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Gavrosh haircut for medium hair

It is no secret that with the help of a haircut and proper styling a general image of a man is formed, his presentable and harmoniously harmonious style. Only such a man is successful among the opposite sex, and most importantly, he achieves his goals. For men who have a rebellious character and are creative people, stylists today strongly recommend trying on a haircut haircut option.

In fact, the male haircut gavrosh was originally a children's model and enjoyed success among preschool children and teenage boys. Today, hairdressers have developed an adult version of gavrosh, a haircut differs in volume, free styling and an extraordinary appearance. Haircut came to Russia from France of the 70s and today is at the peak of popularity.

Features of male hairstyle hairstyle

Gavrosh haircut today by stylists belongs to the category of retro styles and extraordinary models, thanks to which a man can radically change his image and appearance. The peak of the popularity of haircuts in Russia dates back to the 80s of the last century, it was worn by such world legends as Viktor Tsoi and Konstantin Kinchev. In America, the same haircut had a different name - mallet.

Today gavrosh is considered a convenient and stylish haircut for boys of school age and men much older. Such epithets as an athlete and a dude fit in one haircut - this is gavrosh, it was often tried on by the image of famous musicians and TV stars, as well as football players. The peculiarity of this haircut is the pronounced contrast between the lengths of the hair on the top and back of the head.

At the top, stylists advise leaving hair of medium length, but from the beginning of the parietal region and along the back of the head, the hair will be several levels longer. Whiskey in this haircut needs to be arranged a little shorter than the hair on the top. For children, the hair from the back can be let go to the very shoulders, adult men make the back of the head much shorter. Ideal haircut will look on wavy and thick hair.


As already mentioned earlier, haircut havrosh fits several styles and directions at once. In it, you can consider a model of a sports, rocker or romantic hairstyle for men of all ages. Other benefits include the following:

  • universality - a haircut looks spectacular on hair of any color and structure,
  • ease of care - to form a hairstyle, the hair should take a free form without any tricks and the use of styling products for styling,
  • a haircut harmoniously looks on men with any face shape and any type of appearance,
  • variety - to change the image, a man can experiment with styling options, since we are talking about a sufficient length of hair and the presence of a bang.

It is also worth noting that any men's hairstyle hairstyle is combined with both a classic strict style in clothes, and with a sports or youth style, whether it is rock, grunge, casual or military. At the front, the haircut shape embodies masculinity, restraint and brutality, behind - the violent disposition, creative nature, rebellion and love of freedom. Haircuts can be worn in the form of everyday, business, extreme or careless styling.

Types of haircuts

Today gavrosh hairstyle for men can be done by stylists or hairdressers in several interpretations, according to fashion trends and deep-rooted traditions. If a man chose one of the types of gavrosh, he will always stand out from the crowd, attracting attention from the environment. Hair can be straightened for a straight fit, fixed with a swirl or create volume with wavy strands.

70s classic

Initially, a haircut appeared in France, as mentioned earlier, in the 70s of the last century. Then the haircut looked like this:

  • short hair on the temporoparietal part of the head,
  • on the top of the head a little longer
  • long hair at the back of the head, flowing down to the shoulders.

This haircut was immediately appreciated by rock singers and various musicians, as well as men with a non-standard outlook on life. Retro style requires such a whirlwind of hair at the top and loose long strands at the back of the head. The haircut was then worn so that the hair was combed back, but kept the volume. You can achieve this result with the help of cosmetics for fixation.

Modern option

Today gavrosh haircut has a lot of interpretations and styling according to fashion trends and innovations of stylists. But two accents still remain - a short crown of the head and an elongated nape. But with styling a man can experiment. A haircut can be worn with a straight or oblique bangs, straight, but thick and voluminous strands are permissible.

For men of considerable age, stylists advise making the length at the back of the head shorter than the original retro version of gavrosh requires. Today, a milled bang is becoming an addition to the hairstyle. You can also experiment with parting, combing your hair not just backward, but sideways, creating an asymmetry. On short temples, elements of a figured clipping are permissible. Also in fashion today gavrosh with a clear edging in the style of Caesar, or gavrosh, laid out by the Iroquois.

Children's gavrosh for boys

Most often, today gavrosh is worn by guys of about the same age as the founder of the haircut, the eleven-year-old tomboy. If the parents designed the child a haircut in the children's version of gavrosh, there is every chance to become famous in the children's team as a dude. It is only important that the children's version implies soft and smooth transitions of lengths.

