in a fragrance is always appropriate and attractive.

It is worth paying attention to aromas containing Amber. Despite its animal origin, it gives the composition a floral-woody sound.

Of course, men like to say that a woman should not sound like a salad, but such aromas can sound quite sexy.

Such aromas are usually applied to wet skin, preferably after taking a shower.

  • Jasmine
  • Bergamot
  • Tidal bore
  • Grassy notes
  • Sage etc

Such aromas sound completely different on every person.

Observation showed that such unobtrusive perfume compositions have a great chance of success among the male population of the planet.

They have absolute success in the male, have a bewitching magnetism. Most often, such aromas have notes in their composition:

Men consider such aromas sex in a bottle. Although they are not flashy or intrusive.

These aromas are recommended not to be applied to the neck and wrist, but to the lower body.

Burberry Mr. Burberry

On the one hand, subtle and delicate, and on the other, a catchy and “charming” fragrance, released in 2016. The composition is multi-level, but not overloaded - cardamom, tarragon, mint, grapefruit, nutmeg, birch leaf, cedar, sandalwood, vetiver, oak moss, guaiac wood and resin of the Siamese benzoin tree.


For Her - Narciso Rodriguez

Such an aroma envelops and tightens, dizzy with its insolence and femininity.

Very thick, even harsh, a little sweet, but mysterious and provocative.

It consists of the initial notes of bergamot and osmanthus, then revealing notes of musk and sweet orange flowers, and the sound of the composition is vetiver and vanilla.

Dahlia Divin - Givenchy

Very bright and saturated. The sound is sensual and elegant. It has a sweet train and catches the eye to your person. Allows you to stand out from the crowd of passers-by.

It is impossible to remain silent about him; in him one wants to dissolve sweetly.

The composition opens with notes of ripe and juicy plums, seamlessly blending with notes of unforgettable jasmine and white flowers, and ends with woody notes consisting of notes of sandalwood, sensual vetiver and patchouli.

Black Orchid - Tom Ford

Charming modern fragrance for femme fatale. This lady has the whole world at her feet, she decides what and when to do.

The perfume opens with the initial notes of bergamot, citrus and black currant. At the heart of this seducer lies a black orchid, jasmine and superb black truffle. The composition is completed by sandalwood, frankincense, patchouli and sweet vanilla.

Good Girl Gone Bad - Kilian

This fragrance is not very popular with women, but men. men are crazy about him.

He intoxicates them, captivates, fills them with desire and passion. It is bewitching, like a fervent burst of laughter, pushing aside all barriers and allowing what was only in the most secret desires.

The sound of this fragrance begins with the sweetness of osmanthus and jasmine, as well as a unique apricot. The heart is seasoned with shameless tuberose after which the narcissus is narcotically intoxicated. It ends with all the rebellious notes of Vergna cedar and ambergris, which fully show their dominant position.


Very delicate, sensual and passionate aroma. Captivates the heart and excites the imagination of men. The train acts like a magnet and captivates into its sweet networks, but at the same time leaves an aura of inaccessibility.

The beginning of the composition sounds notes of pink pepper. An insanely beautiful rose surrounded by white flowers blooms in the heart. The ensemble is completed by a base consisting of notes of cedar, ambergris and musk.

Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme Intenso

Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme Intenso first saw the light in 1994. And the fact that the fragrance (of course, updated, but still) is still one of the most popular, says a lot. The composition opens with basil and lavender, which are combined with notes of tobacco, hay, bran, labdanum, sandalwood and cypress.

Gentlemen Only Casual Chic, Givenchy

Givenchy has released the casual version of the acclaimed Gentlemen Only - Casual Chic, which conquered not only men but also women: why not be really thrilled when a real gentleman is nearby. A fresh woody spicy composition with notes of cardamom, ginger and juniper combines energy and strong character.

What to give for New Year 2020 to relatives and friends

The price is about 5500 rubles.

Terre d’Hermes, Hermes

Does your man have a bright personality? Then give him the unusual and memorable fragrance Terre d’Hermes, which is based on the harmony of notes of air and earth, traveling through different elements. The combination of citruses, wood and musk will impress neither you nor him. And the deep philosophy of this woody perfume will add mystery to your relationship.

The price is about 6100 rubles.

What are they

While fashion designers deliberately suggest trying on a masculine style of dress, perfumers are creating fragrant outfits designed to emphasize passion without outright vulgarity.

In a huge range of brands and products, there is eau de toilette for everyday use, as well as perfumes for special days or meetings. To emphasize sensuality, you need to apply a smell that leads into a fragrant trance and is imprinted in the mind in the image of refined love.

There are several criteria that a composition meets:

  1. Durability. It should excite the imagination until the very end of the meeting, and not disappear suddenly.
  2. Unobtrusiveness. It cannot be cloying, because it is necessary to cause a state of delight, not irritation.
  3. Preferences of the chosen one. It is worth to smoothly find out what aromas he prefers and adjust his tastes in his favor.
  4. Should not seem cheap, even if it was purchased inexpensively.
  5. The smell is as natural as possible, because men perceive natural notes better.

The formula of perfumes creates a train, which for a long time reaches for a woman, attracting the attention of the opposite sex. It is also worth mentioning that in the future fragments of life will be associated with it, therefore it is worth consciously approaching the choice.

Allure Homme Sport, Chanel

Agree, in some men there is some inexplicable charm that makes them insanely attractive. It’s not easy to please such a man, so we recommend putting on a proven classic for years, such as Chanel’s Allure Homme Sport. The perfume is revealed in four faces: fresh (citrus notes), sensual (tonka bean, white musk, ambergris), wood (cedar, vetiver) and spicy (black pepper).

The price is about 4,500 rubles.

Seductive fragrances - the sexiest women's perfumes

If a woman is attracted to a man, then everything in her, starting from the image and ending with the smell, is perceived as part of her character. Therefore, to consider toilet water only as an insignificant component of the appearance is a losing strategy. It is necessary to treat perfumery as a philosophy, and only then will it open up and allow us to conquer this world. Seductive accents get drunk and fascinate. Of course, the only sexual perfume does not exist, but there are those that drive you crazy.

Desireful components:

  • musk - there is no distinct sound in it, but perfumers know its effect on the subconscious of the stronger sex, so they boldly use it to make their creation inviting and attractive,
  • vanilla - at the level of consciousness, it is perceived as something cozy, warm, and, accordingly, it attracts attention,
  • ambergris - even if the origin of this component does not bother anyone, it is truly magnificent and acts, causing desire and pushing to exploits.

Nature Guaiac Wood and Juniper, Yves Rocher

Perfumer Sonia Constant was looking for the perfect balance of ingredients, which she embodied in the new fragrance from Yves Rocher. The secret of balance in the combination of smoky-woody essence of guaiac wood with fresh and piquant juniper berries - one sets off the other. The result was a persistent and courageous aroma that fans of the classics would definitely like.

The price is about 2200 rubles.


One of the most unusual and interesting categories in perfumery of the Aromacode online store. Combinations - a peculiar combination of notes of bergamot, oak moss and labdanum - which form the basis of the composition. Where chypre chords are present, a vivid reaction always follows. This is because they contain molecules that are similar in structure to particles of testosterone. Yes, they have a complex character and it is easy to miscalculate with them. But no other species have such success.

Amen Kryptomint, Mugler

MUGLER’s new limited edition Amen Kryptomint fragrance unfolds in three facets: icy, vibrating and woody. The freshness of mint is combined with woody notes and the aroma of geranium. A luxurious plume of aroma with notes of vanilla, patchouli and cedar will not only conquer you, but also give confidence to your man.

The price is about 6400 rubles.


When asked which fragrances of women’s perfumes are the sexiest, men, especially those who understand perfumes, will answer about options with flowers. Since ancient times, people in the manufacture of toilet water used spices, needles, herbs. It is even believed that without the latter, the perfume industry would not have received such a successful development.

Creations with the dominant sound of a rose, violet, carnation, or a combination of one of these flowers with musk seem most attractive. They are able to create a festive mood, awakening pleasant moments in memories.

Champs de Provence, Eight & Bob

Perfumers have a special gift - they can capture unique places not only in memory, but also perpetuate them in aromas. Eight & Bob brand founder Albert Fouquet often visited his friends' villa in Provence. This region of France is famous for its aromas, because 1600 species of herbs and flowers bloom here every year! The memories of this place inspired Albert, and he transferred the freshness of the abundantly flowering herbs of Provence to the perfumery composition. This fragrance is designed for both men and women: notes of jasmine, orange blossom, rose, bergamot, orange and musk will send you on a bright trip to one of the most beautiful regions of France!

The price is about 10,000 rubles.


Freshness is especially popular in the warmer months, when sweet notes sound asphyxiating and unattractive. Like a light breeze, it envelops with a barely noticeable train and makes a special mood on a sultry day. A special chic is that lightness of aromas, which gives rise to a feeling of something new and certainly happy. The train is just as noticeable. These are delicate intimate perfumes that sit close to the skin and, in order to smell them, one needs to approach a person, and they will declare themselves. Especially if they are applied to wet areas of the body or after a shower.