If the child is about 3 years old, in this case, stylists recommend the classic version with the back of the head to the shoulders, but a gradual transition is desirable between the levels of lengths. Teenagers are better suited for shortened gavrosh, such an imitation of a football player’s haircut. In addition, the short model will harmoniously fit into the dress code of the school uniform. Smooth hair can be combed smoothly back, wavy look perfect with a whirlwind on the top and back of the head.

What does a haircut from the 70s look like in 2019?

The surge in popularity of this unusual haircut happened almost 50 years ago. Since then, she has never completely lost sight of. Her popularity remained at approximately the same level. But in recent years, modern women of different ages again and again increasingly choose for themselves this bright and original haircut. It is especially relevant for short and medium hair.

The name "Gavrosh" comes from the book of Hugo. That was the name of one of her characters - a teenager with a perky and somewhat sloppy hairstyle. If even 2-3 decades ago the discussed haircut was more often chosen by men or girls who were fond of rock and roll and intentionally emphasizing that they were not too concerned about their own appearance, today everything has changed.

In recent years, this hairstyle is very popular among mature women. Hairdressers began to do it a little differently. Now each strand has its own place, and there is no more “chaos” in the hairstyle. Women neatly stack it using special means.

If earlier for haircutting Gavrosh, the bangs were most often simply randomly cut, getting asymmetric locks, now they make it even and oblique. The final choice depends on the shape of the face and other features of the girl’s appearance.

In 2019, one of the most popular options is Gavrosh with a shortened straight bang. It is cut so that almost the entire forehead is open. All that remains is a line of hair of minimum length at the very top. This haircut option looks very stylish and modern.

Photo gallery

To appreciate all the advantages and delights of the haircut retro haircut, its modern varieties and the children's version, just look at the photo.

Who needs a haircut by type of face, age?

The most important feature of this haircut is its versatility. It suits almost everyone. And - not only to the fair sex, but also to men.

It does not matter at all: straight or curly hair in a person, thick or sparse, as well as other similar characteristics.

Even 20 years ago, hairdressers assured that the hairstyle goes exclusively to young mischievous girls. But in recent years, everything has changed. The haircut itself was slightly transformed, which means that it has been increasingly chosen by serious adult women.

But sometimes the haircut Gavrosh is still used for the purpose of diverting attention from small natural imperfections in appearance.

Who would go for a haircut?What result will be achieved?
Girls with a square or triangular faceSymmetrical curls on 2 sides will smooth high cheekbones and visually slightly change the shape of the face, bringing it closer to the treasured oval
Owners of medium curly hairAll day hairstyle will look attractive and will not require re-styling
Women with insufficiently thick and thin hairProperly cut Gavrosh creates the effect of lush and thick hair, even if in fact they are not

Women with a round face can also afford this haircut. But they just need to choose not its classic version, but asymmetric.

There are cases in which it is not entirely appropriate. For example, a strict business style in the image. Therefore, choosing a haircut for yourself Gavrosh is not worth the bank employees, government employees and everyone who has a strict dress code at work.


The men's French haircut gavrosh was successful in Soviet times, but thanks to legendary personalities like Viktor Tsoi and the desire of fans to follow, today gavrosh is still in great demand and popularity. And updated versions of gavrosh bring novelty and fresh accents to the appearance and image of any man. In boys, gavrosh shows childlike spontaneity, rebellion, courage and responsiveness, which was so characteristic of the hero himself in the novel of Hugo's “Les Miserables”.

Features haircut Gavrosh on medium hair

Gavrosh haircut on medium hair, a photo of which can be seen later in the article, has several features characteristic of any type:

  • slanting whiskey
  • elongated strands at the back of the hairstyle,
  • significant volume at the crown.

These characteristics make the hairstyle universal. To look great, sometimes it’s enough to shake your hair and gently lay it with your fingers dipped in gel.

If the haircut is done on medium length hair, then you should take care of the bangs. Then the whole hairstyle will look more harmonious. In this case, the bangs can be any - even, oblique, asymmetric. It is also believed that Gavrosh for medium hair is not suitable for owners of naughty thin and highly fluffy strands. But this option is optimal for curly girls.

Performing a haircut on medium-length hair, the master will remove mainly the length from the sides, and also work with bangs. But the top of the head will hardly affect. The lowest strands can remain even up to the shoulder blades. In this case, the girl will always be able to collect them in a beautiful high tail and, if necessary, make spectacular evening / holiday hairstyles.

Particularly interesting is Gavrosh for medium hair looks with the original dyeing. For example, when coloring, highlighting, highlighting individual strands with bright colors. Of course, when choosing the appropriate option in this case, you need to take into account the woman's age, her place of work, hobbies.

Haircut variations with and without bangs

Today, there are several variations of haircut Gavroche.

Among them, there are 5 main ones:

  • classical - usually performed with bangs and the latter, together with strands at the temples, forms a neat triangle,
  • with symmetrical strands - while the back hair remains as long as possible, and the rest is gradually shortened towards the frontal part, reaching a peak in the temples,
  • with an emphasis on bangs, which (depending on the structure of the hair and the type of woman’s face) can be straight, asymmetric, even, milled,
  • with thinning strands - the hairstyle is voluminous, lush, airy, even if the hair is thin and sparse,
  • asymmetric - bangs are cut obliquely, and the length of all the hair on the sides is different.

The listed hairstyle options can be performed on hair of different lengths. But they look most interesting on the middle one.

Sometimes girls for a long time can not choose for themselves the best variation of hairstyle or change their mind after visiting a hairdresser. But you don’t need to constantly cut your hair again to try different styles of Gavrosh. After washing your hair, it’s quite simple to lay the strands differently. For example, throw them on the other side of the hairstyle.

Male Gavrosh

Gavrosh haircut, as already noted above, was originally male. Or rather - teenage. It was most often chosen for themselves by schoolchildren. Over time, stylists have developed an adult version of the hairstyle. It turned out to be more voluminous with free perky styling.

The main feature of the male version of the haircut is a bright contrast between the length of the hair on the back of the head and crown. Whiskey is made very short. The hair on the crown is usually left medium length. But on the crown of the head and along the back of the head it should be as long as possible.

Gavrosh is suitable for the stronger sex of any age and appearance.

If a man has a bang of sufficient length, he will be able to style his hair daily in different ways. Gavrosh haircut goes well with a mustache and beard. Men love her for the lack of need for constant care. For example, you can even style your hair without special styling products.

Men's haircut Gavrosh looks very stylish in the photo, if you choose the right shape.

Unlike the female, the male Gavrosh goes well with the classic style in clothes. The hairstyle is in harmony with both leather jackets, boots, and with a strict business suit.

Step by step instructions haircut Gavrosh at home

To be sure of an excellent result of a haircut, it is worth performing in the salon of an experienced stylist. Using clear instructions, you can get a haircut at home, but at the same time, the master should have at least minimal experience in hairdressing, otherwise the result will not be at all what was expected.


Gavrosh haircut on medium hair, photo bark is presented later in the article, most often chosen by women in the classical variation. Before the procedure, wash your hair and leave the strands moist.

Haircut technique:

  1. You need to start from the bottom of the head. Remove the length with a blunt cut.
  2. Separate the temporal parts and shorten each strand, pulling it to the face and laying one on top of the other. The new one should be about 1 cm longer than the last. If necessary, leave hair on your bangs.
  3. Go to the parietal zone, dividing it into 2 identical parts. Separating by thin strands, profile each and cut the length, focusing on the back of the head. In the process, move from the crown to the chin.
  4. At this stage, you need to decide on the bangs and cut it according to the standard scheme. If it is not needed, then skip the step.

It remains to dry the hair and make a spectacular styling.


Gavrosh haircut on medium hair, the photo of which will tell you how it looks, is more difficult to perform with the asymmetric length of the strands.

In general, the scheme is still the same with some changes:

  1. Separate the bottom layer from wet hair. Just cut it to the desired length.
  2. Separate the remaining hair on the sides and top with even partings (horizontal!). They will form layers. Each cut in such a way that it was 1 cm shorter than the next. Moreover, cut strands asymmetrically from 2 sides.
  3. At the temples, extend the lower strand - to the cheekbone. Upper - to the cheek. Also make them asymmetrical on 2 sides.
  4. Moving from the center of the crown to the face, cut off the remaining hair with thinning scissors.
  5. If you need to make a bang, you will need to go very smoothly from the back of the head to the forehead. She should not be forced out of the whole hairstyle.

Mandatory thinning during the cutting process so that the hair does not look like straight “icicles”. This procedure will make them more airy, voluminous, lighter.

For thick hair

Owners of thick hair with a haircut just can not do without thinning scissors. They will make the hairstyle look more well-groomed.

Haircut Scheme:

  1. Assemble the crown and stab with clamps.
  2. Form in the front of 2 temporal and 1 parietal area.
  3. Select a bang zone or skip this step.
  4. Comb the hair on the back of the head, straighten and cut off as in the classic version. Profile strands.
  5. Cut hair in zones from the back of the head to the front, pulling it to the face and making the new strand 1 cm shorter than the last.

With straight blades in this hairstyle, you can cut only the bottom layer. And in the end, it is imperative to process each strand with thinning scissors.