Lui, Guerlain

Meet the September novelty: Guerlain's exclusive Lui fragrance. This is another perfume that is suitable not only for him, but also for you! The concept of the fragrance is inspired by the blurring of the boundaries between femininity and masculinity, the desire for complete freedom. The versatility of the aroma is demonstrated by benzoin - this resin has both a floral, spicy and woody smell. The composition is made up of pear, cloves, vanilla and musk, which in their own way will be revealed on each person.

The price is about 11,000 rubles.


They convey the smell of luxury and wealth. They emphasize the aura of comfort, warmth of fluffiness and vintage softness, sensuality. Very often, powderiness flows into creaminess or fudge. Although they do not exist in the official classification, since pure powder cannot be found on store shelves, the shade itself can be determined with a successful combination of components. Only top-notch professionals allow themselves to use it in their products, since busting turns an entire masterpiece into a vulgar something.

L’Homme Ultime by Yves Saint Laurent

What does it mean to be a man nowadays? Representatives of the Yves Saint Laurent brand are sure that the modern man has evolved: his charisma has remained the same, but has acquired a certain mystery, his dual nature combines freedom and self-control, he is a born leader and a source of inspiration. L’Homme Ultime is the perfect perfume for such a man. Cheeky and free, it combines attractive woody notes and grapefruit, and in the heart of the fragrance is a courageous rose. Want to emphasize the authority of your loved one? Give him L’Homme Ultime!

The price is about 6500 rubles.

Top exciting perfumes

“The only thing I put on at night is a little Chanel No. 5 ”, said the most famous blonde Marilyn Monroe. And she's right, because there are few really attractive flavors. Therefore, the top of the best sexy women’s perfumes and perfumes by rating is relevant from year to year. Some are legendary, others are completely new, but they have one thing in common: they are unforgettable.

Sauvage Very Cool Spray, Dior

After the tremendous success of the fragrance, Sauvage Dior introduces a new product - Sauvage Very Cool Spray. The composition carries freshness, carelessness and a spirit of freedom. Does your man travel frequently and constantly move? Then this expressive aroma with notes of bergamot, grapefruit and lavender is perfect for him. An unbreakable bottle allows you to carry the fragrance with you and apply it at any time of the day under any circumstances.

The price is about 6100 rubles.

Mitsouko by Guerlain

Luxurious and noble composition, with a touch of mystery and sadness. The most concentrated version, which allows him to reveal in all its splendor and brilliance. Jacques Guerlain called the creation of Mitsouko in honor of the heroine of the sensational novel "Battle" at that time.

Above is a soft symphony of impeccable rose petals and white jasmine, which emphasize freshness, tart bergamot and citruses. The heart accompaniment rises with airy lilac with impurities of ylang-ylang and juicy peach, and the cool sophistication of the train decorates the image with an elegant haze.

L’Homme Cologne Cedrat, L’OCCITANE

A fresh and invigorating aroma that combines peel of peppermint, peppermint leaves, ginger, exotic spices, cedar and marine shades. All together it forms a mature and courageous chord, which is fraught with a certain secret.Present this perfume to a man who is drawn to the unknown - he will definitely want to solve the mystery of Aquatic Zedrat.

The price is about 4400 rubles.

Obsessed, Calvin Klein

Remember the cult fragrance CK - Obsession? The perfume advertising company was attended by Kate Moss and photographer Mario Sorrenti, who were a couple at the time of shooting, and their love was reflected in the pictures. It was these photos that inspired the brand to create the new Obsessed composition, which reinterprets the classics. At the heart of the concept is the idea of ​​the smell of another person on the skin, which evokes memories of past love. In Obsessed for Men, a note of black vanilla is woven into a note of a dark wood, emphasizing the opposition of tenderness and strength. I want to listen to this fragrance just in order to feel this story, agree?

The price is about 5200 rubles.

Prepared by Ales Yatskevich

Mimosa & Cardamom by Jo Malone

The most stunning sexual perfumes. Mimosa is reflected by a honey golden haze, interwoven with a bitter fragrant cardamom. The notes of delicate thin and sandalwood come with a viscous heliotrope and damask pink. Warm, airy, bewitching. It excites and captivates. Unisex, and therefore harmoniously fit into any character. This attractive fragrance could be worn by fearless Victorian travelers or the careless English bohemia, but it went to modern adventurers.

Yves Saint Laurent Opium

One of the versions of the sensational collection from the fashion brand. By clear order from Saint Laurent, perfumers created water that would please the Empress of China. It has a game of brightest contrasts. The bitterness of coffee beans has never been used in such a quantity in a female composition. It meets with a glimpse of bergamot and mandarin. And after they give way to the consonance of jasmine sambac, myrrh and spicy cloves. Ringed with the faces of opopanax, patchouli, amber.