For curly hair

To easily and easily cut curly hair, you will need to thoroughly wet them. Even better if you can straighten them beforehand.

Then the haircut will be carried out exactly according to the classical scheme:

  1. Evenly remove the length from the back of the head.
  2. Leave a bang, and separate the strands at the temples and shorten each, pulling to the chin.
  3. Divide the parietal zone into 2 parts and alternately cut the length of thin strands.
  4. Cut a straight or oblique bang.
  5. Use your fingers to check the length of all the strands, to correct errors, if any.

If a bang is not needed in the hairstyle, this step is simply skipped.

Haircut care

Gavrosh haircut is very easy to care for. And it doesn’t matter whether it is made for long, short or medium hair. Numerous photos of the owners of such a hairstyle suggest that she looks great even with minimal care. Usually it is enough to wash your hair with the usual tool and gently comb all the locks. In this case, you get a perky and even a bit sloppy hairstyle.

If you want to do more accurate styling, you need to arm yourself with a hairdryer, a round comb, as well as mousse or foam for styling. The result is fixed with varnish or a special gel.

The main rule is to regularly update the discussed haircut.

Overgrown strands of Garosh of different lengths quickly begin to look not well-groomed. In addition, they begin to fit hard. It is advisable to visit the hairdresser every 4-5 weeks.

General description

Victor Hugo in his novel Les Miserables created the image of the brave, charismatic boy Gavrosh. Thinly describing the inner world, the author did not particularly pay attention to the external appearance. Based on a fictional character endowed with courage, determination, kindness, stylists created a cult haircut in the 60s. It was used not only for men, the hairstyle is also popular among the female half of the population. A neat shape with an extension is chosen by creative people who want to stand out from the crowd.

In the 80s, such models enjoyed massive success, created the idols of millions, musicians Viktor Tsoi, Konstantin Kinchev. Images quickly became popular among young people. We emphasized the original haircut with a bandage, the hairstyle also combined perfectly with other rocker accessories.

The fashion for such a model began to decline in the early 90's. A participant in one of the boy’s band Mike Dee criticized the hairstyle to the last, comparing the original form with the unkempt hair of ancient people. But in the early 2000s, Gavrosh again returned to the hairdresser's fashion, but in a more modern version. The new form became neat, elegant, clear geometry of lines was traced.

A classic men's haircut includes an elongated nape, a contrastingly short crown and whiskey. There are options with parting, as well as combed strands back or voluminous bangs. It is performed on a different hair structure, straight, curly curly. To create it is necessary to grow a length reaching the shoulders.

Modern variants of Gavrosh include many models. Complemented with thick, straight, oblique bangs, careless curls or smooth strands. Retro-haircut involves a longer neck, today's hairstyle harmonizes the contrast of long and short areas. Not the most relevant trend of recent years, but her fans continue to cut their hair in this way.

Laying methods, instructions

There are several types of easy laying of Gavrosh at home. All of them are performed using a regular hair dryer and a round comb.

Daily styling:

  1. Wash or wet hair.
  2. Apply mousse to the strands.
  3. Screw each curl onto a round comb and dry thoroughly with a hairdryer.

Business styling:

  1. Wet curls and treat with mousse.
  2. Dry your hair, helping yourself comb, directing the strands back.
  3. Cover your hair with a little varnish.

Evening styling:

  1. Wet curls and smear them with mousse.
  2. Dry hair with a hairdryer in a chaotic manner, gently rounding the strands with combs.
  3. Fix the result with gel or varnish.

The most courageous girls can build on their hair a kind of miniature mohawk, fix it with a strong fixation gel, dry and fix with varnish. This is a great hairstyle option for a noisy party, vacation, when bold experiments with your images are appropriate.

You can make haircut Gavrosh on medium hair even at home. The main thing is to strictly follow the prompts of hairdressers. What version of hairstyle and styling is most suitable for a woman, they will be prompted with photos of famous owners of a haircut with different types of appearance.

Who is suitable for

The hairstyle is chosen by men who want to stand out from the crowd. Against the background of the popular underker and short classic models, Gavrosh looks original. Often used for preschoolers, as well as for boys of primary school age. Hairstyle emphasizes angel curls on the back of the head, suitable for children under 3 years old.

Tip. It is not recommended to choose similar models for adolescents, especially retrovariants performed on long curls.

Who is suitable for:

  • modern versions of Gavrosh can be used by mature men, as well as stylish young people, also suitable as a children's haircut,
  • performed on thick straight, curly, curly locks, the model allows you to put in order naughty hair without cutting the length completely,
  • the combination of short strands of the crown and elongation at the back of the head suits guys with an elongated, triangular, diamond-shaped oval, it is not recommended for round, square faces with a massive, pronounced chin,
  • combined with various stylistic trends, elegant classics, shocking glamor, suitable for a rocker look,
  • complexion does not matter it is important that the tone is uniform without redness and pigmentation, the hair focuses on the face, so it will not be possible to hide external imperfections,
  • creative people who prefer to create fashion rather than follow the latest trends choose haircuts; elongated hairstyles are suitable for the image of an artist, musician, fashion designer, designer, architect, for those whose calling to create and create.

Haircut for overweight men is contraindicated, it is not recommended to perform after 50 years. The model emphasizes sparse hair, the appearance of bald patches, gray hair. Gavrosh is a hairstyle for young and courageous people who want to shock with their appearance, ready for various experiments.


The hairstyle was named after the character of the novel Victor Hugo. Poor homeless children had the opportunity to participate in the 1848 revolutionary movement. A boy with tousled hair helped adults in the Paris barricades: he brought them cartridges found in the pockets of those killed. A teenager died helping those fighting for freedom and independence. The description of the ruffled head of a tomboy remains in human memory.

For the first time, a hairstyle with the name of the hero Hugo appeared in the second half of the twentieth century in France. Gavrosh women's haircut was very popular in the 70s of the last century. Recently, the hairstyle has again become a trend. There are a lot of new options. Its main feature is still some mess on the head. The perky, disheveled and somewhat sloppy hairstyle really suits ladies who are self-confident.

The haircut reflects the notes of rebellion, so bright coloring, colorful highlighting of the hair gives the wearer a stunning look. She looks perfect on a mobile mature woman and a young fragile romantic person. French elegance blends wonderfully with a rebellious and cheeky spirit.

In the twentieth century, the hairstyle was distributed exclusively among young people, in our days it is preferred by young ladies of all ages. A suitable haircut option can be selected for people with any face shape, with different types of hair structure. The desired effect is achieved due to thinning, due to which the multilayer hairstyle looks chaotic, careless and voluminous.

The highlight of the hairstyle is the shortened front and side curls, as well as a magnificent voluminous cap at the crown.

It is desirable to diversify a haircut with a bang:

  • oblique and long lock gives the image mystery,
  • a straight bang in the shape of a hat indicates romance,
  • asymmetric bangs add extravagance to the image, extravagance,
  • sloppy lock is involved in creating a boyish image,
  • the triangular fringe extends from both temples to the nose and adds sophistication to the look.

The model without bangs implies combing the hair back. She gives the image carelessness and grace at the same time. Women who are not able to devote much time to hair styling, as well as self-confident young ladies are able to appreciate all the delights of a haircut. Laying does not require a lot of time. It is enough to ruffle the hair with your fingers.

Execution Technology:

  • hair must be washed or sprinkled with water from a spray bottle,
  • then you need to separate the hair into bunches that you need to grab with clips or hairpins, then they will not interfere with the haircut process,
  • first, a blunt cut of the lower occipital row is made, while too thick hair must be subjected to very careful thinning,
  • it is necessary to turn the hair horizontally,
  • processing of the temporal region occurs in the following way - the beam is pulled to the face and cut, each successive beam is superimposed on the previous one and cut a centimeter longer,
  • the parietal zone is divided into equal shares, then, moving from the crown to the face, small bundles are subjected to thinning,
  • Next, you need to come to a decision on what the bangs will be like, possibly its complete absence,
  • then you should check the length of each curl by pinching it with two fingers,
  • at the end, a hairdryer and hair styling are performed using a thin comb, if necessary, use varnish.

The versatility of a haircut is that it equally goes to face women, men and children. The existing different hairstyle options make it possible to cut any model individually. Gavrosh will help to correct the flaws of the face, emphasize its merits. The haircut technique is affected by the texture and density of the hairs. The technique directly depends on the color and length of the strands. The general scheme of the haircut is the same. Some nuances depend directly on the species.

Can I cut my hair myself

It is difficult to make a haircut at home, the model requires professional skills. In the cabin, the cost depends on the experience, qualifications of the master, as well as the performance features. It is possible to supplement with staining, create patterns on shaved areas. On average, the price varies from 600 to 2000 rubles.

To perform, you need a standard hairdresser kit:

  • crest,
  • spray gun
  • straight blade scissors
  • thinning scissors.