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

Perfume personality. Very persistent, consists of mandarin, orange, mimosa, bergamot and jasmine. The train adds patchouli, vanilla and white musk. Popularity has not let him go for 15 years, which proves its current attractiveness. Created for women, but there is no playful femininity in it! To match the fashion trends, the perfumer adds vetiver to the base - a characteristic note for men's fragrances. It gives rigor and rigidity.

Decadence by Marc Jacobs

Graceful, stylish, intoxicating sexy women’s perfumes with a floral-fruit palette wrapped in delicate spicy notes. It opens with an accent of saffron, iris and plum, opens in the heart with a Bulgarian rose, sambac and violet root, and leaves behind a thin plume of breath from vetiver, ambergris and papyrus. It is difficult not to pay attention to the bottle of Marc Jacobs Decadence. Made in the form of a clutch in a luxurious emerald color, it is designed to convey the evening character.

Miss Dior by Dior

It emphasizes youth, attractiveness. The thin, faceted bottle contained effervescent green mandarin, fragrant violet, fresh strawberry leaves, bitter patchouli and even popcorn with ice cream. This aromatic composition is like a gorgeous bouquet, which is made up of the first spring flowers giving hope for a sunny spring.

Dahlia Divin by Givenchy

The embodiment of optimism and feelings of absolute happiness. Designed for energetic ladies who value freedom. A languid string will emphasize the charm and independent character of its owner. “Discover the goddess in yourself” - that’s what the perfumer wanted to say, creating it. Red orange, juicy peach and sweet and sour currants gathered at the top. Jasmine and a rose sat in the middle. It is based on sandalwood, musk, vanilla and patchouli.

Deep Euphoria Calvin Klein

The list of modern sexual selective perfumes and perfumes for women could not help but include this accompaniment. A win-win. Mandarin leaf, white pepper, black and pink flower, peony, jasmine color, musky accent and patchouli combined to make the image of its owner memorable forever.

My burberry black burberry

Passionate perfume for an exciting lady. The aroma shimmers with floral and citrus notes, surrounded by a woody-musky loop halo. Echoes of sugar hyacinth and lemon emphasize the sophistication and femininity of the owner. His mistress is a magnificent nymph exuding spring.

L’Extase Nina Ricci

Stylish intoxicating sexy women's perfume. The composition includes chords of pink pepper, white flower petals, roses, benzoin, cedar, musk and ambergris - all that evokes an image of intrigue, seduction and treachery in the subconscious. Luxurious, erotic and sensual oriental floral perfume with delicate musky accents. This is a seductive dance, which is echoed by the deep and bright spray of Siamese benzoin, perfectly shaded by coniferous-wood motifs of cedar.

Versace Eros Pour Femme

Eros is the god of love, and therefore everything that was called like this is simply obliged to personify the attraction of a sexual nature.

They tried to enclose the concept of the perfect power of women, manifestations of deep passion, attraction and desire.

To do this, they added sparkling freshness of bergamot and languid astringency of pomegranate, a light whiff of jasmine and velvety peony petals. Instead of a highlight, they presented a sensual ambroxan molecule in combination with soft musk and sandalwood.

This intelligent and unobtrusive smell captivates the hearts and finds a lot of fans, because it has an excellent perfume composition and good durability. It will sound sweet to ladies of any age.

Paco Rabanne Olympea

The sexiest women's perfumes in the concept of this fragrance speak of sensuality: vanilla, ambergris, sandalwood and jasmine. It was based on strength, femininity and sensuality. Belongs to the oriental spice family. It gives birth to the image of the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite, who grants eternal youth to everyone who drinks wine from her goblet.


The smell of citrus and sea breeze will inspire dreams of snow-white beaches and blue lagoons on uninhabited islands. The basis of citrus aromas are oranges, grapefruits, bergamot. These are fresh, light, invigorating top notes of perfumes.

What smells excite?

Some smells excite the sense of smell more than others. Creating real flavors of sex, perfumers often use the following components:

  • Vanilla. This component is considered the base note of many popular perfumes. And this is no coincidence. Vanilla in the 17th century, doctors treated patients for male impotence. In fact, vanilla is a natural aphrodisiac. Just a few drops of perfume with vanilla will force a man to go for the sake of a woman, literally everything,
  • Lavender. This plant was used by women to seduce men long before perfumes appeared. The smell of lavender helped the loving Cleopatra to win the attention of Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. The aroma of this plant calms and pacifies men, gives them confidence,
  • Ylang ylang. This tropical plant is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs. The smells of ylang-ylang excite both men and women. This natural component is used in perfumery and enjoys wild success due to its light floral aroma,
  • Jasmine. One of the most popular components of perfumes, has been the base of many fragrances for over 100 years. Perfumers consider this plant one of the most powerful natural aphrodisiacs,
  • Sandalwood. The refined and light smell of sandalwood helps relieve stress and fatigue, tune in a love mood,
  • Musk. The smell of this component reminds men of the natural smell of intimate female places. Perfume with a drop of musk will have a stunning effect on her lover. The main thing is not to overdo it when applied.