Execution technology

The classical scheme suggests an elongated nape, crown, crown and temples are cut short. There are several variations with a slanting bang, an open forehead, strands laid on one side or back in the form of a mohawk. But the basis of all the variations is the traditional technology of cutting:

  1. It is carried out on clean, moist curls. Thinning is used to create a ragged edge effect.
  2. Separate the nape of the neck with a horizontal parting, hair on the crown, crown of the crown with clips.
  3. Trim starting from the neckline, moving up. The technique of blunt cut and even edging is used.
  4. Divide the middle and upper part of the nape into squares, cut with a shortening of each level by 1 cm, moving to the crown.
  5. In the temporal region, perform a T-shaped parting. Trim strands with thinning scissors, pulling hair to the face. The level of thinning should match the length of the upper occipital area.
  6. In the crown, divide the hair with horizontal partings. Mow thinning scissors, focusing on the length of the strands of the upper occipital part. Moving from the crown of the head to the face, the result is a bang that can be laid back or left carelessly falling on the forehead.

Fashionable men's haircut for long hair.

Who is Gavrosh

The charismatic eleven-year-old boy, the hero of the epic novel V. Hugo's Les Miserables, had this name. His fate was largely determined by Paris, on the streets of which he, abandoned by his parents, lived. The house for Gavrosh was the so-called Elephant of the Bastille - a huge sculpture on the site of the ruined notorious fortress.

Hugo spoke about the kind heart and courage of this street boy, but rather sparingly described his appearance without mentioning his hairdo. However, the image of Gavrosh dictated the features of the original haircut, which was developed and modernized by the stylists of the 1960s. Today, this hairstyle remains popular for men - both mature and very young.

History and advantages of the model

What does a classic men's hairstyle look like? Her silhouette is formed by long hair in the back of the head and shorter ones on the top of the head and temples (see photo). Gavrosh allows parting, but most often hair is laid without it.

In the Soviet Union, this men's hairstyle has been very popular for a long time. It was worn by Viktor Tsoi and Konstantin Kinchev - idols and demigods of the 1980s. A male haircut was done mainly with a razor, then it was aligned on the fingers and completed with a fringing. The hair was trimmed shortly around the entire circumference of the head, leaving the back almost to the length of the shoulders.

In America, gavrosh haircut had another name - mallet. In the mid-1990s this popular male haircut was criticized by Mike Dee - a member of the acclaimed music group Beastie Boys. He wrote in an article for a magazine owned by the collective: “There are approximately 100,000 hairs on a person’s head. Men and women shaved them, braided them, dyed them and made them comb for millennia. And such a phenomenon as mallet was not invented at all now.Mallet is rooted in a deep history when people were covered in hair. And although the Neanderthal did not have a hair dryer, mousse and other styling products, he completely ignored the rules of personal hygiene. ” By this, Mike Dee wanted to say that modern people should not become like their ancestors, choosing a hairstyle with a specific shape.

Criticism for a long time destroyed the fashion for mallet in America. They spoke sardonically about this man’s hairstyle: “Front is an entrepreneur, and behind is a rock star”. In Russia, gavrosh also became unpopular with the end of the 1990s. However, now in show business there is a revival of fashion for this men's haircut. So, Dima Bilan wore it for quite a while.


The classic version is perfect for short hair. It is amazingly suitable for medium-length hair. The classic look resembles a neat hat at the top of the head with bunches directed towards the face. Shreds may look like feathers sticking out in different directions depending on the stylist’s design.


The asymmetry of short and long tufts of hair creates a certain contrast. Unusually short crown tops look unusual in combination with smooth temples, smooth bangs and long torn scraps hanging from the neck to the shoulders. Asymmetric haircuts need frequent corrections.

How to choose?

Many stylists agree that the hairstyle is inappropriate in several cases:

  • it is not suitable for cheeky people with large features and a thick neck, since these flaws will be protruded,
  • too bright makeup does not harmonize with the hairdo, gives the girl a defiant look,
  • does not go to respectable and reserved ladies, workers of very serious organizations.

Gavrosh wonderfully suits mature business ladies with flawless make-up, perfectly suits miniature fragile young ladies. Women 60-70 years old will like a multi-layer haircut. It is in harmony with straight and wavy strands. Bangs help hide wrinkles on the forehead. Curls falling on the neck will cover the changed shape of the chin. At this age, it is best to choose a classic style.

This option is perfect for women 50 years old. A short haircut gives the image freshness, courage and lightness, emphasizes the expressiveness of the eyes and smiles. Wrinkles become less noticeable. Hairstyle visually rejuvenates its owner.

For women after 40-45 years, the voluminous crown and even milled fringe will correct some irregularities in the oval of the face. You can give your hair a ragged effect. Curls on the cheekbones will descend to the chin area, and lacerated bangs will begin in the crown area.

Thirty-year-old ladies fit bangs, trimmed with torn bunches. The temporal part is subjected to thinning, rather long strands are left. On the middle head of hair, only the crown is milled. Elongated curls hang from behind. Asymmetric bangs fall over the eyes.

It is best for young women to concentrate short or slightly elongated hair at the top of their heads. Such styling will give the girl disheveled and enthusiasm. A hairstyle from long hair will help to create an eccentric and rebellious image. On the back of the head you need to leave curls of different lengths, and it is advisable to cut the whiskey. A torn asymmetric bangs will do. Uneven coloring in extremely catchy tones, flashy highlighting will complement the bold image.

Children's haircut has some differences from adult hairstyles. Usually, children are shortly cut their whiskey, leaving elongated locks on the top of their heads. Elongated bangs are laid forward or slightly to the side. To create chaos on the head, tousled hair raised up is fixed with a children's gel. Haircut wonderfully corrects children's chubby cheeks. It is ideal for thin hairs.

Hairstyle is very popular among boys 8-10 years old.

By hair type

All young ladies with thin hair, the hairstyle will give volume. Mowing must be done at right angles. Highlighting on dark hair will provide visibility of the missing volume. Young ladies with thick hair are advised to choose an unusual haircut option. The volume and softening of the hairstyle is achieved by thinning and coloring.

Gavrosh haircut is ideal for women with medium hair length. On the back of the head, strands of different lengths are often left, and torn shreds in front. Recommend to issue a triangular or oblique bangs. Suitable options for cutting medium-length hair are 3 types:

  • a symmetrical haircut is intended for owners of not very voluminous hair, it assumes the presence of very short strands on the temples, medium bundles on the sides and long curls on the back,
  • the most popular milled version is a multilayer hairstyle with the appearance of a solid volume, which is important for styling,
  • a haircut with a bang has many varieties, the choice depends on the individual preferences of the owner of the hairstyle.

Lovers of long hair appreciate the hairstyle because it can be used to transform the appearance without shortening the curls. Only the crown of the head changes, but the length remains the same. Often, thick hair is turned into torn scraps with a razor or “hot” scissors. Finishing of ends of long hair is also provided. It depends on the hairstyle wearer's preferences.

A short hairstyle goes perfectly with asymmetrical bangs. The original short haircut will work if you make torn shreds in the temporal region. The bundles must be arranged in a chaotic gradation. It is advisable to hang an oblique bang on one side and casually sharpen it. The topmost crown curls should be cut very short. The back of the head is decorated with long strands. Filtration of each beam will help to achieve the effect of layering.

Gavrosh looks great on his head with straight hair. Wavy strands look less spectacular. Elastic curls are good on the top in combination with longer occipital curls. Curly short-cut bunches look simply amazing. Too curly hairstyle gives the image flirty and playfulness, and sometimes sloppy.

By face type

Long-necked owners of clear cheekbones haircut fits perfectly. All hairstyle options with an oval face are also perfectly combined.

The triangular type needs an oblique bang, which will hide the upper part of the face and smooth out the angularity of the chin. Hairstyle can be made from long, medium and short hair.

On the fair sex with a square face, the classic version, made on medium strands, looks good. Triangular beams on the temples give the angular cheekbones softness, visually reduce their volume.

An asymmetrical haircut is amazingly suitable for a round face. Elongated tufts of hair will create the appearance of elongation and easy elongation. Sticking out in different directions, it is desirable to bleach curls. The presence of an elongated oblique bangs will help to smooth the roundness of the face.

The ultra-short gavrosh does not fit at all with cheeky girls with big eyes. Such a model completely reveals the face, so it will suit persons with the right features.

Styling options and secrets

Children's models are represented by characteristic elongated strands on the back of the head, the crown and temples are cut short. Suitable for preschoolers, stylish haircuts do not require special styling, except for combing, as well as regular updates at the hairdresser. They are performed on straight, slightly curly hair, the model does not limit the activity of the child, the hair will not interfere or get confused during the game.

Trimmed whiskey and elongated strands on the crown of the head and neck allow you to create a fashionable mohawk. The hairstyle is suitable for special occasions, requires styling, the use of styling products. In the daily version, the haircut looks more chaotic, does not prevent the boys from playing sports, playing with peers. Thanks to the neat edging, it is also suitable for school everyday life. It is performed on a different hair structure, it is easy to give the desired shape to thin straight strands, as well as hard curls.