On a note. Studies show that lavender aroma provokes a 5% increase in blood flow to the male genital organ. If this smell is combined with the smell of pumpkin pie, the effectiveness increases by 40%.

Tip. If a woman does not have perfume with ylang-ylang on hand, you can use oil based on this plant. A few drops of the product is enough to apply on the wrist and enjoy the effect.

TOP 10 sexiest women perfumes

Exciting perfumes are not necessarily perfumes with pheromones.

Women's perfumes that excite men will perfectly fit into the everyday life of a modern lady. It doesn’t matter if she is an office worker or a housewife. A light plume of exquisite perfume will leave its mark in the air and will make passing men turn their heads in amazement.

What flavors, according to men, are the sexiest?

The top of sexual aromas is presented by 9 creations of world-famous perfumers. Many of them were based on the very natural aphrodisiacs.

Calvin klein euphoria

Classics of the fragrant genre. But the classics are not cold, faceless, but refined and sensual. The deep rich passionate aroma of Euphoria penetrates directly into the heart, making the woman even more charming and seductive. Perfume allows you to reveal your femininity and sophisticated lady, and the fatal seducer. The combination of sensuality and luxury makes Calvin Klein perfume truly unique. Millions of women around the world will agree with this statement.

In the “sexiest perfume” rating, Euphoria earned the highest score - 5 out of 5.

Heart note: black orchid and lotus.

Final note: violet, ambergris and mahogany.

Popular Pheromone Flavors

Recently, perfumes have been actively producing perfumes in the perfume industry, which include pheromones, substances that act excitingly on representatives of the opposite sex. The human body itself produces pheromones, but in order to enhance natural sexuality it is worth choosing the perfume in which they are included. You should not hope that, having perfumed with such perfume, women will fall at the feet of men in piles. Pheromones are very volatile, and act only at an extremely short distance. We can say that this is a "melee weapon." Its use will be effective at parties where a lot of people and close communication are supposed.

Do not spray too much perfume on the body. People around you may not share your passion for aromas.

Perfume with pheromones should be applied in a small amount point to open areas of the body and with great blood flow: cheekbones, earlobes, wrists, elbow and knee bends.

Famous perfumers all over the world create the perfumes of the Sexy Life line. Christian Dior, Chanel, Hugo Boss and many others in the race for the sexiest perfumes invent inventive and crazy pheromone scents.

Christian Dior Homme Sport, Christian Dior Fahrenheit, Chanel Egoiste Platinum, Givenchy pour homme, Lacoste Essential - many women call these fragrances ideal.

Chanel coco

In the ranking of “sexiest fragrances”, Chanel Coco has a special place due to its dizzying sensuality. This perfume is bewitching, mysterious and deep. Chanel Coco managed to express all the versatility of female nature - the fragrance conveys the mystery and sensuality of its owner and literally surrounds her with passionate energy. An amazing combination of restraint and luxury makes the perfume literally stupefying. It is suitable for those ladies who want to reveal their natural magnetism and new facets of character. Oriental notes give the fragrance an even greater secret.

The rating of perfumes in the top of sexuality is 4.9 out of 5.

Initial note: peach, coriander and mandarin.

Heart note mimosa, clove and orange blossom.

Final note: vanilla and sandalwood.

Choosing a Sexy Fragrance

Among loud, persistent, sexual and exciting male spirits it is very easy to get lost. An improperly selected fragrance will repel a woman, make a man sexually unattractive and unpleasant for her. It is unlikely that a respectable person who has perfumed on a social event with the aroma of a teenage series will delight.

To understand the full variety of men's fragrances, it is worth learning a little more about them.

Amber Sky, Ex Nihilo

Ex Nihilo brand recently launched the new unisex fragrance Amber Sky, which opened the Babylon fragrance collection. The aroma combines the traditions of the past and the avant-garde of the present, the eternally hurrying West and the languid unhurried East.

  • base: white cedar, tagua, vanilla, sandalwood, ambergris,
  • top: pear pear, coriander,
  • heart: geranium, nutmeg.

Amber Sky evokes surprisingly conflicting feelings. On the one hand, there are disturbing notes of coriander and geranium, on the other hand, warm vanilla and sandalwood, and all this grandeur of amber completes with a fine thread that runs through the entire trail of aromas and keeps the woman in a sweet expectation. This perfume is suitable for young boys and middle-aged men.

Dior Homme, Christian Dior

The house of Christian Dior has opened its new line of fragrances with the unsurpassed Dior Homme, which has become the standard of masculinity and elegance. French chic, restraint and mystery - this is how Dior Homme speaks.

  • basic: leather, Haitian vetiver, patchouli,
  • top: bergamot, lavender, sage,
  • heart: cardamom, ambergris, cocoa, iris.

About Dior Homme we can say that this is a noble Provence, thanks to notes of iris, sage and lavender. The woody scent of patchouli and vetiver add to the aroma of hardness. Respectability add a touch of skin. Perfume is suitable for men of all age categories.

Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy

This perfume is suitable for sexually relaxed and independent ladies. Gives the image a special luxury, suits a confident lady. The exciting 212 Sexy perfumes promise sweetness and dizzying happiness. Tart musky notes reveal female sexuality and make male fantasies work.

Perfume sexuality rating - 4.6 out of 5.

Initial note: pink pepper, mandarin and bergamot.

Heart note: peach and cotton candy.

Final note: vanilla, sandalwood and white musk.

French Lover, Editions de Parfums Frederic

French Lover has become a classic from the famous perfume brand Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle. This fragrance will not knock down women, it will not excite the imagination with its sweetness. This is the perfume of a balanced, confident, sexy and luxurious man.

  • basic: Haitian vetiver, white moss, oak moss,
  • top: galbanum, red pepper,
  • heart: white cedar, angelica, frankincense.

French Lover is a brutal classic charm for middle-aged and elegant men.

Kingdom of Dreams, LM Parfums

Kingdom of Dreams by LM Parfums from the Intimacy Collection can be classified as unisex. There are no half-tones and deviations, the perfume is filled with unrestrained sexuality and dreams, dreams and fantasies.

  • base: ambergris, musk,
  • top: nutmeg, patchouli, red pepper,
  • heart: Moroccan cedar, vetiver, patchouli.

Kingdom of Dreams inflames desires and feelings, excites blood and carries away into the world of sweet pleasures. The scent for real machos.

Belyanin Valery Pavlovich

Psychologist, Supervisor, Non-medical psychotherapy. Specialist from the site b17.ru

1. Egoiste seems to me a more age-old perfume, for men 30+
2. Female Armand Basi in red is very NRA)) I was not interested in male yet
3. Of the men, I really, really like dolce & gabbana the one and armani mania

baldasarini amber. but it’s a very masculine, dear smell, suitable for a man 35+ Still from the category is not for everyone. Hermes "Terre". I, personally, can’t stand the Guerlain men's perfume. That you list rather banal, recognizable smells. normal but not original.

I like hugo boss soul

For a young guy, Dior Homme Sport will go.

The sexiest for me is dior fahrenheit. Love for life.

What else is suitable for a young man of my age?

What else is suitable for a young man of my age?

The sexiest is Poco Robane One Million

The most bombing are Chanel Allure Homme and Clinique Happy

Chanel allure homme

Prada Luna Rossa. It is a great fragrance. A very tangible note of bitter orange and mint. A beautiful train, keeps on a skin for a long time. In my opinion, it suits young people under 30.

The sexiest perfume in a man is the smell of freshly shaved, freshly washed and clean teeth.

The sexiest perfume in a man is the smell of freshly shaved, freshly washed and clean teeth.

It looks like a female Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, but it has more musk, notes of balm and incense are still felt, even a little gasoline. In general, an interesting loop unobtrusive aroma. It is advisable to spray on a freshly washed body after a shower, but a little, a couple of zilch. Ca pheromones act. I adore him on her husband. I bought it myself. It seems to me that unisex options are just perfect for a young guy.

Dior is immortal
Faroegate is not to be confused with anything. For the summer - Dune

From non-banal - the new Yoshi, something from Hermes. From The Refreshing Givings Play

My husband has ivan saint laurent. such a black bottle. Vobschem I'm going crazy.

My husband has ivan saint laurent. such a black bottle. Vobschem I'm going crazy.

D&G blue light - liked it, got to buy it

Giorgio Armani Acqua di GIO - I know many like it) such an option that you will not lose)
I like Bruno Banani for men)

Tell me:
1) Will Chanel Egoiste Platinum, for example, sit normally on a guy of 20 years old? ANSWER NO. this is for a more mature man. Author, you need easier. you have not grown yet before him, and not everyone goes

Poco robane black xs
the most of the most

For me, Dupont Pour Homme
It just flatters me not childish from this smell. Pheromones there Stole ??