The classic "Gavrosh" as if descended from the pages of the novel by V. Hugo. Easy shabby haircut creates a stylish dynamic hairstyle, popular among schoolchildren. It is performed on thick, even or slightly curly strands. Combined with bangs, the length of which must be controlled. The hairstyle is suitable for young gentlemen who are read out by historical novels, dream of being like brave knights.

The male version of Gavrosh for straight hair involves thinning of elongated strands. The technique makes it easier to stack, the main volume is distributed at the crown, smoothly goes to the back of the head. Haircut maximizes attention on the face, suits men with a regular and elongated oval. Creative hairstyles choose haircuts, can be combined with neat whiskers and a short well-groomed beard.

A sloppy version with an elongated bang and a side parting suits tall, slender men. Thanks to the falling strands, you can adjust the external data, emphasize the expressive look. It is performed on medium length, thick and sparse hair. Daily care will not cause difficulties, but the stylish form requires the use of styling products, the dynamics are easily created with a hairdryer and a blowed comb. Suitable for young people and mature men, combined with various varieties of casual style.

The haircut can be styled in the shape of a mohawk. On short models, it looks bold, creative, corresponds to a rebellious image. On locks of average length it is possible to execute elegant, classical styling. Styling opens the forehead, focuses on the features. Recommended for men with a regular, elongated triangular oval.

Attention! The haircut can be supplemented with drawings in the temple area, creating a unique pattern.

Mature men prefer simpler options, styling is also combined with sideburns, a short beard.

How to stack?

A short haircut styling is not required at all. It is necessary to wash your hair more often and process the hair with high-quality balm. This option is ideal for busy women who have no time to show off in front of a mirror.

The simplest styling scheme from medium curls with bangs step by step:

  • wash your hair thoroughly,
  • apply a small amount of mousse, gel or foam to the hair,
  • to grow curls with your hands,
  • each bundle must be screwed onto a brush and dried well,
  • you can swap the location of some strands,
  • it’s not worth touching the short bang, and the elongated one should either be combed back or formed with your hands, slightly tearing it,
  • then you need to fix the creative mess with varnish.

Depending on the taste of the owners of the hairstyle, the hair is laid to one side, raised upward or a ponytail is built on the crown. To obtain a natural volume, curls are lifted at the very roots.

You can create an extreme hairstyle. This gavrosh resembles an Iroquois. Bundles comb out against the growth of hair. You need a gel with a strong hold effect. The result is varnished.

Sometimes intentionally give a hairstyle a casual look. Such styling is done by squeezing thoroughly washed and dried strands. Kneading the hair with your hands, lifting the top, applying foam or mousse to it. Then dried with a hairdryer and fixed with varnish.

Business style involves a weak pile of crown hair. To maintain a strict style, combed back curls fixed with varnish will help.

The evening styling option involves a large amount of hair. This will require mousse. It is advisable to do a fleece. Accessories are matched to match.

Long hair will require more time for styling. A voluminous crown cap with strands falling forward gives the image femininity.

Pros and cons

Before deciding to cut hair, it is worth evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of the model, the features of execution, styling. Many of the right choices will help to make an experienced master who selects the best model.


  • haircut looks original, attracts attention,
  • Due to the variety of models, you can choose the option according to the appearance,
  • a haircut suitable for guys and mature men, often used as a children's model,
  • thanks to the elongated model, when executed unsuccessfully, you can create shorter options
  • combined with bangs, whiskers, beard,
  • versatile hairstyle practical and comfortable for daily styling,
  • careless execution corresponds to modern fashion trends,
  • haircut has a rejuvenating effect, thanks to various variations, you can adjust the external data.


  • not suitable for business style,
  • It is not recommended to choose full, short men.

Star examples

Cristiano Ronaldo known not only for his sports victories, but also for his regular image changes. At the dawn of his career, the football player wore a hairstyle with an elongated nape and a short crown.

Brad Pitt In recent years, wears an elongated haircut, emphasizing the correct features of the face.

Dima Bilan He always preferred extended haircuts, but over the years of his singing career, the shape of the hairstyle has still undergone changes.

Zane Malik often experimenting with the image, its stylish styling did not go unnoticed by the public.

Beautiful examples

Fashionable girls go to the most unexpected experiments. Strands of hair look brightly in the hairstyle, brightly colored in the most unexpected tones. Green, blue, blue, violet, mahogany color and other flashy shades give the image boyish rebellion, youthful maximalism.

The original youth version with a bright elongated asymmetric bangs is very popular among young fashionistas.

An interesting option is created using a smoothing cream. First, parting is done, then the bangs are laid to one side. The shreds are beaten with your hands. Curls located on the back of the head and in the temporal region are smoothed with cream.


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