What else is suitable for a young man of my age?

The most bombing are Chanel Allure Homme and Clinique Happy

tom ford tuscan leather

Carolina Hererra "212 VIP"

terre d'hermes wants to sniff it and sniff it. but you're still too small for that)

Fahrenheit don't digest at all
I add to Terra Hermes, but for older
and 212 Carolina Hereres

Giorgio Armani Acqua di GIO - I know many like it) such an option that you will not lose)
I like Bruno Banani for men)

3) The Secret Antonio Banderas for Men

And I do not like perfume on guys, so pheromones can not be caught)

I like Avon's Full Speed ​​Eau de Toilette. trudge straight from this smell.

Very stylish on a young guy - DG Sport. They are a bit sweet. This is the trick.

terre d'hermes wants to sniff it and sniff it. but you're still too small for that)

Recognizable does not mean banal. A banal smell will not be very popular. A recognizable brand (aroma, clothing, electronics) speaks of quality
and those components that the buyer needs.

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10. Kenzo Homme Sport Extreme

This year Kenzo fashion house has been releasing refreshing perfumes for males. It seems that perfumers are always inspired by the warm seasons, the sea and the tropics.

So, a new fragrance Kenzo Homme Sport Extreme associated with clean white sand and the humid forests of remote islands. We can hear the fresh breeze of the sea, as well as refreshing lime notes that end with a train of a noble tree.

The aroma will be appreciated by fans of active sports games, sports cars and a dynamic lifestyle.

Christian Dior Pure Poison

For ladies who want to emphasize and enhance all the sexiest in themselves, a unique, mysterious “woman smell” from Christian Dior is suitable. Gentle seductive notes, pouring, pour into memory and delight the soul. Pure Poison gives impudence and femininity, gives sexuality a unique cut, endowing the owner with magnetism and charm.

On top of the sexiest perfumes, Pure Poison ranks 4.5 out of 5.

Heart note: orange flowers.

Final note: vanilla, tonka bean.

9. Delox by Tiziana Terenzi

Italian perfumers, why hide, know a lot about the production of truly high-quality products that make women from all over the world go crazy.

Sweet and dense aroma Delox by Tiziana Terenzi men who like the combination of fragrant vanilla, noble white cedar, bitter honey, coffee and musk will like it. Agree, a rich blend for a man who wants to emphasize his status.

A work of art reveals the first note of spring hyacinth, to which a chord of iris is joined. The composition ends with a bitter aftertaste of coffee and cedar with an ambergris trail.

8. Bleu De Chanel No. 2

Many women are enthusiastic about the fragrance. Bleu De Chanel No. 2, but the main thing is that men also like him. A noble refined aroma can in some sense be called universal, as it suits men of various ages and occupations.

In the perfumery composition we feel an extravagant bouquet of Sicilian orange, sharp lemon and vetiver, which additionally emphasize subtle woody notes.

In eau de toilette, freshness is revealed in a very original way - with a soft velvety finish.

Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum

A sensual fragrance that combines luxury and unbridled sexuality in one bottle. This fragrance literally destroys simplicity and tranquility - the passion and audacity of this perfume is associated with a primitive, predatory feminine feeling. Roberto Cavalli eau de parfum is able to kindle in the soul of men the most real unbridled flame.

In the top of the sexiest fragrances, Roberto Cavalli eau de parfum earned 4.5 points out of 5.

Heart note: orange flowers.

Final note: vanilla and tonka bean.

7. Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua

It is one of the leaders in the scents of this summer and autumn in the best tradition of light aquatic bouquets. Many women believe that Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua has in its heart the whole depth of the ocean and a fresh cold breeze.

Perfume is ideal for young men who are not afraid of bold decisions and risk. Even a bottle of toilet water looks like a cup from a competition.

The bouquet contains fresh components of yuzu and guayak, which give the youth perfume a certain charm. That is why men in the prime of life can also pay attention to this memorable novelty.

Exciting fragrance rating table

Perfumery scents of sex are real works of art from world famous perfumers. Any of the described toilet waters can turn a head to any man. Evidence of this is the enthusiastic reviews of both sexes.

In the ranking of fragrances that excite, perfumes were distributed as follows:

No.Perfume NameRating
1.Calvin klein euphoria5/5
2.Chanel coco4,9/5
3.Versace Eros Pour Femme4,8/5
4.L’Extase Nina Ricci4,7/5
5.Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy4,6/5
6.Yves Saint Laurent Opium4,6/5
7.Christian Dior Pure Poison4,6/5
8.Roberto Cavalli eau de parfum4,5/5
9.Paco Rabanne Olympea4,4/5

Unbelievable! Find out who is the most beautiful woman on the planet 2019!

6. Sauvage Very Cool by Christian Dior

One of the most famous fashion houses does not forget to delight fans with new products. So, in 2019, the composition was released Sauvage Very Cool by Christian Dior, which, according to the designers themselves, is suitable for passionate and handsome men.

Perfumed water is additionally produced in the form of a spray, which, as men say, is quite convenient. The bouquet begins with a tart sourness and aroma of citrus, which is complemented by spicy bergamot, bitter grapefruit and hot pepper.

In the heart of the composition you can feel the freshness of vetiver, the unusual bitterness of geraniums, the oriental sweet patchouli and the tenderness of lavender. A luxurious train of ambroxan and exquisite white cedar adds a perfume of rigor and moderation.

Black Afgano, Nassomato

Nassomato's Black Afgano men's perfume belongs to the unisex line, but due to its unique composition on representatives of the opposite sexes, it is revealed in completely different ways.

  • base: incense, oud,
  • top: canabis,
  • heart: coffee, tar, tobacco.

The scent of a similar Black Afgano does not exist in the world. It is stunning, crazy in its dynamics and perception of fireworks of smells. Men with a strong character, avant-garde artists with a free heart will appreciate Black Afgano.

5. Obsession by Calvin Klein

Title Obsession by Calvin Klein already translated as "clothes". Obviously, the perfume is designed to win women's hearts from the first seconds. The effect is achieved with bright cedar and bergamot, a little interspersed vanilla, refreshing lime and spicy coriander.

Perfumers themselves recommend their masterpiece for an evening out, with a warm aroma more suitable for the cold seasons. The aroma is quite persistent and catchy, and rare woody notes add a twist.

It is noteworthy that pheromones are also present in the composition of the perfume composition.

4. London for Men by Burberry

Popular fragrance London for Men by Burberry literally absorbed the whole aristocratic and cool atmosphere of London with its urbanism and ancient traditions.

A stylish and respectable man who dresses in branded stores and drives a good car will appreciate the amber-woody notes of eau de parfum.

The composition begins with the freshness of bergamot and spicy pungency of black peppercorns, as well as cheeky cinnamon and fragrant lavender. In the heart of the perfume a bouquet of expensive leather, exquisite mimosa flowers and elite port wine is revealed. The base of the composition is saturated with tobacco leaves, as well as notes of a rare guaiac tree, forest moss and soft oppoponax.

3. Absolute Pour Homme by Gucci Guilty

The luxurious fragrance is designed for status men who love exclusive clothing, quality accessories and expensive cars. Absolute Pour Homme by Gucci Guilty - This is a complex and very persistent composition, in the chords of which leather notes are presented, the immense freshness of the evergreen cypress and the spicy patchouli train.

The culmination of the bouquet is a combination of exquisite woody notes, smoky vetiver threads, fresh scents of coniferous forest.

2. Straight to Heaven

One of the favorite perfumes of men and women Straight to heaven, which was offered by the Kilian fashion house, is a story about successful business and complete satisfaction with life.

Many people consider the fragrance to be luxurious, brutal and seductive. The aroma is amazing, not using aphrodisiacs and pheromones in the composition.

You can not call the composition of the train, rather a bright aroma manages to merge with the natural smell of the skin. Also, at first glance, the bouquet seems concise and strict, but it is revealed very unusual - with clean and sharp notes of frosted cedar, oriental patchouli, tender jasmine and elite rum.

1. Pelargonium by Aedes de Venustas

Men who love the classic scents of musk and wood prefer sweet perfume. Pelargonium by Aedes de Venustas.

Initially, the fragrance could be considered unisex, but the notes of wood moss, spicy bergamot and cardamom included in it are more suitable for confident and independent representatives of the stronger sex.

A list of possible gifts for the coming holidays is now ready. Surprise your male or spouse friends with the most popular scents in 2019.


  • Pardon, Hindu Grass, Narcotic Venus - Nassomato
  • Essential, Challenge Black, 12.12 - Lacoste
  • Dune Pour Homme, Higher Energy, Fahrenheit Parfum - Christian Dior.

Do not forget that for different life cases and situations, you should choose your own perfume: romantic and elegant for dates, fresh and tonic for sports, light and unobtrusive for work.

Properly selected aroma will complete the holistic image of a man and will not leave indifferent any woman. A man who decides to find the single sexiest men's fragrance that attracts the fairer sex has a difficult task to choose from, but it's worth it.

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